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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
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It's almost here!!!
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askstevendiamonduniverse · 27 days ago
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scenecore-cryptid · 11 months ago
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i think we all knew me making an eeby deeby joke was inevitable at this point
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cartoonsofthecosmos · 4 months ago
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Alex Hirsch on the twins turning 22
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izaa-machado · 5 months ago
Dipper and Mabel in The Owl House style edit
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frootrollup1 · 7 months ago
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i hate you stupid triangle
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turquoisegirl35 · a year ago
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Happy Birthday to the Mystery Twins!
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daphne-6855 · 8 months ago
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littleartdump · 4 months ago
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Better late than never
First time drawing them as adults and I'm so in love! And yeah, redraw of an scene from the show!
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cryptidstarr · 12 months ago
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i’m on my yearly gravity falls rewatch so i figured i’d make a screencap redraw!! 🕺
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flamingbiscuit · a year ago
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Drew random expressions last night cuz couldn’t sleep 😞 but I realized I haven’t really drawn em in my style much so I had to change that!
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joyflameball · a year ago
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Behold a meme
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spicybreadjuice · 6 months ago
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Pines twins
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cartoonsofthecosmos · 4 months ago
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“Ready to head into the unknown?”
“Nope. Let’s do it.”
Happy Birthday to Dipper and Mabel Pines!
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jipaynes · 2 months ago
I finished Gravity Falls and now I'm addicted to Gravity Falls x Reverse Falls 😆
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frootrollup1 · 7 months ago
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those aus where bill turns human and has to get along w the pines to make up for his actions makes me Very happy idk why. but also i want soos and bill interactions
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weirdmageddon-gf-ss · a year ago
Mabel: *aggressively throws water bottles*
Ford: uh..
Dipper: She's trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us.
Stan: *sobbing* i-its working ...
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dammarchy211 · a month ago
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littleartdump · 6 months ago
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Edited some screenshot of our favorite old man; Fordsy
Yeah, there is not a lot of difference but i wanted him to look like his storyboard version and he is... So... FLUFFY and YOUNGER
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dirtyrustylightpole · 17 days ago
Hi!! if you take requests can I request an isabela x reader and/or dipper x reader with a nonbinary reader? only if you want to though ^^
Pairing: Dipper x Nonbinary! Reader (Gravity Falls), Isabela x Nonbinary! Reader (Encanto)
Type of fic: Headcanons
A/N: I made them into headcanons so I could get both in here! I hope that’s okay :)
Warnings: Slight mention of misgendering, but like nothing bad
You guys became friends on his first summer there, you had grown up there and happily showed his around
Probably really close with Mabel, he likes seeing that you get along with his family
You were there for him when he realized he didn’t have a chance with Wendy
He was really supportive when you came out to him, you guys were about 13 when it happened and he felt honored that you told him
He will stubbornly make sure to use your chosen name and the pronouns you prefer especially to people who you are out to but they won’t use them
You guys got together when you were 14
He asked you out and like he learned that first summer there, he didn’t over plan it but he was really awkward when he did it, wouldn’t look you in the eye
More likely to call you his partner or his lover than any gendered title
Gets more verbal about it when people misgender you once you two are together, like not anything too much
“That’s not what they go by”
“Who are you talking about? You mean Y/N? They use they/them though?”
Probably will let you wear his hat any time you want to, you’re the only person allowed to
Will debate people about gender just so they will leave you alone
His family really likes you, especially Mabel, she gets so excited when you’re around and is also really happy you’re dating her brother
He probably is really bad with pet names and stuff but tries
Love, babe, honey
Sometimes they’re just stupid names
Elf, Legomaster, Dork, da Vinci, Bookworm
You are probably a bit better with the names you give him
Bookworm, Sweetheart
Once jokingly called him Yoda
You’re one of the few people he will respond to when you call him by his first name “Mason”
He likes to cuddle
Not big on PDA, but likes to hold your hand
Will take care of you when you’re sick
You two call all the time when he goes back to California
You visit him for the winter holidays when you’re off school
💐 Isabela Madrigal 🌵
You two grew up together, very close as you grew up
Attached at the hip, near insperable
She gives you flowers when you’re sad
You tried to make her feel better when Bruno disappeared
You were why she didn’t want to marry Mariano
Scared to tell that to Alma, so she just didn’t but was glad when the proposal was messed up
Is very supportive when you come out, very quick to get your chosen name and pronouns, will remind people who forget
Offers to help you with anything you need, any chance she gets
Isabela asks you out a bit after the movie once she realizes she doesn’t have to be perfect
Is very calm when she does it
You think she’s joking at first
Her entire family likes you for the most part
Julieta already believes you two are going to get married
Luisa and Mirabel tease you for dating their sister
Camilo lovingly harasses you all the time
You help her do her hair a lot
You two help each other figure out who you are together
Isabella tries to not overwhelm you with affection but also really likes to have contact with you any way she can, a lot of hand holding or hand on your shoulder
She’s big spoon when you guys cuddle if she’s taller
Will fight someone on your pronouns
“No, Y/N uses they/them! I’d know, they’re my partner!”
You have had to stop her from vine whipping someone about you
Her family respects your name and pronouns
Alma has the most trouble remembering but she is trying her best
“I’d say don’t hurt my sister but if you do she’ll do worse than I ever would.” - Louisa
You two probably bake together
She gives you things that she said reminds her of you
Her room is filled with your favorite flowers
She calls you things like ‘Tulip, Pumpkin, Babe, Love, Sweetheart, Rose’
You call her things like ‘Cactus (as a joke), Sunflower, Lovely, Sparks, and Ivy’
She says I love you first, she just has the vibes
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