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the-clumsywitch · a day ago
A Simple Tip to Remain Grateful While Manifesting
One thing I've noticed amongst the witchy/spiritual/woo woo community, is that people will often say remain grateful while you're manifesting. Or else you'll slow down your manifestation or stop it from coming all together but the question for many people is, "how do you remain grateful while manifesting when you're trying to change your current situation?" Something interesting I realize is that these manifestation coaches or manifestation experts fail to tell the people that they're supposed to be helping, is that it is very, very hard to eradicate negative thoughts or thoughts of not having what you want. So then the question becomes, "How do I manifest if this is going to slow down my manifestation, thinking of what I don't have and what I do want? " To me it's actually quite simple because you don't stop thinking about what you want, which is not a show of ungratefulness. What I like to do is, think about what I want just as a fleeting thought or something that comes up when I think "wow, I'm really not in the situation that I'd like to be in and that kind of sucks." What I do after I've had that thought, what some spiritual people would call an intrusive thought, is consider what I am grateful for that is in relation to what I'm manifesting. For instance, I've noticed quite a few people are either manifesting one of two things and that is love or money. So if you're for instance, manifesting love and you're thinking, "Oh gosh, I'm really lonely and I don't have that partner that I am manifesting right now to do x, y, and z with, I really wish I had them right now." You could then think of all the wonderful things you do have and are able to do as a single person in this moment that requires literally no partner to do. An example of this could be going out to the park and just enjoying a nice breeze or going to the coffee shop and having your favorite coffee and people watching or reading a book. Just something that you currently enjoy doing that you really don't need a partner for and this is just an example it doesn't have to be a partner that you're manifesting, this is just something that I've noticed is a very common manifestation. I hope you get the point of what I'm saying, it is perfectly fine, at least in my opinion, to think about what you don't have or what you're manifesting but it is important to stay in the present for as much as you can and realize what you do have that is of some degree similar to the manifestation. Because that is in itself welcoming your manifestation by showing appreciation for it, it's like acknowledging your manifestation as if it is already here by seeing that manifestation in what you already have. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post, especially if what I said doesn't make sense or sounds jumbled. Just note that if you see a Jigglypuff profile photo along with my name next to it that I'm only able to comment from my original blog which is that one. I know, it's strange but please bare with me if that's the case, I'm going to see if that is something that can be resolved or if that's just the way the Tumblr world works.
- Erika, The Clumsy Witch
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kaportka · a day ago
The trick to nailing the Law of Attraction is to not get caught up in it.
Don't try to analyze your way through it. Logic goes out of the door.
Feel your way into your best life.
Follow what feels good in the moment. Recognize resistance.
Wake up to really experience life, love madly, walk passionately, marvel at sunrises and sleep under the stars.
My point is: forget about applying certain techniques and do your best to use the time you have here on Earth.
When you let go of thinking about how to use the Law, the magic happens. ✨
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(via Yoga Mindful Movement in 2022  || Curated with love by yogadaily)  
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— Sabrina Benaim
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crimsonkismet · 2 months ago
Ten minutes of gratitude every day could heal you.
— Dr Joe Dispenza
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feral-ballad · 2 months ago
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Pedro Salinas, tr. by Ruth Katz Crispin, from Memory in My Hands: The Love Poetry of Pedro Salinas; “The voice I owe to you”
[Text ID: “thanks to you, to your hand.”]
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my boundaries 🕊.⋆。
i will take care of myself first.
i will not allow others to guilt or manipulate me into doing things i'm not comfortable with.
i will stand up for myself and voice my opinions with confidence.
i will not hold myself responsible for the things beyond my control.
i will not let my happiness depend on other people.
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thepoetryofascension · 11 months ago
when you least expect it, the universe will deliver opportunities that exceed your expectations.
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cybercelestialsworld · a year ago
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@/wordsarevibrations on ig 💗
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zivazivc · 10 months ago
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A series of portraits of all of the explosions from Mob Psycho 100 inspired by both the anime and manga panels. Finally finished after almost a year since making the first one *high-fives myself* TTvTT
which one’s your favorite? 🤯
Tumblr media
(you can find a gif of all of them (flashing tw) and links to prints under the cut)
seperate posts of portraits
redbubble prints:
#0 MOB
#2 ???
#8 ???
#9 ???
#12 RAGE
#22 ???
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kaportka · 4 months ago
Commit to your new life.
When you become aware of how you speak, how you think and how you act, you are no longer programmed by the past.
Teach your body how your future is going to feel like. Feel the emotions in the present moment. Right now, feel the emotions you want to feel in the future. 
You can become grateful and abundant before the promotion, or before you get the job.
You can feel in love before the relationship happen. You can fall in love with your life, your body, your choices.
You can steer your emotions with your thoughts.
So if you have been waking up grumpy for the past year, start disciplining your mind to feel grateful in the morning.
Practice guided meditations to create the feeling of abundance in your life. Start a gratitude journal. Praise yourself in the mirror. Flirt with yourself. Spoil yourself. You are the captain of your thoughts. Your thoughts influence your emotions. Emotions create your life. 
Build a new personality. 
If you really did believe your thoughts create your future, you would show up and do the work. You would observe your thoughts daily and when any negative thought pops into your head, you would flip it and built constructive ones. 
All it takes is awareness and discipline. Start today. Start right now. You are capable of changing your life just like anybody else.
Sending you much love 💖
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thepeacefulgarden · a month ago
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yenshu · 6 months ago
Self care.
Thick skin.
Close friends.
Clear boundaries.
Airplane mode.
Strong focus.
Self appreciation.
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a-path-by-the-moon · a month ago
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gentleholmes · 2 months ago
New chances. Growth. Realising you're more resilient than before. Slow mornings. Knowing that the whole day is yours and no one is expecting anything from you. A friend telling you that you make their life happier. Becoming better at accepting yourself. Allowing yourself to take your time. Eating your breakfast without distractions. Learning to exist without constantly doing. Taking care of yourself as you would of a little cat. Listening to songs that make your heart full, even though no one in your vicinity shares your taste in music. Reading a book just for the fun of it, not caring if it teaches you something or not. Doing things for pleasure.
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