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Given how the second movie handled Sonic's universe and characters, what characters at this point do you think are most likely to show up in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (that will never get old) and who would you be genuinely shocked by?
(This post contains spoilers for Sonic 2.)
Okay so part of me thinks that Shadow opens the floodgates for them to go beyond the Classic cast, but I also think that Shadow is just so absurdly popular (arguably still the second most popular character behind only Sonic himself) that he was always a shoe-in
I think right now I would say Amy is probably a relatively safe bet, just because she's a staple of the franchise who's been around since the Genesis days, and at a certain point you gotta start letting the girls in on the fun. Plus, she's a key player in Shadow's arc, so like. Duh. But who knows. I'm kind of surprised she's not there already.
Metal Sonic is also an A-lister who would be easy to include, but they might find him redundant next to Shadow. (You can absolutely have the two act as foils to each other, but I just don't know if they'd consider that too much for one movie to introduce.)
Like I said before, if we've now got both a Knuckles show and a Shadow-focused movie coming out, then they share a major supporting character, and that's Rouge. (Yes I am also a known Rouge stan so I'm biased lol.) If they wanna loosely adapt SA2 like how this movie loosely adapted S3&K, then Rouge is obviously a key part of that story, especially if they spent part of that movie setting up GUN. (Hell, have her interact with Agent Stone since he's infiltrating GUN!) And if they're trying to go full Cinematic Universe on us then setting her up in the Knuckles show so they don't have to do as much work introducing her in Sonic 3 makes a lot of sense. The problem with Rouge is just, you know... the boobs. It's the boobs. But I want to see them try to make Rouge work in live action because either they keep her as-is and general audiences are completely bewildered by the furry bait character, or they downplay it and thousands of people online all cry out in agony. Either way it's going to be very funny.
Other than that, I really don't know. Anyone in SA2 feels fairly likely just because they seem to be building towards a version of that story. The Knuckles show is really the big question. Beyond Rouge, people are guessing maybe the Chaotix, but like... for one, Knuckles isn't actually associated with them anymore, and two, as much as I like them, they aren't important characters to set up ASAP if the focus is on stuff from the iconic Genesis and Adventure stuff
Oh, and I'd be surprised if we didn't get a quick Big cameo as a gag before the end of this
Really I just want them to use all of the characters. I'm growing tired of Cinematic Universe shit where you have to watch a bunch of different movies and streaming miniseries as homework for other movies and streaming series, but I'll watch the shit out of any Sonic stuff they make if it keeps being this fun. Give us the Sol Dimension miniseries with Blaze. Give us Silver time traveling. Add Omega as the funny evil robot, audiences will eat that up. Give it to me
As for who I'd be most shocked to see, idk. Literally anyone from the comics? The Babylon Rogues, because they barely exist outside of the Riders games? Gemerl? Honey? Marine? Cream? Actually out of the major recurring cast Cream might be the least likely to ever show up lol. Sorry Cream
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john abused both dean AND sam, just differently. in this essay i will
prove that the abuse manifested in different ways for each of them because that’s how abuse works in real life. this is based on the fact that john saw dean as mary’s surrogate but once he found out about the deal and sam having demon blood he blamed sam for her death. ok let’s fucking go
dean as mary’s surrogate
there are loads of parallels made between dean and mary in early season spn and late season spn. in season 12 dean directly calls himself sam’s mother, but even earlier than that we see him doing the cooking and child rearing. compare that to all the parallels made between sam and john (both of them losing their blonde woman significant others in a ceiling fire) and it’s clear that dean was meant to more resemble mary. it’s not a stretch to say that if we can see it as viewers this is how john saw it in his actual life. i do think john loves dean for being dean but he loves him more for being mary.
sam as the reason behind mary’s death
i think once john learned that sam had demon blood, some part of him must have always been waiting for the other shoe to drop with sam, not ever fully believing this kid was human, and maybe not even knowing if this kid was HIS. a popular theory back in the day was that YED fathered sam (something they had to actually address in season 4 to stop the speculation), and if WE speculated that hard, surely john must have too. i’m sure he loves sam as an extension of mary, and keeps and raises and protects him BECAUSE he’s mary’s, but similarly (or maybe inverse) to dean, i don’t know if he ever fully gave himself permission to love sam for being sam. in fact, i imagine john harbors a lot of self-loathing for failing to save mary. if we directly parallel john and sam, that means by some extent he would also hate sam.
john trusted dean with far too much, and sam with far too little
dean knew about monsters; sam didn’t. dean had memories of their mother and the night she died, and shared that trauma of watching her die with john; sam didn’t. dean knew when john was supposed to be home and who to call if he wasn’t; sam didn’t. dean was given the money and the guns and the CAR ITSELF; sam wasn’t. dean was taught to drive; SAM WASN’T. 
dean was expected to do everything john was supposed to have been doing in his absence - he was to be a mother and father to sam, he was supposed to protect sam from evil, he was supposed to see to sam’s meals and homework and getting to school on time. and he was put under an EXTRAORDINARY amount of pressure not to screw this up even a little bit, despite the fact that he was only a kid. sam on the other hand was kept on a strict need-to-know basis for his entire life, right up until season 1 when they reunite at last. john didn’t trust sam with ANYTHING, and sam knew it. this contributed to his lifelong anger issues because he didn’t DO anything to warrant that kind of mistrust and probably got gaslit about it a lot of times either by john himself or dean (unknowingly, by parroting/believing the things john said). even in the pilot sam says very casually of his mother “she’s gone,” because her memory doesn’t hold the same place of reverence for him - best guess is that john didn’t talk about her much to sam because he didn’t trust sam with emotional stuff either. in s14 we learn that dean was the one who told sam stories about mary, including her terrible casserole - and their attempt at recreating it infuriated john to the point of him throwing the entire concoction in the trash.
john relied on dean for everything, and refused to rely on sam for anything
canonically dean was the one who comforted john after a bad hunt, looked after and fed his brother when john wasn’t around. dean knew how to use a shotgun; sam didn’t. dean knew who to call in an emergency; sam didn’t. dean knew about monsters; sam didn’t. this was done under the guise of “protection for sammy” but turn it around and it’s also protection FROM sammy. think of how angry john gets when he learns sam has been having psychic visions. he’s not just angry that dean didn’t report it to him, he’s angry that the demon’s plans for sam are coming to pass, and that sam is becoming less human. again, he can’t TRUST sam if sam’s not human, and it proves to john that he was right all along to keep sam in the dark as much as possible.
john gave dean too much freedom, and sam no freedom at all
“watch out for sammy.” sam was under constant supervision by either dean or john; john made sure of it. again, it’s protection FOR sam but also protection FROM him, in case he did something inhuman or evil. dean on the other hand was left alone without any supervision at all for days or even weeks at a time - he resorts to stealing bread and peanut butter and (according to jackles) turning tricks for money. he had to make it work and got up to whatever the fuck he wanted when john wasn’t looking. sam had to LITERALLY run away from home before he got the simple pleasure of eating pizza and having a dog by himself, independently. dean was given too much independence and freedom but sam was kept on such a short leash he had none at all.
john made dean feel unworthy, and he made sam feel unclean
when dean fails to protect sam from the shtriga in the season 1 flashbacks, he says his dad looked at him differently after. he also implies that john physically beat him when sam ran away in flagstaff. whether he meant to or not, john made it abundantly clear that his love for dean was not unconditional; it depended very much on how well dean performed the multitude of tasks john assigned him. dean grew up believing that his only worth was in what he could do for other people. he demonstrates this an an adult over and over and over, from letting his possessed family members beat him up to refusing to take care of his own needs, emotional and otherwise, and snapping at people who try to talk to him about his own feelings.
on the other hand, sam talks in season 8 about how even at a very young age he felt impure and unclean, even before he knew that he had demon blood, even before he knew that there was any such thing as monsters. kids aren’t stupid, and sam picked up on the vibes john was putting off - that john didn’t trust him, might not have loved him, and might not have considered him human or even his own child. without even knowing why, he spent his entire life feeling unclean and inhuman, not worth of being loved by his own family. even dean, who we all know loves sam unconditionally, admits in season 14 that he often took dad’s side on arguments because he had “his own stuff,” further leading to the alienation that was sam’s constant companion growing up. 
john saved dean after their shared trauma of mary’s death. dean says in season 1 that the reason he stopped talking was that he was scared. iirc john’s journal implies he was mute for over a year, and dean in season 2 says that when he was 6 or 7 his dad took him shooting for the first time. if mary died just before dean’s fifth birthday, the timeline works out to dean talking again because john took him shooting. i believe that dean hero worships his father because after mary’s death, and dealing with the terror that something like that could come in and take his family away by killing them horribly at any time without any warning, john learning to fight back against the darkness - and teaching dean to do the same - is what gave dean his voice again. BOTH of them saw and carried the memory of mary burning on the ceiling for the rest of their lives. “watch out for sammy” and “get the thing that killed mom” were dean’s reasons to get up in the morning, because they were john’s reasons to get up in the morning. these things were LITERALLY his reasons for living. john gave dean a way to fight back against fear and gave him a cause to keep him going. abuse or not, dean never stopped being grateful for that, and he was the only other person in the whole world who understood the unique horror of what john went through that night. even all the way into season 10, he tells other people that john did right by him. it’s borderline brainwashing. part of dean’s self-worth will always be based on how good of a son he was to john.
on the other hand, knowingly or not, john did everything possible to alienate sam. he kept him on a short leash while also keeping him at arm’s distance. he didn’t trust sam with emotional things like the memory of mary, he didn’t trust sam with the truth about monsters and what they did for a living, he didn’t trust sam with his plans, he didn’t trust sam with the truth about demon blood. canon STRONGLY suggests john knew YED bled in sam’s mouth as a baby, but instead of telling sam or even dean about that, sam had to learn about it in a horrible flashback recreated by YED himself. when sam wanted to go to school, john told him no, and when he left anyway, john told him not to come back.
this is an equal but opposite kind of abuse. john totally fucked up BOTH his kids in complete inversions to each other.
which means that, no matter what john did, it caused sam and dean to fight. this isn’t an interpretation. this is straight up canon.
again, dean says in s14 that he frequently took dad’s side in arguments because he had his own stuff to deal with, and he was trying to keep the peace. dean, a victim of emotional (and implied sometimes physical) abuse himself, was not able to shield sam from all of john’s bullshit. he could stop sam from getting hit and having to see john during the worst of his drunken rages, but he couldn’t trick sam into thinking john loved him unconditionally, because john didn’t love either of his kids unconditionally.
when john acted in a way that was not befitting of a parent, sam rightfully took exception, which forced dean (who was ALSO BEING ABUSED, almost brainwashed) to jump to his defense. that led to john getting to do whatever the hell he wanted and sam and dean arguing about the effects. when sam ran away in flagstaff, DEAN was punished, leading dean to resenting sam for that incursion, even though sam was perfectly right to want to get away from an abusive household. when sam did a normal thing wanting to leave for college at age 18, he left, and dean resented him for that because that meant he was alone to bear the brunt of john’s anger. 
sam repeatedly made logical, emotionally healthy choices in attempting to break the family dynamic, but because of JOHN’S BEHAVIOR, not sam’s, those choices wound up causing dean harm. JOHN HIMSELF was the ultimate wedge between sam and dean growing up and beyond.
and let’s not forget the biggest sin - john spent 22 years impressing upon dean that taking care of sammy was EVERYTHING, and then without any explanation at all, he asked dean to kill him, and then he DIED, which meant dean had to carry that weight by himself (because again, he’s been trained not to trust sam with things). like of COURSE sam got angry when he found out - that’s fucking fucked up! once again sam is being treated like a ticking time bomb for absolutely no reason - he didn’t ask to have demon blood or psychic visions or a dead mom or an abusive father. nor did dean ask to be saddled with the upbringing of an entire human at four years old who he then might have to kill. because dean will always feel gratitude towards john, and sam will always feel resentment, and because based on john’s treatment of them BOTH OF THESE FEELINGS ARE JUSTIFIED, john continues to cause fights between sam and dean long after he’s dead and gone, and that will never change.
on a final note: i’d like to bring this around to season 13.
after cas, mary, kelly, and crowley all die (or are presumed dead in mary’s case) in the season 12 finale, season 13 opens with nobody but sam and dean and jack. dean directly blames jack for these deaths. he says so multiple times. he says where jack can hear him that he knows jack is evil and impure and cannot be saved and calls jack a freak. when jack tries repeatedly to kill himself dean says to jack’s face not to bother, because WHEN jack does go bad, dean will be the one to kill him. dean does NOT see jack as castiel’s child - he sees jack as someone who brainwashed cas and kelly both and got them killed. dean does not even see jack as a human person worthy of life. from the get-go, all he wants is to put jack down. jack is born into a world shaped by pain and grief and anger, where people hate him simply for what he is and who died to get him here. 
and again, sam identifies hard with jack. he justifiably protests dean’s treatment of him. jack is a kid and didn’t ask for any of this. jack is terrified of dean. sam reminds dean that john said all these things about sam that dean is saying about jack. john is still causing a rift between his sons over a decade after his death.
eventually, after jack uses his powers and brings back cas from the empty, dean pulls his head out of his ass and admits that he was wrong. he calls jack his kid more than once, and jack refers to dean as one of his dads. but the damage has already been done. jack struggles multiple times with his powers, accidentally hurting people and then wishing himself dead after. he also struggles without them; even when using his powers means using up pieces of his soul, he does it, because dean taught him that he’s only worthy of being loved and trusted if he’s “good.” even when he has NO SOUL, when jack does something bad he panics about it and seeks to undo it at any cost. that’s how deep the damage runs.
i see a lot of people remarking that in the arc of 13.01-13.05, dean became john, and i agree that he did. but dean didn’t do to jack what john did to him. dean did to jack what john did to SAM.
