terrapia · 7 months ago
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 i believe in the “women of arcane” supremacy 
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broosepayne · 5 months ago
Dick : Bruce
Dick: Bruce. Hey Bruce
Dick: Bruce. Bruce. Hey dad. Dadman.
Dick: Bruceman. Batdad. Hey, hey, hey. look. Look at me.
Dick: Broose watch look what i can do
Bruce: *looks*
Dick: *does a cartwheel*
Bruce: You’re thirty years old—
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hattersarts · a month ago
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patreon commission grayson, arcane
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queencalanthes · 6 months ago
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I'm an enforcer. For me, knowing how to handle this weapon means being able to protect people. To be of service to the city. And that's trophy enough.
GRAYSON Arcane (2021 - )
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arcanedaily · 2 months ago
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Begs the question, young Kiramman - what are you shooting for?
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mnu-spreads-lies · 6 months ago
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More people should be talking about this. God tier ship tbh
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cylonalyna · 6 months ago
Me: I'm watching Arcane for the plot.
The plot:
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xthescarletbitch · 2 months ago
ngl i think about being topped by fictional buff women at least a million times a day 😰
✨ manifest ✨
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korra-oh · 6 months ago
I saw someone ask if The Lanes air is so toxic to those who aren’t used to it, then how does Caitlyn (literally) run around the Undercity without an air mask on?
Because literally any time we see enforcers in The Lanes they are wearing these masks
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And it got me thinking. 
This whole story started because Jayce went down into The Lanes and didn’t even haggle. Did Jayce wear a mask? I’m thinking no because Ekko was really excited about how much gold he had, he didn’t say anything about “he was clearly a piltie” 
And I’m not saying The Lanes air isn’t slowly killing everyone, but what if it’s just that, a slow killer (like the smog in most of our highly populated cities on Earth).
When Silco gassed the Zaun’s Boardroom of Evil (somehow he was still standing) but even Sevika was wearing an air mask. I think the air in that tank was pure toxins, toxins which are still in the air in Zaun, but is probably far more diluted. It’s like the difference between breathing in with a car’s tailpipe in your face versus walking around a busy, closed parking lot. 
Because the enforcers have no qualms breathing when they need to actually talk to Zaunites.
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It would mean that Caitlyn and Jayce and other non-Zaunites could walk around without noticing any immediate affects of the air pollution. Thus Caitlyn in Act II.
But my last thought, is that it means that there’s room for the reason that these motherfucking enforcers be slapping on an air mask at every chance--yes because they don’t want to die of lung cancer in 40 years--but also because it’s a damn status symbol. They don’t need the masks to do their job properly or to exist in the Undercity. But rather:
Our lives are worth more than yours.
Isn’t that what Vi said on the bridge when Vander took her up there to remind her of what war does?
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the class war in this show gets to me
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
Confessing Their Love To You
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
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➼ Both of you guys started out as just colleagues.
➼ Grayson had always been impressed with you since the start.
➼ You took your job seriously and you had the potential to be the next Sheriff of Piltover.
➼ You always helped Grayson with everything. That means staying up late with her in her office to work on some paperworks.
➼ Honestly, Grayson enjoyed your company. And you did too.
➼ But what she didn’t realized was that she started to grow fond of you. She was in denial when she started to develop those feelings.
➼ But the fact that you were always there with her, it only made her feelings toward you stronger.
➼ At one point, the other enforcers started to suspect it. Honestly it was pretty obvious that the Sheriff was falling for you. So instead of you following Grayson during work, it’s her following you.
➼ Late one night, you were gathering all your belongings, ready to head out after a long hour of paperworks. As you were about to head to the door, Grayson wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for a back hug. She leaned her chin softly on your shoulder, closing her eyes as she relished the moment.
➼ “I can’t deny this longer so… Y/N… I think I might have fallen for you. I know this is sudden but please… listen to me… I felt this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it was actually real… But I know now… I want you to be mine…
Tumblr media
➼ Working as one of Silco’s goon isn’t an easy task.
