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What's a fnaf, I only know the sun and the moon
I agree with this anon over here, get 'em a sticker
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here’s the project i was working on today, by the way! it looked WAY cooler but i made a mistake and lost a lot of my code and so what remains is a,,, barely passable web page. even though it’s not great, give it a look why don’tcha!
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HI FRIEND! URGENT QUESTION HERE: DO YOU THINK YOU’LL EVER WANT TO GO BACK TO WRITING “YOU FUND RAISE ME UP”? BC I WOULD DIE OF JOY (but I mean to convey this with no pressure whatsoever bc I get that writing is hard and life sucks yk)
Hello friend!! Yes, that definitely is an urgent question!! Oh my gosh, okay, well first let me say thank you so much?? I had so much fun writing the few chapters that I’ve posted of You Fund-Raise Me Up, and though I know people enjoyed reading it, it’s never one that I get requests to finish. So, I’m super happy to hear that you like the fic so much!! I really, really would love to finish writing it (I actually have basic plans for the rest of the fic written up, so I do know where I want it to go with it), and I sincerely hope that I get the chance to at some point down the line. I haven’t abandoned any of my unfinished fics, because I truly want to finish them at some point. However, I’ve been having a whole heap of trouble with mental healthfor a while now, and it’s been giving me one of the worst cases of writer’s block that I’ve had in a long time. As much as I would love to be writing and posting fic like I used to, I just don’t have the capability for it right now, and I’m just not sure when that will change. I absolutely do not like not being able to give an answer with an actual timeline on it, but I promise that whenever things change, all of you truly lovely fic readers will be the first to know!! Thank you again for reading and enjoying the fic, and for taking the time to come and ask me about it! (And also, I’ve just got to say that your enthusiasm about it put a big smile on my face, so thank you so much!! Getting this ask really brightened my day!! And ps don’t worry, you definitely didn’t convey any pressure whatsoever ♥)
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Just a Little Bit
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (enemies to lovers)
Prompt: After a particular mission brings forward the issues between yours and Bucky’s relationship, it’s decided that a bonding exercise is the best way to close the rift. There’s only two rules: no murdering each other, and you can’t say “no.” (based on this request)
Warnings: SMUT 18+ (fingering, oral m and f receiving, unprotected sex, teasing, spanking, dirty talk, cumplay, slight dub-con elements), some fluff, a tiny bit of angst, mentions of violence, mentions of injuries
A/n: Thank you so much to the lovely anon who requested this! I’m a little rusty with writing smut so I hope it isn’t horrible. I also changed the ask up just a little bit! I hope you all enjoy, and as always, my inbox, messages, requests, and taglists are open!
Tumblr media
It felt like you were being sent to the Principal’s office.
And that was the first thing you voiced as you stepped into the small meeting room, earning a groan from all three men.
“Alright, alright, bad joke, I get it,” you huffed, flopping down into one of the swivel chairs. “Take it easy on me, I can barely even see your judge faces right now over this fucking ice pack.” They really couldn’t have waited until after the swelling on your face had gone down?
“It’s not our fault that you ran into a fucking wall,” Bucky snapped, taking the seat farthest away from you.
“No, a person threw me into a wall, Barnes. Get your facts straight,” you snapped, aiming an accusing finger at him.
“A little over to your left, sweetheart.”
You yanked the ice pack off of your nose, swollen and bruised face be damned, and chucked it exactly where you were pointing, hitting him square in the chest.
“Children!” Tony snapped, bringing everyone’s attention to him. “Can we table this truly enthralling argument for another time?”
A small pout settled on your face as you leaned back in your seat, nodding silently.
“Why are we here?” Bucky grumbled. “Debriefings usually don’t take place and three in the morning.”
“Well, lucky for you, it’s not a debriefing,” Tony responded, crossing his arms over his chest before turning to Steve. “Care to explain, Captain?”
“We need to have a serious discussion about you two,” Steve explained, voice steady and calm as he eyed the two of you.
“We know we need to sign forms if we’re fucking, Steve. You’ve only told us that a million times,” you said, resting one arm on the table and laying your head atop it. “But don’t worry, I wouldn’t let his cyborg dick anywhere near me.”
Steve’s lips turned downwards in disapproval before he shook his head. “No, it’s about your performance in the field.” He leaned against the table. “You two are risking each other’s lives with your bickering and immaturity.”
“Then don’t pair us together, simple as that,” Bucky spoke, rising from his chair. “Are we done here?”
“Buck, sit down,” Steve commanded, his patience wearing extremely thin. “It’s not that simple. If we need you two to go on a mission together, it should be expected that you two won’t get the other hurt or even killed. With how this easy recon mission has gone, we’re having trouble expecting that from you two.”
“So, we’ve devised a plan to help you two get along, bond, grow your skills,” Tony piped up, and the smirk that grew on his face made apprehension stir in your stomach, your head slowly rising from the table. “We’re sending you two to my winter cabin in upstate New York for the weekend.”
“Isn’t that, like, in the middle of nowhere?” you questioned.
“It absolutely is, Y/L/N. Great observation.”
Your eyes narrowed at Steve and Tony. “I feel like there’s a catch. Y’know, other than the fact that we’ll be all by ourselves in the middle of nowhere for two whole days.”
“Gosh, you really are hitting every nail on the head. Sharp as a tack, this one. What are you, a spy or something?” Tony leaned forward, settling his hands on the table. “There’s two simple rules: first of all, no murdering each other. Secondly, you can’t say no to each other.”
You and Bucky shared a look, letting the proposition float in the air for a few silent moments. “And if we don’t go through with this? Or break the rules?”
“Then you’re benched until further notice.” Tony clapped his hands together as you and Bucky reeled from everything that was just dropped on you two. “Alright, good talk, folks. See you bright and early tomorrow morning. Your suitcases are already packed.”
As Steve and Tony headed for the door, Bucky shot up from his seat. “Steve, come on,” Bucky basically whined, hot on Steve’s heels. “Do you really think this is a good idea?”
“I actually do, Buck. It’s about time you two get your shit together,” Steve snapped, stunning Bucky into silence. Without another word, Steve left the room, leaving you and Bucky by yourselves in the now-deserted meeting room.
“This is all your fault.”
“I swear to fucking god, Barnes-”
The three hour drive wasn’t too bad, luckily. It was probably because Steve was chauffeuring and he seemed to be the only one to break up your arguments with Bucky. You just hoped that this calm silence would continue for the whole weekend, but you definitely were skeptical of that actually taking place.
When Steve pulled up to the cabin, it was only 10 a.m. The sun was high in the sky, glowing down on the pine trees that towered above you and even the three story cabin. In any other circumstance, you would be eternally grateful to Tony for allowing you to stay in this stunning mansion of a cabin surrounded by seemingly endless forest. 
However, reality caught back up to you when Bucky shoved your duffle bag into your arms. “Let’s go,” he snapped, trudging his way to the front door and inside the house.
After thanking Steve for driving and giving him a hug that lasted a little too long for the sake of procrastination, you watched the car drive back down the winding road before reluctantly making your way inside.
At your entrance, a familiar voice sounded overhead.
“Agent Barnes, Agent Y/L/N, welcome to your getaway weekend cabin,” FRIDAY greeted. 
“Of course,” you sighed, tossing your bag onto the ground. “Why would I expect anything different?”
“It has been requested by Tony to surveil you two during your stay in order to ensure that no rules are broken during your stay. Otherwise, I will not be actively present unless requested, as per usual. Brunch is in the fridge. Enjoy your stay.”
“What the fuck is brunch?” Bucky spoke, stepping into the kitchen adjoined next to the living room and opening the fridge.
“A meal between breakfast and lunch. Did that not exist in the 40��s?” you explained, following behind him and glancing in the fridge.
“We were in the middle of a war, we didn’t have the money to have another meal between breakfast and lunch.” He pulled out a platter of waffles, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, along with a bottle of champagne, skirting past you to set it down on the breakfast bar. 
“Ooh, is there orange juice, too? I want a mimosa.”
“I’m convinced you’re speaking gibberish at this point.”
“Get with the times, old man.” You opened the fridge and pulled out the bottle of orange juice sat in the door, holding it up like a trophy before scouring through the cabinets for two champagne flutes. “Now, do you want one or are you gonna be a buzzkill?”
Luckily, the bulk of the day was fairly tame, mostly spent with you two sitting on completely opposite ends of the couch as you watched tv or snacked off of the brunch platter or downed the bottle of champagne that most definitely cost more than your life’s savings. 
However, as the sun slowly started to lower and your stomach started grumbling for dinner as the brunch tray had been cleared off hours earlier, it dawned upon you two that there was no other food in the house.
“Should we order something?” you asked, glancing into the fridge one last time as if food would magically appear. 
“Would they even deliver up here?” Bucky sighed.
“I doubt it. But, I mean, we’ve got Tony’s credit card equipped through FRIDAY, so we could offer more money for the trip up.”
“Fine, but you’re calling.”
“What, why do I have to call?!” You followed closely behind him as he headed back to the living room.
“Because I said so, and there’s this little rule in place right now, if you don’t recall.”
You huffed, jaw wound tight as you examined the smirk on his face. “Fine. I’ll order the food if you admit something to me.”
“And what is that?”
You mirrored his smirk, cocking your head to the side. “You have to admit that it was your fault that we got ambushed on the mission, not mine.”
“What? N-”
“Ooh, do I hear a protest. Perhaps, even, a two letter word starting with the letter ‘n?’ Hmm?”
He pulled his lower lip between his teeth, biting down on the flesh for a moment before shooting you a glare. “Order the fucking food.”
“Not until you admit it.”
“Sounds like we’re not getting food any time soon.”
“I guess not.” You shrugged. “Unless you call. Will you call?”
He sucked in a deep breath, fingers clenching into fists at his sides, but he stayed silent.
“Please, Bucky? Please, please, please can you call?”
His body ached so badly to smack the stupid victorious smirk off of your face, but instead, he let out the breath in his lungs and closed his eyes. “Fine.” Without another word, he turned on his heel and pulled his phone from his pocket before flopping down on the couch.
“I’ll have a cheese pizza with extra cheese.”
“Shut the fuck up!”
With a full stomach and a complete annoyance of the lack of decent shows playing, you rolled off of the couch and onto your feet. “’m gonna go to bed,” you mumbled, rubbing at your eye with the heel of your palm, careful to avoid your still-tender nose.
Bucky nodded, lifting himself off of the couch as well before clicking the TV off. He headed over to the entryway where both of your bags laid.
“Can you carry my bag, too? I’m too tired.”
He rolled his eyes but obliged, taking one bag in each hand. “God, you’re such a baby,” he grumbled, brushing past you and heading up the stairs that led to a plethora of rooms. He tossed your bag into the first room, whose door was open, before heading over to the next room, whose door was closed. You followed behind him, wanting to see what each room looked like, but stopped at his side as he yanked at the door knob. “It’s locked.”
“Maybe it’s Morgan’s room for when she stays here. Try the next one.”
The next door was unlocked, along with every other door other than the door to the first room. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
“I think they want us to share a bed.”
“You fucking think?”
“Come on. Maybe the bed is big enough for both of us to not touch each other.” 
You walked back into the first room, only to walk straight back out as you took a good long look at everything inside.
Sure, the bed was large. Large enough to hold probably three full grown adults. That wasn't the issue, though.
The issue was the bowl of condoms sat on the night stand. And the collection of adult toys immaculately lined up atop the dresser. And the plethora of ropes hanging off of the closet door. And the stack of folded towels set on top of the neatly made bed.
“On second thought, I’m gonna go sleep on the couch,” you rushed out, avoiding Bucky’s gaze as you scurried down the stairs and into the living room.
Where there was no longer a couch.
With wide eyes, you walked back up the stairs and into the entry way of the room where Bucky was still taking everything in. “There’s no couch,” you spoke.
“What?” he hummed, a pink tint fading from his cheeks as he turned to you.
“The couch is gone. There is no couch.”
“Dude, I’m not fucking sleeping with you. Go sleep on the couch or I will.”
“Go look for yourself then.”
He huffed, trotted down the stairs, and then returned back up to you just moments later. “The couch is gone.”
“That’s what I just fucking said, dumbass.” You ran a hand through your hair, letting out a huff. “The man can get a shit ton of sex toys and a trap door to get rid of the couch but can’t fill up the fridge with more than one meal.”
He picked his duffel bag up off of the floor and stepped inside the room, deliberately keeping his gaze directed towards the ground. “I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“Bucky, it’s fine. This was their plan all along. I bet they fucking sewed the pillows and sheets to the bed or something. Just sleep on the bed.” You tossed your bag onto the bed’s right side, tugging the zipper open to retrieve your pajamas from inside. 
“I’m, uh, I'm gonna go take a shower.” He gingerly set his bag on the other side. “Can you get rid of all this... stuff.”
You just nodded, staring down at the pajamas in your hands and waiting until he closed the en-suite bathroom door behind him to swiftly change into them and stuff your old clothes into your bag. 
The first thing you tucked away was the condoms, dumping them into the drawer of the nightstand and slamming it shut. Afterwards, you gathered all of the ropes off of the closet door and tossed them inside the closet before shutting the door.
As you made your way over to the dresser, a noticeable and sadly-expected heat started pooling in the pit of your stomach. The toys were clearly expensive, and their sleek black bodies detailed with gold were clearly intentional. Those motherfuckers.
Would Tony even notice if you tucked one away in your bag and took it home as a souvenir of sorts? Would Bucky? You squeezed your thighs together and sucked in a shaking breath, picking up one of the toys in the middle of the row and examining it. It was obviously a vibrator, evident by the glimmering gold switch that turned it on and off, along with the levels of speed and intensity that could be selected. However, there was an arm of sorts that extended out of the phallic-shaped body, something meant to stimulate your clit.
The way your breaths grew rapid didn’t go unnoticed by you, but that was tucked away into the back of your mind as your mind decided to focus on something different, something more important.
Thoughts of you and Bucky swarmed your head. More specifically, you and Bucky and this toy.
Maybe you’d have him sit at the edge of the bed and watch between your spread legs as you thrusted the toy in and out of you, hips jerking with every touch of the extension to your throbbing clit. You’d wait until you came once, maybe even twice, before he could touch you.
Maybe he’d use it on you, pistoning the toy in and out of you at a pace so rapid that it made your head spin. Your hands would grip tightly onto his relentless arm to stabilize yourself, to make him feel the clamminess of your palms as moans unabashedly stumbled past your lips.
Shaking your head, you pulled the top drawer of the dresser open and tossed the toy inside before making a sweeping motion over the top of the dresser and brushing the rest inside as well.
Silently, you walked back over to the bed and slipped under the covers on your side, laying on your right side so your gaze was directed towards the wall rather than the bathroom door that Bucky no doubt would be walking out of anytime soon, and you didn’t trust your composure enough to see him in the tight-fitting black shirt and equally tight black boxers that he called pajamas (or worse, just a towel).
Just a few minutes later, you felt hot steam billowing out of the bathroom as he stepped out. “Shower’s open if you want,” he spoke, curiously eyeing your body that visibly tensed at his voice.
“’m good, I’ll take one in the morning,” you explained. “Besides, you probably used up all the hot water. I can feel the steam from over here, you fucking glutton.”
Your eyes squeezed shut when a small chuckle reverberated in his chest, slowly squeezing your legs together and hoping to God he didn’t notice. 
It got even worse when you felt the bed shift under his weight, silently wishing you told him to sleep on the floor. Maybe you could just shove him off the bed. Or you could sleep on the floor. The cold hardwood might be a nice reprieve against your heated and flushed skin. 
“You okay, Y/L/N?” he spoke.
You could feel his eyes burning into your back. You nodded. “I’m fine. Besides, when do you care how I am?”
“Just don't want to wake up next to a dead body in the morning.”
“Oh, I only wish I was dead, Barnes. Now go to sleep before I give you a bruise to match mine.”
“Have fun trying, doll.”
“I’m gonna smother you with a pillow in your sleep if you don’t shut the fuck up, I swear to God.”
All that came from him was another demeaning chuckle before you felt the warmth of his body radiating next to you as he slipped under the covers, even through there was a good foot of space between you two.
You made a mental note to beat the shit out of Steve and Tony when you got back.
It was hard to decipher if it was the sun shining through the curtains that woke you up, or if it was the warm breath fanning over the back of your neck as a cold arm pulled you closer to an even warmer body.
Your whole body grew rigid and your eyes snapped open. 
No, scratch that, it wasn’t either of those things.
It was the fucking massive hard-on Bucky was sporting nestled perfectly between your ass cheeks.
Of course he had a big dick. Fuck him.
Holding your breath, you attempted you wiggle your way out of his grip without waking him up, truly wanting to avoid a confrontation with him while he was hard and Tony’s AI was listening to you two.
After about 30 seconds, you were able to slip half of your body away from his grip. But you got cocky and impatient.
With one swift move, you pulled away completely, immediately tumbling out of the bed and landing on the floor with a loud thud.
Bucky woke up with a start, sucking in a gasp as he shot up and searched around the room. However, his shoulders relaxed and his heartbeat slowed when he watched you sit up off of the floor with a groan. “You good?” he rasped.
You scrambled to your feet and scurried over to the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower!” you shouted before slamming the door shut.
Though the icy cold water definitely helped shake off the heat that had constantly been radiating in your core since last night, you considered just rubbing a quick one out to get the need out of your system.
Instead, you washed yourself at lightning speed before turning off the water, wrapping a towel tightly around your body, and stepping back into the bedroom to get a change of clothes (luckily, Bucky had already made his way downstairs).
You bounded down the steps and into the kitchen where Bucky resided, thumbing through a phone book he found in one of the junk drawers.
“Did you check the year on that book, Barnes?” you teased, grabbing it by the top and checking the cover. “2006. Doubt you’re gonna find any helpful info in there, old man. Use google.”
He let out a huff of annoyance, slamming the book shut and tossing it onto the counter. “Just trying to look for ideas for food,” he explained, trying to keep his voice steady.
“Again, google is a Godsend.”
“There’s no internet service up here. it stopped working last night.”
“Then ask FRIDAY.”
At the mention of her name, she made her presence known with a simple “What can I do for you?”
“Can you look up where the nearest IHOP is?”
She verified that there was indeed one just a few miles away, and you quickly requested her to place two orders of French toast, eggs, and bacon to be delivered to the cabin. After confirming your order, she went silent.
You left the kitchen and walked into the living room, an annoyed chuckle leaving your lips at the sight of the gigantic couch back in the spot it was yesterday as if it never disappeared. “The couch is back,” you shouted to Bucky.
“Of course it is,” he spoke, brushing past you to take the same spot he resided in the day before. You did the same, hands gliding over the soft cushions as you searched for the remote.
As you looked up to ask Bucky if he’d seen it, you noticed the sleek black device in his hands. “Can we watch Mamma Mia?”
He rolled his eyes, leaning back into the couch. “We watched that yesterday.”
“And I want to watch it again today. It’s my comfort movie.”
His jaw ticked, eyes staring straight ahead at the still-black screen. “Fine, put it on.” He tossed the remote to you without looking.
You weren’t expecting him to throw the remote at you, and with everything else that had happened in just the past 12 hours, your reaction time was a bit inhibited. 
A pained whine fell from your lips as the remote connected with your healing nose, your hands coming up to clutch at your face in lieu of catching the falling device. “Motherfucker,” you sputtered, holding your nose with one hand while the other gently wiped away the blood that began to drip.
In an instant, Bucky sprung to his feet and rushed over to you, his hands engulfing your shoulders as he examined your face. His expression was similar to one of a kicked puppy, brows knitted together in worry and pure regret swimming in his eyes. “Are you okay?” he whispered.
“’m fine.” you turned away from him, leaning over the dark mahogany floors to let the blood drip out of your nose, not wanting to stain the suede couch. “Can you get me some napkins or something?”
He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a whole roll of paper towels, ripping a few sheets off as he made his way back to you. Kneeling down in front of you, he coaxed your hands away from your face before pressing the paper towels delicately underneath your nose.
The dripping blood subsided as soon as it came, and Bucky worked to wipe off all of the smeared red on your hands, lips, and chin before setting the stained paper towels on the coffee table. “Does it hurt?” he questioned, the gentle raspiness of his voice a welcoming contrast to the usual sharp and short tone. 
You shrugged. “Can... Can you check if it’s broken?” 
He gave you a short nod before his hands returned to your face, fingers gliding across the bruised flesh and prodding at it with feather-light touches. The previous worry marring his forehead and brow shifted into focus, matched with his stuck-out tongue that wet his lower lip.
Your breaths grew brief and ragged as they came in and out of your parted lips, feeling warmth crawl to your face as his fingers touched you so tenderly, as his eyes held so much sincerity. You couldn’t take it. You closed your own eyes.
Of course you wanted him, needed him, loved him. I mean, who wouldn’t? With that brooding face and those glimmering oceans of blue that were his eyes, the deep rasp of his voice and his body that resembled a greek god carved from stone. The love she showed to Steve, to Wanda, even to Sam at times. Love you’d never been on the receiving end of.
But at that moment, with him touching you like the fragile thing you wished he could see you as, you almost could imagine what it would feel like to be loved by him.
“I don’t think it’s broken,” he announced, reeling you back into reality. He was just checking to make sure that you didn’t need to go to the hospital. Nothing more, nothing less.
You nodded slowly. “Thanks,” you breathed, letting your eyes flutter back open.
The breath you tried to catch fled your lungs once more as your eyes locked with his. There was a guilt swimming in his gaze that you’d never seen directed towards you, and it made you feel a little guilty that it made you swoon so hard. And his hands were still on your face and the warm and the cold made your head spin and-
“It's, uh, I think it’s just gonna be more tender feeling than usual.” Without another word, he rose to his feet and made his way back to his part of the couch, staring at the blank tv.
An awkward silence stretched between you two and instead of breaking it, you rose to your feet and headed to the kitchen to get an ice pack for your nose. After locating one and pressing it to your sore nose, you dejectedly headed back upstairs to the bedroom. Maybe you can get a good use out of that vibrator once your nose stops hurting.
With a sigh, you closed the door behind you and settled down on the unmade bed, letting the ice pack balance on your face as you closed your eyes.
It was either you didn’t hear the door open or you ignored it, but a moment later, you felt a figure hovering over you, along with the weight of one hand settled next to your right side.
“You remember how we have a rule right now?” Bucky’s warm voice breathed into your ear.
Your eyes shot open, locking with his once more, but the expression the was there just minutes before was replaced with something else, something... better, perhaps?
“Yeah,” you gasped, slowly pulling the ice pack away from your face.
He nodded. “Good, good. Just wanted to make sure you knew that you can’t stop me from doing this.”
You couldn’t even get the questioning words formulated in your mind before his lips were slotted against yours, hands settling on your hips and knees coming up to settle on the bed and prop himself up above you. Immediately, your hands let go of the ice pack and rose to cup his cheeks, back arching upward as you pressed yourself as close to him as humanely possible. 
Moments after his tongue slipped into your mouth, he pulled away. “Wanna fuck you, pretty girl,” he admitted, running his nose along the column of your throat. “Can I fuck you?”
You gave a hum of agreement, a weak little “mhm” that took all of the breath in your lungs to let out.
But apparently, that wasn’t enough for him,
He reached up, taking your face in his hands and squishing your cheeks together. “Use your words. Can. I. Fuck. You?” His lips were so dangerously close to yours it made your brain foggy.
“Yes,” you slurred through squished cheeks.
“Now, are you saying yes because you want me to fuck you or because you aren’t allowed to reject me?”
“I want you to fuck me. Please.”
He nodded. “Good girl. How about we go off the color system, yeah? So you can stop me if there’s something you don’t want me to do.”
“You can do whatever you want to me.”
He perked up at that, tilting his head as a mischievous smirk cracked across his lips. “Yeah, baby? You’re gonna let me to fuck you until you see stars? Make you cum over and over again until you cry?”
You nodded fervently, parting your legs so he could slot himself between them. Instantly, he began rutting his hips against yours, his clothed hard-on brushing against your covered pussy as moans fell from both of your lips. You reached down to tug at his shirt, pulling it up and over his head before he sat back on his haunches and did the same for you.
With no hesitation, he dropped his head to your chest, mouthing at the tops of your breasts as one hand slid behind your back to unhook your bra. Once the hook was undone, he yanked the fabric off of your chest and engulfed your breasts with his hands.
“God, baby. You’ve been hiding these perfect tits from me, huh?” he chided, squeezing them before gliding his hands down to your ribs and pushing your breasts together. He bowed his head once more and laved at each nipple, tugging the pert bud between his teeth every so often as he alternated between them.
You let out a whine, clutching his silky strands of hair in one hand while the other worked at tugging off your leggings and panties. “Bucky,” you cried out, tugging at his hair.
“What’s wrong? I thought you said I could do whatever I wanted to you, and I wanna play with these pretty tits.”
“Want more.”
“Yeah? And what’s ‘more?’”
Your face grew hot and you pulled your lower lip between your teeth as you stared down at him. “Want you to eat my pussy.”
He beamed up at you, dark eyes sparkling with excitement that he allowed you to take in for just a moment before he lurched up, capturing your lips with his once more. “I’d love to, doll.”
His hands took hold of your leggings and panties that you were able to push down to about mid-thigh, tugging them down the rest of the way and tossing them to the side. He settled on his stomach, face just inches away from your sopping heat, so close that you could feel his breath fanning over the heated flesh, making your hips jerk. His beaming smile grew roguish as he watched your reaction and took hold of your calves to drape your legs over his shoulders.
“You’re sensitive, aren’t ya?”
You nodded, hands once again returning to his hair. “Need you.”
He gave you a look of mock-concern, smoothing his chilly metal hand over your inner thigh. With his other hand, he hovered just his index finger above your hooded clit, searching your eyes for a moment before giving the bundle of nerves a single tap.
