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thesaintswraith · a month ago
Cast Grishatube as knives
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyone else gets to be these knives
Tumblr media
@ruins-and-ruination @sodamnkostyk @ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar @nadia-kir-bataar @morozova-was-insane @kuwei-the-alright @immilothegoat @leoni-hilli
Except for @bestzhabinsibling he doesn’t deserve to get a knife.
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bestzhabinsibling · 22 days ago
cast grishatube as animals
my god
@leoni-hilli frog
@nadia-kir-bataar as a horse. nope that’s it. don’t ask.
@immilothegoat as a goat (…)
@unbrekker a fox
@frustrated-ginger cat
@pearl-handles-my-beloved golden retriever
@iamablade a donkey.
@thesaintswraith also a cat
@queenofthewaffles lioness
@ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar a giraffe. dunno why.
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unbrekker · 2 months ago
anon from before.
if you and inej ever had children, and you could only save one, who would you save?
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leoni-hilli · 2 months ago
Rank grishatube by how well they’d do as Adrik’s therapist
hmm well I'm going to ignore the fact that half of these people seem to hate him but-
1. @nadia-kir-bataar
2. @thesaintswraith
3. @unbrekker
4. Alina
5. @pearl-handles-my-beloved
6. @ruins-and-ruination
7. @dragon-lady-of-the-storm
8. @fjerdanboi
9. @queenofthewaffles
10. @kuwei-the-alright
11 . Wylan
12. @nikolai-lantsov-nazyalensky
13. @iamablade
14. @sodamnkostyk
15: @morozova-was-insane
16: @immilothegoat
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[Alina, returning after drinks with Jesper]
Kaz: wheRE hAVe. YoU. bEeN?
Alina: shh time to pray
Kaz: um?
Alina: yea jesper's holy now
Kaz: say wHA-
Jesper: *starts singing God is a Woman*
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kuwei-the-alright · 15 days ago
Cym as Olivia Rodrigo songs
I am An Idiot™️, what does ‘cym’ mean?
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nikolai-lantsov-opjer · 2 months ago
What happened to all the other Grishatube blogs??
.....Drama. We just started having a discord server and some don't have discord so those blogs have died due to inactivity. Alina needed a permanent break due to mental health issues. Nina and Kaz had a fight so Nina deactivated (but she came back now). Idk what Matthias and Jesper are doing half the time, and I'm really confused about Wylan. David's on a temporary break. Oh and Adrik deactivated all of a sudden and what's happening to Mal? I do not know. However, this blog is still there. And you can find content and send asks.
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immilothegoat · 2 months ago
ranking everyone that hates me based on how much they hate me (from least to most):
kaz @unbrekker. definitely hates me, but our relationship reminds me of aang and zuko in s1 of atla. we will fight but occasionally we have common interests. also we both like inej
alex @makemeyourdarkling. i feel like he really used to hate me but now its just a casual thing. also even more occasionally agree on things
adrik @bestzhabinsibling. this man hates me so much. for no reason!! just immediately hated me. told me to “u eat trash” which is very speciesist and rude assumption to make. if he actually took the time to know me, hed know my diet is mostly chicken nuggies.
(if youre wondering why mal isnt on this list given our history, we made up last night and we’re friendos now... nobody bring anymore weird shit into this im glad to have 2 friends at this point)
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grishatube · 2 months ago
We’re back! New round on Tumblr! @grishatube members: please do send each other some.
Anyone (even non-grishatube-members) (yes, you) can send “Truth or dare?” asks to the blogs. Grishatube members are required to answer and complete every round at some point.
— Make sure to check the blogs and send the follow up with the actual truth or dare once they answer the ask. If you were on anon you won’t get a notification.
— No Killing or other permanent injury to any player character
— Any timed dares (ex. Act like _, Call _ _, etc) cannot go on for more than 72 hours. If no time is specified, it’s 24 hours.
