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Tis the season

It’s almost here. The laughter that fills the halls is all that anyone will be able to hear.

Too distracted by the atmosphere, the girl lost in the crowd appears to not fit in amongst her peers.

As expected, no one saw those tears as she hid herself within her worst fears.

Years and years of not having a place that felt like home; or friends and family to protect her from foes-

She taught herself to hate this holiday.

It only brought pain, that would never wash away.

Curse Christmas day.


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“When I awoke the moon still hung. The night so black that the darkness hums.”

Latin: Quando vigilavi luna perpetuo suspendet. Nox tam niger ut tenebrae sussuret.

Greek: πότε ἤγειρα ἡ σελήνη ἔτι ἤρτησεν. ἠ οὕτω μέλαινα νύξ ὡς ὀ σκότος βομβεῖ.

Hozier, In the Woods Somewhere (2014)

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Μαλάκες, καλό το σεξ, αλλά σαν την καύλα του να πετάς τοξικούς ανθρώπους, που δεν έχουν να σου προσφέρουν τίποτα, έξω από τη ζωή σου, δεν έχει. Peace 🖤

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