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#greedy stories
astrasoulsa year ago
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饾枙饾枂饾枠饾枠饾枎饾枖饾枔饾枂饾枡饾枈 饾枓饾枈饾枓饾枃饾枈饾枟饾枠 饾枖饾枊 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枠饾枅饾枍饾枖饾枖饾枒'饾枠 饾枃饾枖饾枖饾枑 饾枅饾枒饾枤饾枃!
a lifetime ago I downloaded this deserted road by @softpine - they made it available for a certain amount of time - and I had the best time! Also take a look at the cutest Bonnie by @recklessims ;;
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quarkmaster3 years ago
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Wild West challenge
Concepts I did for Artstation Wild West challenge
"Story about greedy gold seekers who began to develop the new gold mine in sacred area of native american people. And the curse had fall upon their heads, and whole small town turned into weird mutants (black and gold spikes and growths). Small tribe of native Americans who supposed to be protectors of that sacred place also turned into these creepy creatures. Rumors about this cursed place has spread around, and a few people arrived to figure out what's going on "
Tatiana Vetrova
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greedyfilms29 days ago
B9 snippet
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frangipanidownunder2 years ago
All you lovely writers out there doubting your worth
Let me say to you, that you are all amazing. You are taking words and putting them in an order that makes readers gasp, or cry, or laugh, or sigh. You are painting pictures with letters. You are creating believable or fantastical scenarios into which you place our favourite characters. You make them fall in love, debate, run away, clash, fight, fuck. You make them human. You make them super human. You make them hateful or beautiful.聽
You make us want to read more. You keep our dreams alive. You mend our broken hearts. You show us what could have been, what should have been.
Some of you get a gazillion notes, on everything you write. Some of you don鈥檛 get the notes you should. Some of you have had a stand out hit fic that breaks through your own expectations. Others of you are still waiting to feel that. It will come and then the next one will not reach those heights. You鈥檒l feel like shit again. That鈥檚 writing.
Some of you write a fic a day, some a fic a month, some will only ever write one fic. But that one fic might be the one fic that somebody will never forget, that still makes them swoon or laugh or cry.聽
The time you spend nurturing your creativity is donated to us readers and we genuinely love you for it. Not all stories hit the mark. Reading preference is subjective. Writing is lonely. Writing can be hard. But ultimately, writing is a gift - for you and for the reader. An artistic endeavour that should be celebrated. Never forget that, whatever you currently think about your talents as a writer.
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lowkeyorloki3 years ago
Charity Event
The world wants proof of Y/N鈥檚 and Loki鈥檚 relationship... But that doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 ready.
鈥淵ou look amazing.鈥 Loki says. His eyes look up and down your body, taking in your outfit. You smile, accepting the glass of champagne he鈥檚 handing you.
鈥淭hank you.鈥 you picked the dress out knowing Loki would like it: It鈥檚 the dark green he loves, and paired with the low neckline and slit up the leg, well... It was simply his taste.聽鈥淵ou don鈥檛 look to bad yourself.鈥 you tell Loki, returning the compliment. It鈥檚 not lie: Loki is wearing a tailored black suit, fitting his waist and complimenting his black hair. Standing next to each other, you know heads are turning.聽
Loki continues admiring you, but soon after sighs.聽
鈥淚 really don鈥檛 see why I had to come to this.鈥 Loki says.聽鈥淐harities don鈥檛 want me. They want heroes.鈥
鈥淓xactly.鈥 you interject.聽鈥淭hey want the Avengers. You鈥檙e part of the team. You know are.鈥 When Loki begins to put himself down, you鈥檝e learned to stop the thoughts before they become to serious.聽
Loki eyes you, taking a step closer.
鈥淐are to dance Y/N?鈥 he asks, taking your hand. You smile slightly, accepting the change in conversation. Loki leads you to the center of the floor, where couples like Pepper and Tony are dancing and people like Steve and Bucky stand watching.
Loki slides his hand onto the small of your back, and even though he鈥檚 done much more than that; the lightness of the touch makes your breath catch. You begin to sway, back forth, being lead entirely by Loki. He鈥檚 a great dancer.聽
鈥淲e have many balls on Asgard.鈥 Loki says, almost as if he read your mind (he could have. But he鈥檚 promised he doesn鈥檛. Not to you.).聽鈥淚鈥檝e been dancing since I could walk.鈥 your foreheads press together, and you let your eyes close, blocking out Stark and Banner and reporters. The whispers between the reporters, ironically, are the loudest sound in the building.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 a great story.鈥 Loki murmurs.聽鈥淭he Avengers, complete with the villain turned... Better, dancing in the building he invaded six years ago, with one of America鈥檚 fairest maidens.鈥 Your head snaps up in surprise.
鈥淭his was the building you attacked?鈥 With a flourish, Loki dips you, and you can hear the cameras flash.聽
鈥淥h my darling, why don鈥檛 you think the archer came?鈥 Loki lifts you back to his level, and you say nothing. He looks up and around.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 interesting how this all played out isn鈥檛 it?鈥 Loki鈥檚 eyes harden, and won鈥檛 meet yours.聽鈥淚 will never escape from my actions. I will never be anything but a murderer to my people and yours.鈥
You look to the reporters, wearing their cameras and horrified expressions.聽
鈥淥ne of America鈥檚 fairest maidens huh?鈥 you ask Loki. He still won鈥檛 look at you.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e seen the headlines of us. Ever since Wanda told them of our... Relationship, they haven鈥檛 stopped. I鈥檝e corrupted one your country鈥檚 most beloved sweethearts, according to the all-important Cosmopolitan Magazine.鈥澛
You suddenly reach to Loki and grab his chin, forcing him to look at you. Carefully, you run your fingers along his forehead until his brow is no longer furrowed. You bite your lip, stealing one last glance at the people so greedy for a story.聽
When you close the gap between you and the God of Mischief, you do it fiercely. Your first kiss to the world, and you鈥檙e making it obvious whose idea it is: You鈥檙e tangling your hands in Loki鈥檚 hair and gripping his tie, pressing the whole of your body against his. His hands find their way to your hips, and Loki鈥檚 slightly chapped lips return the fervor you give him. The reporters are doing more than whispering now, but you aren鈥檛 listening. Your eyes are closed again, and you鈥檙e meeting Loki in the dark.聽
鈥淎lright now, that鈥檚 enough.鈥 Steve steps in, pulling you and Loki apart. He glares, most likely disappointed in you. Most likely finding ways to blame Loki.
When he walks away, you take Loki鈥檚 hand. Your chest is held high, you feel triumphant. There is no way for newspapers to twist what just happened, pictures don鈥檛 lie.聽
You squeeze Loki鈥檚 hand, giving him a smirk.
鈥淚鈥檓 not America鈥檚 sweetheart anymore.鈥 you tell him.聽鈥淚鈥檓 yours.鈥
Loki raises an eyebrow, grins, and pulls you closer once more.
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ourladylennon8 months ago
Pete Shotton on John's endless humor:
鈥淵ou might say that he would transmit to me by stages his own mental picture of a situation. As I tuned into his vision, my laughter would inspire him to elaborate further. This, in turn, would get me off even more- until ultimately we鈥檇 both be laughing so hard we literally couldn鈥檛 speak, stand, or- in my case- even breathe.