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Sea, Tails and Weed [JJ.M]
Part 5
Pairing : JJ Maybank x Mermaid!Fem!Reader
Story Summary : A girl moves to the Outer Banks, but her new home will threaten to reveal a burden she's been carrying for years. She'll have to be careful, and this blonde boy might just be the best person to help her.
Chapter Summary : After the kegger drama, everything seemed back to normal, whatever "normal" meant in your world. However, a night swim with your crush might change your current life… well, that and your bad luck.
Word count : 1,3k
Author’s Note : Okay I am soo sorry for the late update… I got lazy and only wrote about half of part 6 when I posted part 4 and since I don’t want to post one part without having the next part ready, I just didn’t post… I was planning on writing during my break but turns out I had many tests that I had to study for ( which I didn’t know ) so I prioritized the studying and I got writer’s block and whatever it was just a whole mess in my life ! So there it is, I hope you’ll like it ! And again, so sorry for the wait.
Warnings : Fluff, idk if it’s a spoiler so I’ll put it last, drama, bad writing, cringe LMAOO and ⚠️ a badly written kiss scene.
Previous Part | Masterlist | Next Part
Tumblr media
The kegger was a week ago. After getting to the Chateau, where all of you were sleeping over at, you and your friends had spent the rest of the night shit-talking the Kooks and most specifically, the eldest Cameron sister, whom Kiara seemed to personally hate. From what you gathered, the two girls used to be close friends until Sarah betrayed Kiara and therefore changed their friendship into dust.
Tonight was very exciting, because you could finally go swimming with JJ. You promised him last week and it was finally the day.
But, before this, you had to finish your homework, which you’d been procrastinating until now, and you were honestly not very motivated.
“John B let you take the twinkie ?”
“Not really, but he won’t notice.” JJ explained with a small smile.
You let out a laugh and narrowed your eyes at him, “Well, let’s go then.”
The both of you got out of the parked twinkie, not before leaving all your non-waterproof stuff inside, and walked to the beach. He dropped his bag on the sand, along with his shirt and looked at you.
“Where do your clothes go when you’re a mermaid ?
You opened your mouth to answer, only to close it again, realizing you didn’t have the answer to his question. You just shrugged with a confused look on your face, your eyes unfocused while you were thinking.
“I never thought about that… I’ll just… ask Layla later, I guess ?”
You looked back at him, only to find him already staring at you.
“Is something on my face ?” You asked, your hand unconsciously going to your face.
He shook his head and laughed a little. You then proceeded to walk forward, getting closer to the water with each step.
After going underwater, you looked at JJ, who was already looking at you, and when your body started turning into your other self, his eyes widened.
He pointed to the surface and started swimming so you followed his mouvements.
“Damn, that’s how you turn ?!” He laughed, you couldn’t help but join him.
“Yeah, weird right ?” You responded and he laughed with a nod.
After that, you both went back underwater, he, fortunately, could hold his breath a long time and could just go back above if he needed air.
Half an hour later, you were both still swimming and you still weren’t bored. You could never be bored with him.
You didn’t know how exactly it happened, it was all blurry now, one second you were both swimming, the next one you were both immobile, closer to each other than you’ve ever been. Both staring at the other’s lips.
Searching your memories later, you’d remember that JJ actually stopped swimming and grabbed your hands to stop you as well. He got closer to you and you ended up in the position both of you were in before.
You both got closer to each other until your lips met his. It was short, but it felt like an eternity. His hands moved to your waist, jerking away as it touched your scales. It caused you to smile against his lips. And so did he.
You both pulled away after a second and he started to swim up, probably to get some air.
You followed him above and just stared at him. Would it ruin everything ? Did he regret it ?
Your questions were quickly answered when he kissed you again, now that both of you were above the surface, you could kiss as long as you want without him having to swim up.
And so you did, for as long as you both wanted, you were kissing each other. His hands on your waist, your arms wrapped around his neck. It seemed as though you were the only people alive. The feeling of peace surrounding both of you.
It was a bit awkward.
You just walked onto the porch where JJ was waiting for you. If you were being honest, the kiss from the day before made things a bit confusing. Of course, you didn’t regret it. Far from it actually. The thing was that, you didn't know if he regretted it or not.
Locking the door, you turned to him with an awkward smile, “Thanks for picking me up,” you said.
“I always pick you up.” He laughed.
“And I always thank you for it.” You responded as the two of you began to walk to his motorcycle.
“You can always kiss me, you know, as a thank you.” He smiled and you came to a halt. He must’ve noticed your awkwardness because his face fell. “Do you, like, regret it ?” He hesitantly asked.
“What ? No, not at all. Why ? Do you ?” He shook his head. “Glad we’re on the same boat here, Y/L/N.”
And suddenly, all awkwardness disappeared from the air.
Running late to class, you were fast-walking through the hallways. Nearing the class, you stopped and quickly pulled out your phone, fixing the light lipgloss JJ had fun ruining.
JJ had stopped you from walking into the school as soon as he parked behind the building. After the confusion was gone, you two spent the next 15 minutes making out behind the school, like some horny teenagers, which you were.
Finally walking into the classroom, you sat down at your desk, once again reminiscing about the recent events.
“What’s up with you ?” Kiara whispered with an amused smile.
“Hmm ?” You mumbled as you looked up at her.
“You’ve been staring at the floor with that dreamy face of yours for 10 minutes.” She chuckled.
“Oh.” You shook your head, trying to ignore the heat you knew was rising on your cheeks. “Nothing, it’s just been a…wonderful day.”
A small laugh escaped her lips at your happiness before she turned to the front of the room.
At lunch, you were sitting with the Pogues, as always. You’ve only known them a few weeks yet it feels like you’ve been friends for years.
Although, you were quickly distracted when you felt a hand on your thigh. Quickly looking down, it was, as expected, JJ’s. Looking back at him, you were surprised when you saw he paid no attention to you. He was laughing and talking with John B.
It was like the movement was natural. This made you happy. If this felt like something natural, it meant you both were comfortable enough to do this. And it was a lovely thought. So, with a small smile, you went back to your conversation with Kiara and Pope.
Suddenly, your whole body tensed when you felt something wet run down your back.
While you were talking with your friends, a girl tripped, causing a domino’s effect which ended in a guy pouring the soda he was drinking on you.
‘Why the hell does this always happen ?!’ You angrily thought to yourself. You were seriously considering wearing a raincoat 24/7 at this point.
Catching your worried expression, Kiara quickly tried to comfort you, claiming she had a spare shirt in her locker she’d gladly lend you.
However, you couldn’t think about that as you rose from your seat and ran outside of the room, unknown to you that JJ did as well and was followed by the rest of the Pogues.
You ran through the empty hallways, trying to find an empty room. Thankfully, you quickly found an empty, and somehow large enough, closet. You ran inside just in time for your tail to appear.
But, the panic didn’t leave your body as of yet because the next second, JJ walked in and when he tried to close the door, it was pushed back by the rest of your friends.
Their eyes widened so fast you thought it would pop out of their heads.
“What the hell…” Whispered Pope.
John B and Kiara didn’t utter a single word, not finding one appropriate for the current situation.
“Just close the door ! We’ll explain everything later, I promise !”
Finally coming to their senses, they all left the closet, closing it behind them. JJ, being the last to walk out, mumbled a ‘Don’t worry, they won’t say anything.’ before leaving with a reassuring smile.
A single tear ran down your cheek, just when everything was perfect ! You lamentably thought to yourself.
Yeah… you guys shouldn’t trust me with updates dates… I’m sorry
I somehow don’t like this part…? Whatever, after the story ends, I’ll probably rewrite everything and fix plotholes, cringe parts and things like that sooo just bear with me until then
I hope you somehow liked this part, I would promise not to take this long for the next one but I don’t know if I’ll keep that promise so I would rather not 😕 Don’t forget to interact if u did enjoy this bc it’s a boost in motivation and idk it’s nice ig
Have a good day/night wherever you’re from and until next time 💕 !
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markxdino · 9 months ago
hi idk if your requests are open but maybe enhypen reacting to u being a bookworm?
a/n: of course :D as someone who used to be a bookworm. I think I can sort of think how the members would react.
I will say...this is sort of catered mostly to the engenes who have glasses like me. those who don't have glasses umm...just pretend🧍🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
so it was heeseung's first time coming over to your house and your parents weren't home but they knew he was coming over
your dad warned you a bunch of stuff of consent blah blah blah because you know...he doesn't want you to be pressured to doing the the devil's tango in bed with heeseung
[more of heeseung + other enha members below the cut]
but heeseung is trustable and a gentleman, your dad trusts him too but just wanted you to be cautious
"woah." he says upon entering your home.
"it's quite small compared to your home." you say. he saw like two bookshelves in the living room filled with thick books.
"do your parents actually read that?"
"yeah but on their free time, it's been passed down to my parents by both their parents. hence it's filled up but let's just get to my room."
he enters your room and you had a built-in bookshelf that was in the wall and the study table filled with textbooks
"my god." heeseung says. you giggle.
"sorry, a little messy since I was studying before you came."
he inspects the books on your study table
"we don't learn this in school though."
"oh well they are books that I read and learn just for knowledge and skill."
heeseung: 😀🧍🏻‍♂️
"I didn't know my girlfriend loved reading books...maybe I should give you jake's sad depressing physics book that no one uses."
"oooo please give me."
"you're really going to do it?"
"I mean...why not."
"my god, my girlfriend is a nerd." he jokingly says and then you frowned. he quickly hugs you, "kidding. I'm sorry that triggered something didn't it."
"yeah...I was bullied remember?"
"sorry baby." he gives a small peck to your lips, "I love that you like reading and learning new things."
he holds you close
"wanna cuddle and maybe...commit a crime?"
"kissing is a crime?"
"I mean...in my books it is." he slaps his knee at his own joke.
"very funny hee, just because there are books around doesn't mean that joke made any sense."
Tumblr media
I'd like to think jay likes reading books
he gives me that sophisticated vibe
but then his attention span is quite short
he tries to read books to learn new languages and it works but mans gets too distracted at times
especially when you come to visit him at his home
he says he wants to read but then he ends up in your arms cuddling you
and like today was no different except...he went to your house
he found out you were a bookworm too and my god he fell in love with you even more
he likes how both of you have glasses and not because you're near sighted but because you both have horrible eyesight
it makes you look even cuter while you read a book
"love, what are you reading?" jay says as he plops on the bed.
"a novel." you showed him the book and then continued reading
jay gets bored and you were too concentrated on your book
"love~~pay attention to me please? just set the book down, you can read after I've left."
you smiled and finally set the book down.
"fine but only because you're being adorable right now." you gave him a peck on the cheek.
Tumblr media
jake is our little physics/maths lover so he has quite a few textbooks/workbooks on his desk
but ever since he graduated high school and join something completely opposite to what he loved, he just left the textbooks untouched
then jake met you, he knew you loved books since he first met you at the school's library while trying to find one of the boys
and so when stay-at-home dates occur, it's usually spent with you reading up on jake's old physics textbooks
you found them interesting
jake would probably be playing online games with his friends
"hey heeseung hyung, I'm taking a break. gotta check up on my girl." jake says through the headphones.
"ooo~~sim jaeyun wants to cuddle with his girlfriend." sunghoon says in the call. jake rolls his eyes and mutes himself.
then he goes to find you
then he found you on his study table (his study table in another smaller separate room)
you were reading the physics fact book that jake had
jake smiles, the way your hair was tied up into a lazy messy bun and your glasses nearly falling off your face
yup he is sim(p) jaeyun *slaps knees*
I'm sorry...bad joke?
ehem anyways, he comes up to you grabs the physics book and places it on the desk
"jakey, I was reading that and you better have placed the bookmark back. if you don't I won't be able to find the page I last stopped at."
and then he grabs your hands and leads you back to his room just to lay on the bed with you🥺
"my little bookworm." he pecks your lips.
Tumblr media
sunghoon is that boyfriend that doesn't like studying or reading
mans looks at one paragraph and just...goodbye you won't see him anymore✌️
so when sunghoon started dating you...the boys were...shocked
you were a bookworm and you loved reading books, you spent your free time/lunch time reading books
and sunghoon found that so attractive
he describes you as well..
"sexy nerd." he said once. it left you blushing and flustered because he just blurted it out while you two were in the library. he was staring at you and you weren't paying attention to him
like seriously, he loves whenever you read
but doesn't like it when it takes away his cuddling time
"(name), wanna cuddle?" sunghoon asks
you don't reply him
the boy pokes your cheeks and you don't respond still so he just snatches the book away
"hey, I was reading you know."
"listen babe, I wanna cuddle and I don't say it all the time so you better take this opportunity." sunghoon folds his arms.
"alright then cuddling it is." you quickly say.
Tumblr media
I think sunoo would like books but the online books aka webtoons
he finds webtoons wayyy better than normal books
but he doesn't hate anyone who reads them but...he will get a little disgusted (because books = school and he doesn't like school)
so when he found out you read books, he low-key starts judging you
giving you those judging eyes
"yes, babe?" he instantly looks away and you sighed.
"if you're judging my love for books then just leave. I know I'm a nerd."
sunoo instantly feels bad
he holds you close
"nauuurrrr baby🥺" holds you tight. "i love you for who you are. I wasn't judging you."
"you gave me your stink eye. you only use them when some guy is staring at me."
"sorry~ reading reminded me of homework and school. you know I hate school."
"so you don't hate me for loving books?"
"not at all. I think it's cool that my girlfriend loves books. besides, the face you make whenever you're sooooo into the book is adorable."
"so...you like that I'm a bookworm?"
"very." he gives you small peck on the nose.
Tumblr media
jungwon finds it low-key attractive but he won't admit it
your glasses were falling off as you were reading a book you borrowed from the library and jungwon was walking into your bedroom
you pushed up your glasses and placed your hair behind your ears since it was blocking your field of vision from reading
jungwon: 🧍🏻‍♂️😳
"I can feel your gaze piercing on me, won."
