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omg 🥺🥺

whether your alone or in a room full of people, grayson is always touching you.

on your waist, your thigh, fingers in your hair, rubbing your back.

you love it so much, that his love language is touch. you’re obsessed with it to be honest. sometimes it’s like he’s a little baby 🥺🥺 he needs to be near you or touching you all the time.

everyone thought the honeymoon phase would pass - but now here you are two years later, grayson insisting on you sitting on his lap infront of all his friends :(

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“i want a baby” you pout laying down on the bed. grayson smiled and nodded “i know, honey” he said taking off your shoes. you sit up and grab onto graysons waist.

“let’s make one” you grinned taking off his belt. grayson laughed and grabbed your wrists lifting you up from the bed. “not tonight, baby” he said bringing you into the bathroom. you pouted and wanted to stop your foot. you wanted a baby so bad. why couldn’t you make one?

the look on your face made grayson so soft. he knew you wanted babies, but he didn’t know you wanted them this bad.

“i’ll ask you if you want babies when you’re sober, ok?” grayson said comprising.

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i can just imagine maybe y/n being sick?? and grayson stays up all night. whenever you make any sound or if you move an inch he’s up to check on you 🥺🥺

and if he falls asleep and you move he immediately has his arm around you. because he’s so in sync with you, it’s almost like a reflex.

even on a night where you’re not sick, he’s still so in sync with you. pulling you into chest, always being so worried if you talk in your sleep 🥺


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grayson usually wakes up an hour before you so he loves to make breakfast for you. basically spoils you with pancakes and coffee 🥺🥺

he does laundry too!! so you don’t have to.

and seeing you on the stool barley awake makes him so soft. just you in one of his sweaters your hair in a low ponytail and some makeup still on your face from yesterday. you head is on your hand and your eyes are closed. but the minute you have some food youre back to your usual giddy self !!

grayson hates when you’re really tired because you barley talk and can barley even pick up your fork :( like when you have to wake up extra early for work. he smothers you with hugs and kisses and that wakes you up immediately 🥺

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could you imagine 🥺🥺

and gray wouldn’t even hesitate to come to yours even if you were just friends - like he’s that type of person!! and sometimes he even brings snacks and watches all your favourite movies with you!

but this time he knew something was up. you weren’t as cuddly or talkative, you didn’t want any of the candy he brought. he knew something was up.

he pulled you close to him and kissed your forehead making you sigh in content. “are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”he asked and you just shrugged pushing your head into his neck.

“had a really bad nightmare” you admitted making grayson pull you closer. “oh baby. i’m here now”

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grayson was obsessed with y/n. everyone knew it. and the same with y/n, she’d do anything for gray and gray would do anything for her. they had been friends for a really long time - and the usual i don’t want to ruin the friendship got in the way. so they pushed the feelings deep and down, and hoped the other would make the first move.

when grayson got a girlfriend, y/n cried in ethans arms for weeks. she wished she had said something, and the girl was so nice and a really good fit for grayson. y/n was trying to be happy for him, but she just couldn’t find it in her.

so she tried to move on, went on dates, tried relationships. but she just couldn’t do it, see grayson so happy. and she would let herself to do that to other people. so she kept to herself, didn’t visit grayson too much anymore. didn’t text or suggest dinner.

grayson was have a rough time - god he was so in love with you. seeing you go out with other people was so hard, honestly heartbreaking.

so he broke up with his girl.

he knocked on your door and you opened it suprised. “i love you” grayson said and your eyes widened “i’m in love with you. i have been for a while. and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you i was too” he was cut off my your lips pressing to his. he smiled into his kiss pulling you closer.

“i’m in love with you too”

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“you had sex with my bestfriend!” you screamed throwing clothes into your bag. grayson was pacing around the room his hands in his hair. “it was a mistake baby” grayson pleaded walking over to you and placing a hand on your waist.

you shrugged him off letting out a sob. “do not call me that. and it was only a mistake because you got caught” you seethed turning around and placing more of your things back in your bag.

“she seduced me ok? i was drunk”

“it takes two to tango grayson. have a nice life” you said pushing past him and walking out of the door and his life.

he knew he made the biggest mistake of his life.

