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Ok but this has taken a while! I did the sketch, it was all nice - then I got very ill :,) So ill that I couldn’t do any sort of digital for days.

But I recovered ahaha, and I finished >:3

I still have lots to learn with greyscale! Especially when it comes to lighting and shadows, but I think each  piece I do seems to get better

As for the piece itself, I was partially inspired by a friend showing me some art of another French character (a dude called Raspberry Mousse Cookie from the Cookie Run fandom) as well as the episode “the three Smurfketeers” which is, at least partially based on - of course - the three musketeers, a French tale. (Also anyone who remembers the mickey mouse version is a real op) 

Painter played a leading role of course, being (in the English version) the only French character XD (I suppose they had Tracker as a main-ish character in Robin Smurf, which is an English tale) 

I do love the baron outfit and actually had a bit of an au going on Instagram, hehe ( x guard Poet anyone??) but here I went for a more tradiontal 17th century musketeer costume, with fleur de lis and a mushroom  

Painter © The Smurfs / Peyo / Hanna - Barbera Cartoons

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I cant help but think that Prunelle would have nightmares about sinking in a quicksand of unsigned contracts so this image came to mind. This piece was a monster to draw especially when it came time to shade all those individual papers.

Art © Kim C. Jones

Prunelle © Dupuis

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I have nothing but fond memories of Pretty Hate Machine. The black cassette was the only thing on a very intensive non-stop loop on my Walkman during many April or May blue-sky days. Knowing well when “Down In It” came on, I was treated to some very deep bass-thumping and intensive focus on my part.

The following year I found both “Head Like A Hole” and “Down In It”, the first purchase I made at Broadway Mall’s The Wall right after saying good-bye to my friends from Plainview. Shortly thereafter, a young blonde girl from Bayside randomly struck a conversation with me and I used them as a bargaining chip to get her number. Too bad the conversation was cut short when her ride came to pick her up.

🖌️: Gary Talpas / Föhn Design

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