鈥楽queaking鈥 was John鈥檚 word for this last phenomenon- the high-pitched noises I鈥檇 make while gasping for air. 鈥楲et鈥檚 here you squeak, then, Pete,鈥 John would say, deliberately winding me up yet more, until I鈥檇 not only writhe helplessly on the floor, but would actually develop excruciating stomach cramps and a temporary blindness brought on by my own uncontrollable tears of laughter.
When I attained that state, there was nothing anyone could do to alleviate my convulsions; not even the most drastic measures of parents or teachers could bring me to my senses. Thanks to John, I almost died laughing at least a thousand times.鈥
-excerpt from John Lennon: In My Life
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maxattack-powell10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One, it鈥檚 weird that Carter would help pick out this dress... and two, that is not rehearsal dinner attire.
That is Vegas dinner and a show. 馃え
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the-light-of-stars2 years ago
Tumblr media
Honestly after she said this the cult probably ..should have known it鈥檚 not a good idea to turn her into an all powerful ghost..
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holyteapotofrussell3 years ago
Tumblr media
I have feelings about Terra calling Eraqus his father and his and Aqua鈥檚 childhood with him.聽
He鈥檚 telling them about the keyblade war, he is at the part of the light that stayed in the hearts of children.聽
They listened to this story a dozen times but it鈥檚 their favourites.聽
When they are not listening to Eraqus鈥 stories and records of his adventures they like to play pretend. Aqua keeps saying she will be a great mage, Terra says he is the mighty warrior who will defend the land. It will take them a year or two to channel those dreams into wanting to become a keyblade master and ask Eraqus for training. For now, Eraqus allows them to be normal kids.
The books on he ground are one on the keyblade war and the born of the present world, Chocobo Adventures, and聽鈥淭he Greedy Moogle and other stories鈥, a favourite of Terra for some reasons.
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waytoobright2 months ago
Rahu: Where We're Insatiable, Phony.
Tumblr media
The Hindu myth of Rahu and Ketu, a Vedic astrology take on the two Lunar Nodes, is not a tale of divine purpose and perseverance. It's a story of greedy overreach, of masquerading as something you're not in the pursuit of everlasting prestige. The demon Svarbhanu snuck a taste of an immortal elixir not yet intended for his consumption, and upon being discovered, was chopped in two by Vishnu - the head 'Rahu', and the tail 'Ketu.' A resulting Vedic take on Rahu is thus: it is where we hold the ability attain undeserved, spectacular success, only to eventually be exposed and destroyed for the hollowness of our intent. Not many of us hold the means, the drive, and the opportunities to tap into this trove of unearned splendour, but if we do, it will be at the very crescendo of our ambitions that we'll be flung into emptiness. For most of us, our journeys end long before we can arrive at this juncture.
It is where we believe we'll find spiritual fulfillment, only to realise at the end of the road that we've embarked on a path of perpetual hunger, where no amount of attainment and public acknowledgement will bring us the peace that we seek, likely because we ascended unfairly.
Rahu in the First. Wanting, but never satisfied by: an individual charisma one does not truly possess. Convincing others that one is larger than life. Being pioneers, leaders, or top competitors.
Rahu in the Second. Wanting, but never satisfied by: notable lineage and ethnicity. Being known for one's values, unusual face, or mesmerising speech. Possessing exceptional reserves of historical knowledge without genuine interest.
Rahu in the Third. Wanting, but never satisfied by: recognition in roles of communication and messaging. Being superior to one's siblings. Attaining success in the world of publication.
Rahu in the Fourth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: recognition specifically in the homeland or at school. Owning a remarkable home or means of conveyance. Championing local customs and patriotism.
Rahu in the Fifth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: holding center-stage. Being known for an illusory artistic or political genius. Being known by the success or eccentricity of one's children. Earning praise for one's unusual hobbies.
Rahu in the Sixth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: donning the guise of impeccable public service, healing, or activism. Being known for one's ability to develop rational argument. Being known as a champion of the downtrodden.
Rahu in the Seventh. Wanting, but never satisfied by: appearing entitled to special / unusual / remarkable alliances and partnerships. Recognition for one's superior negotiating abilities. Imparting wise, important advice or counsel.
Rahu in the Eighth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: recognition for one's exceptional occult abilities. Access to confidential information / important secrets. Being known as an envoy / conqueror of human darkness and pathologies, without being equipped to contend with dark forces.
Rahu in the Ninth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: recognition for one's humanistic philosophies. Playing up one's status as a 'citizen of the world' and a patron of all cultures. Disseminating cultural and religious teachings.
Rahu in the Tenth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: attaining leadership positions via personal magnetism, bypassing conventional pathways, or nepotism. Recognition as a public icon. Successful execution of public responsibility.
Rahu in the Eleventh. Wanting, but never satisfied by: exceptional networking behaviour. Unusually successful economic ventures and being among the wealthy. Championing innovation and social progress without truly practising it in one's own affairs.
Rahu in the Twelfth. Wanting, but never satisfied by: recognition for one's spirituality and mysticism. Access to unusual subconscious drives or an exceptional imagination. Strange ventures to distant lands, whether physical or astral. An account of the original Hindu myth can be found here. Also, for posterity's sake - a disclaimer that this is just one interpretation of the nodes among many, but a strong personal favourite that I derive much introspective value from and love to share.
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tri3tri6 months ago
Tumblr media
鉁偮燩airing: Yandere! Malleus Draconia x Female! Reader [feat. Bellatrix]
鉁偮燱ord Count: 2,2k+
鉁偮燭rigger Warnings: -
Do not re-upload聽my writing聽to another website or use it without my permission.
This is a commission for @potchi-pu. Thank you for your generosity!
Tumblr media
You were trying to escape. Again.
This was probably the umpteenth time Bellatrix had seen you carrying out your plan, each with a varying degree of success, but it always ended up with your capture. Sometimes you鈥檇 be whipped with a thorny bullwhip, sometimes you鈥檇 be isolated in a dark room for several days, and sometimes you鈥檇 be starved.
But, amazingly enough, you still hadn鈥檛 given up even when your tormentor was none other than the former 鈥楾errifying General鈥, Lilia Vanrouge.
Bellatrix didn鈥檛 know whether you were determined, or just plain stupid. It was painfully obvious that you鈥檇 never leave the castle, so why did you keep trying? She鈥檇 heard that you were once a human who got turned to a fae, per Malleus鈥 order. And you weren鈥檛 just any ordinary human either, but magicless too. Somehow, it didn鈥檛 sound quite far fetched despite hearing it from the gossipy servants. Everyone had known about his profound, bordering on obsessive, love for you. Nobody understood why, not even herself.
If she were to judge you from your looks alone, you weren鈥檛 beautiful 鈥 certainly not the prettiest among the more gorgeous fae women. And if she were to judge you from your attitude, you definitely didn鈥檛 have the best one. You blundered in royalty affairs and meetings, though not as much as in the past. You didn鈥檛 connect with other noblewomen enough, didn鈥檛 throw invitations for simple gatherings or parties enough, and didn鈥檛 go out enough.
And yet鈥 and yet鈥 Malleus loved you, anyway. After everything you鈥檇 done, after everything you鈥檇 said to him, he still鈥
Bellatrix silently gritted her teeth as she reached forward to grasp the knob. While she loved being useful to Malleus, the fact that he ordered her to fetch you irked her. How could she not? She was about to bring the more beloved wife to their husband, per his request! Very soon, he鈥檇 pretend everything didn鈥檛 happen and you鈥檇 return to your shenanigans. Thus, the circle would continue over and over again.
