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Kaidra was born into a fairly small family considering that she only knows her mother’s side. Helena, her mother, is a celestial dragon. She is serene, honest and caring with those around her, which makes many people appreciate her. Apparently, a certain demon fell under her spell.. She works alongside the Seraphim.


Kaidra was often rejected because of her appearance which was too ‘demonic’ for them. At least her mother has always been there to reassure her child. They really have a close bond.

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Art dump


All the traditional art that I’ve done in my new sketch book so far.


•∆•Requests and art trades are still open! •∆•

Tag list: @nansblockit @ask-the-amazing-greenland @slasher-beware @ticket-to-ride13 @illwaitinthisplace @piratenclown

If you want to be tagged just comment on this post or shoot me an ask/message, have a wonderful day!

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