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#grown up problems

having talked to a bunch of friends and co-workers about how they feel about teleworking, some of them hate it across the board, some never want to work in-office again, and some would like a split.

now i’m curious, assuming a 40 hour work week, put your preferred work from home/work on site breakdown in the tags.

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the current state of my office is a garbage fire, but it’s not so much of a giant dumpster fire as much as it is a collection of little garbage fires.

it’s like… imagine an office full of desks, and every desk has its own little wastepaper bin, and every wastepaper bin has its own little fire in it. none of the fires can be extinguished, but you can keep your tiny fire contained to your bin.

across the hall you see a fire has escaped its bin and is growing and spreading, but if you go try to fix that fire, your own will escape its confines and set your desk on fire so you just have to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sucks for them and move on.

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Truth is:

I’m battling my annual depression right now. But I’m trying not to just roll over and let it consume me. I’m reading A LOT! I’m investing in learning tons. I’m starting new business pursuits. I’m involving myself in my daughter’s education in many ways. I’ve started back on a dermatologist recommended acne regimen. I’m trying to workout more than than I don’t by incorporating new forms of fitness. And I’m trying to push myself to cook at least one meal a day. It’s not all working out to the same extent. But the point is I AM TRYING!

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This should be one of the best days of my life today!!!

It’s OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I’m in a relationship with a man I could not ask to be any better if I imagined it in my mind. Things with us have truly been amazing! So so so many first. We have a steakhouse dinner planned tonight to celebrate. But our families are in crisis. Psalm is going through some extreme growing pains which is being reflected through her acting out in school. She’s been in trouble three times within 8 days. My schizophrenic aunt has been released from prison and it’s triggering other family members just trying to get her help. Thomas has his own family secrets getting exposed. Financial hardships that could have a ripple effect on our future plans are coming out. He’s overwhelmed, I need to be able to help but I’m also overwhelmed. Our child support case is back in court again.

God has to show up to get us through!!!

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WHY is it so hard to get your 401(k) moved to another companies 401(k)? You’d think they’d be more helpful like I’ve literally been going around in circles for weeks trying to get one of the companies to transfer my money ughhhhh

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Mom: do you ever eat breakfast in the morning?

Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i’m usually in a rush to get to work

Mom: haven’t you ever heard of getting up earlier?

Me: haven’t you ever heard of staying in bed as long as possible?

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I’m so excited. I got a new apartment as of April. It has a balcony, it’s in a good neighborhood, is only on the third floor (instead of on the fifth as my current one), the building has an elevator AND a swimming pool (how cool is that).

But as excited as I am, I’m also really sad that I soon have to leave my current apartment and my neighborhood. I’ve lived here for 3 ½ years and I loved it.

And whereas now I only have to walk 5 minutes to get to university/work, I then have to commute for about 20 minutes (which isn’t terrible but I was used to not having to commute at all)

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2019 is not starting on a good note

my car, which is only 5 years old and has never given me trouble and which I am still paying for, is acting up. I just got more PTO but I don’t want to use it yet, especially not for something like car trouble. and I don’t have the money to pay for a major repair so I hope it isn’t anything serious. if it is serious I am going to lose my damn mind because this fucker will be paid off in August and I want at least a few years without a goddamn car payment

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