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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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#green tree frogs

Why are you offering Voigt a cricket when there is Delicious Pinky Finger??

166 notes

A Very Smiley Gumby is has come to the front of the tank with her Glossy Moss Green Onesie and her Nostrils of Happiness!

She has received a Treatie of Good Behaviour!

111 notes

Today a Very Courageous Gentleman put on his Shiniest-Iguana-Green-Jacket to make a special request for a treatie because he is hungry! (Request granted!)

207 notes

There is a Very Tall Tiny on the ledge tonight!

(Talling-Coach Gumby is most proud!)

275 notes

Voigt is putting on a New Jacket!

Tiny is Helping with his Tongue-of-Assistance!

132 notes

Two Very-Well-Mannered Friend-Shaped Green Spheres are on the Vine to let you know that Food Is Required Urgently!

262 notes

Tiny has been visited by the Stealing Sisters!

(Gumby distracts while Voigt steals)

Tiny gobbles his second Treatie to protect from any more Stealing!

142 notes

Roofing Expert and Escape Technician Tiny has been hard at work tonight!

Unfortunately he has been thwarted by the Hand once again!

317 notes

Gumby has captured A Thumb today!

She will save her Tasty Snack for later!

204 notes

There is only one day until Dinner! Jens is Practising!

Put the Dinner HERE!

133 notes

Today is a day for Double-Kissies!

(Best Kissie-Synchronisation Wins!)

257 notes

Voigt is Not Escaping!

She is just sampling the air quality at a higher altitude!

152 notes

Truffle on a bridge 🌉

5 notes

Today Jens is here to answer some Important Questions about Jens!

288 notes

Voigt’s daily reminder that Voigt Is Hungry!

(Fingers preferred, crickets also accepted)

150 notes

Do you have The Most Glorious Spotted Chin in the whole house?

Climb up high and show everyone!

153 notes