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There’s been some new people coming in both to the gt community and to tumblr so I’d love to toss some love and followers people’s way! If you’re someone who creates stuff in the Gt community feel free to make a submission explaining who you are and what you do! 
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A giant holding a horse/cow like a lap dog and petting it, perhaps?
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she cant help spoiling her cow moommoo, so she'll bring her in to watch tv and movies together
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The Walls Have a Cold
(Am currently sick and wanna write fluff)
Marcus swung his apartment door open, carrying all of his groceries in his hands. He gracelessly kicked the door closed behind him and dropped all of his things on the kitchen table.
He never noticed the small pair of eyes watching him.
Or if he did, Marcus didn’t do anything about it.
He put all of his groceries away, humming the tune that was stuck in his head.
He opened the door to his fridge when he heard the smallest of sneezes come from behind him.
Now Marcus… as sweet as he is… he’s a complete idiot.
“Someone must have a cold,” he said out loud to himself, “Maybe I’ll make some soup for them.”
The tiny pair of eyes widened.
No… they can’t be getting sick! It was only one sneeze!
But sure enough, one sneeze led to another. Then a cough, then a runny nose and an aching chest.
Soon, our little friend couldn’t even get out of bed.
Their nose hurt from rubbing it so much. They were starving, yet they couldn’t hold anything down.
They were miserable…
And Marcus, true to his word, made soup.
He didn’t know who the soup was for, but if the small, distant coughing was getting worse, then surely they would appreciate his soup.
Marcus tired to pinpoint where the poor soul was, but they kept moving.
“Is the whole building sick?” He wondered out loud, “I don’t have enough soup for everyone.”
Our little friend was in terrible shape. They needed help. They needed medicine and food and supplies.
But they could barely stand.
Tears formed in their small eyes. They have never been this sick before. And they were all alone.
As much as they didn’t want to, they knew that they had no other option.
They had to show themselves to the human outside the wall.
Carefully…painfully… they dragged themselves out of bed, feeling themselves get weaker by the second.
They pushed and outlet to the side and peeped their head out.
Marcus was scrolling through his phone on the couch, brow furrowed in concentration.
He was a lot scarier than our little friend remembered.
The thought of exposing themselves to his giant of a man made their already upset stomach turn.
But they need help.
Gathering the last of their strength, they pushed the outlet all the way to the side and crawled out into the kitchen counter. They partially put the outlet back before being overcome by a coughing fit.
Marcus looked up from his phone. “They’re getting worse,” he noted, “Poor souls.”
Marcus stood up and went back to his pot of soup, stirring it and taking it off the heat.
He didn’t notice the tiny being shriveled up next to him.
They look up at him and their whole body shook.
They needed to do this…
“H-help…” they rasped, “Pl-please…”
Marcus froze. His neighbor needed help.
He sped out the door, leaving the weak tiny buy themselves, and rushed to his next door neighbor.
He banged on the door, “Hello? Is everyone okay in there?”
His neighbor opened the door, confusion written all over her face. “Is something wrong?”
“I heard someone asking for help, I thought it was you,” Marcus explained, “Aren’t you the one who’s been coughing?”
She shook her head, “That wasn’t me. Sorry, but I haven’t heard anyone coughing.”
With that, she closed the door, leaving Marcus confused and worried.
He walked back to his apartment and closed the door.
He went back to the kitchen, almost glaring in confusion.
To our little friend, he was utterly terrifying.
They shrunk back into themselves, now wanting to bail on this plan.
Their chest heaved and they coughed harshly. Chills went up their spine and their body trembles from both fear and the sickness.
Marcus’s eyes snapped towards the little person on his counter, now noticing them for the first time.
Both of their eyes met.
Both froze.
Marcus was the first one to do something.
He bent down and studied the small figure.
They looked like shit…
“Um… hi?” Marcus said softly, “What’s your name?”
They froze, chest heaving from their coughing fit. “Innley.”
“So Innley,” Marcus started, “Whatcha doing here?”
Innley’s throat dried up as they tried to find the words. “H-help…please.”
Marcus’s eyes widened, “Were you the one coughing and all?”
Innley nodded.
Marcis reached out to them, not realizing how terrifying he looked. And carefully scooped them up.
“You’re shaking like a leaf,” he said as he brought the poor little one up to his face.
He was too close.
They were going to have a panic attack…
They’ve never been picked up before.
Yet… his hands were so warm.
And their stomach couldn’t possibly have turned anymore.
“Would you like some soup?” Marcus asked.
Innley nodded, still not having the right words to say.
Marcus stood up, looking around for a safe place to put his tiny company. He walked over to his couch and grabbed a small throw pillow. He set the pillow on the counter and laid Innley down.
“Wait here while I go get some things,” Marcus said softly.
He grabbed the smallest spoon he could find and dipped in in the warm soup. He grabbed a handkerchief from the dryer and some cough syrup.
Innley shuddered as chills ran up their spine from both sickness and fear.
Marcus squatted down and offered some soup to the poor creature. “Here you are,” he said gently, “It’s my Ma’s special recipe.”
Innley was too weak to even lift their head, but they managed to take a few sips before slumping into the pillow.
Marcus draped the warm handkerchief over the small person and let them rest. “Sleep well, little one. I’ll be here when you wake.”
True to his word, Marcus was there when Innley awoke.
The poor soul completely forgot about showing themselves to the human.
Innley weakly backed away, trembling, “S-stay back!” They soon went into another coughing fit and slumped in defeat. “Please don’t hurt me…”
Marcus looked at them confused, “Hurt you? I’m not one to hurt anyone. Especially if they’re in the state you’re in. Only here to help you. Honest. I won’t do anything without your permission.”
Innley sniffled and wipes their nose, “Why are you helping me?”
Marcus shrugged, “Cause you asked.”
“I did?”
“Yep. I gave you some of my Ma’s special soup and you passed out. Been asleep for a good hour or so.”
Innley hugged themselves, still trembling. “Could I…uh…Could I have s-some more soup…please?”
Marcus smiled, “Course you can. I made it just for you.”
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RGG Mer AU: Chapter 1
Reese is a Leviathan, and he will be making this everyone else’s problem. 
Chapter 1: A Leviathan in the Water
Summary: Welcome to the Mer AU for Reese Got Gullivered! We are in mermay and I wanted to do something a little special for it! Please allow me to introduce Reese the leviathan and Cade the sail-fish-adjacent merman. 
Contains: Non graphic animal death, fear, strong language
Wordcount: 2.2K
Scavenging was a funny thing for Cade. There was garbage, of course, but there was also treasure, more treasure than one mer like him could find in many lifetimes. His bag of woven seagrass hung mostly empty on his side, his food he’d packed for the days-long trip in another bag tightly across his back. 
He was traveling out to see the ruins. It was about three days one way from the reef. He would need to be very careful out here. There were plenty of predators this distance from the reef, feral mers, aggressive aquatic fish, even the monsters in the depths. The Scouts and the Hunters didn’t usually come out this far for good reason. The currents out here were stronger, and the pressure more sense it was much deeper than where the reef was. 
