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#guardians of the galaxy

Groot, handing Gamora a card: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Gamora, opening the card: ‘Dear Mom, I wouldn’t be at your funeral. I’d be tracking your killer. We ride together. We die together. Because you are my Mom. Love you.“

Gamora, tearing up: Thanks, son. 

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Marvel Heroes in Peril from January 2021 Marvel solicits

- Daredevil v6 #26 (King In Black tie-in)

- Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #10 (King In Black tie-in)

- King In Black: Namor #3

- Fantastic Four v6 #28 (Marvel vs Alien variant cover)

- Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3 (variant cover)

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I really hope that Chris Pratt is not a homophobe or a Trump supporter. I don’t think I can handle being more disappointment from the world. 

But, if you say that you are a supporter of a community, then you shouldn’t be okay with being in a church that is openly Anti said community.

There are literally more than a dozen churches. Many of them are not homophobic. 

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