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Hi, I’m Amy. My mind is constantly running with story lines and imagines about… anyone really. So, instead of dumping all my ideas in my phone and never developing them or looking at them again, I decided to post some on here. 

My imagines/fanfic/story lines will be about anyone that is running through my mind at the moment. I will also take requests but the people that are constantly running through my mind are;

- Draco Malfoy

- Fred Weasley

- George Weasley

- (Anyone from Harry Potter)

- Dean Winchester

- Wroetoshaw (Harry from the Sidemen) 

- Loki

- The Jackass Crew. 

- Percy Jackson

- Miniminter (Simon from the Sidemen)

- Zerkaa (Josh from the Sidemen)

- Behzinga (Ethan from the Sidemen)

- Luke Hemmings (sometimes)

- Grayson Dolan (sometimes)

- Niall Horan

I’m honestly so annoyed of breaking my own heart with fictional characters and people way older than me… but my mind never stops flowing with ideas. 

Message me if you want a personal imagine or anything like that… uh, I’m also writing this with no followers. So, I doubt people are going to see it. I’m also on Wattpad writing a few “short books” if you can even call them that. That is also filled with story ideas I had and are trying to finish but with school and exams coming up, its tricky. 

Have a good day :)


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I think Laurie and Grayson would be lovely together

For one, they both exercise a lot. Laurie is a Jersey Girl. She supports his building skill. They both like writing scripts. They both like dancing and acting. They both like challenging themselves. She works with kids. They both like nice people and family oriented people. Laurie is funny and cute. They can relate to each other on a few emotional things.

I think the only reason why he might not be into her is cause she’s not vegan. But I think she could be.

Gray deserves a slow burn love and he has a friendship established with her already. Maybe in a few years he will realize what’s right in front of him.

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Chapter One: P(a)in 


Description: Much like vowels, Alana can’t seem to be able to live without Grayson. With no vowels, you have no words, without Grayson, Alana has no emotions.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 4.1k+

Life without Grayson seemed bizarre to Alana. Once you grow accustomed to things, it’s hard to think about living without them. When you spend the majority of your life with someone and having them be gone after a couple of words, it’s like your body goes through withdrawal. 

In a sense, it does. It’s like you’re being stripped away from your drug, unfairly at that. 

That’s what Alana felt she was going through. Mainly pain. Pain from being left. Pain because he left her. 

He left her right before prom, the one thing she was looking forward to in the entire oh so boring senior year of high school. 

“Lana, you need to come out of this dungeon of yours,” her sister said, knocking on her door, interrupting her unknown re-run of Criminal Minds.

“I’m fine, in this dungeon of mine. Yo salgo ya mismo,” she sighed not in the mood to socialize with anyone, just like the past two weeks. 

Her sister had enough, she didn’t take a break from college just to be alone.

“No, you’re coming now,” she replied and barged in her room stopping to look at the empty and half-empty water bottles around her room. 

“Go get dressed, you look dead. And when we come back you’re cleaning this room,” she sternly instructed her heartbroken sister. 

“I am dead. At least emotionally,” Alana replied, pausing the show, and closing her laptop, putting it to the side before getting up from the bed.

“Lana, one boy isn’t the end of the world,” Mariana replied, making Lana scoff loudly.

“He isn’t just one boy Mariana. And if so, why does it feel like it is?” she replied with an attitude that made Mariana back down. 

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Control Freak - Grayson Dolan

summary: after being summoned to the new CEO’s head office, or rather dungeon, there’s an unexpected twist when y/n becomes, what some would say, mouthy with her relatively new boss..

warnings: smut & swearing, the usual :)

tag(s): @joyfuldolann tehe

a/n: i’ve never really done tags, but if you’d like to participate in them— (such as for future series or control-freak/capture parts) leave a comment on any of my posts or even dm me! (only if you want, don’t feel obligated to do so, it’s just for fun :)))) ily! <3 also, sorry if this is crappy.. i’m not the biggest fan of this part, but i really wanted to get something out for you all!

part one


“I’d like to have a word with you, in my office.”

