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Did you know it’s squirrel season for us here in New Mexico? An opportunity for a coywolf to keep her skills sharp while ethically harvesting her meat from the landscape. 
I just returned from a trip to the UK, and I was surprised that nobody over there was open to the idea of hunting and eating gray squirrels, in spite of their national resentment of the invasive gray squirrel population for its negative impact on their native (and beloved) red squirrels.
Maybe post-Brexit squirrel hunting will be back in style, just like it was back in wartime England  >;)






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Hello Down there! [Explored!] by RiverCrouchWalker
We visited Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum today, and it was wonderful to watch these two squirrels peeping out of their hole high up in a tree, looking to see what we were up to! (Many thanks to my wonderful, sharp-eyed husband who first spotted them!).

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Rittenhouse Square no. 13 (cutest thing I’ve filmed so far) #rittenhousesquare #spontaneous #unscripted #iphone #film #filmmaking #filmexercise #art #artfilm #squirrel #greysquirrel #foraging #cutestthingivefilmedsofar #filmingthephotographer #yesitisproductions #aspiringfilmmaker

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Grey Squirrel

I was on my way home from a nice walk with my camera, when this grey squirrel encountered me. Parked right in the middle of the path, the animal didn’t seem to be as afraid of me as squirrels usually are. I was only about 1 meter away, and crouching, which most animals see as a precursor to a pounce, but this canuck wasn’t going to run unless I made an effort to spook it.

Photo taken July 21st, 2017

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