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#grey eyes

Last week I’ve decided to start exercising again, it’s something that’s been at the back of my kind for quite a while and I’ve always told myself ‘I’ll do it later’.

Well I had enough of giving myself excuses and decided to dive straight in. I ache, I’m sore but I feel so much happier. Recently I’ve been so stressed out and just overall not happy in the way I looked. So I’ve decided to do something about it :)

I guess my message here is, don’t keep giving yourself excuses. Get out there and go smash it 😊

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Happy valentines day from your local trash rodent! I’m depressed and unloved but that doesn’t mean you have to be!


If you don’t need love then live your aro life loving yourself, self love is still something you can do. I’m demi-romantic so I don’t need love either, but my heart is still missing my first love so I’m feeling the lack of it, so to those who are also in a complicated situation I wish you lots of hearts too!!

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Little QOTD - what is your claim to fame?

For example, do you have a famous friend/family, have you achieved a recogniseable award for something you’ve done or maybe a family member has done something really cool!

For me, my uncle helped to write the HALO series! And his best friend is Brian Cox (which I’m a little bit jealous of 😏)

He’s now part of a multi-million dollar idea that he came up with and is funded by Facebook, which should hopefully be released within the next year or so! (This is top secret 🤫)

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