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#guardians of the galaxy

gamora and nebula - guardians of the galaxy vol 2

(version 2)

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I like the idea of him as Doctor Doom, which was a rumor once. There’s a Guardians of the Galaxy character called Adam Warlock that he’d be good for, and he’s been seen hanging out with actors from the upcoming Eternals movie. And there’s also a lot of Marvel characters who I’m not familiar with that he could be too, I’m sure.

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The world has fallen to a monstrous infection, those who remain must band together to survive.  In Upstate New York, heroes and civilians alike are working to build a life, even in the wake of civilisation crumbling.

Marvel Zombies RP open character: Mantis

Moderator suggestion for this character:

Mantis may not have lived on Earth in years, but it’s still where she grew up. Everyone has to go home sometime, and if it’s going home to save it, well, that’s worth following the Guardians across the Galaxy for.

Survivors connected to Mantis:

  • Peter Quill • Starlord
  • Gamora Zen Whoberi
  • Nebula
  • Thor of Asgard • The God of Thunder


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Do you ever just look at a team of do gooders and think “yep I have chosen the right idiots to fall in love with🥺”

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Artist Juann Cabal 

Colorist Federico Blee

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Rocket has literally lost the person/people closest to him in every film except End Game. Groot, Yondu, and then his entire found family. On top of that, his backstory (being an innocent animal that was vivisected while fully conscious and aware of the agonizing pain) is just as tragic and fucked up as most of the Avengers, if not more so. He struggles with opening up to others and with finding value in his own life throughout Vol 1 and 2. Despite this, he is somehow still considered by many, including, seemingly, the writers of End Game, to be merely ‘comic relief’, and I’m sick of it. Let Rocket have a serious and emotional plot line in Thor 4 and GotG Vol 3, please.

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