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#greek mythology

The fact that no one has made this an actual show is honestly criminal, I wanna watch the gods argue like idiots and have all the stupid shit they’ve done talked about while their trying to strangle each other, I CANT be the only person who would watch this

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Hera, the woman who gave birth, took one look at her son, decided he was “too ugly”, then proceeded to yeet him of Olympus, and Disney expects me to believe they’re a good mother? yeah, not a chance

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One and only good man in Greek Mythology: Orpheus. His wife died so he went into the underworld to ask for her back armed with nothing but a lyre and a song of grief. And his only mistake was looking back when it was forbidden (he thought he heard her fall and wanted to save her) and lost his only chance to have her back. He spent the rest of his life mourning her and singing. Bunch of women tried to seduce him and he refused and they tore him to pieces. His lyre was made into Lyra.

OH YEAH I forgot about him! Yes the one good man in Greek Mythology, poor dude

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patchwork of stars - goddesses intros


“time unbound is mine, and yet you bind me to an ideal of myself. free me from these rewound clocks, and we shall see how time truly ticks away.”

aion is the goddess of eternity and unbound time. constituents of her house on the court of the royals seem eternally young— they are superficially youthful until the day they pass. the appearance of those constituents are at odds with their work; the house of aion has, as long as anyone can remember, always been a house of historians, working to uncover and preserve the history of the unnamed city.

taglist (ask to be added/removed): @herondalelucies @emdrabbles @marie-writess @sxnrising @reveriecs @harkaherald @mayvinwrites @semblanche

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The Gardener and the Ferryman - by lil_coffee_bean

Summary: When Hoseok, the God of Spring, is kidnapped by Hades and forced to live in the Underworld for half of every year, his once bright world becomes dark—especially when Hades is convinced he’ll fall in love with him someday.Instead, Hoseok falls in love with Jimin, Hades’ ferryman with severed wings and responsible for delivering souls across the River Styx.))

Word count: 30k+

Tags/genre: fantasy, hades + persephone au(?), greek mythology elements, angst

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Hera: You know, Zeus’ constant cheating wouldn’t be remotely as bad if I wasn’t the goddess of MARRIAGE and FAMILY

Athena: Yeah it’s pretty ironic isn’t it…

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Although I haven’t been posting the artwork of my current project, I thought i’d post this one since I’ve decided to redo it anyway. 

Core - the Goddess of Springtime, the daughter of the Harvest Goddess Demeter, was kidnapped into the Underworld and forced to marry Hades. As the queen of the cold and gloomy Underworld, she was renamed Persephone and adopted the duties of managing the dead.

As Demeter and Hades fought over her destiny, it was decided that she would spend 6 months in the Underworld and 6 months with Demeter. When she is away, Demeter is miserable, and so the world is plunged into winter. When her daughter is returned, spring and summer returns.

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