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#grave moss

Many find the idea of skeletons unappealing, even haunting, yet this particular moss finds them to be an ideal place to grow. Grave Moss, as it has been aptly named, grows only on upturned skeletons and corpses in graveyards or other places of burial. Very few people have a desire to cultivate the moss, making it rare on the market.

As one might imagine, Grave Moss is a toxic plant and should not be ingested. The only known way to consume it safely is after it has been very carefully distilled into a potion that protects the imbiber from some Shadow magic. It is, however, safe to handle.

Receiving Grave Moss is never a good thing. Often sent anonymously, one should be on their guard if Grave Moss is delivered to them. Though most commonly sent as a bluff or act of spite by people with no intention of backing the threat up, you never know. Some crime rings have taken a liking to leaving the moss on doorsteps of people they intend to deal with.

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