Unless, he decided to break you once and for all.
A gloved hand hovered over the door when she heard something slid across the floor. Bellatrix stood outside the room for quite some time, listening to you sighing and huffing. What tricks were you going to pull now? It never failed to amaze her how suicidal you could be sometimes, all for the sake of some illusionary freedom.
Then again, humans had proven themselves to be quite desperate creatures. They鈥檇 do anything for their objectives, even if it meant sacrificing themselves and others. The amount of stories about greedy humans that her governess had recounted to her was nearly infinite, and she wondered if you were a part of those people.
You might not be searching for riches, prestige, or men, but your overzealous attempt at finding something as abstract and fleeting as freedom was comparable.
鈥 And now that she thought about it, weren鈥檛 you just suited for Malleus? You both were obstinate when it came to your goals, after all. It was a shame that they didn鈥檛 match, otherwise, you鈥檇 be known as the most obsessive pair ever.
Unfortunately, Malleus was doomed to be stuck in a seemingly eternal one-sided love.
Or were you the doomed one?
Bellatrix squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head vehemently. No, it鈥檇 better if she didn鈥檛 think about it to not worsen her mood. The faster she did his order, the faster she could return to her duty鈥 or just hope Malleus would need her for anything other than a baby machine.
Baby machine鈥
Gripping her stomach unconsciously, Bellatrix shook her head once again and teleported inside the room. As expected, isolation in the tower didn鈥檛 deter you from executing a whole new scheme. This time, it involved a long rope made of knotted blankets and dresses. She could鈥檝e sworn she saw your chemises hidden underneath the many clothes, too. You already threw half of the rope out of the window, so all you needed to do next was to tie it around a pole or anything sturdy enough to hold the extra weight of your body. It was quite clever, she had to admit.
鈥 However, you forgot that the castle had many eyes 鈥 including hers.
Whether she wanted it or not, she had a duty to observe you.
鈥淲hat do you think you鈥檙e doing?鈥
You froze, hands twitching on the makeshift rope. You turned your face to look at her almost robotically, as if keeping your body forward would hide the proof from her.
鈥淏ellatrix.鈥 you intoned, voice trembling faintly at the end. She could almost hear your heart racing so fast from her spot near the door. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e here.鈥
You must鈥檝e expected someone else to come instead, probably Silver. That guy had always been rather soft to you, but she doubted he鈥檇 truly help you considering his loyalty to Malleus. The most he鈥檇 do was probably convince the king to lessen the punishment, however, not even Silver could change his mind 鈥 or yours.
Bellatrix crossed her arms, trying to conceal her irritation. 鈥淵es, I鈥檓 here. Now, stop trying to change the subject. You won鈥檛 be able to escape, so just give up already.鈥
鈥淚 know.鈥
She blinked in surprise. You鈥 knew? Well, that was to be expected, right? You鈥檇 failed so many times, you were bound to realize the reality sooner or later. And besides, it saved her the time of having to explain why fleeing would only tighten the security around you.
鈥淏ut,鈥 you paused, peering at her. 鈥渋t doesn鈥檛 mean I can鈥檛 try.鈥
鈥 Never mind. Clearly, you didn鈥檛 know about the last part. This was the first time she鈥檇 seen someone so ignorant of their predicament. Did you think that by pretending the guards didn鈥檛 exist, you鈥檇 be able to escape? She almost wanted to 鈥榟umor鈥 you; to show what鈥檇 happen if you managed to flee. But Malleus would be angry at her, wouldn鈥檛 he?
Or maybe not. Maybe this time, he鈥檇 be happy instead. She just had to show you a totally different scenario 鈥 one that didn鈥檛 include violence 鈥 but still traumatized you enough. Maybe then, you wouldn鈥檛 give them headaches anymore.
鈥淵ou hate my guts, don鈥檛 you?鈥 She lifted her gaze to meet your seemingly knowing one. What? What did you just say? 鈥淭hen, help me. Help me get away from this place and Malleus will be all yours.鈥
Bellatrix gripped her dress unconsciously. No, that鈥 that wasn鈥檛 true. She didn鈥檛 hate you. If she had to summarize her relationship with you, it鈥檇 be acquaintanceship. She never wanted to befriend you, but it didn鈥檛 mean she despised you.
No, what she hated the most what your egoism. How you always rejected Malleus鈥 love, and how you always hurt yourself rather than simply accepting your fate, new life, and future. You acted as if dying in the wilderness was better than living in affection, while she constantly yearned for the latter. When would you realize that not everyone was as lucky as you; someone who was loved by the richest, strongest, and most handsome man in the whole Valley?! When would you realize that other people were dying to be in your spot?!
When would you realize that鈥 she always wanted to be you?
鈥溾 Fine.鈥 You lit up, and she resisted the urge to wipe your hopeful smile. 鈥淏ut you need to follow me first.鈥
鈥淵es, yes, of course.鈥 You nodded fervently, beaming. If you were a puppy, she was certain your tail would be wagging by now.
Bellatrix walked past you and grabbed the makeshift rope, promptly burning it with her magic. The green fire spread from her palm to the end of the rope, leaving only small knots of clothes behind. You were baffled and, dare she said, hurt by her sudden action. You kept glancing from her apathetic profile to the flaming rope, but before you could open your mouth to question her motive, she swiftly answered.
鈥淚t鈥檚 so nobody will know that you鈥檙e trying to escape again.鈥
And besides, she didn鈥檛 want to get punished for failing to guard you properly.
But you didn鈥檛 need to know that, of course.
Bellatrix pocketed the knots and spun, ignoring your contemplative expression. It was only after she unlocked the doors did you snap out of your trance and rushed towards her, eager to leave the tower with her assistance. Bellatrix, once again, disregarded the enthusiasm and merely stared forward. It felt as if she was bringing a kid than an adult, and for a split second, she questioned Malleus鈥 taste in women.
Then again, you鈥檇 always been a baby in her eyes. And there was no use in mulling over his strange preference, anyway.
Gradually, your anticipation transformed into dread once you saw the looming castle. Bellatrix could practically see your face falling behind her; how your movements slowed the closer you both reached the entrance. She halted and peered over her shoulder, feigning confusion.
鈥淲hy did you stop?鈥
鈥淚鈥 I thought you were going to help me escape.鈥 you stammered, taking a step back. You glanced up at the gloomy building, as if fearing the darkness would swallow you whole.
Or rather, the dragon that lied within the building.
鈥淚 am.鈥 Bellatrix intoned, cocking her head. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you trust me?鈥
You stared at her skeptically, not wanting to believe her but not wanting to release the hope she鈥檇 oh-so-graciously given you. Soon, your shoulders drooped in defeat.
鈥溾 Okay, but I hope you鈥檙e not lying.鈥
Even if she wanted to, she couldn鈥檛.
Well, not really.
Bellatrix nodded and proceeded to enter the castle, with you following somewhat reluctantly. She walked up to the winding stairs, passed the numerous hallways lit by green candles that cast eerie shadows to the walls, before she finally found the room she鈥檇 been looking for.
鈥淭his鈥 this is Malleus鈥 office!鈥 you hissed.
鈥淏e patient.鈥 Bellatrix chided. 鈥淗e ordered me to bring you here. If I didn鈥檛 do it, he鈥檇 be suspicious. I鈥檓 sure you don鈥檛 want him to suspect that you鈥檝e left the tower without his permission, right? Unless鈥︹
She squinted slowly.