But Cade knew he was fast, one of the fastest mers in the reef. He would be able to outswim most of the things that were out there. And since the ruins in the distance were already in sight, Cade put on a nice burst of speed. 
There were still a few hours of light left. He would be able to find a good place to make camp before nightfall. 
The ruins were such a beautiful place. He’d only been there once before, but there was so much treasure out there. The last time he had found enough that he could get a new set of knives and prime cuts of meat for himself, and there were still coins left he had squirreled away for his home. 
As he made it through the edge of the ruins, weaving around the vast stone pillars and the splintered wooden boats, he couldn’t help but spot every interesting detail in everything around. Shiny things just waiting for him to get his hands on them. 
But Cade knew he had to limit his haul to something that wouldn’t slow down his trip. He would need to be careful about what he would bring back. He only had enough food to be out here for one full day and the three days back. 
He shook his head and then found a nice spot to settle down on. A mostly collapsed building with one way in and out, something he could easily barricade to dissuade predators. He drew his sword from his hip and kept it in front of him as he poked his head inside. 
Empty. Even after he flipped over some rocks and scattered debris. Good. He could settle here until he was ready to leave. 
Cade moved some rocks around and pulled a little cover from his bag and spread it over the rocks. It should keep him comfy enough. It would only be for two nights. He hid his food stash under a couple rocks and then decided to go look around the ruins. To mark his camp, Cade found some boards and put them over the hole. They really contrasted with the stone of the rest of the building, and since he wasn’t going to go far, he could find his way back. 
With the little bit of light that was left in the day, Cade took some time to look around the ruins. There were small fish darting around the rocks, crabs scuttling along the ground. There was a really lovely looking, wooden ship that Cade decided to take a peek in. It had large, jagged holes in one side, and was flipped over. 
Sunk. Maybe it was carrying treasure! 
Cade squeezed his way in through one of the holes after moving some wood out of the way so it wouldn’t catch his sides. 
Sure enough after looking around, he found some stuff. Glass bottles in crates, still sealed with wax. Hard bits of metal in the form of human weapons and even a real cannonball! Sadly the cannonball would have to wait, the glass was priority. 
Rummaging around some more, he found a fully sealed, unopened, bottle of ink. Ink from the surface. He carefully wrapped it up and put it in an external pouch of his bag. Angelica and Professor Highgrove would love to have that. 
By the time that Cade carried his finds and the cannonball back to his little hideout, it was starting to get dark. He placed the cannonball in a little nook. 
He would take it with him next time, when he didn’t have so many fragile things in his bag.
After a good meal of some fish meat and a crab he’d caught, Cade settled in to sleep. He had a big day of exploring and scavenging ahead of him.  
Reese was drifting again, eyes barely able to keep open. He had been swimming for what felt like forever. Ever since he had left the trench, he hadn’t been able to sleep for little more than a few hours at a time. 
He really wanted a good rest. 
Being up high in the water like this made his head hurt with all the light. It was a lot better at this moment, since it had come night now, but the comforting darkness just made him want to drift to sleep more than ever. 
There was one good thing about being up in the lighter waters, there was so much more food out here. He’d been eating well, being able to herd schools of fish into his mouth, and there were the occasional larger fish or even another thing from the depths looking for a meal to make good food out of. No people though, nobody to talk to. Just mindless fish and creatures. Reese allowed his thoughts to wander about what he would do if he found someone else out here. 
Suddenly, he bumped his head into something, and it jolted him awake. 
Looking around carefully, he saw that it was a nice little secluded area he’d drifted into. There was a good sized stretch of ruins, ships and stone and buildings, all tucked up around this little cliff area. He didn’t sense any indication of anything dangerous around. This looked as good a place as any to finally get more than an hour of sleep. 
Usually, Reese would bury himself under the sand, letting only the small feelers along his back be exposed to the water. It was a good way to sleep without being disturbed, but he was so tired. 
Reese allowed himself to settle down against the ground. He felt the stone shift around under his back and sides, and he coiled his tail loosely around a stone pillar so he shouldn’t drift. It was a bit snug, but he didn’t mind curling around the destroyed buildings or nudging the broken ships aside to make room. 
He barely remembered to try and dim his bioluminescence before settling in to finally get some sleep. 
Cade woke up with a little bit of light shining in through the cracks in the ceiling of his camp. He glanced around and sure enough his stuff hadn’t been touched, despite the crabs now scuttling around. Small fish, barely the size of Cade’s hand, zipped around near the ceiling. 
He rubbed his eyes and sat up a little more. There hadn’t been anything in here last night. Maybe these creatures had come in here because it was a little warmer? 
At the very least, Cade could make a breakfast of the little crabs, stretch his resources a little more. With a flick of his tail, he disturbed the sand they had buried themselves in and went about catching them without letting anything get pinched. He made quick work of them with a rock and his knife. 
Once his breakfast was finished, Cade checked over his food, he had enough for today and the trip back, and secured his woven seagrass bag against his back. It was more secure that way, and he didn’t want to risk dropping it while it had glass inside. 
He stretched a bit, flaring his fins and twisting his tail this way and that before he started to remove his barrier.
As the first board was pulled down, Cade felt that something wasn’t right. A shiver went all the way from his fins to his arms. Something definitely didn’t feel right. 
Cade bit his lip a little before he took down the other boards. Nothing seemed weird from where Cade was facing. He poked his head out, glancing around, looking to the surface in case it was a boat overhead. 
It was the same beautiful ruins he had arrived in. The sea was lovely and the sun was bright, and there was treasure to be found. Money to be made. 
Cade shook his head, but made sure he could draw his sword if he needed to as he ventured into the ruins. 
He explored one ship to find nothing of value but human bones, mostly shattered into pieces. There was one intact skull and a few unbroken bones he wrapped up and put in his bag. They were lightweight and would have at least some value to the academics. 
There was a building that Cade looked through. He found some metal utensils and dumped them in his bag. There were also shattered bits of pottery around that didn’t look interesting enough to sell or repurpose. 
As Cade was trying to wiggle his way into another ship through a porthole, he got an overwhelming feeling of danger. His entire tail quivered with the sense he needed to move and Cade pulled himself away from the ship, darting off in a random direction. 
He couldn’t see anything, so Cade quickly retrieved his bag from where he’d left it near the porthole. 
The feeling still persisted, so Cade decided to go to another part of the ruins. But first he stopped off at his camp and deposited all the fragile things there. If he got into a scrap with…… anything, he didn’t want to break his things. 
Feeling a lot better about not breaking the entire reason he came out here, Cade went back out in another direction to look through the ruins. He was approaching another building to see what he could find inside when suddenly his entire body froze. 
Sitting just behind the little building was the head of a massive monster.
