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fictionkinfessions · 7 days ago
Twitter fucking sucks. They harass anyone who’s Hermitkin or even hermitships because “they aren’t characters >:(((“ but for some reason when it’s in 3SMP they are? When they’re in FUCKING MCC THEY ARE??? Also they focus on the irl hermits more than anyone. You’re telling me that I, a Grian kin with like 80 followers who is put off by IRL hermits, who just wants to talk about loving my partners, is doing more harm than Stacy with 2k followers who makes edits of real people’s faces, pries into their real life and family, and calls grown 20-40 year old men her “little meow meow”? Tumblr actually knows how to fucking operate a fandom, why can’t twt? Sorry for the rant but it genuinely makes me upset that I have to get harassed for being Hermitkin >:(((((((( -G #🧶🍄🐔
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I'm...... Grian from Hermitcraft and I miss all my friends so much but also I'm terrified of trying to find anybody cuz I'm afraid that everyone's gonna hate me cuz they think I'm fact kinning but like... I'm the MC character not the person I just wish it wasn't so hard;;;
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
Puhhhleaaasee stop calling me an absent mother,,, I had no choice, it’s not possible to bring two giant robot sons cross server. Believe me I tried. We went back and visited them often, we’d never have forgotten them -G #🧶🍄🐔
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
It’s just an interesting way to live. No one, even the ones I’ve told, comprehend how much my life revolves around the fact that I am Grian Hermitcraft. For me it’s normal, it’s who I am it’s everything. I know my partners as my partners, the hermits as my friends. But when I think how an average member of the fandom sees everyone, sees me, I feel so odd and weird. Like no one could ever possibly respect me as who I am. It’s an odd existence. -G #🧶🍄🐔
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
Oh kin HOBBIES now!!! Yea,,, um hiiiii I’m Grian Dreamslayer and I’m a furry <3 I also make miniatures, collect Arizona tea cans, make kandi, and have many original stories floating around in my littol head. Lmao -G #🧶🍄🐔
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fictionkinfessions · 25 days ago
Me, kinning Grian and Gem? At the same time? It's more likely than you think 😬💦 (Also known as the general Scale of my kintypes I'm either a gremlin or the softest person imaginable) (source is Hermitcraft)
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
Me: *experiencing serious kin mems, having a moment*
Weather: hey sweetheart, that’s great and all but ummm *tornado* *flash flood*
-G #🧶🍄🐔
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
A mutual of mine posted that they didn’t want any architechs interaction in s8 and… bad take bad take /lh Yeaaaa I knowww we’re the “basic” group or whatever, but,,, but I miss my partners and we didn’t do anything together in s7, I wanna see more of us :’( -G #🧶🍄🐔
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