— You can and should reuse and recycle dares. You don’t have to be creative, just cruel.
Have a horrible time!
@makemeyourdarkling @iamablade @immilothegoat @morozova-was-insane @ruins-and-ruination @sodamnkostyk @nadia-kir-bataar @ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar @bestzhabinsibling @leoni-hilli @nikolai-lantsov-nazyalensky @dragon-lady-of-the-storm @kuwei-the-alright @pearl-handles-my-beloved @thesaintswraith @unbrekker @queenofthewaffles @fjerdanboi
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investmentofmyheart · 6 months ago
Liz. Lizzie.
(She/Her) Feel free to dm me. Send asks. I like attention. I cannot guarantee I will like you.
Admin on @the-court-of-chaos discord. @action-and-echo
Tumblr media
Kanej Kanej Kanej Kanej Kanej Kanej—
I tend to avoid posting about politics and social issues. It is not because I don’t care. It’s because I want my tumblr to be a space safe from the noise of all of it. I will not get involved. But I stand with basic fucking human rights.
asks aesthetic asks deep asks emoji vibe check constellation asks watercolor asks
dividers @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
the mutual list might be long but otherwise I’m going to forget half of the people I interact with when I mean to tag someone
@thehighqueenofhiraeth @evolving-dreamer @thehalfbloodfreak @22herondale @black-like-my-soul @iambecomeyourvillain @jellybeanium124 @sankt-nazyalensky @ds-umbrella-manufacturing-co @ghafa-dale @ethereal-puppet @captaindimov @that-intp-gryffindor @twelve-kinds-of-trouble @jurdan-my-beloved @wh0reforhekate @im-someone-i-guess @claremcnt @brekkercookie @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom @onewithrealmanynames @nevada-the-bookwyvern @inej-herondale @kazoo-the-demjin @confused-as-all-hell
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morozova-was-insane · 2 months ago
Hey Baghra,
Rate everyone on Grishatube based on how good looking they are. Please don't forget the tags and mentions!!!!
Why would you ask me this.
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bestzhabinsibling · 2 months ago
Uhh truth: how would you rank grishatube members from most to least annoying?
leoni at least
kaz snd inej at most
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unbrekker · 2 months ago
Cast Grishatube as days of the week.
Monday | @thesaintswraith
Tuesday | @pearl-handles-my-beloved @nadia-kir-bataar
Wednesday | Wylan, @sodamnkostyk @kuwei-the-alright @immilothegoat
Thursday | @iamablade @fjerdanboi @bestzhabinsibling @morozova-was-insane
Friday | @makemeyourdarkling @dragon-lady-of-the-storm
Saturday | @queenofthewaffles @nikolai-lantsov-nazyalensky @ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar
Sunday | Alina, @ruins-and-ruination @leoni-hilli
For some reason this one was the most difficult.
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thesaintswraith · 2 months ago
Cast Grishatube as colors
@unbrekker - Red & Gold
@pearl-handles-my-beloved - too. Anything festive really
@queenofthewaffles - Red
@wylan-van-bomb - Yellow
@fjerdanboi - Icy blue
@likecallstolight - Sunny yellow
@makemeyourdarkling - Black
@i-do-be-a-blade - um....silver?
@nikolai-lantsov-nazyalensky - Royal blue
@call-the-storm - Navy blue
@ruins-and-ruination - Red like her hair
@sodamnkostyk - Purple
@immilothegoat - Gray
@ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar - Orange
@kuwei-the-alright - Blue? Some reason he’s hard to pin down....
@morozova-was-insane - Black
And I’d be purple
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the-ravkan-times · 3 months ago
Tante Heleen is known for being a rich, independent woman who, unfortunately, happens to be a thousand times worse than Cruella De Vil.
Easily distinguished by her bright peacock feather dress and infamous diamond choker, Heleen Van Houden has made her money through illegal slave trade. Her brothel, The Menagerie, also known as the House Of Exotics, had whores from many races imprisoned in a gilded cage thanks to endless unfair indentures. Her reign of injustice continued until Nikolai and Nina decided to blow something up.