His voice rang in your ears, like a symphony or an orchestra in a small room. So as you slowly walk down the hall, past the secretaries and into his large, barricaded office, you had internally convinced yourself that he’s just a guy that’s your boss. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

So you thought…

“Ms. Y/L/N.” He addresses as soon as you shut the large door and turn around, though his eyes were glued to his large computer. “Sit.” He demands, looking towards you for a moment and nodding to the chair sat in front of his huge desk. You hurry to answer his command, seating yourself in the cushiony furniture. You take a quick look around the room, the colors and décor a lot more darker and dungeon-y than Mr. Kidman had it. It almost made you sleepy, until his voice snapped;

“You should be a little less intrusive with your own thoughts, Ms. Y/L/N.” He had fully turned, giving you his undivided attention with his brow arched and a signature smirk dotting his plump lips. You felt your cheeks go hot from just his voice, and his snippy, cockiness as well. “How’re you to know exactly what I’m thinking, if I may ask Mr. Dolan?” You assertively question, crossing your legs as you furrow your brow with intent. You knew what games he was playing, and you’d play them right back if it meant putting him in his place, questionably.

“It’s all about body language, darling. You seem to fidget a lot in my presence, which I notice that you don’t do in anyone else’s.” He begins, watching as you surely begin to run your hand along the ends of your skirt, something you normally do when you’re nervous. “You’re a bit more sassy and less reserved when you’re talking to me, and your cheeks seem to turn red when I directly speak to you, do they not?” He now had his large hands settled on the tabletop, fiddling his thumbs back and forth while he pursed his lips in question. He had completely caught you off guard and all the more stunned and almost embarrassed. “Sir.. I don’t understand what you—”

“Or the way you dozed off that entire meeting. Tell me, Y/N, what were you daydreaming about, hm? Something work related I suppose?” He was quick to interrupt you, adding a fiery anger, much like Kidman’s, to your attitude. “Listen, you cocky fucking asshole. I’m tired of your stupid pestering so if you could just get straight to the point instead of me having to sit here and endure your little go-arounds for another half hour, it’d be greatly appreciated.” You violently whisper, standing from your seat with your arms crossed and your lips in a thin line.

You’re a very tolerant person, but his continuous egging on was bound to make you burst anyway. But what made you even more extravagantly angered was his hoarse chuckle that began to rumble throughout the room. “Cocky fucking asshole, huh?” He continues his girthy laugh, standing from his seat and slowly strolling around to the front of his desk. You slightly gulp when he towers you with his height, his intensity and nonchalantness at the same time a bit too much to bear. “I’d watch that pretty little mouth of yours, princess, before it gets you into some real trouble.” He seats himself on the front edge, examining you head-to-toe with his beading eyes. You grew stiff, not wanting to make a sound or remark in his wavering stare.

Perhaps to keep from getting in trouble, maybe?

“I’d say the same to you, if it weren’t for yours being rather large, than little.” You incoherently scoff, surprising yourself with your own words. His face contorted from his relaxed look into a more furious looking one. His grip on the ledge of his oak wood desk had tightened, making the tops of his hands whiter and more constructed than they would look relaxed. His indented cheekbones grew more visible and his eyes seemed to darken out of nowhere.

He does look very ravishing when he’s angry..

Suddenly, you feel his tight grip on your hips, shoving you back down into the chair without a warning. “Y'know, Kidman told me about you,” He began, waltzing away from you and around your chair, undoing his tie in the process. All the while you sat there with wide eyes and a fluttery feeling down near the pit of your stomach. It gave you goosebumps clear down your arms and legs. “He said you were a very independent, hardworking women that’s quiet and respectable. But frankly, you’ve proved him wrong.” He sighs as he turns to face you, still sat in the chair, with a sharp and pointed look that gave you the good tinglings. “Well, frankly,” You mock his tone, “You’ve only known me for the minimum of three hours, Mr. Dolan. You’re just assuming.” You point out, with a ghastly smile.

To that, he loudly slaps his hands on the arms of the chair that you were forcefully sat in, his face becoming of close proximity to yours. “Have anything else to say before I smack that tiny little ass of yours?” He questions with the raise of his brow, sending another one of the flooding shivers down your entire body.