Cade glanced down and saw its gigantic tail crushing a pillar, its body shoved aside wrecks and buildings to make room. Large, plate-like scales were dotted along its tail, jagged fins floating in the water, small tendrils along its lower tail. Massive claws adorned its massive hands, thick scars adorned its chest and arms and tail, there were enormous, fin-like ears on the sides of its head, and just too many limbs!
He swallowed softly. If he just slowly left and made it back to his camp, he could run and get home before anything terrible happened to him. 
Yeah. Just swim for his life once he was clear. 
Not wanting to turn his back on this monster, Cade started to slowly move backwards, but he wasn’t fast enough. He could never be fast enough. 
The leviathan exploded to life, knocking over buildings and shattering shipwrecks as it lunged for Cade. He tried to dart away, but it was just too fast. A crushing weight fell on top of him, and Cade was slammed against the seafloor. Pain flared all across his body, his vision exploded into spots, and it knocked all his breath out. 
For a moment, Cade hoped to the Goddess that it was a piece of stone, but when his vision cleared he could easily see it was an enormous hand, buried into the sand around him. As the debris settled, Cade tried his damndest to wiggle to freedom. His fingers desperately clawed at the sand, trying to dig a trench deep enough he could squeeze out from under the weight of its hand.
“What… are you?” A deep, raspy voice rumbled through Cade’s bones. He froze, not wanting to draw attention to himself. He was helpless to only watch as the massive hand went from crushing him into the sand to having an iron grip on his tail and torso. 
He was lifted from the seabed painstakingly slowly, and Cade didn’t even have a clear enough mind to pray. 
“Oooooh, pretty.” 
Shakily, Cade opened his eyes and saw himself face to face with an ancient monster. Its eyes were pitch black with a piercing yellow iris. Its nose was much flatter than anybody Cade knew, and its so-dark-it-was-almost-black green hair floated around its face. Little bits of glowing algae were stuck in its locks of hair. 
Suddenly its eyes closed and it opened its mouth wide. The mouth was so much bigger than it looked while it was closed. It stretched all the way across its cheeks, almost to its ears, and inside was nothing but rows and rows of jagged teeth and a grey-pink tongue and the inky black death of its throat. Cade felt water rush past him into the beast’s mouth and he screwed his eyes shut, not wanting to face his own death. 
To his surprise, warm water rushed past him back out into the ocean, and when Cade looked again, the monster had shut its mouth, smacking its lips a bit. 
Never in his life has a yawn been so terrifying. 
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A Fraction of Justice (Chapter #19)
Chapter #19. Natalie learns more about Alexander’s past. 
Previous: Chapter #18
Next: Chapter #20
Word Count: 4,103 Read Time: Approx. 32 mins
CW: adult language, mentions of abuse
Tag list: @gatlily @grbene @patrocolus3 @beautifulunknowntrash @titan-god-420 @andraimeide @themarlo @cup-o-chai @lucentbliss @raccoontoaster @tolsizedlove @not-a-space-alien , @thegodmother007 @honey-olive, @kitn-underfoot
A Fraction of Justice
Chapter #19: Be this the Whetstone 
[Alexander’s POV]
I tried my best to keep my overwhelming enthusiasm under wraps. That poem, from The Fellowship: he knew it all by heart! With a blush of color brightening my cheek I couldn’t help but be totally enamored with the grumpy little man I held aloft between my fingers. I set him down to the right of my place setting where his food was carefully plated on that selfsame saucer from earlier in the day.
“You know how to use chopsticks, right?” He craned his neck to meet my eyes as he settled into a half way cross-legged position before his dinner. His bandaged leg still splayed out to his side. His lips pressed together as he raised an eyebrow. He didn’t have to say a word for me to tell he was insulted by the fact I’d even dared to ask him the question. “Here, then, you angry little fella…” pinched between my thumb and forefinger were two halves of a broken toothpick. I figured those would be about the right size for him to use as eating utensils. When he gingerly plucked them from me, I saw I was right, they worked pretty okay, even though they were definitely too long. Watching him make do with these sorry excuses for chopsticks, I made a vow to myself that I’d make sure to go buy him proportionate things so he could go about his day a bit more easily. At the very least, poor Alexander deserved to get a decent set of clothes… ridiculously cute as he was in that little unicorn shirt.
As he leaned down to eat, clearly quite hungry, he mumbled between bites, “You know it’s considered rude to stare…” he flashed his eyes at me.
He was right. I was ogling at him in all his adorably tiny movements, “S-sorry. I’m sorry… You enjoying your dinner, at least??”
“Alright, in fairness to you, the food is delicious…” he took another tiny bite of stir fry as I gripped my chopsticks and began to eat as well. Not too keen to shit on my desire to be a chef when you’re reaping the benefits of it, now are ya?
“How’re you feeling? You’re less warm to the touch and your eyes look a little less glassy…” I’d pressed a finger to his forehead as I spoke. He didn’t snarl at me when I touched him, for once, instead, he simply nodded in agreement.
“Still experiencing a bit of disorientation and dizziness. My head is pounding… but you’re right, the fever seems less rampant and I’m not dealing with aches and chills at the moment. I’m sure we’ll get this infection down soon… at least I certainly hope so.” Oh, right. Because you want to dart out of here as soon as you can. I’d almost forgotten. I cleared my throat and adopted a chipper tone to distract him (and myself) from my somber mood.
“Well, good. That’s good. I’m glad you’re feeling a little less shitty. Does that mean you’d be up for some studying after this?”
His spine straightened a bit as his eyes brightened. With a tipping up of his chin and a cocky smile curving his lips, he replied, “What do you think?”
Soon we were settled back on my desk, the tabletop lamp emitting a warm glow across the wooden surface littered with paper, various textbooks and case studies. He looked like a kid in a candy store. My heart melted. Was this all it took to make his day? Just stick legalese in front of him, wind him up and watch him go? It certainly seemed so. He tucked his hand under his chin, tracing his bottom lip as he leaned down to read the various titles that lay at his feet.
I could tell his leg was starting to bother him again. He favored the other side as he stood and tried to avoid putting at much weight on it as possible when he did shuffle about the desktop, “Hey…” I breathed softly, he tore his eyes away from the abstract he was reading, already annoyed at being interrupted, “I pretty much know the answer will be no, but it seems like your leg is hurting you. I could pick you up and hold you so you don’t have to put weight on it…” I sounded like a pathetic and whiny child begging to ride on the swing set one last time.
Without hesitation he quickly dashed my sliver of hope, “No. I’m not your teddy bear. I’m fine. Now can we finally get to the task at hand, please?” Ugh, fine. I nodded my head. “Thank you…” he practically rolled his eyes as he said it. He hopped up on my textbook, his arms folded over his chest, bare feet sticking slightly to the page with each tiny shift of his weight. He looked so little compared to the vast pages with their columns of text. In fact, if I laid him down, he’d probably only take up about a quarter of one page. He cleared his throat, “Shall we?” Pinching a pen between my fingers, I nodded in the affirmative and he began to read the chapter aloud.