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Baby G.D

grayson wants a fish, but gets something even better in return.

fluff !!! feedback is welcome as always <3

short blurb!!!

you and grayson were laying down together on the couch, watching tv like every other night. it was quiet only hearing the noise of the movie and the breathing of one another. you were on his chest, and grayson had his hand rubbing down your back, kissing your head every couple of minutes. This is the life grayson wanted - the domestic life. it was a weird dream to have, obviously he had the moving to la dream like every person ever. But his real dream was to settle down with his partner, buy a house, have babies, get animals. You guys already had buy a house checked off on the list.

maybe an animal was next?

grayson sighed making you look up - you knew what that sound meant. “what’s up?” you asked sitting up. grayson shook his head “just thinking” he replied placing a hand on your shoulder, massaging it a bit. you raised an eyebrow putting your hand on his. he sighed again and sat up a bit. “well, we have a house, we have good jobs” he started and for you, you thought he was talking about trying for a baby. which was perfect timing seen as you had a little surprise for him.

you had found out you were pregnant yesterday evening, you had invited kristina around and you both sat down on the bathroom floor holding onto eachother - you were too nervous to even look at the test. it wasn’t like you guys were trying, but you weren’t not trying? if that made sense.

“you’re pregnant” kristina squealed pulling you into a hug. you were in shock and immediately let out a sob. “oh my god! i’m gonna be a mama” you cried pulling kristina into you tighter. You were just planning how to tell grayson, you wanted it be super dramatic, because you know how long he’s been waiting for this.

you were grinning ear to ear waiting for him to finish the sentence so you could run the bathroom and get the pregnancy test and little pamper bag you and kristina put together for him.

“i think it’s time we move to the next step” grayson said scratching his neck. you nodded quickly “me too. i totally agree” you smiled and grayson grinned.

“i think we should get a fish”

the smile dropped off your face immediately, but grayson kept smiling. it honestly made you want laugh and cry at the same time - hormones, you thought.

“you want a fish?” you giggled and grayson nodded “we have room for the perfect tank and i’ve actually been researching the best type to get” grayson listed taking out his phone and showing you all the notes he wrote down. you bit your lip and covered your mouth with your hand to keep you from laughing.

“well i think i’ve got something even better for you” you say getting off the couch. grayson pouted “it better be good” he yelled after you making you chuckle.

you walk into the bathroom and take out the pamper package and pop the pregnancy test in there. you pratically ran to the sitting room and gave the bag to gray. grayson looked at you, his eyes wide. “baby. this is so cute” he pouted making you giggle. your eyes were already filling up with tears.

Grayson came to the end of the package, taking out the pregnancy test. he held it up and looked to you, tears collecting in his eyes. “really?” he asked and you nodded letting out a sob. “i took it yesterday. and went to the doctors this morning. we’re having a baby!” you exclaimed, grayson placed the pregnancy test back in the bag and then picked you up and hugged you tightly.

“fuck, thank you. thank you so much” he sobbed kissing all over your head. “so much better than a fish” he laughed making you giggle. grayson let go of the hug and bent down to your stomach, kissing it lightly.

“dada can’t wait to see you, bubby.”

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i can’t stop thinking about dad!grayson 🥺🥺 just like how good of a dad he would be?? i think he’d be especially good with daughters too!!!

and he would be the fun cool parent! letting you stay up past bedtime, bringing you on a late night road trip, movie nights!!! he’d love when they were toddlers though, reading them to bed every night, cuddles, little babies sneaking their way in between him and his partner.

Helping with homework and school activities. could you imagine if his child came home and told him they needed help with a film project!! pls 🥺🥺🥺 he’d be proud and so helpful, setting up the cameras and helping his kid and their friends. and when they finally show the film he’d be the proudest parent ever.

and daddy daughter recitals !! he’d be at every competition and bring his a game. gray would practice all the time - and get a little too invested in it.