If it wasn’t for your lack of correct, impulsive decision making skills, you would have walked away and finished whatever work you had left and hurried home. But instead, you flipped yourself over and laid on the chair, ready for whatever he wanted to do to you.

“Take that fucking skirt off.” He deeply orders, taking his blazer off angrily after unclipping his belt buckle. You obey almost immediately, shimming the skirt down your legs and unbuttoning the first couple buttons of your white dress shirt. You firstly feel his fingers softly glide over your asscheek, trailing towards your thong and looping his index finger under the thin fabric. With a tight, forceful pull, he rips it in half and tosses the bunched up silk to the side as you gasp with surprise. You close your eyes as you feel his hand glaze over asscheek once again, readying yourself for what would eventually hurt like hell.

But instead of what potentially would have been a slap, you feel his large hands roughly pull your legs apart, and his cock slam down into your noticeably aroused pussy. You loudly yelp, securing your hands around whatever you could while his settled at the valley of your hips. “Fuck, yes.” He breathlessly groans with his head thrown back and his eyes scrunched with immense pleasure. Your eyes began to water and the beginning of his slow, steady thrusts made your pussy clench with the desire of more. You had your teeth sunk into your bottom lip to keep your sounds and contentment as quiet as possible.

You hadn’t even realized how long it’s been since you’ve had real, carefree sex. You honestly forgot how good and scandalous it felt. Though, you started to remember, even in your hazed state of mind, that it was your new boss standing behind you. But before you could even get a chance to agree or take action from your right state of mind, you felt him lift you up and rush the two of you over to the other side of his spacious desk, his cock still embedded inside you and unmoving.

He lays you on your back, grabbing the opened part of your shirt and ripping it off, his teeth gritted and his brows furrowed as he swiftly unclips your bra and pulls it down your arms. Unlike his slowness before, he began to speed up quickly, barreling into you like he hadn’t done it in years. Which would be true if he hadn’t drunkenly slept with a women he had met at the bar almost a year ago, but he faintly remembers that anyway.

You became used to the pressure that once stretched your walls uncomfortably, but now it felt right. The way he entered you, at a slight angle, made your legs quiver with desire and the yearning for more. And when he touched that certain spot, oh god it made you whine like crazy.

“Fuck—there!” He had you almost screaming, which made him all the more aroused and heightened. He continued his harsh poundings, bringing his hands from your hips and softly up your stomach until they reached your perky breasts. He toyed with your sharpened nipple, grinning at the sensation it brought to you when you arched your back. With the sudden shaking of your legs and the unshielded moans you let loose, he could just tell you were extremely close.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet, Y/N. I’ve hardly fucking started with you.” Grayson then harshly brought his hand down to your soaked clit, rubbing it in quick circles. You weren’t really one to disobey authority, but it seems like getting on Grayson Dolan’s, the CEO of the company Choff, nerves were a bit more fun and exhilarating.

So when you felt the extremely bound knot in your stomach begin to want to unravel— you just let it. You came over his engulfed cock that continued to sink into you as you hardly breathe, the overflowing feeling and sensation that numbed your entire body washing over you. You weren’t given anytime to reassess, because he continued his thrusts, speeding himself up with an anger you’ve never seen before. He picked you up again, slamming you against the wall with one of his hands holding your ass up while the other kept your hands above your head.

“That’s fucking it—”

Though, the two of you were too caught up in each other to realize that someone was at the door, stunned and shocked at the scene playing out..

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“please don’t shout at me” | G.D

You pull back the covers, sinking into the soft matress with a sigh. Usually, this action is something you look forward to, but tonight thing’s are different.

Your boyfriend lays almost perfectly in the middle of the bed, on his back letting out small snores. You turn, laying on your side as close to the edge as you can get without falling off. His hand naturally reaches for you, resting on your waist for a few seconds before his subconscious remembers what happened a few hours earlier.

Grayson was angry. He didn’t understand what people wanted from him; anytime he was happy with what he was creating, people would find something new to negatively comment on. It was exhausting; he was fed up.

You tried to console him, not knowing what to say. You knew people would talk no matter what and so you’re advice (in short) was to ignore it. In your mind, if the twins were happy with what they were posting, that was that. But to Grayson, that was not that.

