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#grisha trilogy
kazbrekkersdekappel · 2 days ago
Get u a girl who is ruination
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midnightatwalmart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“You'll get what's coming to you some day, Brekker." "I will," said Kaz, "if there's any justice in the world. And we all know how likely that is.”
a self-indulgent dirtyhands
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cinno · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My takes on some of the characters from The Grisha Trilogy! I loved making all these and i have plans to make more of them for other characters from the series in the future!
also, my design for mal is HEAVILY inspired by the gorgeous design of him by @saintprivateer please go show their art some love 💕
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kasamira · 5 months ago
Alina as the Victim and Author Manipulation
If she'd been as ruthless as her son, she might have dispensed with risk and slit my throat instead...And maybe we all would have been better off 
She's saying- maybe the world would be better off if I wasn’t here. 
I object to this narrative choice.
Because there’s no emotional turmoil to back this up. No inner conflict except this single line. What truly strikes me is that it doesn't read as despair because it has no impact on the story, or on Alina as a character. (Even in the next chapter, it’s simply a plan that fails, no fall out, no impact, no additional thought) 
Instead it just reads as author manipulation of the reader to feel bad for Alina.
But I can't feel bad for her, because there’s no internal conflict, no roiling emotions, no grief, or despair. There’s not even a blank emptiness. No catharsis later on down the road. It just feels like filler. Page space until we find the stag. Which makes this chapter, and the next feel utterly hollow.
Despite everyone around her doing their best to built up her self esteem/encourage her, she refuses to grow as a character. She's constantly trying to get others to tell her she's important, while also utterly rejecting it. 
Alina continually makes herself the victim, in situations where she has so much more available agency and control than others surrounding her.
She simply refuses to take the agency offered, to the point that when she’s given a decision (about her romance subplot) Alina simply doesn’t respond. Doesn’t say yes, or no, she chooses to be passive. 
Alina runs from every good thing that's ever happened to her.
She's a protagonist I've never encountered before she's a protagonist that's passive to the point of being utterly irrational, she takes on the impressions and viewpoints of those who most recently had contact with her. 
Alina is a woman that must be dragged kicking and screaming with her eyes screwed shut into her own narrative arc.
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cassberrie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Loosely inspired by Ruin and Rising! That book is both my most loved and most hated grisha trilogy book, because it has my favorite moments AND my least favorite moments in the whole series. Certainly doesn’t help that some scenes hit ya like a truck 🥲
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lostysworld · a month ago
Only if I could – Kaz Brekker x reader (Part 1)
@acupnoodle ❤
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kaz Brekker x reader
Warning: mention of touch aversion??
Summary: everything is in the request🖤 Getting fed up with quarrels with Kaz, your boss, and looking a him and Inej together, you decide to leave Ketterdam for the better life.
A/N: Flashback is in italics
Tumblr media
Grim atmosphere of Kaz's office is hovering above your head or it's just a mirage, you don't know this for sure. While Jesper is twittering nonsense next to your ear, you try to listen to your boss carefully, catching details about upcoming heist.
About a year or so since you've started working with the Crows, this man developed an unhealthy displeasure towards you, and, as it seems, mutually.
Your constant quarrels with each other at the wrong time and harsh hurting words here and there always lead to weeks of tense silence between two of you. He criticized your work, even when it was just brilliant, questioned your methods, when they were like his own.
About a year ago you do not only understand that Brekker didn't like you, but you also, unexpectedly, discovered warm feelings towards the man. Warm unrequited feelings actually. Despite his rude behavior, they didn't vanish, and you turn this attachment into that special twisted kind of childish resentment and jealousy.
Jesper's quiet laughter draws your attention and not only yours. Kaz casts a glance towards you and shakes his head in reprimand. Inej sits next to him, looking exactly the same. She is the second reason why you decided to leave the city. The faster you leave the Crows the better.
Kaz and Inej are almost inseparable, at least the last few weeks. And this is freaking you out. As much as you like Inej and consider her as your sister and close friend, you can't bear looking at two of them together. Every time when Brekker leans closer to the girl to whisper her something, your heart literally stops in your chest. You usually just turn around and leave them alone.
Now you find that it's hard for you to focus on Brekker's words not because of Jesper's chatting next to you, but because of a decision you've made earlier. With every thought about your departure the sound of waves becomes louder in your head.
Not so long ago you decided to leave the Dregs, the Crows and Ketterdam itself. You have no final destination point yet, but maybe a few months of sailing with a trade ship will help to clear your head. You can't just look at that happy couples around you and tolerate such attitude from your boss.
Yes, you will miss people here, exactly the Crows. All of them. They became a family to you in short period of time and you can never forget them. Even when the time to move on came.
– You're all free to go, - Kaz's voice wakes you up, and you raise from your seat. – Except for you, Y/N.
