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Alfred: Master Bruce…where did Master Dick acquire these…things from?

Bruce: -_-

(His many aunts and uncles Alfred)

The first child in a group of friends is usually the most spoiled - it’s the truth.

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Secret Relationship

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Tommy Merlyn x reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut.

Characters: Tommy, Y/N, Oliver

Description: Tommy and Y/N are secretly dating and Oliver doesn’t know because he’s just come back from the island.

“Are you sure we should be doing this? Oliver may find us!”

Tommy and you were currently in the storage cupboard of Verdant, trying to get some much needed time together. “I’m sure, Oliver’s not due back for another hour. We’ll be fine.” Tommy’s lips found their way to your neck and began sucking on your sweet spot, eliciting a low moan from you. You could feel Tommy’s lips curve into a smile at the affect he has on you.

He made his way up your neck to your lips agonisingly slow, slow enough for you to become frustrated. “Tommy, stop teasing and just fuck me already!” Tommy let out a heartfelt laugh at your obvious frustration and backed you up against the wall. “Whatever you wish, princess.” You gulped as you looked into Tommy’s eyes and seen his pupils were blown black and full of lust. He stared back at you hungrily as he roughly tugged your pants and underwear down to the floor. You could feel a warm feeling build up in your stomach at the roughness of Tommy’s actions. He knelt down inbetween your legs and began to kiss up your thighs, leaving little bruises as a pathway to his destination. Tommy could smell the strong arousal coming from you and he let out an animalistic growl, causing you to clench your legs together to gain any type of friction. He prised open your legs and lapped up your juices that was leaking out. He pushed a digit into you and began to move, hitting your g-spot everytime. You needed more and began to climb up the wall in an attempt to fill the void, but it wasn’t working. Tommy noticed your movements and pushed another digit into you, opening your hole up more. He looked up at your face and immediately growled at the sight that he seen. Both of you were so entranced with each other that you didn’t hear the door opening from the other side of the room.

“And what do we have here?” Tommy stood up in surprise and tried his best to cover you from peering eyes. You looked over Tommy’s shoulder and seen Oliver standing in the doorway, arms folded with a smirk on his face. You immediately blushed and smacked Tommy upside the head. “I told you he’d find us!”

“Well the noises you two were making made it pretty hard not to find you. Maybe next time, you should try somewhere more quiet?” Oliver laughed a little as he walked away, leaving you and Tommy looking at each other in embarrassment.

After you had cleaned yourselves up, you both walked out of the closet and found Oliver pouring drinks at the bar. You took a seat at the middle of the bar and looked at Oliver sheepishly, Tommy doing the same. “That wasn’t the welcome home I expected to give you.”

Oliver gave a hearty chuckle and passed you both a drink. “It wasn’t the one I expected to receive.” He took a sip of his drink and began to speak some more. “How long have you two been a thing?” You and Tommy both looked at each other adoringly, holding each others hands. “About 6 months, just before you came back. We didnt want to tell you straight away incase it startled you. Hardly anybody knows about us because of the press and we need it to stay that way, at least for now.”

Oliver looked between you and Tommy, giving each of you a smile. “Your secret is safe with me, dont worry. I’m happy you’ve finally found somebody, Tommy.” He clapped Tommy on the shoulder and leaned over the bar to give you a hug.

“Trust me, she makes me the happiest man in the world.”

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I love how Oliver looks like a short king compared to the rest of the justice league

He’s 5’10”, that’s average height for an adult American man

But the rest of the justice league are 6’2” and up

So he ends up looking so much shorter and I think that’s hilarious

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My Writing
Fandom: Arrow
Characters: Laurel Lance, Oliver Queen, Quentin Lance, John Diggle, Helena Bertinelli, Raisa, Joanna de la Vega, Ted Grant, Female OCs, Male OCs
Pairing: Laurel Lance/Oliver Queen
Summary: The confrontation between the Hood and SWAT on the roof of the Winick Building goes differently, altering the course of Laurel’s career, relationships and efforts to save her city forever, the shockwaves of such an altered path making themselves felt throughout her family and friends.
*Can be read on my AO3, link is in bio*

So far, so good, Laurel kept telling herself over the next week. Mr. Khan and his shop remained unharmed, those thugs hadn’t made any reprisals or found her out, and the police hadn’t come knocking on her door. She was in the clear.

But the clear wasn’t good enough. One night wasn’t good enough. If she was going to make any real difference in the Glades, she was going to have to keep on with it.

Time to get serious.

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