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Hello, my name is Sigma, and I’m currently looking for small side work. I’m a fairly good writer and good with some graphic design in Photoshop.

I’m looking for little gigs in writing or Photoshop, if that wasn’t clear.

Writing (Boundaries will be set: no underage nsfw, no outlandish fetishes, etc):

- Oneshots (As long as I know the fandom, I can try my best)

- Longer fics (You can pay me by chapter, or just for a full work)

- I can even help with school paper writing.


- Roleplay icons or graphics

- Possibly logos, depends on styling.

Please contact me if interested!

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I want to sail west again. I have spoken at great length with my Christian slave. He is not a stupid person, however stupid his god is. He has traveled a great deal, and he has told me that there are many countries to the west. He has also told me about his England, about his kings and his customs. He has informed me of a large town, near to the temple that we raided before. And in this town, there are other temples and surely other riches.

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