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Wave G.D

in which you move to california for the summer and grayson is the life guard.

based in the 80s !!!

smut and fluff !!! feedback is welcome as always <3

The sun beamed through your window, blinding you when you opened your eyes. you sighed placing a hand over your poor watered eyes, reminding yourself to buy curtains. California was good - better than your old town. but waking up blind every morning for the last week was not something you enjoyed. but you’d take that over madonna being blared at 6am by your 14 year old sister, tanya. God, sometimes you even missed it. missed the loud, chaotic energy of your small hometown, and your weird little family. but as you said, california is good. you reminded yourself, change is good. growth is good. sometimes you forgot that you have to grow to be better, and that change isn’t some evil thing. you need change to move on and become better.

Your aunt had been kind enough to let you stay in her home for the summer - she was off doing god knows what, and needed someone to cat and house sit. You were the first one to offer. Lord only know, that if you didn’t take this offer, you would’ve stayed in that town for the rest of your life. like you, your aunt escaped the town of houston. all your family grew up in houston. a town in a town, you called it. it was small, only a population of 2,000 people. not many people left either - so when you did, it comes as a surprise.

you wanted to travel, see the world. and california was just one stop on your trip.

Today was day of looking for jobs, you had put it off too many times this week. you told your mother you would get a job on the first day here - it’s been 7 days. And your mother was starting to call more than twice a day. You wanted to become a writer or a journalist - that was the dream. but that had to be put on hold for now. even though thought your aunt was paying the bills etc, you still wanted to find a job to make friends and have some cash. you saw a nice dinner about 10 minutes away from here, so maybe you’d have dinner there once you had some cash. beats having microwave dinners every night.

so with that in mind, you got up and made your way to the bathroom. it was small and quaint. exactly like the house. it was nothing special - which is what you loved. a small little home, with small little bathrooms. that’s sounded quite nice to you. After looking around your small bathroom, you turned on the shower, hissing a bit as the hot water hit your skin.

you walked out of the bathroom, leaving the water run for a minute. Opening the dresser pressed against the wall, you decided on a white crop top and denim shorts. Your mother would kill you if she saw how small the shorts were, but she wasn’t here. You grabbed a bra and underwear from the top drawer before walking back into the bathroom. you stripped down, leaving your huge t-shirt on the floor.

When you stepped in the shower, you thought about how good this summer could be. Even if you ended up not making any friends, it still could be the best summer of your life.

so you had to make the best of it.

After your shower - that you spent way too long in, you got dressed into the clothes you grabbed earlier. your hair was still soaking wet, but the towel and the Californian air would dry it. You brushed your teeth, and attached your septum piercing onto your nice. “does this look like i’m cool, or i’m going to rob you?” you asked yourself in the mirror. your mother, hated everything about the piercings and tattoos. She said quote “i feel scared looking at you, y/n”. Tattoos especially made you feel so creative and free, something about them made you feel so happy.

Running down the stairs, you grabbed your converse slipping them on. slipping you mean - pulling them on. God, they were hard to get on. you looked into the drawer and found your purse with, 20 dollars in it. “great” you sighed walking out the door and locking it.

your aunt lived in a nice neighbourhood, small houses, small families. usually people that just had kids or older people that didn’t want to be a put in an old persons home. it was nice and relaxing. different from houston, you’d admit. but nice and needed.

The walk to the centre of town was fine. You got a few looks, considering the town was so small and everyone knew everyone. You were basically the new kid at school. But so far no ones said anything bad - that you know of. The town was full of stores. Retail stores, smaller family stores like toy stores etc.

you spotted the diner straight away, running across the street quickly. Luckily spotted a sign saying they were looking for more staff - you knew diners were quite popular, so you really got your but in there. A tall woman, with brown hair and warm smile greeted you at the till. “hey, darling. what can i do for you” she asked, you looked at her name badge, lisa. A nice name for a nice lady. “i’m actually looking for jobs, saw that you were looking for staff! maybe we can schedule an interview or something?” you asked picking at your nails. lisa looked you up and down and then sighed. “well, if i’m being honest, you’re the only one in weeks that’s offered to do some work around here” she confessed, it made your heart shatter when she looked down - it looked like she was about to cry.

she sighed once again to herself “you good with people?” she asked, placing a napkin down on the counter. you nodded, messing with your hands. “i know first aid too. real good with kids, i was going to study to be a teacher” you confess, trying to butter yourself up.

lisa nodded “what’s your name?” she asked and you put your hand out to shake hers “y/n l/n. i’m looking after my aunts house for the summer” you say and she smiled. “well good. you’re hired” she grinned pulling you into a hug.

