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#greg universe

Prompt: Young Greg’s POV when he wrote those letters to his parents Steven found on Mr. Universe episode.

Dear Ma and Pa, Greg writes and then just as abruptly stops, his pen shaking in his hand.

Because it’s been five years since he ran away his folks’ home, and he doesn’t know what to say to them.

Hey, I know it’s been awhile, but I had a short-lived career as a rockstar before falling in love with a big, beautiful alien woman who gave up her physical form, and now I have a half-alien kid, and we live in a van.


His parents had wanted him to be an effing lawyer.

He had wanted to be free.

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This is just too adorable not to share! I got this from someone on the Discord server I’m on. It’s chibi Greg!

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I got commissioned to draw Greg Universe and I LOVED doing it (cuz Greg is the best)

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[Part seven]


You have no idea how much Greg weighs, but it doesn’t matter. The element of surprise and a good tug is all it takes to get him from ‘laying down’ to ‘laying on.’ A small grunt of surprise slips from his mouth into yours as he finally rests on your body. The hand that was about to stroke you has to come up and support his weight, but no matter, because just about everything is covered in a sudden flood of dad.

It’s unbelievable how warm his belly is. Every part of him is so big up close. The arms rising up underneath your pits to hold you in a hug are firm and hairy and strangely tan, a farmer’s tan—very dad-like indeed. You can hear the bed creak underneath you as his legs bend, knees supporting him just enough to not literally crush you into the mattress. His gut is firm in concept, but he’s letting it go, crushing your abdomen with all the glory his body can offer. Greg spreads over you like butter, smooth and lovely, grinding himself on the lower part of your torso. You don’t want him to pull away, not as long as you’re kissing, but when you need to you can imagine the wetness left over.

The present wetness is between your mouth. Greg kisses like a pork roast, or a crisp apple, just enough tenderness to make the juices flow. He’s not drooling over you, not exactly, although you have to admit you’re not opposed to a little sloppiness when things go further. No, it’s merely moist, tongue on tongue. His body is like yours, full of hunger; you can feel him return to this place of familiarity that he hasn’t seen in some time. The man’s body pushes and pulls and his lips roll with them against yours.

It’s safe to say that you’re just as hard as you’ve ever been, and you have to let go for just a second, sliding your hands down Greg’s sides towards your underwear. He was going for it before, but you interrupted, and now it’s your turn to show what you got. Greg rises just enough for you to wiggle and let your legs twist near the end of the bed, enough to let you slide the briefs down your thighs and off your body, kicked off towards who knows where.

There’s that feeling again. With your hard-on swinging up and pressed between your bodies once more, Greg comes back and doubles down on how close he wants to get with your mouths. All of his body is in motion now, holding you as you grip his shoulderblades right back, pulling away just to groan before you feel your lips sink back together, and he’s rubbing his hips on you. Grinding, frotting, whatever you want to call it, everything that he’s doing is calling attention to the fact that he’s got something you don’t. You wouldn’t call yourself ‘small,’ but compared to Greg, everything is small for sure. The girth dwarfs you, width squashing width, and he’s definitely got extra length in the glans at the very least. And either his balls are swollen from years of abstinence, or he’s just got hangers.

The senses are almost overwhelming you. The taste of someone else’s spit, the scent of a confident and fulfilled daddy, the weight of his body making you imprinted on the mattress—for a moment, you have to let go, stretching your arms above your head as you let your body spread out as much as it can. Whatever ends up happening, look, this much is satisfying by itself. Being naked and kissed and called a ‘good boy’ by one of the few genuinely nice men on the internet is pretty awesome in your book.

On top, Greg’s hips circle back, as if trying to get your cocks more together. It’s a teasing motion, where he’s rising and pressing down, ensuring that your body is absorbing the brunt of his frottage while your penis is utterly covered. And then his hands move. Your head is tilted back just a bit into the sheets as Greg pushes his body forwards, taking the kiss with him, and his arms are moving up as well. In moments, you can feel his hands grabbing your wrists, pulling them apart from one another above your head, with just a little weight added on. When he presses, you take in a sudden breath, small enough to show that you know something happened, but not enough to be a gasp. It’s involuntary, but Greg slows down anyway. 

As he pulls his face apart, you can see the blurriness he’s blinking away, the smile, the little bits of sweat on his forehead and the aerated bubbles of drool in his beard. “I… You doin’ okay?” he whispers. You assure him, but he can tell. The man looks up to where he’s holding you. Before you can reply to the gaze, he slips away, pressing himself down into the mattress for just a little more distance. 

“I know we, um, I know I’m trying the whole ‘daddy’ thing, but I-I’m still kinda new,” Greg says quietly. “I don’t want to do something wrong, especially when you’ve been such a good boy.” 

Well, that sends a wiggle through you, and both of you pause to chuckle quietly. Still, Greg swallows and blows a cool, nervous breath away from you.

“How…rough do you want me to be? I’m still gonna stop when you say stop, by the way. No safewords or any of that. No means no. Okay? But if you want me to be that kind of daddy, I will.”

Even with your wrists released from his grip, you can feel his nervous energy. Honestly, you think, even if Greg wants to start out there’s a chance he’ll have to stop himself. Or, if he goes further, his inexperience might not be to your benefit. Then again, you’ve both established you’re in a mood, and he’s going to listen; tonight’s all about you! You take a big breath, the air swimming with dad, and tell him…

> You can be as rough as you want tonight, daddy.
> I think the best thing to do is go slow and gentle.
> Maybe I can show you what I know about rough stuff.

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Eat the rich. Yes all the rich. And yes that includes Greg universe.

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Reasons to watch Steven Universe:


Great Over-Arcing Story


Amazing LBGTQ+ Representation


Teaches People About Serious Issues


Cute Art Style and Gorgeous Animation


Oh, did I mention Greg?

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I feel like everyone should see this picture that Rebecca Sugar drew of Greg and Baby Steven back in 2014

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Greg is dead, yes. Poor Steven is gonna miss seeing Greg alive by a few years when he gets free, rip! (and don’t worry! it’s fine)

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What can I do, for you?

What can I do, that no one else can do?

What can I do, for you?

What can I do, for you?

Rose and Greg screenshot redraw. 

It took so long to figure out gregs faceeeeee :(

But I like the result…mostly :P

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Here’s Greg’s ref a little while after they leave the strawberry battlefield

Hmm I wonder what happens to him

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On the Origin of Hybrids - Novantinuum (ChromaticDreams) - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Prompt: Greg and Steven before the Beach house was built.

The strummed note falls through sea-sprayed air, sighing pleasantly.

Steven’s chubby fingers barely reach all the taut strings on the ukulele.

“D chord!” He shouts, lisping a little where his tongue strikes the gap between his teeth.

“Yeah, buddy!” Greg laughs. “You’re a natural at this!”

“I am?”

“A rockstar,” he grins. “You’re gonna give me a run for my money one day.”

Steven smiles widely, a sight Greg will never get tired of.

Steven’s belly begins to glow beneath the fabric of his shirt, a sight that never allows Greg to forget that his son isn’t exactly like him.

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<div> How the SU AU Gone Wrong should end. </div>
Pink Steven
(does the Club Penguin dance)
Everyone else
(watching in horror)
(gives a thumbs-up)
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this is the only future i accept. greg and pearl have moved on from their hard feelings towards each other and their grief over rose, have their new respective partners, and are supportive of each other’s new relationship.

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That moment you realize Chad Steven’s taller than Greg

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So I’m currently in the middle of drawing a Certain scene from steven universe and i zoomed out and:



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