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Oh hello there uwu. I made an Undertale oc when I was in like, 6th grade??? Her name was Rachel Alexin, but people called her Trubel. And for you COOL PEOPLE OUT THERE yes I did take that from Grimm. And for those of you who don’t know the show, it’s on Amazon Prime. Anyway, Trubel was a Player, like as in UnderPlayer. She was a hacker who had her heart broken by the oldest Sans. The one before Ink and Error ever existed… The real creator, and he is hiding in a certain AU, and she wants to find him… Little did he know, he has a daughter with Trubel!!! She is the “Frisk” of the UnderFell AU. She accidentally killed the original Frisk of this AU and changed her look to make herself more like Frisk. But. She has inherited some of her fathers magic. Anyways, that’s more Alice than Trubel. Did I mention Trubel is a Phoenix? Well she is. And I’m just gonna stop there. I am going to be working on a story shortly. I’m pulling an all nighter for Tumblr… ;w;

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OC: Nadine Griffin

Fandom: Grimm

Pairings: Hank/Nadine

Warnings: None



Her parents would be furious if they knew. Then again, she has no intentions of picking up the phone and calling them. Hank’s life is in danger, and she’s suddenly all too aware of how little she won’t do to save him. Normally she’d turn to Nick (or maybe even Trubel, though the girl still terrifies her a little) for this, but they both have emergencies of their own; neither one even picks up when she calls, and she knows this is up to her. 

Technically, she knows it isn’t clothes that will make or break this, but she has a feeling it’ll help her with confidence, so she heads to the nearest thrift store. 

The only combat boots they have are a size too large, so she buys some thick socks to go along with them. She debates for awhile between the dark jeans and the ripped ones, before finally grabbing the first; she can put a few rips in them herself. The shirt is less of a concern-she’ll stick to something in her closet, honestly-but the key is the jacket. 

Thankfully, they have half a dozen leather jackets, in varying shades and sizes. She grabs a dark one decorated with metal links and spikes, and as a bonus, snags a pair of tight black gloves. 


One more thing she needs: shades. 

With her outfit put together, and a quick stop at the Shop, she double-checks the address on her phone, and heads on over, gathering her courage. She can do this. She can do this. 

For a split-second, when she steps out of the car, she forgets to breathe altogether. This is a dangerous bluff, after all, and if she gets caught, she and Hank both might die. Then, she forces the thought from her head. It’s not a bluff, she tells herself, trying to coax herself into the right mindset. It’s true. And I’m very angry. And I’m going to go get my husband back. 

She doesn’t bother knocking, just marches up to the front door and flings it open. It vaguely resembles an office, and two men sit at desks, typing away at computers. They look up at her warily, and one frowns. 

“I’m sorry, but we don’t admit anyone without an appointment.”

“No?” She strides up to the desk, and the men lean back slightly. With a quick sniff, she realizes they’re Reinigans. Perfect. “Where’s Hank Griffin? I’m not going to ask you twice,” she adds sharply, when one hesitates. 

The one who spoke to her before clears his throat. “Wh-who are you?”

She smiles, and it takes everything in her not to woge, to show her teeth. “Ever hear of a Grimm?”

(They take her right to Hank. He looks up at her blearily, the dork, and grins. “I like the outfit.” 

She rolls her eyes. “Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”) 

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Whumptober 2020 - No. 26: If You Thought The Head Trauma Was Bad…

Migraine | Concussion | Blindness

Grimm 4x02 - Nick falls to his knees when he’s hit with a severe headache. Nick says he can’t see Wu or Juliette and that he doesn’t know where he is but he isn’t in the house. The headache increases in pain before his vision returns to normal. Wu helps Nick over to the couch to sit down.

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OC: Nadine Griffin

Fandom: Grimm

Pairings: Hank/Nadine

Warnings: None 



She doesn’t, as a rule, use the word perfect to describe anything. Life isn’t perfect; it’s messy and complicated, and sometimes things happen that are anything but perfect. Even things that seem perfect on the surface can be cracked and fraying underneath, and if you build something up in your mind as perfect, it is bound to disappoint. 