He said in that moment he realised how different you two are. That, deep down, he didn’t know if you could work because you’re not used to his life, not used to these comments. You told him you were trying, that you wanted to get used to it but it was a process that was going to take time. He told you he didn’t understand why it was taking so long for you to adjust.

It wasn’t what he was saying that made you upset exactly, but his volume. You hated people raising their voice at you and you always get emotional whenever it happened. You had expressed this to Grayson, as well as your fear that it would take a while for you to fully embrace his lifestyle, and he was completely supportive. He reassured you about both things. You didn’t understand what had changed.

You thought about going home, but Gray drove you over so you don’t have your car. You could’ve called an uber, but Ethan would’ve questioned why his brother wasn’t taking you and you didn’t want to have to explain the situation. So, here you are, trying to avoid your boyfriend whilst in the same bed.

You wanted an apology, but you were also questioning whether you were the one in the wrong. What could you of said for him to take the wrong way? You thought you explained yourself pretty well, but maybe you didn’t. Maybe it was your fault…

Grayson’s snores stop and his breathing releases from the natural rhythm of sleep. He turns and you know he’s watching you, but you stay still. If you pretend to sleep, he won’t talk to you.

“I know you’re awake.” His voice makes you flinch, not expecting it, and it breaks his heart. He thinks you’re scared of him.

“Baby, fuck, y/n please look at me.”

Slowly, you turn onto your back, still far away from him. You stare at the ceiling and he takes it as his que to keep talking.

“I was so caught up in the comments on the video. I completely forgot.” He sighs, sounding tired, “I didn’t know why you got upset, i thought you were just being dramatic. It hit me when i was driving”.

You stay put, not moving.

“Baby please say something. I’m sorry, i feel terrible.”

You turn to face him, “Do you really think we’re not going to work?”

“No”. He sighs again, “I was trying to protect you.”

“By yelling?” you ask, your voice quiet.

“By pushing you away. I thought i was warning you about what it’s really like being in the public eye, showing it’s hard and that you don’t have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Instead i just scared you.”

“I just wasn’t expecting it. You changed your whole mindset on the situation in like, an hour. I was confused”. You reply, feeling yourself tear up.

“Please don’t cry because of me.” His hand comes up to cup your cheek and you lean into his touch.

“I thought i did something wrong. I was only trying to help but i thought i said something really bad or did something to piss you off”.

“Fuck, come here”. He pulls you into his chest. You wrap your arms around his neck whilst his go around your waist.

“You did nothing wrong, you hear me?” He tells you, “I overreacted. I was stressed and angry and i took it out on you and it’ll never happen again.”

He presses kisses into your hair, moving onto his back so you can lay on his chest.

“Go to sleep baby, i know you’re tired.”

You nod.

“If you want us to be good, we’re good, but if you want to talk more about it tomorrow then we can, okay?” he strokes your hair.

“Okay, thank you for apologising.”

“You don’t need to thank me, i should’ve done it hours ago.”

Your eyes flutter shut, sleep almost overtaking you when you hear him say one last thing,

“Is there anything else you want to get off your chest before you sleep?”

You sigh, “Just, please don’t shout at me again.”

As your breathing evens out and you finally get to rest, Grayson feels his heart crumble.

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okay, first try to write a concept that appeared in my head, did not go as plan.

  • where (y/n) became friends with ethan through kristina and is hanging out at the dolan house with ethan, grayson, ryan k. set a few days after grayson and another girl didn’t work out.
  • a short conversation with absolutely nothing so I gave up :)

forewarning bad writing ahead.

It was mid afternoon with the boys and yourself, lying around on what you thought was the ugliest couch possible. The conversation had just drifted into the familiar and repetitive monologue that Ethan would give Grayson about finding a girlfriend and how he should stop rushing into relationships. Even through you had not been apart of this group for long, used to only hanging out with them when Kristina was around, you were however now used to the speech that would follow whenever one of Graysons ‘girlfriends’ didn’t work out. 

“I’m just saying Gray, maybe-just like be single for awhile” Ethan repeated a line that had probably been said to Grayson a million times, “There’s nothing wrong with being single.”