You let out a gasp, hips immediately lifting up off of the bed and towards his hand that he pulled away far too soon. He let out an amused chuckle, waiting until your lower half returned to the bed to repeat his ministrations.
His chuckles persisted as he repeated his actions five more times, completely entertained by the way your hips chased after his finger in a sort of desperate dance and your slit grew twice as slick, beginning to drip down your ass cheeks and onto the sheets. 
“Bucky, please,” you sobbed, fingers curled so tightly into his hair that it urged a groan from him.
“I know, baby. You just look so pretty, all dripping and needy like this,” he cooed, pressing a gentle kiss to your hip bone. Slowly, his left hand began to glide up your inner calf, his ring and pinky curling down to connect with his palm as he made the trek up to hover right over your heat. “So wet, I bet I could just...” With no hesitation, he sunk his two extended fingers into your entrance. “Slip right in.”
A sound rivaling a sob tore through your throat at the sudden intrusion, nearly drowning out the squelch that sounded from your pussy. But your noises quickly turning to gasping, shaky silence as he thrusted his fingers in and out of you at a frantic pace, knocking all the breath from your lungs. His mouth engulfed your clit, sucking it between his lips and scraping it with his teeth.
It had barely taken a minute before you were teetering on the edge of your orgasm, both hands now buried in Bucky’s hair and holding him solidly against your clit, though you doubted he’d stop any time soon. 
“So close,” you whimpered, toes starting to curl.
“Cum for me, baby. Cum on me,” he coaxed, fingers moving so quickly that you were convinced they were basically vibrating.
You nodded, panting out a few deep breaths before your eyes rolled into the back of your head and your jaw grew slack, letting go to the fullest extent.
As soon as you hit your peak hit, Bucky’s fingers and mouth switched spots, fingering rubbing tight circles on your clit while his tongue lapped at your entrance, slurping up your release enthusiastically. His ministrations slowed as you came down, opting to flatten out his tongue and slowly lick upward, starting at your still-dripping hole and up to your clit before dropping back down and repeating.
A small, whiny “Buck” slipped out between pants, hands now working to shove him away from your slit rather than pushing him deeper into it.
He shook his head, hooking his arms underneath your thighs. “Taste too good, pretty girl,” he mumbled, sucking your folds between his lips before releasing them with a groan.
“But I wanna suck your dick.”
His eyes lifted to yours, planting a final kiss to your clit, making your hips stir, before pulling away. “Yeah?”
You gave him a nod, pulling your legs away from his arms and placing your hands in his, tugging slightly so he would crawl back up your body. Once his face was level with yours, you gave him a peck while lifting his metal hand up to your lips, turning your head once they were close enough and slipping the first two digits into your mouth, getting a taste of your slick.
A low groan rumbled in Bucky’s chest, letting his fingers prod at the back of your throat for a moment before reluctantly pulling them out, cupping your cheek. “I think I might have to take a rain check on that,” he sighed, thumb tracing over your bottom lip before tugging it down, revealing your bottom row of teeth.
“Why?” you whined, reaching down to cup his bulge through his sweats. “Do you not want me to give you a blow job?”
“I do! Trust me, I definitely do.” he bit back a groan as your hand continued to work over his hard-on. “I just don’t know if I can hold back, and I don’t want to hurt your nose any more.”
You pouted playfully, though you couldn’t help the smirk that began to crack through. Your hand moved away so you could lift your hips, brushing your slick center over him at the thought of him falling apart so beautifully, unable to hold back as he clutches your hair and fucks your mouth at his own volition. “Fine. Next time. But that means you need to fuck me now.”
He nodded, giving you the space to sit up and rid himself of his pants and boxers. Once they were off and tossed to the floor, he let you crawl into his lap, arms hooking around his neck and legs entwining around his waist, gliding your slick folds over his cock.
His hips stuttered as his hands found purchase on your body, his left hand settled on the middle of your back while his right hand palmed at your ass. He landed a few smacks, urging you forward and locking your lips with his to muffle your cries. “God, baby, you’re just perfect,” he panted against your lips, pulling away a moment later and letting his breaths mingle with yours. His eyes locked with yours just as his hand came down against your flesh once more.
“Come on, Bucky,” your voice came out as a shaky plea, letting one hand wander down and ghost over his pulsing and weeping member. 
He jolted at your touch, giving you a quick nod and laying you down on the bed, guiding himself to your entrance while his hands separated your legs from his waist so he could spread them apart and watch as he penetrated you.
He was planning on going slow, allowing you to adjust to his size, but the moment the head of his cock breached your hole, he couldn’t hold back, and he slid in with one fluid thrust.
The scream you let out startled him, but as his eyes flickered up to your face and saw the pure ecstasy that filled your expression, he knew that you were alright. Still, he couldn’t help but ask, “That feel good, doll?”
Wordlessly, you nodded, chest rising and falling rapidly.
“Sorry, baby, I just couldn’t hold back. Your pretty cunt’s just too tight, had to feel you around me.”
“Please, please move,” you stuttered, reaching out to grip at his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin. “Y’feel so good.”
Both hands settled at your hips, pulling out slowly and tugging your body down to meet his upward thrusts at a brutal, mind-numbing pace. He leaned forward as he did so, nosing at your throat and sponging kisses to your clavicle and shoulders. “Fuck, pretty girl. Just can’t get enough of you.”
Each thrust nudged so perfectly at your g-spot that you could barely catch your breath, but you found yourself wrapping your limbs around him and holding him closer, further strangling your breathing. Who needed oxygen when you’ve got a super soldier rearranging your guts?
His hands slid away from your waist as he gained his own rhythm in his thrusts, instead opting to rub at your clit and press down on your lower stomach. A proud smile crept onto his face as your body went slack at his ministrations, lips molding to yours immediately. It was needy, sloppy, and everything he could ever want from a kiss, especially with you.
“B-Buck,” you sobbed into his mouth, clawing at his chest and shoulders. 
“You gonna come for me?” he urged, his thrusts turning into rough and desperate grinds that consistently applied pressure to the spongy patch within your walls, making your legs shake. “Gonna fall apart?”
“I’m so close.”
“Let go, baby. I’ve got you.”
Your teeth caught his lower lip for a moment before you hit your peak, jaw dropping and back arching as you trembled underneath him. His one hand continued rubbing at your clit while the other rose to hold your face, watching your eyes basically cross as a strange sense of pride brewed in his stomach, along with the tightening coil that was about to snap at any moment.
The feeling of your walls pulsing around him tugged him dangerously close to his own high, the movements of his hips growing erratic. “You gotta let me go so I can pull out,” he rasped, eyelids fluttering.
You shook your head, legs tightening around him and hooking your ankles behind his back. “Cum inside me, baby,” you pleaded.
His breath caught in his throat as your words brought him to his climax, his body nearly collapsing on top of you as his hips continued to rock against yours, pumping loads of his spend deep into your cunt as groans fell from his mouth.
Once his legs stopped trembling and he was milked dry, he slowly untangled your legs off of him and slid off of you. 
“Where’re you going?” you mumbled, placing your palms against your heated cheeks as your eyes closed
“Gonna get you cleaned up, sweetheart,” he explained.
A moment later, you felt his wet tongue carding through your dripping and spent folds. You gasped, propping yourself up on your elbows so you could see what he was doing.
His eyes locked with yours as his tongue made another long stride up your slit, capturing the mixture of your cum and his in his mouth and swallowing it down gratefully. “So obsessed with this pretty cunt, baby,” he mumbled, eyes flickering between your face and your dripping hole. He ducked down and slipped the wet muscle inside, lapping at your walls and licking them clean.
You could only handle about a minute of it before you lifted your hips up and away from his persistent mouth, clamping your legs shut with a whimper. “Sensitive,” you whined, shivering at his vibranium hand smoothing over your calf.
“Alright, alright.” He got up off of the bed and headed into the bathroom, returning with a damp washcloth and, once you let him open your legs, quickly wiped away yours and his release and his saliva. He cleaned himself off, too, before throwing the washcloth in the direction of the bathroom and crawling up the bed. He settled next to you, adjusting you so your head was laying on a pillow before he relaxed. “How’re you feeling?”
“Very good.” You let out a giggle and turned on your side to face him. “How about you.”
“I feel amazing, doll.” He reached out and cupped your face, thumb caressing your cheekbone. 
His brows slowly knit together as he turned his hand slightly to brush his index finger over the bridge of your nose, scowling as you winced from the gentle touch.
“You’re right,” he spoke up, tugging his lower lip between his teeth.
“About what?” you hummed, eyes opening to search his expression.
“That it was my fault that you got hurt, that the mission went sideways.”
You rolled your eyes, moving to sit up. “Didn’t know you were one for pillow talk, Barnes. Sadly, I’m not.”
“Y/N, I’m serious. This isn’t some sappy, pillow talk bullshit.” He sat up as well and grabbed your arm. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, and it got you hurt.”
“Fine.” You turned to face him, tugging your arm out of his grip. “Tell me this, then, Barnes. Are you gonna feel the same way in a day when you’re not in a post-sex haze?”
His lips pressed together in a fine line and he scooted over to you. “Doll, I’ve felt this way since it happened.”
“Why didn’t you say it then?”
A shuddering sigh left his lips. “Because I’m a stubborn asshole who doesn’t like to admit that he’s in the wrong. And... And because I can't keep pushing you away forever. It’s killing me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you really think I hate you, even after this?”
You shrugged. “Hate sex is a thing, Barnes.”
“Doll, you’re my favorite person. You’re so smart and funny and powerful and... I was terrified to tell you, because you’d get hurt if anything came of us. But then you got hurt because I pushed you away, and I knew I had to fix it.”
“Are you telling me that you planned this trip?”
“No! God, no. I guess it was just... a blessing in disguise.” He ran a hand through his hair. “But if you want to pretend like none of this ever happened and we go on hating each other, that’s fine with me. I just had to do something.”
You let out a laugh. “Bucky, you just fucked my soul out of my body. You ate my pussy after you just came inside of me, and that is the hottest thing anyone has ever done to me. You think I’m just gonna let everything go back to normal after that?” You crawled over to him and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Besides, I’ve got a raincheck for a blowjob and I intend to do it the second my nose stops hurting. And maybe I like you a little bit, too.”
He chuckled, settling his hands on your waist and rubbing soothing circles on your exposed skin. “Well, how about a date tomorrow night when we get back?”
“That sounds perfect.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Just promise me something?”
“Anything, sweetheart.”
“Promise me that you’re gonna be transparent with me about everything you’re feeling. Scared, worried, horny, all of it.”
“I promise.”
“Good, good. Now, where’s the IHOP I ordered?”
“Your meal was delivered approximately 12 minutes ago. It is on the front doorstep,” FRIDAY spoke up.
“Why didn’t we get alerted for it?”
“Mr. Stark has installed a muting mechanism that becomes active during sexual intercourse.”
You rolled your eyes as Bucky snickered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his lap. “So that means is we can get her to shut up if we keep fucking?” he questioned, hands gliding up and down the length of your back.
You groaned. “No, I need some food in my system. I’m just a little ol’ human, if you’ve forgotten.”
A huff left his lips. “Fine. But I’m fucking you in the kitchen as soon as you’re done.” He tightened his grip on you and scooted off of the bed, carrying you in his arms as he made his way downstairs.
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aye-write · a month ago
A Quick Guide to Varying Sentence Starters
One of the things that really winds me up about my own writing is looking back and seeing a multitude of sentences beginning with “I” or “And” or “But”. I’m a messy first-drafter as it is and I do a lot of line edits, but it’s still takes up a significant portion of my time going back to change things. 
So, I’m here today to share with you the ways I try to vary my sentence starters and some tips and tricks for drafting and edits” 
We all know why it’s important to vary your sentence structure, and by extent, your sentence starters. Besides obvious intentional things such as creating tension, or specific mood/tone/atmosphere, we should be aiming to vary how we start sentences to keep the reader engaged and not it being repetitive.
This is especially important if you, like me, write in first person and begin a lot of sentences with things like “I was” or “I am” etc. Or if you have a habit of beginning sentences with characters’ names. But what other options do we have? Here are five general categories that I like to use:
ING WORDS Coughing, she pushed her way through the blaze.  Smiling, he leaned in for a kiss. 
SIMILIES (and other techniques) Like the chattering of a typewriter, their eyes flittered over the group in front.  Sweeping in like a dove, she cut through the awkward conversation.
PREPOSITION (beside, near, with, across, around, out, at, in, etc.)  On the starter’s whistle, I pushed forward.  Under the heavy fog, the streetlamp glowed valiantly 
CONNECTIVE (Because, but, and, despite, after, before, etc.) After he left, I slipped the dagger back into its brace.  But I wasn’t about to give in now.  ED WORDS Distracted, she let the ice cream fall from her hands.  Stunned by his words, they stopped in their tracks. 
Obviously you can make these examples much more complex and attuned to your own styles! There are lots of other ways you can vary your sentence openers, these are just what I personally use - so hopefully you can get some use of them! 
Hints and Tips!
Use the highlighting treatment! Go through your WIP and focus on your sentence openers. Select a different colour for each category (Blue for She/He/They/I starters, red for ED Words, yellow for ING words, as an example) and use it to help you see where you may need to add some more variation! 
This also is a great exercise to do with a published book you really enjoy or by an author you admire - it’s a great learning experience!
Use a good mix of short, long, and medium sentences! If you find that your writing feels a bit samey or dry, even with varied openers, try changing the structure of the whole sentence itself! 
Experiment and play around with word order and structure - free write for a few minutes every day and try something new! It’s all practice and even if it never sees the light of day in your WIP, it’s still a worthwhile thing to do! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and/or found it useful!
If you’d like to request a particular guide, please pop into my inbox and leave a request!
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leviathans-watching · 4 months ago
taking the blame for barbatos, beel, satan
Tumblr media
includes: barbatos, beel, satan x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1.1k | rated t | m.list | part 1
warnings: curse words, light angst, lying
a/n: @tehsammutna requested a part 2 to taking the blame woth these characters. i hope you enjoy!! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, and req so come say hello! also, my laptop is currently broken and my school computor has tumblr blocked so i have to copy/paste on my phone but i think i’m figuring out a sytem lol
please reblog!!
Tumblr media
➳ barbatos can’t even think. thousands of years of perfection, all for him to screw everything up in the end. he can’t beleive his stupidity.
“barbatos?” he flinches when you touch his arm, and you pull your hand away apologetically. great. now he’s even making you feel bad. “is everything okay?”
“um.” he wets his lips nervously. it’s just you, you who he should be honest with. “you know the gala that’s coming up?”
“you mean the one next week? of course, that’s all anyone’s been talking about.”
he flinches again, and your brows furrow with concern. “i screwed up.”
“what are you talking about? surely it can’t be that bad,” you try, but he shakes his head.
“it is, mc. it is that bad. i forgot to get caterers and now it’s way too late to try and set anything up, because everyone’s booked out and it’s such a big job.”
“i’m sure we can try to find someone,” you say. “i’ll bet a smaller business wouldn’t mind the grind, especially since this is such a big event. we’ll work something out.”
“what happened?” diavolo’s voice startles the both of you, and barbatos feels the blood drain from his face. “why do you both seem so worried?”
barbatos goes to speak but you beat him to the punch. “barbatos-” you start, and he swallows nervously. “-assigned me to get caterers for the gala but i totally forgot. i am so sorry, we’ll figure it out, i promise.”
diavolo frowns slightly, looking between you and barbatos. “oh no. please try to get the situation sorted out. and mc, it’s a good thing this got caught now. a mistake like that surely would have hit the papers.”
“right,” you nod. “sorry.”
diavolo’s name gets called and he smiles at barbatos before walking off, disappearing once more. barbatos heaves a big sigh of relief, ready to thank you, but you’re already on your d.d.d. looking up catering companies.
Tumblr media
➳ satan grimaces, looking at the mess in front of him. he’d only been intending to look at one of the records in lucifer’s collection, for research purposes, but it had been in his hands-off section, meaning it was booby-trapped.
probably for mammon, though lucifer’d be displeased to find anyone touching his things. and while satan shouldn’t care what lucifer thought, he’d been finding himself wanting to keep things civil between the two of them, if only for your sake.
thiss would surely set thigns back.
“what was that crash?” you ask, walking into the room. “oh my god, satan, what did you do?”
satan looks at you, a little defensive. “i only wanted to look at one of the records.”
“but why? and how did that lead to this?” you gesture at the mess in front of him, eyes wide.
“it’s rumored the album art includes a sign that’s part of an online mystery surrounding the artist,” satan explains, “and i think lucifer has everything booby-trapped in here to keep it safe.”
“okay,” you say with an exhale. “so what’s the plan, here? we can’t just leave it like this.”
“i don’t know,” satan says reluctantly. “i don’t want to touch anything in case it makes it worse or sets off any more of the traps. he’s got hexes and curses weaved in there that i only barely deflected.”
you mutter something under your breath that sounds like ‘stupid paranoid bastard’, making satan smile.
the moment is broken as satan hears someone coming through the door, but thankfully it’s only mammon.
“whoah,” he says, sticking his hands in his pockets. “the hell happened here?”
“it’s my fault,” you say. “i got mixed up in here and forgot that this is the off-limit section of the music hall. thankfully, satan saved me from the traps.”
“bro,” mammon says. “lucifer’ll be pissed. but thankfully you're okay. it’s a good thing satan was there, as those are some nasty curses. i wouldn’t even go near ‘em.”
satan only barely manages to nod. you’re taking the blame for this? why?
“well, lucifer should be more grateful i’m alive,” you sniff. “imagine if it had been his magic that finally did me in.”
“don’t even joke about that,” mammon wails, and satan knows he’s been properly distracted.
Tumblr media
➳ beel holds the broken figurine, biting his lip. levi was going to be so mad.
“beel, what’ve you got there?” you ask, looking over at him. wordlessly, he holds up the pieces and your face falls.
“is that levi’s one-of-a-kind ruri-chan figurine he’s been looking for forever?” you ask, and he nods.
“i didn’t mean to,” he explains. “i sat down without looking and it broke.”
you click your tongue. “well, if he wouldn’t leave his stuff where people sit this wouldn’t have happened. levi’s not going to be happy.”
“i know,” beel says glumly. he hates getting into fights with his brothers. “i feel really bad about it. if only i had paid more attention…”
“do you think it’s fixable?” you ask, moving closer, but both of you know it’s not.
“no, i don’t think so. what should i do?” beel asks, feeling anxiety creep into his stomach, curdling the hunger.
“about what?” levi asks, breezing into the room. the both of you freeze. instantly, levi’s eyes move from your guilty faces to beel’s hands.
“what! is that my one-of-a-kind priceless collectible ruri-chan figurine?” levi asks, not waiting for an answer. “how could this even have happened?”
beel feels terrible, dread coursing through his body, before he can work up the nerve to explain himself, you speak.
“levi, i am so sorry! i found it and was coming to find you when i tripped and dropped it. i never meant to break it and feel terrible! what can i do to make it up to you?”
levi softens faced with your wide eyes, shoulders slumping. beel wonders if it’s truly okay for you to take the blame for the situation but figures it’s already been done so there’s no going back on it. you shoot him a reassuring look and beel decided to go along with it.
“there’s not anything you can really do,” levi says sadly, and beel winces. “but thank you for telling me.”
he carefully takes the peices from beel’s hands, morosely examining them. while he’s distracted, you slyly take beel’s hand. squeezing it. beel doesn’t know why you lied for him, but it was ultimately your choice to do, so he squeezes back, gratefully. he still feels bad, but at least levi’s not mad at him, nor does it seem he’s mad at you.
resolving to try to find a replacement ruri-chan figurine even though no doubt it’ll be really hard, beel decides to try yo put the situation behind him.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not copy, reply, or claim as your own
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titan-sl8yer · 5 months ago
Running Red
Matt Murdock x Reader
Summary: Matt cleans you up after getting mugged
a/n: just a little fyi i’m probably not gonna be getting to any writing for the next few days bc i’m getting a cold and feel like shit, but my inbox and feel free to sent in stuff that i can work on once i’m better <3
Tumblr media
Over time you got used to Matt's rather ‘odd’ schedule, finding your own hobbies to fill the time while he went off to stop crime. Usually these hobbies include being in the apartment, reading or watching movies or even baking but tonight your coworkers had invited you out for a drink.
Ever since Matt had started fighting crime you'd become sort of an introvert, not that you didn't like socializing anymore it was just that hearing about all the crime Matt fought made you a little anxious to go out, especially at night.
But you figured it would be fine for tonight, one of your coworkers friends was going to be sober and driving you too and from the bar and the bar itself wasn’t even open that late due to the peak in crime recently. You would be fine, there were people there to watch out for you and you wouldn’t be walking.
Except the designated driver had disappeared at some point during the night and most of the people you’d come with had left with someone they’d met. Right now you were walking across to the bar where you spotted one of your friends.
“Hey, how are you getting home since our ride ditched us?”
“My boyfriend’s coming to get me.” Your friend giggled, taking another sip of her drink.
“Can he give me a ride ? I don't live far.”
“Sorry bae he's already pissed he's having to come get me, oh ! what about your boyfriend, can't he come get you ?”
You stared at her blankly. “You mean my blind boyfriend.” You knew Matt was more than capable of coming to get you and was honestly probably the safest person you could be around but she didn’t know that.
“Oh,” she frowned. “Right, you don't live that far right and the devil of hell's kitchen is always prowling, maybe if you get lucky he'll save you.”
Before you could respond Her phone rang and she was racing to the door, throwing a quick bye as she left you alone. Letting out a sigh you pulled your phone out of your pocket scrolling through your contacts as you went outside, grimacing as the cold hit you.
If it were your first option you wouldn’t call Matt, especially in the middle of his vigilanting but you weren’t that close with Foggy or Karen to be able to have the balls to call them and ask them to drop what they were doing to come pick you up.
But as it turns out luck was not on your side and your balls had to drop when Matt didn’t pick up his phone. You called Foggy first and when he picked up on the third ring you were more than greatful
“Hey ! what can I do for you on this lovely evening?”
“So,” you huffed out a laugh. “Funny story, my coworkers ditched me and I was wondering if you’d be able to walk me home ?”
“Oh shit yeah hold on let me-”
You didn’t get to hear the rest of Foggy's sentence when your phone rang and you pulled it away from your face to see who it was. “Shit Foggy hold on Matt’s calling me back don’t worry about it im sure hes already on his way.” you laughed.
“Okay yeah call me if you need anything though.”
“Thanks bye.” As you went to answer Matt's call it hung up, mumbling curses under your breath you went to call him back and this time he answered.
“What's wrong?” Matt was panting on the other side of the phone, his voice on edge.
“Nothing nothing I'm okay, it's just, my coworkers ditched me at the bar and I didn't really want to walk home alone.”
Matt let out a breath of relief, his voice a lot less tense when he spoke again. “Okay I’ll be right there just stay where you are.”
You let out a sigh, your breath fogging around you. Sticking your phone back into your pocket you desperately regretting leaving your coat in your coworkers friends car, you severely underestimated the amount of alcohol you were going to drink tonight because before you would have drank enough to keep you warm in colder weather than this.
At first you resorted to small movements to keep yourself warm, jumping up and down, side stepping and shaking your arms. But after a while when Matt didn’t show up you had to move onto pacing up and down the sidewalk.
It was honestly your fault, it could be blamed on the alcohol you drank but it really was just a simple lack of critical thinking on your part. Nut sober you never would have placed in front of an alleyway at night on an almost empty street.
The thought that it wasn't the smartest idea didn’t hit you until you were grabbed and pulled back into the alleyway, cold metal pressed against your throat. You panicked, muscles tensing as you looked out towards the streets for anyone around to help you.
“Give me all your shit.” The man behind you spoke slowly, his breath hitting your ear.
“O-okay in my bah-back right pocket.”
He pulled back just an inch or two, enough to pull your phone out of your pocket and study it. For a moment he backed off, leaving you to let out the breath you’d been holding, hoping he’d run off. But instead you felt his hand tangle in your hair before your cheek was smashed into the brick wall beside you.
You cried out in surprise, struggling against the weight pressed into your back to keep you in place. You could feel the cut on your cheek, the blood running down your face as it mixed with the moisture that coated the brick.
“Do you think im fucking stupid or something? Im not messing around give me your fucking wallet.” He spat, smooshing your face into the brick for a moment before letting up.
“Ah- I dont- its not on me, its at home i swear- i left it at home.” As the realization of the situation set in you started crying, tears streaming down your face as you choked on your words.
“do you think i’m dumb?” he pressed your face into the brick again, this time not letting up. “I'm gonna give you five seconds.”
“it’s not- i dont Ah please i don’t have it it’s at home please.”
This time he pulled you off the brick, using your hair as leverage to throw you to the ground. You barely had time to process the scrapes you’d acquired before he kicked you in the stomach.
You’d felt a lot of things in your life all that would fall under hurt, but out over everything nothing had hurt more than the searing pain that came from the kick. It was like you’d lost all your senses, only being able to feel the burning pain in your torso as your lungs contracted, begging for air.
When you were finally able to take in breaths again you were rolled over onto your back, the same foot putting pressure onto your chest, not pressing but enough to be a threat.
“I'm gonna give you five seconds to hand over your wallet.”
You were unable to speak, still sucking in air as you tried to heat rid of the tears that filled your eyes.
You muttered out a please between gasps, feeling the boot press a little further into you.
“It's at- home.”
“plea- please.”
The man didn’t get the four, being tackled before he could get the word out. You didn’t look, you didn’t need to look to know it was Matt, instead you focused on rolling over, cradling your burning torso as you sat up.
As soon as you were sitting up you looked over at Matt, you could tell he wasn’t holding back on his punches and if you didn’t stop him soon he would never forgive himself.
“Dare.” you whispered out, knowing he was listening to you.
Matt stopped mid punch, arm in the air as he turned his head to look at you. Getting off the guy Matt walked over to you, assessing your injuries before he even touched you.
