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#guardians of the galaxy

*Teen Groot was invited to an area 51 raid by Peter Parker on September 20th, while Rocket, Drax, and Nebula are away at a weapons expo. ( Gamora thought it would be a good bonding experience for them, but that’s another story) Gamora and Peter caught Groot as he was sneaking out. *

Gamora (Livid): I can’t believe you did this. You were going to sneak all the way to Earth to raid a military base? Are you insane? Oh, just wait until Rocket hears about this. Who told you this would be a good idea?

Groot: I am Groot. <Peter>

Gamora: *turns and glares at Peter* You did WHAT?!

Peter: I have no idea what he’s talking about. Although I do admire his ambition, I would never condone such behavior

Groot: I am Groot. <Peter Parker>

Gamora: Stark’s spider-ling?

Groot: I am Groot. <yes>

Peter: Why would you want to go to an American military base on Earth anyway?

Groot: I am Groot. <To see dem aliens> *Peter starts losing it with laughter and quicly regains his composure*

Gamora: YOU ARE DEM ALIENS! Just wait until Rocket hears about this when he gets back. He’s going to be so mad! Although, he can probably never be as FURIOUS as I am right now! 

Peter: Seriously, Mora. Calm down. It isn’t a big deal. And there are worse things he could do. 

Gamora: It’s a HUGE DEAL! He could’ve been KILLED! What would we have told Rocket if that happened? How could we live with ourselves if something happened to him?!

Peter: I…I don’t know.

Gamora: Groot, you are GROUNDED! No video games until Rocket gets back on Friday. He will take it from there.

Groot: I am Groot. < I’m sorry mom>

Gamora: What?

Groot: I am Groot.<I’m sorry mom.> 

Groot: I am Groot. < You too, helmet dad>

Groot: I am Groot. < I just really wanted to have fun with my new friend. >

Groot: I am Groot. < And see dem aliens>

Gamora (whispering, to Peter): He hasn’t apologized in two weeks. I can’t believe hes actually sorry.

Peter (whispering back): Yeah. Maybe we should revoke his punishment. Honestly, I’m pretty impressed that he went this far. 

Gamora: No way. He’s still grounded. But maybe you can call Stark and tell him what happened. Then Groot and Peter can have a nice, safe, video chat instead. That way, Peter will still get to “ see dem aliens” 

Peter: Okay. I’ll call him right now.

*Groot is angrily pouting because while he is sorry he scared Peter and Gamora so badly, he really wanted to raid area 51 with Peter Parker. *

Gamora: Hey. 

Groot: I am Groot. <Go away>

Gamora: Peter has a surprise for you in the other room. I think you’ll like it very much.

Groot: I am Groot. < Well, I guess I’ll come with you then.>

Groot: I am Groot. < It isn’t like my day could get any worse> 

* They walk into the other room*

Peter P.(Over a holopad): Hey Groot!

Groot: I am Groot <Hi>

*Peter P uses the Kimoyo bracelet Shuri made him to translate Groot. They continue talking for a minute until they get onto the subject of the raid*

Peter P: Turns out Mr. Stark owns area 51, and he says there are no aliens there anyway.

Groot: I am Groot. <I know where we can see some aliens>

Peter P: Really? Where?

Groot (turning holopad to point at Mantis): I am Groot. <Right there>

*They share a laugh. When Rocket got home he was mad, but he was also kind of impressed. Also, something weird must have happened on that trip, because all three of them were acting strange. Drax said they vowed never to speak of it. This concludes another adventure with The Guardians Of The Galaxy.*

Thank you for the request, @grootiez

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@grootiez your request immediately made me think of this quote from The Office, so this is what I have for now. That being said, I do like this formula and I will probably write a short fic covering it in more detail at some point.

*Teen Groot has just been caught sneaking out to go raid area 51*

Peter (to Groot): We’re not mad, we’re just disapointed.

Gamora: No, we’re mad.