鈥淭hat was your plan all along? To get his attention?鈥
You reeled back as if she鈥檇 just said the most scandalous thing you鈥檇 ever heard. 鈥淥f course not! Why would I do that?!鈥
鈥 Well, at least you were telling the truth, as irritating as it sounded.
鈥淭hen, stop complaining. The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can go.鈥
You opened your mouth to protest, before sighing. Bellatrix nodded at your obedience and turned to face the doors, gently knocking on the wood. Once she heard his permission, she turned the knob and opened the door. Malleus sat behind a table, doing some paperwork that never seemed to end. He paused writing and put down the pen, face brightening faintly at the sight of your arrival.
Of course, he鈥檇 be excited. It was you, after all.
Bellatrix closed her eyes and curtsied, trying to hide the jealousy behind a flawless veneer. Royalty should never show strong emotions, she remembered her mother said, they should always appear calm in every situation and place.
And be calm, she did.
鈥淵our Majesty, I brought Her Majesty here as you鈥檝e ordered.鈥
Malleus nodded in a subdued satisfaction, and she repressed the urge to smile. 鈥淕ood.鈥
Even if it meant staying composed鈥
鈥淚 also caught her trying to escape using a rope made from her blankets and clothes.鈥
鈥 when she wiped your hopeful smile.
You gaped, unable to utter anything as Bellatrix stepped forward and fished the knots out of her pocket. She put them on the table and withdrew quietly, face betraying no emotions whatsoever.
It was truly the picture of a perfect princess.
鈥淪he already threw out half of it through the window when I came in, but luckily, I managed to stop her.鈥 she explained matter-of-factly. 鈥淚 also burned the majority of the rope in case she ever thinks about using it again, and the knots are what鈥檚 left of it.鈥
The atmosphere grew heavy as Malleus stared at the knots emotionlessly, gloved fingers intertwined before his mouth. Then, his icy eyes glided to your frozen figure.
鈥淚s that true, [Name]?鈥 he inquired, almost hissing.
Your eyes grew larger, if that was possible, while your body began to tremble under the pressure. Cold sweats formed on your forehead as you stared at him timidly, lips dry.
鈥淚鈥︹ you stammered, gripping your nightgown so tightly your knuckles turned white. You glanced at Bellatrix for help, but she could see a gleam of betrayal in there.
Bellatrix鈥檚 eyes softened imperceptibly. She pitied you, truly, she did.
However, you should鈥檝e known better than to trust faeries.
And even if you didn鈥檛 trust her, the ending would still be the same anyway.
You鈥檇 always be stuck here, just like how she got stuck in her loveless marriage with Malleus.
Of course, it didn鈥檛 mean she couldn鈥檛 earn his trust. And what better way to do it than to help him keep an eye on you?
You shaking raised your finger to point accusingly at her. 鈥淵ou鈥 you said鈥︹
鈥淵es, I helped you escape to a life filled with love.鈥 she intoned. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that what you always want? To love and be loved?鈥
Of course, it wasn鈥檛 what you wanted. But you couldn鈥檛 deny that it was what everyone desired, even you.
Love was a basic right, after all.
And for Bellatrix, his trust was a form of affection to her.
Because you could always love the person you trusted the most, right?
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hey jealousy
Summary: She has known Erik longer than Bucky has been alive, but that doesn't mean he likes seeing them together, especially when Bucky catches them embracing. He sure knows how to make a mess of things.
Tumblr media
As the human moves through the forest, he whistles to himself, looking for any prey he may have caught in one of his traps. He makes so much noise as he plods on the ground, his heavy boots and thick, downy coat rustling and thumping in time with his footsteps. He notices that he has caught a giant rabbit, and he grins, excited.
Right above his head, she sits perched in a tree. She hates human hunters. They take and take and take until they've taken everything. She has seen them hunt Steller's sea cows and great auks until they were all gone. She was there when they continually raided the nesting grounds of passenger pigeons and slaughtered them by the millions until they were extinct after only fifty years. Humans are greedy. The stories they write about vampires are a reflection of that.
The human bends down to retrieve his catch, looking all kinds of pleased with himself, and she takes her chance to attack. Leaping from the tree, she sails down, letting her fangs free from her gums. She lands in the grass and races towards the human, who is still busy with his trap.
She is about to take the human down when she sees a blur of movement, and then another vampire is on her聽prey, wrestling for a moment until the vampire starts to drink and the human is dead.聽She angrily stalks forward. She waits until the vampire looks up at her before she speaks. She pokes his chest.
鈥淭hat was mine!鈥 she snaps in German.
The vampire lifts a delicate eyebrow and wipes his mouth the best that he can.
鈥淵ou were too slow.鈥
鈥淵ou are always stealing my meals, Erik. I was waiting in that tree for ages,鈥 she grumbles. 鈥淒on't you have enough blood in your territory?"
Erik, whose last name is Lehnsherr, but she thinks his name is really Max Eisenhardt, shakes his head. Blood glistens on his chin, and she stares at it. She licks her lips.
"The humans have all but fled. It turns out that they knew we were there,鈥 he says.
鈥淚 told you that it was a bad idea to hide out with an entire group of us,鈥 she points out. 鈥淵ou and Charles are so reckless. I鈥檓 surprised you haven鈥檛 been caught yet.鈥
Erik had been turned into a vampire only in 1940 after being almost executed and subsequently buried alive for a failed attempt at escaping from the Warsaw Ghetto. She had met him when she was still in Europe, prowling the land for Nazis to eat after they all but destroyed her beautiful homeland. Erik was newly turned when they met, which meant he was angry. They had fought until Erik collapsed with hunger. She taught him how to hunt and then ran, sure she would never see him again. But they shared one mind, it seemed, when they both ended up in America during the 1960s.
鈥淲e are quick enough to evade capture,鈥 Erik says. 鈥淐harles can anticipate the humans even before I can.鈥
She reluctantly agrees with that. Charles is strange. She would say he was a warlock, but she knows he doesn't practice magic. All he can do is sense the unseen. He knows when things are going to happen before they do. She thinks he can even read minds, which is a terrifying thought for a vampire to have that kind of power.
鈥淗ow is Charles?鈥 she asks.
Even vampires cannot retain the use of their legs.
鈥淗e's fine. He's been hungrier than normal. I hope that is a good thing.鈥
"Tell him I have a book I think he'll like."
"I will." Erik pauses, subtly sniffing her. 鈥淲ait a minute. You smell different."
鈥淗is name is Bucky,鈥 she says with a small smile.
鈥淎lpha wolves use their omegas as nothing more than a breeding factory, you know.鈥
鈥淚 thought that too, but, Erik, I love him, and he loves me.鈥
Erik still looks suspicious.
鈥淒oes he treat you well?鈥
鈥淰ery well. We do things together that I haven't done in decades," she says.
鈥淚've never seen you this happy before."
鈥淚 really am. You were right, you know- all those years ago. Life is worse when you spend it all alone.鈥
Erik concedes with a shake of his head.
鈥淵ou are the oldest vampire that I have ever met. It's about damn time that you met somebody. But if he hurts you, Charles and I will gut him."
"I know you will. Thanks," she says.
She throws her arms around Erik, who lets her hug him without much fuss.