You barely hold an urge to roll your eyes, while he doesn't see it, facing your back. You get yourself ready for another unreasonable reprimand.
– Do you think blue-sky thinking will help you during tomorrow's heist? - he lowers his voice when everyone is out, strict and scolding as usual.
– I didn't-
– I'm not interested in what were you doing, - you grit your teeth on that. You should get used to it, but each time is like the first time. – I need you to do your part of the job, that's it.
– I always do my job, Kaz.
– Should I remind you?
You lower your gaze. He is right and last time Nina almost got hurt, when you got distracted.
– I'm not going to save your neck another time, Y/N-
– Oh, good to know I always have people taking care of me!
The tension between you two is like a live wire. Electric and dreadful. You decide to tell him now. The man will be furious when learns about your departure, but sometimes you just need to rip off the band-aid.
– If you want, you can find another place-
– I am leaving, Kaz.
These words make the young man halt on his place. On a second his face expression shows only confusion, but then it turns into usual cold mask he wears around strangers. You get to notice this short moment.
– Excuse me?
You wave your hand commenting your words.
– I am leaving Ketterdam. After the heist, of course.
Kaz keeps silence during a minute looking at the papers in his hands, and only now you notice him not raising his glance on you, peering blindly into one spot. He is that man who always stares right into your soul and what's happening now?
– Well. You can do this right now.
Now it's your turn to be surprised.
– What? Kaz-
– I don't need a traitor in my team, - Brekker raises his glance on a second and then looks away again. – I will come up with another haist plan by tomorrow's morning. We can handle it without you.
This foul rotten feeling, spreading across your lungs, seems to poison every cell inside of you. You understand pretty clearly that it's your fault only, but Kaz Brekker plays a significant role in all of it with his shitty attitude towards you. You bet that Kaz is unaware how much he hurts people, ones who are close to him.
– May I, at least, get the reason of your escape, Y/N?
– It's not..., - you take a deep breath rubbing you eyes tiredly. Sometimes you wonder how you could tolerate this man for this long. In the end you can't just tell him the truth now. – You wouldn't understand.
– Why? Because I'm not desperate to believe your words like others do?
– Because you don't listen to anyone or anything but yourself, Kaz!
– It's called business.
You exhale and only shake your head with bitter smile. Even now he tries to justify himself.
– Business...One day you will see where this business leads you.
You turn away from him, noticing at the last moment, that the man wants to say something, but head to the entrance of the room anyway. He had plenty of time to say what he wanted, and every time he chose to hurt you instead. Now you are completely done, even if this means to leave the man you love behind.
At least, Inej will always be right next to him.
– Is that all you’re gonna tell me?
You almost don't believe your ears. Kaz rarely wants to talk further when it comes to situations like this one. Now something's changed. Or it's just a chance for you not to avoid telling what you really mean. But Brekker doesn't need to know it.
– What do you want to hear, Kaz? - the man still looks directly into your eyes, waiting for Saints know what. Seems this time you are the only one who will speak. – I am not a traitor, like you called me. And I was loyal to you for all this time, if you didn't notice. I just make the situation easier for everyone.
– By leaving the Crows?
He raises his brow, throwing a set of documents in his hands aside.
– You hate me, Brekker. And it spoils all the job, - he has that unreadable expression on his face, and you go on. – It is better for all the Crows to let me go. It'll be a lot quieter without our conflicts here.
– Conflicts?!
You shrug your shoulders. Any other day Kaz would let you go without a word, and now he is not able to shut himself up. It's quite unusual, you would even say he cares.
– And what was that? Friendly chatting?
– Work issues, - you just raise brows in surprise.
– Work issues, excuse me! Kaz, you..., - despite the light tone of your conversation, not like your usual ones, tears start welling up in your eyes. – We didn't say a good word to each other during this year, Brekker. It's not work issues. You always say such horrible things to me. Every time. Always. Always.
It's not fair even for the bastard like he is, or he just didn't notice it before. But how couldn't he notice his own mean remarks here and there and your reaction?
Brekker's glance is searching for something, darting from your whole figure towards things in his office. The man swallows the lump in his throat, he seems confused, lost, ashamed. Like never seen before.
He looks almost like he is ready to stop you from leaving this spot in the room.
Kaz may say that the Crows is a family, and no one leaves a family without consequences. He may say that everything you have now was given to you by him only. But one exact thought makes him focus on completely other things.
You are leaving because of him. Kaz misses the moment you vanish from his office, staying lost in his own thoughts. All this time he thought you are with Jesper, according to your way of acting with each other. And now you didn't drop a word about him.
Maybe, just maybe, the reason of the departue is not Jesper and your accident quarrel with him. He saw with his own eyes like Fahey and you were cooing like doves while he was talking about the heist. And honestly he was fed up with this scene.