➼ But with this older woman by your side, you had no trouble finishing your job.
➼ Since the start, Sevika had always kept an eye for you, making sure you were able to handle all the difficult tasks Silco had given.
➼ You, on the other hand, was like her little supporter.
➼ Both of you had been through all the ups and downs.
➼ That’s when Sevika started to develop just a tiny crush on you.
➼ Honestly she didn’t even know she was falling for you when one of Silco’s goons was flirting with you at the Last drop.
➼ After that incident, she acted cold toward you, refusing to even look at you sometimes.
➼ When you have had enough of her unusual actions, you decided to confront her when she was at her office. Sevika somehow got a little annoyed when you pointed it out.
➼ When you wouldn’t stop complaining, Sevika pulled you into a rough kiss before pulling away, leaning her forehead against yours.
➼ “I like you okay? There I fucking said it. Happy now? Or are you gonna keep complaining? I know what I did was stupid but I can’t stand seeing you smiling with other people… I always wished you could smile and look at me like that…”
Tumblr media
➼ You were a councilor in Piltover and Mel’s best friend.
➼ But you have never seen her mother before—
➼ You heard a lot about Ambessa Medarda. Actually you were quite nervous whenever Mel told you stories about her.
➼ Let’s just say when you heard that she was coming for a visit, you were beyond terrified.
➼ But things went unexpected when you and Mel finally saw her. It was as if the moment she stopped in front of both of you, her eyes immediately met with yours.
➼ When Mel introduced you to her, you realized that she wasn’t that scary at all. She was actually… charming?
➼ After couple of days had passed, you and Ambessa started to grow closer. She would find excuses to talk to you alone. And one day, things started to become different…
➼ Ambessa had invited you to a room for a private conversation. You didn’t think anything about it so you agreed on meeting her there.
➼ But the moment you took a step into that room, Ambessa locked the doors, snaking her strong arms around your waist, pulling you in.
➼ She locked eyes with you, her lips curved up into a smile as she watched you with adoration.
➼ “Do you even realized what you had done to me? Oh I fell for you since the day I saw you my dear… You were so beautiful standing there… So perfect for me… Oh I want you all to myself…”
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homosexualian · 3 months ago
They’re the only police officers I like
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terrapia · 6 months ago
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But mark me, child, if you want to last in this world, you must learn to be both the fox and the wolf.
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alcinas-darling · 2 months ago
do i want a girlfriend? yes. am i not good with new people? also yes! also girls are pretty and i don't know how to cope with that. also im shy. and i am awkward with conversing with new people.
so i've just established that i won't ever get a girlfriend anytime soon, so i fill my head with fantasies and daydreams of dreamy fictional women instead! woo!
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adazzlingsakura · 10 months ago
Damian + Hugs (because that kid really needs more love in his life)
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jason-todds-bitch · 7 days ago
Just had to put these here don't mind me
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nonetoon · 3 months ago
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You probably saw this one coming
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mrsmarymorstan · a month ago
Hey, remember when Dracula and his three weed smoking girlfriends tried to take a chunk out of mostly-naked Dick Grayson whilst John Constantine looked on helpless and horny?
Good times man, good times.
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masteracewindu · 6 months ago
Arcane memes no one asked for
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graybailley · 3 months ago
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thehoundwrites · 5 months ago
Nsfw hcs for Grayson, Ambessa, Sevika, and Silco xFem-Reader?
Ah yes the MILFs <3
Grayson is definetly a service top. She prefers to be soft, and gentle. Worshiping your body, kissing every inch of skin. She prefers to work into it, with intimacy and passion. Making you feel good before you even take your shirt off. She's not into roughness, unless she sees that you get into it.
