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You said you have headcanons about Lillians body type?

Angst and spoilers!

I do! Lillian is really skinny and flat chested. She looks like a teenage boy with slight curves. She’s anorexic and frequently skips meals when she’s stressed. She doesn’t skip all of her meals, but she skips some. As a result, she’s not that healthy. Penn and Rowan pick up on it surprisingly fast and the two of them form an alliance to make sure Lills eats enough. They get help from a few other close friends, but only Penny and Rowan can get her to eat consistently.

Angst and spoilers! Do not continue if you don’t want Yr6Chap18 spoilers!

After Rowan dies, Lillian refuses to eat for days, only getting snacks and barely enough to survive. Penny has to force her to eat. It eventually takes an intervention and a few trusted teachers to get her eating again.

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