“Are you okay?” he spoke softly, barely above a whisper as he kneeled in front of you.
You swallowed, squeezing your eyes as your lip started to wobble. “I just- take me home, please.”
A few feet away the man who’d beat you up scrambled to his feet, running away as fast as he could. Matt didn’t move an inch, simply just cradling your uninjured cheek in his hand, softly like he was scared you’d crumble in his hands.
“Okay, I've got you.”
Still in his daredevil costume Matt couldn’t go through the front door and in your current position couldn’t climb the fire escape. As much as Matt hated it he had to leave you half a block away, following you from along to rooftops to be there if you needed him.
The second you were in front of the door to your apartment it opened, Matt there to help you with half his costume gone, replaced with a regular t-shirt. Leading you to the kitchen he had you sit on the counter stool before running off to get the first aid kit.
The time Matt spent cleaning the wound and scrapes on your cheek and arms was completely silent, other than your hisses and protests of pain but you were exhausted, barely able to keep your eyes open as Matt threw away all the cotton swabs and alcohol pads.
“I need you to stay awake sweetheart, you could have a concussion.” Matt spoke from behind you.
The only response you could muster was a whine, listening to Matt’s footsteps as he turned on the facet and grabbed the bottle of tylenol. He walked back over to you, putting the water in one hand and the pills in another.
“take.” Matt spoke firmly, leaving no room for argument.
You sighed as you took them, chugging back the water until the glass was empty. Taking the glass Matt set it on the counter behind you, when he didn’t moveyou cracked your eyes, looking up at him.
“what?” you mumbled.
“I need to check your ribs.”
The thought of Matt touching your torso anywhere made you want to gag, but especially your ribs, you felt like you were going to throw up. sensing your fear Matt gently cupped the uninjured side of your face, running his thumb over your jaw.
“I'll be gentle, I promise.” he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
You nodded, knowing it was important Matt did this, he needed to see if anything was broken or if you had any internal injuries. As you went to take your shirt off you had only just exposed your stomach before a stabbing pain came from your side, making you cry out in pain.
Immediately Matt grabbed your hands, lowering them back down as he pressed a soft kiss to your temple. “i’ll get scissors.”
After Matt had gotten the clothes off your torso he tensed, running his fingers over your skin as he checked your injuries, mumbling apologies whenever you made a pained sound when he touched a particularly sensitive area.
“You don’t have any bleeding, just brushing and a fractured rib.”
You stayed silent, leaning your head forward to rest it on Matt’s chest, feeling his arms loosely hang around you and he rubbed your back.
It wasn’t like you exactly intended to but you started crying, sniffing as tears soaked into Matt’s shirt, your hiccups muffled into his chest.
“I'm sorry, I'm so sorry sweetheart.” Matt laid his head on top of yours. “What do you need, tell me what you need.”
“a shower.” you sobbed, desperately wanting to get the grime off your skin that you’d collected off the ground.
“Okay, okay, let me help you.”
After helping you out of the rest of your clothes and into the shower Matt climbed in himself, sitting behind you as you continued to cry. Once you’d calmed down a bit Matt washed your hair, massaging your scalp until you calmed down, heartbeat steady as you leaned against his chest, water running over your skin.
“Come on, let's go to bed.” Matt whispered into your ear, pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
Letting out a sound of protest you moved closer against Matt making him chuckle.
“We can't stay in here forever sweetheart, let’s get you to bed okay ?”
As Matt helped you up and out of the shower you stayed somewhat limp, too tired and weak to keep your body upright. You felt like a sack of jello, Matt moving your limbs to get you dressed, putting you in a pair of his sweatpants and jacket.
Once he’d gotten you dressed he half dragged you to the bed, careful of your wounds. Once you were on the bed you used the rest of your strength to crawl under the covers, listening as Matt left the room
When he returned he got under the covers next to you, slowly curling himself around you, careful to avoid your wounds. Matt kissed the back of your head as you drifted off.
“I'm gonna have to wake you up every hour to check if you have a concussion or not.”
Too tired to protest, you settled for pressing your head further into the pillow, finally letting yourself fall asleep.
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shotoh · 10 months ago
Hello! Not sure if your requests are open (please ignore if they're not) but I love the way you write smut I'm just w e t just reading your stuff and I was wondering if you could do one with Todoroki? He has a shy Fem s/o who is very quiet during sex. And when he asks her why one day she tells him it's because her last ex-boyfriend made fun of her moans and just general sounds she made all the time, so she goes silent. Cue Shouto doing everything in his power to get every single noise he can from her. Lots of praise, fluff, Dom!Sho™ and of course sin 😈 (again please ignore if you don't want to do this but I love your writing and I hope you have a great day)
let me hear you
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Despite the seemingly positive progression in both your relationship and your sex life, Shouto starts to question his ability to please you in bed after noticing how he could barely provoke even a noise past your lips. Little did he realize that there was another factor responsible for this occurrence—your rough past with your ex-boyfriend.
pairing: todoroki shouto x fem!reader
genre: angst, fluff, SMUT
word count: 12.2k+
warnings/tags: 18+, dominant!shouto, experienced!shouto, pro-hero!shouto, submissive!reader, shy!reader, characters are aged up accordingly, insecurities, mentions of past toxic relationships, blindfolds, sensory overload/deprivation, temperature play, quirk play, nipple play, praising, dirtytalk, hair-pulling, spanking, soft to rough sex, some degradation at the end (but not a lot), creampie
author’s note: so as you can tell by the length, this request got me inspired to turn this specific scenario into a whole fic, and as a result, it’s been taking me a while to get anything out to you guys. but it’s here and it’s done (finally)! sorry anon if you were looking for pwp… i actually have some other stuff in my inbox that i’ve been neglecting, so from now on, unless my motivation jumps for any reason, i’ll try to keep my answers short and simple! as in more in range of the “thirst posting” variety! so don’t be afraid to send anything in!
big shoutout to my girl rosie ( @shoutogepi​​ ) for beta-reading this for me! love you, babe, and im extremely thankful for your feedback <3
Tumblr media
Shouto had acknowledged from early on that you were a shy little thing.
When he first met you, you wouldn’t so much as look him in the eye if you could help it, too hesitant to start a proper conversation with him after growing very aware of his reputation. Any glance or thought of him would cause you to erupt in a fit of distress. You’d shake your head and make a beeline toward the opposite direction whenever you saw him coming.
Yet as much as you wanted to stop your feelings from getting out of hand, there came a moment when you both couldn’t deny the attraction that pulled you toward each other time and time again. The string of tension was wound tighter throughout every encounter at your workplaces; it was only a matter of time before it finally snapped.
Then came the pivotal day Shouto had admitted his interest in you, and in turn, you confessed that your feelings for him were mutual. Which led you to make this work somehow.
As the two of you progressed through your relationship, Shouto had taken extra care to advance at your pace. Dates and meet-ups were as frequent as both your schedules would allow for them. Through trials of time and effort, you gradually grew comfortable around each other, discussing even the most mundane things in your lives. Well, as mundane as a hero’s everyday experiences could get. With every exchange, you were making headway in closing the gap and allowing your budding attraction for each other to blossom.
Surprisingly, hand-holding and other physical forms of affection were a hurdle you both overcame quicker than you imagined. It became ingrained to the point that it hadn’t even occurred to you that your fingers were already intertwined while walking alongside each other, or that you made a habit of kissing his cheek—and him, the back of your hand—at the end of your dates until you consciously noticed it one day. You found it an accomplishment for an individual as shy as yourself and someone like Shouto, who mostly kept to a reserved lifestyle.
From then on, you conquered many barriers to bridge a foundation of trust and familiarity. You were thankful that you could freely express yourself around him without fear of judgment. So as the gap in your relationship naturally shortened little by little, it wasn’t long before you two became official and committed yourselves to no other.
In due time, those countless outings that helped flourish your development would eventually lead you to come over to Shouto’s abode.
On one particular night, after Shouto had finished his hero work, he dialed your number just before taking off from his agency’s building, and asked how your day was, only to find out you were stranded at your workplace. The train you usually took home was caught in a huge accident that had cut off most of the routes toward your apartment complex. Upon hearing that you were in the middle of securing a motel to take refuge in for the night, he immediately frowned and blurted out an offer before you could even get the rest of your words across his speakerphone.
“How about you stay at my place tonight?”
There was no way Shouto was letting you stay in some dusty, shady motel room while he had such a cozy space all to himself at home. And despite the circumstances, he had been meaning to ask you to visit his place for a while now.
To be frank, his home was way too big to be occupied by just himself anyway. He had always thought that it could use a bit of sprucing up in the form of people to fill the abundant space to make it more homey. Maybe roommates?
All that aside, he had to deal with your living arrangements for the night first. He sat silently behind the wheel of his car, waiting for your answer. He hoped he wasn’t breaching a level of closeness you weren’t ready to confront yet.
On the other line, you were more hesitant than you liked. You knew greatly that Shouto extended the invitation out of the kindness of his heart, with absolutely no ill-intentions.
No, that wasn’t the problem at all. What weighed heavily on your mind was the fact that this would be the first night you’d share together since becoming a couple.
Which meant that sex wasn’t entirely off the table, right?
Surely no one could blame you for thinking like that. He was a handsome young man, and you, a ripe, young woman—both who had particular needs.
If the newspaper headlines, magazine cover spreads, and billboard signs didn’t give it away already, Shouto was quite a sought-after man. He was a hero whom both women and men would love to succumb to a night full of pleasure with, and you should be thinking the same—revel in the idea actually. Considering he’s, well… yours.
Still… you had a cloud of uncertainty hanging above your head. You were no stranger to sex, but you couldn’t say your last encounters with it were the greatest. Not that you weren’t confident in Shouto’s ability to please a woman—it was simply an entirely different matter altogether.
In the end, you pondered the thought for longer than you probably should’ve.
“Y/n. Y/n?”
Hearing Shouto’s concerned voice resounding in the background made you realize you were holding him up. You shook yourself out of your daze, returning to the conversation. “Ah right,” you uttered sheepishly.
You heard his deep, lighthearted chuckle in your ear. “When you weren’t answering, I almost thought my phone died,” he joked mildly. “So are you okay with coming over? If not then I can drive you to somewhere I think is fairly–”
“N-No, it’s alright, I’ll take you up on your offer tonight.” As you gave your final answer, your voice floundered, trying to make up for your negligence in responding.
There was a stagger of silence, and unbeknownst to you, a smile enveloped Shouto’s lips as he reclined back in his car seat. “Okay, stay put then,” you could hear him start the ignition of his vehicle, the moderate purr of the engine revving in the background before it was overshadowed by the pleasant lilt in his tone, “I’ll be right there to pick you up.”
Not long after your conversation, Shouto pulled up on the side of the curb next to your building, prompting you with a text that he had arrived. Coming onto the sidewalk and seeing him hold his hand up in a gentle wave upon making eye contact with you had butterflies fluttering in your stomach like a young school girl. The sight reminded you of when Shouto would drive over during your lunch breaks to whisk you away for a pleasant chat in the afternoon, or when he’d directly pick you up at your apartment for your planned dates. You supposed this could be considered a date in itself, except unlike the other occasions, you wouldn’t be going back to your apartment afterward.
Then as Shouto whirred in the direction of his residence under the dim-lit roads, the night went on just as you expected it to.
With the thought of having sex with him lingering in your head, the atmosphere in Shouto’s lavish house was suffused with an overwhelming amount of sexual tension.
Though his proposal was an innocent one, it didn’t take long for the man to mirror your indecent thoughts. While you made yourself at home, his scent unknowingly intermingled with yours. You walked out of the shower, wearing only a t-shirt of his that he deemed appropriate enough for you to use tonight, since it acted as more of a long dress than anything. Little did he realize the image of his baggy clothes hanging off your shoulders—exposing your bare collarbones and legs to his prying eyes—would spur him to interpret the situation differently.
When you emerged from the bathroom—skin dewy, tepid, and wrapped in the subtle woody notes of his bath products—you spotted him eyeing you intently at a distance. Aware of the prolonged eye contact, Shouto’s gaze dashed elsewhere and he excused himself to the kitchen to see if he could scramble up something for the both of you to eat, but not before telling you to help yourself to anything in his home.
“I’ll see what we’ll be having for dinner tonight. In the meantime, make yourself comfortable.”
You nodded, a tender smile lifting your face at his hospitality. “Thanks, Sho, and also thank you again for letting me stay here. To be honest, I feel a bit spoiled being in a place like this.” You shied away and teetered on the balls of your feet as you held your hands behind your back.
To Shouto you looked so innocent and sweet—he’d always thought that way about you, but in this instance, there was an underlying layer of allure you held that threatened a lot of his willpower.
From the kitchen, he caught his eyes straying from his cooking, instead wandering in the direction of the living room where you were idling on the couch, your legs tucked beside you. The hem of your (his) shirt brushed against your bare legs with every shift in your position, and it was honestly so goddamn distracting how the fabric would ride up and tease him with subtle displays of your skin. He swore at one point he spotted a flash of color from beneath the hem, but he immediately looked away before he could process the sight.
Despite trying his hardest to push temptation away, he couldn’t deny his desire to embrace you in his arms and press his lips across every inch of skin hiding underneath that loose piece of clothing, dreaming about tossing it off your body for good.
“Calm down, Shouto,” he quietly chided, refocusing on his cutting board before he’d end up hurting himself by accident. He felt like he was leveraging your trust and encroaching on a threshold that he had no right to cross yet—shamelessly sneaking glances at you while you were so vulnerable. Being too distracted, he didn’t pick up on your feet stepping into the kitchen, not until you suddenly spoke up out of curiosity.
“So what are you making?”
His knife hit the wooden board with a single brisk noise that echoed across his kitchen. He turned around, discovering you standing behind him, peering over his shoulder.
“Just some simple rice, salmon, and miso soup. I’m not that great of a cook but I know the basics at least.” He set his knife down as you neared him and placed yourself at his left to get a closer look. Being evidently taller than you, if he even glanced down from this particular angle, he could get a glimpse at the peek of cleavage exposed from the fabric slipping down your shoulders. At the thought, his body had gone on autopilot, and his movements were rigid and extra guarded in your presence.
Your doey eyes gave him a look of uncertainty. He swallowed thickly, “I hope you’re fine with it.”
“Oh, yeah I’m more than fine! It’s just that you seemed like you were having some trouble over here,” you mentioned, peeping over at his station and witnessing his face furrowed in intense concentration, to which you assumed he must have been struggling with the task at hand. His eyebrows were scrunched, the skin between them folded inward as a gritted frown settled on his lips just before his pearly white teeth lightly bit down on the lower skin out of frustration.
Of course you were concerned for him, but was it weird that you also found the whole picture kind of sexy? You couldn’t help but shift your legs around when you were sitting in the living room, finding it incredibly hard to sit still, feeling a desperate need for friction in between your thighs over the idea that you really had a man like him all to yourself. So you half-approached him as an act of concern, your fantasy from earlier slowly consuming the forefront of your mind. Not only did the engaged expression painted on his suave features capture your interest, but the sleeves of his button-up shirt were folded up, allowing you to ogle at the veins and hardened expanse of muscle ripped down his arms.
You placed a hand on his arm, your voice becoming hushed and sweet—practically lascivious by how Shouto tensed up. “Do you need some help?”
Despite the nature of your question, there was an absence of worry in your tone, replaced by heady desire that slipped through the brittle cracks in Shouto’s resolve. From a brief glance at your pouty lips and the lust forming in the highlights of your eyes, he knew you wanted to embark on that next step in your relationship just as much as he did.
“Yes. I do.”
Before you could even process the rapid turn of events, Shouto’s hands were already on you, shoving you to the nearest flat surface available. He whisked you into his arms, his hands finding purchase beneath your ass where he palmed at the material of your panties, mindful of the chiffon texture. What a vixen. If it weren’t for that accident with the train earlier, he would have assumed you were planning this.
Feeling your back come in contact with a wall, your arms strung around his neck. Your body hovered off the ground, legs winding at his waist to pull him closer and feel his hard erection grind against your crotch through his pants.
Shouto continued kissing you, his breaths hot and heavy every time your lips met. Yet as your mouths merged and he felt every inch of the soft skin of your pretty lips, he couldn’t decipher whether you found elation through what was transpiring. Though your breathing was ragged, the noise that departed you was nothing short of an incredibly light whimper.
He detached his lips from yours out of worry, despite you making an effort to chase after them. When you realized he wanted to take a pause, you relaxed against the wall, still clinging onto the man as you regained your breath. Shouto took this moment to scan over you. Your cheeks were hot and your expression was flustered—eyes hooded, lips quivering, and wordlessly pleading him for more of his touch. By how you didn’t put up any resistance, he took it as a sign that he was allowed to continue.
But he wanted to be entirely sure. “Are you okay?”
Blinking at him, you were surprised he would have to ask that, but thought of it as characteristic of Shouto to dwell over the matter of taking things at your pace. After you nodded, you spotted a sliver of relief wash over him. His face softened as he readjusted his grip to maneuver you off the wall. He closed some distance between your faces, but did not come for your lips just yet to utter a question, “Shall we take this to my bedroom then?”
This time you didn’t have to say any reply, only gliding through the empty space between your lips, kissing him fervidly to determine your answer. He immediately reciprocated, tilting his head to link your mouths perfectly together. You kept yourselves like that throughout the trip to Shouto’s room and were thankful that he knew his own home like the back of his hand, navigating the expanse swiftly and carefully. Your dinner was long forgotten and before you knew it Shouto dropped you gently on his futon. His body hovered over yours, practically consuming it as he lowered his head to deepen the kiss, his tongue inviting itself to brush against every crevice of your mouth.
Throughout the slow and deliberate dance of your lips, the two of you discarded your clothing until nothing but your underwear was left to separate you from feeling each other at your most intimate. Shouto was glad the night had progressed to the point where he could finally manifest his imaginations and trail his hot lips across your bare skin.
“You’re so pretty, love. And so tempting. Do you realize what you were doing to me earlier, showing off your beautiful legs—exposing your skin that looked like it was begging for me to kiss?” he asked, not expecting a proper answer, but more so a pleasurable, dulcet sound. One that you didn’t want to give him just yet as he continued speaking racy praises into your ears. “I can’t believe it took me this long to finally worship you like this.”
Even as he nipped at every inch of skin his eyes could see, he couldn’t pull many noises from your lips. It was a sign that made doubt crawl in his head, worried that he was coming onto you too fast. However, as his fingers dipped under the waistband of your panties, he was pleased at the wetness pooling between your thighs. He could practically hear his fingers squelch while playing with your folds, and was content with your face contorting into a look of obscenity the more his fingers prodded you.
Your teeth were gritted, feeling the temperature rise quickly in your belly. You brought your hand to your mouth to block out any noise that would leak out as Shouto began spinning his pads against your clit methodically. It was a detail the man noticed, but didn’t bother to comment on out loud, thinking it was rather cute how you were trying to suppress your moans.
His other hand pushed your bra up to reveal your tits to the air, kneading one mound to add to the sear growing in your abdomen. You forced down a squeal despite the tantalizing sensations of having your entire body played with.
“You’re sucking me in and squeezing around my fingers so well. Such a good girl... You’re gonna cum any moment aren’t you?” He gandered down at you, loving how your face scrunched and you moved your hips in tandem with his actions. You offered a frantic nod, caught in the ecstasy of him repeatedly hitting your sweet spot until you eventually felt the heat in your abdomen about to boil over.
“Let me hear you…” he uttered at the last second, but you must have been too ensnared by the sensations to bother listening, biting at your bottom lip while writhing underneath him.
Then one single thrust with his thick fingers finally set you off. Your legs thrashed next to him and you arched your back on the futon, the act of containing your moans making your body lash out more than usual as you came on his fingers. The lone sound that dropped from your lips was nothing but empty noise. Your mouth opened only for nothing to come out, concealed by your need to silence yourself as your hand curled next to your lips and your eyes were shut tight.
Again, your lover did not want to make you feel self-conscious by making any remark on how… much more quiet you were than he expected. He was just glad that you felt plenty of relief and rapture, finding his own pleasure in your cum soaking his fingers, pulling them out of your messy cunt to inspect the sheen glossing them.
Even if your voice didn’t choose to give it away, your reactions surely conveyed your descent into bliss. They were such a treat to gaze upon, Shouto almost wanted to frame each one. He would have to settle with the fact that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d get to witness them... considering he still had a throbbing hard cock tied down in his briefs.
“Did that feel good, baby? Are you alright?” His voice sounded tender and his actions reflected that same gentleness, massaging up and down your shaking thighs.
Still undergoing the effects of that intense orgasm, it took you a while to register his words, but once you did, your shyness took over and your voice murmured out, “Yeah, it was great…” Your affirmation brought back that relieved expression across Shouto’s face that looked down at you with a warm smile, white and red bangs clinging to his forehead.
Not wanting your demureness to get the better of you, you scooted up to pull your panties off, dangling them on one ankle before tossing them to the side. Garnering some courage, you spread your legs and fully exposed your sopping center to his greedy eyes that went wide at the sight, akin to a wolf finally spotting a delicious morsel of meat.
“Please, I want you to fuck me already.”
He gulped at your request but soon fell back into place, that stunned look melting into fervor as he crawled above you.
“Oh, I will, love. I’m gonna make our first night together one you’ll always remember.”
And he did just that, pounding you into the sheets until your head spun and you could think of nothing but his body devouring yours and his length penetrating every crevice inside your pussy.
Though Shouto couldn’t draw the noises he had been anticipating from you, he was satisfied nonetheless. His cum had coated your walls in thick white that overflowed from your folds after you told him at the last second that you were on birth control. Hearing that was enough to drive him to his peak and he released with a loud grunt that overpowered the fragile silence encompassing the room, making up for your lack of moans. The sound rang in your ears and you were shocked by how sexy his voice was—the gravely yet rich rasp in his tone a sublime conclusion to a night snarled by passion. In the back of your mind, you were glad your lackluster noises didn’t distract you from his.
Unaware of the self-deprecation muddling your thoughts, Shouto succumbed to exhaustion beside you, his energy depleted sooner than normal after a long day of hero work and a lack of food in the tank. It wasn’t his fault he had an appetite for something else, and after having his fill, you were staring at him with droopy eyes and a lazy grin, looking just as, or even more, tired than he was. He’d have to make it up to you with a hearty breakfast in the morning.
Not long after did you doze off into slumber next to him. Curling into his chest, he drew you closer and tossed the sheets over your naked body. Shouto wanted to admire your vulnerable state for a while longer before he’d follow behind you, but as he caressed your hair and kissed your forehead, the scene of what had transpired replayed in his mind. He recalled the times you blocked out your voice, not letting a single note slip past your lips— even when it seemed like he was doing a stellar job at getting your body to surrender to ecstasy.
But as the thought dawdled, Shouto suggested to himself it wouldn’t be good to overthink it and ruin the mood when you were blissfully asleep next to him. It wasn’t like it was necessarily a bad thing that you kept your voice to yourself. It was all a matter of how others reacted to different situations. People could be quiet or loud during sex and perhaps you chose to express yourself in other ways while being intimate with your partner. At least, that’s what he hoped before his head sank in his pillow and he closed his eyes, waiting for morning to rise.
Since closing even more of the distance between you that night, you and Shouto made sex an avid part of your relationship. It felt like you two couldn’t go without it, exchanging yearning looks in between moments before coming at each other like animals and tangling yourselves in your limbs. You were even bold enough to fuck in Shouto’s office on one of your lunch breaks, initially dropping off a bento for him at his agency in case he dismissed eating for overworking himself again, only to discover your efforts were pointless as you both ignored your food altogether and found your fill in different ways.
Whenever you went at it in such compromising locations, Shouto was somewhat thankful you muted your noises. But that brought up another constant ever since that night, one which overtime, increasingly became an enigma to him.
In a span of a month, all he could manage to get you to utter while stuffed with his cock was a squeal. Even then, it was relatively muffled in comparison to the enthusiastic reactions he received from his previous partners, who were always babbling nonsense after losing themselves on his cock.
Shouto was never bothered by this fact enough to lose sleep over it. However, it was jarring to him whenever he heard his own voice above yours, and the notion of whether he was the only one finding pleasure in bed together rose for him to question his ability to satisfy his partner. The tendency to ask how you were doing after seemingly making you orgasm through any method of fingers, tongue, or both, developed into a habit marked by doubt. Out of need for a sense of security, he established a safeword for you to use whenever it was necessary, without needing to explain his lackluster performance or otherwise; he’d honor your request wholeheartedly if that were the case. Luckily, no opportunity ever emerged for you to have to use the safeword thus far, which left him stumped. So what exactly spurred you to stay so silent?
Pondering this to himself wouldn’t help him find any closure. He had to be direct with his approach and that meant spilling his thoughts to you.
That very chance appeared on one of your outings together, where you sat with a cup of tea and coffee within the serene atmosphere of a cafe, discussing the current trends with work and friends. He brought up the question casually in conversation, being deliberate with his wording as to not pose concern and perhaps make it a bigger deal than it really was.
“Y/n, we’ve been together for some time now and I’m glad that we’ve gotten so close with each other…” Shouto’s voice lingered off as he watched light ripples cascade the surface of his drink. His misty turquoise and silver eyes trailed over to you bringing your cup of tea to your lips. He drew in a breath to ready himself for what he wanted to say. Meanwhile, you gulped hard for the warm, earthy liquid to ebb through you, hoping it would soothe the jitters you felt upon hearing his words.
Shouto cleared his throat, attempting to look you straight in the eye. “But I’ve noticed that you’ve always been really quiet whenever we have sex. And it’s not exactly a big deal or anything, but I was just wondering why that is?” He paused for a second, the other question he wanted to ask teetering on the tip of his tongue. Hesitant mismatched eyes slowly averted from yours and his fingers curled into his palm on the table. “Am I not as good as you were hoping?”