She looked the perfect picture of a good student. Did that make me the teacher? That didn’t seem right. But then again… I did know more than her…. After all, I had twenty years of observational experience. That made my spine stack a little straighter. Just because I was always the smartest person in whatever room I happened to be in, didn’t mean I always got to celebrate it.
A smile curved my lips as I began to read. Clear, crisp, eloquent…. I sounded great and I knew it. It’s what I’d been trained to do for the better part of my life! Once I got done with the first two pages and needed to step off to turn the page, I hobbled down, ignoring the searing pain in my knee, determined to do it by myself. When I took a step forward I was halted by an index finger bumping lightly into my chest. What was she doing? Brow furrowed, I gripped her finger to push it out of the way, she stayed firm, and immovable despite my considerable effort. That was rather humbling. I couldn’t even budge a single outstretched digit? As I struggled with her, she reached for the bottom right corner of the book, pinching the page between two fingers. “Slow down, I just wanna help. I’ve got it. It’s the least I can do, that way you don’t have to walk every time, deal?” I dropped my hand and relaxed, nodding. For once, she’d come to a reasonable conclusion which seemed like a fair enough compromise.
The old man never turned his own pages. Even if we had to skip to another section of the book and I was lifting my own body weight in paper, he’d make me do it myself, while chastising me for not doing it quickly enough. I stood still while her wrist slid up and over my head, effectively flipping to the next page.
An irksome thought began to worm its way to the front of my consciousness, as I climbed back up on the book: had I escaped that old house and fought for my life only to end up precisely where I had begun all those years ago? Was I still just a little desk toy for some human to use as they saw fit? It seemed as though I was quite literally doing the same thing I’d always done.
Bile rose in my throat as I ran my fingers through my hair. I could hear the rhythmic scratching of her pen as I read, my mind wandering from this task that came to me as naturally as breathing. Here I was, as I’d always been: The perfect little helper. The smell of paper glue, the feeling of human body heat at my back and the sensation of being watched by giant eyes sent me back, far back in my memory.
I was suddenly thirteen again, dress shoes planted firmly on that familiar old mahogany desk. I stood at attention as I did every morning; 5 am sharp, never late. My hands clasped behind my back, I played the sentinel nervously, fighting the urge to fidget as I waited for him to put his morning paper and cup of bitter English breakfast tea down to acknowledge me. Mentally checking my posture, I made sure to hold myself in the dignified way I’d been taught: feet a little less than shoulder width apart, knees unlocked, hips square, hands clasped behind the middle of my back, elbows bent on either side, my chest proud, my neck tall and my chin forward but poised. I stared straight ahead, looking at the corner of the marble mantle piece I’d grown accustomed to staring at every morning for the last 1,046 days or two years, nine months and twelve days, if you like.
Today just so happened to be my birthday. I was thirteen, growing ever slowly out of childhood and stepping into adolescence. One year older meant one year wiser and I was grateful for that. In my approximate three years with the old man so far, I’d read 123 novels, 18 books of poetry and of course lots and lots of legal discourse that, if I were being completely honest, was still rather difficult for me to grasp.
I chased my thoughts away as the old man, now in his mid-sixties, grunted, mumbling something about his ongoing dissatisfaction with the state of investigative journalism these days, and neatly folded his paper. Sipping his tea, he opened the desk drawer below my feet, the rolling of which vibrated my entire body. He retrieved the two tools he always did, a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers.
With the sharp clattering of cup on saucer, and an gruff, “Alexander…” as a greeting, he set about our morning routine.
“Good morning, sir! How are you? I think today’s going to be particularly special!” His giant, glassy, grey-blue eye meticulously passed over every fiber of my tailored tweed suit, complete with a starched dress shirt, waistcoat and tie with a decorative clip, which he’d always warned me against losing since it was so incredibly small (I lost it nine years later when one of the hospice nurses had taken it upon herself to ‘fix up’ my space on the library shelf).
“What’s got you in such a chipper mood this morning? Is there not work to be done?” He frowned, disgruntled.
“Of course there is. I’m sorry, sir.” It wasn’t his job to remember my birthday anyway.
“Stand up straight, Alexander! You’re slouching!” I quickly corrected the error. He pinched the knot of my tie between the tweezers, rotating it slightly in the light. The sharp metal edges of the tool lingered dangerously, pressing into the soft flesh of my neck, “After so many failures it seems you’ve finally mastered the Eldridge knot.” It was a statement not a compliment.
“Yes, sir.” I was stiff as a board until he released the metal hold on my necktie. The moment he let go of me, he snapped his fingers.
“What’re you standing around for? Get to it! Page 261, section 42 E…. Has your idle brain already forgotten from yesterday?” I’d jumped at the sound of his command, terrified to make a mistake. As I fumbled with the pages, trying to get there as fast as I could, I suddenly felt a sharp crack on the back of my head, making me yelp. “We haven’t got all day… my tea will be cold by the time we get started…”
When I had begun reading, he’d jabbed me in the ribs with his pen, correcting me for slouching, mumbling, and a variety of other offenses I was never aware I was making in the moment. Eventually, he became fed up with me and plucked me up by the necktie lifting me in the air. I choked and writhed, tears welling up in my eyes. After a bout of struggling, I bawled out of childish frustration as my legs swung wildly and I clawed at his immovable calloused fingers, whimpering to be put down.
When he did finally toss me back onto the desk he’d shook his finger at me and prodded me in the chest. I couldn’t make myself stop crying, he raised his voice berating me for that weakness.
“You’re pathetic. You think an attorney is allowed to cry in court?”
“No, sir.”
“No of course not! How can I get anything at all done when you’re howling and leaking all over official court records?”
“I-I’m sorry! I’m trying!”
“If you were trying you’d have gotten yourself under control. I have no sympathy nor time for your emotions. You serve one purpose, that is how you earn your place here. Do you understand that?”
I was knocking at the knees, completely bewildered and unable to keep my tears at bay. “ALEXANDER!!” His voice had ripped through my body like a sharpened blade but the real heart stopper came as he lifted the back of his hand, twice as large as my entire body. I was utterly stunned into silence, having no desire to be struck.
“Have I made myself clear? No more of this nonsense or I’ll be forced to dispose of you.”
It was the last time I’d ever cried in front of him.
I was brought back to the present moment, the sound of my own voice in my ears as I completed the next sentence. I didn’t realize I was quaking until a shadow was cast over me and I could sense something large approaching from behind. Terrified and operating only on instinct, I whipped around, saw a human hand approaching and cowered, guarding my face and chest with my arms.
“Woah, hey! W-what’s wrong? You’re…trembling… what is it? What’s got you so spooked all of a sudden?” Her concern was genuine. I gulped in air as I found myself in a seated position arms held up defensively. She’d dropped her encroaching hand the second I flinched.
I righted myself, struggling to appear nonchalant, clearing my throat and pushing my bangs from my eyes, “N-nothing, sorry. I… you took me by surprise that’s all!” I didn’t sound convincing, even to my own ears.
