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#gray fullbuster
The morning after Gray and Juvia’s first time.
Gray: Where are my pants?
Juvia: You threw them out the window in a fit of passion. You said you were never going to need them again.
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nashafullbuster · 2 days ago
HCs for Nasha and Greige together maybe?😉
Of course!! My lovely babiesssss❤💙
Here you go💁🏻‍♀️
Headcanons for Nasha & Greige
Nasha and Greige are best friends. They don't bicker all the time like their dads in fact they get along well and hang out with each other almost all the time. But they're also very competetive with each other and they both wanna get stronger than their parents someday.
They frequently hold fun brawls. Most of the times their fight ends with a tie and a wave of laughter fills the air around them.
They always try to learn from each other. They appreciate each other's abilities and respect the emotions related to them. It doesn't matter who is stronger than who, at the end of the day they're best friends.
Nasha is the most talkative one. She wants to share everything with Greige, be it about any scary bug she saw or any weird dream she had. Greige doesn't talk that much, he likes to listen to his best friend more.
Their favourite place to hang out besides the guildhall is by the river. That place is also their preferred training ground. Most of their fun brawls are held there.
Greige and Nasha are known as the Sugar & Spice of Fairy Tail. Nasha is called spice for her mischiefs and Greige is called sugar for his calm personality.
Nasha always tries to convince Greige to help her pull fun pranks on the guild members but he refuses every time. He just likes to sit at the bar, having his favourite ice-cream made by Mirajane. Playing prank is not his type of thing to do.
Nasha loves pulling small pranks on Greige to get his reaction. Mostly she scares him from behind or she sometimes puts on a scary clown mask and appears in front of him out of the blue. Greige's frightened reactions are more than enjoyable to her.
They don't get mad at each other at all except for a few times in the past and Nasha was the one to get mad at Greige. However, hee managed to convince her somehow every time. They understand each other very well and they know how to cheer up each other when either of them is sad. If one of them is not around by chance, the other one knows where to look for.
Nasha and Greige often spend time with Gray and Natsu together. They enjoy the time especially when their dads tell them about the old times and how they were each other's biggest rivals. But then they start arguing about who the stronger one between them is- which leads to them fighting like kids again.
Whenever Nasha visits Greige, they always chat with Juvia while she does her chores. She tells them stories about how she met Gray and later got into Fairy Tail, how she found a great family and an amazing friend whom she used to call her "love-rival" once. Although all of these are known to Greige, he enjoys listening the stories with Nasha again.
Other than spending time with Juvia, Greige and Nasha hang out on the spacious rooftop of his house.
And when Greige visits Nasha, they study together for at least a few hours. Lucy helps them with their homework. After that, they always insist on knowing about different mythological creatures from story books and Lucy gladly accepts their request showing them different books stories from her own little library.
At times, Lucy takes them to the spirit world to meet the king and other spirits. Although Nasha meets the spirits almost all the time, she loves to visit the spirit world with hee best friend.
Despite their magics being contrary to each other, they're very good at teamwork. They always perform together on the front line along with Romeo, Asuka and the twins during the Fantasia Parade. The magical combination of Nasha's flames and Greige's ice is known as the Blazing Ice which creates a huge Fairy Tail symbol in the sky above Magnolia.
Every now and then they visit the local library to read books or discuss something together. The librarian is quite fond of them. He occasionally gets them rare books from the private collection of the library to read. Sometimes Lucy also accompanies them. She loves to see the kids being interested in knowing about the world through books.
The Sugar & Spice duo also help Makarov and Mirajane in their office work. Greige always does the task of organizing official files while Nasha helps with the job requests and other papers.
Nasha and Greige often go on jobs with Romeo. He's like a big brother to them. He teaches them different things he learned as a mage. Both of them even stay over at his place sometimes. The three of them spend their time training together. Nasha and Greige love having Romeo as their older brother.
When Nasha sneaks out of the house at night to go fishing with Happy, Greige usually accompanies them. Although he doesn't like the idea of being outside late at night, he enjoys his time with his crazy best friend. He sometimes wonders about it's consequences if somehow their parents got to know.
They always have each other's back. Especially when one of them is about to get an earful from their parents. They always manage to save each other somehow. After all, they're the Sugar & Spice duo!
