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4000 miles

A 7 hour change in time

But I still haven’t changed my mind.

You’re still the one I love,

Baggage and mileage included.

Lovely Haiku

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I speak to you a lullaby,

Of endless ocean blue.

Where tides are gently rocking

And kissing both your feet.

For love is found in water,

A steady give and take,

A constant gentle flow.

For just like people,

With time it too

Both changes and it grows.

Yet never does it truly differ

When you look down deep below.

But be careful dear,

Or just as surely in water,

In love too you might drown

-Z (@all-the-pretty-words)


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things i’ve learned about myself since my heart was broken:

  • i am STRONG
  • i am resilient
  • i am my own person. i do not need someone else to base my identity on
  • i am able to love so truly and so fully
  • i am fiercely loyal
  • i am quick to forgive
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Yes, for the most part. I’ve changed and grown so much myself and I’ve seen others change to an almost completely different person compared to when I first met them.

But I noticed that changes in their own life caused that. Relationships, environment, etc.

I cut everyone off and got out of where I grew up. That’s how the growth and change happened, because everyone in that old environment wasn’t changing (or not wanting to). People that usually stay in the same area, have the same friends, etc don’t change, even when they claim to.

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Well I Got A Lot done tonight, I got a great response from models to collaborate with my brand and I and I couldn’t be happier. I really watched my brand grow from the mud , and everything that I’ve been manifesting is finally coming into fruition. The things that I used to be afraid to do, i find myself doing with ease now. It’s all finally coming together. I Just had to trust myself and my capabilities. I’m really amazing. 💎

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The Grand Life Beyond…

This chubby little lady lives in a branch of a custard apple tree. All it does is munch nutrient-rich leaves required for its developmental period. It is growing wings beneath its skin for tomorrow. In a few days it will shed its body to become a magical work of art, a butterfly.

Similarly, man shall cast the physical temple. His reality, the soul will continue to live with multiplied capacities, each highly magnified. We will no longer be limited to the 5 senses we regularly use. The soul “… will continue to progress until it will attain the presence of God.” It will advance in the many Worlds of Light immersed in the ocean of divine love.

The chubby little caterpillar prepares for the grand world beyond as a wondrous butterfly that can fly from garden to garden and explore vastness, of trees and plants, variegated flowers, of colors and perfumes. We are here to live in the perspective of life after this. According to Baha'u'llah,

“Death is a messenger of joy.”

And asked, “Why dost thou grieve death?”

We have to free ourselves from our “past” traumas so that we do not condition reality into something subjective, when we stop being a victim we become present enough to become the creator of ourselves & our own reality. 🙏✨

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