“welcome to the team, honey”

After that and a celebratory milkshake, you decided to go the beach that was a 5 minute walk from the diner. lisa said her daughter works just around the corner from her and her sons surf and do lifeguarding down at the beach. Maybe you’d run into them. they had to be maybe 16? You didn’t know anyone older than that, that wanted to be a lifeguard willingly.

You took over your converse and socks as the sand because harder to walk in. there wasn’t much wind and it was really hot so of course it was packed full of families and teenagers. Most were locals, but others travelled hours to come this beach - and you weren’t sure why, until now.

A man probably 20 or 21, was running towards you, topless. It was hard to look away, his abs were just staring at you. His red shorts clung to his thighs - he reminded you of show that had aired in september, something like bay watch. He looked like he belonged on that show. You wouldn’t mind getting to see that everyday. You now understand why there was probably more teens than families.

Grayson had spotted you the minute you stepped foot on the beach. god, were you beautiful. Your simple outfit was like the sexiest outfit he’d ever seen, because you were wearing it. Your piercings and tattoos were so incredibly hot, he’d never seen anyone like you if he was being honest. He came from a town where not many people expressed themselves, everyone except him and his twin that is - and now apparently you. Ethan, graysons twin, spotted you too. He knew grayson was already head over heels for you.

“she’s definitely new” ethan voiced climbing out of the water, pulling his shorts up. grayson nodded agreeing “yeah, might go, uh see how she is” grayson said making ethan chuckle. “sure, whatever you say bro” Ethan laughed before walking off the his chair.

Grayson began running up to you, he could see you checking him out. Good, he liked that.

finally after what felt like ages he arrived at where you decided to sit down. You looked up at him smirking cocking your head to the side.

“grayson dolan” he smiled sticking his hand out, you shook it still with a smirk on your face. “y/n l/n” you say as he sat down beside you. “you’re new to town right?” he asked putting a hand through his hair. you just nod putting your hand on the sand.

“met your mom earlier. said she had two handsome boys at the beach. she must have meant the other one” you tease making grayson raise an eyebrow, smirking. “oh yeah?” he asked resting on his elbow.

“hmm” you hummed looking down on him. “i have to say, never gotten that one” grayson said, you just shrugged “maybe you just need some humbling grayson dolan” you said standing and wiping your shorts to get the sand off.

“i’m working in the diner tomorrow. maybe you can come and i’ll humble you some more”

“i think i like the sound of that y/n l/n” grayson smirked getting up himself. “see you then, grayson” you smile walking away.

fuck, he thought. He was going to make y/n l/n his.

you arrived home smiling like crazy. you’re not even 24 hours here and you’re already head over heels for a man you know hardly anything about.

you pulled off your shoes again and through them on the floor. when you skipped into the kitchen and put on the radio, girls just want to have fun came on. You grabbed a spoon and danced around the kitchen waiting for cyndi lauper to sing. “i come home, in the morning light” you sing jumping up and down.

“girls they wanna have fun”

after dinner and another shower you watch a movie and then head to bed, waiting to see that lifeguard again tomorrow.

You woke up early on your own body clock. that has never happened before, but seen as you’re meeting a boy and having your first day of work it seems to make sense to you. you shower and use all the good stuff. you also shave - just in case, you never know.

you leave all your peircings and change into skinny black jeans and a fleetwood mac shirt. lisa said she’d give you the uniform in your locker and that you could change in the bathroom if you’d like, you agreed with that. it meant that you didn’t have to wear the uniform home. you wore your converse and placed your hair in a loose ponytail.

you walked to the kitchen and grabbed a water and apple, and ate it quickly chugging the water down afterwards. you quickly ran back to the bathroom and brushed your teeth, before running to the door and making your way to the dinner - you really didn’t want to be late on your first day.