That's all for today folks!💁🏻‍♀️
Extremely sorry for being late and all🤧
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i-maxilis · a day ago
Tumblr media
My first Gruvia contribution because I suddenly got immersed in this ship after finding out they’re canon (´ω`*)
[Inspired by FT 100YQ chapter 57 & 58 covers]
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shadowfairyglitter · a day ago
Tumblr media
I'm just going to leave this here
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aikasamx · a day ago
I got to a point where I don't care about gruvia haters anymore,no matter what they say I will never stop shipping and loving them, think what you want they're toxic blah blah I still love them that won't change my mind.
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bluebird167 · a day ago
Abuse AU
Tells the story of Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy being three beautiful half sisters who are confined to the large, elegant, yet cold and lonely manor house of their neglectful polygamous father Animus. Though trapped like three birds in a gilded cage they work together to endure abuse and try to somehow escape their dark and unhappy lives.
Lucy - The daughter of Animus and his second wife Selene. A strong and willful girl with a fiery temper and stubborn personality. She is the one who rebels the most and will often try to fight back against her mother’s physical abuse though she usually ends up failing. Because of the years of abuse and neglect she finds it hard to open up to anyone aside from her sisters which includes Natsu who harbors feelings for her. She is compared to a peacock due to her beauty coming off as regal, passionate, and full of strength.
Juvia - The daughter of Animus and his third wife Sonya. Her mother was her father’s favorite wife thereby making her his favorite daughter and the object of her stepmother Selene’s envy. She is kind, gentle, and will serve as a mother figure to her sisters. She goes out of her way to shield her sisters from any abuse if possible and encourages them to never lose hope while also hiding all her negative feelings from them. The only person she can truly express her pain to is Gray who she secretly loves. She is compared to a swan due to her beauty coming off graceful, loving, and romantic.
Wendy - The daughter of Aminus and his first wife Eclair. A innocent, cheerful, sweet natured girl yet she is easily frightened and has a very weak body. For that reason her older sisters are both very protective of her and are determined to keep her as innocent for as long as they can. She loves animals, music, art, and especially her sisters and mother. She has a fantasy that one day her father will stop Selene’s abuse and they’ll all be happy family. She is compared to a nightingale due to her beauty coming off as creative, pure, and joyful.
Eclair - Animus’s caring and sickly first wife whom he was arranged to marry but she had weak health which resulted in her struggling to have children. After suffering countless miscarriages Animus lost interest in her and took a second wife though he stayed married to her so she could take care of the house. Years later she finally had her only healthy child Wendy whom she adores and dotes on, she also serves as the only mother figure to Lucy and Juvia despite them not being her daughters but is alas unable to protect them from abuse because of her fatally weak body. When she realizes that’ll she soon be dying she tries to hint the abuse to the neighbors in hopes of saving the girls.
Selene - Aminus’s vain, jealous, and hateful second wife who has always been desperate for her husband’s love but he only married her in order to gain a child that would appease his parents. Once Lucy was born he lost interest in her and married a third time. She tyrannically rules the household while physically abusing the girls particularly Lucy for failing to win her husband’s favor and Juvia for being her husband’s favorite child. She will also try to sexually seduce the local boys in order to make her husband jealous and to hurt her daughter and stepdaughter.
Sonya - Aminus’s lovely and delicate third wife, the only woman he ever loved. She and Eclair were friends despite the circumstances but Selene hated and envied her. She was excited about being a mother but tragically died giving birth to Juvia. Aminus never got over her death, Selene curses her memory while taunting Juvia that she killed her mother, but Eclair speaks fondly of her and will tell Juvia about her.
Aminus - Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy’s father. A wealthy man who neglects his children by constantly leaving them in the house to be cared for by his wives. He only had children because his overbearing parents insisted that their family line needed heirs however he does love his daughters to some degree, particularly Juvia. He does visit them on the few times he’s home and will lash Selene if he ever hears of her abusing either of the girls. But all in all he is not a good father.
Erza - The family’s next door neighbor, a college student trying to earn a teaching degree who’s hired to be the girls’s tutor. She lives with her fiancé Jellal and her younger brother Gray who she cares for. She’s intellectual, kind, patient, and learns to care for the girls. Having been an abuse victim herself, she starts to notice the signs and begins to suspect how the girls are really living but unfortunately has no evidence to go to the police with.
Gray - Erza’s younger brother who befriends the girls and is the only one who knows their terrible secret. He wants to tell someone both the girls swear him to secrecy out of fear that Selene will kill one or all three of them for telling. He’ll sneak into the house to visit them and over time he falls in love with Juvia which prompts him to somehow help them escape without telling their secret.
