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#greek myths
ell-hs · a day ago
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constricted, brutish and then gone
// Orpheus leading Eurydice from the Underworld, Camille Corot / Wishbone, Richard Siken / Road to Hell (Reprise), Hadestown / original / Supernatural 15x18 //
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mitsybubbles · 2 days ago
Ahhhh shoutout to when I was going to make a song comic about Achilles and Apollo and then I never finished it 😔
It was gonna be “Therefore You and Me” but like. About Closely Entwined Bitter Enemies instead of Lovers. (So “you and me you and me lovey dovey!” But like. Sarcastic and mocking lmao?)
Anyways I got about as far as a quick concept and a couple panels before I lost steam
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pigeon-princess · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
With Athena’s shield, polished like a mirror, Perseus approached the gorgon Medusa, avoiding her gaze.
I’ve been wanting to draw some Greek Mythology pieces for a while now, so I decided to revisit one of my favourites. 
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meanwhilepoetry · 2 months ago
“Do you ever wonder why mortals seek love so fervently?” asks Hermes, filling his goblet with more of Dionysus’ best wine. Dionysus is thinking of Ariadne again as he smiles sadly, “They walk through life only two steps ahead of death. Imagine what it must be like to know you are finite. You would constantly seek the beauty of love too, if you knew you were doomed. If you knew how your book ends, wouldn’t you want to fill it with beautiful things like love, too?”
Nikita Gill, Excerpts from Maidens, Myths and Monsters
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loloisafangirl · 14 hours ago
Zeus: Is that vodka?
Dionysus: Yeah.
Zeus: Straight?
Dionysus: No, gay.
Zeus: I mean the vodka
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mytholympus · 7 months ago
Aphrodite: It’s been 15 minutes and he still hasn’t texted me back. What if he’s hurt?
Eros: Mama, just give him some time.
Ares: *Struggling to spell gorgeous*
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faunthefaery · a month ago
Hey, hi, hello. So, just wanted to reiterate this again.
The Greek Gods are not their myths.
Myths were not written by the gods.
Myths were written by flawed ancient men who really didn't like women and it shows.
Your goddesses are not vain, petty, or shallow.
They are not bound to the myths written by flawed men.
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classics-cassandra · 10 days ago
Things that should make me feel valid as an aroace:
The welcoming online aspec community
The support of my friends
Things that actually make me feel valid:
My horoscope telling me that I won’t find romance today
Getting Hunter of Artemis on the Percy jackson godly parent quiz
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teaforthotxxx · 10 months ago
Blood of Zeus is great and all but WTF is Hades always the fucking villain. Like bitch he isn’t satan, hes just the god of the underworld. I mean if u really wanted to make a cool, death-based villain. WHY NOT JUST USE THANATOS.
And let me tell you why GOD OF DEATH THANATOS WOULD MAKE A GOOD VILLAIN: 1. HIS MAIN MOTIVE CAN LITERALLY BE HOW HE IS A MINOR GOD DESPITE BEING THE GOD OF DEATH 2. Theres not much on him in Greek myths and no one has done much w his character so screen writers can take more creative license.  3. HIS SIBLINGS ARE WAAAAAYYYYYY COOLER THAN THE BIG 3 and WAAAYYYY more underappreciated. (imagine Eris Vs Hera and Eris taking over Hera’s throne). 4. HE IS JUST NOT GETTING ENOUGH RESPECT ALSO I REPEAT: Greek Gods are all neutrals. THERE ARE NO GOOD OR BAD GODS!! SO STOP TYPECASTING HADES AS THE VILLAIN
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