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goodluckillustration · 2 months ago
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When someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal. Some are beautiful and poetic and satisfying. Others are abrupt and unfair
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the-badass-journal-keeper · 6 months ago
how many of barry and lup's secret just-for-them trips around planes were to find that plane's greg grimaldis and punch him?
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loverunderwater · a year ago
when taako goes “yeaahh! that’s my SISTER!” in the greg grimaldis heist liveshow, rb if you agree
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moosecannoncop · a year ago
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TAZ Balance Bonus Episode - Live in Nashville! - Greg Grimaldis
Greg FUCKING Grimaldis owes Lup those fifteen dollars, and she AIMS TO COLLECT
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everyone else in the taz grad fandom: rainer is definitely barry and lup’s kid! what a nice tie-in with balance :))
the mcelboys: do one (1) goof about grey’s name actually being greg
my garbage brain:
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little-oxford-st · a year ago
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arianwen44 · 2 years ago
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Re-listening to Balance, and Lup is still my favourite. I adore her <3
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lena--beana · a year ago
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I uhhh... I did this one already. I did this world and kind of… crushed it? So I guess I’m excited for opportunities to expand the ol’ brand as it were. So yeah, I’m pretty psyched to get off this stink planet and see what else is out there.
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ALSO! Greg Grimaldis, you owe me fifteen dollars and I aim to collect! You better believe, Greg Grimaldis!!
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asimovsideburns · 2 years ago
Greg Grimaldis, probably: you guys got into the IPRE?
Lup and Taako, in unison: what, like it’s hard?
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merlehightowerhighchurchh · 2 years ago
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Some silly, some serious. But some very poignant moments that made me giggle or cry.
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arojovela · 3 years ago
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@ a certain greg grimaldis 
based on this beautiful line
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goodluckillustration · 3 months ago
pov u r greg grimaldis
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anotherdeadaccount · a year ago
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Anyone else get really passionate about Lup?
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theheadcanonzone · 2 years ago
Greg grimaldis was framed by clint mcelroy embezzling janitor
submitted by thewalkinggarlicbread
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antlered-pluto · 2 years ago
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I believe that, one of these times, we’re gonna get it right. And we’re gonna find a way to defeat The Hunger and... save everybody inside of it. I have to believe that, to keep doing what we do. Because I have to believe [choking up] that I’m gonna get...those fifteen dollars back from Greg fucking Grimaldis!
I finally drew an IPRE Lup to match my Taako! Lup means so so much to me as a character and she, alongside the McElroys, have genuinely impacted and changed my life for the better. I’m so in love with Lup and hope I did her justice!
~Please do not repost without permission~
Look at my art on instagram!: https://www.instagram.com/fruitlup.art/
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fruichus · 2 years ago
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More of my taz Legally Blonde au with one of Elle Wood’s iconic quotes. (i.e. Greg Grimaldis is about to get WRECKED)
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mspainttaz · 2 years ago
Lup sues Greg Grimaldis for $15 for emotional trauma || NOT CLICKBAIT || (ASMR)
Tumblr media
[i.d. a fake screenshot of a you-tube video thumbnail. The thumbnail is a grey-scale picture of Lup, a tan elf with short, fluffy blonde hair. She’s wearing a dark blazer and typing on a laptop that’s partially off-screen. Behind her on a desk sits a skull and a vase of flowers. The words to the right say:
“Suing Greg Grimaldis for $15 for Emotional Trauma || NOT CLICKBAIT|| (asmr). Channel name is Lup 420 ASMR, The video was uploaded 1 day ago with 69,419 view. The description says “I aim to collect with or without the law on my side”. The video is 30:11 long. end i.d.]
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toomanydice · 2 years ago
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I handed out a couple hundred of these at the Cincinnati TAZ Live Show tonight (which was incredible), it was so much fun everyone was so wonderful to me, and if you got one I hope you like it!!
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mars-in-danger · a year ago
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somenerdysketches · a year ago
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From The Adventure Zone
“Also Greg Grimaldis, you owe me 15 dollars and I am to collect. You better believe, Greg Grimaldis”
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