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Dinner at Grimmauld Place

Everyone: [arguing]

Sirius: When can we start eating

Everyone: [continuing to argue]

Sirius: [annoyed] When can we eat

216 notes

all i’m saying is that when the weasly’s first went to stay at grimmuald place one morning they were all eating breakfast and remus comes into the kitchen and says “morning padfoot” to sirius and sirius is like “morning moony” and fred and george audibly choke on their food and the forks clatter on the plates very violently and everyone looks at them and fred is like “NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY” and remus and sirius are like “???” and fred and george just have a stroke right there

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Oooooh this list was a great distraction today and just the kind of hurt/comfort the Librarian was looking for. Thank you so much friend. 

Post Azkaban Grimmauld Place Wolfstar 

The Same Old Dogs by @remus-john-lupin

“Did I ever tell you,” Remus begins with the question one morning while setting down a steaming mug of black coffee in front of Sirius beside his empty breakfast plate, “about Neville Longbottom’s boggart?”

If the fates allow by @aryastark-valarmorghulis

1995, Christmas at Grimmauld Place.

Three Days (The Rebuilding the Temple Remix) by victoria_p (musesfool)

It seems they have both learned to hope.

A trail away from doom by softiejace

One evening in late August, Remus found Sirius brooding in the attic with Buckbeak and decided to take him out for a walk, Dumbledore’s orders be damned.

Comfort by busaikko

“Each be other’s comfort kind” (Hopkins)

Good Days by @wanderingbandurria

There are some good days for Sirius in Grimmauld Place - days where he and Remus laugh, talk, and cook. On one of those days, the future opens in front of him, with all its possibilities.

Resignation’s Overture by Chromat1cs

Seeing Sirius Black trapped in a prison of someone else’s design is far less than unfair, especially since he’s only just scraped his way out from one.

A Pair of Brown Eyes by @hp-shessocold

Remus is about to turn 40.

Always Love by @catewip

Dumbledore’s plan for Sirius to hide out at Grimmauld Place brings up past traumas and opens old wounds. When emotions finally reach boiling point, Sirius and Remus are left to pick up the pieces.

La Vie en Rose by ethereal_xo

“Remus was lying against him, fast asleep and very human. Sirius was struck with how much older he seemed, now that he was close enough for Sirius to study him. But he still looked as beautiful as ever.” It is only Remus and Sirius left in Grimmauld Place after the children return to school. This alone time leaves Sirius facing feelings he buried a long time ago.

Worries go down better with soup by @aryastark-valarmorghulis

An evening in Grimmauld Place.

The Hush of Waiting by victoria_p (musesfool)

He wants to make this moment last, and he wants to remember it forever.

This is a popular theme in fandom, so feel free to share with your own recs!

134 notes

So a lot of people have asked why I change the age of the Black sisters to make them closer in age with the marauders

  • In cannon Cygnus became a father at age 13 and I just have a hard time conceptualizing this where he would still be at Hogwarts? Also, Andy and Narcissa where born shortly after so he likely would’ve had 2 if not all three of the girls before graduation
  • Another reason is looking at Bella and Sirius’ relationship. Clearly they had their vast differences and arguments and although I know Bella is very set in her ways and can be difficult to please, I find it hard to see that she would be getting so worked up and angry with a child. Also, Bella likely would’ve been married and out before the time Sirius went to Hogwarts-again leaving little time for them to argue
  • This is a stretch as well, but Sirius tells Harry in OOTP that he has not seen Bellatrix in years, last time he saw her being when he was “about Harry’s age” when she was going to Azkaban. Just from canon we can tell they have an extremely strained relationship and it’s hard for me to grasp that he left and she wasn’t there, as she expresses a lot of anger with Sirius but again…if she wasn’t there..I don’t know I can’t see the huge emotional connection with that I suppose
  • Personally I think Andromeda and Sirius had a huge influence on each other. While Andy still could’ve had a major impact on Sirius as a child, they would’ve spent less time together with this vast age difference and likely may not have been as close/formed a bond.
  • Okay lastly it just makes the marauders era more fun and entertaining. It does not change cannon much at all, the only thing it really impacts is when Bella went to Azkaban and when Tonks was born (which isn’t really a huge deal) . I typically “de-age” the Black sisters by 2-5 years depending on the situation. So even in the case. Bellatrix was born in 1951, so even if Andy was born in 1953 we push this to 1958 and Tonks could still be born around 1975ish, only making her a couple of years younger than he cannon age
  • I went a tad off topic on that last one, but point being changing their ages really doesn’t impact cannon and many people have even speculated that JKR may have made a mistake with the Black sisters’ ages because it would have made Cygnus a father at 13 (unsure about Druella and again while this is possible they still would’ve been at Hogwarts, maybe they left? Dunno) basically point being changing their ages makes the most sense for me plot wise and it makes the marauders era um..cooler..
73 notes

