lunaticalis · a day ago
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Ariana Griande on roller skates slayyy <3
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cocoabats · a day ago
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the story of monopoly mountain as told by different kinds of hugs they shared
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boatemhole · a day ago
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part 4!
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he1ian · 2 hours ago
can't stop thinking about scar's totally mysterious, impossible to guess, absolutely surprising mega base plans since yesterday's stream
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+ entity wheelchair because uuuhh, um, i can
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sweetest-honeybee · a day ago
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Hell yeah new Grian design
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nevlynart · 2 days ago
Who are you, really?
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aofikofi · 15 hours ago
vine quote
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thatgrainfellow · 2 days ago
grian loves competition, loves fighting tooth and nail for first place, loves to scrabble and push others over, loves the exhilarating feel of winning
but then scar kneels and asks him to take his life and win—win for them—
maybe he doesn’t love winning so much anymore
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skitter-kitter · a day ago
Grian landed gracefully on the wood floor; it hardly moved. Scar stood up shakily, the floor warping under his feet.
“Grian!” He called out. This wasn’t his Grian— he knew that— but the sight of him was breathtaking nevertheless. “Grian..!” Scar walked until he was in arms reach of his friend.
Blue eyes narrowed at him, glancing down at his sword. At the sight of the fresh blood, Grian stepped away from him. He played it off with a grin, but Scar saw through it.
Grian was afraid of him.
“What— are you dressing up as the Boogeyman, mayor?” Grian laughed, hands on his hips. He wasn’t wearing much armor at all. At least, not nearly as much as Scar was. “All gray skin and red eyes? Very stereotypical of you.”
Scar mimicked Grian’s fake smile. They were dancing the steps of a dance neither of them knew. A timeless tango. Scar could continue to dance with this blue-eyed Grian, sure, but he could also continue the search for his Grian.
“Nah,” Scar shrugged, “I’m the Red King. The blood, the red eyes. Don’t I look just like him?”
Scar gave a twirl as he laughed at Grian’s dumbfounded expression. “The Red—?”
Scar turned and began to walk out of the Barge, interrupting Grian. He ignored Grian’s sputtering by pulling out the control panel. He stared at World 24 as it blinked up at him. What else could he try? Well, there was his favorite number or maybe—
“Scar!” Grian yelled louder than he had ever heard him. His wings were spread wide, revealing white eyes in his red feathers. Scar couldn’t look away from them. They were entrancing, like a rattlesnake’s rattle. Scar wondered if there were any rattlesnakes in the desert. Maybe, he had walked past some without realizing. Did they blend in? Were they like chameleons?
“Scar.” Grian gripped his shoulder. Scar’s eyes blurred, the world turning hazy. He glanced up at Grian, half-expecting to see those familiar emerald eyes. All he got was a frozen lake. “Tell me what’s going on.”
Was he hypnotizing him? Was Scar being hypnotized? He’d tried to hypnotize his Grian once…
“I’m looking for you.”
“Uh-huh.” Grian nodded. Tears began to form in Scar’s eyes. “I’m right here.”
His hand shook as he typed in World 3 without looking away from Grian’s cruel gaze. This Grian was nothing like his.
“No, you aren’t.” Tears ran down his face. Grian smiled. “You’re cruel.”
Scar hit enter and felt his body being sucked through universes. He closed his eyes and begged the universe to send him back to his world— back to his Grian.
The universe had never been kind to him before. It wasn’t going to start now.
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cakeh42 · a day ago
omg the tiny griansssss idk if you take requests but if u do more mumbo and tiny grians shenanigans maybe?
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part 1
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made-nondescript · a day ago
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is this anything
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majickth · a day ago
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Escape from the World Eater
No one asked for a steampunk space pirates AU, but by the gods am I going to deliver anyways!