Natsu - Gray’s best friend, a street kid who’s hired to do the family’s yard work. He is smitten with Lucy at first sight and is always trying to sincerely help her in anyway he can but she’s afraid to believe that anyone other than her sisters could ever really care for her. Gray soon let’s him in on his plan to rescue the girls and his street smart skills prove to be very useful in their plan.
Jellal - Erza’s charming and generous lawyer fiancé who also develops a fondness for the girls, even surprising them with little gifts and new clothes. When Erza voices her suspicions of abuse he works to find evidence to prove it.
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s-aikas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kaitou Lucy and Kaitou Fullbuster have arrived by the order of God ⚔
Thanks again to @jisatsu-draw​ for the fabulous job with the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne idea I pitched! 
Lucy is a really good fit for Jeanne/Maron. I was torn between choosing Loke or Gray for Sinbad/Chiaki bc I love LoLu and Loke fits Chiaki’s personality like a glove, but I felt like Gray would look cooler in the outfit and I was right! I guess that would make Juvia Miyako? Lmaoo I still like gruvia (despite the awful takes on the ship I’ve seen from 100YQ), but I was team graylu first 😛. I still have KKJ brainrot, I wish I hadn’t finished the manga yet! It was much more cohesive than the anime and the story had more depth imo. There’s too much important info that the anime leaves out or outright retcons and it wastes too much time with extra sealings not in the manga that don’t even further the plot. Maron is probably one of my favorite heroines ever, and her relationship with Chiaki is cute. I especially loved this scene
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This hit hard 🤧 Maron is such a relatable character for me. Anyways I’ve rambled enough. 
Tumblr media
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ascot-vinsmoke · a day ago
Aunque es una muñeca de hielo es tan bonita como la real(?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lordichamo · 2 months ago
I love the way you draw everyone !!! I love team Natsu new look , do you have a full design of them same with the guilds members ? Also remember to take breaks and don’t over work yourself !!!
Ooooo I'm glad you asked! Here's the big huge canvas i've been storing most of my designs on!
Tumblr media
+ closeups
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aaaand also loke since i did him on a different canvas lol
Tumblr media
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mazusu · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FT CHALLENGE: 20 DAYS w/ @naruzumake​, day 02: favorite guild → fairy tail. ​
“Even if we walk on different paths, one must always live on as you are able! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget the friends you love for as long as you live! Let bloom the flowers of light within your hearts.”
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Lucy: Okay, let's go over this again. What do we do when something goes wrong?
Happy: We try to fix it before Erza gets back!
Lucy: And if that doesn't work?
Gray: We blame Natsu.
Lucy: Good.
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acnologias-ass · 2 months ago
You know who wouldn’t ship gray with juvia? Little baby greige! He probably views gray as a luv rival for Julia’s affection
Tumblr media
...reminds me of the time someone on Patreon wanted me to draw Greige being clingy to Juvia hmmmm 🤔
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rieriebee · 2 months ago
Gray’s love for Juvia developed gradually throughout the entire Fairy Tail series
*Note: I plan to update this post gradually as new moments are released, including the images. So please keep checking back here. :) Last update: September 17th 2021.
Most of the time, those who dislike Gruvia are quick to say Gray was “constantly rejecting” and “constantly annoyed” by Juvia, and now “all of a sudden” he loves her, so it’s OOC. But that’s not true. Gray was not constantly annoyed by Juvia, nor did he constantly reject her. More over, he cannot be “forced” to love her. He isn’t so weak willed, and will say no to things he doesn’t like. He chooses to be with Juvia himself. Juvia is Gray’s main partner; someone who stands proudly by his side, and he wants her there. She is the only girl that he has romantic development with.