“Of course you would say that” Grayson retorted back, now getting defensive about his status as a single man, “You have your girlfriend, wife or whatever.”

You leaned further back into the couch trying to disappear into it to escape the hostility that came out of Grayson. “Well neither Ryan or (y/n) care that their single” Ethan having now just dragged you and the other silent member of the room into the argument, motioned to the both of you with his head from where he was seated down the other end with Grayson, “Maybe take a leaf out of their book and just chill for a sec.”

Grayson who sat next to Ethan and for the most part of the conversation sat with his back to your and Ryan now twisted his body to the look at the both of you. His landing on Ryan before moving further down to look at you, his eyes taking in your face and down to the blanket covering your body. He let out a scoff, “Or maybe I could not, I mean (y/n) has probably been single her whole life,” Graysons words were sharp and a tinge bit of hurt ran through your body, his eyes still stayed on your face. This was probably the longest he ever has looked at you but it was broken as Ethan hit him on the back of his head making jolt around to face him instead.

“And what would be wrong with that exactly Grayson?” The sound of your voice making everyone turn their heads toward you. You moved your body into a straight sitting position, no longer slouching back into the back rest of the couch, “Would there be something wrong if that was true?” You knew his statement wasn’t true and so probably did Ethan, you had one ex-boyfriend behind you. 

“No, of course not but you know I actually want to be married with kids by thirty, hell even twenty-five” Grayson voiced filled the room, his eyes locked back onto yours as he said the familiar words that normally came out of his mouth noticeably five to ten times a day. You were sure that everybody on the planet knew that Grayson wanted to be a father even if they did not know who Grayson was. 

Ryans voice cut into the space interrupting before you could reply back to Grayson. Drawing Ethan into a new conversation about something he saw on his phone. Both of them forgetting about the chat that would be most likey repeated in a few weeks, but Grayson still had his eyes on you as if expecting you talk but you never did. 

Instead of resuming what could turn into an argument with Grayson, you shifted your body closer to Ryan, turning your head towards him and tuning into his discussion with Ethan.

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You wake up to loud grunting and and the muffled sounds of “Lil Wayne’s - I like the view”. Immediately you know Grayson outside the double door to his room getting in a workout. You roll over to have a peak through the mirror on the wall if you can see him. To your delight he’s there with his back tattoo flexing with every pull up he completes. You take your time laying in bed watching him workout it’s not often he leaves you to sleep in on a Saturday morning instead of dragging you out of bed to join him.

You watch him a minute longer finishing up his last set of pull ups before he jumps down and turns to grab his hydro flask smirking as he catches you watching him though the mirror making his way back to the room to kiss you good morning.

“Morning babe, sorry I didn’t wake you. Thought you might like the sleep in for once” he smiles leaning down to peck you on the lips and then forehead

“Thank you. I did enjoy the sleep in… but the show I caught in the mirror was just as good” you smile brightly at him as he picks up his phone to check the time.

“Oh yeah?” Grayson smugly smiles at you

“Yeah I think I’ll stay in bed a little longer if I can still have that view while you’re finishing up” you nod your head towards the double doors

“What my lady wants my lady gets…” he laughs giving you another peck.

Grayson goes to walk outside not before catching himself in the mirror. Knowing Grayson as long as you had known him, you knew he wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to flex his muscles in the mirror and take a photo as the morning sun shone through the doorway.

You laughed out loud as you watch him roll his shorts up at the leg and flex taking another one of his douche bag mirror selfies you loved.

“Laugh all you want baby, but you know you love getting these on a stressful day at work. Plus I think I might break the internet with this one” he smirks winking at you as he heads back outside.

“I see how it is recycle your thirst trap photos on me! I don’t even get unseen ones” you call out. Not even a second later he appears in the door way closing the doors with force making you squeal with excitement. You knew exactly what you were in for and you weren’t complaining.

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The secretary fumbled through the stacks of papers on her desk, searching for my schedule. “Here it is.” She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. “I’m Mrs. Dopkin. Feel free to come to me if you have any questions.”