Now, when he tried to know the truth, you didn't mention the boy. Kaz hopes, Jesper has nothing to do with it at all.
Yes, he's fucked up. But he tried to find common points with you every time. With his own twisted methods. And seems, this didn't work as he planned. Backfired even.
You are both stubborn, and it's complicated. And you are now only his to lose. They all are his to lose.
When the door is shut behind your back, he is the only one left in his office. Now he has all his time to himself, and can not spend it on quarreling with you as he used to do every other evening. The silence is pushing against his ears, and he has to say, that he misses your ringing voice. Even when you tell him off.
Kaz buries his hands in hair, massaging his scalp, getting rid of throbbing headache, but the next moment takes off his gloves and throws them to the distant corner of the room. With some kind of disgust he looks down at his hands.
At the same moment he remembers one of the evenings at the beginning of the week, when all of the Crows were celebrating the last successful heist. All of you were on the first floor, at the bar, chatting and laughing. All, except for him.
You and Jesper had your own group with someone from regular customers, who were happy to share your party. But the problem was not in them, but in the way Fahey behaved next to you. You two looked like newlyweds, always close, always together, almost inseparable, the boy didn't leave you on a second and you did the same.
It took Kaz a while to realize, that he was squeezing his cane too much, looking at you and the young gambler. The way you laughed at his jokes, like he leaned closer to you to tell another one.
– Don't want to join us, Kaz?
Inej's quiet voice he could hear even in the loud atmosphere like this one. Brekker casted a glance towards her, and only looked away at the couple again. The couple that didn't notice him, too busy with each other.
– I only want what I can't have, Inej. Unfortunately.
The girl shaked her head and stood right next to him. In this mess of people and alcohol she preferred a spot of peace next to her boss. When she saw the direction he was looking, her usual smirk dropped.
– I would come to her, if I were you.
– But you are not me, Inej, - the man didn't even take his glance off.
– It would be better anyway, then standing here with these puppy eyes.
Brekker changed his target immediately.
– I don't have puppy eyes! - Inej took a step behind to find her way out at the same moment.
– You so do, Kaz.
He watched her smile, but not for long as he switched his attention back. The next second he noticed Y/N looking directly where Inej has stood earlier with a bitter grin. Not realizing that she's being watched, the girl didn't notice Kaz face expression changed.
He furrowed his brows, and his cold mask was almost dropped. Brekker was ready to come up to the girl. But then Jesper distracted her, and, look at her, she's laughing at his stories again, like nothing has happened.
Maybe Inej was right, and he had to come to her, to say that he didn't want to fight with her anymore, that he wanted to make peace and become closer. Like Jesper was.
But he would not be Kaz Brekker, if he did this. So the man remained on his place, at the edge of the bar, watching all of his Crows attentively.
Now Kaz is still watching his palms, his slightly trembling fingers, and quietly swearing. You are leaving the town, leaving him, and he can't do anything. He, Kaz Brekker, can't do anything to change your mind, and all of this is because of him.
His glance is somewhere, where he threw his gloves, looking at them with hatred so strong, they could literally burn out from it. Something in this man changes now, he doesn't know what exactly, but he will learn.
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heavenly-darkling · 7 months ago
Ben Barnes as The Darkling I am free on Saturday if you would like to spend time with me on Saturday when i am free on Saturday hit me up any time on Saturday when i am free Ben Barnes as The Darkling
Tumblr media
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midnightatwalmart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“You still may die in the Dregs."
Inej's dark eyes had glinted. "I may. But I'll die on my feet with a knife in my hand.”
saint inej because this girl deserves the world
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adamarart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since Rule of Wolves came out last month, I decided to illustrate again Nikolai Lantsov from the grishaverse by @lbardugo. I really really wanted to draw him again. What can I say about this character? I totally fell in love with him, he is one of my main book boyfriends and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book and specially to see his casting for (I hope) next Shadow and Bone season. Hope you like this hunk!
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bakerstreethound · 7 months ago
In His Shadows
Relationship: General Kirigan (Darkling) x reader
Warnings: Slight spoilers! making out, hints @ smut
Summary: Unable to sleep, you seek Kirigan’s company at night, then begin to doubt your arrangement with him when you arrive at his chambers only to see him conversing with a mapmaker. It’s not long though before he has you safe in his arms again. 
All writings belong to me @bakerstreethound
Word Count: 675
A/N: Welcome to my newest obsession (well been occurring for awhile but the show just came out 3 days ago) of Ben Barnes as General Kirigan from Netflix’s newest show Shadow & Bone adapted from the books written by @lbardugo it’s been awhile since I’ve written a *new*ish unfamiliar character so please bear with me and I hope you all enjoy! Also reader is an Inferni (meaning they can manipulate fire).  
Tumblr media
“Fine,”  he whispered, sinking back into his chair, “make me your villain.” 
