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Fireflies is now up on my Ao3!

It was then that Ciel realized he had been wrong all along, this was the most splendid the courtyard had ever looked, and for oh-so many years he had been blind to it–lost in slumber while the world outside changed into something entirely ethereal, made ever-more beautiful by the devil’s lingering presence. “It’s peaceful,” he whispered, voice full of emotion that he himself didn’t entirely understand even as they coursed through him in blinding waves. And as if that was not enough, his attention was suddenly drawn away from his lover for the briefest moment by a sudden spark of amber to his right. It flickered and flashed and swirled with the wind, courting another similar glow before gradually joining in with a larger group forming to his left, all gliding throughout the flowers like the unwithering sparks of enticing flames. Fireflies…


I’m posting this at 3am so technically it’s still September for me since I haven’t slept. Not sure it works that way, but we’ll pretend… Also, this is my 70th Sebaciel fic, woohoo for being in fandom hell long enough to write this many! (Sorry for using my June art instead of making a cover, I was too tired)

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I think I’m just gonna do a Sebaciel fairytale series. I want to write Little Red Riding Hood and Ice King fics because of the Book of Murder side story, but I also want to write some with them as fairytale creatures (mermen, cervitaurs, fairies, satyrs, ect.) Feel free to drop any other creatures/fairytales you’d be interested in seeing if I actually do this!

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~ 2019 fanfics ~

I didn’t cosplay or draw every month, but I did write for each one, so I decided to post the moodboard/title from one from each month instead! I’m sure I’ll manage a fic for New Years, but since it’s almost the end of the year, I thought now was a good time to share. 🎆🌹

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12 Days of Sebaciel - Day 6: Tis The Season

I did manage something short after all (even though it was more of pre-xmas party chilling than anything else)! The Life of Two Demons verse (brief mentions of past-mpreg)

@chromehoplite @plague-of-insomnia @chaotic-orangegod

The living room was lit by white, twinkling lights. Ornaments of red, green, gold, and white elaborately adorned the faux tree to the left of the mantle, given its practicality and Ciel’s distaste for the scent of a real fir, the expertly crafted tree was a perfect fit for their home. As Sebastian held Aquila close to the softly glowing lights to appease her curiosity, she reached out for the fake cranberry strand garnishing the mass of green. As the older demon watched his daughter with a warm smile, he noted that it looked suspiciously like the tree that had decorated the largest sitting room in the manor every holiday season many decades ago. His eyes softened at the realization, stroking over a red bauble that truly had been brought with them from the days of Queen Victoria’s reign. He knew his mate wasn’t as insouciant to his past and as unbothered by the loss of his remaining family and friends as he liked to pretend, but it somehow pleased Sebastian to see that he wasn’t pushing his memories away altogether. He was celebrating as well as coping in his own way, and that was far better than his forcibly apathetic antics of the past.

“Ciel, are you sure you want to finish wrapping the last gift alone? I know you said it’s for me, but you’ve been in there for half an hour, darling,” Sebastian called as he took a glance at the pocket watch carefully tucked away inside the pocket of his black jeans; Everyone would start arriving soon. Had he not still heard his husband’s muttered curses and the frustrated ripping of paper, he would have assumed Ciel was simply taking some time for himself before he was obligated to socialize until everyone deemed it an appropriate time to leave - which was most likely late considering their friends’ lack of need for sleep. But as it was, his irritation practically radiated beneath the tightly locked door of their bedroom, seeping into the cinnamon scented living room and intertwining with the pungent aroma of the potpourri garland they had purchased before coming to the realization that it was scented. It was a nice addition to the Christmas atmosphere, but it would be difficult to purge from their home after the dawn of the new year.

“Yes, I’m sure, Sebastian. I just have this one last ribbon to tie and then… Fuck! Not again!”

Sebastian could only chuckle at that and chide him fondly, “Now, now, careful with your language. Demonic children learn quickly and I hardly think you want Aquila repeating such foul language whenever she begins picking up on language. Isn’t that right, little dear?” He cooed to the newborn demonling, grinning whenever she gave a joyful squeak and latched onto his onyx sweater as if agreeing with him. The tiny cat ears on the grey beanie upon her head flopped about as he shifted her to lay against his shoulder when she grew bored with the colourful trinkets and began to whimper softly - her tell tale sign of needing a nap. “Shh… Don’t cry, little one. It’s alright, papa’s here,” he crooned, rocking her gently as he paced in front of the couch.