(From behind a tree, Bucky feels his blood run cold as he watches them. He had caught up to his omega a while ago, hoping to surprise her and take her out. Instead, he stumbles upon this. He wishes he could understand them, but they speak in what sounds to him to be German. Possessiveness and jealousy are overwhelming him. He never thought she would do this to him!)
鈥淲hat did you say his name was?鈥 Erik asks her.
鈥淏ucky,鈥 she says.
鈥淎 fitting name for a dog.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I said!鈥
They smile at each other, fondness painted across both of their faces.
鈥淚t is so good to see you, Erik," she says. "Will I see you when I come next week?"
"Charles says that there are some vampires looking for a place to live. I told him I would find them."
"Of course, you did. What are you up to now- nine?"
"Seven, actually."
"Just be careful, for Gods' sake. I have no idea how you all can fit in that small house you have."
"I always am careful." Erik glances at the sky. "I should get going. The sun will be up before we know it. How far away from home are you?鈥
鈥淧retty far. But I will make it back in time. Be safe, all right? I will see you again,鈥 she says.
They hug, and Erik, strangely affectionate today, kisses the top of her head. A loud growl reverberates through the forest, and the two look up, confused.
鈥淚 better go. I think your 'alpha鈥 has caught up to you,鈥 Erik says.
鈥淏ye!鈥 she calls after him as he begins to run for home.
After she can no longer sense Erik, she wanders in the direction that she heard Bucky growl. She feels him behind her, and if thoughts could kill, Erik would be dead and buried. Their bond is flooded with what feels like Bucky's jealousy.
"Hey," she says, electing to ignore it.
鈥淲ho the fuck was that?鈥 Bucky asks.
Her voice is calm when she responds, not wanting to start anything:
鈥淓rik. He鈥檚 a vampire too.鈥
鈥淵eah, I could see that. What the fuck were you doin鈥, touchin' him like that, huh?鈥
鈥淚t was just a hug, Buck. We haven鈥檛 seen each other in years.鈥
鈥淗e kissed you!鈥
鈥淵eah, on the top of my head. He's a friend."
鈥淚 can smell it all over you, you know. You want him, right? Don鈥檛 try an鈥 hide it. You ever fucked 鈥榠m?鈥
The smell of the other vamp is all over her, and Bucky's hindbrain is going crazy, yelling its displeasure and stilling all other (more rational) thoughts in his head. He wants to claim his omega again and roughly show her who she belongs to. Him. She belongs to him!
鈥淎re you serious right now?鈥 she says.
鈥淒id you fuck him?鈥
鈥淣o, I have never fucked him. And even if I did, why is it any of your business?"
鈥淏ut you wanna fuck him, don鈥檛 ya? Don鈥檛 lie to me! You are mine, you hear me? Do you know how I feel whenever we go anywhere an鈥 I get to watch all the men in the room slobber over ya? D鈥檡ou know how that makes me fuckin鈥 look? It makes me look like an alpha who can鈥檛 handle his omega! All these guys want you an鈥 you just let 鈥榚m look an鈥 touch you!"
"What? What guys are you even talking about? When has that ever been something that happened?" she asks, feeling exhausted.
"Do you like the attention or somethin鈥?" Bucky continues, barrelling over her. "Is that it? You鈥檙e four hundred years old! How many people have you fucked before me?鈥
It isn't fair; it just isn't fair! Bucky sees the eyes that follow her everywhere she goes; sees the way she bewitches every creature, human or not, that she meets. She's transcendent and seductive in a way that shows her true age. All her long years alone have taught her to hone her craft. She can curl her lips into a confident smile and have fifty people fawning over her in a second. Bucky loathes聽it.
She stares, incredulous at what Bucky is saying.
鈥淟emme guess. You've fucked three hundred people? Five hundred? Huh? Tell me!鈥
鈥淏ucky! Stop it!"
She cannot believe Bucky right now. She has no idea where any of this is coming from but it makes her upset. She lifts her arms and nudges him away from her so that she can collect her thoughts without feeling him growling in her face. He is way too close to her right now.
鈥淗OW MANY?鈥 Bucky roars, pressed up against his omega.
He can't help it, not really. His hindbrain is telling him to put his omega in her place. Bucky has a distinct feeling that he is pushing it, but he can't find it in himself to stop. She looks angry, though, her pretty face twisting up as she levels a red-eyed glare at Bucky.
鈥淚t is none of your business how many people I have had sex with,鈥 she says. 鈥淚t is my life. You do not own me or my body."
Bucky opens his mouth, unflinching, but she snaps her fangs at him.
鈥淗ow dare you talk to me like this. You don鈥檛 know what my life was like before you, and it is聽none聽of your business to know that anyway!鈥
鈥淗ell yes, it is! I鈥檓 your alpha! How do I know you ain't going out behind my back and whorin' yourself out to any guy who looks at ya nice? Huh?鈥
And there it is. Bucky was trying to hold it back, but it flies out of his mouth before he can rein himself in. He regrets saying it as soon as he says it and holds out his hands to her, but she steps further away. Bucky's tongue goes numb as her eyes grow cold and distant. He gnaws on the inside of his cheek, wishing he could take the words back.
鈥淗ow dare you?鈥 she mutters, and Bucky finds himself missing the yelling, 鈥淲hat gives you the right to treat me this way? I am not your lesser. Your Neanderthal hindbrain may think that, but I鈥檓 not. You cannot talk to me this way. I am not some kind of property that you have a claim over. I am not something that needs correcting."
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my fuckin鈥 omega!鈥 Bucky flares.
鈥淕o straight to Hell,鈥 she hisses before she takes off through the woods fast enough to where he can't follow.
Bucky starts after her, sticking his nose in the air to scent her. His anger continues to simmer in his blood, and he growls, urging her to get her ass back to him right the fuck now. He makes sure to share his anger through their bond as he treks through the dark forest after her, swearing under his breath all the while.
It is a few miles later when Bucky loses her scent entirely. He stops and sniffs the air hard, but he can't detect her. She鈥檚 gone, and what鈥檚 worse is that he cannot feel her through their bond. He聽freezes and yips, suddenly very nervous.
鈥溾橫ega!鈥 Bucky calls, worried, his anger vanishing quickly.
No answer. No scent. No bond. How did she manage that?
鈥溾橫ega, where are you? Answer me, damn it!鈥
He tugs his phone from his pocket and dials her number. Bucky turns in a circle as he waits for her to pick up, trying to see if he can spot her anywhere. He gets her halting, awkward voicemail message that usually makes him smile, but this time, he curses instead.
鈥淚t鈥檚 me,鈥 Bucky says. 鈥淲here the fuck are ya?鈥
She collapses in the derelict barn that she had stumbled across a few minutes ago and yanks out her phone. It had only been a few hours, but she sees a barrage of texts and voicemails from Bucky, ranging from anger to worry, to sadness, to fear, to an apology, and every other emotion in between.
鈥淚t鈥檚 me. Where the fuck are ya?鈥
鈥淭his ain鈥檛 funny. Pick up your damn phone!鈥
鈥淲hat the fuck is your problem? Call me!鈥
鈥淟ook, I can鈥檛 find ya, an鈥 I鈥檓 nervous. You okay?鈥
鈥淗ow the fuck did you cut off the bond? Are ya safe? Call me back.鈥
It goes on and on and on. How dare he treat her this way? She had told him time and time again that she was not his thing to own! She is her own person; she is not a piece of alpha wolf chattel. Why does mating with him automatically mean that Bucky gets to rule over every aspect of her life? He is a controlling prick at the worst of times. Jealous and horribly possessive, and sometimes, she hates his guts. She wishes she鈥檇 have killed him when she had the chance. (No, she doesn't.) But right now, she is one hundred percent done, mate or not. She does not ever want to see him again.
