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Hm. Stunfisk. Like you said, Stunfisk seems primarily derived from stargazers – fish with upward-facing eyes that live in the sea bottom, some able to create electric discharges when disturbed. It’s got a fair bit of flatfish mixed in too, but given its Ground/Electric-typing and general zappiness, stargazers seem like the dominant basis. Wait, but – not Water? That’s because Stunfisk doesn’t actually live underwater! It lives in puddles of mud, adding a neat spin to the base concept.


Stunfisk’s design is….alright, I suppose. I’m not personally that into it, but I can respect it. Its electricity is emitted from the yellow markings on its back, with the general idea being that it’s something VERY bad to step on. The markings also suitably resemble a subtle exclamation point, which is a neat touch. My main concern with its design is it’s got some INCREDIBLY rancid vibes going with that smug smile it has whenever it discharges electricity, and it makes me deeply uncomfortable. I get that’s the appeal for some, but I’m not a fan :U


Stunfisk also received a Galarian form in Sword and Shield, which takes the general idea of Stunfisk being bad to step on and runs with it to its logical extreme, going for a foothold trap aesthetic, and now being Ground/Steel to reflect that. This is REMARKABLY creative for a pokemon concept, particularly a fish, and I’m TOTALLY on board.


It also uses a pokeball pattern on its mouth as a “lure”, to entice prey to get close, though I question the idea that a pokemon would have any interest in a pokeball. The only explanation is if its targeted prey is actually trainers looking for items, which would make it make MUCH more sense whilst also being high-key terrifying. This was represented in-game by having overworld Stunkfisk appear as small red-and-white dots in the ground that attack when you walk over them, which ironically made the “lure” have the opposite effect since you would want to actively avoid them. Probably should’ve resembled the actual overworld items :U


Shiny Stunfisk, unpictured, has a pleasant light brown and cyan colour scheme, which I prefer over the yellow and brown. Shiny Galarian Stunfisk, meanwhile, mostly just switches the leaves from green to orange to give a cool autumnal effect which I love. Why can’t actual Grass-type shinies ever do that?????

Overall, I respect Stunfisk and it’s very cool it exists, but with that face I just CAN’T get into it. I’m more into the Galarian form, which foregoes the creepy smile in favour of toothy chompers, but it admittedly has less personality as a result too. Excellent pokemon, but not my style.

Smug bastard/10.

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Numel’s a cute little camel thing. A Fire/Ground-type, it lives on volcanic mountains, and it stores boiling magma of almost 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit in its hump (or whole body, depending on the dex entry). Like real-life camels, it’s capable of transporting large loads, and has been used by humans to do so presumably for centuries.


Numel is also one of those oft-overlooked pokemon that don’t really have much of a fanbase, which is unfortunate, since it’s got a lot of personality in its design. Its half-lidded eyes with thick spots surrounding them communicate some powerfully chill vibes. It’s also apparently SUPER dumb, according to the dex: it doesn’t even notice pain. It’s also incredibly susceptible to hunger, which is interesting, as I’m pretty sure camels can go a long time without eating due to their ability to store fat. Its colour scheme is pleasant, too, and not typical for a Fire-type.


Originally posted by poke-dokie

Conceptually, Numel is a pretty neat. Camels are known for their ability to store water in their humps (not literally, mind you – it’s in the form of fat), and Numel taking that concept and switching it with magma for its fire theme is a great way to produce a fire-themed monster. The hump even gets smaller when it uses Fire-type attacks, reflecting the lessened magma content. It just FITS, in a way that feels appropriate and realistic for the world it lives in, and isn’t at all arbitrary like some other Fire-types can sometimes seem. Its quadruple Water weakness is even acknowledged: water causes its magma to stiffen and slows its movements. Its type combination and magma-based concept also makes it thematically PERFECT for Team Magma, whose teams frequently feature Numel as a mainstay.


Numel’s shiny is subtle, but pleasant, replacing the green with a gentle blue. The green gave the effect of some sort of moss growing on its back, whilst the blue has an almost sooty quality to it, befitting a volcano-themed pokemon.

Overall, Numel’s maybe not really my jam, but it’s a SUPER solid concept with a lot of thought put into it. It fleshes out the world wonderfully and feels like a pleasantly “normal” pokemon without actually being Normal-type, just because of how well-integrated its Fire typing is. Lots of respect.

