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Weiss: *walking into the front room* Are you sure we have everything?

Pyrrha: Weiss, dont worry, we’ve gone over the list a hundred times.

Yang: *nodding* There’s no need to be this worried over a single trip.

Weiss: But it’s an important trip and I want to make sure everything is right and-

Pyrrha: *putting a hand on Weiss’s shoulder* It’s okay. I know you havent seen your family in a while and now you have the opportunity.

Weiss: I’m still nervous. What if they dont like what’s going on? What if they think this is all super weird?

Yang: Weiss, it’s your mom and sister. They’ll understand and love you no matter what.

Weiss: *taking a deep breath* You dont know them that well…

Pyrrha: I’m sure they’ll still be thrilled to meet your girlfriends.

Weiss: Yeah but-

Yang: *kissing Weiss’s cheek* No buts. We have everything packed. Your mom will understand and be happy for you.

Pyrrha: *nodding and taking Weiss’s hand* Now, lets go meet your family and tell them that you now have two wonderful girlfriends that are taking care of you.

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Weiss: *groaning* Why do I have to follow you?

Ruby: You only need to follow my lead. Beyond that, it really doesnt matter what you do for school. Just make sure you train with us periodically.

Weiss: *shaking her head and spotting Pyrrha sitting in class* W-wait… what’s she doing here?

Yang: Who?

Weiss: What do you mean “who’? Pyrrha Nikos is sitting in our class! How are you guys not freaking out right now?

Ruby: I mean… she’s our friend. Why would we be freaking out?

Weiss: *bursting out laughing* Right… Pyrrha is your friend… that’s a good one.

Yang: *shaking her head and walking into class*

Weiss: *trying to calm down* I dont expect someone like you to recognize when you’re in the presence of a celebrity. *walking into class* We need to make sure we-

Yang: *kissing Pyrrha* Sorry we’re late. Had a bit of trouble with the new teammate.

Pyrrha: Dont worry about it. Professor Port hasnt shown up yet, so you guys are fine.

Weiss: *stunned as she watched the exchange* She just…

Blake: *going to sit down in her seat* Oh, yeah, Yang and Pyrrha are dating. 

Weiss: But… she cant…

Ruby: *putting a hand on Weiss’s shoulder* Welcome to Beacon Academy Weiss.

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Pyrrha, walking into her house: Honey! Are you home?

*A bang is heard in the kitchen*

Pyrrha, tilting her head: Honey?

*Pyrrha walks into the kitchen to see Yang on the table while using tongs as a weapon*



Pyrrha: Uhm……What’s Uh…..

Yang: Lobster escaped.

Pyrrha: Pardon?

Yang: Lobster escaped. *Cautiously looks around the floor*

Pyrrha:……….want me to order a pizza instead?

Yang, using the tongs to open a cabinet before cowardly peering in it: Yes please.

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Yang: *stepping into the bath* Oh, this is going to be nice.

Pyrrha: *watching Yang* Finally decided to join?

Yang: *sinking into the water* About time we get to a real bathhouse. Speaking of, why is a goddess in one?

Pyrrha: *looking over Yang’s body* Just to admire the view.

Yang: *relaxing a bit more, letting the water climb her body and stop at her neck* Oh this hits the spot.

Pyrrha: *blushing and moving closer to Yang* So, what brought you into these travels?

Yang: You’re a goddess. I’m pretty sure you know.

Pyrrha: Maybe I want to hear your side of things.

Yang: *sighing* Need to find my mother.

Pyrrha: Why her?

Yang: I… lost someone important to me and I need to make a deal to get them back.

Pyrrha: *narrowing her eyes* You do know-

Yang: Yes, yes, I know. It’s dangerous. There will be a price I will have to pay. I’m aware. It’s why I’m taking my time getting there and having fun.

Pyrrha: *hesitating* I’m not sure I understand.

Yang: Blake doesnt either. I know what I have to give for payment. And I know getting to the underworld is not going to be easy. So, I’m enjoying life before I give it up as payment.

Pyrrha: But you’re a demigod. Why would you ever want to give that up?

Yang: Who I lost is more important than all of that.

Pyrrha: *sighing* It’s a fool’s errand.

Yang: *shrugging and relaxing* And if it is, so be it.

Pyrrha: *getting up and walking out of the bath* I’ll see you back in the tavern.

Yang: *taking glances at a couple of young women* I wont be out too late.

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Yang: *With a bag of stuff she got from town*

Yang: *pulls out a thing of flowers*

Ruby: Awwww, did you get those for Pyrrha? That’s sweet of you.

Yang: *Pulls out a box of chocolates*

Ruby: So are you guys about to go on date or something tonight?