Hearing his remark, your tea nearly went down the wrong pipe, and you almost choked in response. You quickly set your cup down to stammer, “N-No, not at all! You’re great, Shouto! Terrific actually!” You clarified almost too loudly, scanning over your surroundings to see if anyone was bothered before straightening yourself and adjusting your volume accordingly.
“I’m sorry if I’ve been making you feel this way. It wasn’t my intention at all.” You searched his face, reading the hesitance all over his features that began to ridden you with guilt. “Like I said, you’re more than I could ever ask for in a boyfriend, Sho. You’re so kind, patient, and mindful of all my needs that I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve you. I guess, right now, that statement isn’t far off considering I haven’t been very aware of how you’ve felt lately.” Too ashamed to look him in the eye, you twiddled with your thumbs and kept your head down.
“And… Well… There is a reason why I’ve always chosen to be silent during sex.”
You pressed through your uneasiness to peel off the layers of your past relationships, confessing how your last ex-boyfriend told you that you’d be better off staying quiet when you fucked so you wouldn’t “ruin the mood”. You vividly remembered all the mean comments he said to you, where he mocked your voice and the noises you made. It discouraged you from even opening your mouth sometimes while having sex with him. Even when you spoke to your ex about how his words made you feel, he simply scoffed and brushed everything under the rug as a joke, stating you were too sensitive. Needless to say, you ended that relationship quickly. However, the damage had been done and his words unconsciously stuck with you, affecting your habits.
While in the middle of explaining your history, you hadn’t noticed Shouto’s fist shake beneath the table, his reluctant face slowly contorting in anger as he gnawed at the inside of his cheek. It was when you spoke in great detail about what your ex said to you that he snapped.
“He said what?” he seethed. He was too blinded by ire to regard his cup of coffee boiling with bubbles from the heat radiating off his body.
He wanted to believe that if anything, your bashfulness was what was preventing you from letting your voice run loose. But to instead discover that someone had diminished your confidence enough to invoke a habit like that? Shouto was fuming.
You were stunned by his tone and even more so at his escalating ferocity. Gauging his anger, you wouldn’t be surprised if he went out to go find your ex and give him a piece of his mind this instant.
“Wait, Shouto, chill out!” you warned while frantically waving your hands at him, overhearing a patron in the cafe comment on how hot it suddenly was.
Blinking in realization, he swiftly activated his ice side to dispel the heat, returning to his normal temperature. He exhaled a frosty breath of air. “Sorry,” he muttered, rubbing his neck. You told him he didn’t need to apologize for anything.
“There’s no reason to get worked up about it anyway, he’s not worth the energy. And besides, he’s out of my life now so I should just forget about him.” You attempted to muster more confidence in your words, but found your resolve fleeting. Your eyes dropped to your tea and you took a sip to mitigate the silence afterward.
Shouto thought to himself that it must have been easier said than done when remembering how insistent you were in holding yourself back in bed, whether you were conscious of your actions or not. The white and red-haired man gripped his cup of coffee, swirling the umber liquid with a single gyration of his hand.
“I’m going to be honest,” Shouto began.
You held your breath, another guzzle of tea traveling down your throat. Somehow the assertive side of Shouto made you nervous at times like this.
“Your ex is nothing short of an asshole.”
Then as fast as your hesitance came, you were instantly relieved and released the breath you held. You were glad he shared the same sentiment.
A heavy sigh left his lips in the wake of his words as he set his coffee down. “I don’t think anyone deserves to have their partner mock them over something they can’t control. Plus, who does he think he is to say those things to you...” He was blunt about his distaste for your ex and didn’t bother to suppress his expressions when speaking about him. That alleviated a lot of the trepidations that crept over you at the recollection of your past.
It was like you had always thought—Shouto was such a breath of fresh air next to your former partners. You genuinely couldn’t believe someone could be so nice and understanding before he popped into your life. That being said, you felt guilty that he’d been questioning his worth as your boyfriend because of this, going as far as to doubt his competence in bed by how he could barely excite a proper moan off your lips, when you have felt nothing but bliss the entire time with him.
“I’m sorry I never mentioned this until now,” you murmured, your voice dwindling. Your hands enveloped the ceramic holding your tea, warming your palms and casting a blanket of security in an otherwise awkward position. Sensing you faltering into your docile nature, Shouto pried one of your hands off the cup and encased it in his own. His left side offered you another source of solace that beckoned your eyes to him.
“Regardless of what anyone thinks, I want you to know that that doesn’t matter to me. Whether you’re quiet or loud, soft or rough, or anything else.” He caressed his thumb against the back of your hand, inching it closer to him. “All I care about is that you’re you, and as a couple, we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves in front of each other, right?”
Then as a final sign of his sincerity, his lips met your skin, grazing your knuckles against them ever so lightly but just enough that you felt the disparate coldness that made your skin tingle and your heart react all the same. His words immediately pierced through you, helping you to open your eyes and remember just what your relationship stood for after countless moments spent unconditionally loving each other. A softened smile graced your lips that glowed before Shouto’s eyes, to which he couldn’t help but replicate, the newfound light in your pupils dazzling and infectious.
Basking in his affirmations, you gently drew your entwined hands to your side so you could return the favor and place a delicate kiss on the edge of his pinky finger. “Thank you, Sho. You have no idea how much your words mean to me.”
Eyes lidded in relief, he was glad everything was resolved and your insecurities were washing away down the stream, as were his.
Which meant it was fine for him to tease you a bit, right? He had to take advantage of the opportunity while it was fresh, the impish bone in his body acting impulsively. Rising slightly from his seat, he slanted across the table to wane the gap and hover next to your ear.
“You’ll let me hear them next time, won’t you? All your pretty noises?” he whispered huskily, making sure you knew those words were for you and you alone. According to how your eyes immediately fled toward your lap—unable to will yourself to return your gaze straight at him—you got the message.
“O-Of course…” you replied softly, nervous yet unable to ignore the excitement that pumped through your veins, thinking about what the future might entail from here on out. Shouto reverted to his side, easing away from your space.
After downing the remnants of his ground coffee, he reached for his wallet to pull out a hefty tip to leave on your table. Walking over to your seat, he helped you up, your hands naturally lacing together. He leaned over to adorn a kiss against your hair, whispering about how he would look forward to you keeping your promise, then escorted you both out of the cafe.
It was no surprise to the pair that “next time” came very, very soon.
In a short span of only a couple hours actually, after you’d concluded your business throughout the day and found yourselves at Shouto’s residence once again.
You could hardly wait until you were beyond the borders of his home, struggling to keep your hands to yourselves the entire drive there ever since that flicker of passion sparked in the aftermath of your date. The second you crossed that threshold, Shouto pounced on you before you could even pull your heels off, pushing your back against the closed door.
You instinctively opened your mouth to allow his tongue to prod your cavern and dance against yours. Your motions led to teeth clashing and irregular breaths blending together in a tempest that grew more rampant with every second you clung to each other in the entryway. You both possessed a desperate need to feel the other’s warmth within your palms, pawing at the clothes on your backs as you ached to be rid of them.
Languidly dragging your bottom lip between his teeth, Shouto nipped at the fragile outer layer with enough pressure that rushed heat to the surface, and released it from his mouth to observe its plushness bouncing back.
After detaching your lips—albeit with notable reluctance—his forehead rested on yours. His arms were at either side of your head, trapping you as you both broke out into rough breaths. He brought his thumb to your mouth, pressing against your bottom lip that felt scorching beneath the pad of his finger.
Peering at him, you watched delirium swirl in the icy hues of his eyes that observed every detail he could behold. He looked as if he was devouring you with his potent stare alone, marveling at his treasure with the most wanton expression on his handsome face. To have this much of an effect over Shouto still after months of being together set a flare off inside you.
Thoroughly recalling that conversation from the cafe, you were starting to grow braver with every minute that passed. Your shy nature withered at your boldness, triggering you to part more of your lips as your hazy eyes locked with his firmly.
“Shouto~” you moaned. The airy wisp that teemed from your lips was soft yet very much audible to Shouto’s ears. His senses perked up at the sound of your voice registering to him cleanly and he swore the friend in his pants twitched at the sweet utter of his name.
Fuck, what did he have to do to hear more? Shouto had asked himself this, but his body was very aware of the answer, already moving on its own, urged by the dull ache between his legs.
“C’mere–” Shouto left his actions to do most of the talking, too impatient to get his words across. He tugged you off the door, embracing you in his arms before you were easily hoisted over his shoulder.
Giddiness bubbling, you giggled at his display of strength. You were no stranger to this scene, where Shouto’s eagerness found you both in his bedroom at breakneck speeds. However, this occasion was different from the others.
The flames of arousal had flickered in your veins, weaving their way through your entire system. You both knew the blaze would grow until you were practically delirious with arousal and begging with desperation in your voice for that fire to be doused by only him. No one else. Shouto counted on it—counted on you to plead and scream for him by the end of the night. You made a promise after all, and by your show of neediness at the door, you were willing to give him just what he wanted, what he craved.
It was all a matter of how many saccharine sounds he could provoke off your lips. When he had entered his bedroom, he already had a clear idea just how he was going to get every noise he could think of out of you. But first…
Shouto slid you safely down his shoulder, where as soon as you touched the ground he resumed devouring your lips.
“Mmph–” Spit pooled in your throat, your tongue and body suppressed in a whirlwind that forced you backwards. You stumbled onto soft bedding that was, to your surprise, more elevated than you were expecting. The man grinned against you, foreseeing the mild amazement on your face. When you separated with a thread of spit connecting your lips, you pawed at your surroundings, immediately grasping the expansive king-size bed below you that was slightly raised on a wooden platform frame.
Reading the reaction on your face, the man above you chuckled. “You like it? I had it installed a couple of days ago.”
You had to admit that this spacious mattress was definitely an upgrade from Shouto’s futon, which was originally supposed to fit only one adult man. Still, you made do with what you had at the time, and though certain positions were limited with the space you were given, you hadn’t ever complained.
As for Shouto, the new bed was a rather impulsive decision, one that was spurred by the many nights he shared with you, tucking you in at his side until morning came. He couldn’t help but splurge on it. To him, it would all be worth it in the end.
With plans of how to make good use of the new bed floating in his mind, Shouto’s grin edged on a smirk as he crept closer to your ear.
“Why don’t we try and break it in?”
His deep voice dripped with a suggestive lilt that made your thighs almost clench together, if not for the fact that Shouto was already situated between them. Instead, you felt a pang between your legs. Your cunt undoubtedly ached for him, sticking to your panties with slick.
Shouto crawled backwards until he was low enough to reach your ankles and pried your shoes still clinging to your feet, dismissing them to the floor. Remaining where you were, you watched him nip at the skin of your legs, carving an upward trail. His painstakingly scrupulous journey began at your ankles, traveling to tenderly kiss your shin. He followed the path up until he eventually reached your soft thighs.
You shivered at every wet caress against your skin, noting the alternating temperatures of each kiss that kept you guessing. “Sho…” you sighed while fighting off the impulse to bite your lip—a habit of yours since your encounters with your ex.
“Mm,” he hummed in content at your quiet plea, continuing to nip at your thighs as he switched between them. Hooking his hands under your knees, he pulled your legs apart and your skirt rode up your hips to reveal the wet patch on your panties. At the sight, Shouto licked his lips.
The instinct to dive down and drag the flimsy fabric to the side so he could give himself free range to go to town on your cunt was more tempting than words could really describe. But where’s the fun in taking things too fast? Shouto was a patient man and he planned on dragging the night out just for you.
For the time being, he settled with planting a kiss on your clothed slit, sparing it short-lived attention. You were about to rock your hips against him, but he pulled away too soon and left you whimpering as you shuddered at the fleeting sensation of his mouth against your damp panties. Seeing the disappointment on your face, Shouto sent you a reassuring smile while rubbing gentle circles on your outer thighs.
“Wanna take my time tonight... So be good and let me hear you like you promised. Give me the pleasure of hearing all your moans and screams while you’re stuffed with me.”
Your eyes widened, flustered upon hearing his request, but you soon realized something.
Let me hear you.
You remembered those were the words that Shouto spoke to you on the night you first had sex together, and how at the time, you pushed them away and did nothing but made your voice even quieter. But after today, you were determined to make amends with yourself and make up for all those times you relinquished him the full satisfaction of hearing his partner.
With all that said, you nodded fervently in reply. Making out the hardened resolve hidden in your eyes, he got to work at returning your enthusiasm, finding the zipper of your skirt and removing your clothing off your person.
Throughout his show of undressing you, he made sure to keep your mind occupied on his ministrations. His lips found home on any area they could touch while his hands sought to get more of your clothes off. He relished every needy whine he pulled from you throughout the process, worshipping your body until you surely developed a cavity from his honeyed praises. You noticed he was adamant about keeping your panties hugging your lower-half, only going as far as to remove your bra after your blouse floated off somewhere beside you.
Once that was done, you were left exposed before him. You were expecting Shouto to follow suit, but he suddenly stood from the bed and trailed over to his nightstand. He jerked the top drawer open and rummaged his hand inside. You sat up, staring at him with furrowed brows. He wasn’t going to pull out a condom was he? There was no need for one—you’d established that you’d been on birth control since the beginning of your relationship. Plus, nothing would please you more than to hug Shouto’s raw, hard cock in your welcoming walls.
“Aren’t you going to undress?”
He continued his short search in the drawer, not meeting your eyes yet as he replied, “Oh, I will. But I don’t think it’s really gonna matter.”
You cocked your head. “Why?”
Your question was answered through Shouto completing his search as he pulled something out for you to see.
“Because I want you to wear this tonight.”
Your eyes locked onto a strip of lace fabric dangling between his fingers, an elaborate design sown on the material similar to a pattern you’d find on a set of lingerie.
“You want me to wear a blindfold?” You voiced the situation as you saw it.
He grinned at your obvious bemusement. “I read somewhere that shutting down one of your senses helps to amplify the others,” he went on to explain, pinching the black satin straps on each end to flatten out the material, “and of course, it adds an extra element of surprise, don’t you think?”
As he approached the bedside, you glanced back and forth at him and the blindfold, acknowledging that he was making a daring effort at spicing things up tonight. It was likely part of his ploy to wrestle your noises out.
There was silence where you should’ve responded. Shouto knelt on the edge of the bed. “Well baby, are you up for using this? It’s fine if you aren’t.”
“No, no, I’ll put it on. It seems like a fun idea,” you said earnestly. You weren’t letting a measly blindfold impede you tonight. That aside, you also held truth in your words. The prospect of obstructing your precious vision while Shouto had his way with you was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
Right before he lifted the blindfold toward you, Shouto stopped himself. “But first, what’s the safeword?” he diligently reminded you.
“Nea... Neapolitan.”
A smile graced his lips, rewarding your answer with a kiss on your temple. “Good girl.” He then prompted you to turn around so he could tie the lace material over your eyes.
In an instant, you saw nothing but darkness as pitch black consumed your vision. Your other senses began to fill in the emptiness left by your lack of sight, the sounds surrounding you amplified from even the quietest of rustles. Goosebumps ghosted your arms at the soft sheets suddenly embracing your back while Shouto’s rough hands situated you to lay your head against the pillow.
Your arousal heightened at every detail your enhanced senses could pick apart in the darkness. Just hearing the light shuffling of Shouto’s clothes being tossed off his built body while in the void made it unbearable for you to stay still. Your imagination kicked into gear to fill in the murky gaps, forming the image of his toned, contoured body that you’ve been so acquainted with. You could hear your heartbeat quicken at the thought.
You hadn’t realized that your hand started acting on its own accord, embarking up a route toward your breasts with a goal of relieving your deprivation. But Shouto didn’t grant you any gratification through self-pleasure. Grabbing your wrist, he cut your path short.
“No touching. That’s my job tonight.” His voice husked, the domineering edge making you pliant on command. You gulped and obediently withdrew your hand.
It wasn’t long until he fixed himself above you, the mattress dipping with the weight of his arms close to your body. Even with your sight stolen, you could register Shouto near your face, taking his time admiring your form beneath him. His icy breath ghosted your trembling lips.
“If you get uncomfortable, just say the word and I’ll stop right away. But until then, don’t expect me to go easy on you, love.” He offered a warning before diving into the heat of action.
A whimper escaped you amidst Shouto blazing his lips in an icy-hot trail down your jawline and your neck. You swore that a path of steam must have floated off your skin at the chilled nibbles that quickly fused into a searing sensation. The sudden transition from cold to hot left you squirming under him. You tilted your head into the pillow, panting out broken breaths. As a result, Shouto gave extra attention to the area, mapping the expanse of your neck.
“Focus on me. It’s just you and me tonight,” he commanded, glancing up to watch you at odds with yourself and these simulations. Then a solid gasp tore from your lungs as he sunk his teeth in your neck without warning, applying enough pressure to break skin and undoubtedly embed a mark. You focused on the sharp pain puncturing you before it steadily dispersed, your head digging into the pillow as your mouth parted with a squeal.
Shouto brushed his fingers around the spot he bit, admiring the hickey that was now embellished there. “You can’t see it, but this mark looks so pretty on you, sweetheart,” he said without a hint of dishonestly shrouded in his words. “I hope you don’t mind if I give you another one…”
“Ah–!” You couldn’t even voice your fondness for the idea as the icy-hot man went ahead and dug his teeth in the crook of your neck again, making your mouth only good for wailing sounds of pleasure. Your arms weaved around him, a hand in his hair to secure yourself while blinded.
“Hm, that was a good one…” Shouto murmured, focusing on your sounds. “But I’m sure you got more than just that.” Learning about what your ex had the gall to say to you had made him determined to rectify that idiot’s mistake and snatch your noises all for himself.
He proceeded planting open-mouth kisses toward the valley of your breasts, landing on a curve of soft flesh.
“When this is over, I’m gonna make all your exes nothing but a bad dream,” he muttered with your tits in his face, silky strands of dual-colored locks fanned out and tickling your skin. Finding your chest quite comfortable to lay on, Shouto nuzzled himself between them. At one point, you thought he was simply going to remain there and bask in the atmosphere, however, that belief was quickly squashed with a hitched breath stuttering your lungs. His left hand engulfed one of your breasts, kneading the tender mound with a heated palm.
“Make them wish they were here and regret every lie they ever said to you.” He continued musing sweet promises to your ears, but your mind was locked onto him teasing your breast. His thumb and index finger tantalized the hot pebble between them—twisting, rolling, and even pulling with a delicious amount of pressure that made your teeth grind together and for you to grip more of his red and white hair.
The thought of leaving your other tit unattended while its twin was receiving all the attention left his palate bitter. Maybe he could wash it off with a taste…
His tongue ran along the arc of your other mound in a circular motion, slowly moving toward the erect nub in the center that grew increasingly sensitive the closer he got. The tip of that mischievous tongue had dropped in temperature upon reaching the outer ring and languidly traced your areola. Your fingers that were woven in his hair tightened, dragging at his scalp. His ministrations had earned him an raspy moan as he flattened the appendage wholly against the exposed nipple, gliding over it with coolness clinging to the muscle that evoked a long whine past your lips.
Your body curved off the bed and delivered more of your flesh in his mouth. At your generosity, he sucked away, ravishing the stiff bud while staying consistent with his work on the opposite one, pinching harder with his tepid digits.
His pace was hungry and erratic, manipulating the hot and cold that struck your body like unrelenting waves against rocky shores. The sensations were becoming unbearable, especially with the blindfold amplifying every simulation that attacked you. Your senses were climbing at their peak and as a result, you foresaw a flame kindling in your belly.
“Wait—fuck—Sho, if you keep playing with my– I might– Shit!” Broken curses spilled off your tongue, coming to terms that it was futile to stop your orgasm from sneaking up on you. An explosion of nerves were crackling under your skin. Your mouth hung open to let loose a drawn-out cry that was loud enough to ring in Shouto’s ears, much to his delight—one of the first he had the privilege of hearing thus far. That beautiful sound alone told him exactly what happened. He sat up, a peculiar look in his eye.
“Did you just orgasm from me playing with your nipples?”
You laid still, your lips pursed in a line. Your mortification was written on your face—readable even with that band of lace hiding your expressive eyes. Realizing your answer, Shouto’s lips curled, pride swelling in his chest. He was by your side before your self-consciousness could overwhelm you, with nothing to gauge his reaction in the darkness.
“Fuck, is that sexy. Your sounds are so so pretty. You’re just so full of surprises tonight, sweetheart. It’s almost like I’m the one that’s being blinded here.” He bent down to keep your mouth company while shaping your sensitive tits in his hands, massaging them affectionately to ease the tension knotted inside them.
You couldn’t help your curious nature from uttering a question between kisses. “Have you ever… made anyone else cum like that?”
He moved to favor your cheek, a finger edging beneath the waistband of your panties. “No, baby. You’re the first.”
Hearing that washed away both the jealousy and uncertainty churning inside you. You were aware that Shouto had also been with others prior to you, not at all surprised when he disclosed that information at the start of your relationship. And though your time together grew to be the longest of all your old flames, you couldn’t help but occasionally compare yourself to his former partners. Learning that there was one unique aspect you shared with Shouto made you happier than you could admit.
Your blithe musings were quickly torn by the sneaky set of fingers prodding further inside your panties. Gliding his lithe yet calloused digits through your slippery folds, Shouto gathered a glossy coat around his fingers. A strained whimper leaked off your tongue. Your throbbing pussy was finally given relief after screaming to be touched since the very start.
You could hear how obscenely wet you were, your inner thighs soaked with slick arousal that made you want to bury your face in the pillows and fold them over your ears. You were at least glad the blindfold offered some form of blissful ignorance.
“Shit. You absolutely ruined this pair, love. No point wearing them anymore.” He hooked onto the panties and pulled them off, the material wringing as it rolled past your legs. His heterochromatic eyes roved over the dampness saturated at the crotch, appraising how soiled your underwear had gotten through your contactless orgasm. “Maybe I should keep these as a souvenir.”
You couldn’t determine whether he was joking or not. Regardless, it was hard not to react to the lewd implications of his words. “Oh, you…” Despite his clean princely image, Todoroki Shouto could be so dirty when he wanted to be, always knowing just how to push your buttons to get you hot and bothered.
His middle and ring fingers ran along your inner labia, purposely circling your entrance. He was so close to where you needed him to touch you, but it seemed like he was beating around the bush.
A desperate plea eluded you. “Sho– Please…”
Amused, Shouto watched your lips quiver as you tried calling out to him. “You want me to do something, baby? Go on then, tell me.” He cooed encouragement that compelled you to reveal your desires.
“Touch my clit…” Listening to the words that departed you, your voice evaporated into a whisper. Your dripping cunt was aching and closing around nothing as you throbbed with want. “Please, I… I need it.”
“You need it, huh?” he reiterated and you were quick to return that question with a frantic bob of your head. “If that’s the case then I’ll do more than just touch.”
Not a beat later did you feel something slippery join your engorged clit. You squirmed upon contact, discerning the skilled flicking motions to be his tongue on you again.
“Goddddd…” you drawled, the purposeful licks against you slowly making you come undone. Shouto reveled in you thrashing from the ecstasy coursing through your body. He relished every note of your wanton song as he toyed with the sensitive pearl in his mouth. At one point, he had caught you folding the sides of your pillow into your face, leaning your head into the cushion, and obstructing your noises from him. Of course, that wouldn’t fly with Shouto.
He paused his feasting to draw your hands away. You were confused as to why he stopped and where your hands were being led toward until you felt silky locks between your digits again.
“Your hands belong in my hair, got it? I don’t want them anywhere else.” His words vibrated on your clit, sending electric shocks of pleasure throughout your body as he expected you to pull on his scalp, especially when his fingers finally joined the fray. “You’re already wet enough for me to put two fingers in. Maybe three?” He tested the waters with two fingers inserted into your folds and you gasped at the immediate stretch upon entry. A chuckle reverberated from his lungs. He stuck to only two for now, tongue flicking against your bundle of nerves. He skillfully slipped his digit in and out of you, spreading your legs further apart whenever you tried to clamp them around his head, balling your hands in his strands.
“Fuck do I love this pussy… You’re so damn beautiful, fuck!” He couldn’t help but pour out praises when you were becoming such a hot mess for him, grinding your wet cunt on his tongue, and drowning in delirium that made your eyes on the verge of rolling back. Now with three of them inside you, his fingers opened you up, preparing you for his erection that was weeping, eager to be embraced by that pretty pussy of yours.
“Shit..! I-I can’t–!” you muttered between moans—a warning that your second orgasm was approaching quicker than the first. This time, Shouto had the mind to take the hint, smirking against your slit. To your astonishment, all sensations were suddenly ripped away from you, reducing you to feeling frustratingly empty and that knot in your belly to unwind altogether.
Pitch blackness still clung to your eyes as your upper body rose from the bed in retaliation. “Sho! What the fuck, I almost came!” Irritation laced your words, an exasperated look overtaking your features. You were sure he could make it out even with the damn blindfold covering half your face.
Expecting such a reaction, Shouto let out a quiet, dark laugh. You were coming out of your shell in more ways than one tonight. His hand snuck beneath your chin to yank you closer so you could hear every harrowing word off his tongue.
“Sorry to ruin your fun, but I want you on all fours. Right now.”
You could tell he had flipped a switch from his tone alone. Silently gulping down the thick lump in your throat, you turned around in place. You didn’t dare take the blindfold off just yet, maneuvering your body into position without question, no matter how awkwardly you were moving.
Ass poised in the air, hands and knees resting on the sheets, you had no idea how you appeared before his eyes. Judging by the breathy intake of air you heard behind you, you wanted to say he was satisfied.
Oh, was he satisfied alright. More than he could’ve ever asked for. “Ooo.. fuck me…” His palms laid flat on your ass, hands molding into your flesh and rubbing your plushness that spilled between his fingers. “A perfect ass, along with such a–” his thumbs ran toward your core, spreading your folds for him to see your drenched and twitching cunt, “perfect pussy.”