"a-ah sorry. I was in a daze." (dAzE, DaZe, dAZe)
you looked up at jungwon
he nearly loses his balance since you looked so good, his legs turned into jelly
"are you sure you're okay?"
"yeah I'm good." he finally settles on your bed and you set your book down on the study table and went over to him since you were sitting on your window ledge balcony thing
"can we go to the library again tomorrow?"
"sure. getting another book?"
"yeah, I'm almost finishing this one."
"you've finished 5 books this week, bub."
"sorry, you know I love reading." you pout. jungwon pinches your cheeks.
"fine, you owe ice cream."
"will do." he pats your head.
"come on, let's watch a movie my little bookworm."
Tumblr media
ni-ki found you kinda cute when your face lit up talking about your book collection and the book you were reading
"who knew the main character in the book was a traitor. I feel hurt." you told ni-ki, he listens to you intently.
"damn, the guy sucks I guess."
"yeah, he is a bitch."
ni-ki fake gasps.
"where did you learn these colourful words young lady?"
you rolled your eyes.
"please, you pointed the middle finger at sunghoon once while wearing a sheep costume."
"hey, my furry ass can do whatever I want." ni-ki says.
"you just admitted you're a furry." you say.
"oh but I'm not."
"uhhh yeah you are."
"where is the proof? if there is no proof, you can prove anything."
"you've been reading too much detective things." you whined.
"I haven't read a single detective thing, it's mainly you talking about your mystery books that you oh so love." ni-ki says.
"are you mocking my love for books."
"no, it's just that sometimes. I think you love your books more than me." ni-ki huffs. you pout.
"I love you though."
"tell that to the piles of books in your room." ni-ki folds his arms.
"aww baby." :(((
you hugged him, "I'm sorry. I can't help it, I'm a bookworm."
"then stop and entertain your boyfriend."
"okay, I'll promise to not read whenever you come over."
"starting from today?"
"you pinky promise."
"yes, pinky promise." you say. ni-ki holds out his pinky and you sealed it
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atlabeth · 11 months ago
everything happens for a reason part 6 - zuko x fem!reader
The thing about forever is that it's a fucking lie
part 5 | masterlist | part 7
a/n: you all know whats coming lmao i got nothing to say for myself
wc: 3.5k
warning(s): pakku's usual sexism, typical siege of the north stuff, mostly angst but a lil bit of fluff in there
chapter title comes from forever is a lie by bea miller!
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe that your tribe doesn’t teach waterbending to women!” Katara fumed, the snow beneath her feet packed tightly from her continuous pacing. “I mean, how can they even do that? Master Pakku’s all about ‘his culture and his teachings’ but his teachings are completely sexist!”
Y/N just nodded along as she listened to Katara — Master Pakku had refused to teach Katara, and after a disappointing healing lesson she had found Y/N to rant. “Yep. It’s unfair, but there’s not much we can do about it.”
Katara frowned and stopped in her tracks. “Don’t you want to learn how to fight too? I love being able to heal and help people, don’t get me wrong, but healing isn’t all I want to do.”
A shaky sigh fell from her lips and she shrugged, adjusting her position on the platform of ice she had made to sit on. “Well… yeah, I guess. I know a couple of martial moves, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to know more. But Katara, I—”
Y/N was silent for a moment as flashes of the past played behind her eyelids. “I’m not like you. I’m not the kind of person to challenge the rules. Not anymore.”
Katara shook her head, already back to her pacing. “I think you’re selling yourself short. I saw your healing during your class — you’re really talented, Y/N, and I know that skill will transfer over to fighting.”
“Thank you, but— but it doesn’t matter how good we are. Master Pakku is just as stubborn as he is talented, and I think he’d rather die than be a decent person. It’s a shame though. I’d really like to see someone knock some sense into him.”
“Yeah…” Katara sighed. “Hopefully Aang is having a better time than I am.” She looked up at the sky then fixed Y/N with a wry smile. “Speaking of Aang, I should probably get back to him and my brother. Sorry for talking your ear off the whole night.”
Y/N waved her hand around nonchalantly. “Don’t worry about it. You have my permission to rant to me any time you want while you’re here.”
Katara grinned and offered her hand, which Y/N took with a small smile as she got up from her ice platform. With a slight movement of her hand she bent it back into the ground, and the two girls began their walk back to the city. “I just wish I knew how to get Pakku to let up.”
“You’ll think of something,” Y/N reassured.
Katara did indeed think of something. Y/N’s wish of Pakku getting some sense knocked into him was granted when Katara challenged him to a fight, which was quite possibly the best thing that Y/N had ever witnessed. Though she ultimately lost, he still decided to take her on as a student — and in a move that Y/N would forever be grateful for, Katara had gotten Pakku to take her on as well. Katara made history that day, and she felt a shining sense of admiration for the girl for shaking things up.
And now, her days consisted of early mornings spent training, afternoons in classes, and nights doing homework, as well as fitting in time to hang out with Yue — it was a miracle she had any free time at all.
Lately though, it seemed like all Yue could talk about was Sokka. She liked him just as much as he liked her, but Yue was good — no matter how much she cared for someone, her tribe would always come first.
(“Did I hear that you and Sokka have a date later tonight?” she teased. “Aren’t you moving a little too fast?” Yue was silent at her attempt at humor and Y/N frowned. “Yue, are you okay?”
Silence lingered in the air for so long that Y/N almost thought she didn’t hear her, but finally the princess spoke as she pulled down the collar of her jacket to reveal an engagement necklace. Y/N gasped.
“It’s from Hahn,” she said quietly. “He proposed an hour ago, and I accepted.”
“You what?” Y/N cried, prompting a slight grimace from Yue. “Hahn— you can’t stand him!”
“Y/N, please,” Yue sighed. “He’s not that bad — he’s handsome, I guess. And he’s the son of a noble, and he’ll be really good for the tribe.”
“Yue, you’re the one who has to deal with him. He proposed to you, not the tribe — Spirits, half the boys in this tribe like you, why him?”
“It’s best for the tribe,” she repeated, her words an attempt to convince Y/N as much as herself.
“But what’s best for you?” Y/N countered.
Yue hadn’t answered, and had made up some half-baked excuse that she had to be somewhere. She had watched her go sadly, hoping that she would figure something out with Sokka.)
And it’s not like she wasn’t happy that her friend had found someone, it was just…
Y/N was upset that someone wasn’t her. And she didn’t know how to deal with that revelation.
But one morning, while making idle conversation with Katara as their lesson came to an end, a matter much more pressing came to hand.
Black snow. Soot raining down from the sky, tarnishing everything it touched.
A feeling all too familiar brewed in her chest as she met her friend’s eyes, and one thing was clear.
The Fire Nation was coming.
The air was even more frigid than usual with the knowledge of an imminent invasion, and Y/N had parted ways with her friends once they reached the town hall to be with her grandparents. The tension in the air was thick as Chief Arnook stepped up to address the people.
“The day we have feared for so long has arrived — the Fire Nation is on our doorstep. It is with great sadness I call my family here before me, knowing well that some of these faces are about to vanish from our tribe, but they will never vanish from our hearts. Now, as we approach the battle for our existence, I call upon the great spirits. Spirit of the Ocean! Spirit of the Moon! Be with us! I'm going to need volunteers for a dangerous mission.”
As soon as the words left his mouth, Sokka stood up. “Count me in.”
Her eyes widened as she met Katara’s from across the room, and she looked equally surprised. “Sokka…”
“Be warned: many of you will not return.” Several other men stood up after Sokka, including her grandfather. Despite his age he was a skilled fighter, but that was no comfort to Y/N. She reached up for his hand and shook her head almost desperately, but he smiled sadly and squeezed her hand, a sentiment to express words unsaid. “Come forward to receive my mark, if you accept the task.”
As he walked forward to join the line, she found the only solace she could in her grandmother’s open arms, burying her face in the fur of her jacket. “He will be okay,” she soothed. “He’s just as strong as he is brave. You have to have faith.”
She hoped that her grandmother was right. She couldn’t handle another loss.
Once all the men had received their marks, they left to confer about the battle plan. Y/N found her way up to the stage where a tearful Yue sat. It pained Y/N to see her in such a way, and when she sat down and offered her hand the princess immediately took it.
“I saw that your grandfather volunteered,” she said after a beat of silence. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too. For Sokka.” Y/N adjusted her position so their shoulders were touching, and she sighed heavily. “I can’t stop thinking about my village. My father.” She met Yue’s eyes, her own beginning to tear up.
“What if it happens again?” she whispered, her voice cracking. “I can’t— I can’t do it again.”
Yue let go of her hand to wrap the girl in a hug, the warmth of the embrace managing to chip away at some of their hopelessness. “You won’t have to do it again,” she stated, the reassurance seeming like the truth when coming from her. “You’re not alone this time.”
She finally pulled away from the hug as she wiped the tears off her face, and Y/N nodded. Yue somehow always knew exactly what to say. “What would I do without you?” she asked, her voice slightly watery.
“You’re never going to know,” the princess smiled. “Because whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.” That got a laugh out of Y/N and the two of them stood up as Yue gestured outside with her head. “I think I saw Aang and my father out there. It’ll help to talk with them — I think you need some fresh air anyways.”
Y/N nodded and the two girls walked out hand in hand, a small reprieve from carrying the weight of the world.
Things were so much worse than she had been anticipating.
After a short talk outside the hall with Katara, Aang, and the Chief, Yue had been transported somewhere safer as Y/N steeled herself for the front lines. After all, as a student of Master Pakku, she could fight damn well — it was just a matter of putting it into action.
But a line of warriors and children alike were no match for the strength of the Fire Nation from afar, and the first few fireballs had done their job at disrupting both the fighters and the wall — Seeing her home get destroyed hurt nearly as much as constantly getting thrown around.
After Aang had taken off on Appa and Chief Arnook took a section of his soldiers off for a different plan, the work on the ground began. The fleet of ships seemed endless , and the same went for their artillery — the fight went long into the day as Y/N worked with various other waterbenders to stop fireballs and repair broken parts of the city’s infrastructure, but just as the full moon began to show, the attacks stopped coming. Limbs heavy with exhaustion from their work in the field, Y/N and Katara met up with the princess back at the balcony of the palace.
“They’ve stopped firing,” Yue noted as they all gazed off into the distance.
“Thank the spirits,” Y/N muttered as she worked out a knot in her shoulder. “I don’t know how much longer I could’ve kept going.”
Just then, Appa came into view and a grin spread across Katara’s face. “Aang!”
He landed below them and the three girls hurried down to meet him. Aang landed on the ground, exhaustion clear in every part of him. “I can’t do it,” he muttered as he placed his head in his hands. “I can’t do it.”
“What happened?” Katara asked as she ran up to him, Yue and Y/N close behind.
“I must’ve taken out a dozen Fire Navy ships, but there’s just too many of them!” His large grey eyes were full of hopelessness, and Y/N’s heart ached for the boy. “I can’t fight them all.”
“But— you have to!” Yue pleaded. “You’re the Avatar.”
“I’m just one kid,” Aang countered wearily. He buried his face in his arms and Katara kneeled next to him in an attempt to comfort him. Y/N could almost forget about the pain in her body at that moment, feeling an odd responsibility to this boy as she looked down at him.
“Aang,” she muttered, following Katara’s example and kneeling next to him. “You’ve already done so much for us. Just by being here, you’ve inspired hundreds of people — you’re a beacon of hope all on your own! We don’t expect you to take out this whole navy by yourself. As long as you’re here, fighting with us? You’re helping us more than you know.”
He managed a slight smile at that and he took her outstretched hand, getting pulled back to his feet with her help.
“We’ll have a better view from up there,” Katara noted, pointing back up to the balcony. “You can help us keep watch, Aang — in case they start attacking again.”
He nodded and the four of them began the walk, the Avatar in slightly better spirits.
“The legends say the moon was the first waterbender,” Yue said once they had reached the balcony, all of them gazing at the sky. “Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves.”
“I’ve always noticed my waterbending is stronger at night,” Katara mused, causing Y/N to hum in agreement.
“Our strength from the spirit of the moon, our life from the spirit of the ocean,” she said. “They work together to keep balance.
Aang’s expression brightened at her words as he popped up from the ground. “The spirits! Maybe I can find them and get their help!”
“How can you do that?” Y/N questioned.
“The Avatar is the bridge between our world and the Spirit World,” Katara explained excitedly. “Aang can talk to them!”
“Maybe they’ll give you the wisdom to win this battle!” Yue exclaimed.
“Or maybe they'll unleash a crazy amazing spirit attack on the Fire Nation!” At that, all three girls met him with strange looks. Aang coughed and straightened his posture. “Or wisdom. That's good, too.”
“The only problem is, last time you got to the Spirit World by accident,” Katara said with a frown. “How are you going to get there this time?”
Yue’s eyes lit up and she looked at them with a smile. “I have an idea. Follow me.”
A few minutes later, they were standing in the Spirit Oasis, the most spiritual place in all of the North. Yue, Y/N, and Katara all shed their coats as Aang walked around, marvelling at the beauty.
“I can feel… something,” Aang said as he sat down, getting into a meditating position. “It’s so tranquil.”
Soon enough, after a few moments of silence, Aang’s eyes as well as the arrow on his head began to glow.
“Is he okay?” Yue gasped.
“He’s crossing into the Spirit World,” Katara reassured. “He’ll be fine as long as we don’t move his body. That’s his way back to the physical world.”
“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Y/N whispered, astonishment etched into her face. For as much as she had been taught about the ocean spirits, she wasn’t well-versed in the Spirit World as a whole — she was thoroughly fascinated by every part of this.
“Maybe we should get some help,” Yue suggested, still on edge as she took a few steps away from the gate.
