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- Meaning of Spirit Animal, The Kangaroo -
Kangaroo symbolism reminds you that you can only move forward right now. For this reason, once you have achieved your momentum, keep moving forward, and never look back. All in all, know that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on the path. With this spirit animal’s meaning, merely moving is called for, and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.
The sign represents leadership, strength, ambition, generosity, humor, independence, and an abundance of energy.
This animal in your dream, symbolises aggression. To dream that this animal attacks you, indicates that someone doubts your reputation. A Kangaroo dream can also be a warning to be cautious for the next few days. You may be on the receiving end of a hostile attack from someone who has been nurturing a grudge against you.
Kangaroo feet provide firm connections with the Earth Element. The creature has exceptional balance, signifying your ability to remain grounded, centered, and in perfect harmony as you move through the world. When you connect with the Earth, you maintain your equilibrium, which improves your ability to manifest.
Also, the Kangaroo meaning could be letting you know that it is time to escape a rough situation. Just allow your instincts to guide you and get the heck out of there!
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夢の中でカンガルーが飛び��ねているのなら、この動物が象徴するのは 攻撃性。この動物があなたを攻撃する夢は、誰かがあなたの評判を疑っていることを示します。また、カンガルーの夢は、これから数日間、用心しなさいという警告であることもあります。あなたに対して恨みを抱いている人から、敵対的な攻撃を受けるかもしれません。
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Virginia Woolf
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Creatives have reputations for floating in unreality. It's true that what they espouse hints of magic and mystery, having little to do with what the larger world calls real. People like [this] are labeled 'hermit,' 'madman,' 'eccentric.' Because they don't live as others live, or accept the routine that makes the world go round, they are blamed, ridiculed, barely accepted as members of society. They are driven [. . .] to greater extremes and further isolation, and rarely helped to do what they are born to do. Some do it anyway, and anyone who doubts the groundedness necessary for such a life should try it. To face each day supported, not by the dictates of a reliable outer framework, but by a chosen obedience to an inner necessity, one has to have one's feet on the ground.
Leif Anderson, from “Grounded,” Dancing with My Father (University Press of Mississippi, 2005)
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Bakugou's Mom
Mitsuki: You're grounded! No tv!
Katsuki: my tv is broken.
Matsuki: ...no quirk!
Katsuki: I need my quirk for school.
Matsuki: Um- *sees Kirishima* No Kirishima!
Kirishima: Wha- no Kirishima?
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when you're considered an adult but your parents still ground you... 😒😒😒
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As you’re expanding more now, it’s natural to feel “exposed”. You are safe. Hold yourself in your arms. Tell yourself that you are there for you. Feel that safety and security.
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I dont know why people keep sending you puns, theyre all a meowthful
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earth signs are all about being grounded
these are the people who have no problem knowing who they are and what they desire at an early age. very rarely seeking approval from others, they focus on their internal pleasures and inner happiness. surrounding themselves with lovely things that make them satisfied. they know who they are to the core and are confident. not in a showy, loud way but in a way of quiet assurance. born self-possessed and serene.
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I am so ready for chapter 3 of thunk! Can we get a sneak peak yet?
I am just as ready!! I can't share a good sneak peek just yet (Because I only have the title typed lol), but rest assured, when I can, I absolutely will! Imma spoiler :p
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A commission I did for @giant-fae​ for the character Willow from the game Grounded! :D This was very fun to do.
Close ups below. 
If you like, please reblog! It supports me and help me reach more ppl.
[Commission info page]
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I'd read it on TV Tropes but I wanted to hear for myself what the backwards speech was in Orel's final near death experience in "Grounded".
"But I have one question-"
"I am a church" (said when suited-Orel looks directly at the camera)
"I don't think I need a building to tell me how to do that."
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As the heart is grounded in love. Love flows from moment to moment. Opening to all but preferring none, in finding this ground the ground isn’t shaking in fear. This ground is solidly in love with this moment. Is this grace?
K.S. Janes
Petrified Forest National Park is in northeastern Arizona.
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Astrological Correspondences to the Wheel of the Year: Beltaine, Taurus & Gemini
Tumblr media
I love to explore the fascinating correlations between astrology and the eight seasons of the wheel of the year. In the Celtic tradition, tremendous importance is placed on the honoring of polarities (light and dark, masculine and feminine). With that in mind, I find it beautiful and fitting that each season of the wheel encompasses both a feminine and masculine astrological sign:
Samhain: Scorpio (feminine) & Sagittarius (masculine)
Winter Solstice: Capricorn (feminine) & Aquarius (masculine)
Imbolc: Aquarius (masculine) & Pisces (feminine) 
Spring Equinox: Aries (masculine) & Taurus (feminine) 
Beltaine: Taurus (feminine) & Gemini (masculine)
Summer Solstice: Cancer (feminine) & Leo (masculine) 
Lughnasa: Leo (masculine) & Virgo (feminine)
Autumn Equinox: Libra (masculine) & Scorpio (feminine) 
At Beltaine, the Divine Masculine (Gemini) rises up from the depths of the Divine Feminine (Taurus); we have now officially entered the light half of the year. Beltaine begins in Taurus season. During Beltaine, we appreciate and celebrate many Taurean themes, including: 
Fertility, prosperity, and abundance
The beauty of mother nature in bloom
The energies of both Beltaine and Taurus emphasize the importance of being rooted in our sacred center and taking action from that grounded place. They are also both about bringing the formless into form. We are now being called to manifest what we dreamed of during the dark/feminine half of the year. 