How many times will Gray be “OOC” until some certain individuals see that’s not the case, and it’s actually character development? Did some people expect Gray to never grow up? Even their guild mates have noticed the change, and have verbally commented on it. It’s sad if you want him to remain the same forever. Furthermore... Gray holding Juvia’s hand multiple times, hanging out with her casually of his own accord, comforting her, being affectionate with her, dying for her on multiple occasions, wearing the scarf she made for him, crying into her chest, hugging her, thanking her, living with her, promising her an answer, crying over her “dead” body, holding her in his arms, saying she (and her body) is his, wanting to protect her, declaring he will make her his and that she’s his power to live, having concrete romantic feelings for her, wanting a happy life with her and Greige… all of this is OOC? According to those who dislike the ship, Gray has been OOC since the GMG/Tartaros arc! From then on, every romantic gesture he’s made towards her is “OOC”, which is hilarious in itself because that’s the same thing as claiming you know Gray more than Mashima, which is false. How can the majority of his character be OOC?! Hint: It’s not. This is the real GRAY. The Gray that continues to evolve. In chapter 499, while he held her in his arms, desperately begging her to wake up, Gray said he would be/is serious about Juvia now. It certainly shows in the sequel. He is keeping his word. Gray and Juvia spend time together of their own accord. Furthermore, these people are focusing way too much on the comedic moments, that are meant to be laughed at, and ignoring the ones that really matter. They also fail to remember that Gray falls under the tsundere character trope. He is shy when it comes to romance, like most Japanese people are. Humor is subjective, but what falls under the umbrella of humor is not. You don’t have to think it’s funny, as long as you know it’s a joke. No, Gruvia is not toxic. Mashima likes humor, and that absolutely includes Juvia’s silly antics and Gray’s reactions to them. These things are exaggerated on purpose for dramatic effect. Japanese love this type of humor use in their mangas. This is also a fantasy manga, meaning it does not have to meet real life standards. Most of the characters have quirks that would not be acceptable in real life.
Gruvia is one of, if not the most romantically developed couple in Fairy Tail. All on panel. Gray being more open about his love for Juvia in the sequel, 100 Years Quest, makes complete sense. If the manga itself for some odd reason hasn’t shown you why, this post surely will. After all, I am using the manga to prove my point.
Before I begin showcasing Gray’s development, I’d like to recommend everyone read this post: Juvia isn’t a stalker. The message of Gruvia is not “stalk someone so much until they love you back”. Rather, it’s more along the lines of “love can turn someone’s life around”. Mashima has only ever portrayed Juvia’s love for Gray as a positive thing for both characters.
As you read through, notice how the scenes I chose (and it was hard, Gruvia has way too many panels) are mainly, if not all, from Gray’s side. The scenes displayed here are almost entirely serious ones, not comedic. Nor are they just panels of the two standing next to each other (in which there are also a lot of in the series, might I add, but I am focusing on moments that are actually meaningful). And looking at the amount of panels, it’s further proof that Gruvia isn’t all humor.
Now, let’s take a look at how Gray’s love for Juvia progressed throughout the series, step by step in the most simple way possible. I say simple, but the truth of the matter is this post is pretty long... ^^’
How Gray Fullbuster fell in love with Juvia Lockser.
I. Enemies
Tumblr media
Phantom Lord.
Self explanatory—Gray and Juvia were enemies when they first met. Juvia was shunned her entire life, and was once a character who had forsaken love until she met Gray, who took away her rain and showed her the sunny sky. This is where their love story began.
II. Allies
Tumblr media
Tower of Heaven.
When Juvia appears before Gray for the first time since their fight, he already knew who she was, her name, and that Phantom Lord had been disbanded. He personally doesn’t mind Juvia joining Fairy Tail, though he wonders what the master will say. The two now become allies, protecting/defending each other from Simon and when the blackout happens. They work together throughout the entire arc. Erza asks about the “element 4″ girl at the end, and Gray responds, “Oh, Juvia. She went home.” as well as mentioning she wants to join Fairy Tail.
III. Guild mates
Tumblr media
Fighting Festival, Edolas.
Gray is happy about Juvia joining Fairy Tail, and the two are now officially guild mates. Makarov even thought it was good for them to go on a mission alone together. Plenty of small interactions between them occur throughout these arcs, but the notable ones are of the two making an ice water castle together, and Gray teaching Juvia how to eat caramade franks. Alzack and Bisca, a canon couple, note that Gray and Juvia are being lovey dovey. At that time, Alzack and Bisca actually wished they could be more forward, like the two they were watching. 
IV. Friends
Tumblr media
Tenrou Island, Grand Magic Games/Dragon Invasion, Tartaros.
