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Ok she’s here. 

First off, I’ve started a cute aesthetic insta here’s the handle >>> @takeabreathandlettherest

Okay so, right now i’m drinking copious amounts of tea anyone else with me on this? I’m either eating OR drinking tea OR both, there’s no in between. 

By the time this pandemic is over i’ll be the size of the house and piss poor. 

So please check out my new insta so brands send me free stuff so I don’t have to move back into my car. *peace sign* 

I would absolutely love it if you recommended me your fave tracks at the moment? 

Also, I DO NOT get this whole “I just want to be a mermaid” it’s like people have forgotten what sea water does to our long luscious locks….

I DO NOT want to be a mermaid so here’s my TED talk on why:

1. There’s no conditioner in the sea, you’re hair will probably just become one giant clump which you’ll have to cut off somehow because it’ll just be weighing you down and you’ll probably get neck ache. 

2. There’s no toothpaste….no colgate or Oral B or mouthwash….you’re gonna have janky ass teeth which will all fall out. Ariel? more like Ari-oh my goodness WHAT IS THAT!?

3. Finally, being a mermaid is gonna be a continuous gym sesh…..sure you’re gonna have beautiful abs of steal…..BUT you’ll constantly be on the move, trying to escape something that wants to eat, kill or procreate with you.

The END 


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