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Photo #94 – Ground Rock Perspective


A photograph that I have taken using my Canon IXUS 145 digital camera. Part of my Hadrian’s Wall photo album.

This photograph was taken at a visit to Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England.



○ Photograph Title: Ground Rock Perspective

○ Date Photograph Taken: 17 August 2016

○ Camera Maker: Canon

○ Camera Model: Canon IXUS 145

○ Megapixels: 16

○ F-stop: f/3.2

○ Exposure Time: 1/250 sec.

○ ISO Speed: ISO-100

○ Exposure Bias: 0 step

○ Focal Length: 5 mm

○ Max Aperture: 3.34375

○ Metering Mode: Pattern

○ Flash Mode: No flash, auto

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“Hey there!”

“I got this bag o’ fruit for someone who lives here.”

  • Cole, Azuo, Ozashue, Lady Zazunue

“So, what, I’m just supposed to walk up there and let myself in?” Cole asked as the priests escorted him to the small clearing which - presumably - held Inue’s house.

As they walked up to the small house, Cole observed it’s many details. It was a semi-familiar shape, being vaguely triangular, but it was otherwise fairly different from the abodes he was used to seeing down in the Sea of Sand.

It was made of wood, for one thing - large trees like the ones that made up the forest simply cannot grow in the Sea of Sand - quite unlike the average karetesha that a desert dweller may inhabit.

Further, where the typical karetesha would be conical, this house appeared to be more of an elongated prism.

And to be honest, Cole wasn’t quite sure what to make of the large tubular protrusion sticking out of the right hand side of the home.

“No? Just step up to the door and knock on it,” came the reply from Ozashue.

Cole quirked an eyebrow, and asked, “That’s it?”

Ozashue looked at him with her face scrunched up in a… befuddled expression.

“Y… yes. That’s… that’s it,” she said. “What’s so confusing about this?”

Cole simple shrugged and smirked.

“I’m not from around here an’. What can I say?” he stated.

With that, Cole walked forward from the center of the group and stepped up to the door.

“Here goes, eh?” Cole said, before he quickly glanced back.

For some reason, he briefly saw stars in his eyes in that moment. He blinked rapidly for a few moments, and when his eyes cleared, the group of priests were gone.

‘Weird,’ he thought. Cole didn’t notice as the four priests stepped back to observe the situation, concealed by an oculomantic spell from Lady Zazunue.

Cole turned back to the door. He figured that if he wanted to stay in the long game, he’d have to play his part - no funny business just yet.

'Just gotta remember to come back here to get Gadriel,’ Cole thought to himself as he took a deep breath.



Cole transferred the bag to his right hand, and knocked on the door with his left.


Cole wasn’t sure what he was expecting. He sup-

Suddenly, the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was someone he didn’t recognize. They wore glass on their face, and were dressed in the same robes as everyone else he had met thus far.

“Hello?” they asked curiously, with a slightly higher pitched - but distinctively male - voice.

The Anar stood ever so slightly shorter than Cole, and seemed a bit tired - there were some slight bags behind the pieces of glass that sat suspended on his face by small sticks.

“Hey there!” Cole said, waving as he greeted the priest.

He shook the bag he had at his side.

“I got this bag o’ fruit for someone who lives here,” Cole said as he began to feel a strange sense of apprehension at leaving Gadriel behind.

Unfortunately, the recognition in the other Anar’s eyes meant that he was going to have to do just that.

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I made this latest one for my Drawing 2 class. We were supposed to draw something based off of the four elements, namely air, water, earth, and fire. So I drew a picture of Charmander (Fire), Squirtle (Water), Geodude (Earth), and Pidgey (Air) battling for the top spot.

This was drawn before I watched the Pokémon anime, so I just used the moves’ designs from Pokémon Red. I think I messed up Gust for Pidgey.

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