“No, he’s my friend. I’m perfectly capable of protecting him. Besides, I already have some help here.” She smiled at Y/N, a sentiment that she returned happily.
A deep voice, almost mocking, broke the silence as it echoed throughout the oasis. “Well, aren’t you a big girl now? Even got yourself a little student.”
The three girls all whipped around to find the source of the voice, and Katara’s whole body stiffened. “No…”
“Yes. Hand him over and I don’t have to hurt you.”
Y/N immediately eased into a bending stance along with Katara as the princess fled to get help, but her confidence faltered when she took the time to focus on their assailant.
She almost didn’t recognize him — it had been nearly four years since she had last set eyes upon the boy, but it was as if he had become a completely different person. His head was shaved completely save for a ponytail, and blues and reds marked his skin in various cuts and bruises. His eyes held an anger she had never seen before, an expression only heightened with the addition of a large red scar across his left eye.
“Zuko?” she breathed, her chest tightening up beneath the weight of the revelation. Katara stared at her in bewilderment — she had no idea that Y/N knew the prince that had chased them halfway across the world, but Katara supposed that she had no reason to ever suspect she did.
His eyes flashed with recognition as they ran over her, and it seemed as if he had a similar epiphany as he staggered backwards. “I… I thought you were dead.”
“You’re with them,” she muttered, blood turning to ice. “Your nation is invading, and you’re helping them— you’re after the Avatar? What are you doing, Zuko?!”
The momentary surprise was replaced by steely determination as he shifted his weight forward and kicked up his leg, sending a blast of fire that she barely managed to dodge. “You know nothing!”
Y/N fell back into position next to Katara, but the newfound knowledge was like a fog over her mind. “Whoever he was when you knew him, that’s not him anymore!” Katara yelled as she bent water out of the pond and blocked his following attacks. “He won’t hesitate to hurt you, so you can’t either!”
“O-okay!” she stammered. This was the moment she had been waiting for, wasn’t it? After training with both Katara and Pakku, her martial skill had increased tenfold, and she was desperate to try it out — she only wished her first opponent didn’t have to be him. But another fire blast snapped her out of her paralysis, and she jumped into action.
The two girls worked impossibly well together, one stepping forward when the other fell back, the bending between them nearly seamless. Any fire that the prince sent their way was quickly extinguished, and with two against one on home turf, Y/N and Katara were able to hold him off with relative ease.
Y/N bent another jet of water up from the oasis and shot it at Zuko, the force of which knocked him several feet back. Katara took the opening and froze his feet to the ground, then began to move her arms about as she formed a ball of water around him — one more movement and it was frozen solid.
“You little peasant,” he growled. “You’ve found a master, haven’t you?”
The orb of ice began to glow, the air around them becoming hotter and hotter until it melted around him. Blasts of fire were flying at them as soon as Zuko hit the ground, and they were forced to retreat back towards the oasis as they grew more intense.
Y/N drew up a shield of water, extinguishing the flames on impact. Zuko dodged around them, his fingers inches away from Aang’s collar. Y/N propelled the water already at her fingertips towards Zuko with a grunt of effort, which sent him flying into the shallows on the other side of the oasis. She conjured up a large wave and sent it towards the prince, sending him up the side of the wall and trapping him once Katara froze it.
She breathed a sigh of relief and let her arms fall, a part of her wondering how they were still connected after the tediousness of the earlier battle. But this, one on one in a fight with real stakes? It was as exhilarating as it was nerve wracking, and she had never been so thankful that Katara had gotten her in with Master Pakku. Y/N felt intensely guilty over the pain she had inflicted on Zuko, but she tried her best to push it out of her mind — like Katara said, he would’ve done worse if she hadn’t fought back.
“You fought well,” Katara smiled. “I told you that you were talented.”
She chuckled and shrugged, cheeks heating up slightly at the praise. “It’s not exactly my first fight, just… the most intense.” It reminded her of the early mornings and late nights spent sparring with Zuko, a memory that only twisted the dagger in her heart even more.
The two girls smiled at each other as they began to walk back over to Aang — it seemed the boy was undisturbed by the fight by virtue of his glowing tattoos and closed eyes — when Y/N found herself squinting from the rays of light filtering in.
“Huh,” she mumbled. “The sun’s out. The sun’s out— Katara!”
Y/N turned to find the prince free from the ice, and the pair barely had time to draw water from the pond to shield themselves from the impending flames. But it was too little too late, and the power of the blast sent them back several feet. They slammed into either side of the gate, the force of it immediately knocking Katara out.
Y/N gasped in pain as she tried to push herself up, but the fight combined with the impact of her landing had taken a toll on her and she collapsed once more against the gate. When the smoke from the fire cleared, Zuko was there with Aang’s collar in his grasp.
“You rise with the moon,” he muttered, his face tinged with the slightest bit of guilt as he met her eyes. “I rise with the sun.”
The last thing she saw before her consciousness faded out was the boy she loved escaping with the Avatar.
why did i make yue and y/n like this when i KNOW what i have to write next omg i hate myself
perm tag list: @dv0412 @siriuslyslyslytherin @maruchan77
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misfitneo · a year ago
huang renjun’s envy
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎‎‎━━━━ ‎ 𝐒𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐋𝐘 𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐒 𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 ‎ ━━━━
a mafia au / stranger to lovers au
pairing | huang renjun x reader
genre | angst, fluff, (very) suggestive, slight high school au
words | 17.5k (the build up is worth it i promise)
warnings | abandonment, cursing, guns, blood, descriptive injuries, breaking into private property, me cockblocking you all. read with caution.
author’s note | this is the third part of the seven deadly sins series, where each member has their own individual story (& sin) which takes place in the same ‘universe’, per say. read more about the other members’ sins in the link above !
huang renjun’s envy is nothing new to a boy whose life only ever saw misery. and you, with a seemingly perfect upbringing, will have to get through a lot of obstacles before dreaming of gaining his trust.
previous part | mark lee’s gluttony
Huang Renjun was an outcast for as long as he can remember. Not just that - even though people knew of the myriad of misfortune's that plagued his life - Huang Renjun was tormented for being an outcast. He was never given the luxury of choosing his own fate - damnation was already set out for him.
And if there's something he knows better than he knows himself, it's the concept of waiting. In primary school, while most kids looked forward to the summer holidays and birthday parties and sleepovers at their friends' houses, Renjun looked forward to middle school. It'll be different, he thought, I'll move schools and make new friends and no one will know about mommy leaving so they won't look at me weird. He was a hopeful little boy with a hopeful glint in his eyes and an unfaltering spirit in a life that didn't deserve much hope at all.
And then middle school came around. Rumours sparked fires and Renjun could never rid himself of the permanent marks carved into his skin. Though he's not sure how, people found out about his story and demonised him back into his own little corner. He shouldn't be surprised, he was never one to tempt luck into working in his favour. So he waited once again, and fantasised over high school and all the marvels it held, all the stories people tell, all the friends they make. There mustn't be a single possible scenario Renjun hadn't thought over at least once during boring english classes; they all seemed to fascinate him in the same innocent way. He waited patiently.
High school was not his time either. It seemed like Renjun spent way too much time thinking over the idealistic scenarios to work through the most realistic ones - after all, day dreaming isn't supposed to be such a depressing experience, is it? His roots - a curse he cannot get rid of; he learned that the hard way. Additionally, after years and years of being deemed an outcast and thrown into the corner, Renjun's socialising skills were too lacking anyway, even if he tried to approach someone, or if by miracle someone approached him, he'd scare them off with stuttering and awkward conversation.
At some point, Renjun conformed to the life that was set out for him. He was no longer shy, more so withdrawn from everything and everyone by choice. Days were spent just reassuring himself that it's fine, he doesn't need someone to care about, he's happy by himself, but those days were often shadowed by the ungodly amount of times he'd spent wondering how his life would've been different if not for his damned upbringing.
Renjun never got invited to a party. He told himself being surrounded by sweaty teens throwing up in the corner or face fucking against every wall on sight was probably not a fulfilling experience anyway, but then found his ears perking up when the girls, who sat in front of him in history, rambled on about saturday nights. He barely left the safe space of his room on the weekends instead of going out with friends and doing shit that would possibly get him in trouble. In a way, the boy never got to live the teenage dream he so patiently waited for; at some point, he realised there was nothing else to wait for.
He finds comfort in the thought that humans are a lonely species and, at the end of the day, every smile he sees in school is just as enacted as the next. Humans domesticate dogs for company and make up stories of other worlds to feel less lonely in theirs. We find personality in code and give names to hardware as if it's not a creation of our own. Across the sky there are undiscovered wonders and seemingly no trace of life withing the millions and millions and millions of planets we can see; even then, we dream about aliens so it doesn't feel as lonely anymore.
You knew Renjun as the boy who spent his breaks in the library, who preferred drawing over listening to the teachers speak and who excelled at every subject but one - english. Coincidentally, you seemed to have a talent in that area, and that's probably why Ms Song assigned you as his tutor.
To be completely honest, you were not a fan of the idea at first. That might be the nicest way to put it since you did try to talk yourself out of it a couple of times, to no avail. The only thought that kept you going was that he probably wouldn't show up anyway, so you weren't anything short of shocked to see him already waiting for your arrival on one of the desks at the back of the study room.
"Hi, you're uhm... Renjun, right?" You try as if you don't already know the answer.
"Yeah." He sighs with his gaze still stuck to the sketchbook, not bothering to clean up the mess on the table to make space for you.
"Right, I'm Y/n, and I'm supposed to be teaching you some english, I guess." Renjun pays no attention to your admirable attempts at easing the atmosphere, which is frustrating, but you ignore that for the sake of getting extra credit from Ms Song and sit down on the chair beside him. "So... What is it that you struggle with?"
He shruggs and soothes his pencil through the paper in staggered strokes, much more focused on the shadding than anything that comes out of your mouth.
God, he's just as insufferable as you pictured.
"Do you have any tests we can go over to see the areas you're weaker at?" Your eyes flicker expectantly from his landscape drawing to his concentrated gaze, searching for any kind of reaction or sign that he is, in fact, listening, but the conclusion is disappointing, to say the least. "Any homework to go over or something?"
He shakes his head in an attempt to appear nonchalant, and sighs way too obnoxiously, making you cock a brow at the attitude.
You knew this was going to be hard but goddamn, he hasn't even looked at you yet. "Look, I don't wanna be here either, alright? So if you could just make my job easier I'd really appre-"
"Then leave." He couldn't be any clearer with his intentions - what wasn't clicking? Neither of you wanted this so why bother put in the effort when you could just lie about it and call it a day.
Even with that knowledge, you scoff, slightly taken aback by his rudeness at someone who took time off their daily schedule, including precious seconds that could be spent studying for the maths exam tomorrow, just to tutor an ungrateful kid who didn't even care to have basic human decency.
"I'm just trying to help, can't you be a little nicer?" As you get more and more worked up, the volume of your voice rises a couple too many decibels, hands gesturing in the air to further your point.
"I didn't ask for your help." He says, sighing once again, and that seems to irk you more (if that's even possible).
"Well, Ms Song did, so why don't we just get this over with?" Again, he doesn't even look up at you, he doesn't answer, doesn't move, doesn't nothing. He's a mixture of pretty face and ruthlessness, and you're not one to stay quiet about the latter one. "Hey, can you actually listen for a second?!"
Without thinking much of it, your fingers grasp the stupid sketchbook and tug it away from his sight, which in turn causes an unintentional slash to be carved across the drawing he'd been perfecting for the last 5 minutes.
Finally, the boy's eyes meet yours - though you're really starting to wish they didn't. His glare, it burns holes into your skin and makes you shrink into yourself, in search of words to say. If he didn't hate you already, he sure as hell does now...
Your thoughts are staggered and your mouth opens and closes a few times before you're actually able to articulate anything. "Shit, I-I'm-"
"Why would you do that?" He roars, and rightfully so, although it really shouldn't be that big of a deal, in your opinion.
"I didn't mean to, I just-" It's admirable really, how you try to explain yourself to the boy who doesn't deserve an explanation. If he acted like a decent human being and acknowledged you in the first place, this wouldn't be happening, would it?
"Spoiled brats like you always have their head so far up their own ass."
That was unnecessary.
Well, whatever leftover pity you had for him vanished as soon as he spat out those words like venom. You're swift to gather all your stuff and shove it back into your backpack, his eyes following your every move and a permanent scowl imprinted on his face. What a shame, he could do so much more with it.
Renjun suppresses the sizeable urge to laugh and settles for rolling his eyes way too far back his head; he wants you to see it - how much he hates this - he wants you to not be seen with him again.
It's not as selfish as it sounds. In fact, it's quite selfless; being associated with him is a great way to ruin that pretty reputation of yours. He's good on his own, but that's because life had taught him how to, while you, on the other hand, are one of the people who seem to depend on human interaction and pretty compliments and expensive presents to live, just like pretty much everybody else. That's how shallowly he thinks of you.
"Meet at the same time next week when you're done lamenting yourself and want to do something about that shit grade of yours." You mumble and proceed to dart out of the classroom, so irked you're sure there's smoke coming out of your ears, leaving a train behing you, and the boy just watches you go.
It'd be a lie of he said that didn't surprise him. He expected you to cry about it and leave him alone for good but ended up just earning himself another arguing session for next week.
For the next few days, no matter how willing you were to forget about the incident and curse him out whenever you spotted that vacant expression of his in the corridors, it was a virtually impossible task. From eyeing him down during lunch breaks, sitting alone in that empty table of his either drawing or tryping away on his pc, to wondering back to that Wednesday afternoon during class, it seemed as if he'd taken over your mind completely. It pissed you off. There's something about his impudence and childish disrespect that you can't quite put your finger on and that pissed you off.
Your friend seems to notice your, very obvious, newly found interest about 5 days after the failed tutoring session. She chuckles, taking note of the way your eyes follow his figure from across the canteen, elbowing you slightly in second hand embarrassment.