When the sun moves into the masculine sign of Gemini (on May 20th), we may really feel the masculine energy gaining in strength. Beltaine and Gemini seasons are both about embracing change. These energies encourage us to step outside of our comfort zones and stay out of stagnation. Beltaine also calls us to gather together with others and express ourselves out in the world. The energy of Gemini and its ruling planet, Mercury, can support us in doing so, as they are all about how we communicate and connect to the world around us.
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spudinacup · 2 years ago
Unacceptable Behavior.
There are very few things on the list of ‘will make spud contemplate canceling the comic entirely’, however, I would like to congratulate some of you for finding one.  You see, I have a minor issue with individuals deciding that they won't get answers from me, so the wave of harassment from entitled anons decides to flood people I care about. 
It is becoming blatantly apparent to me that upon my break some fans of the comic have decided to go into the inboxes of my friends and family and send lovely messages such as: 
Tumblr media
Upon stating that they would in fact, NOT betray my trust if they knew about anything they received lovely messages such as this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This here? This is unacceptable. This is childish. 
The fact that I need to make any kind of statement on this is utterly and completely ridiculous. 
Tumblr will not receive a page Sunday.
Patreon will update as normal.
You’re grounded. 
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brooklynwritess · a year ago
Bad Day
Summary : Rodrick has a bad day. Your there to comfort him.
Tumblr media
Rodrick Heffley x Reader
Warnings : fluff, angst if you squint.
I was out with some not so great friends of mine at the mall when I got a text from Rodrick “Hey lovely I really need to see you.” the text said.
“Hey guys I gotta go” I said with a fake sigh “is it Rodrick,” my friend asked “yep” I said with a smile “I’ll see ya guys later.” I texted Rodrick and told him I was on my way.
Once I got to his house his younger brother Greg answered the door, we got along pretty well. “Hey Greg is Rod-“ he interrupted me “yeah Rodricks upstairs I think he he’s singing a sad song, I wouldn’t go up there if I were you,” he said with a sigh. “I think i’ll be fine thanks though Greg.” I said with a laugh.
I walked into his room which was an absolute disaster. “Woah what happened in here rod,” I asked “oh ya know i don’t know, just come here and cuddle me,” he said with a little smile.
I walked over to him and he immediately grabbed onto me and laid down on my chest. “I’m really sorry you had to leave your friends, I just had a really crappy day and I-“ you stopped him “Rodrick you kind of saved me honestly it’s okay it was pretty boring and plus they were stealing anyway ,” I said with a laugh.
“Well your welcome for saving you then” he said while burrowing his face into the crook of my neck. “Rod why did you have a bad day,” I asked. He let out a groan “well... I got in trouble because Greg told my parents that I threatened to stab him so my parents grounded me from the band, then Mr.Scott told my parents I have an F in Math so now my parents are taking away my driving privileges which doesn’t make any sense because now they have to drive me to school then I couldn’t find you at school today then you were out with your friends and i’m sorry that i’m being like this but-“ he said that all in one breath before I cut him off
“Rodrick I’m so sorry you had such a crappy day, i’ll talk to Greg to tell your parents he was lying and I’m sure Mr.Scott will boost your grade up if I give him a little talk and i’m sorry I left school early, I had a dentist appointment and I forgot to tell you and-“ now it was his time to cut me off “y/n you don’t have to talk to Greg and Mr.Scott I’m okay I just need you right now okay?” “Okay” I agreed.
We ended up falling asleep for a few hours until his dad came in. “Oh hey guys,” he said waking us up. “Y/n are you staying for dinner?” he asked. “Oh yeah of course.”
After we had dinner I went home and made 2 calls. One to Greg telling him I’ll give him $50 if he told his parents he lied, which of course he agreed. The second call was to Mr.Scott he was one of your dads good friends so he boosted up Rodricks grade to a B-.
The next morning I got a FaceTime call from Rodrick. “Hey lovely, the weirdest thing happened this morning,” he said with a smirk “oh yeah and what was that,” I said. “Well my grade went up to a B- and my parents ungrounded me and apologized, weird huh?” “Yeah that is weird isn’t it, I guess you have good luck,” I said casually. “Yeah I must, hey you didn’t happen to have anything to do with that do you?” he asked with a knowing smile. “No not at all.”
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There are so many things happening in the world right now that it is easy to get caught up in the chaos of it all and become ungrounded.  The reality of the matter is that this is the time we must ground ourselves the most.  Staying connected to our spirit guides and higher self will enable us to sift through all of the information being thrown at us in order to find out the Truth.  This Truth may be different for each and everyone one of us.
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I never had to be on my toes to reach for anything because I am tall. 5’9. Taller than the average height of even men here. So I guess that’s why I always kept people around who kept me on my toes. Always making me wonder what their next move is going to be. Never letting me know how they feel or think about me. But always giving me just enough so that I don’t lose my balance. It’s nice to feel like you’re reaching for something. These days I deliberately find the highest cabinets to take something out from. I want to physically be on my toes. Because I would rather do that if I want to feel that routine mini thrill of reaching out for something instead of having people in my life who leave me guessing and wondering and yearning. So, okay, let’s throw all the stools out of my home. Let’s boycott lower shelves and drawers and cabinets. I want to train my brain to be on my toes for the right kind of things. Because going forward with people? All I want to feel is grounded. 
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