Gray and Juvia undeniably became close throughout these arcs. Gray thought about Juvia multiple times during the S-class exam, especially after she didn’t make it back to camp. He wanted to have a battle with her, therefore he was disappointed she lost to Erza. He was worried about her after sending her off to chase Zeref, and protected her during Acnologia’s attack. And of course, Meredy’s sensory link would not have worked if they weren’t close; she even comments to Ultear that Juvia is close to Gray. Like clockwork, Gray swoops in and saves Juvia from Ultear’s deadly attack. This is likely the moment that showcased Gray could eventually fall for Juvia. The two are no doubt, good friends. The Grand Magic Games was a long arc that showcased Gray and Juvia’s strong bond and teamwork that is unmatched. Gray would have accepted Juvia’s lunch date request if not for Lyon and his ridiculous bet that Gray didn’t even agree to. During the fight with Lyon and Chelia, Gray comforts Juvia by placing his hand on her shoulder, and she returns his touch. They do a unison raid, winning the battle, and both smiling at each other as they hold hands after. And of course, when the dragons attack, Gray sacrifices his life for Juvia without hesitation. Bonus: 413 Days special shows Gray, blushing and accepting the scarf Juvia made for him, commenting that it’s warm with a smile, one of the biggest signs his romantic feelings for her are growing. When Juvia offers Gray her “Gray-bread”, the only reason he didn’t want to eat it was because it had his face on it, hence why Juvia also made “Juvi-bread” too. Watching the interaction, Cana comments that she thought Gray shot Juvia down before, a reminder of his so called “rejection” right after the GMG. She notes that Gray’s actions (eating the bread Juvia made and being affectionate with her) contradict that “rejection”. Mirajane also affirms this, stating it’s back to status quo, confirming the “rejection” was indeed a red herring as nothing negative has changed between Gray and Juvia. Basically, Mashima was telling us to forget that “rejection” even happened. Further evidence that “rejection” meant nothing includes what happened following the bread scene; everything in the Tartaros arc and beyond. Gray holding Juvia’s hand stating “I’m here with you” is very intimate. Juvia having a significant panel/presence in Gray’s mind before attempting iced shell. Gray’s father, Silver, asked if Juvia was Gray’s woman and then said to take care of him. At the end of the arc, Juvia confessed to Gray it was her that killed the necromancer controlling his father, and said she had no right to love him anymore. She was about to walk away from Gray forever, a selfless act that no crazy “stalker” would ever do. But he didn’t let her. He grabbed her, and sobbed in her chest, thanking her for what she did. The two share an intimate hug as the snow falls. While I placed the Tartaros arc under the “friends” section, you could argue it became obvious Gray started to love Juvia romantically by the middle, or end of it. At the very least, it was clear if they were to end up with someone, it would be each other, no one else.
V. Lovers (romantic/love interest)
Tumblr media
Avatar, Alvarez Empire (war), Fairy Tail Final Chapter. Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest (official canon sequel). By this time, it is absolutely clear that Gray and Juvia are meant to be each other’s love interests in the series. A character such as Gray would not just live with a girl (who is in love with him) if she was only his friend. Gray and Juvia shared a house together for 6 months, which again, is deep for this type of series. As we know, Gray leaves her without a word to infiltrate Avatar. I have my own issues with the Avatar arc, but that’s a different story. When the two reunite, we can see that Gray is truly sorry for leaving, as he has trouble looking at her directly when he apologizes. The two fight together, side by side once again. Juvia also picked up Gray’s stripping habit. Before the war, Gray was flirting with Juvia on a balcony, offering her the rest of his candy bar. In this scene, Gray himself trashes all anti-claims about him being annoyed she’s always with him. “I’m grateful to have you. You’re always by my side”. Yes, Gray wants Juvia there with him. Always. He is not repulsed by her, he does not hate her, she does not annoy him. A strong romantic vibe was felt during this moment, as Gray promises her an “answer” (which is presumed to be about his feelings for her) after the battle is over. He would not be saying this if his answer was “no” or if he didn’t have feelings for her. He would not make Juvia wait around for another “rejection”, that makes no sense whatsoever. Anyway, most people agree at this point Gray loves Juvia romantically. During their fight with Invel is when it’s 100% confirmed that Gray loves Juvia, through words AND actions. See the breakdown of the Japanese raw here, including confirmation from a Japanese native. But in sum when Gray said 「仲間を…いや…お前をキズつけたくない…」 “I don’t want to hurt a friend... no... I don’t want to hurt YOU”, “Nakama wo… Iya… Omae wo kizutsuketakunai”, he starts to say “comrade”, but then corrects himself (he actually says “no”), indicating Juvia is more than a comrade. The direct word order would be “A friend… no… it’s YOU I don’t want to hurt”. So now we have the word part down, let’s talk briefly about Gray’s actions. He and Juvia did the same thing (committed suicide) for the SAME reason. They did not want to hurt the person they LOVE. The manga speaks for itself; Gray’s screams of agony and tears upon thinking Juvia died, holding her close, begging her to wake up, beating Invel’s ass in rage mode, blaming Natsu (the book of demons) for taking Juvia away, and his passing out from relief of seeing her alive... that’s love. Period.