Portrait of a Marriage

Author: glitteringvoid 

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 130626

Trope: 12 Grimmauld Place Setting (Please check the tags)

Summary: Harry didn’t want to marry Malfoy, he really didn’t, but he also does want this house and Malfoy looked so smug and well - now they are married, and the house still doesn’t like him, and Malfoy only looks more smug. Draco didn’t want to marry Potter, he really didn’t, but he also does want this house and he never seems to be capable of escaping Potter anyway, so if he is already doomed to being married off he might as well decide for himself what he is worth, sign the papers and ignore everything wrong with that plan until physically no longer possible.

Rec Notes: This has so many cool elements! Draco and Harry getting married to appease and stake their claim on Grimmauld Place is a very unique idea. Pansy the animal rights activist is such a nice HC and Ron Hermione Pansy are a throuple!!! The house really does enjoy antagonizing Harry and the ways are quite clever. Draco’s reason for coming and fixing Grimmauld Place is quite interesting. I also liked the discussion about asexuality. 

 Reccing for @gameofdrarry Wizards Hearts 💜

16 notes

Sirius: Why does Ted Tonks call you Dromeda?

Andromeda: Why do your mates refer to you as a menstrual product

120 notes

Sirius: [whispering] Andromeda


Sirius: [trying to get her attention] Andy


Sirius: [poking her] Drommie


Sirius: Dromeda

Andromeda: no

80 notes

This generation’s Sirius Black p1 (George x reader)


If I had a wand to my head forcing me to describe myself I would say I’m this generation’s Sirius Black. I’m a pureblood Gryffindor, best friends with three other students that just can’t seem to stay out of trouble and I completely disagree with every single belief my parents have. At pureblood dinners and meetings I would just have to bite my tongue and clench my fists as these pureblood wizards threw around slurs like ‘mudblood’ but every person has their breaking point and tonight…tonight was mine.

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Just thinking about the look on Walburga Black’s face in hell when she realized that Sirius made the Black family heir HARRY POTTER.. like not only is he a half-blood, but a POTTER, the family who got Sirius out of her household.

46 notes

[only the finest of dinners at Grimmauld Place]

Andromeda: [drunk]

Sirius: [also drunk]

Andromeda: [to Sirius] Carry me to dinner

Sirius: What the-

Andromeda: CARRY ME

Sirius: [carrying Andromeda who still has a drink in her hand]

Andromeda: [announcing to everyone] We’re here and we’re -

Sirius: Very sober

234 notes

Back in August I wrote my first Sirimione, it was called Paris Needs no Reason.

This beauty can be read on its own, but it’s also the epilogue of the story.

Here is Christmas Needs no Reason! 

Summary:  Sirius came back to England with Hermione, and now…
Now they must face their first Christmas together…

Rating: M / No warnings

Side Pairings: Harry/Ginny ; and mentioned Ron/Susan

Wordcount: 3333

4 notes

[Family Dinner at Grimmauld Place]

Narcissa: [talking about her earrings]

Lucius: [thinking] she’s so beautiful, how did I get this lucky

Bellatrix: [staring at Lucius and thinking in her head] I don’t know what she sees in him

Regulus: [thinking] This food is putrid

Sirius: [singing in his head]

Andromeda: [thinking] Who’s singing?

169 notes

Yes, but they are more vague ideas that I have

  • Grey eyes, like rain clouds. They tend to have a sharp, intense look to them.
  • Straight noses. No one really has a small nose, or a cute nose, they all have pronounced noses. 
  • Their bone structure is similarly to their noses, quite pronounced and defined. 
  • Heart shaped or squared faces. 
  • The hair is the signature. Long, dark, soft and well groomed. I imagine that the hair bears quite symbolic meaning to them - in the ”never a hair out of place” sense.  They are taught since childhood to always take well care of it. 
  • Dark eyebrows and eyelashes. 
  • They bear themselves regally, straight backs and gracious movements. This is a mixture of what they were taught and what they were born with. 
  • Beautiful hands. 
  • Almost all of them have a tendency to speak with their hands. 
  • They have genes for clairvoyance. Almost all of them have some sort of psychic ability, some more than others. 
80 notes

Andromeda and Sirius running out at 2 in the morning at Grimmauld Place and grabbing all the snacks they can fit in their hands

73 notes

Regulus: [going through presents]

Regulus: [picking one up] Mom, this box is meowing

Walburga: Huh

63 notes

Orion: [to Walburga] It wouldn’t be the holiday shopping season if the stores weren’t hooter than they are…-hotter than they are.

Walburga: [narrowing her eyes]

43 notes