Peter: Right, we’re mad. Furious. Livid… But we’re going to let this one slide.

Gamora: No, we are not!

Peter: I’m not a mind reader, Mora. 

This is what I have for now, but I’ll probably post more of this scenario tomorrow.

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Hi! I’d like to share my fic with you, but my English skills are unfortunately not enough to translate it :C

In a nutshell not always the Thanos’s adopted daughters tried to kill their “daddy”. At first there were attempts at psychological violence :}
In my AU Gamora is about 5 years older than Nebula, and she makes use of sister’s naivety and love for Thanos. But the girls will have to pay for the prank together: there are many windows in Sanctuary and all of them will have to be washed Х)

For now it’s the latest art from the series with Thanos and the girls (previous one)

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A/N:I decided to have some fun since I have slowly been getting into the character of Adam Warlock. I know things might not be accurated to his character but like I said I wrote this for fun and kinda hope something similar could happen in GOTG3 since we finally have James Gunn as director. I would love to see Cody Fern portray Adam but I know it won’t happen, i’ve seen some amazing fanart of him as the character so I decided him as Adam.


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(Woooo back to some GOTG! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)


Originally posted by imyourloverboy

Yondu-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d lose his train of thought and would melt, practically making out with you because that’s all he’s needed, pulling you close and clearly wanting more. As you’d express to him about changing his ideas, sneaking your hands into his jacket, he can’t help but smirk and be more than glad about it, praising and teasing you about knowing him so well before going right to kissing you all over again.


Originally posted by wtfobiwan

Peter-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d be pleasantly shocked and would be taken back, suddenly unable to stop smiling but trying to get back to what he was thinking, only to prompt you to kiss him again. As you’d express to him about changing his ideas, he’d slowly calm down and would realize how you’re just trying to help him, making him laugh and understand how trivial it is to get all worked up for what he did.


Originally posted by mcu

Drax-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d look at you curiously and would ask you bluntly as to what was that for, not understanding why you’d kiss him while he’s trying to get his point across. As you’d express to him about wanting to change his ideas, he’d be even more bewildered, only to smile as you’d keep going and would wrap your arms around him, inching closer to kiss up his neck and cheeks, suddenly understanding you.


Originally posted by bettermcn

Rocket-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d be flustered and wouldn’t know what to say, stuttering before growing weirdly frustrated as he asked you what was the point of that. As you’d try to express that you wanted to change his ideas, he’d oddly like the way you think but would still be too nervous to admit it, pushing you for more answers only to end up with even more kisses.


Originally posted by thescarletwitch

Gamora-As you’d kiss her to shut her up while she rambled on and got riled up over a subject, she’d be stunned and would ask you as to what’s that for, not understanding the point of kissing her out of the blue. As you’d express that you’re just trying to change her ideas, she’d chuckle and would slowly realize how it actually caught her off guard and made her think of something else, ending up praising you for your quick thinking.


Originally posted by remylebeaus

Nebula-As you’d kiss her to shut her up while she rambled on and got riled up over a subject, she’d be utterly flustered and confused, liking it and actually feeling better about it but not wanting to admit it. As you’d express that you’re just trying to change her mind, she’d scoff and would point out how it didn’t work, making you tease her as she can’t stop mentioning the kiss and for you both to bicker back and forth.


Originally posted by ladiesofthegalaxy

Mantis-As you’d kiss her to shut her up while she rambled on and got riled up over a subject, she’d be flustered and would grow flush pretty quick, pleased and embarrassed about you suddenly kissing her. As you’d tease her and would point out how you’re just trying to distract her, she’d laugh and would forget about what she was thinking just to admit to you it worked.


Originally posted by tarmairons

Kraglin-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d be shocked and would look at you wide eyed, growing increasingly flustered as he can’t believe that you’d surprise him like that. As you’d express that you’re just trying to calm him down and change his mind, he’d slowly smirk and would decide to add on even more, clearly prompting you for more and more kisses, deciding to use your trick to his favor.


