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Hello! Random question to the Marvel fans out there. I love all of the Marvel films and I just wondered what everyone else does in terms of viewing order. Do you watch them (the avengers and all of the superheros in the avengers series/the infinity saga) all in terms of phases, or do you watch them in specific film & sequel order (for example: iron man, iron man 2 then iron man 3)? Do you think how you watch them impact your viewing? Thank you!


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The idea of the Guardians of the Galaxy is hilarious. I mean, we have a semi divine earthling, a barbarian out for revenge, the badass daughter of the most feared and powerful person in the universe, an immortal tree monster, and a homicidal space raccoon. And every single one of them are as sassy and sarcastic as they come, plus they all have a sense of self preservation equivalent to that of soggy cardboard.

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Orphans, widows, experiments and survivors, these are the sort of people that desperately need a found family, and luckily enough, this group found each other. Ostensibly a group of thieves and assassins with hearts of gold, the Guardians of the Galaxy do try to keep the work legal as best they can these days, and every now and then, they’ll drop everything to be heroes.

The communication was relayed through the Galaxy, “Total embargo on Terra now in effect due to Planetary Event Omega.” While Peter Quill makes a show of having no attachment to his home planet, the Spartax Prince is always ready to defy a direct order. After promising Rocket and Drax that they would probably get to kill a whole lot of shambling monsters, the Milano sped towards the planet that the rest of the Galaxy has written off as doomed. Unfortunately for them, the Nova Corps were more than aware that “forbidden” means different things to different people, and were ready to shoot down any ship that approached Earth’s atmosphere. With the ship breaking apart, and the Guardians being fired out of different escape pods, who knows when they will see each other again?

Ryan Kwanten is Peter Quill [TAKEN]
Zoe Saldana is Gamora zen Whoberi [TAKEN]
Dave Bautista is Drax
???? is Groot
Pom Klementieff is Mantis
???? is Rocket

All FCs are recommendations and can be changed if players prefer.


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Today Groot learned the last new obstacles at agility! He has now officially done all of them (albeit at a puppy level). I just can’t get over how much he LOVES agility. His biggest problem is that he gets over excited and mouthy, so we’re working a lot on impulse control and settling. Meanwhile he starts offering behaviors for new obstacles almost immediately because it’s so fun for him. He’s clumsy and awkward, but boy is he having a good time!

Now I just need to convince him to slow down on the teeter and the dog walk so he doesn’t fall off…

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headcanon that natasha led the mini-vengers during the six year depression gap after the snap and it was a disaster but they tried

rocket and carol argue constantly

nebula shoots first and asks questions later

rhodey is suddenly drinking a lot of wine and wishing he just moved into that guest house that tony built for him like he should have

okoye screaming at rocket and carol to shut up

natasha stressing out bc “guys….the MiSsIoN”

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Marvel Zombies RP Wanted Connection: The Guardians of the Galaxy
Requested by: Gamora zen Whoberi

Telephone networks have failed, the internet is gone.  Modern communication seems to have come to an end.  What remains is radiowaves.  People with the right equipment have begun to communicate with anyone in range using CB radios, walkie talkies, whatever they can get their hands on.  Some are broadcasting, some are just listening.

The Milano had been shot by the Nova Corps just as they were entering atmosphere. The faithful ship, home to the Guardians of the Galaxy, began to break apart on entry, and emergency evacuation measures had to be put into place. The Guardians were scattered, searching transmissions for one another on primitive Terran equipment, until one day –

Guardians of the Galaxy. I know becoming stranded on Terra was never part of the plan… We won’t be getting paid anytime soon, the Milano is nothing but scrap at the moment. And the Earth needs our help. So we don’t really have much choice. We fight. Make your way to Haven. We have shelter and food ready for you. I look forward to seeing you all again. Even you Rocket… Gamora signing off.

Marvel Zombies RP is a Marvel Comics AU roleplay established 1 April 2017. We look forward to surviving with you.


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mmmmm guardians of the galaxy critrole au

fjord is starlord (vandren is yondu)

nott/veth is rocket

cad is groot

caleb is gamora (astrid or eodwulf is nebula)

yasha is drax

molly and jester are thier own flavors of space pirates

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