So no, she doesn’t call anything perfect. But these past few months with Hank have been pretty dang close. 

In ways, it feels natural; they’ve fallen back into old habits, only better. She doesn’t have to be guarded around him, doesn’t have to watch her words to make sure that she doesn’t slip up and mention Wesen. They’ve always talked about practically everything, and now that they can talk about everything, hours pass far more quickly than either of them would like. They’re already talking about what their next wedding will be like, even with their promises to take things slow. There’s no question for either of them that this is going that way. 

Even with the looming threat of a Red Queen and Jabberwockies and the possible end of the world as she knows it, this is as close to perfect as she’s had in a very long time. 

The only problem is, he doesn’t bring her flowers. 

It’s a silly thing, and she knows it, but she can’t stop comparing their relationship now to the one they had before. Back then, he’d bring her flowers practically every week; they’d scarcely have time to die before he’d buy her some to replace them, and she always cherished the many, many bouquets. 

Since they’ve been dating this time, he’s only brought her flowers once: the day of the picnic. Those have long-died, but she hasn’t had the heart to throw them out; if he isn’t going to bring her more, she wants to hang on to what she has. 

For a few weeks after she notices, she bites her tongue, not wanting to rock the boat. Not now, not when things are so perfect. But she knows all too well the dangers of letting things fester, and she refuses to bring that into their relationship. So one night, after a lovely dinner, she gathers her courage. 

“You know…” She tries to play it off as teasing. “You haven’t brought me flowers in forever.”

He blinks, silly man. “Do you… Want me to?” 

She shrugs, poking her empty cheesecake plate with her fork, feigning casualness. “I mean, you used to buy them all the time.”

“Yeah, when I thought you were mad at me.”

Wait. … What? 

“What do you mean?”

He shifts a little in his seat, obviously thrown by the direction the conversation has taken. “You know, back when you’d shut me out or whatever, I always thought you were mad at me. So I’d get you flowers, kind of like a way of saying… I’m sorry for whatever I did. I love you. Don’t be mad. You know?”

Her stomach turns, and she sets her fork down, reaching out and covering his hand with hers. “Honey, I’m sorry. I never meant for you to feel like-”

“Hey.” He gives her that same ridiculous smile, impossibly gentle. “It’s all in the past now. We’re good, right?”

“Right.” Then, because it seems important, she adds, “Listen, forget about the flowers. I don’t need those; I’ve got you.

His smile turns mischievous. “But you do want flowers, right? Sometimes?”

“I mean…” There’s no sense in lying to him. “I wouldn’t say no. But I never want you to feel like you have to get me flowers, or anything. As long as I have you, I’m okay.”

He leans across the table, uncaring of the crowded restaurant, and presses his lips to hers. 

(The next day, her kitchen is full of bouquets, nearly overflowing. She rolls her eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, but simply sends Hank a text: “I love you.”

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Grimmtober day 25

What plotline had the shittiest wrap up?

Black Claw. All they got was “it’s over” And a fist fight between Renard and Nick. My dad gave a good theory, though.

Black Claw wanted skull dude (don’t feel like trying to spell his name) to rise, because it would mean going completely feral/back to how life “should” Be with wesen close to the top of the food chain. I don’t know how well that fits, but I like it.

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Tagged by @joufancyhuh For Grimm/Nova from The Outer Worlds.

Open Tag, If you see it, feel free to tag me as your tagger and answer away.

1. Who can out-drink the other? They are pretty well matched but I’d give the edge to Nova

2. Who says “i love you” more? Grimm for sure. Nova didn’t have super affectionate parents so it takes her a while to realize it’s ok to tell people you love them as much as you want.