“y/n!” lisa smiled pulling you into a hug. “good to see you again” she said pausing “go get changed and then i’ll teach you some bits” she grinned placing a hand on my shoulder and pulling me along into the locker room. “here your locker, your uniform is in there. you can change in here or the bathroom just down the hall” she said, making you nod with a smile.

lisa left and you got dress into the blue top and skirt, the collar was lined with red and there was a white apron placed around your waist. your white converse actually went perfectly with the uniform, so you gave yourself a pat on the back for that.

once you walked out the place look a bit more lively, which made you happy and eager. You wanted to get on the locals good side. “oh good! you’re ready, this is lily. she’s a little bit older than you, working here part time” lisa said introducing you guys. you smiled and shook her hand “y/n” you say and she smiled “so nice to meet you” she replied taking the pen out of her hair.

“so all you have to do in take people’s orders. then tell the chef” lisa said giving you pen and paper “i won’t put you on the till yet, but i will teach you tomorrow” she said and you smiled nodding. “be nice, smile and make small talk” she listed and then placed a hand on your back “you’ve got this. now table two needs a waitress” she said pushing you off. you walked down around the counter and to table two. “hi, what can i do for you” you say smiling.

“huh, y/n” grayson said making you look up from you paper. you smirk at him dropping you arms down to your waist. “grayson dolan, knew you couldn’t resist me” you tease making him laugh. “seducing costumers on your first day? y/n seriously?” grayson said making you shake your head.

“shut up. what can i get for you” you say and grayson smiled. “are you on the menu?” he asked leaning back. you bite your lip, trying to hide your blush. “maybe. what’s the offer?” you asked rocking back and forth on your feet. “a dinner. me and you. maybe some kissing, never know” he said placing his hands on the table.

you shrug smirking again, you tear a piece of paper out and begin to right down your address “pick me up at 7.” you say and give him the sheet.

“now what can i get for you?”

the day went by rather fast after grayson asking on you a date. you loved the job, lisa and lily so much already and knew this summer was going to be one to remember.

“y/n you did so good today” lily complimented taking off her apron. you smiled “thank you. it was actually a lot of fun” you say taking out your clothes out. “saw you talking to gray” lily said with a teasing smile.

“oh shut up! it’s only one date”

“grayson dolan does not do dates. consider yourself lucky, than man looks like wants to marry you” lily said making you roll your eyes. “now i have to go home to my husband and baby while you are out enjoying your life” lily said dramatically making you roll your eyes.

“enjoy” you say waving and walk off out of the locker room.

you say goodbye to lisa before pratically running home to get ready for your special night with grayson.

once you got home you ran to your room and placed your clothes in the wash basket, after a quick shower you pull out the one dress you packed, a white off the shoulder dress. it was nothing special, but it was comfortable and you felt pretty damn good in it - and of course your signature converse. you put your hair into a half up half down sort of look and only put on some mascara and blush. you wanted to look simple, yet cute. but the piercings and tattoos kind of cancelled out the cute.

you look at yourself in the mirror and nod at yourself. “you can do this. you can have fun” you say and place a hand on your hip. “you look good.” you say and smile and then just on time, grayson knocked on the door with flowers in his hands.

you walked down to the door and took a breath in before opening it. grayson stood before you, in a white shirt and dress pants. the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up so you could see the vains, God he looked good.

“wow. you look beautiful” grayson breathed out handing you the flowers, you blushed and smiled. “thank you, come on in” you say walking to the kitchen.

you walk back down and see grayson leaning against the table his hands in pocket. “hmm. you look so good” grayson said standing up. you just held out your hand “why don’t we skip dinner and go the beach instead?” you asked and grayson raised an eyebrow.

“sounds great”

so you both walked down to the beach hand in hand. laughing at the most stupidest of things.

“i thought you were from bay watch the first time i saw” you laugh and grayson pushed you away pouting. “so sexy” you giggle making him shake your head. “well i for one heard wedding bells seeing you” grayson teased pulling you into him. you hummed and looked up him. “you’re definitely husband material” you say walking down to the beach.