"Stop staring, you're literally not discreet at all." Her tone is almost panicked and it manages to tear your focus away from him.
"Uh what? Staring at who, what?" The heat rushing to your face does not aid your state of feigned nonchalance.
"Loner boy? It's pretty obvious you know." You settle for playing around with the leftovers on your plate, sighing in frustration as your mind goes into overdrive.
"Do you know why he sits alone?" You blurt without much self control, a bit surprised at your own words.
"He's always been like that," she just shrugs, taking a sip out of her water bottle before continuing. "We went to the same middle school and I don't think I've ever seen him talk with anyone other than the teachers when they ask stuff in class."
That's... Sad, you guess. It must be what he's comfortable with; maybe that's why he was so rude to you, either he didn't know how to act properly or he knew exactly how to act to push people away.
"You wanna know something?" She tempts, eyebrow raised and voice significantly lower as if she were about to tell a government level secret. "Apparently, his mother abandoned him at the park when he was young, told him to wait at a bench until she came back and just - well... Never came back."
Your stomach drops at the information. "What?"
"Yeah... It's fucked up, isn't it?"
Not just that - it's pure evil. The boy who sits hidden from view and only talks when addressed to had been through something that holds a kind of pain you cannot bear to imagine, a traumatic event at such a young age. The world really is a fucked up place.
That newly discovered information seems to linger in your mind until Wednesday afternoon; it makes your feet tap down impatiently as the clock nears 4PM and your throat dry up once the bell sounds through the halls. You're not sure if you're excited or terrified but one thing you're certain of - you did not expect Huang Renjun to come.
"Hey, uhm... You came." You start by stating, as if it wasn't obvious enough already.
"Nice to know you have eyes." He snickers, though his usually inattentive gaze is set on you and only you. God, that's nerve-racking.
A cough strangles itself out of your throat. "So... You stopped bitching about a spoiled brat tutoring you already?"
You never fail to amuse him - for better or for worse.
"No, but Ms Song is this..." He gestures, fingers a centimetre away from being linched together. "...away from failing me, and I'd quite like to pass."
"Makes sense." You nod, sitting down beside him and hunting out the myriad of resources in your english folder. Before you start though, there's some strangled thoughts making your throat beg for relief. "Uhm, I'm sorry about the drawing last week. It is- I mean, was, I guess, very pretty."
His lips are pursed together and it's hard to read what's going through his mind. It frustrates you to death, honestly. Only after a good few seconds does he nod steadily, and mumbles a quick 'thanks' before getting back to work.
You're glad he's finally cooperating and, thought you didn't really expect it, he keeps doing so for the many weeks to come.
For a few months, everything seems to be going smoothly. Your conversations about adverbs and sentence structures somehow mesh into awkward childhood stories and stiffed laughter. You learn that Huang Renjun finds solace and company in conspiracy theories and the unknown wonders of space. He's skilled in not only paper art but also the art of coding, hence why the two things that surround him the most are his sketchbook and slightly run down, second hand pc since that was all he managed to afford.
And he learns about you. You come to realise you have less hobbies than you wished to and that your life is not particularly interesting, but the boy doesn't seem to mind that. In fact, he's quite intrigued in how differently you both view the world.
You find that mentioning the word 'family' makes the air between you particularly eery, so that is definitely something to avoid. To do so, and be as considerate as possible, you push all the questions flooding your thoughts away. You're not quite friends - per say - but not quite acquaintances either. Times when you manage to pull a smile out of him are rare, yet so incredibly rewarding. He has a nice smile, that thought crosses your mind way too often to be healthy, he definitely has a nice smile.
However, something that does bother you is his despondency. You're probably the closest thing he had for a friend, yet he never let you get close enough. The boy who excelled at maths and computing and sucked (a bit less now) at english - he's still a mystery. It's almost as if his responses were rehearsed sometimes or he forced himself to hold back what plagued his mind. What bothers you even more is the fact that, outside that classroom and the specific time frame of the tutoring session, Renjun acted as if you never even existed. Shy smiles in the corridor, hesitant waves across the canteen, none of those were ever acknowledged, much less returned. Still, you never had the courage to bring it up.
Though he never missed one of your tutoring sessions, you had started to notice his absence from class was becoming more of a habit rather than a rarity towards the end of the senior year. You never brought it up though - he'd just shrug it off and tell you not to worry.
At some point, you get tired of seeing the boy waste away his talents on a 1st generation scrap pc, which was missing a few keys from the keyboard, and decided that it'd be a nice graduation presence. And oh how wrong you were.
"What's this?" He snickers, inspecting the bow that ties the bag shut, it's vibrant fuchsia pink a bit too bright for his vision.
"It's for you." You say, smiling, which is returned with a frown as opposed to the excited glint you'd pictured.
"What do you mean 'why'?" Your imitation of his voice is definitely faulty. "I thought you'd like it, come on, open it."
He's hesitant, but after a good few seconds of getting pressured by your doe eyes, he gives in, fingers threading through the bag straps and tugging them apart. When he sees the contents inside it, he's shocked, to say the least. His lips are parted and his breaths are staggered, eyebrows knitting together, which only makes you bite down on your pointy finger's nail even harder.
"So... Do you like it?" You try, pausing for a second to give him time to respond. He doesn't. "It's one of those gaming level computers. The guy at the store said it was the newest in the market so I thought it'd be good. I don't really know much about computers. All I know is that this one is probably ten times better than the one you have right now, at least it has all the keys-"
"You know about my mum, don't you?" His voice is vacant, much like how it was on the very first day you met, and it sends shivers crawling down your spine.
That was an abrupt conclusion. It made your throat ache and your breathing stop for a good minute before you felt capable enough to answer.
"Yes, but what does that have to do with-"
"I'm not a fucking charity case, Y/n." His tone - it holds venom and a kind of rage you did not think you deserved. Even so, your heart shatters a bit.
"I know you're not, I'm just trying to be nice."
"People like you always hide behind the 'trying to be nice' excuse. Does that make you feel good about yourself?" He spits and every single word is yet another cut on your skin. "I get it - I'm the poor little boy who got left by his mother, but God, I'm so done with people pitying me."
At some point, his vexed grunts turn into yells and you're not sure of what to do with yourself. You want hide but also scream at him about how unfair he's being but also reassure him that your intentions were pure and not meant to make him feel this way. Well... You end up doing neither.
"W-Where are you going?" You bite down on your lip, so hard that the metallic taste overrides your senses, and do nothing but watch as he shoves his stuff back into his backpack without looking up once.
"I should've known you weren't different." That doesn't exactly answer your question, but it makes one thing clear: he's shutting you out again.
"I was just trying to help." You mutter in a pleading tone, grabbing a hold of his wrist before he zips his bag fully shut.
"I never asked for help." With that, he leaves.
He's not there the week after, he's not in class either, he doesn't even come to graduation - you know since all the time you should've been enjoying yourself, you were looking through the crowd's faces in search of his instead.
That day is the last you hear from Huang Renjun.
It's almost two years later when you spot his soft brown locks and the signature glassy glint of his stare. Never did you think that the part time job at the cafe you love to complain so much about would actually bring you any sort of joy, and yet here you are, messing up people's orders just to get a good look at him in the line.
"Hey, Y/n! Hurry up, you're like three orders behind." Your fellow part timer shouts at you from his place at the till, and that finally seems to rip your gaze away from Renjun, who doesn't even flinch at the mention of your name.
Must know a lot of Y/n's, huh...
"Yeah, coming!"
Renjun turns into a frequent customer at some point, and though the urge is definitely there, you never seem to gather enough spects of courage to go talk to him. All you rely on is the times when you're at the till and have the luxury to take his order - in which you always put a bit more sugar in than you usually would. It's your lame attempt at apologising for the incident back in high school. Even so, he doesn't notice. Not the familiarity of your voice, not the way you scribbled down his name on the cup before he got the chance to tell you it, not the extra damn sugar you always put it, he doesn't notice any of it. To be fair, he'd always been one to run from this kind of situation and refuse to acknowledge other human beings - truly a blessing you wish you had - but at some point you start asking yourself if this isn't too far. Surely he couldn't have forgotten about you so easily, right? The only person he seemed to actually make eye contact with at school and who he'd spent a whole academic year talking about aliens and other wonders with; it really shouldn't be that hard to remember.
Well, you still refuse to voice your concerns, choosing to stay put behind the counter, and content yourself with scenarios of what could happen if you were to stop being a pussy and approach him. 'Next time', you'd think, and silently pray there would actually be a next time. It's okay though - Renjun is good at waiting.
Friday night seems to be the perfect 'next time' you'll ever have. The bell hovering above the door dings one last time, freeing the cafe of any other customers apart from him. You're patiently - well, if barely blinking, abusing the nail trapped between your teeth and drumming your foot on the floor in an unnecessarily violent manner can even be considered 'patient' - awaiting for the clock to strike 10PM so you have an excuse to go over and talk to him once and for all.
Your eyes flicker to him every few seconds; Renjun is entertained with whatever shows on his computer screen, clearly higher quality than the one he had in high school, and it doesn't take long for you to conclude that he must have a better paying job than you. At least he seems happier now.
The last 20 minutes are spent trying to figure out what to say, how to say it and why the heck you're stressing so much about this. Should you ask how he's been doing since last year first or why he missed graduation or why he hasn't bothered to acknowledge you yet? Should you tell him everything you couldn't bring yourself to at the time or leave it in the past? Should you-
"Hey." The clock strikes 10 and you're done shying away. "I don't know if you remember me - well, it hasn't even been that long actually - but I'm Y/n, from high school. You know... Spoiled brat who has their head too far up their a-"
"You got the wrong person, sorry." He states briefly and proceeds to stuff his computer back in the bag, cleaning up the table in an attempt to make your job easier.
"No, I'm pretty sure I don't." Your body is immobile.
Amnesia, it's gotta be amnesia.
"You haven't really changed much, you know? Unless, there's someone out there who looks exactly like you and has the same name too." A snicker forces its way out of you, though it definitely doesn't feel like a laughing matter, much more like a 'what the heck' matter.
"Look, I'm not in the mood, alright?" He sighs, picking up his bag off the table with one hand, rubbing his temple with the other. "Sorry for the inconvenience."
In the blink of an eye, the bell above the door dings one last time and leaves you to drown in the depth of your own thoughts.
What just happened?
His words lingers at the back of your brain for longer than you'd like to admit, and you find yourself cursing him out while cleaning up the last table, angrily untying your stupid apron and putting on your stupid shoes, roaming through the cafe one last time before closing its doors.
Every stone that comes into view gets kicked away and even the distant traffic horns annoy you to a point of no return. Though your mind goes into override and shrinks with embarrassment every time his weirded out look replays in your head, you're snapped out of it at the sound of struggling coming from a nearby alleyway.
As if something had been swiched on - definitely not your survival instinct - you find yourself tiptoeing towards the source of the grunting, voices becoming clearer as you approach.
"Didn't think we'd see someone from NEO in this part of town. You must be really fucking dumb to come here unarmed." One of them snickers, though the amount of venom traced in his tone is enough to tell you that this is far from being a laughing matter.
The worst part is that you've heard about NEO. The most infamous mafia in the country, recognised globally, something you've heard about since you were little. Growing up amidst the upper class did not make you fear the monsters in your closet or under your bed. The bedtime stories they told you were far from being something children should hear, yet that never seemed to hinder your grandparents from lulling you to sleep with them. It was always about the crimes, and other unthinkable matters, they committed; stealing money from the most powerful families, kidnapping teens to expand their army, controlling the bigger cities without a single name being known. They were mythical, almost, unheard of unless they striked big or meddled in the police's business.
Unheard of until now.
"You could just say you missed me and go." A pained chuckle echoes through the hollowness of the alley.
That voice - it couldn't be...
"God, you don't know how much I wanna bash your pretty little face in." Another grunt sounds weakly, and it makes your throat ache, hand coming up to cover your mouth, feet unmoving.
You should get out of here.
"You know you can kill me without the compliments, right?"
It's him. It's definitely him. And that terrifies you.
"God, I always hated your attitude." With every word, there's another hit to the chest or arm or leg or head. With every word, something seems to shatter within you, and blind your vision with agony.
You should get out of here.
"But, you're right."
Then you hear it. You hear it and it's the very first time in your life yet the sound is so distinguishable it leaves no space for doubts. You hear it and it triggers a reaction from you, admittedly foolish, but your feet move without command. The choice between fight or flight is no longer one you can make, the way your pace quickens when the safety clicks off, the way pure terror poisons your bloodstream and the panic drags a shriek out of you, the way you wrap your arms around his head and shield him from the gunshot - it's all instinctive.
You don't feel it, at first. In fact, your body is so overrun with adrenaline that none of your senses seem to work. It takes seeing Renjun in a state of trepidation, looking down at you statically through the blood smudging his vision, to realise that there's a bullet hole in your shoulder blade. Even then, a wave of relief washes through you - and then pain.
Sharp, burning, focused pain.
The two guys sweet talking their way into killing the boy seemed to have scurried away once their business was half done, leaving you, teeth gritted so tightly you're afraid they'll shatter, and Renjun, who, even when you're bleeding out, finds something to scold you over.
"Why would you do that?!" He screams and presses down on the wound, ignoring your cries for the sake of stopping you from bleeding to death.
"You were outnumbered!" You grunt back through your teeth, hands gripping onto Renjun's wrist for support - physical and moral.
He scowls, unable to look you in the face - it'd only bring him even more pain to see you in this deplorable state.
"It's not your business to meddle in." His voice is a few shades darker as he tugs off his jacket and presses it onto the wound.
"You were about to get shot!"
"You should've just let me get shot!" He yells, and his words only contribute to the pain you're already subjected to.
It's unfair. It's like he never knew how to say thank you or sorry or admit that he needed help. It's unfair because you just took a bullet for him when, honestly, he probably wouldn't do the same for you.