Yang: *Pulls out a thing of specially made wooden handcuffs*

Ruby, confused: Wut? Why would you buy those for Pyrrha? And why are they woode—


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did some of these on twitter and here’s what i’ve done so far. they were really fun!!

Ship: Greekfire
Prompt: First date

Sitting in front of the hottest girl at Beacon, Yang had absolutely no idea what to say. Unknown to everyone but Ruby, she’d never seriously dated before. 

“I uh…like your muscles?” She tried. 

Pyrrha chuckled. “Thank you, I like yours too." 

 Yang fell even harder for her.

Ship: Pomegrenade
Prompt: Carnival

"Are you sure we shouldn’t have brought the boys?” Pyrrha asked, peering over the huge stuff Beowolf Nora had just won her.

“Nah, we never get to spend time together!” Nora insisted. “You know, not ALONE together." 

"True…I must admit, being alone with you is quite nice.”

Ship: Ladybug
Prompt: Cat cafe date

“These cats really seem to like you.” Ruby chuckled, nibbling on a cookie. 

Blake sighed as one of the cats batted at her ears. “I don’t know what it is; I swear this never usually happens." 

Ruby grinned secretly as she sipped her coffee. All according to plan.

Ship: Spumoni
Prompt: (to quote)  it’s pretty angsty but, specifically them communicating about how they feel about their times working for Cinder (assuming they’re both not working for her anymore)?

"It wasn’t just you, you know. She hurt me too.” Emerald paused, closing her eyes briefly. “And Mercury.”

She slumped down beside Neo, and turned away when she saw the look in the other girl’s eyes.

“I don’t want pity.”

But she didn’t pull away when Neo touched her hand.

Ship: Schneekos
Prompt- Picnic date

“I’ve never actually been on a picnic before.” Weiss admitted.

“Oh, they’re lovely,” Pyyrha replied. “I used to go on them with my mother all the time.

Weiss frowned, thinking of her own mother.

"She’d love you.” Pyrrha continued.

Weiss suddenly felt a lot better.

Ship: Goldleaf
Prompt: Coffee date

May stared dubiously at the coffee Joanna was sipping from. “How can you drink that stuff? It’s so hot and bitter.”

Joanna set down the mug and grinned cheekily. “Hey, I like hot and bitter.”

“…You’re talking about me now, aren’t you?”

Ship: Dolts and Bolts
Prompt- Aquarium date

“Oh, they’re all so CUTE!”

Ruby lifted her eyebrows. “Penny, those are sharks.”

“I know!” Penny responded gleefully. “So fierce and pretty! They remind me of Weiss.”

Weiss blushed madly. “Uh…thanks?”

“Oh, you’re right!” Ruby gasped. “They ARE cute!”

Weiss blushed harder.

Ship: Cinnabun
Prompt- Asking out (feat. wingman Coco)

Coco shoved Yatsu in Velvet’s direction. “Don’t be a wimp.”

“Okay, chill.” Yatsu approached his partner cautiously.

Velvet’s face lit up. “Oh, Yatsu! Did you need something?”

Yatsu blushed. “I just wanted to ask…do you want lunch?”

Velvet gave him a soft smile. “Sure.”

Ship: Martial Arcs
Prompt: Stealing Jaune’s hoodies

Jaune closed the cupboard door with a sigh. “Where did I-” He stopped short as he spun around; Ren stood awkwardly behind him, wearing the hoodie he’d been looking for, looking adorable.

“Oh…did you want this?”

Jaune tried to hide his blush. “Nah…keep it.”

Ship: Greek Freckles
Prompt: Library study session

“Okay, wait…where does it mention who started the war?”

Pyrrha scooted close enough to Ilia that their shoulders brushed “Here.” She pointed to the section of text.

Ilia desperately tried not to change colour and betray her feelings. “…Thanks.”

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Alright so they are the two keeping fit together since both are beasts after all. Yang loves being pushed to her limit and Pyrrha has an intense workout schedule after all.

I’m sure rumors spread since they are spotted together a bit. It’s just that usually after a workout they just spend time together cooling down and just talking. Yang finds Pyrrha easy to talk to and confide in.

Yang can and will use perfectly good reasons to make Pyrrha flex those muscles. Hey Pyr could you help me with this? All the while just thristing hard. Probably feeling like a creep since she’s sure Pyrrha only sees her as a friend.

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who tries to distract the other during the movie

-yang! pyrrha gets really into watching so yang isnt really up to anything she just wants to see how much pyrrha will remain oblivious to

who falls asleep first

-pyrrha! she has a self-imposed bed time of ten pm and she is OUT by 10:05. yang stays up later working on various little projects

who is big spoon/little spoon

-they switch!!! yang greatly prefers big spoon tho

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