3. Who has trouble sleeping alone? Nova but only after realizing how much better she sleeps next to Grimm.

4. Who swears more? Nova. By a lot.

5. Who does more of the housework? SAM

6. Who forgets their anniversary? Neither

7. Who steals the duvet in their sleep? Nova but Grimm doesn’t mind. He has a spare blanket next to the bed.

8. Who keeps the other awake at night with their snoring? Nova snores softly but it’s not loud enough to be disturbing. Grimm thinks it’s cute.

9. Who finds stray animals and begs the other to let them keep them? Nova but she doesn’t have to beg hard. A couple of sprat, a chicken and a canid, collected over time.

10. Who usually makes dinner? Grimm. Nova is less familiar with the unique food and how to make it palatable. She misses cheeseburgers.

11. Who plays their music out loud? Nova

12. Who hogs the bathroom? Both are efficient bathers and don’t need much time unless they shower together to “save water.” The crew hate those showers.

13. Who gives the most compliments?Grimm. He thinks Nova should smile more and makes it his mission to do just that.

14. Who usually starts/causes arguments between them? They don’t really fight much but probably Nova. Girl got a temper.

15. Who isn’t afraid to embarrass the other in public? Grimm. Never anything major though.

16. Who gives the other cringe-worthy pet names? Neither

17. Who fusses over the other when they get sick? Currently writing about Grimm doing just that soooooooo lol

18. Who finds it impossible to stay angry at the other for long? Nova. Grimm is just a ray of sunshine and you can’t be mad at him ever.

19. Who clings to the other for comfort when they’re sad or scared? Grimm is Nova’s safe space.

20. Who is more ‘physically passionate’? (hugs, kisses, or maybe more…) Nova at first but eventually Grimm catches up and they are about the same.

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OC: Flora Silverton

Fandom: Grimm

Pairings: None, really. Except possibly Flora/her frying pan, because that’s the real OTP of this universe. 

Warnings: Violence



She’s just starting to think about dinner-does she want to cook, or let Sean pay for her takeout again?-when she hears it: glass shattering in the living room. She starts to run toward it, realizes that she’s becoming the girl in the horror movies who dies first, and quickly scrambles back to the staircase. 

“Diana?” She shouts, wishing altogether that she lived in a world where her default wasn’t call the seven year old for help, because whatever you’re dealing with, she can handle it better than you. No reply, and Flora winces. Now, whoever’s in here knows where she is, for sure. 

A growl fills the air, and she gasps, scrambling back up the stairs. The first thing she learned here was that the “monsters” were just shapeshifting people, like some sort of weird Scooby-Doo thing, but that sound wasn’t entirely human. And sure, maybe Monroe didn’t sound totally human when he woged, but this is different. 


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Friendship over many lifes can happen. But they can falter in some too.

I met the Grimmtroupe many lifetimes ago, and .. I admit I grown quite fond of the troupe Master, we became friends, and I couldnt resist feeling quite fraternal, to joke with each other, for me to teach some things when he  desired.

 The first time I came to knew of the Ritual I didnt take it well. He did explain to me what would happen, and I was worried for him. But he said that if we became friends in this life, we can do it again can’t we?

And yes, we still became friends! I even took care of him in some lifes. Other lifes his own experiences, and… We didnt get along much. Sometimes it would hurt too much so I would choose to not interact with him for a while. I still had my thing going on, The ones that needed my aid never fade. And we would go lifetimes without knowing each other.

I met the Nightmare King once. And I’m still not sure what to think of him. I think he looked annoyed of me and did kick me out of the realm. But no harm done, and Grimm politely but fiercely told me to not go there anymore, and so I did. 

So if you ask me, if friendships can go through lifetimes? Yes. But its all a fresh begining.

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Sometimes grimm can actually be really. Nice. And act like a ghost of her former self before she died still exists.

N it makes ppl want to let their guard down around her

n that’s when she robs then of everything their worth financially physically and mentally/emotionally leaving ppl to be like ‘what the fUCK was that

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