鈥淪unshine, I鈥檓 sorry, okay? Please, you got me worried sick over here. Wouldja pick up the damn phone?鈥
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 do this, honey. I鈥檓 so fuckin鈥 sorry. I was gonna surprise ya an鈥 take you out on a date. Please come back, huh?鈥
鈥淚 overreacted; I know it. It is none a鈥 my fuckin鈥 business who you slept with before me. Call me back.鈥
鈥淏aby, I am really trying not to panic now, but it has been over eighteen hours, an鈥 I have no idea where you are! Please, please call me! I鈥檓 so sorry for all the shit I said. I鈥檓 a possessive fuck, an鈥 I shouldn鈥檛 be! I don鈥檛 own ya. I never want you to feel that way. I鈥檓 so fuckin鈥 sorry; will you please come back?鈥
She scoffs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket without responding to Bucky at all. He can聽fall off a cliff, for all she cares.
Her skin itches, making her glance down at her body and grunt in irritation. She鈥檇 worked off some of her anger by hunting, and she鈥檇 made a bit of a mess. The blood is drying on her skin and making her clothes stick to her, so she stands up and makes her way to the stream of water that she had found when she stumbled upon this old farmland.
She tugs her clothes off and sticks them into the water, scrubbing them clean as best as she can. Once they are as good as they can get, she sets them to dry on some rocks and steps into the water. It is warmer than her, and she sighs, her eyes fluttering as she floats. This is a good life. No wolf is breathing down her neck, not giving her an inch to move, and her head is quiet after what seems like years! No more bond! It is bliss. She briefly ponders whether or not she'd be able to escape to Europe without Bucky knowing. She would love to live somewhere she hadn't before. Perhaps she will go to Norway. Or even Denmark. She remembers loving Copenhagen the last time she visited.
Then she remembers that one thing about alpha werewolves (and Bucky聽specifically) is that they don't ever give up the chase, especially when their 鈥榩rey鈥 is their omega. A splash breaks her from her reverie, and she stands up, looking wildly around until she spots a very familiar werewolf paddling out to her.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 swim!鈥 she yells at it, waving her arms.
The wolf ignores her and continues swimming.
鈥淥h, for Gods' sake. Go away, Bucky!鈥
She gets out of the water and grabs her still wet clothes, tugging them on. Bucky whines, clear and loud from across the river, and she half-turns towards him, debating. He will either drown or make it over to her and continue treating her as his lesser. She doesn鈥檛 want the latter.
No, she thinks.聽Not this time.
Bucky cries out in pain when she begins to walk away, and the sound of splashing gets quicker. The little shit is frantically trying to make his way over to her, but even as a wolf, he can鈥檛 swim and the water is too deep.
鈥淕o home, Bucky!鈥
"No,鈥澛爃e tells her firmly.
鈥淵ou figured out how to get the bond back, huh?鈥
鈥淵ou are going to drown, you absolute moron!鈥
There is a pause as Bucky struggles for a minute, trying to regain his footing in the water. She groans, exasperated.
鈥淪orry,鈥澛爃e thinks in a pitiful whimper.
鈥淚f you were sorry, you wouldn鈥檛 act this way. Jealousy is just low self-confidence in disguise. Are you that insecure in our relationship?鈥 she asks.
He whines. 鈥淣o.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not yours to own, James. Possessiveness does not equal love.鈥
鈥淒o you, though?鈥
鈥淵es!鈥澛燘ucky says mournfully.聽鈥溾橫ega.鈥
鈥淭hen why are you like this all the time?鈥
Bucky has finally made it across the extensive body of water. He steps onto dry land, panting tiredly, and shakes himself off. He takes a few steps towards her, but she backs away. He stops immediately and looks ashamed. His tail swishes enticingly, but she ignores it.
鈥淚nsecure,鈥澛爃e says.
She breathes out, frustrated. 鈥淚n our relationship?鈥
鈥淢e,鈥澛燼dmits Bucky.
鈥淲hy are you insecure?鈥
鈥淕ods' sake,鈥 she says. 鈥淥f what?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 right here. For now, anyway.鈥
Bucky whines again, plopping down on the ground and exhaling before he focuses on shifting back. It'll be much easier to communicate with his omega when he can speak to her. He clambers to his feet and rushes over, his hands itching to touch her.
鈥淚鈥檓 still mad at you,鈥 she tells him firmly.
That stops him in his tracks, and he looks down at his feet, embarrassed.
鈥淚'm sorry,鈥 Bucky says softly. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. I don鈥檛 own ya just because we mated an鈥 all a鈥 that. Possessiveness is ingrained in my hindbrain, but I know that that isn鈥檛 a good excuse. I am insecure and afraid that you鈥檒l wanna leave me. Yer much too sweet an鈥 kind for a guy like me an鈥 there are so many others that would be better at this- be better at takin鈥 care a鈥 you than I. You seemed so close to that guy in the woods, an鈥 I thought he鈥檇 be better suited for you. 聽I saw red. You deserve better'n me, baby doll, but that don't mean I鈥檓 ready to give you up without a fight. 鈥楽pecially to another vamp.鈥
鈥淏ucky, no. You have it all wrong. Erik is deeply in love with his boyfriend Charles. They鈥檝e been together since the 1950s.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 Bucky says, his voice small. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know. You sure looked cozy together.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 like my brother鈥攁n annoying older brother who wants to rid the world of the human scourge and let monsters rule. It's just nice to once in a while run into someone like yourself.鈥
鈥淥h. Yeah, 'spose that makes sense.鈥
"It's hard being surrounded by wolves all the time. None of you have any shared life experiences with me. Erik does, and it's nice to be reminded of that."
鈥溾橫 sorry,鈥 Bucky says, his voice even smaller. 鈥淐an you forgive me?鈥
鈥淚t is so hard when you act like my keeper, Buck. It鈥檚 exhausting. I can鈥檛 breathe half the time- in a manner of speaking.鈥
鈥淚 know I suffocate you. I dunno what else to say except I鈥檓 sorry. I鈥檓 so fuckin鈥 sorry, omega-mine," Bucky fidgets. "You know I鈥檓 shit with words. Can I show you how sorry I am? Please, baby? I really wanna."
Fretfully, he twists his hands together and rocks back and forth on his feet, unable to keep still. Bucky feels awful for saying the things he had said to his omega, knowing that she doesn鈥檛 fully understand the myriad of emotions that a wolf can feel when they see their mate in the arms of another. His hindbrain growls as the image of her embracing the other vamp flashes through Bucky鈥檚 mind. He pushes himself to relax.
鈥淏ucky,鈥 she says. 鈥淲hy do you keep thinking about it if it makes you so mad?鈥
鈥淚 can鈥檛 help it,鈥 he replies guiltily. 鈥淢y hindbrain won鈥檛 let it go.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 care about what your dumb 鈥榟indbrain鈥 is doing. Forget about it. Erik is a friend, for聽Gods' sake.鈥
鈥淚'm sorry,鈥 Bucky says, opening his arms. 鈥淐an I hold ya? Please?鈥
鈥淲hat, eighteen hours ain鈥檛 enough time for you to get over it?鈥
鈥淣o, it isn鈥檛. I'm still upset with you,鈥 she replies. 鈥淚鈥檓 going for another swim.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l be back in an hour.鈥
"Don't go plea- Shit."