“Alexander… don’t lie. Why did you flinch from me like that?” I avoided her eyes, chest still rising and falling with shaky breaths. There was no avoiding this conversation was there? Not with her annoying persistence. I could feel her eyes boring into me as I curled into myself. Her voice was reduced to almost a whisper.
“Did- did you think I was gonna hit you just now?” I hid my face behind my hands, feeling more and more exposed every second. “Oh my god you did… I would never… I was trying to comfort you… you looked like you were about to cry…hey, Alexander? Can I see your eyes please?” The sound of her voice, so distinctly different from his, began to steady my breathing. Cautiously, I opened my eyes and met her gaze, brimming with tears as she looked me over with genuine compassion and concern, “Alexander, I would never hit you. Have I… did, did I do something to make you think I would?” She was blinking rapidly. I could see she was beginning to blame herself.
“No, you haven’t… I… I don’t know what came over me…”
She looked at me, puzzled, clearly trying to figure out what had so suddenly shifted my demeanor. I watched her eyes flicker with an idea as I stared back in stunned silence.
“You were abused weren’t you? In your old home? Is that why you ran away?”
Abused. What a strong word. I knew I had been. Logically, I knew. But that single word still packed an immense emotional punch. Setting my jaw and blinking back tears I nodded. What on earth possessed me to let my guard down and tell her the truth, in that moment, I still have no idea.
“Oh my god. I’m so sorry…”
I swallowed hard, setting my shoulders, “It’s fine. I’m perfectly fine. I apologize for interrupting your note taking, I’ll get back to it.” I pushed myself up to standing, shaking it off.
“Woah, woah, hold on. That’s not what matters right now. Can we talk about what just happened for a minute?”
My brows knit together, as I stared at the floor of printed text beneath my feet, “I-I’d rather not be an imposition to you. There’s work to be done…”
“Alexander, I’m not angry with you. You didn’t do anything wrong.” I bore holes into the floor with my eyes, unable to meet her gaze. There was a moment of pause, where all I could hear was my own tense breathing, “You’d mentioned once that you read out loud for your owner before. Is this what you did for him? What we’re doing now? Was he a lawyer? Is that why you know so much weirdly specific stuff about law?” I nodded, heart threatening to break free of my ribcage, “You wanted him to be proud of you, didn’t you?” That hit a nerve. My chest caved and I bit hard against the tightening in my throat. I’d trained myself not to cry, not to let emotions get in the way, I wasn’t going to let this overtake me. “But nothing you ever did was good enough was it?” How did she know that? Why was she saying all this? To embarrass me?
I felt angry, vulnerable, laid bare. She saw me far more clearly than I was comfortable. Why was she doing this to me? I shook as I spoke with an unsteady voice, “I really don’t appreciate this sudden bout of armchair psychology. Frankly, Natalie, you know nothing about me, and I really don’t care to discuss these things with a human, of all people. What could you possibly understand about my experience?” All this time I’d been directing my poison at the floor, getting increasingly more passionate in my speech, “I mean you threw me in a box like some accident prone runt of the litter, for crying out loud! How was that supposed to make me feel??” I lifted my chin at this last part, “Don’t act like you understand me and what I’ve gone through because you couldn’t even if you tr—“ I quickly trailed off, as I observed what was in front of me.
Instead of meeting her hard and defensive eyes, the first thing I saw was a delicate paper flower, pinched between her finger and thumb. I stared at her, dumbfounded.“I’m so sorry for humiliating you, while you’ve been with me, Alexander. I truly am. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt over and over again by the people who were supposed to care for you. I don’t want to keep doing that. Will you accept this as an apology with a promise that I’ll make it up to you?” She gently twirled the paper sculpture between the pads of her fingers, before continuing, “You’re right. I don’t understand. But I want to. Will you teach me how to be better?” Her eyes were brimming with tears. I stared slack-jawed almost unable to move. Finally, I managed to take two decisive steps, and grip the stem of the flower I had made, just above her finger tips, the moment I latched on, she spoke again, watery eyes seeking mine, “I’m proud of you, Alexander.”
I balked, stumbling away, the air suddenly dissipating from my lungs, “Stop that! D-don’t tease me!!”
“I’m not. I mean it. I’m proud of you. You’ve overcome so much just to be here…”
In my clamoring back, I hit my legs on the corner of the textbook and collapsed in a seated position on the stack of pages, “Natalie!!” I groaned out a warning. My breath was hitching as my face grew hot, my brow furrowed as deeply as it could and tears pricked at my eyes. I won’t cry in front of her, I won’t cry in front of her, I won’t….
“You have every right to love yourself. You should be more than proud of the man you’ve become.”
With a cracked sigh, the dam I had so meticulously built over the years, burst open. I began to weep.
The second he started to sob, burying his head in his hands, I couldn’t help the tears streaming down my own cheeks. Very slowly, gently, I laid the little flower he’d made for me at his feet, releasing my grip on it as it softly fell onto the surface of the desk. I was about to remove my fist from his personal space when something completely unexpected happened. He rushed forward, throwing his body in the gap between my index and thumb, wrapping his arms around the base of my thumb and squeezing as tightly as he could. For a moment, I panicked, lifting up so that he wouldn’t accidentally bend his injured knee.
Once he was standing upright, I relished in the significance of this moment. His cheek was slick with tears as he buried his face into my hand, his shoulders wracked with sobs. Slowly, slowly, I wrapped my fingers around his little body, embracing him back.
Even as I thoroughly rejoiced in this moment of tenderness between us, I felt deep and profound shame slither into my thoughts. I hadn’t been much better than his former owner. Sure I hadn’t beat him or forced him to work for me… but I also hadn’t treated him with the respect he deserved. Far from it. No wonder he was so belligerently angry with me all the time. I was treating him as I saw him: a heart-wrenchingly adorable little living doll that I could pick up and talk to when I wanted and could toss in a drawer when I didn’t.
My chest ached that it took him reacting to me like an abuser to finally get that. I never wanted him to flinch away from me like that again. I’m sorry I failed you. Give me a second chance?
His wracking sobs had quieted down to sniffles now. With shame filled eyes he hazarded a glance up at me, sort of leaping back from his compromising position of clinging to my thumb for dear life. I released my hold around him and made sure he found his way to sitting without hurting himself. Wiping his eyes with the back of a hand he sighed, smiling wryly, “Well, that was…. Embarrassing…” we both couldn’t help but laugh at this. I reached for a Kleenex and ripped off a small piece for him. He took it, gingerly, and began to clean himself up, “Th-thank you.” I wiped my own eyes with the rest of the sheet.
“I’m sorry for everything you went through. I promise I’ll do my best not to piss you off so much moving forward. I won’t stick you in a box anymore….” Another tear streamed down my face as I finally realized, with shame, how disrespectful that had been.
“It really doesn’t matter where you put me, if I don’t want to be there I promise you I’ll find a way out.”
I couldn’t help laughing, “Oh, don’t worry, I believe you! I haven’t forgotten when you bit me!”
“You deserved it!”
“I admit, I really fucking did!”
