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General Creepypasta Headcanons
Slenderman would live in a Manor, not a Mansion.
Manors: Manors are large homes surrounded by farm fields or forests, sometimes even fortified by a ditch or fence keeping it secluded from outside guests.
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Mansions: In modern terms, mansion is just a fancy word for a big house. Mansions are more likely to be found on a hill overlooking a town or city below.
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I don't think Slender would reside in a building so close to human society.
Speaking of which, none of the pasta's live at the Manor. Not only are there too many of them to fit inside, but realistically, they'd just try to kill each other.
Added on, Slenderman isn't human. I see him functioning more similarly to the fair folk (Faeries). He takes them in, they serve under him. It's merely a contract. Nothing more. He isn't a fatherly figure in the slightest-
Also considering Slenderman's abilities, the manor is not a regular house either. It is never in one location or another, it moves constantly between different realities. One moment it could be somewhere in Oregon, suddenly it's in Germany, and the next it's in Hell itself. But mainly I see it nestled somewhere deep within some corrupt form of purgatory.
So with that in mind, it would be incredibly difficult for the pasta's to even find the mansion much less live in it-
The Creepypastas though exist more like a black market. Residing in ghost towns or abandoned lodges and cabins. Some even staying in the shadows of cities, out of sight and out of mind.
I do see certain characters remaining in closely-knit groups, often staying in nearby areas, trading goods, or sharing information. But there are others who simply travel and live alone rarely coming to the populated ghost towns unless in desperate need of information or supplies.
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Some ideas like this ^
I also don't think the Pasta's would refer to these places as a Mansion either. Isn't even close to being one.
The names I do think the Pasta's would call them: Outpost, The Underground, Shithole, Camp, Hell, Town, and even Garrison being in their vocabulary.
Some Pasta's definitely carry a bag with a few essential items and a couple personal belongings seeing as they travel regularly and don't have a home to stay personally.
Others have made themselves more than at home in the Outposts, building a house to live in and stay permanently. Finding new and creative ways to steal things like clothing, technology, mattresses, bedding, and furniture in general.
Sure some buildings might have some abandoned belongings, but it's likely they're broken, uncomfortable, moldy, or even rodent-infested.
So smuggling in a new sofa is always a show to witness with them.
could you imagine that police report-
"They broke in through the back door, butchered every family member, and stole a dresser"
"They what?? Repeat that last part"
"They... They stole a dresser sir. Jeff the Killer stole a dresser-"
Some are definitely better at it than others, and with the right deal or bribery, some pasta's have convinced others to get things for them while they're out.
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artgeeks1 · 6 months ago
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I am not Single I have a Cat ❤️️❤️️❤️️
Tshirt link : https://rebrand.ly/not-single-b27c0e
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mjlor-chan · 3 months ago
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
I found this site called "Cartoonize my Pet" and decided to do some of the Eldritch Hall pets.
So far, we have Lucifer, Bambi, Scruffy, and Grinny.
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I'll do the rest soon.
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creepycatboyz · 3 months ago
Could you draw Grinny Cat please?
Tumblr media
hehehe grinning cat go brrrr
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internethorrorfan · 2 months ago
Jeff the Killer: “Why are you dripping wet?”
Grinny Cat: “There was a puddle.”
Jeff: “Why did you jump in it?”
Grinny: “Jeff, you don’t get it. There was a puddle.”
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satanic-assistant · 7 months ago
Jeff drunk: *collapses* I think I'm tired
Lui: Jeff you're not tired, you're fucking wasted go to bed
Jeff high rambling: imma mix broccoli cheddar soup with Mac and cheese and duck a grilled cheese in it hmmmmmm
Lui: somebody get him some food to get him to shut the Fuck up please
BEN: I can sound like a pterodactyl what can you do?!
Toby: I can be proud of myself
Slenderman staring into BEN'S soul
Brian/hoodie: what are you!?
Tim/Masky: sad
Brian/hoodie: ohh
Lui: I identify with poprocks
Jane: Why
Lui: Cracks all joints
Jane: *Winces*
Lui: Yea everyone gets uncomfortable when I do that I don't know why
Jane: Maybe it's because you shouldn't be able to hear your own bones
Grinny to the slender brothers: one of you is gay and I'm gonna find out who
Smile: Yea onone of you is gay and we're gonna find out who
Grinny: we don't need you Smile
Smile: oh okay
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holyshxtangel · a year ago
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PLEASE tell me this hasn't been done before
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iigdoggii · 10 months ago
Bro it’s been forever since I’ve checked up on the creepypasta and marble hornets fandom..how y’all doin? Yall good?
I’m starting to see y’all come up again and y’all Fr trynna drag me back by the ankles 😭
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ticcimaskyhoddie · 3 months ago
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Smile Dog Grinny The Cat Creepypasta
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jetbluebishop · 2 months ago
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pepsicoughdrops · a year ago
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pasta monsters my beloved
(click for better quality)
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kidical · a year ago
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the weird neighbor kid with the really wide smile gave you a doll and told you it used to belong to his brother. 
thats odd... if it belonged to his brother, why does the doll look just like you?
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 6 months ago
Grinny: yep, sometimes I gotta beat the kids nightmares off with a stick.
Tim: *hallucinating and panicking. He points to where the intimidating figures are*
Grinny, protecting his boi: back, demons! Back I say!
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ask-pastamonsters-ben · 11 months ago
ur mean grinny
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slashingdisneypasta · a year ago
Incorrect Quote
The day Jeff comes to Slender Mansion and announces he and Y/N eloped.
Splender: Aww, little Jeff is growing up! First he's a husband, and then maybe one day he can be a father!
Jeff: *Suddenly offended* 'One day'!? I am a father.
Y/N: *Facepalms* Oh dear god.
Splender: ...what?
Slender: Its a CAT, Jeff!-
Jeff: -Grinny is my blood!
Grinny, off somewhere else in the house: Hissssssssssss
Jeff: *gasp* My baby! Where are you!?
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spookytoonz · a year ago
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Ok so basically
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creepy-spooghetti · a year ago
Creepypasta Headcanon #15
The stealthiest people in the Manor: Jack, Hoody, Liu, Jane.
The quickest ones in the Manor: Kagekao, Smile, Zero, Toby.
The best at physical battles: Masky, Sully, Jeff, Clockwork. 
The best manipulators: Candy Pop, Jonathan, Sally, Grinny, Slenderman, Helen.
The best at causing mental strain without ever touching them: Cody, Ben.
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zombies-wander · 11 months ago
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have a little Grinny for the soul
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synthhorror · 9 months ago
Liu is at that special age where a boy has one thing on his mind. Homicide. Including Grinny cat since I had Smile with Jeff lol.
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