Your nails delved into the sheets, mouth gaping open when you felt something hard and veiny rut against your slit. You could manifest every ridge of his cock in your head, feeling it brush along your clit that was still sensitive from his tantalizations.
“Ah..!” A yelp fled your mouth, released by the sudden smack that stung your ass. That jolt of pain subsided underneath the caresses of his cold, right hand. Shouto rolled your flesh in his palm, gazing down with hooded eyes at your vulnerable form that urged for his cock to ruin you.
He licked his lips. “I’m gonna wreck you, sweetheart.”
“I-I– Mmph... ” Your words locked in your throat, overturned by the head of his cock slipping into your awaiting pussy. “Oh fuck...” you cursed at the stretch, your folds flowering slowly as you spread more of your legs to try and accommodate his size. You thought you would’ve been used to his girth by now, but to your amazement, Shouto’s cock deliciously sprawled you open time and time again.
“You’re so... so damn tight…” Biting his lip, the white and red haired hero suppressed the instinct to roughly thrust forward, but damn, were you making it hard. His head was dizzy with desire and need as his cock stuttered, sheathing itself between your warm, constricting walls.
At the same time, your entire body quivered in delight, feeling so full of him. Your skin dewed with sweat, anticipating the pounding that was about to come, to the point where you couldn’t bear the suspense anymore.
Luckily for you, Shouto somehow read your mind, moving his hips back and then forward to set the tempo. You drawled a sigh of relief, greedily sucking all of him in. You swore you were steadily getting drunk off his plunging cock, thoughts escaping you carelessly.
“Mmm, more…” you chanted.
“More?” Shouto quirked a brow, zoning in on your request.
“Yes, more. Harder. Faster. Please, I need everything you can give me.” You’ve never been this vocal in bed with him before, usually placing your trust in him to take care of you since your voice would only fail you in those situations. Yet this time, you were eager to play with fire, no matter how much you’d burn. “Thought you said you were gonna wreck me? Do it then.”
Threatening shadows glazed over his turquoise and gray eyes, your challenge awakening a fiend inside him.
Harder? Faster? Such an insatiable little thing. Shouto was going to give you all of that and more.
“You asked for this,” large, battle-hardened hands connected against skin, urging another enthusiastic squeal of yours to resonate in the air, “fucking slut.”
His unbridled vigor rocketed into motion, hips snapping forward and pistoning your sloppy cunt that obscenely clamped around him. Taken by surprise at his escalating speed and power, your body lunged forward. Your mouth hung wide in an ‘O’ shape, singing a lewd mantra of moans that grew louder with every strong thrust rippling through your body.
“Agh..! Mm.. fuckfuckfuck–!” Any noise that brimmed from your lips echoed across the spacious room, bouncing off the walls and pleasantly resounding back into Shouto’s ears. He rooted the euphony deep in his mind, planning to put it on repeat later for his own gratification.
Damn, what kind of a dumbass was your ex to say what you were spewing out of your mouth while being jackhammered by cock was anything but sexy. As far as he was concerned, no one was ever good enough for you to begin with.
“Everything about you is so fucking beautiful… Your body, your moans, this greedy little pussy… All mine.” His thoughts escaped him, echoing an unwavering statement. “No other man is gonna matter except me, you hear?”
His cock was stirring too much of your insides and turning your brain to mush for you to properly comprehend his words. Your upper body gradually sunk into the mattress, tongue lolling out of you as your eyes rolled back into your lids, cloaked beneath the lace. Your lack of response earned you a blaring slap against your asscheek. Blood spiked at your rear, splitting you from your fucked-out trance.
Moderate heat enveloped his left palm as he delivered one more impact against your ass to fully seize your attention. You shot up with a piercing yelp, the pulsating ache flashing a gleam of red in the corner of your surrounding darkness. Gripping the back of your head, Shouto mildly tugged your scalp.
“Keep screaming so I know whose whore you are. Don’t even think about stopping.” He breathed chills next to the shell of your ear. Your arms shook at the weight of his words, squishy inner walls clenching in shameless response around his length.
“Mm… Mm-hmm...” you forced a whimper.
Each considerate thought in your head shattered as quickly as it was formed thanks to the unrelenting thrusts snapping against your ass. You willed the next statement out as best as you could, pulling your slurs apart. “Yours… Only yours… I-I love you, Shoooo…”
Endearment consumed him and Shouto couldn’t stop his lips from brushing your cheek, darkened exterior mellowing in the light of your sincerity.  
“Oh baby, I just want to make you feel good… God, you especially make me feel so amazing. Your cunt keeps squeezing on my cock like it was made for me, what did I do to deserve you?”
His saccharine praises drowned in the waves of your sputtering as you uttered filth into the hot stuffy atmosphere, which was further met by the echoing of skin against skin and Shouto’s guttural snarls.
His hands were secured at your hips to leverage himself as he pounded into you vigorously. You clutched on the sheets for dear life with tears dampening the fabric wrapped around your shut eyes. The knot in your stomach that had loosened up when Shouto rejected you from your impending climax before this was tangling into a searing tight ribbon. “Sh-Shouto, please I wanna cum—please make me c-cum..!” you begged without a care, voice loud and clear.
Taking your request into consideration, he caressed his rough hands up your hips and waist. “Since you’re doing such a good job being vocal tonight, I think I should give you your reward–” His pace thundered into a merciless rhythm, heavy balls hitting the underside of your pussy as he rutted deeper and faster into your walls.
“Fuck, fuck, don’t stop!” you droned continuously, intoxicated by the blistering tension intensifying in your lower-half.
“Cum on my cock while I paint you sticky white. Scream my fucking name for me– Let me hear you.” Fingers embedded the skin of your hips, likely leaving bruises as he kept up the frenzied tempo of his thrusts, hitting that heavenly zone that made your back arch.
“There! There! Yes, yes, yes–!” Your chants inevitably died on your tongue, melting into incoherent stammers of approval until a deafening scream rippled from your tired lungs. The sound was unlike any you’ve unleashed before. After so much time containing yourself from fully embracing the feeling of sweet release and euphoria, you swore you were on the verge of blacking out from the intensity.
Lights flashed in the darkness consuming your vision, igniting like fireworks in every corner of your eyes while sparks bursted beneath your skin. Your limbs gave way for you to tumble onto the sheets, letting yourself be held up by Shouto who used you to achieve his own climax.
Witnessing such a beautiful, genuine sound from your parched lips while you gushed fervently around his cock, it didn’t take long for him to reach his peak. “C-Cumming!” He smacked his hips into you one last time to still himself, cock twitching within your pussy. Dumping his thick seed inside you, he filled your walls until there was no space left and his cream trickled out of your folds.
“So perfect, you’re so damn perfect, sweetheart. I love you so damn much.” Shouto used what energy he had left to muse nothing but affection for you, removing his softened length while soothing your body with tender touches. He admired your spent body beneath him that couldn’t summon an ounce of strength to even move. He took it upon himself to clean you up and take care of you, reaching for a towel to dry off the moisture clinging to your skin and finally relieve you of the blindfold to restore your sight.
Beams of light trickled your corneas, having to blink in numerous succession to adjust to the bright environment. Once your focus returned, you met Shouto’s grinning, handsome face, glad to be graced by it after what felt like an eternity. He swiped his thumbs below your eyes to rid you of the tears that had ended up streaking down your face. You held one of his hands that was attached to your cheek, turning over to kiss his palm.
As soon as you wiped yourselves down, he joined you on the bed, drawing you to his side so he could lovingly devour you with cuddles and pecks.
“That was…”
“Amazing?” he finished for you, running a warm hand up your arm and giving it a squeeze.
“Yeah, and more actually.” You giggled mirthfully, basking in the afterglow of sex as you nuzzled yourself in the crook of his neck.
Shouto petted the top of your head, but kept the conversation going. “You know, after all that’s happened today… From our talk at the cafe to the mind-blowing sex just now, I think it’s about time I gave you something.”
You glanced up at him with a curious quirk of your brow. “Hm? What ‘something’?”
“It’s something I’ve been meaning to hand over to you for a while now.” He rose from the bed, scooting off the sheets. “Close your eyes for me.”
“Heehee, you could always blindfold me again.” Your joke earned you a chuckle.
“Tempting, but I’ll leave that again for next time, love. Now if you would…”
You followed his request, lidding your eyes to fuel your evergrowing curiosity. You honed in on where Shouto’s steps took him, realizing he was still by the bedside, rummaging around the drawers. Then you heard a rattle of metal and him rustling back onto the mattress as he placed a cold, steely item in your hand.
You didn’t have to open your eyes to figure out what the object was by the jagged ridges rubbing against your palms. But your expression of astonishment didn’t diminish at the reveal either way.
“This is–”
“The key to my house.”
Those words could have only meant one thing.
You trailed from the key to Shouto’s face, silently asking if he was serious. A smile lifted his lips, hand wrapping around yours to curl your fingers into the key, making sure you registered the fact that yes, he was dead set on his offer to you.
“I want you to live with me, Y/n. This big place means nothing to me if I can’t share part of it with you,” he told you earnestly, a finger brushing your cheek to caress your jaw.
Shouto laid back on the expansive bed, but never tore his eyes away from you as he gazed at you expectantly. Through everything that had happened, you knew there was only ever one answer you could give him.
You dove for his lips, linking yourselves together while tightly gripping the golden key in your hand.
“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”
Tumblr media
copyright 2021 shotoh, all rights reserved. i do not allow my creations to be published or translated anywhere else so please do not repost this or share my content on tiktok.
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boxofbonesfic · 11 months ago
I'm gonna be rude in this ask for the challenge.
Bucky Barnes.
He swipes the parking space you were waiting for.
Bonus points if you make it into A/B/O but either way I am here for it.
okay but this provided me with the perfect meet cute, so i’m not even mad though—
Tumblr media
Title: Break lights
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader
Rating: Explicit
A/N: here goes my second entry into @syntheticavenger’s 5k challenge, located here! this prompt SENT me, because… what am i, if not a corny, horny pile of bones?? please enjoy, and also, i have one entry left, so if anyone wants to send another prompt, my inbox is open, lmao!!! thank you synth for hosting this bomb challenge, and for giving me the best prompts 🥺
How it started:
You’re a cautious driver—okay, maybe over cautious, but it was a dangerous world, and you had to be. You worked hard at your job at the coffee shop to be able to afford it, budgeting and scrimping and saving—you couldn’t afford major repairs.
Which was why parking on the street in front of work was such a hassle. People zipped by on the busy street, often only just avoiding hitting you as you slowly, carefully backed into whichever spot you’d found. Or worse, they waited impatiently behind you, honking and yelling as your nervousness made it even harder to line up correctly.
Those are things you’re used to.
What you’re not used to, is some asshole driving up into your spot just as you’d begun to reverse. You weren’t used to sitting there in shock as people drove into the other lane to pass you, watching as he got out, looking rather pleased with the great spot he’d managed to secure. He’s big—brawny, with dark chestnut hair. You can’t see his face, not really, but the smug smile is easy to read.
“Asshole.” You growl, your hands tightening on the steering wheel. You should get out and give him a piece of your mind, you should let him know he’s an entitled little—
“Hey lady! Move your ass!”
You should find another place to park.
Shamefully, you put the car into gear and look for a spot of your own. You find one eventually—three avenue blocks away—and trudge back to work. Priscilla is in the back when you arrive, and she throws an apron at you.
“Where’ve you been? It’s a shit-show out there,” she whines. “I told Maurice you were back here but he’s not going to buy that for long.”
“Thanks, Priss.” You reply, shrugging out of your denim jacket and fiddling with the apron ties. The front is slammed, just like she’d said it was, and you slide over to the register, punching your code in. “Hi, can I help you?” you ask, giving a cursory glance to the man in front.
“Americano. Black, please.”
You look up again, and your eyes narrow. The sun glasses are pushed up over his head now, but you recognize the parking spot thief from earlier easily now. Is it just me or is he… bigger? He seems even larger now, towering over you as he smiles politely. You sniff dryly, punching his order in. Alpha. Fucking typical.
“Anything else?” You keep your tone clipped and short, practically snatching his card from him when he offers it.
“Yeah, I’ll take one of those pastries too, the blueberry one.” You grab one, tossing it carelessly into a paper bag before swiping his card. You drop it to the counter and spin on your heel. “Uh, don’t you need my name—”
“No, when I yell ‘parking spot thief,’ you’ll know your order’s ready.” You snap at him, unable to keep quiet a moment longer. A look of disbelief crosses his face, followed by amusement. “Sir, please step aside, there are other people waiting behind you.” You gesture to the growing line of disgruntled people murmuring what you could only assume were disrespectful things.
He does, a little smile on his irritatingly handsome face.
Stupid Alpha. Alphas were always like that, pushing people around just because they could. You’d sworn you’d never settle down, and if you did, it certainly wouldn’t be with some entitled Alpha who never wanted you to do anything but pop out kids and cook his meals.
“Can I help you?” The next person steps up.
“You know, in all fairness, I didn’t know you were waiting for that spot,” he interjects, speaking over the middle aged woman as she tries to order.
“Sir, please. I’m trying to work. Also, who just sits in the middle of the street with their blinker on if they’re not trying to park?” You snap, glaring at him. “I’m sorry ma’am, what did you say?” You can hear Priscilla giggling behind you, like it’s funny.
“I’d like one of those iced ginger teas, and a vanilla—”
“You’d been sitting there like five minutes! I thought you were having car trouble or something.”
“Vanilla?” you repeat back to the woman, ignoring him.
“A vanilla latte, please.” She turns to the big Alpha, leveling him with a glare of her own, and he smiles sheepishly.
“I’ll have that right out for you. And you. If you’re done justifying sniping my spot, could you…?” You make a shooing motion with your hands, and he laughs out loud.
“Okay, okay, toots. I can take a hint, I’m sorry.” He holds his hands up apologetically. “Really. It’s all a misunderstanding.” Priscilla hands you his cup, and you hand it to him, your face heating when you see that she’s written Parking Spot Thief on it in large letters.
“It’s… fine. Have a good day sir.”
“No, no, let me make it up to you. You get a lunch break, right?” You feel your whole body go hot.
“I do but, I don’t think—”
“She’d love to go.” Priscilla chimes in from behind you. “Seriously, I’m not going to watch you eat five day old muffins and get sick again.” You grimace at her. Why would you bring that up?
“How about pizza?” he asks, grinning. “Better than day old muffins, right?”
How it’s going:
“Feel me in your belly, right, sweetheart?” Bucky croons at you, lifting your hips only to let you bounce back down onto his dick. He presses his vibranium hand to your tummy and grins. “Oh yeah. There I am.” It’s pleasurable torture as he splits you open, your slick leaking down onto his thighs and the leather seats of his car underneath.
You’re babbling, half formed words and pleas leaving your trembling mouth as he fucks you stupid in the passenger seat. Tears are leaking down your cheeks as your pussy clenches desperately around the length of his thick cock, and your hands are fisted in his open dress shirt.
“God, ah, oh fuck, please, please, please—”
“Need me to make you cum, sweetheart? Show you how sorry I really am?” Bucky grunts, his hips snapping up into yours as he forces his cock as deep inside you as it’ll go. You don’t know how long is left on your lunch break, and quite frankly, you don’t care—Priss’ll cover, right? You think fleetingly, your hand burying itself in his hair as you keen. “Fucking shit, toots, do that again,” he growls, his lust dark eyes locking in on yours.
You do, threading your fingers through the silky strands of his hair and pulling. He hisses and leans forward, scraping his teeth against your throat. The feel of them rasping over the gland at the base of your neck makes your pussy constrict violently around his cock, and he curses.
“Mother fuck, you are tight.” He licks a stripe from your collar bone to your throat. “Toots, this is—ugh, fuck—gonna have to keep you, you know that, don’t you?” He’s rolling his hips into yours, his lips brushing the shell of your ear as he mumbles all the things he’s going to do to you, all the ways he’s going to make sure you remember the feel of his cock.
“Oh fucking God,” You wail, sobbing as you throw your head back. You’re cumming so hard you can’t think, can’t see—staring blindly up at the roof of the car as you feel the base of his cock thicken and swell. Bucky presses his face between your breasts, his curses muffled by your skin as he sheathes himself tightly into your cunt, holding you in place as he cums. You can feel the hot, hard jets of his spend against the abused walls of your pussy, feel it leaking out around the base of his knot.
He leans you back against the dash, staring admiringly down the plane of your body to where your pussy is stuck fast on his cock.
“Is this how you always apologize?” You ask after a moment, gulping air down into your bereft lungs.
“No,” he admits, laughing as he smooths hair out of his face. “But I dunno, I could make a habit of it.” You smile dopily back at him, feeling your hindbrain release it’s death-grip on your consciousness. Oh fuck.
“Shit, what time is it?” You sit up, wincing as his knot pulls at your cunt while you search for your phone. You hope you’re not late—Priscilla having to fend off Maurice twice in one day was not the fate you were hoping to leave your best friend to.
“1:45,” he answers, pointing behind you to the dash. You sigh with relief—fifteen minutes till you’ve got to be back at work. “Late for something?”
“Yeah, I’ve got to be back at 2.”
“Hmm.” You feel him roll his hips into yours experimentally, and you moan, biting your lip.
“What are you doing?”
“I think I’ve got time to apologize again, don’t you?” He puts his hands on your hips, the metal one cool against your heated flesh. Bucky grins at you lopsidedly, licking his lips. “And if you’re free for dinner later, I can apologize again then too.”
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twisted-jamil · 2 months ago
hii, i really liked this hc, so if u don't mind, could u please write one of that but with azul, idia and malleus? it's ok if u don't feel like!! have a great day 💕
This is such an old request I’m so sorry ( ; ; )It got buried in my inbox - hopefully I can still write this prompt well!
Tumblr media
Azul, Idia, and Malleus reacting to a selective mute S/O talking to them for the first time
Female reader
,, CW: none 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
In relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
- The octopus man would be lying if he said he wasn’t bothered by you never speaking to him. His mind was a jumbled mess between being worried you didn’t trust him enough, and being upset at himself for not being trustworthy.
- Was it his constant deals with people that made you wary of him? Maybe the hidden clauses in his contracts that his victims patrons failed to see?
- Either way, he knew there was some reason why you spoke to other people but not him, and he was determined to find out why.
- That is until he was sitting in the VIP lounge, eyes half closed and waiting for you to come visit him the way you did every night. He didn’t even realize he was dozing off.
- Had he really been lacking on sleep that much?
- “Azul. Azul?” He heard a soft voice questioning his name, eyelids softly flickering open and looking toward the source. Your eyes shining back toward his barely even registered in his sleepy mind.
- “Yes?” he replied. “Sorry, I must have dozed off-” He paused.
- Wait what? Suddenly, your peculiar boyfriend was wide awake and had a look of bewilderment clouding his face, turning as red as a tomato in the blink of an eye. You actually spoke to him????!
- He had to regain his composure, hand quickly moving to push his glasses back and clearing his throat before asking, “Lets go on our date now.” He wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but you could tell his excitement.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
- Another man who didn’t really mind your quietness. In fact, he quite enjoyed it since he wasn’t very talkative in most settings (and when he would go on rants about his interests he knew you would be the first person to listen without distraction).
- Part of him wondered why you didn’t speak much: Were you just shy like him, or did something happen in your past that made you wary?
- You were sitting in his room gaming with him, you both continuously getting into silently-spoken competitions of “I can totally beat you in a 1v1 Mario Kart.”
- So far you had been beat by your endless-gamer boyfriend every single round… but things were starting to look up for you when you got to Rainbow Road! His coordination was all thrown off because you just happened to practice this map every night alone for absolutely no particular reason.
- “YES! I beat you!” you exclaimed happily, surprising Idia, his face and the tips of his hair instantly beginning to turn red.
- You had finally talked? Should he point it out or will that make you shut down??? Should he just move on and pretend it never happened or would that make you sad????
- There was only one alternative he could think of. “..I beat you on the other 3 maps.” You gave him a defeated look.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
- Malleus couldn’t help his simple romantics, but one of his biggest wants was to hear you speak to him. To reassure him.
- Or maybe he was just interested in hearing how beautiful you’d sound. He’d met so many people through his life who were similar to you, that only ever spoke to certain people at certain times.
- He tried to not put too much thought into it.
- You two were taking a nightly stroll, something you did probably twice every week just to spend time together. Being an heir made your boyfriend very busy, and being a servant to the crazy enslaver Crowley made you equally as busy.
- He was telling you about his day, something he often did to make the walks more interesting for you.
- You enjoyed it no matter what.
- Then he tripped over a rock, epitome of grace and significance falling down in front of you, hands barely managing to catch himself. “Malleus!” you had shouted out as you rushed for him. “Are you okay??”
- He looked at you, slightly ruffled up from the tumble, staring you in the eyes as he stayed sat on the ground.
- “Pardon?”
- “Are you okay?” you repeated, quieter and unsure of yourself. Your boyfriend nodded, grabbing your hand as you held it out for him.
- What a gentle noise. He’d ask you to repeat yourself a million times if he could, but for now you’d both walk again in silence.
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zbeez-outlet · a month ago
Hello, I have another Levi Ackerman x femreader request after the amazing job you did on my first one! I would like to request one where the reader is sick and Levi has to look after her. Like one where the reader is sick during training and Levi carries her back to his office and claims it's his duty to look after her as he's her Captain. Fluff, hurt/comfort and angst would be much appreciated. Hope that's okay :)
Levi x FemReader
Canon Universe
Concept: See request above!
Summary: As the newest member of the Special Operations Squad, you're eager to prove yourself not only to your Captain, but also to yourself that all of your hard work has paid off. Weakness breeds doubt, something you're not willing to entertain for a moment. Waking up with a fever and nausea curling in your stomach makes proving yourself just a pinch more difficult. Maybe no one will notice.
Warnings: Angst, illness, vomit, fever, some cursing, (If I missed anything, please let me know)
A/N: I am now tackling the amazing requests I've gotten in my inbox. If you've made a request, know that it's on its way and I'm writing as much as I can. You all have some great ideas! If you want to make a request, check out my Submission Guidelines for more details and keep an eye out for my inbox to reopen :)
The world tilts dangerously about a third of the way through your ninth lap around headquarters and you're starting to think the ache you'd felt that morning in your stomach was more than just residual cramping from your last period. Since then, you've gotten dizzy, become prone to sweating and sudden chills within seconds of each other, with a sore throat and a heavily congested chest, and you've had to swallow down the threat of nausea several times since breakfast.
You're sure the sloppy oatmeal you'd choked down will look just as appetizing coming up as it did going down.
Sweat drips into the divots of your collarbone, soaking unpleasantly into the fabric of your uniform and making everything disgustingly sticky. You struggle to suck in air as you run, already several meters behind the others in your new squad, but something heavy has settled in your chest, pushing on your lungs.
You feel pathetic.
It's been nearly six weeks since you were transferred into the Special Operations Squad by request of Captain Levi himself. They welcomed you with open arms and teasing taunts for the newbie, but you were quick to give as good as you got once you got a feel for their dynamic and boundaries. You'd managed to keep up well despite being several years younger and with only a fraction of the experience they'd survived, making especially close friendships with Petra - as the only other girl - and Eld, who tended to act particularly brotherly. Just those few weeks and already you feel like you've gained a new family.
And now here you are, two weeks from the next expedition, sick pooling in your stomach and pulsing in the heartbeat behind your eyes, unable to finish your squad's morning lap rotation. Shame swirls in your throat, a part of you angry with yourself that you can't just shake this off. The larger part of you is just trying to stay on two feet while the world seems to shift unnaturally below you, practically praying that the tears you feel building in your eyes don't overflow.
At the sound of someone calling your name, you trip to your knees when the vertigo of looking up has you stalling. Strong hands steady your shoulders so you don't completely face plant into the grass, and before you think too much on it, your own fingers grip at their wrists as a grounding point.
"Cadet, talk to me," a deep voice you know all too well barks by your ear. Your Captain was the one to catch you, how embarrassing. You wonder how much he's questioning your addition to the squad.
"Captain I - sorry, sir...dizzy." You lean further forward passed Captain Levi's shoulder, practically folding yourself in half as you try to steady the shifting haziness in your vision. "Woke up not - not right...thought it'd pass but...but got worse."
Even you think what you just said makes about as much sense has one of Squad Leader Hange's rambling titan tangents.
Fingers cold like ice press to your forehead, the shocking sensation having you flinching back onto your heels. "Tch, don't move so much," your Captain orders, holding you in place by the scruff of your neck and laying his palm against your forehead again. "You have a fever. You're done for the day, Cadet."
"Wait, no - I can...just give me a minute - "
"You disobeying me, Cadet?"
You swallow, both to keep the rising nausea at bay and at the subtle sting of the harsh authority in his voice. "No, Captain Levi, sir!"
"Lose the equipment, the others will take care of it. I'll help you back to the barracks." He sounds uncharacteristically soft when he says it, helping to guide your hands along the straps. You always train in full kit to make sure your bodies are toned and used to the extra weight.
As you go about unbuckling the various straps, you finally notice the rest of your squad huddled around your pitifully kneeling form. You expect to see teasing smirks barely holding back biting jabs about being new and weak and young, but you only spot the curving worry of Petra's frown and the matching concern sparkling in Eld and Gunther's eyes. Even Oluo, who's always had the iciest barbs to through about your age and minimal experience, seems gruffly perturbed by your downed state. It almost makes you want to cry, realizing how much they already care about you in such a short amount of time.
You pass off the last of your equipment to Eld who has taken to kneeling beside you, heavy hand on your trembling shoulder. "Getting sick happens, just take care of yourself, alright? You'll be running laps around us again in no time." He smiles at you, gently cuffing your chin with a soft fist. You nod and manage half a watery grin in response.