Walking back over to the water, she busies herself by taking off her clothes. It isn鈥檛 remotely sexual in the least, but Bucky has a hard time keeping his mind off anything but claiming her again. She'd look so pretty with marks all up and down her body, and Bucky wishes he could leave her with a plethora of them. Teeth, fingerprints, whatever, as long as it was his聽mark, Bucky would be happy. But as it is now, she heals too fast. Maybe once he has gotten her to forgive him properly, she'll let him knot her. He hopes so.
Bucky takes a step closer to the edge of the water. He longs to cage his omega in the circle of his arms, never letting her go ever again. She gives him a scathing look that makes the alpha in him tuck its tail between its legs. Contritely, Bucky drops his gaze to his feet. When he looks up again, she's gone.
With no need to come up for air, she swims underneath the water until she knows that she is out of view of Bucky. She pushes herself deeper and sits on the riverbed. Fish skirt around her, tickling her, and she smiles, letting her arms float out to the sides and watching as the fish dart between her fingers. Her hair floats above, and she tilts her head back to look up at the sky from underneath the water. A strange smile spreads across her face as she wishes for a place that she hadn't thought of in decades. No matter how long she has been alive, the Earth doesn't change. Different faces and different machines emerge every year, but the Earth stays the same. She likes that. It gives her peace and unsettles her all at once. It is a strange mindset she鈥檚 had lately; it creeps up on her at random and makes her want to run for hours and hours or stay in bed all day. She has always been flighty, but it has gotten worse as of late.
Slowly, she floats to the top of the river聽and is pleased to see that she has made it to the shallower area where a small waterfall spills from above. She hums and goes to stand under it. It pours down her body, cleaning off the rest of the blood. The sky glitters down at her, making the water look inky and dark. She likes that too.
Unfortunately for her, Bucky is still stubborn, and she hears the frantic splashing even before seeing him. She groans, tipping her head back into the falls and letting the icy water fill up her open mouth. She noisily spits it out and slaps the waterfall. The splashing grows increasingly frantic, and she curses in her native tongue.
"Gods, Wolfy," she grumbles, going out to meet him.
She pops up right next to him, and Bucky startles, almost slipping underneath the water. His pupils are huge, and she can sense his fear.
鈥淗ang on to me,鈥 she tells him.
Big as he is, she is stronger than him, and with the water, it is like she isn鈥檛 carrying anything at all. Bucky curls himself around her back, and he quietly whimpers as though he is trying to make sure that she doesn鈥檛 hear it. She pets the back of his leg, trying to calm him.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to start swimming,鈥 she murmurs. 鈥淚t鈥檒l get deeper before it gets shallower. Just hang on, okay?鈥
鈥溾橩ay,鈥 Bucky chokes.
As she starts to swim, she thinks of Bucky and why he has such trouble with water. When he was just a pup, he had a near-drowning experience in a public pool. The pool was only four feet deep, but Bucky was still relatively small and had slipped off a kickboard and under the water. At the time, he couldn鈥檛 swim nor float and had to be rescued by the lifeguard. The experience was very traumatizing to a young Bucky, so much so that he never bothered with swimming after that. He knows how to dog paddle, but that is the extent of his abilities. A flighty and upset omega makes his hindbrain whine in distress, though, so he follows her wherever she goes, even if it is into a river- and then that leads to her having to help him swim to safety.
Bucky shifts on her back, which allows him to bury his nose in her wet hair, and he does with a sigh of relief. He snuffles, still nervous, and she hums kindly. She tries to radiate waves of calm through their bond, although she isn't sure if she is doing it right.
They eventually stop near the waterfall, and Bucky slips off her back, shaking the water from his face and hair. He watches as his omega glides through the gentle current to stand under the waterfall. She tips her head back and lets the water spill down her body. Bucky swallows past a lump in his throat as he looks his fill. She is a wild beauty underneath the moonlight, nothing shielding her except the cascading water. Bucky has never felt luckier than he does when he gets to see her like this. He takes a step towards her. Her head straightens out, and she squeezes water from her hair. She sweeps it over one shoulder. Bucky licks his lips as they stare at each other. She lifts an eyebrow, a silent invitation, and Bucky wades through the river as fast as he can to get to her.
鈥淵er so fuckin鈥 pretty,鈥 Bucky says, awed.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e prettier, Buck,鈥 she tells him shyly.
He shakes his head at her, stubborn to accept praise just as she is, and slips both of his arms around her neck. He pulls her into him. She bumps his chin, and Bucky startles; she smiles widely. Bucky grins too.
鈥淚 am sorry,鈥 he whispers.
鈥淚 know,鈥 she says before kissing him.
Bucky lets out a quiet sigh and deepens the kiss, twining his hands through her wet hair. His fingers are eager to touch her. They dance down the sides of her neck, sweep across her shoulders, and slip down her arms as the two slowly break apart for Bucky to breathe. He rubs his thumbs over the backs of her hands and leans forward to suck at the water droplets clinging to her shoulders. She murmurs his name, her hands going to his hair and tugging. Bucky鈥檚 mouth on her skin grows needier as he sucks at her skin. She tastes amazing and smells even better as he buries his face between her neck and shoulder.
Mewling, she strains to reach any part of him that she can, tracing his chest and stomach with icy fingers. Her hands briefly cup his hips before she wraps both of her hands firmly around his dick. She gently squeezes, and Bucky arches into her touch, ripping his mouth away from her skin as he pants.
鈥淕ods, honey,鈥 he says. 鈥淏e careful.鈥
She tugs his dick again, grinning.
鈥淗ngh,鈥 Bucky groans, going cross-eyed.
鈥淵ou like that?鈥 she asks him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so hard, baby.鈥
鈥淵ou are drivin鈥 me crazy,鈥 Bucky rasps, his grip on her tightening. 鈥淚 wanna get my mouth on ya.鈥
His hands dropping to her bare ass, Bucky lifts her with a well-practiced grace, and she throws her legs around his hips, clinging onto him as they move through the water. Her hands never stop wandering over Bucky鈥檚 body. She digs her nails briefly into his shoulders, leaving her mark, before soothing them with her lips. A full-body shiver wracks Bucky, and he spanks her.
"You like that?" she asks.
鈥淏ehave,鈥 he replies sternly.
She presses her sly smile into his skin and digs her nails into the meat of his shoulder again. Bucky sets her down on a rock, then pulls himself from the water, shaking himself off and making her squeal as she gets sprayed.
鈥淵ou asked for it,鈥 Bucky says.
鈥淔or what?鈥 she asks like she doesn't know.
Bucky springs, grabbing her around the waist and rolling them until she is over him, sitting on his chest. She looks at him, momentarily disoriented, before a grin spreads across her face, and she kisses his chest. Her lips burn his skin icy cold, and Bucky trembles. He wipes his face off and slaps her ass.
鈥淕et up 鈥榚re,鈥 Bucky demands.
Climbing to her knees, she inches down his chest. She hovers over his mouth, and Bucky breathes her in. He starts to purr, feeling absolutely beside himself in delight.