As for Gray’s “answer” this was it. I truly believe it was chapter 499. But I also believe because of what happened in this chapter, it caused Gray to hold back telling Juvia how he felt, since we learn later he feels guilty about the scar and that he’s not strong enough to protect Juvia yet. Onto the final chapter of Fairy Tail... I felt it could have been handled better, but I won’t get into detail. The point is, in Mashima’s mind, Gruvia was canon. The west and Japan have very different ideas of what “canon” is. See post: What the word “canon” actually means (Japan vs The West). Japanese fans consider “canon” couples to have clearly defined mutual feelings or are extremely obvious. Meanwhile, the west needs “canon” to be far more explicit, such as dating, marriage, and/or kids. But this is a Japanese manga, written by a Japanese man, and mainly geared towards a Japanese audience. Therefore, as readers, we must consider the Japanese point of view as the intention. Anyway, Gray and Juvia talk about their respective scars, in which Gray feels guilty for her receiving one. Gray said “Your body is mine”, but what he meant was “you’re mine”, all of Juvia belongs to Gray. You do not say this to a friend. Gray is shy, and his mumbling afterwards is irrelevant. Watch this video by a Japanese native to fully understand what Gray meant in the final chapter and why this means he loves Juvia romantically. Juvia herself knew what Gray meant also, hence her excited reaction. Thus, this was meant to be Gruvia’s canon moment, before the sequel arrived that is...
Tumblr media
100 Years Quest
While it was confirmed in the original that Gray loves Juvia romantically, it became even more clear in the continuation. Those who say Gray did a complete 180 in the sequel and is now too “lovey” about Juvia must not have paid attention beforehand. Because Gray loving Juvia isn’t out of left field, it makes total sense given the development up til this point. Gray is more open about his feelings now. It’s wonderful character development.
This is the official sequel to Fairy Tail, taking place directly after the original left off. Even though Ueda draws the art, this is STILL Mashima’s story. It is written completely by him. Hiro Mashima writes the story/draws the storyboard, meaning he creates the plot/story, rough drafts, and character’s lines. Since he’s very busy, he doesn’t have time to ink it too, so Atsuo Ueda does the art, which is very similar to Mashima’s as well. Mashima also promotes/endorses it on twitter and other places. And has confirmed in multiple EDENS ZERO volume afterwards (including volume 16, the most recent one) he still writes the 100YQ. Hiro Mashima is also credited with the story(board) in every chapter. There are flashbacks in the sequel that use panels/art directly from the original Fairy Tail. That is only allowed because he is the author of this (sequel) story. Anyway, everyone agrees that this sequel is canon. Continuing on...