He doesn't even remember you, Y/n.
He ignores the look of sheer disappointment that falls upon you, and feels around on the floor in search of his half broken phone smudged with blood, which you're not sure if it belongs to you or him. Either way, it doesn't matter; he's still able to type in a number and vehemently shout away you two's location, and though you can't see who it is he's calling, you sure fucking hope it's 911.
The air falls limp once he hangs up, the pain in your whole upper body fades slightly with the amount of adrenaline building up, and you're left drifting in and out of continuousness, the hand that held onto Renjun's wrist falls to the side as you begin to shut down defensively.
"Fuck, don't fall asleep Y/n, come on. Stay awake, come on Y/n." He curses under his breath, gently snaking an arm around you to set your head on his lap; the carefulness of his actions contrasts that of his words, and it seems to be enough to get you to forgive him for the outburst of moments ago, though he definitely does not deserve it.
"You know who I am." Even with a gunshot to your body and heavy eyelids, you're able to ease out a chuckle through the dry midnight air. At some point, the stars above all start to blur together, and it's too much of a pretty sight for you to force your way out of it.
"How could I forget..." He rasps out through the guilty lump in his throat and squeezes you a bit tighter against his chest. He knows you'll be okay, yet his heart still aches and his eyes still burn; it's the unbearable amount of guilt that tips him over the edge and draws scattered tear trails down his cheeks.
Even with unholy amounts of blood adorning your skin and hair mattered to your forehead, Renjun thinks this sight is a pretty one too.
Even with your eyes closed, all you can see is white. It overrides your senses and pierces straight through your skull, yet that doesn't even seem to be the most agonising pain of all. The whole left side of your body is immobile and it burns with Hades' brightest flame, dragging a groan out of you and drawing your eyes shut for a bit longer.
Once you gather enough energy to open them, you're met with white, unsurprisingly. White walls, white ceiling, white sheets. The only thing that seems to pour some colour into the dullness of your life is Huang Renjun himself, who looks down at you from where he stands by the bed. It'd be a lie if you said his presence had no effect on you - in fact, the quickening of the heart monitor's irksome 'beep' doesn't give you much of an option to lie or not.
"I'm alive." Though your throat feels like it's been scratched away, you manage to rasp it out triumphantly, followed by a never ending cough with that distinctive metallic taste that seems to have taken a liking on you lately.
Renjun seems unamused - well, not much has changed there - and taken aback by how lightly you think of the situation while being tubed up to two machines and strapped down to a hospital bed.
There's a face you don't quite recognise looking down over Renjun's shoulder, someone who can clearly take a joke from the way their lip perks up. Though the gaze is definitely intrusive, you find yourself focusing on your ex-tutee instead and, much to your disappointment, he diverts his stare away the moment it meets yours, as if it stung, almost.
"I just wanted to check up on you." He coughs and pulls back the hair he always hides behind, before his hands are back to being buried far down the pockets of his jacket. "I'll get going, now."
Everything in you is screaming at him not to go. He seems to notice the way your heartbeat so blatantly speeds up when he says those words yet, with a shake of his head, he dismisses the idea. You want to tell him you missed him and that you're scared and that there's a bullet hole in your body serving as a reminder of your recklessness and that, despite all of this, you do not regret it one bit.
But you can't. It's too much of a challenge - physically and emotionally.
So you settle for the silence, as cowardly as always.
He turns on his feet and, if you didn't know any better, you'd say there's a ping of hesitation echoing through his body. Even then, Renjun was never one to allow his feelings to cloud his judgment.
Once he's out of the room, you feel like you can let a breath out, at last. The guy who once stood beside Renjun, whatever his name is, approaches the bed and looks down at you pitifully, sighing at his friend's actions. You don't look at him back.
"He cares about you, you know." His voice bounces off the white walls and his words linger in your mind. Bitting the inside of your cheek, you shake the warm feeling they provoked off your chest.
"He doesn't, we barely even know each other." Your chuckle is humourless and it's obvious there's a kind of desire behind your words that hopes they aren't true.
The boy sets a hand down on your shoulder - the one that is intact - and prompts you to turn to him, which you do after a few hesitant seconds. His presence feels homely and it draws the tension out of your body, almost as if you're letting your guard down; it doesn't feel blameworthy at all.
"I don't think you'd take a bullet for someone you barely know." He states, matter-of-factly. There's something within you that wants to scream, not at the boy, but at the universe or at fate or at the Gods, yet you settle for a sigh, lips pursing together at the truthfulness of his statement. "The look in his eyes... I've had it too, I know what it's like. He cares about you, Y/n."
He is a... Stranger, so you're not sure why you listen to what he has to say so intently, why your eyebrows raise at the revelation, why the stupid heart monitor paces once again.
He clicks his tongue, shaking his head and setting his hands on his waist as if to rid himself of his own words, smiling sadly at you for a brief moment. "You should rest a bit more, you must be really confused. I'll explain everything in the morning, okay?"
Though you have a lot of questions rummaging through your head, you're admittedly too exhausted to voice them, so you nod slowly at the proposition.
"Okay, uhm..." You trail off, in hopes of catching his name.
"Jeno." The lightness in his voice is enough to make you relax, unusually so.
"Jeno." You repeat, in an attempt to imprint the name onto your brain past the exhaustion that starts to overcome you. "Thanks."
With that, he's off, followed by your drooping gaze all the way to the door and, once he's no longer in sight, you let bliss take over your aching body once again.
Turns out the number Renjun was calling on the night you got shot was, in fact, not 911, and the place you'd spent the last two to three weeks in was, in fact, not a hospital.
NEO - the bad guys of all your bedtime stories - had taken you in as one of theirs, given you food and a bed and better medical treatment than you would've gotten in a hospital. You never thought the mafia would feel like such a civilised place at first glance, though you're yet to explore its depths, which you're sure will change your mind.
"You're gonna have to stay with us for a while until we can ensure your safety, okay?"
Jeno had told you a few days back when you got discharged from the hospital, to which you nodded dumbly, still trying to process the fact that your life completely turned on it's head in the span of two weeks - and rightfully so, it isn't everyday you get to say you got shot trying to protect a gang member.
"You can go visit your parents to make the transition smoother and not raise any suspicion; we're trusting you not to bust us to the police but I don't think that'd be a problem."
There's always a, somewhat annoying, omniscient tone to Jeno's voice, like he looks at you and knows exactly what is going through your head. The fact that he's putting so much trust in you is another way of saying 'I know you wouldn't bust us because, one - that'd put Renjun in danger - and two - you'd probably not live to talk about it for much longer' and, in all honesty, it's fair.
"You'll be staying at one of the rooms at the established members' dorms," As per Renjun's request, he wants to add. "which are admittedly way better than the trainee dorms. You should feel lucky."
Oh what a blessing it is to sleep amidst the high ranking members of a globally known mafia unit... What else could you ever want in life.
"You took a bullet for one of our most critical members, we don't take these kinds of thing lightly. You'll have our protection until we can repay the favour." Jeno finishes his speech as you approach what, you guess, will be your home for the next few... Weeks, maybe? You wouldn't mind it if this were to be your life for a while; it's definitely better than the routinely going to uni, getting drowned with homework, working and, on top of that, being looked down by your parents for working instead of accepting their stupidly high allowances. Financial independence feels better than the meaningless life they try to offer you.
Jeno has been your emotional support mafia member ever since that first day at the hospital wing. He visited everyday, or at least everyday his busy schedule allowed, and brought you snacks that you weren't exactly allowed to eat as your wound healed. He's someone you genuinely trust more than some 5 year old friendships and who made your stay way less lonely than it should've been.
Renjun, he... Didn't visit much. If he did it was always just a mystical 'he came but you were sleeping' and the occasional peek through the door just to check that you were - well... Breathing.
Since you had a lot of time to yourself in the last few weeks, you set yoursef the goal to restore you two's friendship and regain that sense of rebellion you'd always felt in his presence - but first, you need to know where, in this maze of a building, he is.
"Thanks Jeno. One last question, though: do you know where I can find Renj-"
"I literally can't stand this anymore, I'm fucking leaving!" You're rudely interrupted by the door next to your bedroom's one being shoved open by a boy, probably the same age as Jeno, with ears so red and jaw so tightly shut you're afraid it'll snap.
He stomps down the corridor and doesn't care to acknowledge you and Jeno, who hurried out of his way before you became the target of his rage.
"Fine, see you in 10." Another voice sounds, this time amused, from the door he'd bolted out of and, without even looking back, the boy flips them the finger and goes on his way.
The door is slammed shut and the tension finally eases off the air; you cough out a breath you didn't know you'd been holding in this whole time. "What... Was that?"
Jeno, though slightly startled too, merely laughs it off, crossing his arms over his chest. "Haechan, he... Well, you see, he got assigned a partner a couple months ago, and he's not the most, uhm... Welcoming person. He likes to work alone, that's his motto, I guess."
"Sounds like the start of a love story." Quirking up an eyebrow, you can barely contain that mischievous smile of yours, and Jeno, who is admittedly amused, shakes his head at the statement.
"You clearly haven't seen them on a mission together." Jeno sighs and shivers at the memories of the past few months, it had been nothing but hell to his ears.
Whatever Renjun related thoughts had been lingering on your mind just minutes ago seemed to have dissipated with all the sudden commotion. It's not long until you're bidding Jeno farewell, with the promise to meet again once he's free from duties, and plopping down on your bed with a huff. Only then does the boy's pretty, yet so incredibly rare, smile pop back into view and you smack yourself in the head for forgetting to ask where in this maze he's located.
If you're midst the dorms of the most high profile members of the unit, he shouldn't be very far, should he? Well, it's not like you'll be going around knocking on every door until you find him - you need a better plan.
You'll just ask Jeno when he comes back.
Well... Jeno didn't come back, at least not for a very long while. It seemed that his duties were taking up more time than usual and that you'd be left alone and bored for the few days to come. And seen as you're not one to settle in a single place for a very too long, you decide to roam through the hallways and familiarise yourself instead of lying on your ass the whole day.
You're not sure if it's a better plan or an equally as pointless plan, but it works.
Much to your amusement, you end up meeting some trainees and getting to know all of the hushed rumours that linger beneath the higher ups' noses. Not just that, due to where you're staying, you manage to befriend Na Jaemin - if you could even call it a friendship. Na Jaemin has a record breaking set of rumours under his belt, from being the most distress-inducing mentor to hooking up with more than one of his fellow mentees. Despite all of that, he's pretty cool, at least to you.
"Wait, so you got into the mafia when you were only twelve?" You ask flabbergasted, jaw dropping a few centimetres too low. Jaemin can only laugh it off and take another sip of his coffee - or 'death juice' as you like to call it.
"You'll catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that, love." He says in a mocking tone, fingers pinching your chin so he can push your mouth shut himself. "Yeah, it happened after a house fire killed my family. I had nowhere to go so NEO took me in. This feels more like home than anything ever felt before, to be honest."
Silence falls between you, filled with only small sips of his coffee and dropped gazes as you took in the information he'd just given you, hands playing aimlessly atop your lap.
"I'm sorry about that..."
He's quick to dismiss it, snickering one last time. "No need, love, I like it here."
It's hard to understand someone whose job is to kill and set stuff on fire for living, but you try to not be judgemental and drown the terrorising 'once upon a crime' bedtime stories at the back of your mind. You nod, feet dangling off the edge of the table you sit on, and look up at the boy.
Words formulate in your mind and slip past your lips before you come to your senses. "What about Renjun?"
He eyes you, one eyebrow quirked. "What about Renjun?"
"When did he - you know... Get into this whole business too?" Although you're definitely trying your best to sound nonchalant, you can't stop your eyes from flicking to Jaemin beside you, in too much of a creepy way for it to not be unsettling.
"He's the most recent member of us seven, actually." There go all your arduous attempts at not giving a shit through the roof. With perked ears and bottom lip trapped between your teeth, you lean in a bit closer as to not miss a single word; if it this weren’t Jaemin you're talking too, you're sure they'd have felt uneasy at the proximity. "He came in about two, three years ago? He somehow managed to hack into some of our files and, instead of killing him, we figured his skills would be put to better use in our unit. One hell of an entrance, if you ask me."
Wow, is that why he gradually stopped turning up to class? So, it wasn't because of you, right?
"Do you happen to know where he like... Works or something?" You jump off the table and onto your feet, dusting the nonexistent dust off your trousers as determination filled you to the brim.
Jaemin sighs. "Thought you'd never ask. You know, you're not very discreet at all." He earns a brief eye-roll from you but proceeds to teach you the way to Renjun's office, per say, before biding you farewell and heading in the opposite direction.
It seems like you finally got what you wanted - and that terrifies you.
He hasn't paid you a visit ever since your hospital wing days, and hasn't talked to you since the first day of treatment; to say that you're nervous to see his reaction would be an understatement. It somewhat feels like invading his privacy. If he does not wish to see you, ever after you took a damn bullet for him, then who are you to barge into his office. Not just that, there's no guide you know of about 'how to approach stoic people who always push you away' so, in all honesty, you're lost; what are you supposed to say, what if he's gets mad at you for interrupting him during work, how much will you be able to get off your mind before he kicks you out?
You realise you're approaching Renjun's working space as his voice slithers from the door left ajar, which stops you dead in your track, hesitating to interrupt.
"...an anonymous tip about the locations of our bases." He sounds distressed, to say the least, and you can almost picture the way his hand pushes the hair back from his eyes, huffing out in frustration and rolling his eyes in a much too exaggerated manner. "Look, Jisung, we need you for this mission, you know the Parks way better than any of us. We're sending Haechan in so we need to be really careful about this, plus it's in a few days, it'll barely take up any of your time..."
Just as you decide that it's maybe better to comeback at another time, you're forcefully shoved forward onto your knees, whimpering at the burning impact on your bulleted shoulder.