鈥淵鈥檚mell so fuckin鈥 good, baby doll,鈥 he says, turning his head to kiss her thigh. 鈥淭his all for me?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 she says. 鈥淥f course it is.鈥
鈥淪o is my boner,鈥 Bucky teases. 鈥淚t's all聽for you.鈥
鈥淚 love ya too, darlin鈥,鈥 says Bucky.
She smiles, though Bucky cannot see it. The giddy feeling in her chest has morphed into something else- something heavy and unyielding. It drags her down into Bucky鈥檚 heated skin, and she drowns in him as he tugs her onto his greedy mouth. He wraps his lips around her clit, sucking determinedly, and she curls her fingers into the muscles of his thick thighs. Bucky's tongue explores her slit, slipping inside her and lapping her up eagerly. She digs her nails into his thigh in retaliation, and he groans heavily. The vibration rattles through her core, and she starts rolling her hips, pressing herself to his mouth.
Bucky groans again as his vision starts to tunnel. Everything apart from the pretty vampire sitting atop him fades from his consciousness. Her scent is all he can smell. His hindbrain purrs with the knowledge that all he tastes is her slick; all he hears are her moans, all he knows is his omega and her pleasure, and he loves it. All that makes him suck harder, and he is rewarded with a wave of slick from her.
鈥淢m,鈥 Bucky purrs.
His eyes close. She tastes so fucking good, and he feels like he is going to lose his mind. His hands squeeze her ass, urging her to move faster.
鈥淏uck,鈥 she warns.
鈥淢m, mm!鈥 he moans eagerly.
When she moves off of his mouth, the whine that leaves Bucky鈥檚 mouth is nothing short of needy.
鈥淔uck, fuck, no,鈥 he begs. 鈥淐ome back, please.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to crush your face,鈥 she says.
鈥淣o, you won鈥檛!鈥 Bucky reassures too loudly. 鈥淧lease, please, please come back. You taste so good, baby. I want it so bad, please.鈥
鈥淎re you sure?鈥 she asks.
He whimpers and nods, his fingers digging into each of her ass cheeks. His eyes are half-closed with desire, and he slumps in relief when she sits back down on his mouth. Much to his delight, he gets her to the precipice reasonably quickly as she lets out those sweet noises that mean she鈥檚 getting close to coming.
A sigh of his name is all the warning he gets. Bucky鈥檚 eyes roll back into his head as she comes. She tastes even better like this. After he pulls away, he rubs her back, preening as she tries to reorient herself back down to Earth. She stretches before tipping over into the grass. He coos at her and gathers her up into his arms.
鈥淢y poor little sun. Did I tire you out?" he asks, grinning.
"You wish," she retorts, poking his chest with one sharp nail.
"Yer so pretty when you come. I love watchin' ya."
She hums, nuzzling behind Bucky鈥檚 ear. He twines a few fingers around pieces of her hair and watches the wet strands slip through his fingers.
鈥淎m I forgiven yet?鈥 he asks her.
"Yeah, but only if you do it again."
That makes Bucky laugh, and she loves it when he does. She presses her fingers against his chest to feel the sound.
"You can sit for as long as you want. How's that sound?" Bucky asks.
"Promise?" she asks.
Bucky squeezes her.
"As long as you want," he promises.
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godqueera year ago
a drop in the ocean...
Tumblr media
There weren鈥檛 many people in the world who could say they鈥檇 seen the half-man, half-god pirate Captain Jackson. There were even less who could say they knew him at all. Some thought he never existed in the first place; he was nothing but a ghost story for kids and pretty ladies at parties. After all, what kind of a pirate was generous? What kind of a pirate saved shipwrecks and brought them safely ashore? Pirates were cruel, dirty, greedy, and lawless. The stories about Captain Jackson couldn鈥檛 be true, not if he was a real pirate like the rumours said he was.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽What are the rumours, you ask?
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽They say he has scars up and down his entire body from his run-in with the fearsome kraken. He has hair as dark as his crew鈥檚 hearts, black and wild. The sea lives within him, some folk say. He can speak to her, whisper sweet words, and twist her to his wicked will. She lives in his skin, his crooked, dangerous smile, and worst of all, his eyes. They say that if you look into Captain Jackson鈥檚 sea green eyes, you鈥檒l drown. He has power over the waters around us that no other pirate has. Or so they say.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Of course, they鈥檙e just rumours.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽There鈥檚 no such thing as a pirate who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. No self-respecting pirate would give up his loot, certainly not for strangers and beggars. What kind of pirate saves anyone but himself? They say Jackson saves shipwrecks, too, and marooned souls that he finds on beached islands. They say his heart is gold like the Queen鈥檚 Crown, but the only gold pirates care about is the kind you can spend. Jackson always takes survivors. He lets prisoners go once he makes port. He doesn鈥檛 buy women, he doesn鈥檛 whip his crew, he still has a mother that loves him somewhere out there in the world.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽There鈥檚 no such thing as a good man who is a pirate.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Or so they say.
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hater-of-terfs2 years ago
hey! long story short, i get to rp a "magic plant teacher" for a bunch of kids (age 10-15), and get to host an extracurricular plant club for those interested, so my question: what would be a good way to introduce mby 10/20 kids to solarpunk and eco anarchism? any and all ideas welcome 馃尡
Awesome! There was a science teacher (@radalmostteacher) that recently asked a similar question, which both I and plantyhamchuk answered, so some of that may be useful to you! There鈥檚 also the Sunbeam City Wiki, which is a great and growing solarpunk resource!
None of that really covers the social side though, at least not in a way that鈥檇 work with kids and fly with the school board. Obviously you can鈥檛 so much as say the word anarchism without losing your job, but you can still give the basic concepts as seeds for your students to chew on
Maybe in the context of the roleplay you can frame a story with greedy executives and governments, mining coal and shipping products in tons of plastic on massive freighters and waging war, as the enemy, and ask the kids for their help in stopping them? 鈥淚 know they seem powerful, but their power comes from you! You don鈥檛 need the things they鈥檙e selling - nature already provides enough for everyone, we just need to learn how to take only what we need and share it with everyone. We don鈥檛 need them to tell us how to live - we can work together and decide for ourselves!鈥 etc, etc. You can even throw in lesser-known anarchist slogans like 鈥渁 better world is possible,鈥 鈥渇ood not bombs,鈥 鈥渉omes not jails,鈥 and so on. Honestly, like 90% of children鈥檚 media is anti-authoritarian or anti-capitalist in some small way and no one bats an eye, try to learn from that
Good luck! Get out there and channel your inner Miss Grotke!
Tumblr media
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xjoonchildx4 months ago
hi pretty people!
the final chapter and epilogue of greedy will be posted on SATURDAY 3/13 馃槶 around 10PM EST.
thanks so much for your patience and reading my story 馃挄馃挄馃挄
Tumblr media
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inexplicifics5 months ago
I can see Witchers not really knowing how to handle it anymore when people insist on paying them, giving them SOMETHING, for their help. Letho and Roland finally saying they would take the recipe for some baked delight, Cranes taking an explanation of How did you build the Thing over there? Ever seen jewelry made of a snake's shed skin? Gweld has! Kolgrim getting really annoyed because NO, I Don't Want ANYTHING and just "ok, why do you guys hate that other town? BOOM gossip/info for Livi/Mouse.
It becomes a bit of an axiom that Witchers will take pay in anything other聽than gold. People who run across old songs or stories about greedy Witchers are extremely confused.
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