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Midnight is Forever, 2021

Last summer I adopted the phrase “Midnight is Forever” as a mantra of sorts. It’s my description of a feeling that lingers at that moment just past buzzing and just before wasted. There’s hope and desperation and resignation all at once. For the last 4 months I haven’t been able to even think about design. I was also falling asleep long before midnight, almost as if that spirit had left me for a bit. In the past couple of weeks my body has craved sleep less and creativity more. The feeling that I call “Midnight is Forever” has returned, and for the past week I’ve been cooking this piece up in my head. Last night I finally sat down and did it. I am in love with my first personal work of 2021, and I aim to keep that love in my design process going forward. Here’s to moving past creative blocks 🥂.

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2.27.21 | latte with sweetened condensed milk, some friendly plants in pastel pots, and an hour or so of illustrating

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Today I have design this logo for Flexima Studio. They design Custom House Plans and provide other drafting and design services to homeowners and builders

My initial concept is letter F+S. Need custom logo for your company or business?? Feel free to Send DM or email :

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Boxo — Creative Multi-Purpose Portfolio

Boxo — Creative Multi-Purpose Portfolio


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Gemini Drip 💜💧 graphic design

by DrippyDLG

I’m thinking of making designs for all the signs soon :)

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