Originally posted by cat1212

Ronan-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d stop you and would ask as to what you’re up to, not understanding why you’d suddenly be so affectionate in front of so many. As you’d tease him and would point out how you’re just trying to calm him down, he’d find your reasoning to be odd yet in that moment he’d realize how much it worked since he’s reflecting on it, only to not want to admit it as he tries faintly to continue on.

Stakar-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d laugh and would ask you as to what was that for, pleased with your eagerness and suddenly wanting to change subjects to focus on you. As you’d just push for more and would comfort him, he’d purposely add on that he’ll only forget about his problem or even feel better if you were to kiss him again, enjoying the attention you give him.


Originally posted by anbanananna

The Collector-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d be lost into it and would ache for more, practically pulling you and holding onto you, so eager for any piece of attention from you and unable to stop himself. As you’d chuckle and would try to stop him and tell him that you just wanted to distract him, he’d surrender to you and would admit that it worked, wanting more as he leans down to kiss you deeply and making you lightheaded.

Garthan Saal-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d get utterly weak and would suddenly forget about what he was mad for, only to try and regain his composure back. As you’d tease him and ask him if he’s still mad, he’d put on a front and would insist he is, only to get more soft spoken as you’d just hold and touch him, making him suggest to do something else to keep his mind off of it.


Originally posted by carpetislava

Thanos-As you’d kiss him to shut him up while he rambled on and got riled up over a subject, he’d be stunned and in awe, stunned that you’d be so playful towards him during such a moment and slowly forgetting as to what had him so mad. As you’d ask him if he’s alright and if he fell for your trick, he’d chuckle and would admit defeat for once, only to add a twist as he insists that if you were to spend more time with him like that he’ll forget about it the whole day.

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Summary: When Malia Reyes wakes in the dead of night, she finds an alien ship crashed atop her apartment building! And the “alien,’ abroad is no other then Star-Lord, retired Guardian fallen back on his more criminal lifestyle. Now with fate having thrown a man from the stars and a girl from earth together, they’ll have to survive whatever the black void of space and the marvel universe has to throw at them.

Rated: PG-13

Pairings: Peter Quill x Original Character



Peter stared at the ceiling, having lost track of time and his thoughts. Sleep had not graced him with it’s presence as he’d predicted it wouldn’t. He’d taken the time to form a plan for tomorrow, that plan being sell those damn coins… that’s it. He wasn’t big on complicated plans, more just vague concepts. And this vague concept was get money, get stuff back, get Malia home and… get a drink maybe? He glanced at Malia who slept with her back to him. She’d fallen asleep almost immediately after they’d stopped talking… lucky. He groaned as boredom continued to engulf him, earning him a kick from Malia. Even in her sleep she managed to assault him.

Peter rubbed his eyes, every noise standing out in the dark silence. The checkout girl’s loud voice, occasional passers by, a ship at one point all assaulted Peter’s ears. Heavy footsteps sounded from outside the room, making Peter’s sleeplessness even more unpleasant. The steps grew louder with each footfall, the sound echoing through the hall outside. He momentarily considered yelling at whoever was stomping around, but didn’t much feel like taking a beating from Malia. She seemed like she wouldn’t be a morning person. He instead folded his thin pillow around his head in an attempt to block out the sound. It didn’t help in the least as they only grew louder. Just as the steps were at their loudest and Peter thought he might lose it, they stopped.

Peter furrowed his brow and removed the pillow from his head. He propped himself up with his elbows, casting a glance at the door. A shadow was blocking the light from the other side of the door. Peter sat up fully, glancing at his guns on the nightstand next to Malia. He cursed under his breath before trying to carefully reach over the sleeping girl. She stirred as the bed shifted under him. A sound from outside the door made him freeze, his chest tightening. It was the unmistakable sound if a gun being cocked. “Sh*t”

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