"I'll call you back, Jisung." It's as if the sound activates something within Renjun. His vision blurs as he paces to the door, and proceeds to redden vehemently at the sight of two trainees crouching down beside you, muttering away a string of sincere apologies. "What the fuck is going on here?"
His roaring voice snaps your head up, the salient hint of pain in your gaze definitely not aiding the situation.
The trainees get up and bow their heads in respect, perhaps shame too, yet that doesn't seem to ease Renjun in the slightest. "We were joking around, not paying attention to where we were going, a-and bumped into-"
"You have 3 seconds to get out of my face before I do something I'll regret." He doesn't even need to finish his sentence to have his vision cleared, the two scrambling newbies hurrying out of sight in mere seconds, leaving you, Renjun, and an impending silence.
He softens up at that exact moment, crouching down and thoroughly analysing your state, and you can sense his worry in the way his breaths shorten.
"Are you okay?" Low and apprehensive, his voice soothes you into a state of equanimity, and you nod slowly, though blood starts to trickle through the fabric of your shirt, staining it with angry red. "Come in, I'll have a look."
Though those words sound like a simple command for you to get up and follow him, he gives you no time to do so, taking it upon him to snake an arm under your knees and another around your back, and thus picking you up bridal style. Your first instinct is to shriek, but he ignores it and carries you in, only setting you down when the door is closed and the table is free of all the aimless paperwork.
"Take your shirt off." He requests, reaching for the first aid kit beside one of the many monitors that plague the room.
Seemingly nonchalant, his eyes flicker up to yours for a brief moment, before returning to their hunt for the appropriate apparatus in order to tend to your wound.
"I can't exactly help the bleeding if I can't see it, can I?" He's firm in his answer, no amusement whatsoever, yet you're still slightly too dumbstruck to follow the (logical) command. "I'll turn around so you can take it off and cover yourself."
He does as he says and it takes you a moment or two to snap out of it and hurriedly tug the shirt off. Though you can't see it, Renjun can't help but cringe, eyebrow knitting together, everytime you whimper or suck in a sharp breath. It's as if he feels the same pain on his own skin.
"Okay, you can... Turn around."
The moment he does as you ask, he halts for a brief second before returning to business, which triggers slight confusion to overflow your thoughts.
Renjun's hands are delicate and careful to not brush against the wrong places as he unwinds the bandage encircling your shoulder. Small puffs of air fan your skin due to the sheer proximity between you, which leaves you stiff and discomposed, heart beating so forcefully against your ribcage it almost seems to echo through the entirety of your body. He must feel uncomfortable with the way your gaze is so intently set on him while he aids to your wound, yet it doesn't show in the slightest, much to your relief.
He's skilled, treating the small gash that opened due to the fragility of your skin at the moment, and attentive too, blowing on the area when you hiss of shift away from his touch without complaining.
"All done." He announces, monotonously so. He turns around, cleaning up the mess and shoving the unused gauze back into the first aid kit, which in turn prompts you to put your shirt back on.
And just like that, Renjun is back to his usual, cold self, turning back to you with a feigned contemptuous expression and a brief 'are you gonna go or not' thrown your way.
It frustrates you, to say the least. No matter how close you try to get, he's too quick and set on pushing you away in the same breath. Not just that, it's exhausting, mentally and physically, to keep trying again and again when your efforts go unnoticed.
"Why do you act so cold?" It's, admittedly, impulsive how your voice roars through the room, but it seems to work, getting Renjun's somewhat undivided attention at last.
"Because you don't belong to this kind of world."
"And you do?" Silence - silence and peering gazes that speak thousands of words, yet they're all encrypted. That is Huang Renjun's specialty.
Only after a few beats and heavy breaths does he dare speak again, words muttered and unsure. "I do."
"Your life is pretty jewellery and a perfect family, Y/n. I never had that luxury, it was always 'Renjun the poor kid without a mother' or 'Renjun the weird loner kid'. Yet, here you are trying so hard to fit in and become one of us." He spits, and the venom in his words is too vehement to be dismissed.
"Trying to fit in? For fuck's sake Renjun, I'm here because I took a shot for you and because you wanted to keep me here for protection." The fact that you're not backing down for once seems to take him aback.
"Going around and talking to everyone that comes into view? Befriending people who kill for living and even asking for them to teach you skills, you think that's not 'trying to fit in'?" His eyes narrow at you, words stinging yet harmless the longer you think of them.
"I did that because the one person I trust the most didn't even care to check up on me for the past two weeks." Your words seem to finally flip a switch within him. Renjun's breathing steadies and the tension in his shoulders drops. Suddenly, he doesn't seem so big and strong anymore; he's the same boy who used to sketch at any given moment and groan at his inability to remember the english words you'd taught him the week prior. He's still here.
"You don't belong to this kind of world. It doesn't end when you get shot in the shoulder." He repeats, this time more softly than before.
You lived the life he could only ever dream of living. With caring parents and a warm home, no orphanage, no solitude, no searching through the streets in search of lost coins that could pay for your next meal.
Renjun's hands had always preferred paintbrushes over guns yet he was never given the opportunity to choose, unlike you, who's so determined to make the wrong choice. In all honesty, he envied you as much as he cared for you, and that caused conflict within. Instead of dealing with said conflict, he pushes you away; it's easier like that.
You take a tentative step forward, reaching your hand out to soothe the highest point of his cheek and, although you were certainly not expecting it, he leans further into your touch. It's easier to push you away but it takes a piece off his soul everytime; he's done with it.
"I don't care if it ends or not, I just want you to let me in..." Though he has a hard time deeping the sincerity in your voice, Renjun doesn't fight the overwhelmingly warm feeling radiating from you to him, a kind of warmth he'd never had the luxury to experience before; no one ever really dared get so close.
Even then, reality lingers in the back of his brain as a bitter reminder, like a curse that had been inflicted upon him for as long as he remembers. His bottom lip quivers. "It's kind of dark in here."
All you can do is smile softly back at him. He's scared, isn't he? Perhaps scared he'll hurt you, perhaps scared you'll pity him; whatever it is that he's scared off has you profusely shaking your head. "Light is overrated."
It is. You'd prefer to live in darkness than to live without Huang Renjun, not the lonely boy without a mother, but who holds immense amounts of talent in his body, whose eyes hold the stars and whose smile holds the light of a million galaxies. It's something you'd come to realise too late and it didn't feel blameworthy in the slightest. In fact, you'd become darkness itself just to linger in his mind in his darkest times.
Somewhere along the way, though the path was arduous, Renjun started to warm up to the idea of you. He didn't complain when you showed up at his workroom nor when you brought over lunch for the two of you (since he always seems to be too deep into the work mentality to care about eating). He didn't complain when you brought up random subjects just to hear him ramble like he used to nor when you knocked at his dorm door at ungodly hours with fresh tears and fear of your own subconscious mind. In fact, he stepped aside and let you in, made you tea, let you cuddle his bedsheets and settled for sleeping on the hard wood floor, if it meant you were okay and comfortable. Gladly, he never pressed you to tell him about the nightmare's haunting you; he didn't need to know you dreaded the sight of him getting shot more than getting shot yourself.
Slowly but surely, he let you in, just enough to have you begging for more, just enough to leave you dissatisfied with what you got. Sure, learning a bit of computing and getting the insights into his stressful way of living was fun and all, but it never really got much deeper than that. When the conversation started going south - south being emotional vulnerability - it's like a switch would flip in his mind and Renjun would awkwardly cough his way out of it. It was funny, you must admit.
This week has been exceptionally lonely for you; everybody you know seems to be on constant high alert, looking over their shoulder, busy with their duties at any given moment. From what you gathered, this is due to a mission gone wrong last weekend, with Haechan getting ambushed, and the word spy has been thrown around a couple of times. It really goes unsaid but these events have definitely not aided the process of cracking open Renjun's hard shell.
You often found yourself in your room, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, because Jeno was too busy to hang out, Jaemin disappeared after his mentoring sessions and Renjun was nowhere to be seen, not even in his own workroom.
It's funny, actually; after a few days you finally get to see the boy's face for the first time in what feels like weeks, and though you're glad and the sight of his soft features warms your heart in a way it it definitely shouldn't, you didn't really expect it to be in an interrogation room.
"So, tell me why I'm here again." It comes off as more of a question rather than a command.
Renjun clears his throat, finishing up tying every sort of wire around your torso and proceeding to sit back in front of you, straight across the desk. Curiously, you scan the room, every corner of its concealed, soundproof walls, the mirror behind him, which you're sure is a deceitful way of making you believe you're alone; you've seen too many CSIs to not know how this works.
As if he can read your mind, Renjun speaks up through the silent thoughts polluting your mind. "No one's watching, I made sure of it. I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable."
He mutters the last part in a way that is almost too slurred for you to understand - almost.
"As you probably know by now, last weekend's mission went wrong." He starts, typing away on his computer. "We found out that there might be a spy in these premises, so Mark has commanded us to bring everybody in for questioning. Not that I think you're the spy, we just need to get you cleared so-"
"If you wanted to tie me up you could've just said so." There's something in your tone and you hushed, growing smirk that alludes to more than meets the eye and Renjun, as the fully grown adult he is, gets the double meaning way too quickly.
His eyes flicker to your own mischievous ones, one time too many, fingers halting on the keyboard for just a flustered second before returning to their attack. "Anyways..."
You snicker, but let it go after a moment as per his silent request.
"I'm just gonna make a few questions. Please answer them truthfully so we can just get this done and over with." Nodding, you scan the boy's concentrated, visibly distressed, expression, lines of exhaustion drawn gracefully across his forehead, and it makes you wonder if he's even left this cage of a room at all in the past few says. "Uh okay, so... Name?"
"Y/n L/n." Though he doesn't doubt your answer, his eyes are fixated on the screen in search for any irregularities. There are none. "Actually, I've been lying to you about my identity since high school."
Renjun coughs in an attempt to hide his chuckle, and shakes his head at you like a parent at their rebellious kid, the lines on the screen projecting up and down in a chaotic manner.
Well, at least the machine is working.
"Please don't make my job harder..." Renjun's voice is assertive but his smile is surely not. "Okay. So, what sector do you belong... to?"
It sounds like a stupid thing to ask and realisation hits him the exact moment those words slip out.
"You know... The sector where I just roam around, make some friends, get ignored, take shots for people I care about, that kind of stuff..." You shrug and take an interest at your nails, faux nonchalance radiating off of you in a playfully mocking way.
It's at this moment that Rejun realises that you will never stop milking that moment - rightfully so, of course; it's not everyday that you save a life.
He hasn't told you yet - how thankful he is for it yet how much he wishes you hadn't done it. In a way, Renjun blames himself and his selfish actions; going over to your cafe just to catch a glimpse of your smile, to hear your laugh from afar, to see you worked up over a stupid cup of coffee. If he hadn't done all of that, you wouldn't be here. You'd still be living the rose tainted life Renjun so ardently envied you for. Guilt overcomes gratitude, and the boy is guilty for dragging you into this life of blood and money, for putting a target on your back. He'd rather have died than have to feel thankful for you taking a bullet for him.
"Sorry, that was a stupid question, let's move on." Renjun shakes his head and you lean back on the chair, starting to feel more comfortable about this whole interrogation thing, although it is definitely an intimidating position to be in. "Do you have any sort of contact with members or affiliates of the mafia lead by Park Myungdae-"
"Do you wanna go on a date with me?"
Well that is... Unexpected.
Renjun halts mid sentence, his almost shy gaze detaches from the computer screen a couple of times, mouth hanging open as his thoughts race through the options of what to say next.
"I'm the one who's supposed to be making the questions." The deep, almost unheard of, tone in his voice tells you very clearly that he is flustered at the proposition, but the lip trapped in between his teeth and that innocent yet excited glint in the dark-sky of his eyes tells you very clearly that his heart is racing at the thought.
"Is that a... Yes?" You're not in a much better state either, heart beating at the pit of your throat, way too wiling to pour out at any given moment, and hands sweating beneath the table and out of sight, thankfully.
It takes him a few beats - too many to ease your agitated inner state - but Renjun finally answers after opening and closing his mouth repeatedly for the last minute.
"Yes." It a simple word, three letters, one syllable, yet it manages to drown you in a wave of relief. "Lets, uhm, go on a date... I guess."
Still mid trying to process his words, you nod staggeringly, and look for any signs of doubt or mockery, glad to find none in the end.
"Okay." You sigh, tension slowly easing out of your body beneath his soft gaze.
"Okay, this is definitely illegal and, somehow, that makes me even more excited." Heart racing, head spinning, and a hardly contained smile - that's the sight that has Renjun's eyes rolling to the back of his head yet snickering in a contradictory manner.
"I can see this is your first time breaking the law - or any rule ever, for that matter." That excited smile of yours twists into a frown, earning the boy a smack to the arm as if his words were any less than the truth.
His hands tug at the fence to check for its sturdiness and, though it wobbles like a pudding, he weaves his fingers together and nudges you in encouragement.
"You want me to put my foot there and... And jump over?" Eyeing up and down his hunched over figure, ready to aid you up, you cross your arms like a child throwing a tantrum, one eyebrow raised to further your point.
In return, Renjun looks at you credulously, scoffing as he stands back up, his hoodie-clad figure only seen due to the moonlight and the flickering street lamp above you. "You know what? You're right, let's just walk in though the main entrance with all the cameras and stuff, they probably won't mind."
As if on cue, you clutch onto the fabric of his hoodie, stopping the boy in his tracks when he tries to walk in the opposite direction, and groan slightly at the realisation that he's right. He always right; it's getting annoying.
"Okay okay okay, I'll... Climb up or whatever, just don't throw me over like a rag doll." Renjun hunches over once again, rolling his eyes into oblivion - clearly a common habit - and forms a step for your foot with his bare hands to aid you up.
