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apparently the pics are old too a kendall account posted them on insta on march 19

oooooo. it was still a hoot to see

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Tbh I think this one was really bad luck, the daily mail doesn’t even mention harry at all in the article about her and we know they would write thousand article of them if they had the chance

honestly at this point nothing surprises me and now that it’s been discovered that it was harry i’m sure articles will be written now i’m just wheezing

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hshq basically called kendall and said "hey, where will you be at xx?" and then sent harry over there to be photographed, great job must say

the video i’m gonna explode it’s like kendall is trying to run him over. your otp could NEVER

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The pap pics weren’t of harry, they were of Kendall and Harry drove past them xD you can see him in like 3 pics from the 20 they took

okay shut up i’m going to end up screaming

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Louis always puts his arm around Harry’s waist and Harry puts his arm around Louis’ shoulders. That’s all.

thinking about how harry folds himself in and bundles up as small as possible, snuggling his head in louis shoulder when they hug. like this

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Hope pls listen to honeybee by the head and the heart and continue to think of larry

Look around. We made a garden of the love we found. So many reasons I would fight to stay. You’re the courage when I fade. Take a look at what we’ve made.”

Grey, I would just like to talk to you outside. merely talk

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you worked with jenny lewis??? 😱 hope that’s amaaaazing she’s so great i love her stuff!!!

i got to interview her once! and she was ever so lovely. when i reviewed her record her publicist reached out to me as well and said that Jenny said kind words about my write-up. i was starstruck a bit because rilo kiley was everything to me when i was younger aha but yes she’s a super babe and i’ve been enamored by her for a long long time

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Oh wise one - what are some music periodicals you would recommend?? I want to use this extra time I have to check out new music and learn more about the industry and was just looking for some good reading material. Thanks!

ah! i think Rolling Stones is always a given even if it has gotten a lot more shallow these days. but others i would rec include:

• Premier Guitar (big for guitarists obviously lol but there’s some great features with industry icons and advice/DIY columns that i’ve always enjoyed)

• Relix! (it was originally just for the grateful dead but now they cover many different genres)

• Goldmine (more for those who are avid record collectors or lovers of vintage eras of music)

• Juxtapoz (not strictly a music publication but it does feature it sometimes. a much bigger art and culture magazine)

• Obscure Sound (i find a lot of new music off this publication’s site)

• Under the Radar (one of my favorite indie music mags!!!)

• Indie Rock Cafe (one of the longest running indie-rock music blogs. they’re big on upcoming artists and DIY)

• Wax Poetics (think pieces, analyses, and in-depth features on music production and music journalism)

• The Wire

• The A.V. Club (not exactly a music pub but more a pop culture one. it’s a favorite of mine for the writers and the content published)

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Louis and Harry have that love story that was destined, fated, written in the stars, whatever you want to call it. They are soulmates and their love has and will stand the test of time and they overcome every obstacle that comes their way. My burning question is—where can I get one of those for myself? 🥺

grey… don’t take this the wrong way but… i will kill you.

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Hope what are some of your favorite artists you have ever worked with?

ooooo. i think swmrs, post animal, and jenny lewis are my favorites because they were the kindest to my writings and most inviting. i’m also massive fans of them, so it was really cool to get appreciation and love from them. deathcab for cutie & insignificant other were also goodins! i almost got to interview The Maine last year for their record promo of YOU ARE OK, but it fell through rip. i think i would’ve really loved to be around them as well.

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hope were u in the fandom before the bears?

yup! i began snooping around end of 2013/beginning of 2014

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Meanwhile I became a Larrie at the end of 2016. And I’m the most demon dark Larrie you’ll ever meet. Do I get a medal? 😅

anyone who joined after the hiatus and in the DEEP of babygate deserves all the medals in the world. dunno how you guys did it

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