She will praise you the entire time. Telling you how beautiful you look on her lap, how she can't look away from your eyes. How wet the cute little noises make her. How much of a good girl you are for her. She is a bit of a tease, making you ask for what you want. If you mumble or whisper she'll make you repeat yourself. She definetly likes to make you talk, asking how good she makes you feel, if you're sure, if you want or can handle more. She prefers to be able to be in front of you, so she can watch your face contort and your body squirm.
She doesn't like toys as much as other things but she has a strap she'll use. She much prefers to use her mouth, she's very good at it. She's definelty experienced but still open to trying new things. She's not into too many kinks, but is open to them as long as they get her partner wet. She wants you to moan her name as you cum for her and se's very big on after care, she'll bring you water and message your shoulders as she cuddles you from behind.
Ambessa is a very rough Dom, she prefers someone smaller than she is, somone to worship her and be her pretty little pet while she is around. Ambessa is a hedonist, she experimental as long as she's in control.
She likes you naked for her whenever the two of you are alone, she wants you naked on your knees for her when she sits and drinks, offering you whatever your heart desires as long as you please her. She likes you pinned beneath her on your stomach, or you on your knees in front of her eating her out. She has a marking kink she likes to see her bruises, and bite marks all over your skin. She wants you desperately begging for her. Begging to cum for mommy, begging mommy for more, begging to go faster or slow down.. Whatever she wants she'll wait and tease and wait until she gets it.
She has a ton of petnames shell use depending on who you are and what flusters you the most, varying from my little lamb, slut, kitten, Mutt, good girl, and more. Ambessa won't be done with you until your incoherently mumbling her name. She doesn't care much for after care but will offer you alcohol and to take a bath with her.
Sevika is rough and experienced. She will be mean to you, degrade you, humilate you and have you begging for more. She loves to mark your neck, whether it be a red handprint, harsh bite marks going a bit too deep, and hickeys covering your body. She is extremely good at dirty talking, teasing and degrading is part of the fun. You look so good on daddys thigh, I know you can be louder than that, who's daddy's pretty little slut, princess wants to cum? Yea? Cum for Daddy then. She wants you red-faced and shaking for her.
Sevika wants you to scream for her, beg for her and cry for her. She will completely manhandle you, grabbing your chin to make you look at her, or your neck to choke you. Your wrists to pin them above you head, to flip you over or pull her on your lap. She likes when you ride her thigh or her strap wanting to see you work yourself up on her. She's a huge tease, she wants you to watch her as she fucks you, or eats you out if you stop doing whatever she told you to do (breaking Eye contact/stop moaning/stop begging/if you start moving/try to touch her) she'll stop and wait.
She prefers you trapped beneath her on your back and wants to fuck you so good you wont be able to cum as hard for anybody else. She wants to completely ruin you, leave your body sore and feeling amazing because of her. She's not as good with after care but will tell you what a good girl you are when she lights up a cigar and let's you lay on her lap or chest.
Silco is a top, he isn't as rough as he his rude. He doesn't take much risk, and doesn't experiment often. He likes what he likes. He very much likes to have his cock sucked as he smokes a cigars and runs his fingers through your hair, telling you how much of a good slut you are for daddy. How well youre doing, how good you make him feel.
He prefers positions where you're in his lap and he gets to watch your tits bounce as you make yourself cum on him. He'll move his hips to match your speed slowing down when you look like youre getting close. He's much quieter he prefers to hear your shallow pants, moans and squeals you make for him.
He likes to tease you, and make you blush, then praise you on how cute you are. He wants you to moan his name, and tell him how wet he makes you, how good you feel, how bad you want to cum, how bad you want him to cum. He's very into praise both ways, but likes to tease and humiliate you. He'll have you rub your clit on his cock over and over until you're completely swollen, only then are you allowed to ride him. He's very good with after care he'll let you lay on him, and he'll kiss any sore spots, he'll worship your stomach, thighs, chest, neck and leave small kisses all over your face. Offering you a cigar or a drink as well, or asking if you're hungry or want anything before he would need to leave.
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