Seconds later, Ciel appeared in the doorway, a painstakingly wrapped gift in his hands and a look of consternation. “It will be months before she can form actual words, I hardly think he have to worry about that right now.” He quickly discarded the present beneath the tree and came to sit beside his mate when he perched on the couch. “Is she okay?” He questioned, peeking over Sebastian’s shoulder at the violet eyes boring tearfully into his own.

“She’s alright, just sleepy. I’m sure she’ll be awake again by the time everyone gets here though, so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about anyone waking her.”

He offered his hand to her reaching one, lips curling upwards when she grasped his thumb as tightly as someone so tiny and frail could. Between the familiar scents, expended body heat, and the loving hold of her fathers, she was soothed before she could begin to sob, her eyes reluctantly closing as she dozed off on Sebastian’s shoulder. Her tiny fingers released Ciel and he pulled away slowly to avoid disturbing her, leaning his head against Sebastian’s arm to watch her nap peacefully. “Did you get the cookies set out yet?” He asked, snuggling into Sebastian’s side whenever he shifted to cradle Aquila in one arm and wrap the other around his husband’s shoulders.

“I did shortly after you kicked me out of the bedroom, but don’t think that means you may sneak more of them before anyone else arrives. I know you were the one who ate four from the first batch because I hadn’t so much as glanced their way,” Sebastian scolded, nosing into the cinereal hair that had been mussed by the Santa hat he had plopped down on his head hours prior. He purred as he laid a kiss atop Ciel’s brow, hearing the hesitant one that soon rumbled in rhythm with his own. When he saw the disgruntled look on Ciel’s face at the accusation, his eyes lit with mirth, “Think very carefully before you make an excuse, you can’t call it cravings this year.” To his astonishment, and self-satisfaction, Ciel raised a challenging brow.

“Post-cravings. You wouldn’t understand.”

The taller devil couldn’t restrain his laughter at what must have been the largest stretch Ciel had ever attempted to make believable. “You gave birth two months ago and your body returned to normal within one. Care to try again?”

With a grunt, Ciel tugged a blanket from the arm of the sofa, pulling it up to his waist as he relaxed again. “Does it make any difference if I do? It’s not as if I’ll get any early if I confess or convince you so why bother?”

Sebastian was about to confirm Ciel’s suspicion when he was rudely disrupted by the beeping of the oven. Ah, the final batch of cookies. Perfect timing. “You would be correct your assumptions. Now, hold Aquila for a moment while I take care of the baked goods.”

Ciel readjusted Aquila’s blanket when he wrapped her in his arms, keeping her warm and cozy, sheltered against his chest as he waited for Sebastian to return so that he could continue to taunt him over the missing cookies. For the time being, he focused all of his attention on their baby. Her dark lashes fluttered softly over her cheeks when he was unable to resist a quick peck on the tip of her nose, trilling sweetly at the tiny twitch it gave. He didn’t notice Sebastian sitting down beside him again until a hand was placed upon his back.

“You’re so good with her, beloved. I would have liked to have seen your reaction to children many years ago. I could only imagine the frown upon my sour little earl’s lips if he would’ve had a baby passed into his arms while human.” His jibe earned him an elbow to the ribs, but he simply chuckled. “I suppose we have both changed quite a bit throughout the years, haven’t we?”

“And do you regret it?” The younger demon asked, still peering at the child that had been so difficult to bring into this world. As hard and taxing as it was to carry her for nearly ten months, she was worth every ounce of pain he had to bear. “Because I certainly don’t.”

“Not for a second. The two of you mean everything to me, you’ve given me not only purpose, but genuine happiness. I could never thank you enough for staying by my side,” Sebastian murmured, capturing his husband’s lips in a slow and sensuous kiss. When he pulled away, however, it was with a mischievous glint alight in carnelian eyes. “But that doesn’t mean that I cannot try to thank you.” He gave Ciel no chance to answer or question his words before raising a piece of sugar cookie to his lips, amused at the astonished expression he was met with. “Now, eat your cookie that I worked so hard to bake and be a good boy. Who knows, you may even get a reward tonight after everyone leaves…”

“More cookies?” Ciel smirked wickedly, earning a groan from his amorous mate.

“Why do I even bother…?”

“Because you love me.”

“Yes… That I do.”

“And Sebastian?”


“I love you too.”

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