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#gravity falls x steven universe

New pages have been found within Ford’s journals, some of which haven’t been seen within Gravity Falls in decades..

Soon, the gang will have to encounter these new creatures within the thick forests of Oregon, for better or for worse-


Some journal entries specific for the @mystery-gems SU x GF crossover AU canon!

I doubt anyone’s gonna be angry I didn’t write in near illegible cursive for the entries but hey-

These pages may hint towards possible stories in the future, or just to fill lore, who knows?

(Burned pages are fun to draw, hah hg)

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Okay so all this Gravity Falls Steven Universe crossover had me thinking, which is dangerous I know.

In all this stuff, Steven is 17 or so, meeting the twins at 12 and helping them through their summer. And I get it, Steven’s grown up so it’s easy, and there was never an epilogue for the twins.

Except they should be around the same age

GF aired in 2012, and the twins were 12 going on 13, they turn 13 at the end of summer

SU aired in 2013, if we go by the pilot date. and Steven was 14

So in 2013, catching up to Steven’s year, the twins would be 13-14, just around Steven’s age

Maybe I’m thinking too hard

But it itched at me that they had the twins so young dealing with an older Steven when they’re all about the same age.

Where are my fics and art of all these kids dealing with a crazy summer in each other’s homelands or my epilogue of the older twins hitchhiking a ride with Steven across country

Just make them the same age– they basically are.

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Thank you for being a good anon, you get a cookie! I even got our discord mods to join in! So here are the answers.

Sparki: For Steven Universe, I would have to say my favorite character would have to be my babey Connie! And for Gravity Falls, I choose Wendy!

Sora: For SU Peridot would be my main pick?

Love Steven too of course

Uh and GF, Mabel is a mood so, her, lmao

Steven(Mod From Discord): Dipper and Steven for me NBHGHMH. Oh if we going with more than one I’ll say Amethyst and Peridot as well for SU

Gravity Falls? Also Bill hxfcvbvhg

I cannot chooose

Moon(Mod from Discord): Peridot and Stan 👌 👌

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I honestly just want more su × gf content right now- someone please feed me content im starvinG-




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If Steven Universe begins in 2013, when it aired, then Steven would have turned 14 in either 2013 or 2014. If Gravity Falls begins in 2012, when it aired, then Mabel and Dipper would have turned 13 in 2012. This makes them roughly the same age as Steven, if not a year older. Therefore, more Steven Universe x Gravity Falls crossovers should have aged-up depictions of Mabel and Dipper to go along with Steven’s Future look.

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so just to clear stuff up on my su x gf comic, here’s some stuff people might be wondering about.

When it takes place

this comic starts soon after prickly pair and before weirdmaggedon part 1. so this is all before things go to shit.

Steven universe??? is ending??? AAAAAA

even though su is ending, i will still be continuing this comic!! i’m not giving up on it just yet :)

But…. steeb has mind powers!!

while that’s true, right now we’re going by gravity falls rules of possession. steven can’t go into people’s dreams or talk to people and shit. to add onto that, he’s not connected to his gem right now. he can’t access his gem powers. going into people’s minds is one of his gem powers. so there u go.

Why??? is he wearing??? his normal clothes??? he was wearing his pjs when he got possessed????

alright you caught me. this is more of a stylistic/metaphorical choice than anything logical. i just wanted something to differentiate steeb from bill!steeb, and there was a convenient option. plus his shirt was conveniently yellow so yeah.

if there are any other questions you’d like answered, my ask box is always open!

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