"Eld, I expect you to lead the rest of training today. No slacking off you four," Captain Levi orders, not even bothering to watch as they salute him and head back to the lap route. His eyes are strangely focused on yours, and you briefly wonder how disgusting you must look between the cold sweat and the dirt that's built up on your uniform. "Think you can stand?"
Honestly no, but you think you can try, so you nod anyway.
Standing turns out to be the easy part, as long as you go slow. Your Captain stays close, hands hovering like he expects you to fall. A fair assumption, but you're proud to say you got to your feet with little to no issue - except the ache in your joints and migraine sharpening in your temples and the shivers wracking your body. Then you attempt a step forward, and it feels like the grass and the clouds have suddenly switched places as you try not to collapse again.
"Tch, yeah thought so," Captain Levi grumbles behind you. You're about to apologize when his hands are abruptly turning you just so, arms winding around your shoulders and below your knees. He holds you close to his chest, quick steps heading towards the barracks, and all you can do is stare at the sharp curve of his jaw as a blush you want to blame on the fever rises to your cheeks. His silver eyes glance down at you and he scoffs. "You throw up on me and you'll have stable duty for the next two months."
You snap your gaping mouth shut, choosing not to question the bizarre situation you've found yourself in, and hope the way you relax into his arms isn't too obvious.
"Sorry Captain, for disrupting training," you mumble, daring to rest your head below his chin because your muscles are aching and your neck was struggling to hold you up.
He hums, the rumble of the sound vibrating against your arm. "Not your fault you're sick, brat. You tried to work through it, I get that," he sighs like he's as exhausted as you are. "Just, listen to your body next time. Go to the infirmary, ask for some rest. We take training seriously here, but not at the expense of your overall health and wellbeing. It would do more harm than good. Don't be an idiot."
That makes sense, and you probably would have done so if you weren't so caught up in the pressure associated with being in the Special Ops Squad. Only a few weeks into your new assignment at that. This feels like a major step back from your progress in the military, not to mention a hit to your pride.
But still, sloppy training at the risk of your health is dangerous. You should have known better.
"Apologies then sir, for not speaking up sooner."
"Stop with the apologies, I already said it's not your fault," he huffs, rolling his eyes as he steps into the cool corridor of the barracks. You've never been this close to him before; his eyelashes are beautifully long and his cheeks seem soft. "Besides, as your Captain, I should have noticed something was off."
You're quick to shake your head despite the way it makes your vision spin. "Captain no, I - "
"Shut up, we're not going to argue about this now. Or ever." But you want to argue because the decision you made to move forward with training despite not feeling well was hardly his fault. You bite your tongue, focusing instead on the startling fact that he's not leading you to the infirmary or your dormitory.
"Uh, sir?" You frown, slowly recognizing the bend of the hallway. "Are we...are we going to your office?"
"We are." He slightly adjusts his hold on you, a fresh wave of heat highlighting your cheekbones when you're reminded of your position. "That a problem?"
"No, no I just...don't understand. The, um, the infirmary - "
"Is crowded with disease and noise and not a suitable place for getting any real rest. And someone needs to keep an eye on you so you don't choke on your own vomit or something."
It suddenly hits you as he's deftly maneuvering his body to nudge the door to his office open, outside of orders and mission briefs, you've never heard him speak this much before. You chew on your cheek, fingers fiddling in your lap. He has a really nice voice.
You can't really imagine him bringing someone like Oluo, or any of the others, to his office like this - except maybe Petra, but they've always been especially cordial - and you feel overwhelmed by the whole situation.
The Captain's quick to leave you standing on your own, leaning against the edge of his desk for balance, while he disappears into his adjacent quarters. You're left stumped and still a little dizzy while you wait for him to come back. Idly, your fingers trace the dark wood of his desk, coming away clean of course, noticing the intricate alignment of every little knickknack and stack of paperwork on the surface. You end up having to grip the surface when you feel yourself start to tip over.
You blink, and Captain Levi is standing in front of you, brow furrowed as he steadies you with one hand, the other holding a pile of blurry fabric. Blurry? No, no wait, that's just you.
"Showering's out of the question until you can stand more than a few seconds without falling over," he mumbles - to himself, you think because he doesn't seem to wait for any kind of response from you. He pushes the fabric into your hands. "Change into these so you're at least in clean, comfortable clothes. I'll be back in a few minutes."
"Where...?" But you don't finish, exhaustion suddenly pulling at the weight of your tongue.
"Some tea will help, and Hange has a store of medicine in their office. Get changed, sit on the couch, I'll be back soon." It's gruff and curt and the familiarity of the tone has you relaxing into the strange circumstances that have lead you to your Captain's office today.
He's out the door before you have a chance to nod that you understand, so you sigh and take a moment to just catch your breath.
That turns out to be a bad idea.
Your stomach churns, and you only have the warning of your throat constricting before you drop the clothes and scramble towards the bathroom you know is in the Captain's quarters with your palm holding your mouth shut. A few agonizing milliseconds later and you're heaving into the porcelain bowl of his toilet. You're so fucking grateful you made it to the bathroom, pretty sure that if you had thrown up all over your Captain's clean floors, not only would you be off his squad, but you'd probably also find yourself dishonorably discharged from the military entirely.
The way your stomach cramps brings tears to your eyes. You were right, the oatmeal looks about the same as it did going down. A mix of sweat, tears, and saliva drips off the point of your chin, and you can't think of a way to be more miserable.
You're not sure how long you sit there, fingers white-knuckled on the porcelain edge, throat gagging even when there's nothing left in your stomach.
"Shit," you hear, cold hands dragging across the clammy skin of your neck, tugging back your hair. The Captain's back, pulling your hair from the slick of your sick. Walls, you hope you don't look as pathetic as you feel. "Okay, okay just...let it out."
"Hu-hurts," you whimper, spitting into the toilet.
He shushes you, swiping what you think is a cold damp cloth across your sweaty forehead and spit sticky chin. It feels nice. "I know, I know. It'll pass, just let it out."
Minutes pass stuck in the miserable cycle until you finally feel steady enough to push away from the bowl, leaning back against the wall to take deep gulps of air. You flinch at the clear glass of water held to your lips, but manage a few stale sips without feeling the urge to cough it back up again.
Captain Levi runs the cool cleansing cloth along your skin, sharp silver eyes tracking all over your face so intently you find yourself swallowing for a different reason entirely. Eventually his gaze settles on your own, the concern softening the stoic glare you're so used to seeing, and you nearly want to cry again.
"Thank you, Captain," you manage between labored breaths, eyes half-lidded at the drop in your energy.
"Hmm?" Your brows furrow, head lolling back against the wall in your confusion.
"Just Levi is fine, we're not on duty right now."
You're not sure what to say, stalled by your tongue stuck in your throat. Actually saying his name like that, so familiarly...you don't think you can.
Maybe you can just think it.
Instead of replying you just nod, sniffing a little as you flush the evidence of a disgusting half hour down the toilet. "Sorry about that."
"Couldn't be helped, don't worry about it," Levi - wow, that's strange - dismisses with a wave of his hand. "Thanks for sparing my floors."
A halfhearted and decidedly painful chuckle shakes your shoulders, though you're grateful for the levity. "Anytime, sir."
He scoffs at the honorific, but can he really expect you to drop decorum so easily? You hardly think so, though he's already treated you a fair bit better than some friends of yours in this situation, let alone a superior.
Levi tosses you the same clothes he'd picked out before, standing to his full height, seeming as imposing as ever from your spot on the tile. "Try to change, go slow if you feel dizzy. Drink the rest of that if you can," he points to the water glass on the vanity. "I'll be right outside in case you fall or something."
Changing clothes turns out to be less nausea inducing and far more exhausting than you expected. You fold your uniform as neatly as possible, stacking the clothes on your discarded boots in the corner of the bathroom. The pants Levi gave you fit well enough, a little short on the ankles and tight at the hips - not surprising given his slimmer waist. The socks are warm and thick, almost cozy. He gave you a larger t-shirt that you almost wonder if it even belongs to him, the shoulders of it broad and length extra baggy, but you've been known to buy oversized sleep clothes for the swaddled comfort, so you don't think on it too much. The fabrics are soft and smell like fresh linen, clean and slightly lemony.
You pull back your hair to quickly rinse your face and gurgle some water to get the acidic taste of bile off your tongue. Without a toothbrush, you try to scrub at your teeth with your finger to clean out as much as you can. Dutifully, you tackle the task of drinking the water cup, both parched and fearfully nauseous at doing so.
It goes down relatively smoothly, which allows at least some of your lost pride to trickle back in.
You clumsily stumble from the bathroom, surprised at how quickly Levi's arms find their way around your waist to steady you. He keeps one hand high on your hip, the other gripping your elbow, as he leads you back into his office to sit on the couch. He sits on the table next to the tray of tea he'd promised and a bottle you know is some tasteless medicine you'll have to choke down.
"Much." You lick your lips, looking from your Captain to the tray of tea. "I have to drink that now, don't I?"
A dry smirk pulls at his cheek as he goes about pouring you a cup with a small drizzle of honey. "If you want any chance at feeling better, yes. The tea will settle your stomach, the medicine is for the rest." He takes what looks like a comically large table spoon in your hazy eyes and fills the curve of it with the amber colored medicine. Your nose scrunches, lips drawing into a thin closed line. "Don't be a baby, just take the damn medicine."
"You fight titans for a living."
"They're gross too, what's your point?"
"My point is, a talented soldier like you shouldn't be afraid of a little medicine."
Your chest puffs up, a weirdly teasing smile drawing across your face. Everything about this has been strange and otherworldly as Levi actually cares for you on your sickbed - er, couch. "Talented, huh?"
"Shut up and take the shitty medicine before I force it down your throat," he grumbles, and you have to blink away the illusion of a dusty pink warming his ears. You lean forward to accept the spoon, fully aware of the reality of his threats. Like the water, it goes down smoothly if a little bit thick, and tastes of the herbs you remember from childhood under the care of your mother's kindness when illness struck. Once Levi proves you've swallowed it with a hilariously thorough scan of your open mouth, he brings the warm cup of tea to your lips and encourages you to drink the whole thing in a string of gentle sips. The warmth of it spreads through your body, soothing the ache in your throat and relaxing your muscles, helping you sink further into the cushions of the couch.
He's wonderfully patient with you, and you're not really sure how to feel about it besides grateful and maybe a bit embarrassed.
You blink slowly, lids drooping and chin dipping towards your collar when staying upright proves to be a challenge.
Strong hands you trust with your life guide your head down onto a pillow, lifting your feet from the wood flooring so that you're lying across the length of the couch. A heavy quilt is draped over you, curbing the rising shakes you feel building up in your spine, and you can't help but snuggle into the plushness of it all.
"G'night, Levi," you mumble in the exhale of a yawn, eyes slipping shut with a gentle flutter.
"Get some rest." Your name rings from between his slips, quiet and fond and almost reverent if you were coherent enough to be aware of such things.
You fall asleep to the loving touch of something soft and rare and precious against your forehead.
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𝔒𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢 𝔴𝔞𝔰 𝔶𝔬𝔲, 𝔪𝔢, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔲𝔰 || 𝔖𝔦𝔫𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔖𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢 𝔵 𝔣𝔢𝔪!𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯||
Tumblr media
𝔖𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: It is Stephen's turn to search the library for spells to return to their universe, leaving (Y/N) alone with the Sinister Strange. They end up having a conversation about "old times."
𝔗𝔞𝔤𝔰/𝔚𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: Cursing
𝔗𝔞𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱: (Comment/Reblog/Use my inbox if you wish to be tagged!) @jimin-sii @ghost-lantern @dopeqff @dragonqueen89 @weirdhorrorenthusiast @justsomecreaturewandering @fadedeuphoria @yuugenmomo @slut-for-matt-murdock @sonnensplitter @isasv @catherinewind05 @thewestcoasts @sanctumsanctorumshenanigans @nancy-thompsons @kuboshu1 @mylovelyreblogs @uncle-eggy @sweet0pia-uwu @severuined @dishwasher666 @andrewswifes-blog
ɑ/ɳ: I must let you all know that I have been reading every single comment and I appreciate you guys SO MUCH!!! It's a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning to read the walls of comments under the chapters ❤ A huge thank you <3 P.S: I feel like this chapter is all over the place and I'm not proud of it, I'm very sorry!
Tumblr media
"Alright Stephen," (Y/N) cracked her fingers and neck in an attempted to release the discomfort in her muscles. "You're up."
Doctor Strange was sitting in the couch meditating while Sinister Strange was by one of the windows, gazing outside - in (Y/N)'s mind they looked like two territorial cats on the edge of attacking each other. Stephen opened his eyes, first looking at the other Strange - as if to check if he was still there - and then back to her.
He quirked his eyebrow. "Are you sure?" The sorceress nodded, "Maybe you should search harder. "
Dumbfounded, (Y/N) stared at him in silence before crossing her arms. She knew the reason for his strange - no pun intended - behaviour, Stephen had made it clear he did not want her alone with his dark counter-part. But (Y/N) was a grown woman who had spent the rest of the day studying and she had more than enough with his paranoia.
"Stephen, I spent the last 7 hours in the library. You better move your ass from that couch before I kick it." The heroic sorcerer raised his eyebrows as if challenging her. Sinister Strange's shoulders shook lightly. "The only thing close enough were some books about time manipulation and time travel."
While the two sorcerers discussed it - more like Stephen trying to convince (Y/N) to keep searching, they missed Sinister Strange's slight head turn after the young sorcereress mentioned the books she found.
"Be careful, please." Their eyes met. It had been so long since Stephen's eyes carried vulnerable emotions in their reflection - once, (Y/N) used to drown herself in the warm waters of his gaze -, emotions that he had swore to hide away from the universe.
(Y/N) winked, a comforting smile spreading on her features. "You know me."
Stephen sighed and made his way to the library with great hesitance, "That's why I'm worried."
The atmosphere was lifted once the two sorcerers weren't in each other's presence. (Y/N) aspired loudly and dramatically fell onto the couch - the dust hovered in the air but that didn't matter, she was thankful she finally had a place to rest.
Once settled, (Y/N) let her mind wander. So much had changed in the last six years, ever since The Blip, and ever since she...was gone for five years. Still, of course, it felt like it happened yesterday - she remembered her disappointment in Stephen after he gave the stone to Thanos, and the disturbing peace she felt when she was 'dying' - at least she wouldn't be here to see the aftermath.
"Stephen?" The sorcerer turned around to look at (Y/N). In this reality, it was not him who was snapped, it was his companion-in-magic. "What did you do?"
"I'm sorry." He wished he could disappear as well, the haunted yet grave look on her face was enough to make his stomach twirl in regret. "There was no other way."
The sorceress hissed at the memory - She believed in putting the greater good above others lives, but in her mind, there was a limit not to crossed. Even if they got everyone back, tried to bring normality to the world, it had a cost. Of course, everything had a cost.
And that cost was heavy on her shoulders.
"Those books I found," Strange remained stoic by the window, "We don't have them back in our universe. Where did you get them?"
"In a library." Now, the sorcerer turned to her with a cryptic smirk playing on his lips. (Y/N) quirked her eyebrow and crossed her arms.
"Why are you studying about time manipulation and time travel...Strange?" A sting of fear made her second-guess her choice of conversation when the sinister sorcerer stood tall in front of her - she didn't even see him coming!
Sinister Strange slowly lifted her chin up to look at him - he had been so eager to feel her, to know that this wasn't another hallucination of his fractured mind. The sorcerer bored his gaze on hers, that trademark look that he has with his piercing blue eyes, and immediately followed by a crooked smile.
"It is not polite to interrogate the host, now is it?" (Y/N) could almost see the amusement behind his eyes, and his actions made her heart beat faster that she could feel it on her head - but defiant, she got up to level up with him as best as she could. This was not the time to let her feelings get in the way, he was still Stephen Strange after all.
"We're not your enemies."
Strange hummed and shook his head, "No, you are not." He cut her short before (Y/N) could reply, "My apologies." Strange took a step back, allowing her some space, "It has been a long time since I had...proper interactions with someone."
The sorceress could understand the feeling, somewhat, or at least she tried to. It had not been easy adjusting to normal life after being gone for five years. "I get it, I really do." She laughed to ease off the tension, "You try being gone for five years and adapt to life afterwards."
Now it was Sinister Strange's turn to feel confused - and of course, (Y/N) could tell by the curious yet surprised look on his (often emotionless) face that the Blip had not occurred here.
"What...What happened?" His voice, too, sounded softener. "Did you..." Strange couldn't even bring himself to finish the sentence. Did she die and her Stephen brought her back? Without any consequences? How?!
"Well, technically, yes, but then Bruce brought everyone back." A saddened look befell on her eyes, "But sadly that did not affect those who died during those five years."
There was silence, but a comforting one. It was like he was giving her time, and space, to feel her emotions and let them all out for him to see.
"Thanos used the Infinity Stones to kill half of the universe, all thanks to Stephen who gave him the last stone." (Y/N) sighed. "I'm sorry, you would've probably done the same thing."
"I would not." Strange narrowed his eyes as if he took offense to that.
Despite being the same person, having the same genes, Strange was proving himself to be...a different man than her Stephen was. (Y/N) did not know if she should be frightened or not.
She couldn't help but look outside.
"So is this what happened...?" It was more of a loud thought than a question, "You didn't give Thanos the time stone and...this was the result."
The sorceress did not expect an answer this time - Her theory was making perfect sense in her mind. The fog surrounding the distorted buildings in the distance gave her a sensation of deja vu, or maybe an impeding doom? She could no longer tell the difference.
Strange remained silent as he watched her.
"There is a..." Stumbling on his words, the sorcerer cleared his throat. "You can use your bedroom upstairs. You clearly need a shower and a change of clothes." (Y/N) stared back at him with widen eyes, "And try to get some sleep."
"Thank you," Gods, she could hug him right then if she didn't feel like it'd be evading his bubble, "Thank you so much!" Even if she couldn't hug him, she sure as hell could run upstairs like there was no tomorrow.
With her scene done, there came another character to the stage that was the Sanctum.
Hidden in the shadows, the heroic Doctor Strange was witness to his sinister counter-part interaction with his protégé - He was ready to defend them both if Sinister Strange attacked, but that was not the case, just yet - and once the protagonist was no longer in sight, all facade was put aside. The sinister doctor locked eyes with Stephen and unlike (Y/N), he saw a reflection of death and destruction behind his mirror.
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fillinforlater · 2 months ago
Eleven to One: Into the Next
Male Reader x Ahn Yujin & Kwon Eunbi
Length: 3094 words
Tags: Mommy/Daddy Kink, blowjob, deepthroat, tits play, titjob, finger fucking, cunnilingus, girl-on-girl, sub-dom-dynamic, fucked_up!family 
TW: the whole family stuff is kinda fucked up ngl
Inspiration: @friskyriskywhisky for some pics
Credit: @sooyadelicacies for co-writing!
Tumblr media
“Oppa we've done it with Minju-unnie, who should we invite next?” Sent by Yujin.
“Yujin, you naughty girl baby girl, why does this not make you jealous? Or is Daddy not enough for you?”
“I'm not jealous anymore. How dare you say that~" Sent by Yujin.
“So I'm not good enough?" you playfully reply, actually getting excited at the thought of Yujin inviting another of her friends. Although it is very unlikely
“Baby girl, your former IZONE members are very attractive. Who do you think you could invite next?”
“My daddy is really ambitious, I like it. I'm actually sitting in front of one of them rn." Sent by Yujin.
“Yujin, baby girl....can I make a confession..." It was rare for her Daddy to get shy or insecure about something so she was curious.
“Oh, Daddy~ what is it? That seems very not-normal.” Sent by Yujin.
“I love being Daddy to you, you know that's a huge kink of mine, but I...I also have another kink, besides just Daddy and feet...I've always thought Eunbi is pretty, but I have a...she gives me a mommy kink....I guess I was nervous to tell you because I didn't want you to judge me make you think of less me as a man or Daddy if I have a mommy kink…”
Yujin reads your message and for a second you are scared at her reaction. It doesn't help that she takes a long time to respond. But suddenly, a voice message hits your inbox. 
"Hahaha, my daddy! I feeeeeeel you so hard. I got a huge Mommy kink for my Unnie too... she just has the perfect vibe, personality and assets to be a Mommy." Sent by Yujin
It's like you can hear Yujin wink from the other side of the phone.
“You know I love you Yujin baby, and I adore Minju too, and I have dreamt of some of your other members. With Eunbi, I've fantasized a lot about calling her mommy. I'd still of course be Daddy to you, I'd just switch ya know?”
“And I wouldn't have it any other way. See you this evening, daddy~” Sent by Yujin.
“Wait what?? You're actually going to ask Eunbi?" 
After sending this frantic text, your face blushes in deep red. Being a confident CEO and a dom with Yujin was absolutely natural for you, but you admired Eunbi's talents and beauty and heart. Your crush on her has always been one with butterflies in your stomach and lewd thoughts in your head. 
However, your connection to the former IZ*ONE leader is only very loose, so even the mention of an unexpected connection makes you excited like a child before Christmas.
Yujin ignored your text.
Slightly abashed and uncertain, but also thrilled for the night, you keep on working. Hours of meetings, interviews, research and coffee breaks later, you leave the tall office building, changing the scenery of wooden tables to asphalt roads.
In your car, you check your phone and see that Yujin send you two pictures of hefty bills: one from a luxurious coffee shop, the other from a famous fashion brand. You sigh at the price tag, but your eyebrows shoot up at Yujin's follow-up message: 
"It's gonna be worth it…” Sent by Yujin
Cheeky brat you think to yourself. You drive home, exhausted after the long day.
Arriving at your apartment, you find the door slightly ajar, with rays of soft orange-red light coming out. Slowly, you open it further and sneak into a beautiful set-up: blankets, pillows and extra cushions turn the corner with the already cozy couches and soft carpet into one large block of softness. Red and orange light bulbs create a calm atmosphere.
Yujin tidying up and preparing something sweet like this is one of her underestimated, great qualities. She could be a spoiled and teasing brat with you, but there was a reason she was the leader of her own group, responsible and driven. Today she has perfect timing; the hefty bills already disappear from your mind.
"Hello? Yujin, I'm home. Wanna cuddle a bit? I'm exhausted from work today.”
“Why don't you cuddle with me?" an unexpected voice speaks from the bathroom door.
Tumblr media
You knew Yujin may have set this up, but you were still caught off guard. You blush red instantly at being face to face with a crush of yours and you start to sweat nervously.
Eunbi chuckles cutely. Her beautiful, wavy hair, accompanied with a stunning white gown make her seem like an ethereal, yet approachable creature. 
Almost startled, you whip and turn around.
"Your blush looks so cute, but you don't have to be embarrassed or nervous. Mommy is here for you." 
"I-I'm n-not, I…”
A gulp and the sweats continue. A crimson glow all over your face at Eunbi saying Mommy. It is surreal. This secretly hidden scenario you never dared to dream off  just unfolds easily in front of your very eyes. 
"Eunbi...I... about the whole Mommy thing…”
“Oh, don't worry. I am quite used to it."
Eunbi's sultry gives you a rare, overwhelming rush of  goosebumps. Two hands suddenly covering your eyes add to the wave of surprises on this early evening. As darkness replaces the immaculate visual of the woman before you, a familiar whisper from behind you:
"She is our Mommy, my beloved Daddy.”
“Yujin, baby girl, you really went through with it and brought Eunbi here?" 
Eunbi's eyebrows raise, noticing the change in tone you took with Yujin then her. 
"Hmmm, so a Mommy's boy for me and a Daddy for Yujin, interesting. The rich and domming CEO can also be soft." 
"Let's take this somewhere comfortable, Daddy. You said you were stressed so let's help you relax a bit."
In the blink of an eye, the three of you fall into the cozy cushions the two beauties prepared. This is a cloud you never want to get out of, especially when Eunbi kneels next to you.
"Come rest your head on my lap, let Mommy take care of you." 
"Daddy, rest and cuddle with mommy, and I'll take care of your cock.”
The pillow Eunbi's thighs form is quite literally perfect, and if it weren't for the pace of your heart beat and the exploding sexual tension, you'd wish to fall asleep like this. 
While Eunbi slowly caresses your hair and softly smiles at your flushed face, Yujin tears down your pants. The erratic movements of her hands show you her desperation to finally feel your cock on her.
"Your Daddy is very cute, Yujinie~"
You avert your eyes from Eunbi's lusty, loving gaze and see a clearly distressed Yujin kneeling in between your legs. It's adorable how quickly she gets envious at the sheer possibility of someone maybe taking you away. For her it might be pure panic—but the way she tries to prove her worth might be pure ecstasy for you.
"Yujinie, Mommy is very pretty, isn't she?”
Yujin's eyes widened, the jealousy quite obvious now. 
"She is Daddy...lots of people think that, but you have me! I'm going to suck your cock Daddy, your baby girl, yours!" 
Eunbi sees what's going on being the perceptive leader she is. She decides to play along. 
"Mhmm, Yujin is always eager to please. Make Daddy feel good, Yujin." 
Meanwhile as you rest on Eunbi's lap, her breasts hover above your face. You try to nuzzle in your head in her bosom more. 
"Oh? My baby boy likes the feeling of mommies' breasts? Would you like to taste them?" 
"May I, Mommy?"
Gently, you press your head into the other set of pillowy goodness Kwon Eunbi's body possesses. The texture feels so soft and you feel yourself get harder in Yujin's mouth, making her choke without even moving.
"How is it, baby boy? Mommy's breasts on your face, while our cute Yujin takes care of your cock?"
The way Eunbi pronounced that last word,  the way she hummed, almost a sultry moan, makes you crave everything.
"Please, Mommy! I want to see all of y—ahg!"
Your plea is interrupted by Yujin plunging your entire cock down her throat. The loud gags and chokes, while saliva runs out from the side of her mouth would already be enticing, but the way her deepthroat stimulates your cock leaves you stuttering.
"Oh, Yujinie! You are such a good baby girl. Look at you, still trying to focus us with your beautiful eyes."