Numel Numel eh

Numel Numel eh

Numel Numel Numel eh/10.

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I made this few months ago when I was bored during quarantine.

I was trying out pixel art and created a Poison/Ground-type regional variant (or type swap) of Vanilluxe. 

The regular Vanilluxe is an icicle that looks like an ice cream; this is one is a reference to radioactive/toxic spills that also happens to look like an ice cream (Ube-Keso flavor to be exact haha)

I have no idea yet for the stats and abilities but that’s an idea saved for later.

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1/17 Steel-type leader Carmen wants to battle! My first venture into Johto mono-types and I chose the new Steel typing. Fire was a big problem throughout but nothing could have prepared me for how tough getting past Red’s Charizard would be.

Trying something a little different with this set so I can practice drawing people.

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Kittaineer [Ground type]
Species: Kitten Pokemon
Height: 0.7 m (2′04’’)
Weight: 17.5 kg (38.6 lbs)
Ability: Oblivious, Sand Force
Hidden Ability: Iron Fist

Kittaineer stats
HP- 40
ATK- 70
DEF- 40
SP ATK- 60
SP DEF- 35
SPD- 40
Total: 285

Kittaineer dex entry
Kittaineers are rather playful and oblivious Pokemon, usually tussling about without a care in the world. This is why their trainers and their mothers need to be rather vigilant around them. They enjoy play-fighting with their siblings and their trainers, though sometimes they do get a bit too aggressive.

Panthinist [Ground/Fighting type]
Species: Puma Pokemon
Height: 1.9 m (6′03’’)
Weight: 81.9 kg (180.6 lbs)
Ability: Reckless, Sand Force
Hidden Ability: Iron Fist

Panthinist stats
HP- 70
ATK- 110
DEF- 70
SP ATK- 115
SP DEF- 90
SPD- 70
Total: 525

Panthinist dex entry
They’ve grown from the childish ways of their youth, leaving it all in the past, and have become apex predators of the mountain range… or so, they like to think. Panthinists are still secretly very playful and will come running when you’re wiggling in front of their face, they cannot resist it. Despite this, they are still incredibly fearsome, and should one be met in the wild, it’s advised to calmly back away.

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My OC (Finlay) is an assistant at a ground type gym. When the leader is away, she takes on his challengers for him. 

For trainers with only one or two badges, she uses her Cubone, Autumn, her Phanpy, Peanut, and her Sandshrew, Cleopatra (unless they have fewer than three partners, in which case she matches them).


Originally posted by mypokemonranch


Originally posted by corsolanite


Originally posted by bbdeathz

Don’t be fooled because they’re young and cute; they’re all very powerful Pokémon. The three of them are the best of friends. While Autumn and Peanut travel with Finlay, Cleo stays at the gym where she trains hard with the leader’s Sandslash. 

For trainers with three to five badges, she also uses her Nidoqueen, Regina, and her Flygon, Mirage. They’re both quite high level and can pose a real problem to some challengers. 


Originally posted by bbdeathz


Originally posted by corsolanite

Regina and Mirage are very maternal Pokémon who enjoy looking after the others in the gym. They don’t travel with Finlay much but they have a close bond with her. 

Trainers with six or seven badges also get to battle her Garchomp, Toothless (who is ironically named). 


Originally posted by sunglasses-kitaro

Garchomp is a fierce opponent. When he battles with full-strength, he rarely loses. He can be a bit standoffish to those he doesn’t know, but he is incredibly loyal and would do anything to protect Finlay or the gym. Finlay befriended Toothless when they were both young. When the Gible was causing havoc in her town, Finlay protected him and gave him a place to stay. She returned home as a fully-fledged trainer to find he was now a Garchomp. He remembered her kindness and chose to join her team. 

While all challengers with more than six badges get a full six-on-six battle, only those with eight get to battle Toothless when he’s mega-evolved.


Originally posted by shelgon

Only two trainers have ever won against Mega-Toothless, one of whom is the resident gym leader (hey, there’s a reason he’s in charge!).

And that’s it, my OC’s Gym Team (as an addition to my OC’s Contest Team).

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Click for better quality!

Did you know that Charizard in Pokémon Masters doesn’t have any flying type moves or abilities? I was inspired by this fact and decided to draw a ground type Charizard! It was very fun to draw the lava ^-^

Please tell me what y'all think!

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