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to get my mind off the cravings, i’m going to think of as many things as i can to be grateful for. 

  • our Christmas tree
  • putting up the tree with my love this past Sunday
  • the Christmas tree lights (a heavenly white)
  • our Mickey & Minnie Christmas ornaments 
  • making homemade chicken broth
  • fresh, hot homemade soup that is filling and hearty
  • cooking with my love; working as a team
  • folding laundry and putting it away neatly - with a method
  • babe and i are going to turn the living room into a blanket fort for the weekend starting tomorrow afternoon
  • my comfort blanket is so soft and warm
  • how long my love and i cuddled in the couch last night
  • seeing my indoor roo orb on the rug earlier, falling asleep
  • an empty sink and dish drain
  • the big box that had donations in it taking up space in the living room got broken down and the bags donated
  • that decluttered and freed up a lot of space in the dining room
  • my mother in law got me the cutest Christmas sweater (it says “it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas” with baking aesthetic to it)
  • i was blessed enough to be able to eat all three meals today
  • i’m blessed to eat three meals a day (even if i sometimes miss one)
  • the ability to cook from scratch often
  • how quickly i can make a loaf of Italian bread 
  • cozy socks
  • safe travels to and from home
  • easy interactions with people (like canceling my gym membership today)
  • how my bear paw succulent is growing little sprouts
  • the decorations in our bay window are facing out for guest coming in to see
  • the tree is in front of the bay window, easily seen when lit up
  • i feel the Christmas spirit already
  • and i see it’s about appreciating family & what we have, not necessarily about what we want - sometimes just being together is more than enough
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Today’s meditation is on joy.
That joy is something that comes first and foremost
From our Being-state.
You could call this God.
Those moments when we’re filled with bliss and we can’t name it
But it’s there;
When we’ve peeled back the layers so much and we find it:
I had a realization the other day that shook me.
A thought.
The thought was:
“Wait, have I been beautiful all along?”
I followed the trails of this thought,
Looking back on the patterns in my life,
I never fully allowed myself to believe
“I Am Beautiful.”
Not entirely sure why, but maybe it seemed dangerous.
There was fear there.
Fear that someone would prove me wrong.
And I’m really not beautiful.

But the other day, I confirmed it.
Not just for that day, but every day.
Every day I have lived, I have been beautiful.
I have been “attractive.”
I have been desirable.

And now, when I revisit memories, I do a rewrite.
I cover the memory with,
“I was beautiful then. I am beautiful now.
How wonderful to be seen as beautiful.”
Douse it, bathe it, wash it: I am beautiful.

Baptize your memories in the truth.
Look at the vision of yourself that was once
Covered in doubt and
Baptize it:
I am beautiful.
Today I had a moment with my naked body.
Curled and cozy as I was,
As if I was in the womb.
I couldn’t capture this moment with a camera.
But through my eyes, I saw something new.
A landscape.

I looked at the ridges of my legs,
The gentle rise and fall of my tummy,
The little translucent hairs in the afternoon sun;
And I touched my skin,
Caressed it with love and appreciated
As I would a work of art hanging in a gallery.

And started laughing…
And soon that laughter turned to crying.
And I held myself.

I saw my body as a beautiful landscape.
I connected my body to the beautiful landscape.
I realized my body is a beautiful moving landscape.
The waves of my tummy like a lake,
The break of it pushing in and out on the shore.
I heard the ocean of my breath and believed.
I saw birch forests, evergreen dense forests, in my hairs…
That this world would lead me and has led me to chop down.
The little dimples and creases,
Heights and depths,
Soft, rough, ridged, sharp, squishy -
All the unique details
That make this landscape its own.
This beautiful landscape.

I laughed with joy at the realization -
Thank God I don’t have to qualify this body
As good, or bad.
Like I wouldn’t try to qualify,
Maim or emaciate, vilify or condemn,
Big Sur.
It just is.
And it is beautiful.
Therefore, the landscape,
This body,
As it is, how it moves,
How it creases, and grows, and stretches,
It just is.
And it’s all magnificent.

Then I cried with sorrow at the lateness of this realization,
And for the world we’ve made that looks at bodies
And tries to manipulate all of them to be the same;
As if all our beautiful landscapes should be the same.
Now that’s tragic.

But in the crying, there was laughter.
In the sorrow, there was joy.
And I couldn’t tell you if the tears
Were mostly of one or the other.
But I do know I felt bliss and relief.
This was my joy today, and I found it
In freedom.
I found it “in the unlocking
and the lift away…”
Ah, hmm…
“Your love will be safe with me.”


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Be kind to your body, gentle with your mind and patient with your heart❤

Stay true to your spirit, cherish your soul and never doubt yourself 🙏
#bekindtoyourmind #betruetowhoyouare
#love #relaxation #meditation #yoga #lawofattraction #consciousness #quotes #spirituality #higherawareness #powerofpositivity #presentmoment #awakened #Iambossria #bekindtooneanother #actsofkindness #gratitude #loveothers #bekind #kind #actofkindness #compassion

Have an amazing day ♌

Whats your plans today ⁉️

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GRATEFUL FOR … by Sharon Brogan
Via Flickr:
For an art journal challenge at The Lilypad. Elements from Allison Pennington, CD, Shannon Hegarty, FRg, Paula Kesselring, Unica, Rucola Design, Anne Sexton, Captivated Visions, Dawn Inskip, J Barrette, Little Butterfly Wings, Lynne Marie, MGodin, NRJ, Paislee, Rebecca McMeen, and Tangie Baxter.

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I want to say thank you to so many people. To the kid in kindergarten who sat with me and talked for both of us. The girl who shared her lunch with me when I forgot mine at home. The boy who sat with me and shared his earbuds when I was crying in the hallway. The woman who hugged me after a man yelled at me on the bus. Thank you for shaping me. Thank you for sharing your kindness with me.

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