Eunbi chuckles.
They were competing with one another. Yujin always wanted to prove herself to you, to IVE, even in IZ*ONE, but with Eunbi here, her first leader, her mother hen, she wanted Eunbi to see she had grown up and she could take care of her Daddy very well.
Chuckling at Yujin's deepthroating and her attempts to keep her fuck me eyes to try to get her Daddy's attention, Eunbi is not making it easy. She pulls down her dress and bra to give you access to her breasts in all their glory. 
"Cmon, baby boy, suck Mommies' breasts. Taste them. Who knows, if you make Mommy feel very good, maybe she can make some milk for you, would you like that?”
“Thank you, Mommy!"
You immediately dive to her right tit, licking all over it, while squeezing it carefully from time to time. Deliberately, you leave out her areola and make sure to put a wet layer on the entire mound.
Eunbi's soft, measured breath turns to barely audible moans and a deep sigh, when you back off and look into her glistening orbs.
Although her chest is perfect, your attention is divided as Yujin bops her face extremely quickly up and down your length, messing up her mascara with choked out streams of tears. She looks absolutely fucking ruined—and fucking gorgeous.
“Keep sucking my cock good baby girl, make me forget all about Mommy's tasty teeth."
"Yujin, don't disappoint Daddy now, or maybe Mommy is the only one who can please him, hmm?”
Although it ought to be impossible, Yujin goes even faster. The tip of her tongue strikes at your cockhead with wet and perfect stimulation. Your cock begins to throb in her hot orifice.
"Oh God, baby girl. Keep fucking going, fuck!"
As your orgasm washes over your entire body, you throw your head back, where Eunbi shifted her bare bosom. She chuckles at your climaxing face, while a couple of her fingers play in between her heavenly thighs.
"Make sure to not waste anything that your Daddy has given you, Yujinie."
It is futile. Yujin has to remove her mouth from your cock to not drown in the massive load you put into it. Now most of the semen that did not find its way down her throat lands in your lap.
"Aw, how cute, baby girl. Let Mommy help you.”
Eunbi moves as your head thumps on the bed at the loss of her lap. She crawls over to your dick and starts to lap up all the remaining drops of your cum. 
"It seems Mommy is always cleaning up after you, Yujinie." 
Yujin, still trying to keep the heavy load in her mouth, can only cast a look of disappointment at herself. 
"Shit, Mommy, your tongue..." 
"Oh my baby boy, I'm not through with your nice cock yet." 
Once Eunbi finishes sucking you clean, she lowers herself to your cock and wraps her two tits around it, trapping your shaft in her bountiful valley. 
"Oh fuck!”
Eunbi's caring, blushed face turns to an insanely hot, strict face as she starts to move her tits up and down. The slow pace overstimulates your cock.
"M-Mommy, please... it's not—"
"Oh, baby boy. I don't care. Your nice cock has to be hard for me."
Her cocky, mocking tone makes you tense up and pay close attention to Eunbi's domination of your dick.
"I want to barely be able to wrap your delicious cock with my tits, so get hard for me again, my baby boy. You don't want to disappoint Mommy do you?"
"Mommy, your tits feel so good around my cock. Suck my cock too please." 
"Of course baby. Whatever gets you ready to go again fastest." 
Eunbi holds her tits together and continues to squeeze your cock while moving them up and down, she lowers her head and takes your cock in her mouth, swirling and sucking lovingly.
A deep groan is forced from your lips. The phase of painful overstimulation is transitioning to actual pleasure. You grow to full size in the slick, cozy confinement that is the gap between Eunbi's tits—and of course her mouth.
"Daddy, I swallowed it all, look!"
Yujin sits down beside you and opens her mouth wide. Her messed up face looks sad, as you don't give her the desired attention. Eunbi has you completely in trance.
Suddenly, Yujin grabs your hand and starts sucking the digits. Indeed, her mouth is empty, but you can't let her get away with this.
"You naughty-ass brat!"
You pull out your fingers from her mouth—just to immediately insert them in her dripping pussy.
"Fuck Daddy, touch me, play with pussy, feel how wet I am for you. Daddy please! Daddy! Daddy!" 
Yujin keeps shouting in both pleasure and concern that you were too much in a trance from Eunbi's tits and mouth.
"Shut up, brat! I don't want to hear a word from you, understood? Just little whimpers, or..."
You nod your head at Eunbi, who is really getting into playing with your fully erect length. Yujin understands the memo, and has to bite down hard when you start to finger fuck her insanely rough and without rhythm. 
Eunbi squeezes her tits even tighter and starts pumping with full force while gagging on your cock, sucking as deep and rough as she can. 
"Oh fuck, Mommy! I want to cum on your tits!" 
With each cry of pleasure Eunbi forces out of you, Yujin gets more and more upset that her Daddy isn't fully paying attention to her, but somehow your fingers are still able to overwhelm her.
Just because you can, you kick Yujin over the edge by giving her hard clit elegant strokes, before Eunbi wrings out your second load.
Exactly like you imagined, your cum glazes her tits rope after rope and the sight of a completely cock-drunken Eunbi is embedded into your mind, as your strength starts to disappear.
"Baby boy, suck Mommies' titties some more, get your strength back up." 
Eunbi shoves her cum stained tits in your face. Mindlessly, you lick at them. This woman does unbelievable things to you. Your luck in life has been absolutely absurd.
Out of nowhere, Yujin wraps her arms around Eunbi's waist and pulls her away from you. Those delicious breasts are no longer on your face and jiggly freely as Yujin tries to wrestle the smaller woman away.
"No! You won't take Daddy away from me! I need him!"
Tears stream down Yujin's cheeks. Her arms give out and Eunbi frees herself—just to grab Yujin and pin her underneath her body by sitting on the taller girl's tummy. With motherly care and love, she looks at her dongsaeng.
"Yujin, you are so adorable. No one will take away your Daddy. Look at him. Think about your Daddy. Think about what he wants. It’s both of us, okay? A baby girl and a Mommy. Are you willing to give this to him, to share him?.”
"B-But what i-if I'm not good enough? W-What if he leaves me?"
Eunbi presses her cleavage onto Yujin's, marking them in white as well. Then she starts to nibble at the younger girl's jaw, making her squirm. Delicate fingers travel down to Yujin's heat, still soaked from her last climax.
"Hey, baby boy! Our baby girl is having some doubts. Would be nice if you could give her some love.”
Words are not real for you; you don’t hear what they say. You only see two of the hottest women on the planet on top of each other and wanton lust does the rest. Animalistic grunts come from your mouth and pants from Eunbi and Yujin.
As the gigantic rod she so deeply loves deeply penetrates her, Yujin's mind might be going blank. Eunbi's tongue and fingers all over Yujins erogenous zones definitely help and their deep connection that formed even after the group disbanded, leaves only one answer for her.
"Y-Yes! Be my Daddy, be my Mommy, please! Fill me up with love!
You start to thrust in and out of Yujin, feeling every inch of her walls. 
"That's my good girl." 
Eunbi kisses you passionately as you piston out of Yujin. 
"Daddy, that's hot...watching you and Mommy kiss while you pound me.”
"Don't you want to lick Mommy's pussy?" you ask, completely engulfed in your sexual frenzy. Yujin rapidly nods and Eunbi tries to smile lovingly, while her features melt in horniness.
"I'll sit on your face, Yujinie. Lick Mommy good, okay?
"Mommy, face me while you sit on Yujin okay? I want to kiss you and suck your breasts as I pound her. 
"Mhmm, Daddy wants everyone to be pleased. How thoughtful." 
Eunbi lowers herself on Yujin's face, hovering just above her mouth, she faces you and cups her breasts
With your mouth you attack her stiff nipples fiercely, licking around them and sucking at them like a hungry baby. This whole ordeal might really fuck up your perception of life, but when you take Yujin licking her Unnie into the frame, while pounding her immaculate pussy, you don't care.
No matter what other people say, it could not make you stop from biting and licking Eunbi's lips, while seeing her gorgeous face in lust and love. Heaven; can it be ever closer? Who knows, but you're approaching orgasm feels like it.
"Fuck fuck, take it all Yujin! Mommy Eunbi, your breasts will be even tastier with milk."
It was too late to turn back now. It was one thing to be Daddy to Yujin, but this was a whole lot more fucked up, in more ways than one, but whatever it was, whatever universe you just now entered, it would be yours
And as your rod spurts out white, gooey paint into a shivering, also orgasming Yujin, your head becomes dizzy. With the pull of gravity, your sanity starts to come back and it's only Eunbi's enticing figure that keeps you standing.
"Y-You good?"
"What the fuck happened here?”
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cocoa-goat · 2 months ago
Genshin men and what they’d love to call you — (in a relationship)
Tumblr media
Featuring: Ayato, Kazuha & Albedo
Notes: hey there! I haven’t posted in a while (again) sorry about that, I’ve been so busy that I hardly have time to keep up with my Tumblr page. Anyways here’s a new post! I uploaded this while I was in the car and this is not proofread, so I apologize if there are any mistakes with the spelling. (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Warning/s: none, just fluff <3 enjoy!
Tumblr media
დ Kamisato Ayato
Ayato, being the gentleman that he is, he’d most likely call you “darling” or “sweetheart” either one of the two.
On rare occasions he might even call you “my love.”
He’s never ashamed to call you that in public. (Totally not because he wants to fluster you)
But seriously, you are his one and only, and he wants to make that clear to anyone and everyone you come across.
დ Kaedehara Kazuha
Ah yes, a poetic angel ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭
There is absolutely no way he wouldn’t have at least two terms of endearment for you in a relationship.
He likes to use the terms my love, and dove. Kazuha also likes to use other terms, but these are the ones that he favors.
He will definitely mention you in his Haikus. But instead of using your actual name, he’ll refer to you as my darling, my dove, and whatever else comes to his mind.
დ Albedo Kreideprinz
Another poetic boy ♡
I like to think that Albedo also has a poetic side, similar to Kazuha. It’s a side of him that’s only preserved for you to witness. He just doesn’t show it too often.
He loves to call you “my dear” or “dearest.”
Always gets shy when you start using terms of endearment for him. He thinks he should be used to it by now, but it never fails to give him butterflies every single time. 🦋
Tumblr media
I’m sorry if this was a little too short for your liking. I’ll be opening my inbox box for future requests. And as always, please make sure you read my rules first. Have a great day! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
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writingquestionsanswered · 10 months ago
Do you have any tips on identifying plot holes during revisions?
10 Tips for Identifying Plot Holes
1) Create a "Big Picture" Overview of Your Story
Whether you use a scene list, chapter by chapter summary, timeline, flow chart of events, or some combination of the above, having a "big picture" overview of your story allows you to see all the smaller parts and how they fit together. Not only can it help you spot problems as you're creating it, it also gives you something to follow as you're revising to help make sure everything makes sense.
2) Create a List of Plot Points and Subplot Points
Make a list of your story's plot points and subplot points. Once again, not only can the creation of this list help you spot potential problems, it will also be a crucial tool during the revision process as well as helpful for the next exercise.
3) Follow the Chain of Cause and Effect
Good continuity in your story means having a tight relationship between cause and effect. For each plot point and subplot point, you should be able to ask "why did this happen" and answer "because this other thing happened." You should also be able to look at each plot point or subplot point and say, "Because this happened, this next thing happens."
4) Look at Character Choices
Since stories are ultimately about people who want something trying to get that thing, plot points and subplot point are often the result of character choices and actions. So, for every choice a character makes or action they take, ask why? Did that choice make sense for that character's personality, situation, and back story? Did it make sense for that particular moment?
5) Make Sure Subplots Are Tied Up
Make a list of your subplots and make sure they're all tied up by the end. Pay attention to how and when they branched back into the story and what they accomplished.
6) Create Character/Setting Continuity Tables
Create a table of important characteristics like hair color, eye color, current age, birthday, etc. and when you're reading through your story, any time a detail like that comes up, check it in the table to make sure you've got it right. You can do the same thing for setting details.
7) Create a Technical Detail Checklist
For every technical detail you include in your story, whether that's the moon being out and in a certain phase in a particular scene, the amount of time it takes to travel a particular distance, how a particular weapon works, the ingredients of a particular spell or potion, the types of berries your character forages, an historical garment or costume... put it in a checklist. Then, when you're revising and you get to that item, double-check the details you've included in the actual story against your research (or look them up again), and check them off when you're sure they're accurate.
8) Create a "Things That Need Reviewing" Checklist
You can do the same while you're writing/editing for general things you want to double-check, like maybe you recall your character mentioning something about their childhood home in a chapter, and now they're saying something else about it and you want to go back later and make sure the two things are coherent.
9) Review Your Manuscript with Fresh Eyes
When you've been with your WIP for weeks or months or years, it becomes tough to see mistakes that would be obvious to anyone else. If you can, try stepping away from your manuscript for a few days or weeks so that you can come back to it with fresh eyes. Another trick you can use (especially if you can't step away for long or at all) is to change the font style and/or color in your manuscript. This can trick your brain into feeling like it's seeing everything for the first time. Reading it out loud or trying to to visualize it like a movie can also help.
10) Get Feedback from Other People
If you plan on posting or publishing your story anyway, it's crucial to get critical eyes on your story during your revision process. Critique groups, writing groups, critique partners, beta readers, and editors are all great ways to get feedback on your story before publication. These folks can help you spot problems, like plot holes and continuity errors, before you share, query, or publish your story.
I hope that helps!
Have a writing question? My inbox is always open!
Visit my FAQ
See my Master List of Top Posts
Go to ko-fi.com/wqa to buy me coffee or see my commissions!
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buckysbruni · 9 months ago
fuck okay now i’m going to need bucky and readers first time after that dry jumping fic bc holy shit that was WOW
Okay, okay, so hear me out. I've been thinking about this a lot. I believe that Bucky is needy, yes, and so in need of you but also Bucky would know what he was doing -- he listens, pays attention to your reactions, and just wants to pleasure his favorite girl. Bucky has learned before, plays at the fact that its been a while (but he's been doing some solo practice let's be honest) so he can (well) fuck again. There's a lot of different ways their first time could have happened... As a result of jealousy... It was all set up and planned out and made this ultra, super romantic thing... But I honestly don't think that's how it went down. Hate me or love me for it but I actually think their first time went a little something like what's under the cut...
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
word count: 3.1k -- it's filthy yall but we got some plot okay
warnings: swearing, smut, masturbation (with sex toys), oral sex. dirty talk & other smutty goodness. pls notify me of any warnings i should note.
my inbox is open for dirty, filthy, or sweet requests or just those thoughts roaming in your head.
Tumblr media
This has been the longest period of time that you and Bucky hadn't spoken.
You were so accustomed to seeing Bucky a couple times a week and if he was on a mission, you'd have some kind of correspondence with him. He'd give you half-worded text responses or steal Sam's phone to make phone calls (because it always had better reception than his somehow).
But this time, on this mission, Bucky had been gone for two months and you heard nothing.
You were irrationally irritated, perpetually horny, and really just hopped your big guy was okay.
A couple people were still in and out of HQ and you were one of them. You'd get off work, go check if Bucky's back. You'd get off on the wrong subway stop accidentally, go steal one of Bucky's shirts. Everyone on staff knew who you were but with your guy and best friend off the grid, they spared you a few weird glances. So, you stopped abusing your security clearance and quit popping up at HQ.
The fact that you hadn't heard anything of great measure happen (i.e. the Avengers being absolutely obliterated and wiped off the Earth) gave you some kind of ease.
I mean, no news is good news, right?
Nat didn't return your emails. Sam didn't return your phone calls.
Bucky never told you where they were going because honestly, he didn't know until they were hopping off a plane somewhere. Nat tried her best to separate that part of her life from your friendship (a little too late now, yeah?).
It was frustrating. Irritating. And truthfully, you just wanted to right back where you belong -- under, over, or right next to Bucky.
Two months turned to two months and a week. Two months and a week turned into two months and three weeks. That's when it was decided, that yeah, you were going to start calling your sex toys your new boyfriend.
Okay, when it was a week without Bucky -- a week without just seeing his dick print -- you had to rub one out. Then that became a regular thing as time progressed and the mere mention to yourself in your brain that you still hadn't had his dick inside you, you had to find some relief.
So, when you were currently speeding walking to your apartment because you got a whiff of someone wearing the cologne Bucky does, you knew exactly what had to happen.
You slammed your front door behind you and threw your keys somewhere. Your clothes were shed quickly and you nearly tripped rushing to flip the handles for your shower.
Bucky had a hold on you, a power that you resolved into. The smell of his cologne made you jelly and ready for some action. You don't know how this happened, but Bucky Barnes was a fuckin' hypnotist.
You decided to be a little extra tonight by lighting up some candles and placing them around the sink in your bathroom giving you enough light to still see everything in the bathroom. You even poured a tiny glass of wine to loosen yourself up a bit and brought out the goods.
Your shower buddy, a life-like soft pink dildo had a suction cup option that stuck perfectly to your shower walls. You placed it in there, squeezing just a little lube on it, before stepping in the shower. You had already started a playlist of feel-good songs to go with the mood and drown out any noises from the loud city you lived in.
You rubbed your hand up and down the shaft of the cock, imagining as best as you could that it was Bucky's. You even leaned down to suck on it a bit, reeling in the pleasure of the scenarios in your head. You couldn't get the image of Bucky's dick out of your head. You couldn't unhear his moans, his grunts, the sound of his climaxing. It was torture but played in perfectly to the destination you wanted to reach. On your knees, warm water rushing down your back, you let the dildo slide to the back of your throat.
Wetness steadily increased in both your mouth and your pussy. You wished this was Bucky warm in your mouth. Him in all his glory, slightly sweaty, toned, and with no control over his reactions was the picture you needed to reach down and rub your clit.
Your body was soaked by both the water and the wetness permeating your core. You left the shower door a smidge open, with the showerhead angled a bit away from the opening, so the cold air that was left in the room ran across your nipples, making them tender. You took two fingers and pinched your clit, before rubbing it in small, slow circles. The fake cock still hung from your mouth so continued to lean forward and suck it, forcing yourself to gag around it.
Bobbing your head back and forth, picking up the tempo, you did the same to your clit -- fiercely but intentionally flicking it back and forth. Your stomach started to build a fluttering feeling in its pit, signally to your body, that your body was receiving extreme gratification and you needed to put that cock inside you before you came.
You edged yourself a bit, though. You'd reach it close, panting a little harder, clenching a little tighter, and then stop. You wanted to come. No. You needed to come. The release neared when you added more fingers to rub your clit.
"Bucky - Fuck." You half-moaned, half-whispered to yourself. You could imagine it all. Bucky's fat cock deep inside you, overwhelmed by the pleasure you gave him. You'd beg him to hold it for you, to keep fucking you, and he would. Bucky doesn't think he can but he can handle it. When you felt that peak, you made yourself pull away. Your fingers left your pussy and your mouth slid off the dildo with a pop. You weakly pulled yourself up and placed the dildo at your entrance.
With one leg propped up on the rim of your tub and a hand placed on the wall, you eased yourself back. There was a slight curve to the cock, allowing it to ease into you wonderfully. The dildo broke through your entrance, a slight burn but comfortable feeling, that caused you to groan inch by inch. You kept at a slow pace at first, trying to savor your orgasm and just hit little sparks of pleasure in your stomach.
Grabbing ahold of your chest, you tweaked and pinched your nipples which made little shockwaves of delight deliver all the way to your toes. You slowly pushed one hand down to your clit, restarting that same pleasure from earlier, and with this added thrill of having a dick inside of you, you felt the end coming near. Your moans got louder. Your whimpers got higher-pitched.
Bucky with his face buried between your legs. Bucky letting you rub your pussy on his thigh. Bucky thrusting his dick inside of you. Bucky even fucking himself. These were all that you envisioned with your eyes squeezed tight and ass bouncing to the force of you fucking yourself.
This was the best thing you were going to get without Bucky here.
Until he was.
You had briefly whipped your head to the side and blinked open your eyes to see Bucky standing right in your bathroom.
You were shocked at first, trying to explain this as some kind of dream. Fuck, he has my spare keys. Then he stepped closer and choked out a 'hi.' Embrassement didn't come over you. Anger didn't come over you. You didn't want to dry up and jump in his arms, as much as you did miss him. No, you just kind of froze, and then Bucky did the unexpected.
"Well, keep going," He pulled the shower door fully open and ran his thumb across your bottom lip," I want you to show me how to fuck you."
Now, this surprised you:
He then took his hand and slid down your chest, squeezing a tit and then cupped your core, moving your hand out of the way. You trembled when his warm, rough hand met your soft lips. He ran a finger up your wet little slit, pinched your pussy tighter, and then did the work for you, easing you back.
His eyes locked with yours the entire time he pushed you back. Your mouth dropped open wide and you uttered out a little 'uh, Fuck.' Bucky, with this control right now, managed to still be his sweet self.
"Like this, honey? You wanted to be fucked like this?" His eyes drifted down to watch the cock slide in and out of you," I think I can do that." He whispered. His voice trailed off as you whimpered out a moan when the cock slid fully into you. Bucky kept a slow rhythm, enjoying the sounds that deep, unhurried thrusts gave you.
"Bucky-Yes. Like this. Will you do that for me?" You questioned, still letting the cock fill you up. Bucky nodded and licked his lips. The constant stream of water was starting to get him wet so he removed his hand from you, swirling your clit as he inched away.
"You want it in here, baby? Or in your bed? Where do you want me to fuck this perfect, little pussy?" He pulled off his shirt as he said that. You clenched around the dildo at those words and clenched even harder when you saw the little happy trail you loved.
You pulled yourself off the dildo, tits bouncing and shiny even in the dim glow of the room. You reached out to wrap an arm around his neck and pressed your lips to his, "I missed you so much, honey." You mumbled against his lips," Fuck me wherever you want."
Bucky swung his arm under you and scooped you up. You wrapped your wet legs around his waist, probably soaking him in the process, and he pulled you easily out of the shower. He had some kind of tactical gear on so the roughness of the bottoms he was wearing, rubbed against your clit making you squeeze him tighter," I missed you more." He said in between kisses," The mission went to shit. But I had to get home to you."
Bucky was quick. He leaned to turn off the shower, your face buried in his neck. He roughly snatched the towel off your silver rack and rubbed it over you the best he could while walking out into your bedroom.
You giggled when he said 'fuck, a little more wetness won't kill you' and gently laid you down at your bed, that was half-assed made this morning. He lazily rubbed the towel across your body, not spending any more time than needed, shielding you away from him. You bit at your lip as you watched your boyfriend concentrate on you, admiring your body. His looks, his stares made you feel confident -- sexy. He made you feel like you never had an insecure bone in your body.
Bucky tossed the towel on the floor then watched you bend and spread your legs open for him. Almost instantaneously, Bucky grabbed at dick through his pants. You smiled and decided to continue, ease him along. You put your fingers back on your core and then sucked two fingers, on the other hand, giving him a little show.
When you began toying with your pussy and edging your fingers in and out your mouth, Bucky thrust his hips, groaning at the sight.
You popped your fingers out your mouth," You like watching me play with my pussy? You like it when I play with what's yours?" Your voice was sweet and whiny, making Bucky started unbuckling his pants.
"I love seeing your fingers on my pussy," His belt jingled and hit against itself, gathering some confidence, " I love that pretty fuckin' pussy." His pants came down and gathered in the middle of his thighs. Bucky's cock slapped up against his stomach, swelled and red with utter glee. Your belly warmth at the sight, knowing that soon that thick, perfect cock would be inside of you.
Bucky grabbed ahold of his dick in his hand and when he began pumping it slowly, you almost came at the sight. You spread your legs wider, whimpered, and started squeezing your pussy.
You were already so ready and moist, you couldn't believe you were holding out this long with Bucky right in front of you. His eyes low on your core and his hand jerking at a moderate pace, you felt your wetness start to drip down your ass and you removed your hand so Bucky could see.
He scrunched his eyebrows and opened his mouth," Mmm baby, look at that pussy. So fuckin' wet."
You wrapped your arms around the back of your knees and pulled your legs closer to your chest, flexed out for Bucky. He started to pump harder, faster when he saw you began to clench at his actions.
"I gotta get a little taste." That was all he said before clumsily dropping down to his knees and burying his face into your core. You yelled, ready to drop your legs on his shoulder when Bucky pinned them back down with his metal arm. The stretch of your limbs allowed Bucky to lick a nice, spread surface. He wiggled his tongue on your clit, slowly first, before starting to give your lower lips open-mouth sucks and kisses.
"Just like that, baby. Just like-- Oh fuck!" You groaned when he plunged his tongue inside you. The slick feeling of his tongue just poking in was enough to make you buck your hips. You were close to tears with the way he was eating you out. One hand on your breasts and one hand thrown across your forehead, you were allowing yourself to just enjoy his tongue. He spit a little on your core and then used it to effortlessly flick his tongue back and forth on your clit.
You were in heaven.
"This pussy tastes so fuckin' good, my God." Bucky said against your lips," Perfect, I tell you. My baby and her perfect pussy..." You were sure tears were collecting in the corner of your eyes as you held off from cumming. Your belly jerked as you fought it off but you needed his cock.
"You want to know something, sweetheart?" He had a trace of a laugh in his tone," I'm strokin' my fat fuckin' dick at this. I don't think I'll make it to fucking you." You sobbed at that, wanting nothing more than for your boyfriend to fuck you.
"You have to, Bucky. You have to."
"Yeah?" You could hear the strokes of his hand on his cock," I have to do it?" Bucky licked a long stripe up your slit and stilled his tongue, before sweeping it side to side," You want my cock that bad?"
Bucky ripped himself away from you and stood back up. He finished removing his bottoms and shoes, standing before you fully naked and hard. He grabbed his dick again, tugging at it.
"Whatever my baby wants me to do. I'll do."