“Thank you for finally listening to me and working to not be such a condescending ignorant brute…” there was a sparkle in his eyes as he said this, it was his turn to joke.
“Well it took a lot of screaming for you to finally make sense to my thick, dumb skull but I think we got there eventually.”
There was a pause, satisfactory, contemplative. Finally he cleared his throat and addressed me again, “Y-you can pick me up now, if-if you’d like…”
I smiled down at him, chin resting on a propped up hand, “No thanks. I like looking at you right where you are.” There was a flash of something in his eyes, as he smiled. As though that had been a test and I’d passed it. That made my heart swell.
Things are going to be so much better between us from now on, Alexander. I promise.
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Tumblr media
Raccoon boy under a cup, what will he do?
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Some stuff!! :,)
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By: Alex Marks
The original Mad Max Interceptor
Ford Falcon XBGT hardtop
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micer2012 · 6 months ago
MatPat plagiarized “Game Theory: Minecraft's DARKEST Timeline! (Hermitcraft SMP)” off of me.
Hello everybody! My name is Della, or micer2012. I made a post on tumblr on August 5th, 2021, that nearly every single point in Game Theory’s new video is stolen from. It’s been a very stressful and incomprehensible past few days for me, and I really wish that I had a PR team of my own to help me write this instead of having to put off my homework at 1:00 a.m. because a channel with 14.6 million subscribers stole from me, and is making profit from it.
TLDR: Though I can absolutely believe that somebody came to the same conclusion that I did independently, there is not a single point in the video that isn’t from my post, or wrong. And obviously wrong, things that make me think they didn’t even bother to watch CarnEvil, let alone make the theory on their own from being a long-term Pooka fan. There is also hard evidence of the comments being deleted, and GT has been caught plagiarizing content for years.
Disclaimer: I know MatPat and Tom didn’t write the video all by themselves, it was “Game Theory” all working together. I use their names interchangeably just because they are the faces of the channel, this video and this controversy, but trust me I Do know that. I also am a bit opinionated in this, but I didn’t make it to be a hate piece. I hope you can see the evidence and points I am making and consider them yourself. I’m open for any debate or questions.
I want to address the main thing first- I can 100% believe that somebody else came to the same conclusion as me. I’m not trying to claim ownership of saying “Jeff is controlling EX”, that’s barely even a theory, just connecting the dots of what Pooka has been hinting at for months. I didn’t make my first post with the intention of stating a theory- I mainly made it because I had just watched CarnEvil and realized that pretty much nobody else had, (shoutout to hermette-historian and arandomshine for being the places I first learned about Jeff and the CE trilogy, respectfully) and wanted to summarize and state what it meant for EX’s story in the past, and the EX storyline now in s8. I knew Jeff controlling EX was pretty much confirmed since I saw the square eyes in the reflection in 1013, (and knowing what Pooka had animated before), and wanted to raise awareness about who Jeff was, what he had done, and what he was about to do in the rest of the s8 plotline. The main theory was that EX’s greed and capitalism was connected to s1’s Midas Curse, that EX was influencing both Xisuma and the other hermits in the same way Jeff influenced them, and that EX’s change in character wasn’t just inconsistent writing, like most people on Hermitblr assumed, but because there actually was someone else behind the helm.
As more episodes came out it was more and more clear that this was where the EX storyline was going, with the white eyes, EX monologuing about how they’re not satisfied no matter how much money they have (and that it must be a problem with themselves, Deep Inside), and Jeff appearing both in EX and Jevin’s dream, (1019) and in Hels (1021). I made more posts, notably this iceberg meme (where I put “Jeff wants to go after MatPat” in the biggest text right at the bottom, because I thought it was the most ridiculous possible thing.) and my analysis of the white eyes.
Though my posts gained traction on tumblr, this was not a commonly talked about theory. I can tell you firsthand, I went looking for as many mentions of Jeff as I could find frequently to reblog, I loved seeing people talking about my theory or just asking who that shadowy guy in the background was. As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I love nothing more than analysis and discussing these theories and plotlines with people. And that’s why a part of me really does wish that ‘Tom’ was just a big hermitcraft fan who came to the same conclusion, but I can tell you that there is no doubt in my mind that the video was copied exclusively from my posts, likely without even watching the source material itself. (Hermitcraft, CarnEvil, and Evil’s Fault).
First, I want to link this post by @stygiuscantus. It compares every part of the video that matches with my explanation of the theory. I want to point out specifically comparisons like this:
Tumblr media
(note, there are other shops Tom?? ex isnt controlling all of hermitcraft's diamonds, they can just do digging for more, Tom)
Tumblr media
(note, in the small wording changes here MatPat states incorrect information. EX is not in the CarnEvil series, and they HAVE interacted with Jeff on screen in Xisuma's videos before this (the voice in 666 was confirmed retroactively to be him)
Tumblr media
(note, he starts with CE2 just like I did, even though I realized after making my post that CE1 was retroactively controlled by Jeff. weird not to mention CE1 at all, except that I haven't posted about it)
While at first I brushed it off as “Oh, they were just going over the same backstory as me” it… It became a lot more noticeable when I rewatched and realized there is NO backstory that he goes over that I didn’t go over in my post. Besides going over the real mythology story of King Midas in more detail, he doesn’t mention a single thing from Pooka’s work or Hermitcraft that I didn’t mention in my post.
This is especially noticeable to me with ‘Tom’ apparently being a longtime fan of both Hermitcraft and Pooka’s hour and a half of self insert fan videos (no disrespect to Pooka!). No mention of the Dreamer and his complex relationship with Jeff, no mention of c!Pooka’s role in the CEs himself, (saying later that Jeff can’t target Pooka because he’s not a hermit, so he’s targeting X... Jeff is Pretty Explicitly targeting Pooka, since the first episode of CE up through Acquisition), and especially the lack of mention of any other Hermitcraft plotlines seems really suspicious and weird. I’ve only been a fan since 2019 (and only learned of Pooka’s stuff 3 months ago), but off the top of my head the nHo plotline has a STRONG case to be made about being connected to Jeff, Logfellas was another storyline where X got possessed, Helsknight and the helsmits and Hels as a whole seem weird not to mention, and ALL of Evil Xisuma’s 6 years of lore seem really important to cover or mention other than “They destroyed things” and “They’re like Darkiplier”. I’m sure there are other storylines through the 9 years of the server that could have easily been tied into this, but I didn’t mention them anywhere in my own post. No mention of very important parts of EX’s s8 plan like DerpCoin either. For someone who MatPat claimed to be using evidence from “deep cuts of the series,” he sure didn’t have any evidence that I hadn’t wrote 2 and half months ago, in a post that comes up whenever you look up “Jeff the Minion” or “Jeff the Minion Hermitcraft”. Real “deep cuts,” there.