“Thanks.” I looked at the schedule, which had my name on the top, and listed my classes and their locations. “This can’t be right.” I held it closer, as if that would make it change. “It has me in all honors classes.”
She frowned and clicked around her computer. “Your schedule is correct,” she said. “Your homeroom teacher specifically requested that you be in the honors courses.”

“But I wasn’t in honors at my old school.”

“It doesn’t appear to be a mistake,” she said. “And the late bell’s about to ring, so if you need a schedule adjustment, come back at the end of the day so we can discuss it. You’re in Mr. Faulkner’s homeroom, in the library. Turn right out of the office and walk down the hall. You’ll see the library on the right. Go inside and head all the way to the back. Your homeroom is in the only door there. Be sure to hurry—you don’t want to be late.”

She returned to her computer, apparently done talking to me, so I thanked her for her help and left the office.

Kinsley High felt cold compared to my school in Georgia, and not just in the literal sense. Boxy tan lockers lined every wall, and the concrete floor was a strange mix of browns that reminded me of throw-up. The worst part was that there were no windows anywhere, and therefore a serious lack of sunlight.
I preferred the warm green carpets and open halls at my old school. Actually I preferred everything about my small Georgia town, especially the sprawling house and the peach tree farm I left behind. But I tried not to complain too much to my parents.

After all, I remembered the way my dad had bounced around the living room while telling us about his promotion to anchorman on the news station. It was his dream job, and he didn’t mind that the only position available was in Massachusetts. My mom had jumped on board with the plan to move, confident that her paintings would sell better in a town closer to a major city. My younger sister Becca had liked the idea of starting fresh, along with how the shopping in Boston apparently exceeded anything in our town in Georgia.
There had to be something about the move for me to like. Unfortunately, I had yet to find it.

I didn’t realize I’d arrived at the library until the double doors were in front of me. At least I’d found it without getting lost.
I walked inside the library, pleased to find it was nothing like the rest of the school. The golden carpet and wooden walls were warm and welcoming, and the upstairs even had windows. I yearned to run toward the sunlight, but the late bell had already rung, so I headed to the back of the library. Hopefully being new would give me a free pass on being late.
Just as the secretary had said, there was only one door. But with it’s ancient peeling wood, it looked like it led to a storage room, not a classroom. And there was no glass panel, so I couldn’t peek inside. I had to assume this was it.

I wrapped my fingers around the doorknob, my hand trembling. It’s your first day, I reminded myself. No one’s going to blame you for being late on your first day.

I opened the door, halfway expecting it to be a closet full of old books or brooms. But it wasn’t a closet.
It was a classroom.
Everyone stared at me, and I looked to the front of the room, where a tall, lanky man in a tweed suit stood next to a blackboard covered with the morning announcements. His gray hair shined under the light, and his wrinkled skin and warm smile reminded me more of a grandfather than a teacher.
He cleared his throat and rolled a piece of chalk in his palm. “You must be Nicole Cassidy,” he said.

“Yeah.” I nodded and looked around at the other students. There were about thirty of them, and there seemed to be an invisible line going down the middle of the room, dividing them in half. The students near the door wore jeans and sweatshirts, but the ones closer to the wall looked like they were dressed for a fashion show instead of school. “Its nice to meet you Nicole.” The teacher sounded sincere, like he was meeting a new friend instead of a student.

 "Welcome to our homeroom. I’m Mr. Faulkner, but please call me Darius.“

 "You probably weren’t expecting to look so normal, but we have to be careful. As I’m sure you know, we can’t risk letting anyone else know what goes on in here.”

 Then the board simmered- like sunlight glimmering off the ocean- and the morning announcements turned into different letters right before my eyes.

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Ok so I was thinking of writing a book about Grayson and Ethan but it would be about vamps with elemental powers or one about just Grayson but they are witches with elemental powers which one would you guys find more appealing before I start writing. I’ve gotten so much advice from so many great authors and I’m finally feeling ready to start writing. I’m so excited to finally get going because I’ve loved writing stories since I was 7. I used to write them all the time and read them to my class and even won awards for them. Anyways I’m done now lol plz lmk and tytyty to those great human beings that helped me ily.

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