I have never seen Gray blush so much over Juvia as I have than in this sequel. Even in general, Gray has never been so flustered before. He has really come a long way, and gained so much character development. To put it simply, his goal in the sequel is to be with Juvia, for good. When the topic of romance is brought up, Gray blushes with a dorky, but so-in-love smile thinking of Juvia calling his name. This scene confirms once again that Gray loves Juvia, since his comment was “ren’ai ne.../love, huh...” 恋愛 (ren’ai) = specifically romantic love. Following this, we see Gray interact with Juvina, Juvia’s doppelgänger from Fairy Nail. The point of this chapter was to take a look inside Gray’s heart, and for him to gain insight on how Juvia might actually feel waiting around for him. Juvina pointed out some key factors: Gray’s unhappy face thinking about her being a topless dancer because he doesn’t want other men seeing the woman he loves naked, the fact that he did not deny he loves Juvia, that Juvia won’t wait forever, that she feels bad for Juvia, etc. Juvina also told Gray about Glen, and how he acts reminds us of how Gray acts. Although we find out later Juvina and Glen are actually together, it seems like Juvina was simply trying to give Gray some perspective lol. And all those people who still claim Gray hates Juvia, he said “I don’t hate you!” (about Juvia) right in this very chapter. He then proceeds to say Juvia means the world to him, but he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her right now. We see him thinking of the scar she got from their fight with Invel, feeling guilty about it. While Juvina taunts that Juvia won’t wait for him forever, Gray says he knows that and so that’s why he wants more confidence in himself. Juvia’s smiling image comes to his mind again as he vows to become a man who can protect her, and declares he will make her his. What Gray said, “And then I swear I’ll make her mine/And go get Juvia no matter what” is a set phrase in Japanese with a romantic nuance. See the breakdown of the raw here, along with examples from other manga that use this phrase in romantic context. When Juvia appeared randomly on the train, Gray knew something wasn’t right. he even asked her why she was acting so different. Because Gray knows Juvia. Of course, they are always together throughout the white mage/Aldoron arc. The two fought Metro, and completed another unison raid. Gray saying Juvia is his power to live is also romantic because of the way he said it in Japanese. You do not say this to a friend, but we know at this point Gray is in love with her anyway. And because we know that, we know his line is romantic. Juvia knows as well, hence why she was so happy about it, wanted him to say it again, and teased him afterwards. The meaning in Japanese of “she’s my power/strength to live” is “because there is you, I am living”. After they win, Gray pulls Juvia in for a hug, saying he’s glad she’s safe while holding that typical Gray pout and tsundere blush. After the battle with Aldoron is over, Gray affectionally returned Juvia’s embrace in front of his guild mates, much to their surprise.
Tumblr media
Edo Gruvia has a son, Greige. His name is actually very meaningful, as it’s a color (combines the colors grey and beige) like Gray and Silver, and a combination of Gray and Juvia’s actual names. For a more in depth explanation behind the meaning, see this post. Gray took a liking to Greige, calling him too cute and wanting to take him back to Earthland. And of course, imagining a blissful life with Juvia and his son during his final battle with Hakune. This said enemy brought out Juvia as the woman sleeping in the depths of Gray’s heart. He also thought about Juvia before battling neko-Wendy, who teased him about being concerned over her. 
Gray’s fantasy speaks for itself. It’s a happy life with his loved ones, and he said this is the world of happiness he imagined. That includes being with Juvia and having their son, Greige. Gray states he wants to stay there forever, but he knows he can’t because it’s just a dream. Gray breaks out of that false reality, stating he doesn’t need to be happy. He wants to make JUVIA happy. Gray is saying he doesn’t want fake happiness in a dream. He wants to make Juvia happy instead, for real/in reality. When you love someone, you want to make them happy. Also, context. It matters. The whole point of this line was to show Gray being selfless; he is putting the woman he loves FIRST. Placing Juvia’s feelings above his own. Luckily...  they have the same dream, lol. Juvia definitely wants to be married, and have Greige. At this point, no one can deny Gray loves Juvia without looking like... a fool. Gray wouldn’t imagine a happy life with Juvia, and having a son with her if he didn’t love her.
And in this dream, Juvia is completely in character. Even her “love rival” mode. Gray loves Juvia the way she is. She appears in Gray’s head multiple times throughout the story. And through his eyes, she is a gorgeous, loving woman with a bright smile. NOT some crazy stalker or annoyance. The volume 9 omake shows a scene right before Gray and Team Natsu got transported to Edolas. We see Gray apologizing for putting Juvia in danger, and her teasing him about his “power to live” comment. Gray promises he will definitely come back from the quest. He looks very determined, blushing, and was about to confess something about what would happen when he returned... but then he vanished. lol. Of course, Mashima/Ueda can’t be that nice, haha.
Small post update: Gray was super happy to see Juvia again when Team Natsu returned to Earthland from Elentir. He smiled shouting her name, and held that smile while she hugged him. Of course, he asked her how she’s been too. Seeing the affectionate interaction, even Warren and Max note that Gray’s personality (towards Juvia) has changed, which proves my point. Hooray for development!!
I know it was very long, but I hope this meta did it’s job of showcasing Gray’s character development in regards to Juvia, the progression of his feelings for her, and why it makes sense he is now in love with her. I look forward to his confession (of some sort, as it’s set up that way), and the hopefully eventual arrival of Earthland Greige!
As I said in the beginning, I will update this post gradually as new moments are released, including the images. So please keep checking back here. :) Last update: September 17th 2021.
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Definition of power couple:
Tumblr media
I miss their fights :(((
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