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HEEEY SOME SPOILERS FOR NORTH WIND PANTHER (and slightly for Desire and Lust).

Fun FanFiction Fact: In NWP Renji’s whole role at the mercantile and as Grimmjow’s friendly associate of sorts was originally Nnoitora’s, kind of how Nnoitora was developed for Desire and Lust. There was no villain in NWP by writing chapter five or six, but the story needed more than just finding a stranger and taking care of them as the challenge and conflict. Thus Nnoitora was removed as the sole worker at the old mercantile and Renji (plus Hisagi and Rukia) were added instead with details adjusted. Then Nnoitora became our jealous villain because of his known poor sportsmanship in canon Bleach.

Also, instead of a baker Nel was a butcher until Nnoitora’s character was changed. Briefly she was supposed to be the sole object of Nnoitora’s desire (to incite jealousy) and have a crush on Grimmjow but there was just too much pining to make me want to keep her character like that. Also it didn’t make sense with ‘the whole town doesn’t like/keeps this guy at a distance’ theme.

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“Are you flirting with me Kurosaki?”

“What? You wish that idiot”

I think that everyone gets annoyed of these two, like Rukia or Renji shouting: “again, Get a room, geez!”

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Hello all! Good news and bad news! Good news is I have charms and they look great! Bad news is that the design sizes are visually off.

There was mis-communication, and long story short, I can’t do anything about the size. They’re both technically the same size, but the design was rotated. (Grimm’s taller in canon, I can larp it was intentional to make myself feel better)

If this size difference is acceptable to you, contact me with your Order # and the go-ahead to proceed, and I’ll try to ship by Sat! (03-14-20) If you’d like a refund, please let me know!


Thank you for understanding! (If you’re waiting on pin preorders, I’ll still be holding your order until I recieve them) I’m quick to respond to email, discord, and twitter!

Thank you all so much for your patience, as always!

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