It was a simple day, and Nikolai was bored. So he decided it was time to "fuck shit up". Nina Zenik agreed to help the young King. In the beginning, their plans were simple. Take a bit of Cesium and blow up a small pond. Then it became a canal. Then it became the part of the West Stave canal in front of The Menagerie. Then it became The Menagerie itself. Soon joined by other Grishatube members, the planning had begun. However, along the journey, the plan was trashed and the crew ended up improvising their way to flames.
Initially, Nina was to pretend that she was one of Heleen's girls and get her an invite to Nikolai and Zoya's engagement ball (which was a sham of course...), inviting her and asking her to "rent" all her girls for the ball, even going so far as to offer her a million kruge. Heleen, however, declined the offer and a new invite was sent offering her two million. Heleen declined the offer once more. Consequently, Nina nearly blew her cover by screaming wild things at her.
This is where the improvisation began.
Nikolai had to go there himself. He made a ridiculously dramatic entrance ( seriously dude?) and started flirting with Heleen. Heleen flirted back and attempted to seduce him. Luckily, Nikolai knew this. Unluckily? He needed to act seduced. You heard right.
When the deal was done, Heleen had sent all the girls and guards to the embassy and then proceeded cuff one of Nikolai's hands (where did your thoughts go? There? Yeah that's it) with a set of her golden handcuffs.
In a desperate attempt to stop Heleen, Nikolai became a demon. This did not stop her. What actually stopped her was Nina appearing out of the blue and knocking her out. Later, an extremely shaken Nikolai dressed and left for the ball with Nina.
Simultaneously, Kaz Brekker and David Kostyk had broken into the Menagerie and later Inej joined them. They tied Heleen to a chair. David began setting up the Greek fire that would burn Menagerie down.
Nina and Nikolai, meanwhile, got to the party. Nikolai talked and distracted the guests with his intelligence and charm. Nina, on the other hand, explained the girls the situation and helped them dress as guest. They were later ushered outside and onto a ferry to nowhere. Nikolai took his leave under the illusion he was going to search for his beloved Zoya. He rushed out to the port amd searched for Nina. Turns out, the original plan involved him taking the girls on the Volkvony. Consequently, Nina had to pay the ferryman double to get the girls off the boat. She whined about thia to Nikolai, who paid her 10 times the amount to shut her up. The girls were later taken to Os Alta. Nina remained in Ketterdam.
Meanwhile, at The Menagerie, Heleen had woken up muttering of her fantasies with Nikolai. She then realised she was tied to the chair in her office with Inej Ghafa and Kaz Brekker waiting for her. The couple were on the receiving end of her villainous monologue. Inej proceeded to list of Heleen's crimes (wow, the execution was proper). Heleen adopted a smug mask, pretending that she was anything but afraid afraid. I'm reality, she was pretty damn scared. She tried to shrug it off, insulting Inej by calling her "Kaz's whore". Kaz reminded her that Inej belonged to no one and continued to say that she was going to hell and Inej to heaven. Later, Inej had put one of her knives at Heleen's throat and asked herself if she should give her a merciful death or leave her to burn alive. She chose the latter (we stan) and but injured Heleen for good measure.
The Menagerie was set on fire. Through the powerful flames Brekker, in all his dramatic glory, said "I'll meet you in hell Heleen" and left with Inej out the window.
As the Menagerie burnt, melting gold wrapped around the cursed building. Fames soared in a in a golden halo, freeing anyone and everyone who once was trapped there. Out of this blazing inferno, a man walked out. David looked up at the burning building, just staring for a moment; proud of his hard work. If not for him, the while plan would have been folly.
It has been reported the girls were given proper accomodations in the Grand Palace and scouts were sent to find the families of those too young or want to go back home. Those who wished to make a living were helped in finding a good job or educational institution at their choice of employment and school.
