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I’ve tried growing leeks from seeds, but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Luckily, there’s another, easier way, which is even more sustainable as it avoids waste: growing leeks from scraps.

Here’s how to do it. Whether you’re making a Dumfriesshire Leek and Potato Soup or baking a Leek and Ham Quiche, cut the leek about 5 centimetres/2 inches over the roots (left). Place in a glass half-full of cold water: the roots must be submerged but not the whole scrap. Change the water every day. Leek will regrow from the scrap, in about 5 days to a week.

Once it has grown about 13 centimetres/5 inches from the scrap (right), plant in the veg patch -if you are also growing carrots, plant nearby as these companion plants help each other grow- covering up to the original scrap with soil. Water regularly. 

Then, you can harvest your leeks in your Kitchen Garden, bake a Leek and Ham Quiche or make a Dumfriesshire Leek and Potato Soup; and start all over again!

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When we align ourselves with the Light rather than the darkness, we’re more likely to thrive long term. Doing evil always results in death, most times very suddenly. When we’re in bad seasons drifting from God, it can seem like there is bad around every corner and we’re struggling to survive. When we do follow God, we notice there are good things around every corner and we’re living. Then when we reflect, we realize everything happening behind the scenes in preparation for all the word God has in store for His righteous children. Evil always thinks it has the victory, but it is often shaken during the storm. God’s children have the promise of His mercy and love, so we are never shaken nor removed from our place with Him. I think about how this pandemic impacted us so differently. A lot of us went through totally poor seasons and others through totally rich ones. Everyone claims something different. However, for me, as a child of God, I am aware that it was a season filled with learning and growing close to God. I trust in God and He helps me weather the storms just like He helped David in this psalm. Remember that through God, you always have the victory and that is a guarantee from the Father Himself. Blessings to you!

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It’s been a year since I made a commitment to you, but it feels like just yesterday. My life has been so much better with you in it. Here’s to many more years of learning & growing together. I love the home that we’re building together, and I love you more than you’ll ever know.

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Estos últimos días mi vida ha sido como subirte a una montaña rusa, una serie de retos a alcanzar, en donde he aprendido que la planeación y seguir un sistema son importantes para lograr lo que quieres. En medio del caos mantener la calma y reconocer tus errores siempre servirán para crecer, mejorar y no repetir el patrón. Después de todo ha sido emocionante poder hacer cosas que te sacan de tu comodidad con la visión de llegar al corazón de alguien para cambiar.

No te des por vencida!

“Tu frustración actual va a ser causa de una celebración futura si te mantienes firme el tiempo que sea necesario.“ MB

Nunca es tarde para forjar un carácter de resistencia emocional. Eso es crecimiento que a la larga te dará satisfacción.

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When I was 12, my mother told me I was too old for trick or treating. I sat with her, miserable, and handed out candy.

A drunk 20 something year old couple came up and trick or treated to us.

From the next year on, I trick or treated until i was 18, despite what my mother said. Fuck ‘growing up’.

I want to be that couple and have fucking FUN on a holiday that is MEANT FOR FUN.

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My Future

Esta canción es preciosa en todo sentido: sonido, letra, etc. De por sí me considero una persona amante de las canciones que produce Billie, por lo profundo que llega cada una de estas en mí y, además, por lo identificada que me siento muchas veces con la letra.

Warning: Hablaré sobre mi punto de vista, experiencia y sentimientos. Queda avisado.

Antes de esta canción “my future”, ella había lanzado otra titulada “everything i wanted”. En el momento que descubrí esa canción, yo todo lo que quería era desaparecer. Diversas situaciones relacionadas con la cuarentena me afectaron, además de problemas familiares y académicos. Todo, a mi parecer, se venía abajo y no existía tranquilidad, ni siquiera en mi propia mente. Pasé muchos días en la cama simplemente llorando y sin energías. Dejé de sentir placer y todo me parecía tan pesado, incluso el abrir mis ojos. Los pensamientos destructivos invadían mi mente y no dejaban que yo pueda avanzar. Me odiaba y ya no quería estar en el presente, quería ser libre. Eso simplemente pasó hace unos meses y no estoy curada totalmente. Hasta ahora sigo sufriendo de decaídas de ese tipo, pero no duran tanto.

Sin embargo, tuve a alguien que, así como en “everything i wanted”, me dijo algo parecido a esta parte de la canción:

As long as i’m here, no one can hurt you

Don’t wanna lie here, but you can learn to

If I could change the way that you see yourself

You wouldn’t wonder why you hear

‘They don’t deserve you’

De esta forma, hasta ahora, trato de salir adelante con ayuda psicológica, además del cariño de muchas personas que piensan siempre en mí.

Así es como aparece “my future”. Es una canción que me hace reflexionar acerca de cómo he ido llevando mi vida y cómo quiero realmente ver en quién me convierto al aprender de todas estas situaciones que ocurren en mi entorno. Poco a poco voy cambiando mi perspectiva, y voy cambiando para crecer. Quiero seguir cultivando este amor propio y volverme más fuerte. Necesito seguir viviendo para ser más fuerte.

¿Qué ocurriría si vivo un poco más?

Quiero descubrir lo que me espera y observar cada acontecimiento con mis propios ojos.

Eso es todo, amigos.


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I knew that I am stubborn and beat myself against the same walls over and over again. But I just realized that I do it in a very non-productive manner. I keep myself stuck with the same momentary ideas and goals even when its impossible for me to make progress. Even when I physically cannot accomplish anything more, as long as I feel like my efforts were not satisfactory I don’t let myself move on and just keep myself frozen in that moment in time.

Thats really bad. I do that even when I need and want to do other things in which I am actually able to progress.

But I’ve been learning how to let go of these obsessions momentarily. Acknowledge that I have to let it go for now and that I’ll simply get back to it later, once I am ready. Consistency and trust that I will follow up is key.

The obsessions will still always be there. I don’t want to let them go. I want to live life full of passion. But I’ve gotta learn how to do it in a healthy manner.

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6 / 100 days of productivity

Heeey, i got good at it ! Another day of good studies… Procrastination is still around the corner, waiting for a weakness sign from me, same for my brain, desperately trying to get me to stop studying like let’s go cook some cookiiiiies !!!

But i made it ! Yeah !

Music from the video : Flake Dance - Ian Post

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