Bucky pulled you to the edge of the bed and wrapped your legs around his hips. He lined himself at your entrance and with one slow push, his cock thrusts inside of you. You scream at the fullness, letting your eyes roll back. His dick penetrates your pussy with such thickness and deepness, you have to catch your breath. You saw how big Bucky was but now you knew how big Bucky was.
Bucky's own head spins out of control and he shuts his eyes quickly, not believing how tight you are. A stutter in his throat lets out and he hisses when he feels you great amount of wetness. When he sees you collect yourself, and he collects himself, he starts moving.
He comes nearly all the way out your pussy before plunging right back in, you scratching your throat with every push back in. Bucky gets a few more thrusts in with his hands on your hips, jabbing so good and so deep.
It's not until when he leans over you and pins your arms above your head that you feel the wind knock out of you.
"Buck, oh my God!" His cock was incredibly deep inside of you, sliding at a fantastic angle. You pushed up your chest and clench around his dick when he really starts hitting the sweet spot. He keeps a wonderful flow, listening for your reactions, and fucking the life out of you.
Bucky leaned down into your chest and sucked one of your nipples in your mouth making you moan loudly. Still sinking his dick into you, you feel your climax building closer and closer.
"You feel incredible. Shit, you feel incredible." Bucky flicked his tongue on your hard nipples, trying to edge you to your orgasm. You whimper at this praises, "So damn tight around this dick."
"I know, baby." He pins your legs down harder, picking up the pace of his thrusts. Wetness sloshing, his dick gleaming, you knew you were close," You're almost there." Bucky is hitting deeper than you thought possible, giving you the pleasure you've been needing.
"Mm fuck." Your words are lost. You feel your head spinning. Bucky is working you like a lightweight.
"Come for me- shit," You started clenching tight, your climaxing coming over you. Bucky took a deep breath at the joy that sparked in his belly when you gripped his dick hard with your pussy," You're gonna make me come inside you, baby- Fuck. Come for me."
With one deep plunge and a hand dipped down to stroke your clit, you felt the cry in your bones and pressure release in your belly. You whined and clung to your boyfriend. Your voice, your wetness gushing out, your head thrown back made Bucky jerk his hips one more time before pulling out of you. All it took was a few more pumps and cum splashed against your chest. His deep groans and small curses filled the air, truly making you want him right back inside of you.
Bucky called out your name a few times as he pumped all his seed on your top half until his bones started to weaken. Bucky idly slid next to you, curling up your body to be close to his. His cum getting a bit on both of you but you could really care less.
"I'll get a washcloth, one sec." Bucky laughed a bit as he relaxed. He waits a few moments before pulling himself up. He laid a few slow, passionate kisses on your lips before retreating to the bathroom. Coming back in just a few seconds, he wipes you down with a warm washcloth before cleaning up his own chest.
Even in this little haze, you could notice how much this has probably fucked you up for real. Now that you had his dick once, you knew you wouldn't be able to have enough of it.
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 3 months ago
Hi I don't know if your taking requests or not, if you aren't please just ignore this. I had a small idea for the Yuu au's, where Yuu is actually like an slumbering God that was summoned by the mirror. Like, just imagine, Yuu is an almighty powerful being, and yet they are forced to live in a dump, and fight edgy teenagers all day. I don't know why, but I can't help but chuckle at the idea of it. I think that Yuu would be the God of mischief, but that's just my thoughts. Hope this is too weird😅
I… may have strayed off from the God of Mischief idea and wrote whatever what was on my mind, ehehe. I got carried away.
Also, I technically don’t take requests(?). Well, at least I think I don’t. Taking request means having a quota to fill (or at least that’s what I think it means) but I like writing at my own pace 'cause it's fun to experiment with things. Y'all give great ideas in my inbox, though I haven't really gotten around that, hehe. Wait, is that considered taking requests? Hmmm...
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Deity!Yuu brainrot!
Unlike the normal coffin that students that get to attend NRC get, Yuu wakes up in their own specialized coffin.
One that was made for them by some people they could call their friends a long, long time ago. A coffin hidden inside a room, unable to be seen by anyone, alone and peacefully slumbering.
Well, that was until they were forcefully awoken by someone when their coffin was opened by none other than Grim.
Grim rejoiced about being able to open a coffin but then notices that the person inside wasn’t wearing the students’ robes, meaning that the person probably wasn’t a student.
Yuu’s just confused that someone was able to open the coffin because they were sure that the coffin wouldn’t be able to be opened unless under certain conditions.
“How did you find this room, dear?”
“What do you mean?”
“This room can’t be seen or entered by just anyone… much less can anyone open this coffin.”
“Then that just means that the Great Grim isn’t just anyone! Fnyahahaha! Wait, what are you doing here anyway?”
Well, mystery aside, Yuu finds themselves charmed by Grim’s personality. He's bubbly and mischievous, a child still learning and growing.
Yuu loved watching all kinds of creatures grow and learn, never static or still. Ever changing and flawed, yet still beautiful. Unlike them who simply… existed.
Yuu gets out of the coffin, although they seem to have trouble with walking. Or standing, really. Like a baby deer that was just learning to walk.
"What are you doing? Are you broken or something?”
"Oh no, I hope not. Just a moment dear, I’ll be reoriented with walking soon. It isn’t always that I have a corporeal form, you know.”
“Corpo-what? What does that mean?”
Of course Yuu refuses to elaborate and just chuckles.
So anyway, the two make their way outside the hidden room and Yuu learns that Grim’s reason for opening the coffin, and that all the other coffins that he found were empty aside from Yuu’s.
Grim perhaps may not have realized it but it seemed that he instinctively trusted Yuu and was ready and willing to tell a person they literally just met his problems.
Yuu wondered if it was because of their being. Was their aura leaking out? Animals always seemed to be more sensitive to their existence than humans were. Was Grim an animal?
They were a god, after all. Even if their powers were mostly sealed since they were in their mortal body, but they could still at least access some of it.
“Well, why don’t you tell me what the robe looks like, dear. Mayhaps I can be of help? Two pairs of eyes are better than one, after all.”
And by that, they meant conjuring a robe out of nowhere and pretending that they found it. Though they would need to know what the robe Grim needed to look like first. They were powerful, not all-knowing.
But before Grim could say anything, Crowley arrived with a confused expression on his face.
“Are you perhaps Yuu?”
Hearing this, Yuu chuckles as if thinking of an inside joke.
“Yes. Yes I am Yuu.”
So the two, along with Grim, proceed to the Mirror Chamber.
Apparently when the coffin was opened and Yuu was woken up, the Dark Mirror sensed this and said, ‘They have awoken. Find them. Find Yuu.’ which prompted the Headmaster to look for this person because the mirror kept insisting and wouldn’t let the ceremony end.
He mistakenly assumes that Yuu was a student that he wasn’t aware of. Maybe they were called by the Mirror at the last minute and arrived late? Because last he checked, all the coffins were already empty.
So anyway, Yuu ends up standing in front of the Dark Mirror and the two refuse to break eye contact. The room was silent, the atmosphere tense. What exactly are these two doing?
Crowley: *coughs* “Oh Dark Mirro-“
Dark Mirror: “You soul… is unsortable. Therefore you are suited for no dormitory.”
Crowley looks at Yuu, who for some reason looks like they took it as a compliment, and looks back at the mirror in confusion.
A little later, Crowley tried to bring Yuu back to where they belong but the mirror refused and Yuu just gave out an awkward cough.
It wasn’t like they didn’t have a home. Well… kind of anyway. They didn’t technically need a home since they were deity. Their home and being was both anywhere and nowhere, existing and non-existing. Confusing as it may be but it is what it is.
Timeskip later, Grim and Yuu begins to live in Ramshackle.
Grim wasn’t able to cause chaos in ceremony because Yuu may have subdued his fire before they could even begin to light it up.
Yuu knew what a bad idea it would’ve been if Grim just randomly set things on fire.
Though, when they were walking inside Ramshackle, Grim noticed that Yuu’s eyes were filled with nostalgia and melancholy.
“Are ya okay, human?”
“Oh, I’m just… lost in pleasant memories, you could say.”
In one of the rooms in Ramshackle, Grim found a storybook. It looked worn-out and old.
Grim: “A kid must’ve been the one who made this. Look, the drawings are crooked and weird. It’s a weird-looking stick figure.”
Yuu, embarrassed and covering their face: “…Please stop talking, dear. Maybe… Maybe it was their first time drawing…”
But anyway, Yuu takes the storybook away from Grim and reads it to him instead. It was a story about seven vastly different people, powerful and mighty.
Well, you probably know where this is going.
Anyway, contrary to what Yuu thinks, they aren’t really that good at hiding their not-human-ness.
Everyone just pretends not to notice. They don’t exactly know that Yuu’s a deity but they do know they’re powerful. And they also have an inkling that Yuu’s much, much more older than Lilia.
Someone: overblots
Yuu: “Hmmm… I don’t remember this happening to anyone before. But then again, not everyone had magic back then.”
Yuu doesn’t have much of an active role in here-- then again they didn’t have much of an active role in the game either. They’re bound by the world’s laws, you could say. They can only be a narrator or a spectator but not a character.
They aren’t supposed to be in other’s stories, after all. Although they step in when they absolutely need to but the world doesn’t take too kindly to it...
As Yuu and Grim get more comfortable in Ramshackle, the more storybooks they discover all throughout the abandoned dorm. Or in Yuu’s case, rediscover. There were seven in total.
Although the names weren’t specifically stated in the stories, Grim begins to realize that the seven characters in it corresponded to the Great Seven. He only noticed because the drawing skills of whoever made it started to become better and the character’s features became more defined.
In other words, the storybooks were actually biographies.
So imagine talking about of the Great Seven and Grim casually mentions things that weren’t even known about them.
“Didn’t the King of Hearts pardon most of the subjects that the Queen of Hearts decided to execute? They have a good system going on. If the King thought the person didn’t deserve it then he’d speak on behalf of that person and get them a trial. If they did deserve it, he’d agree wholeheartedly with the Queen.”
This prompts questions from the others where they then find out the existence of the storybooks.
Of course, everyone unintentionally or intentionally disses the storybook’s stick figures while Yuu continued to cry internally from the side.
But anyway, there were still a lot of speculation whether the contents in the storybooks were real or not so Crowley had to take it all away to verify it.
While that was happening Grim found the last storybook though, and he realized it was unfinished. It seemed that whoever made it wasn’t the same person who made the other previous books.
It was a story about someone who didn’t belong in their world. Someone who was bound to the rules of their world and had their powers sealed to protect the balance. A story of someone who befriended all the 7 people in the previous storybooks and wrote their stories for others to remember but couldn’t write their own story for others to remember them by, so the 7 worked together to make one for them instead.
Someone who was dragged into their stories and taught them all kinds of things and at the same time, whom they taught things to. Someone who had to forcefully go away in the end, leaving no trace of themselves behind but their body.
So the 7 people put the being’s mortal body into a coffin and hid it away. And for years and years it stayed that way with the 7 waiting and waiting and slowly realizing that the being wouldn’t come back anymore because the Great Seven’s stories were already finished.
Grim isn’t dumb, he knows who was being referred to here when they brought up the unknown being.
“Ne, Yuu. Do you think stories should end?”
“Hm? What brought this on, dear?”
“Don’t you think that it’s sad when stories end? Don’t you just want it to keep on continuing?”
“Well… as bittersweet as it sounds, all stories have to come to an end whether we like it or not. That’s why we have to cherish every moment we have with each other and have something to make us remember all those sweet memories.”
“Then… what if it’s someone that no one can remember? What about them? Isn’t it sad for them to have no stories? If it was you, wouldn’t you want to be remembered by others?”
“…Yes... Yes, I would...”
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leviathans-watching · a month ago
if it isn't too much to request, could we get a more gender neutral thing with the MC being on their period? i'm on mine right now and it's been hard to find comfort writing that isn't for female readers which ESPECIALLY sucks because im. well. Not A Girl dhwhs
AH but of course you don't have to if you feel like it's too repetitive!!!
mc on their period
Tumblr media
includes: the bothers x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .6k | rated g | m.list
a/n: i'm sorry you're feeling this way!! i know it's a little late but i hope it helps next time it rolls around or just in general haha. thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so come say hello <33
warnings: vague and brief mentions of dysphoria
please like and reblog hehe
Tumblr media
burying your face in your arms you groan, slumping down.
“what ever is the matter?” lucifer asks, and you lift up your head a little to look at him. he’s got his finger marking where he left off reading and his gaze is steady on you.
“i’m just not having a super great time right now,” you reply, semi-honestly. “life sucks.”
opposite you, belphie nods. asmo smacks him on the shoulder.
“i’m sorry you feel that way,” asmo says, a pout forming. “is it something in particular? you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”
“yeah,” satan agrees. “and if there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know. we’d be happy to help.”
you smile a little, touched. “thanks, guys. it’s just, you know, that time of the month so i’m extra moody.”
everyone softens slightly at that, familiar now with your feelings about your period and all of the complicated feelings that usually arise along with it.
“that sucks,” mammon says, normally brash tone quieter. “i know in the past chocolate and stuff has helped, do ya want any of that?”
“theoretically, yes,” you sigh. “but i’m not even close to hungry. sometimes my appetite gets screwed up.”
“so that’s why you didn’t eat much for lunch,” beel says, and mammon snorts.
“of course that’s what you’d notice.”
cutting off the potential squabble, lucifer speaks once more. “i’m very sorry you’re feeling like this. i know you don’t feel your best during menstruation but we’re all willing to do whatever you need. and if you want us to just drop the subject and not bring it up again right now, we’re more than willing to do that too.”
looking around at all of their stupidly sincere and kind expressions makes you know that what lucifer’s saying is the truth. the boys rarely agree on anything, but when it comes to you and your wellbeing, you’ve found their thinking aligns more often than not. you bury your face in your arms once more and bite your cheek.
“uh, mc?” levi says after a moment, and you hear a soft thud, followed by a quiet ‘ow’. asmo could probably reach him too.
“i’m okay,” you say. “just trying to get a handle on these stupid emotions i suddenly have. thank you, lucifer. i really appreciate it. and i’m okay with talking about it, but it was kind of you to check my boundaries.”
“of course,” lucifer replies, and a soft touch lands on your shoulder. beel, probably, since he was on that side of you. “kindness has nothing to do with it, though. it’s just basic decency.”
“that’s true.” you huff out a laugh, sitting up fully once more. beel’s hand- you’d assumed correctly -shifts but doesn't fall. you lean into the touch slightly. “but still, thank you.”
“think nothing of it,” satan cuts in. “i also wanted to add that if we ever do or say anything, not only about this, that is invalidating or insensitive to please let us know. i know i, and probably everyone here just wants to respect and love you in the way you deserve.”
“you’re all doing a great job of that, so don’t worry,” you say. “i’d say something if you weren’t, but again, thank you.”
stupid respectful boys who make your heart feel like it’s going to burst.
getting your period really sucks but at least you have them.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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two-red-lungs · 7 days ago
could you do an eddie x reader where reader is a loud mouth 80s goth and a freak like eddie, and he’s so happy to find someone like him
SO. I actually have about 5 asks in my inbox for a gothic reader x Eddie, so consider this drabble a response to all of them!!
I’ve been dying to write for my fellow alternative girls (punk culture represent) because so much Eddie x reader content is from the POV of hyper-feminine women. Wait no longer my friends! Have an adorable first meeting, written while listening to “After Dark”.
When You’re Strange (Eddie Munson x Gothic!Reader Meet-Cute)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Word Count: 820
Summary: There’s a new girl in town. So new that the local meatheads haven’t even started gossiping about her. Maybe she blew in on the storm. Maybe she’s a figment of his imagination. Either way, Eddie can’t manage to keep his fucking eyes off her.
The perfect weather, in Eddie’s opinion. Very dramatic.
The perfect weather, in Eddie’s opinion. Very dramatic.
He’s browsing the library stacks again, long legs roving the near empty carpeted halls, the only cathedral he’s ever known. The librarian always turns her nose up at him, his visage and endless jingle jingle jingle of bracelets and clothing studs and buckles, but she lets him work in the back for as long as he wants. A mutual respect for the sacred space that was a public utility building.
Eddie runs fingers over the spines of books, footfalls soft, half of his mind lost in the thrashing rain wailing against the high windows, the other half absorbed in his “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” game master guide. Reading as he walks, burning idle energy.
His accessories go jingle jingle jingle.
Then, above it, he hears a different jingle. Fabric and metal shifting against itself: a small song of sounds that weren’t his own. And then, after moment, an actual song: tinny, muted, and distant. Robert Smith’s familiar, angsty wailing vocals. Eddie looks up from his book.
And then he’s pretty sure his entire fucking world changes because he sees you. 
Your face peeking through the gap between books, on the other side of the aisle. Eyes- epic fucking eyes, he thinks to himself, staggered- turned down to inspect something. He freezes in place: a man made of ice at the sight of the khol-dark liner and severe, arching, painted eyebrows lost in the teased waterfalls of black-dyed tresses. 
Those damned black-stained lips and silver snakebites have him rooted.
People weren’t... cool, in Hawkins. They didn’t stick their heads out of their rabbit holes, stayed very firmly inside their little boxes. They didn’t experiment, or seek out, or try anything. But you... he was looking at you and it was like getting electrocuted with fucking shock pads, like being forced to take a great big breathe of ice-cold air with burned lungs. Life and interest getting injected, acid-sharp, into his veins.
You move down the aisle, myriad of silver pendants clinking against one-another as they sway. He follows, hypnotized, almost without his own volition. Fascinated in the way an archer in a fairytale is fascinated by a unicorn.
Christ, she must have scared the shit out of the librarian. He can’t help thinking to himself, an awed smile threatening to creep onto his oval face and wipe any lingering semblance of coolness he retained when faced with you. What I would have paid to see that.
You pause to pull the spine of a book out, whisper-soft in the quiet building air, storm still raging overhead. Black-nailed fingers carefully whispering through the paper. The Cure still wails desperately in your walkman headphones.
Eddie watches you flip the pages, softly opening and closing his mouth, stalling out. All that was whirling around in his head, fast as a cyclone, were scattered thoughts of she’s pretty and why have I never seen her before and I should really turn around and go now before I start looking like a fucking creep.
“You’re staring.” You say. Not even bothering to look up from your book at the guy who had been gawking at you like a circus event.
Eddie fumbles with- and nearly drops- his heft paper-cover D&D guide. “Uh... sorry. Shit. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. I’m used to it.” You snap the book shut matter-of-factly, the clap ringing through the endless warren of high shelves, and jam a finger down on the cassette pause. And then you pause when you catch the gaze of the man on the other side of the shelf.
Wide chocolate-black eyes. Dry, wild hair. A black leather jacket, still speckled in drying rain... and a moth-bitten band shirt sporting Kiss’s famous “Destroyer” album art. 
He’s pretty. Very pretty. 
It was cliche. It was stupid. You and him, looking at one another, falling completely silent. Like some sort of wild spark had coursed between you in a fraction of a second, startling you into muteness. You had both felt it. 
And now, like some sort of cheap romance movie, you were both quietly rounding the end of the stack, finally coming face to face, unobstructed by the dusty shelves. You clear your throat delicately as the silence stretches out, and he blinks rapidly, shoving his book under an arm and sticking out a ring-covered hand like someone had demanded he do it. 
“Eddie.” He says with a crooked, nervous grin. “Uh, Munson. Hi.”
His hand is soft. Warm, when you shake it. There’s that spark again, jumping skin to skin. His throat bobs as he swallows when the spark races up his arm, settling into his chest. Settling into yours. 
You can’t keep the slow, warm, smile from creeping onto your face. A goth, grinning. Who knew it was possible? Eddie’s lips followed suit. Seeming to take permission from your own relaxation.
“Hi, Eddie.” You say softly. Voice like thunder in the quiet, only inches from him. “Nice to meet you.”
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dazaiscum · 5 months ago
I'm a sucker for your writing (wbk already) and saw the 100 followers post (OMO, CONGRATS, I'M SO HAPPY, YOU DESERVE EACH AND EVEN MORE)
Could I request number 2 ("You taste sweeter") with Chuuya, Dazai and Ranpo? 👉👈
Fem reader, nsfw if you feel comfortable with it? 🥺
(I'm already draining you with how often I slip in there, I'm sorry >~<)
P.S. image and song bcs Ily and it's kinda become my signature in a weird way and idk, maybe you get vibe/inspiration from songs like I do?
Tumblr media
A/n note: You flatter me too much 😭 every time you slide in my inbox it makes me happy 🤧 No you're not draining me 😭
Warnings: Nswf. (This was literally inspired by a condom ad. heLP 😭)
Genre: Fluff.
Prompt: "You taste sweeter, darling"
Pairings: Dazai/reader, Ranpo/reader, Chuuya/reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were standing in the kitchen, mixing the batter in your hands as you felt the sensation of two bandaged arms gliding on yours. Your back pressed against his chest as his hands molded in perfectly with yours. With how close he was to you felt his ragged breath fawning on your neck.
Shivers ran down your spine as his cold fingers traced patterns on your knuckles. He chuckled, clearly knowing the effect he had on you. his two fingers found their way towards your neck and tilted it.
He started prepping your neck in kisses. You bite your lip to stop any of the embarrassing noises from coming through your mouth but that's not gonna work with him.
Smirking he sucked on that spot which he knew made you wet. His other hand went from your arms to your breasts and then trailed down to your hips.
Pushing your cute little skirt and underwear aside, his fingers started rubbing circles on your clit. Not a second later a lewd mewl slipped through your plump lips and he smirked again.
"D--Dazai. n-not now" you squirmed which only made him tighten his grip on you. "Hm? what was that belladonna?" 
“I n-need to make the cake before today e-evening. We can continue th-this later” Not caring what you say, he shoved two fingers inside your opening, curving his fingers to hit that particular spot which makes your knees go weak.
And that's exactly what it did. Your knees gave out, the bowl in your hand fell on the ground, shattering into pieces. Dazai turned you around in a way that you faced him.
“The cake...” you trailed off, sad because you wanted to make this New Years' eve special for him, but now that can’t happen.
You looked at Dazai, tears forming in your eyes and with the look he had you assumed he already knew of your plans.
His long slender fingers wiped your tears. Both of his arms cupping your cheeks he quickly smashed his lips on your, his tongue slipping in your wet cavern, greedily exploring every place he could reach.
Pulling away due to the lack of oxygen, he licked his lips, “Why would I need a cake” he started, his mouth already on yours.
“When you taste sweeter, darling” 
Tumblr media
“Wait how much sugar does this need?” you ask yourself since you decided it would be a great idea to bake cupcakes for the Agency on New Year.
It didn’t exactly turn out to be a good idea since Dazai ate almost all of the cupcakes and accidentally dropped the remaining.
Kunikida was furious and decided to tape Dazai to a chair. So now here you were, in the agency’s kitchen making a couple more batches for the rest. 
“I can taste and tell!!” Dazai volunteered, still stuck on the chair. No one knows how tf did he manage to rip the tape on his mouth.
“Shut up! I'm in this situation ‘cause of you!”
“Wasn’t it your idea to bake them in the first place?”
“I'm trying to”
“Then let me make it easier for you” you grumble, annoyed by his antics. Why did Kunikida think it would be a good idea to place Dazai near you.
Sighing, you called your boyfriend to stop you from murdering your annoying colleague.
Not a second later he appeared in front of the door, his emerald eyes shining as bright as ever, and that sweet smile that same sweet smile that you fell in love with plastered on his adorable face.
“Hey, could you-” you began but were cut off by the brunette.
“I know what to do, I'm the greatest detective after all” he said with a smug smirk on his face, moving closer towards the bowl, he dipped his finger in and tasted it.
“Hm, it tastes good but...”
“But..?” you ask, worried if somethings missing or you added the wrong ingredient.
Ranpo only smiled at you and dipped his finger in the batter again. (i hate double-dippers 🙄 but Ranpo can dip thrice if he wants to ☺️)
He came closer towards you as his hand made its way to the back of your head, fingers tangling in your h/c locks. His free hand smeared the batter on your neck, licking it from your soft skin.
“You taste sweeter, darling”
A tint of pink covered your cheeks at his words. His hand untangled itself from your tresses and slithered under your shirt, pulling you closer towards him.
before the both of you could move any further, you were interrupted by a few coughs behind you.
“I would suggest you keep this stuff to your bedroom, but I wouldn't mind a show or two.” The fellow detective said, ruining the wonderful moment you two shared.
Laughing, Ranpo held you back as you growled trying to kill the bandaged detective.
Tumblr media
Today was a peaceful day. everything was going great. Your boss Mori had a sudden change of mood, a change that you didn't necessarily mind.
He was happy. He gave out cupcakes to his executives and trusted mafiosos. Now, what caused his happiness was something you couldn't comprehend and frankly, you didn’t even want to. You were just glad you had some time to spend with your lovely boyfriend.
Happily returning from Mori's office, you make your way over to Chuuya's cabin. As you happily open the door, humming your favorite song, you see him sitting on his chair, completing his paperwork and daily errands.
His lips slightly parted, hair messed up a little, hand on his chin, glasses resting perfectly on his nose bridge as his eyes examine each word on the document in front of him. You had to admit that he looked absolutely adorable.
Quitely making your way over to his desk, you hugged him from behind, your hands on his neck and chest pressed against his back, sighing contently, you place a chaste kiss on his cheek.
Your boyfriend chuckles a little while removing his glasses as he leans in your touch "What are you doing here love?" Chuuya questions while patting his thigh as a sign for you to sit on his lap.
"Mori gave out cupcakes this morning for some reason. I wanted you to taste them too." You explain, nuzzling your head in his neck.
Chuuya takes your chin in his gloved hand, turning your head upwards so you could face him. Slowly moving towards you, he placed his lips on yours, hands traveling to your waist, tongue slipping in your hot mouth, hand going under your shirt. The room was suddenly turning hot.
"Leave those cupcakes. You taste sweeter, Darling"
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