The video to me also felt very… Dismissive of Hermitcraft. I wouldn’t say disrespectful, but watching I really didn’t feel like a Hermitcraft fan wrote it. Constantly comparing it to DSMP, saying s8 might be more lore heavy because they were copying the “smash hit” DSMP, (and not. Y’know. Third Life’s success or anything) talking about how they don’t script their lore and it’s reset every season, which… which while often the case. You’re Literally talking about EX lore across 5 different seasons. ConCorp/ConVex, Poultryman, Stargazer leading into s8, and Area 77 being a continuation of the nHo plotline are all very important plotlines that continue throughout different seasons, and this is just off the top of my head, only being a fan for 2 years and 3 seasons. Whoever wrote MatPat saying he never needed to do a theory on HC because it's just “casual fun” has not watched a season 5 Bdubs video. While he said there wasn’t anything wrong with HC’s storytelling, it still really doesn’t seem like the kind of thing someone who’s been a fan of Hermitcraft for 10 years would write. There’s other signs like calling Pungence a ‘character’ (at first I thought he meant this in the DSMP way where the characters and ccs are more separate, but he doesn’t refer to any other hermit this way), which would only make sense if you were just going off my post and assumed he was a character the same way Jeff was, not for someone who’s been watching him since 2011.
I want to state also that MatPat is seemingly only using Tom’s word as gospel here. While I’m sure they looked into the situation, Tom, whether he plagiarized it or not is not an unbiased source, and there has been not a single person reaching out to me to try to talk or hear my evidence. If MatPat just consults his own workers and goes “alright, they said they didn’t copy it so that’s that.”, that’s not objective proof of anything. Personal accounts are not evidence, and I have a lot of evidence that I think contradicts what they are stating. By the fact they don’t even write my name in the post, just say “a tumblr user”, I really don’t think that this is an unbiased look at the situation, it really feels like they’re just trying to bury my name and reassure their horde of fans that they can do no wrong.
So now let’s go over the 3 only original points I could find in the video, and how they show a complete misunderstanding of the sources. The most obvious is when they say “It also allowed Jeff to form alliances with certain hermits, notably the hermits who weren’t part of the original assault against him in CarnEvils 1 and 2. These hermits, Welsknight, iJevin, and VintageBeef have all been influenced by Evil X throughout season 8, making them susceptible to his demands.” Now, no hermits fight in CE1, but in CE2 the hermits who led the ‘original assault against him’ were Pooka, Xisuma, Generik, Pungence, and Biffa. Out of these, X is the only one who’s still an active hermit. Meaning the point ‘Jeff is going after everyone who didn’t attack him in CE2’ is worthless, because that applies to every single hermit in season 8, except X, who he is… also manipulating.
The other way you could take this is that he misspoke (or forgot nobody fought in CE1, so was thinking of the two battles of CE2+CE3) and meant ‘Hermits who didn’t attack him in Any of the CarnEvils’, which is… proven wrong by both CE3, where they are there fighting him (and you can see in a shot he shows in the video), and the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet literally says “Fought Jeff _ times” next to every single person's name, this REALLY should not be a hard thing to factcheck. You can see iJevin’s slot saying he fought Jeff one time in the video itself, when MatPat is showing off what his slot says.
Tumblr media
(iJevin, 4 down from MatPat)
Another note about that spreadsheet- There is a video, public on Pooka’s channel that is a video version of the spreadsheet. I didn’t mention it in my post, but if someone was a Pooka fan for a long time there’s no reason they shouldn’t know about it, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t use it in the video, as it makes for much nicer visuals then just reading off the spreadsheet. It is one of the first things that comes up when you search “Pixelated Heart th3pooka”, along with the other ‘deleted scenes’ which both me and GT didn’t talk about.
It is also mentioned (and presumably, used to be linked to directly) at the end of CE3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The second point is claiming that Jeff is doing this for either 1. Revenge against Xisuma for scarring his eye in CE3, or 2. Trying to get more gold artifacts to power himself up. Firstly, Jeff has been targeting c!Pooka for FAR longer than he targeted X or even Hermitcraft, and saying he’s targeting X now because he scarred his eye doesn’t make sense when he attacked them before CE3 (both in the CarnEvils, and by using EX to attack HC in 350, 450 and 500.)
The second shows a large misunderstanding of how Jeff’s imprisonment and relation to the gold items worked. He needed them to free him from Dionysus’s curse and unleash his full power, and that already happened in CE2. As of Pungence stabbing him in CE2, he is no longer Dionysus’s minion. In fact his name from this point on is “Jeff the Nightmare” (as you can see in CE3’s description, where Tom claims he got the spreadsheet). At the end of CE2 he’s imprisoned in The Dreaming, and then at the end of Pixelated Heart he was defeated with the redstone Power of Love (not necessarily romantic love, just your bonds with people and remembering and drawing strength from them). Judging by Evil’s Fault, he was banished from interacting with the physical world again and only can exist in people's (notably EX’s) dreams and nightmares. While he is weakened again and can’t interact with the physical world, he is not a minion or under Dionysus’s control. In the credits, he’s listed as “Jeff the Nightmare”, and there is no sign he’s doing this to get any ‘Midas artifacts’. He doesn’t become powerful by eating gold items like powerups, he gains power by weakening people’s (notably EX’s) bonds with others and showing them their own memories to make themselves spiral into hate, anger, and giving up. Jeff doesn’t mind control people, he doesn't just mind control EX to Be Evil, he convinces them using their own memories that they’ll never be able to do anything but hurt the hermits, they’re an idiot, they’re useless, and that the hermits will just keep banning them over and over again because they can’t even be Evil right. Jeff doesn’t mind control you, he makes you convinced of what he wants you to be convinced of Yourself, by showing you evidence. And EX was so lonely, so spiteful and angry and jealous of the server that they didn’t have any redstone bonds at first for Jeff to have to break, letting him use EX as a vessel to destroy Hermitcraft before Xisuma banished Jeff from EX’s mind in 666 using the power of their redstone bond. Now, in the 2 year break between 800 and 1000, Jeff was able to slip back into EX’s mind (because Xisuma (who EX DOES still care about (“your precious Xisumavoid”) doesn’t trust or forgive them (and probably never did) and Worm Man has been missing for years). Jeff is gaining power in s8 because EX is isolating and controlling the hermits (notably X) to weaken their redstone bonds with each other, enough so that Jeff can get into their heads, convince them of how much all their friends hate them, and cause them to give up and be puppets for him just like EX is. In short, gold artifacts have Nothing to do with Jeff’s current plan.
That leads into the final point made, one that I… I legitimately cannot fathom how somebody who watched Evil’s Fault could claim it so confidently. It reads like a bad telephoning of the points of my post and my post only, without understanding any of Jeff or EX’s lore.
