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jasontoddsguns · 2 days ago
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catmanbowser · 15 hours ago
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Yknow what they say about what the color yellow does to a green lantern
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pricklepicklepie · 2 days ago
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I've been thinking about how one might compose a gltas dnd party for like, MONTHS. And I think I've finally cracked it.
I think Kilowog as a Battlemaster speaks for itself, he trains all the GLs, he's a strategist, etc. Hal I feel like could be really any charisma-based character, but sor/pal is my favorite multi-class, and I think that works (and my brother convinced me to do different subclasses for parallax and spectre so okay). I know Aya should have been some sort of int-based character, but I couldn't pick one i really liked and I wanted to draw her in a big suit of armor and I think cleric works to her nature to want to help others. I had a similar problem for Razer, he's obviously a rouge, but there wasn't a subclass that just SCREAMED Razer, so soul knife it is. And ya gotta have the one-level barbarian for that RAGE babey!!
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jetslay · a day ago
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DC Super-Heroes by Doug Braithwaite & Alex Ross.
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peculiar-whiskerz · a day ago
Major characters done for my AC x Green Lantern AU! This was so much fun to do and the other characters will be coming shortly!
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winterstars21 · 2 days ago
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Beautiful Lantern Mullein by Jo Cheol-Hong (Mi-Gyeung)
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d-bread-d · 23 hours ago
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men should be more slutty and wear low v-cut shirts more often
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I have questions about this variant cover of the Flash #786
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For starters, that's Wally not Barry. And this is the final Dark Crisis Flash tie in issue so ??? I know that variant covers usually don't have a whole lot to do with the plot but that kinda makes it even more confusing? Anyway, what do you guys think is happening here? Because I'm at a loss
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richter-kale · a day ago
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i love you hal jordan with a visibly broken nose i love you hal jordan with dark brown eyes i love you freckled hal jordan i love you hal jordan with a slightly downturned set mouth i love you hal jordan without overly defined musculature i love you Just Some Guy looking hal jordan
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azurezfiction · 2 days ago
Hal Jordan: *Devil May Cry attitude*
Also Hal Jordan: Don’t ever talk to me, my beloved husband! *pulls Barry to him* Our son, Wally! *pulls Wally* Our other son, Kyle! *pulls Kyle over* Our other, other son Billy *pulls Billy over* And our other, other, other son Danny. EVER.AGAIN.
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>.< sorry for everything lol
@rillette i tried
lyrics by the amazing rillette below the cut (with a bit of my own flair lol)
(car starting)
Yeaaahhh okay
Y’already know who it is
Yeah (car revving) alright
Okay yeah yeah (car revving)
Uh-huh.. lets go.
She green. On my lantern till I corps. Wanna take her back to Balti more Fit so fresh. stay looking like lettuce Ask her to marry says her dad wont let us.
She Krispy on my Kreme call that shit hot and ready. Wanna meet her parents. she said: maybe Crisis in a sector too bad I gotta jet Ask to see her later she says: ok bet. 
Uh. Yeah. Green Lantern.
Go to do my job Day is fucking saved I’m good at my job Back from outer space
Girl call me wawa the way I hoagiefest See her in my dreams girl you the fuckin best
Ask her how she feelin, Say she’s the one for me Tell me she’s just playin Says dont give me no ring
Yuh. Uh.
G-R- Double E- N 
Dick so convenient call me 7. 11. She get the goods and dip Ain’t one for. commitment
Girl a red lantern ring (yuh) The way she broke my heart Got me twirling my hair But she playin from the start (slide whistle noise)
Back in space. Feeling kinda sad See an Earth GL. He asking how I am
Say I miss my lady. She got me hurtin bad Tell me why this dude just laughs (echo: that bitch)
When he worse off than i am?
Nah for real
Saw this fuckin dick Just the other day Sobbin out his eyes Said “she wanted a break” (vine boom sound effect) (roblox oof)
(car crash sound effect) 
Serves you fucking right tho! serves you fucking right
I mean- ha ha!
now who’s laughing bitch
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catmanbowser · 2 days ago
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Hal jordan crumbs i drew for moots on twt
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monster850911 · 2 days ago
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dracaelus · 2 days ago
Watching the batlantern meet cute (justice league war)
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superheroes-or-whatever · 2 days ago
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Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special by Phil Hester
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redrobin2009 · a day ago
hal: having a breakdown
also hal: now seems like a good time to become a dad to this young adult i just met
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d-bread-d · 8 hours ago
jason should get all the mother figures he wants and kyle should get all the father figures he wants
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