The mapmaker stood before him awestruck uncertain what to say. You remained hidden in the comfort of the shadows, letting disdain and resentment rise like a fire inside you, letting it spread through your limbs. The fire in the hearth crackled in response to your power, the raven hair of the Darkling swooping as his head swiveled. You shut your eyes, steadying your heaving chest. Your heart thrummed rapidly, his gaze locking onto yours. 
“Leave us...leave me be. I’ll have Genya see to the rest of your arrangements.” He dismissed her with a wave of his hand, the tall gilded doors groaning in relief as the mapmaker left. 
“You can come out now. Unwise of you to think I wouldn’t notice you. I can feel your soul burning, so swathed in shadows.”
“Same could be said about you, oh Starless One.” 
The faintest hint of a smirk drifted across his face as you made your appearance known, resting yourself in the armchair across from him. 
“Tell me, then, why are you here? Commander Nazyalensky should be expecting you in the Little Palace, soon.”
“It’s the middle of the night, and with all due respect, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking…” thinking about you wanting to taste the darkness within you.
“Nightmares again?”
He picked up a glass from the table next to him, sipping slowly, waiting. 
“No,” you dipped your head slightly, turning your face toward the fire, feeling the familiar heat spread through your veins. “On the contrary, you were keeping me up.” 
“No, there’s something more. It’s that mapmaker, isn’t it?”
You shrugged, surprised to see he’d come closer to you, his dark orbs fixed upon you. His brow furrowed slightly as he cupped your cheek in his palm.  
“You know I would never let her come between us.”
“Are you so certain there ever was an us?” You flinched at his touch. “Ever since you set eyes on that first army rat, you’ve done nothing but obsess over her and here I am tossed to the wayside like I’m nothing! I suppose I never meant anything to you, General Kirigan? Or should I say A-”
His hand was against your mouth in an instant, his breath a tainted whisper of death, something old and ancient brimmed within him and you knew, hell you knew he was holding back from snapping you in two as he pressed into you further. “You do not have the right to speak my name just because you share my bed. Never.”
You smiled. “Or, perhaps, you’re afraid.” You inhaled sharply as something within him snapped. He proceeded to pick you up from the chair, pressing his lips to yours in a fiery kiss, you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck and oblige, his hands helping you wrap your legs around his tall frame with ease as he leaned you against the door to his chambers, not once breaking contact with your lips. 
Your soul ceased to exist at that moment because at that moment you were lost to the shadows, swathed in their familiarity. You worried naught of Zoya’s taunting voice as his shadows beckoned you to bed- his bed- letting all cares of the insignificant mapmaker leave your mind. You let yourself forget the worries of your day, the gossip, the wiles of the others who demanded your every beck and call. None of it mattered except for him. 
“Aleksander, please.” Your voice was nothing but a whisper as he placed you on top of familiar silken sheets, in awe of him who had lived countless lives over and over again. Somehow you knew him being with you was a small mercy, a gift to cherish, so when his lips met yours, his fingers peeling back the layers of your kefta, you willed yourself to forget the future for what you had was him and him alone, swathed in his sheets, wrapped in the comfort of him and his shadows. 
Not sure if my general taglist wants to see this but I’ll tag you guys anyway & let me know if you want to not be tagged in my Grishaverse fics
@bakerstreethound @disneymarina @groovyfluxie @viper-official @lilythemadqueen @sherlockfanficwriting @lbardugo​ @pandaqueen7799​
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seleyyn · 7 months ago
Was I the only one that found the darkling‘s journey in row absolutely hilarious?? Like the dude comes back from the dead expecting a huge fan club dedicated to him as a saint only to find a couple peaceful monks that do not share his bloodlust at all?? Mans really was humbled in this book and I‘m living for it
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cinno · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
they brought the Girlboss-Malewife dynamic the world needed
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kasamira · 5 months ago
Why is Alina punished for wanting agency?
So, I’m reading Shadow and Bone (just after the big twist reveal) and it's kind of driving me insane that Alina seems to be punished every time she gains a smidgen of power or agency. She’s never allowed to advocate for herself without being punished narratively. 
Oh, you like living in the Little Palace? And having friends? And being valued as a person? You're starting to feel empowered being a Grisha?
Mal's there to clap back, look all disgusted, and explain slowly how the Darkling is your "master/all over you" in what reads as petty slut shaming. But is somehow framed as a negative for Alina and not a character flaw in Mal.
You have a steamy romance subplot where a major character decision is left up to you and almost becomes serious?
Nope, Baghra is there to cockblock you and be condescending. Then she gets to lay out what an idiot you are for ever believing the Darkling would truly like you for you. Then lay down some shaming in the next chapter to really ram it home.
Any time Alina makes a decision/gets agency for herself it feels like LB has the narrative swoop in and punish her for it.
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