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#grow together

why do people put others down to feel better about themselves?

being insecure - try to make all sort of excuses but never self reflect and accept their own shortcomings. true confidence is not walking around with your nose in the air and think you are better than everyone else around you, it is not having to compare yourself with anyone in the first place.

my opinion - it is actually a really pathetic and immature thing to do. putting others down also mean you do not even know how to be respectful of others, pushing away kind people who could have helped you, and gain absolutely nothing in the end. will you feel better by doing so? no, you are just lying to yourself and going nowhere while losing good people around you. no one is obligated to stick around when you are being an ass.

do better - instead of putting others down, lift them up, look at people with a positive light and praise them for their good, make someone happy, help someone with kindness. i believe good deeds are always rewarded, even though it might not be immediate or in a way you realized. it’s a two way street, treat others how you wish to be treated. i believe that if you are truly nice person and do good, people will notice without you mentioning or showing off. appreciation and acknowledgement from other people mean so much more than boosting yourself and get fake compliments.

to get the recognition and love you want, work for it, acknowledge your shortcomings, get advice, and change for the better. get pass that meaningless ego, it is normal for human to make mistake, whether you notice and change for the better determines the kind of person you are.

topic inspired by recent observations on social platforms and discussion with a friend.

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Love means growing together… sometimes, it also means growing individually, but never growing apart. And no matter how hard life may be, you never give up on each other. It’s easier to give up when it hurts, to leave when it gets tiring but what you really need is patience. If you only hold each others hand tightly.. you can learn those things, together!

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Tell me exactly what you want to hide from everyone; truthfully uncensored in all it’s hard honesty. I want to hear everything and anything you have on your mind. About yourself, friends, family, school, myself, work, and everything good the bad, the hopes and dreams, regrets and joyous achievements. I want to be a person who is there for you and be on this adventure we call life. Let us share everything and grow individually and bond stronger together.

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My man has been going thru it so I got him this goodie bag. I bought him a battery pack for his controller for the xbox he just bought. I got him some hair curling cream his friends been telling him about. I also got him a lighter because he always stealing mine, and I got him a rose with a card thanking him for coming into my life and never leaving. #makehisdaybetter2018

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I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. It’s part of what made me start this blog. I’ve been very fortunate to have a family that is mostly understanding. There are a lot of things they don’t get or that they don’t understand, but they are genuinely doing their best out of love. I know a lot of people don’t have that. I hope to let this be a family. I hope that we are able to all lean on one another through good and bad days and that we can grow together. I am not a parent and likely never will be, but I can do my best to be a sibling, a cousin, a friend. I hope that you will all be family to the people you meet and not hesitate if you need to talk. 

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Very first post.

Hello to anyone.Or hello to no one.

I’m here to use this awesome thing called the internet to learn and collect and be inspired by! To any other pagans who might see this eventuality I hope your heart is warm and your smile bright. Today is September the 2ed 2018 and I am so blessed on this morning to be part of our fantastic universe.

Blessed be


- Me

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reason 5:

you are perfect just the way you are

You don’t have to be the best at everything.

You might be freaking amazing but you’ll still never be the best at everything. This isn’t weakness, it’s self-awareness. Assess your strong points and then collaborate with or hire people who excel at what you are adequate at.


Grow together while doing what you actually love.

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“Se saprai starmi vicino,
e potremo essere diversi,
se il sole illuminerà entrambi
senza che le nostre ombre si sovrappongano,
se riusciremo ad essere “noi” in mezzo al mondo
e insieme al mondo, piangere, ridere, vivere.
Se ogni giorno sarà scoprire quello che siamo
e non il ricordo di come eravamo,
se sapremo darci l'un l'altro
senza sapere chi sarà il primo e chi l'ultimo
se il tuo corpo canterà con il mio perché insieme è gioia
Allora sarà amore
e non sarà stato vano aspettarsi tanto.“

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Almost 1 year.  Almost 1 year to the day that I sent you that message on Instagram.  It’s funny because I had only found out like a few days before that you were single.  I can remember sitting in that office, talking to those other people in your area.  I specifically came down there to shoot the shit and creep on you a bit more.  You hadn’t walked by at all that day.  You were flustered with work and obvious some nonsense going on outside of work.  I just wanted to see you.  Cause an accidental run-in.  Force us to have to speak.  All my other attempts had failed.  I was chicken.

Sitting in that office talking smack with those acquaintances was exhilarating because I was prying.  I was being nosey about everyone but especially you.  Then I heard it.  You were single.  And from the sound of it you were still having trouble with… well we both know now what was going on.

I was leaving that weekend to go to a wedding for a close family friend.  Someone I grew up with really.  I decided that I was going to finally reach out.  But I couldn’t stand the thought of being rejected at work… too embarrassing and not the right place to try to open that door.  I was chicken.  So I decided that while I was safely out of state I could message you.  And if you were uninterested or something that message could be deleted and that would be the end of it.

I was in the car on the way to the wedding on the 18th.  I felt good.  Loved my dress.  My hair was doing what it wanted but it wasn’t flooffed so I was good.  My makeup was pretty much how I had hoped it would turn out.  I still don’t really do my makeup that often.  No need really.  I like it sometimes to accentuate certain features, but really I just wanted to do it because of the occasion.  So I was ready.  I shakily typed up that silly message and hit send.  If that boy wasn’t sitting next to me in that car to tell me about Legos and his new favorite cartoons I am sure I would have flipped out.  I was shocked when you replied so quickly.

I was so excited that you did.  I really didn’t think you were going to.  Before long we had exchanged numbers and spent the rest of the day and evening texting back and forth.  I was elated.  You had been cleaning up at your prior residence and said that you were happy to be reached out to.  It was the best feeling in the world.  We agreed that we would meet up after work for the Pulse March.  I was so stoked.

When I got in to work after my weekend away your smiling face was there.  I didn’t have to watch you walk by wondering about you anymore.  We were able to talk more and it was amazing.  Not long after that initial conversation I pimped out your desk for your birthday.  Your reaction was priceless.  Only about a week later did we make it official.  June is a good month for us for many reasons.  It’s the beginning.

I’m glad to be on this journey with you.  You make things exciting and fun.  You are sexy as hell and more caring than I ever could have expected from anyone.  I’m grateful that I took that step that day.  Almost a year now.  Looking forward to so many more.

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