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It is weird, but to be fair Gregory’s not the most interesting character. Plus if Vanny is Vanessa she’s a main character anyway, just not the player character.

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I was gonna point out how the BV’s dead but then again it’s not like that’s ever stopped anyone in this franchise

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gregory is so funny he looks like the kid u babysit and he comes up to you and is like “i eated gummy worms” and has a 3 hour sugar rush and also says the most profound shit like kevin from home alone does. anyway

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irwin and gregory’s interactions is such a funny concept

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Amo tanto esta canción, por cierto le hice un playlist a mi ex y la coloqué, ojalá y le haya dado el significado que quería❤️❤️❤️

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this is what happens when you give children smartwatches

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I am only stating a few of them, my main ocs

Alex: sleeps in a ball, gets normal amount of sleep for a 28 year old

Kimberly: sprawled out in sleep, gets normal amount of sleep for a 7 year old

Gregory: usually falls asleep studying doesn’t get alot of sleep for a 15 year old

Sam: sleeps almost anywhere gets too much sleep for an adult

Wylde: fun fact, she is nocturnal. Though she is nocturnal she avoids sleep due to nightmares and insomnia.

Mira: as a goddess, she sleeps whenever she can, she sometimes sleeps when meditating

Venus: w h a t I s s l e e p

Midnight/ silver: afraid to sleep, since that’s when midnight takes over

Fizzy: she gets a decent amount of sleep for a 17 year old

Cords: heee heeee, I torture him too much for him to sleep.. hehehehe

That’s not all 50+ of my my OC’s but these are my main ones

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Going Down?

That new teaser was something huh? Here’s a little comic based on that moment when Gregory’s in the elevator escaping Vanessa (except he’s a troll)

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<div> VANNY HAS A KNIFE! </div>
Freddy! Vanny has a knife!
Glamrock Freddy
I'm sure she'll be fine...
Wait... I have the knife...
Glamrock Freddy
I'm sure you'll be fine.
Yes, Gregory?
*Inhales* Vanny just stabbed MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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Okay so, some things to take note of regarding the Freddy watch’s HUD at the bottom of its screen:

  1. There’s a flashlight battery meter.
  2. A Freddy power meter.
  3. The danger triangle.
  4. A ticket count.

We’ll focus on the Freddy meter for now.

Basically, I think that gameplay will be divided between two styles:

Firstly: Gregory’s will be based around stealth, trying to evade and outmanuever the animatronics. They’ll give their death screech when they attack.

Unlike in previous games, you can still survive IF you’re fast on your feet. As Gregory isn’t fast enough to outrun the animatronics or other antagonists, you’ll have to side-step them as they lunge at you.

As for Glamrock Freddy, I imagine that he’ll be standing around with his chest cavity open in whatever area you’re exploring, and Gregory can climb in to hide inside him, seeing what Glamrock Freddy sees via his watch. Unlike Gregory, I think Glamrock Freddy will actually be able to fight back against the animatronics, who’ll try to pry open his chest to get to Gregory. Doing this will drain his battery, and if his battery runs out, whoever he was fighting will rip his chest cavity open to jumpscare Gregory.

As such, I think the main strategy will be to only use Glamrock Freddy when absolutely necessary, while Gregory will often have to resort to stealth and his own wits in order to avoid being captured and killed.

Also, I’d like for the creative game-over screens to return. Like, I dunno, a “Missing Child” poster if you’re caught while playing as Gregory, or Glamrock Freddy’s broken and bloodstained body with Gregory’s hand hanging out of the chest cavity if you’re killed while hiding in him.

Just… Y’know, something that adds an extra gut-punch to your failure.

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Gregory Horror Show Collection Drawings

I’ve been watching it again so I decided to doodle stuff about it while trying to experiment a bit with my art

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