“sure” he said rolling his eyes and pulling you down. none of you had towers or spare clothes, but this. this moment is what you both needed. the cold air, the waves crashing and the birds talking. all you could hear was the water, the birds and your giggles.

you pulled off your dress rather quickly, leaving you in a black lace bra and panties. grayson was gawking, he pratically had to close his mouth with his hand. your body, was perfection. it was beautiful. Once grayson was ready he picked you up making you squeal and ran to the water.

“grayson” you giggle and hit his back lightly.

“oh shit, it’s cold” you say wrapping yourself around grayson. “oh is it?” he teased placing his hands on your thighs. you smirk knowing exactly what he was doing.

“yeah, it’s cold” you say putting a hand in his hair. you look down to his lip and bit your lip making him groan. “fuck it” he said placing his lips on yours. you moan and he lets his tongue make its way into your mouth.

“fuck me” grayson hummed into your mouth making you giggle and push his head into the water.

“try and catch me!”

You both come out of the water soaked and giddy. “put my shirt on” grayson said throwing his shirt at you.

you pull it over your head and place your hand in graysons after he put his pants back on. “you wanna come back to mine?” you asked and he nodded “no ones home. for the whole summer” you say walking backwards.

“so we can fuck anywhere” you say smirking, grayson groans and picks you up making you laugh. he pratically carried you the whole way home, only putting you down to unlock the door.

once you guys reached your bedroom he kissed you again, picking you and throwing you on your bed. you lay there looking up at him with teasing eyes. “take of the shirt” he demanded, making you sit up and throw the shirt on the ground, leaving you in a wet bra and more than wet panties.

“so beautiful” grayson said as he climbed out of his pants, leaving him only in his boxers.

grayson grabbed your face in his hands and your lips finally meet once again. his fingers tighten around your face as he begins to kiss you roughly. one hands drifts from your face to your bare thigh, his fingers glide up and down your thigh making you shiver.

“you like that, baby?” he asked and you nodded “more” you begged and he pecked your lips. “soon” he said his fingers making their way between your clit, placing his lips back on yours.

you moan into his mouth as he begins to get faster, his fingers going to your slit, him playing around with it.

“don’t stop” you moan into his mouth, he looked at your teasingly. “don’t want my cock then?” he asked cocking his head to the side. you nodded quickly, “yes gray, i do, want it so bad” you moan bucking your hips.

“cum, and then i’ll make you so full”

you cummed quickly, your hips going in all different directions. he waited for you to come down from your high before taking over your panties and bra. he sighed in content, “so beautiful” he repeated kissing your breasts and down your stomach.

“please” you begged again, making him smirk. “one second, honey” he said kissing your thighs. he pulled down his boxers and you moaned at the sight, his cock was huge and the tip was full of pre-cum. you wanted his cock in you, now.

after putting on the condom he had in his pocket grayson finally pushes into you, making you moan out. “oh fuck” you moan holding onto graysons shoulder. grayson gets slower and slower. “come on grayson. fuck me like the bad girl i am” you whispered into his ear. he groaned and placed a hand on your neck, before pounding into you. you bed begins to creak loudly banging against the wall. he wraps his hand around your neck tighter making you scream out.

“keep going, gray” you say bucking your hips.“i’m gonna cum” you cry and graysons nods going faster. “me too. come on, cum for be princess” he said pounding into you.

you both cum and grayson stays in you a little longer, when he takes his cock out you feel empty, but he just pulls you closer to him.

“who knew you could fuck like that” you tease placing your head on his chest. grayson just chuckled and kissed your head, pulling you closer to him.

“another round?”

“how could i say no, lifeguard”

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“honey, i’m sorry” grayson said pulling you onto his lap - you sat there, still not saying much. it was a petty argument about doing the dishes and it escalated. now you were giving him the silent treatment.

grayson kissed your neck and nudged his nose into your shoulder. “i shouldn’t of said anything. please forgive me” grayson pleaded, making you giggle a little.

you turned around and nodded. grayson pecked your lips and grinned.

“now time for you to make it up to me by cleaning the kitchen”

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