MatPat says “His (Jeff’s) return would actually explain why Evil X has become obsessed with money- Evil X is infected by the Midas Curse. And wherever that curse is, Jeff is along for the ride, waiting.”. Later on again he says “In true mythological fashion, Jeff needs items cursed by Dionysus in order to restore his full powers. That’s why he tends to linger around whenever the curse of Midas crops up.” This… Seems to imply that MatPat and Tom are saying that EX got the Midas Curse (??How? If not by Jeff??) in s8 (since that’s when EX started caring about money), and Jeff is only here and controlling EX now because he follows where the Midas Curse goes. At no point do they say that Jeff is the one who gave EX the Midas Curse, like I proposed in my theory, they say that EX got it, (after 800, before s8), and THEN Jeff has been lurking in their mind and around Hermitcraft in s8. This goes against pretty much every single thing in Evil’s Fault, the video that shows us the most about EX and Jeff’s relationship to each other for the past 6 years. EX has been EXPLICITLY working for Jeff (and under Jeff’s control) since at LEAST 450, and probably since 350. While EX feeling jealous and spiteful and wanting to destroy Xisuma were probably their own feelings that Jeff just took advantage of and pushed further into destruction, (and Jeff is probably where EX’s powers came from, since they didn't have them in s5 and s6, but do again now), every single thing that happened in all of EX’s episodes is because Jeff was controlling them and pushing them further into their own self hate and lashing out. To say “Jeff only just started being in EX’s mind in s8, since they got the Midas Curse” goes against everything seen in Evil’s Fault, and I can’t understand how it could be said by somebody who had watched Evil’s Fault at all, or even Xisuma’s episode 666.
In short, there are only 3 original points made in the entire video, and they all show an INCREDIBLE lack of comprehension of Pooka and X’s work, that makes me think they didn’t even watch the videos themselves, let alone come up with the rest of the theory independently.
Before I conclude, I want to state some other smaller nitpicks that just show the quality of this video is certainly not up to the standard MatPat claims they put into their videos. An old and incorrect version of Pooka’s skin is used, lacking pants, they call HC “the oldest minecraft smp on YouTube” (not "oldest active") when there have been many before like Mindcrack, says the theory has “it’s roots in the series’s origin from over 10 years ago” when Pungence’s vid was made in 2013, and uses exclusively he/him for Evil X. I don’t want to say that point is the biggest thing in the world since I fear redditors are gonna zero in on just me saying this, but Xisuma has used singular they/them for Evil X the past year, along with he/him. (x) (x) He’s never made a statement that they’re canonically NB or anything and probably won’t, this might not even mean anything, but it’s notable that MatPat took everything from my post except the characters correct pronouns, when you look at Game Theory’s history of transphobia, nbphobia, (x) and misgendering canonically nb characters like Kris from Deltarune (they/them) or the vessels from Hollow Knight. (they/them + it/its). I also want to say that ending the video with a 2 minute Audible ad saying ‘if EX had listened to Audible, Jeff the Minion wouldn't be influencing them!!’ is… In really bad taste, when Evil’s Fault clearly says that Jeff is a metaphor for addiction and spiraling into self hate. Very classy, Matt.
There’s also a lot of weird ways that the video is formatted that… Honestly seem to me like it was just moved around to not look like it was copying my post. 1010, the scene where EX literally watches Evil’s Fault and goes ‘oh I remember Jeff the Minion!! Sometimes I feel like th3pooka is the only one who understands me’ is what I started my post with, and seems weird to not mention until 10 minutes in, using it as a ‘gotcha’. He says “In season 8, the mysterious Jeff has begun to reappear out of nowhere, and not in any sort of obvious way, either.", and then proceeds to show Jeff’s 1019 and 1021 appearances where it’s standing there in plain sight. He doesn’t mention 1010, Jeff’s first appearance in s8 and a Very Obvious one, EX literally saying his name, until 3 and a half minutes later. I can’t exactly prove they moved the points around to not look like plagiarism, but it just seems like a weird and confusing way to format the video.
Addressing the comments… Though I am not a big channel and can’t say I know the details of how comments work, there definitely seems to be proof that the comments are getting at least hidden from view, if not deleted. (x) (x) “micer2012” and “della” are nowhere to be seen when i ctrl+fed a bunch of recent comments, but “micer12” “Micer2012”, “micer2012’s” and “mincer2012” where there, meaning people were definitely talking about me, but the only comments I could find where the ones where people had misspelled my name, not setting off the filter. I also saw people putting slashes through their comments to not get deleted.
Tumblr media
I commented this on the video before I finished watching it, when it had been out for about 15 minutes. It was deleted (I’ve posted other comments since then not using “micer2012”, that are still up). It had no link, and the fact that I posted it when the video had been up for around 15-20 minutes, and it was erased the second I refreshed the page, means that “micer2012” was blacklisted before people were even commenting en masse or commenting with links, likely as soon as the video was published.
I wish I could finish this by saying “Oh, I’ve always been a big fan of Game Theory, I can’t believe he would do this!” but the truth is, I’ve seen him as a clickbaiter and plagiarizer (both in art (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) and theories (x) (x) (x) (x, specifically taking from tumblr) for years at this point. I loved his videos in elementary and middle school, but as I saw more and more of the channel’s behaviour, I grew to strongly dislike him. I’ve tried to not let that cloud my analysis and instead just post the facts and evidence that is apparent from the video, but I hope you can excuse this autistic 17 year old for being a bit mad that MatPat stole my work, is profiting from it, and is denying it. I joked about him stealing my theories for months after making my EX analysis post, I put ‘Jeff is targeting MatPat’ as the biggest, most unbelievable thing in BIG letters on my iceberg meme, and I… I still haven’t really Processed that MatPat thought this autistic teen’s ramblings about his hyperfixation and special interest were good enough to steal.
I don’t mean this as a hate piece, although I am understandably angry. I hope you can see the evidence that I compiled in this response for what it is and make your own judgements, and I will be more than happy to debate and answer viewpoints questioning or opposing me. My tumblr, @micer2012 is the best way to contact me, though I’ll be checking the comments on reddit and twitter too. I’m sorry this post is so long too, but I wanted to be comprehensive and show the extent that the video and their response doesn’t add up.
Della, m/i/c/e/r/2/0/1/2.
Transcript to the GT video
Timeline of the GT situation
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gianttol · a day ago
Tumblr media
good gt warm up drawing is my mountain lady 🏔🌲
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not-a-space-alien · 2 months ago
The giant/tiny Tumblr "fandom" is the first fandom I've seen that doesn't have any source material. Sure there's the book The Borrowers and Arietty and pieces of media everyone has seen, but very few people actually use the characters from them for anything, mostly the tropes and concepts have just been downloaded directly for use in making original works. Everyone is out here making their own little blorbitos or giant blorbos and it's adorable.
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yukii-poop · 2 months ago
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And this random shit
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downsizedclab · a month ago
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Continued from here. Miles might have just discovered a little problem.
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utwo · 5 months ago
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1970 Ford Torino GT 429 SCJ
429ci Super Cobra Jet V8 engine !
© barrett jackson
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eurotrip · 2 months ago
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Photo: bastianvoigtcollectorscars
Ferrari 400GT
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princecanary · a year ago
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Hart belongs to @vinegarcat :)
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march-hare01 · a month ago
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By: National Automobile Museum of Tasmania
Australia 🇦🇺
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