Enjoyed this article?
Stay Tuned for more on Grishatube!
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kuwei-the-alright · 2 months ago
dude i love ur title
(i play adrik for grishatube btw @bestzhabinsibling )
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nikolai-lantsov-opjer · 3 months ago
cast grishatube as family members
Okie Anon, so like everyone would be my family so here we go:
Alina @likecallstolight : Adorable little sis. You can't just help but grant her every wish!
Aleksander @makemeyourdarkling : Brother-in-law ig? The grumpy dude, who has a brilliant mind and great ideas, but will always be a prick. I hope you are taking care of Alina.
Mal @iamablade : Annoying little brother (fun fact: I'm 2 years older than you). Sticks to killing himself or everything around him. *whispers* he needs therapy.
Zoya @call-the-storm : Wife/lover ?? I will always seek her approval. The one who rules my heart. Need I say more?
Genya @ruins-and-ruination : That cousin you can't wait to reunite with. The one who shares some of your interests and you can actually converse with them about it without losing your love for the interest.
David @sodamnkostyk : Brother-in-law in a sense? Likes science like me but won't discuss it (yes, I know more than blowing stuff up, I invented Airplanes). I worry about him.
Baghra @morozova-was-insane : The strict mom who adopted us all. She's kind of nice, but you better behave or she'll cane you.
Adrik @adrik-the-awful : That cousin brother who's a little brat. Always up to something but also helpful for finding out secrets of others.
Kaz @unbrekker : Cranky little brother? I'm 5 years older than you boy.
Inej @thesaintswraith : Sister-in-law (and lawlessness). Cool. I respect her. Dope knives.
Nina @queenofthewaffles : Niece. I like hanging out with her and planning dramatic shit. We sync.
Wylan @wylan-van-bomb : Nephew. Good at science. I'm proud of you.
Jesper @pearl-handles-my-beloved : Nephew's boyfriend. Fun. Gets too drunk. Bi Frabikator Sharpshooter. Takes good care of my nephew.
Matthias @fjerdanboi : Niece's boyfriend. Takes excellent care of her. Honorable and open-minded. Just make up your bed in Nina's apartment boy.
Kuwei @kuwei-the-alright : The naughty little brother. Super out of control. Pretty quiet though and has marvelous thoughts.
Milo @immilothegoat : The popular personality in one's family. We're besties and he likes me (platonically ofc).
Tamar @ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar : Sister you are not exactly related to. Kind of like Vivi from Folk of The Air, but saner.
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immilothegoat · 22 days ago
cast grishatube as other animals
oh ho ho this is fun (also if I miss you sorry i couldnt think of one)
@nikolai-lantsov-nazyalensky: golden retriever
@unbrekker: feral black cat
@bestzhabinsibling: ginger cat
@morozova-was-insane: lion
@thesaintswraith: one of those water bugs that can stand on water
@iamablade: a mutt
@fjerdanboi: a wolf or smth idk
@makemeyourdarkling: a shark
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grishatube · 2 months ago
What happened to grishatube?
We are, contrary to popular belief, alive. Internal drama and busy schedules led to a week or two of inactivity, but the real shift was moving the focus from tumblr to our private discord server. (This means anyone looking to join now should be willing and able to join the discord)
We’re now hoping to get you more shitposts and drama here on tumblr again, we just need to get back into it. Resurrect the blogs.
So check out the newer blogs: @nadia-kir-bataar @bestzhabinsibling @leoni-hilli @ni-weh-sesh-kir-bataar @dragon-lady-of-the-storm and the new versions of @queenofthewaffles and @iamablade
And send us all asks! Send each other asks! On or off anon, whether you’re a spectator or a character yourself, that’s the best way to prompt characters’ activity.
Sorry about the disappearance—
And do us all a favor by reblogging this
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investmentofmyheart · 4 months ago
Reblog to support my petition to let me kill people off on grishatube.
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