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#green aesthetic

In love with pistachio colors.

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So I’ve been avoiding working on Eartha’s design for awhile now, because while I think her backstory and characterization are going well the fashion I use for a character almost always reshapes them. 

Still, I sat my butt down and just started drawing until I got a couple of designs I liked. And then I kept going. 

I’m personally soft for 1, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17 and 18, but the designs I don’t use will be shifted to side characters because I’m lazy like that. 

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its time to tell i was born in bad ways like i been aways trying to kill myself…bye! #dontunfollow

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a little theme !!

it’s been awhile since i posted so here!

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A little video I made in my Witche’s garden because all of the wonderful bird songs .

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• oh but you see, i happen to think you are quite wonderful •


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