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heyhelloitsk · 21 hours ago
ariana griande? <3
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Out of all the skins grian has I am not at all surprised that tumblr really likes this one sfhcjgngbfj
[ID: A full colored marker drawing of Grian. He has shoulder length sandy hair, black eyes, and pale skin. He is wearing a dark grey headband with pink-red and white cat ears, a magenta choker and silver necklace, a white crop tank top, a magenta hoodie off the shoulders, a pink-red skirt, a white belt, dark grey panty hose, and magenta and white high heels with bows on them. He has magenta nail polish. He is sitting to the left, looking forward to the right smiling. The drawing is lined in purple and there's a blue circle behind him. End ID.]
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theminecraftbee · 2 days ago
Lizzie tries to kill Grian the first time he truly meets her because she knows him from his other ship
Jimmy is 1/4 siren and somehow doesn’t know
"to be fair," joel says, as grian stares horribly into the middle distance. "to be fair, i'm pretty sure my wife tries to kill everyone she meets for the first time."
"there were so many teeth, joel," grian says.
"i know. lizzie's so sexy."
"i didn't think she was actually your wife!" grian says.
"well, that was stupid of you," joel says.
"how do you even marry a monster like that?"
joel lets out a dreamy sigh. "you cherish them, grian. you cherish them."
grian, for the first time in his life, looks plaintively at fwip and timmy to be the voices of reason. it's a horrible feeling. worse is the feeling when he realizes that they don't see anything wrong with this either.
"i'm sorry," a many-layered siren song from the deep says. "i normally try not to eat joel's friends. i just remember your old crew. i thought you were here to attack them or something."
grian shakes. "YOU ALMOST ATE ME," he says again.
"yeah. but i didn't," lizzie says. "besides, you're kind of stringy for a pirate."
grian whimpers.
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raisans-art · 2 days ago
I keep noticing that in the comics during and after Tango and Impulse rescue Zedaph from the test tube glass jar, Impulse either has glass shards stuck in his arm, is activly covering the wound, or has it bandaged up.
Did this leave any scars? And if yes, did they ever come up with a cover-story if someone would ask? Or is it all improv that varies based on the acidic levels of the earth at the moment and the current movement of Venus?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes he does and it’s the latter
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mjlor-chan · 2 days ago
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stormjay0 · 20 hours ago
My absolutely favorite thing is when a hermit gives another hermit a nickname offhand and just sticks with it for years. Highlights being:
(please add on)
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raisansgrapeon · a day ago
There are 3 types of ad reads on hermitcraft:
Talking to the camera about how much you love croissants
Full on short film about a completely different product
Get memed on
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skitter-kitter · a day ago
His first step was on soft grass. His second, firm mycelium.
Scar looked up toward the sky, red eyes squinting at the odd buildings surrounding him. There were boats and huge tridents made of wool and lakes larger than any he’d ever seen.
He stepped close to said lake. It was deeper than he could stand. Man-made, maybe? On top of the lake floated a boat filled with chests and signs.
In front of the entrance he read: The Barge.
Scar walked in, stepping carefully on the floating wood. He put his sword— its edge coated in blood— back in its hilt. For now, he was alone. For now, he was safe.
He sat down in the entrance of the Barge. His forehead pressed against his knee as he tried to think for once in his life. Hurting Scott had abated his bloodlust for the time being. Now, he could focus on finding the green eyes that anchored him; his partner-in-crime and his gray wings.
Grian had changed when he turned red. He matched Scar’s cruelty beat for beat. When Scar growled at the Red King, Grian pulled out his sword. When Scar declared that he would kill everyone… Grian only laughed.
(Privately, Grian promised to help him do it. Publicly, he begged people to help him escape.)
It hadn’t been more than an hour, and yet Scar found himself missing Grian like the sun missed the moon after an eclipse. It was all-encompassing, this need.
He needed to see Grian again. His green eyes, his grin, his red heart.
There was a flapping of wings above him. Wind slammed against his face as he turned to face the person flying through the Barge’s skylight.
He was like an angel; wings bright red with dots of white. A few drifted in the wind toward Scar. He caught one in his hands. They popped against the gray of his skin.
“Scar?” Grian said, incredulous. His eyes were a hazy blue. “What are you wearing?”
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guys i’m gonna be honest with you I would love to put the empty ones beneath the cut but I have no idea how to do that 👍🏻💞
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