He mutters something along the lines of 'yes, you majesty' just as you set one hand on his shoulder and another on the wired fence and, after an embarrassing amount of struggle, you're back to the place where you spent 4 very precious years of your life.
It's exactly how you remember it, though slightly emptier and less vibrant than before, and everything from the hallways to the the kinked metal lockers, the messy classrooms and even the canteen, brings back a disarray of memories, flooding in so quick your mind spins with fulfilment.
Even though Renjun stares in awe at the glint of excitement in your eyes and the wide smile plastered on your face, he doesn't seem to feel an ounce of what you're feeling right now, and it shows in the way he buries his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans and purses his lips as you walk throught the patio.
"...and that was where I was when Kim Taeyong ripped his trousers during volleyball, which means I had the perfect angle to- Hey, are you listening?"
"Uh, what?" His eyes lift up from the stone he'd been kicking around for a while, taken aback by the sudden proximity of your face to his, though he can't say he minds that. "Y-Yeah, yeah. Taehyun ripping his trousers during-"
"You're not enjoying out date very much, are you?" Stopping right in your tracks and tugging on his arm so he's facing you, you let the question linger in the air for a bit, watching as his face falls at the missing glint you had moments ago.
"No, no it's not that, it's just... I don't have many good memories of high school." His tone is frantic, hand slipping down to hold onto yours for extra reassurance; the delicacy of the touch manages to send a spark right through the whole of your nervous system. "It's not that, Y/n."
There's something in his voice that's reassuring in a way it shouldn't be, like it'd make you do the unthinkable, like you'd fall to his command if he wished you to. It makes you realise that you'd do anything for Huang Renjun, take another 5 bullets just to keep him safe, make a deal with the devil to keep him alive, even if the consequences would make the human world crumble - anything.
"Okay then, let's revive the few good memories you do have." The change in demeanour is so sudden, Renjun barely processes his surroundings as you two skip through the school, hand in hand. "That's where you'd sit everyday, which was actually a great spot for me to lowkey stalk you during lunch breaks."
He chuckles lowly, shaking his head as you point to the corner of the canteen room, recalling how that burning gaze of yours left his skin tingling and an itching urge to look up and meet your eyes; he never did.
Before he can process it, a common occurrence apparently, you two are already in the hallway by locker 139, your surroundings barely visible with the shy amount of moonlight seeping through the windows.
"This is where you ignored me when I tried saying hi to you for the first time." Renjun knows you're joking by the way your eyebrow raises playfully, yet he can't help but cringe at the revelation.
"Yeah, sorry about that..."
Once again, he follows your footsteps without much thought, too busy dealing with the sudden rise in body temperature - from when he realised your fingers are now intertwined - to care. He only comes back to his senses when you stop dead in your tracks and open the door to an extremely familiar room.
"And this is where you pissed me off for the first time of many." Renjun can't help but scoff and shake his head, but the feeling of endearment seems to overcome his senses, eyes scanning through each corner of the room as the memories of simpler times poison his thoughts; it's the kind of poison he wouldn't mind even if it were to thieve him of his life.
"You're acting like you were a saint." He says, smiling shyly, almost.
Silence settles in the room to allow space for the nostalgia to sound, and god is it deafening... At some point, you two start reviving buried memories and turning them into talles that make your bellies ache; you sit on the same chairs you did a few years back during the tutoring sessions - something you're sure of since you two's initial are carved onto their wooden seats - and laugh away the worries of the present. His leg brushes against yours from time to time beneath the table, making you visibly shudder, and, at some point, all the sweet talk dies down, leaving an unpretentious atmosphere lingering in the air.
It's all stares and shallow breaths, but just the sheer intesity of it leaves you breathless - absolutely, helplessly breathless. As the light in the room seems to dim even more each second, you stay unmoved; and then your eyes start to flicker away from his and down to his lips, and then back up, and it's not something you feel like you have control over anymore. Renjun, too, finds it hard to restrain his own gaze, while the rest of his body tenses up as a way to keep it all in.
But it's hard. It's hard to stay put when his leg burns as it grazes yours, it's hard to stay put when his breaths are shallow and his chest feels tight, it's hard when you're looking at him that way - like desire has made you its prey, hard when all he wants to do is flip over the table and take you, in any way he can, in every way he can.
"God, what are you doing to me..." Shivers run pleasurably down your spine as his low tone causes your core to ache. Suddenly, his pinkish lips graced with moonlight's glint, the softness in his eyes despite their naturally sharp nature, his thigh caressing yours - it all becomes too much. The urge to feel him fully flushed against you takes over, and it seems that Renjun feels it too since he beats you to it, leaping forward and over the table that separates you, and moulding his lips to yours, so intensely it almost seems desperate.
And desperate it is. He doesn't know when or why but Renjun cannot run away from the feeling you give him, though it's something he's battled with since the very start. Huang Renjun wants to hate you - he deserves to hate you and your rich family and your perfect upbringing and your silver spoon and everything he wished he would've had, yet he found himself searching for you as if his life depended on it, frequenting to your cafe with the hope of getting a glimpse of your smile and asking his members about you almost everyday before you actually started talking again. Something subsides the envy that had cursed him since the beginning, something he doesn't want to admit.
For now, propping you up on the table and standing between your legs as his hand pushes you impossibly closer to him seems to be enough, but not for long. You've familiarised yourself with the feeling of breathlessness, and it no longer bothers you as much; you start to seek it, running your tongue through Renjun's bottom lip when he tempts to pull away and tugging at his hair in a way which wills him to deepen the kiss, moaning softly into your mouth. That sound - you're not sure you've heard anything as heavenly.
It's starting to become too much, you both know that yet neither makes an effort to stop, too entranced with each other's hold to care. But of course something speaks louder. Maybe it's because more light starts filtering through the windows or because you know the cameras are about to turn back on, thanks to Renjun's wrongly thought out timer, but you pull away after a while, foreheads still pressed together, physically unable to open your eyes back up until a few blissful moments pass.
"We should go." His voice is hoarse and there's a certain unwillingness behind his words, yet you nod almost dumbly, still in a haze from the kiss.
He aides you down and you both say your heartfelt farewells to the room where everything started, proceeding to skip down the hallways and back to the fence, where Renjun could prop you over to the other side and follow suit.
The way to the car - parked a few blocks away as to not draw attention - is longer than it should be, with Renjun pulling you into every other alleyway, flushing your body against the wall, soothing his lips onto yours, sometimes eager and ardent, sometimes cautious and delicate. You crumble beneath him and fist the fabric of his shirt as if he's sand between your fingertips, ready to slip away as he always has - you can't bear for it to happen once more.
"This-" He whispers breathlessly, lips glistening and raw, and takes your hand in his, pressing it flushed against his heart through his hoodie. "This shouldn't be happening..."
But it is; his heart is drumming so damn hard against his chest and it's all because of you and God it doesn't feel blameworthy at all.
The journey home is just as tricky. There's unspoken desire filing the farthest corners of the car and the road ahead seems to blur everytime Renjun soothes his hand up and down your thigh, oh so innocently. His lips are back on yours at every red light and your insides scream at every amber one, unwilling to let his fiery spell cease.
You manage to make it to the dorms without crashing, barely making it past his room's door before your caged against the wall and he's nibbling your lower lip. It's urgent and desperate and everything it shouldn't be, but you melt into his touch. Your fingers run down his skin from beneath the shirt, proceeding to tug it over his head and straight onto the floor. Before you know it, he's hovering over you as his scent interlaced in the bedsheets overrides your senses to the point where you're free-falling in your own mind, groundless.
Soon after, your shirt follows suit, and then your jeans, and then his jeans, giving the boy the freedom to trail open mouthed kisses down your neck and torso. Every inch of you is precious to him; Renjun wants to kiss everywhere his lips touch and hold you tight in his arms and tell you everything he couldn't before - that he's yours. From the moment you first scolded him to the moment you first moaned for him - he's yours and God it feels so freeing to finally admit it.
"Are you sure about this?" Even though the lack of air in his lungs, Renjun manages to rasp out the question for the reassurance that you need this as much as he does.
You pause, trying to process his words through the fog in your head, which makes him visibly unsteady, before you voice seems to finally cooperate.
"I'm sure." He lets out a breath of pure relief, admiring as you glisten breathlessly beneath the sunlight slithering through the curtains. It's heavenly, to put it simply. "I want you Renjun, fuck- Please."
Renjun doesn't need to tell you that he's yours, because it shows in the way he smiles and showers you with affection, how he can't seem to tear his eyes away from your moaning figure or how his lips press to your forehead as you become one.
And as much as he's yours, you are his.
Bliss never had a true meaning until you woke up in Huang Renjun's arms. Skin to skin, legs laced together, head on his chest where his heartbeat sounds steadily against your ear, close to soothing you back to sleep. Even with your eyes closed, all you see is him; his pinkish lips and the way they molded against yours so perfectly, how his eyes seemed to soften at the sight of you - something that took you way too damn long to realise - and his smile, hidden away from view so often it was criminal.
It's almost too much, the kind of bliss you know you don't deserve, but those thoughts drown away at the exact moment you feel a chaste kiss be pressed onto the crown of your head.
Though that should probably be your cue to awake from your light slumber, all you can manage to do is tighten your hold around his torso, which in turn causes a snicker to sound through the room. Renjun doesn't mind at all and it shows in the way his hand starts soothing up and down your semi-exposed back, fingertips drawing invisible patterns with uttermost delicacy. And you stay like that for a few minutes, or hours - your perception of time has started to blur.
"Not to kill the mood but I really need to piss." In a grunt, Renjun manages to fully wake you up and drive you off of him, laughing lightly at the sudden remark, which definitely did kill the mood (you're not mad though).
Speeding to and from the bathroom, he is back in almost no time, sweatpants hanging loosely around his hips, yet the sheets and your own skin are already cold from the lack of his touch. It's not too much after that you're back to the same position, this time a bit more alert than before.
"Did you sleep well?" He questions, eyes closed to heighten his other senses, especially the feeling of you pressed to his chest.
"Mhm..." A smile spreads across your features. "Like a baby."
"Yeah, wish I could say the same but your snores aren't exactly the best background noise for sleeping."
And just like that, you're propping yourself up on one elbow, visibly offended by his words even though his teasing smirk does ease some rage out of you.
"I don't snore!" Hitting him lightly in the chest, you watch as he giggles a bit at your reaction. He has a nice smile, you think, trying your best to keep the angry facade up, he definitely has a nice smile.
"You do a bit, but it's cute, meditation and all..." Renjun pulls you back down onto his chest and cuddles you tightly against him, so much so that it should probably be suffocating, but it isn't. In fact, you wouldn't mind going this way.
Silence falls upon you once again, comfortable, light, giving way for one million questions to rummage though your head.
"Renjun?" You start, quietly, breath hitching almost.
"How did you, like... You know... Get into this life?" Though Jaemin had already given you a, supposedly, good enough answer, you still wish to hear Renjun's side of the story, to understand what actually went on in that damned last year of high school, you need to understand how it got to this point.
All he can do is sigh and ponder over the memory, something which clearly haunts him more than it should.
"The guy who..." He halts mid sentence, something switching within him, eyes harden and throat tightens. You don't take notice of that until he keeps going, strangling his words out. "...shot you - I met him through a game. He told me all these stories about how he wanted to hack into some big company because of what they'd done to his family, because they ruined him and shit. I sympathised with him - I know what it's like to have your family torn apart - and so I decided to help him get back at them, something innocent like shutting down their systems or finding evidence to expose them publicly, I don't know... Turns out that that big company was actually NEO. He's part of a mafia that is a direct rival to ours, AKMA, he just wanted to get information to take NEO down but I ended up getting caught and - well... Here I am."
It shouldn't affect you this much, but it does.
Renjun was seventeen and his, already broken, life as a normal teenager was taken away from him. One mistake, that's all it took.
"I put my trust in him too easily." He allows that statement to linger in the air for a few seconds, long enough for you to fully process all he's revealed up until now. "Growing up I never ever had any friends - at school, at home... I think I just wanted to believe him so bad, I wanted to know what it felt like to just... Have someone, for once."
But, despite these haunting memories that managed to completely turn his life upside down, Renjun is happy. He has someone, now. Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, Chenle - heck, even Jisung who is barely here - they made him feel like he belonged somewhere, at last. And now you, he has you too.
With that impending thought, he manages out a smile, hushed yet genuine. You don't see it.
"It must've been lonely..." You whisper, more to yourself than to him, mind wandering off to think of all the moments you could've been there for him but weren't. There's pain in your voice and it prompts Renjun's arms to tighten around you as if you're the one in need of comfort. He doesn't mind, though. "The orphanage, school..."
Silence settles between you two once again. Beneath you, Renjun's chest heaves steadily up and down. You, still pondering over the new information, seem to be in your own world, so many things running through your mind. No matter what Huang Renjun had done in his previous life, he deserved more than all these undignified experiences.
"Y/n?" His whispered voice sounds, not enough to interrupt your train of thought and apprehension.
"Hm?" Thinking of all that he went through alone feels like years worth of pain, something you never thought you'd feel for somebody else, and it's at this exact moment that you realise he means much more to you than you allow yourself to believe.
His voice is cautious as he attempts to get your attention once more.
"I never told you about the orphanage..."
And for a moment, everything stops.
Between each second there's one million more that go by uncounted for, they drag out time as if it were a malleable piece of clay, every law of physics seems to have been disproved just like that.
"Everybody knew, i-in school and shit."
"They didn't." With your head still weighing on his chest, the sound of his erratic heartbeat overcomes your senses all at once. "I never told anyone, I made sure no one knew about it after what happened with my mum, not even the principal knew. I only ever told... One person."
His friend, the one that tried to kill him, the one that betrayed him, the one that shot you, the one that worked for AKMA, he's the only one that knew.
Unsure of what should be done next, out of words, unable to think without the fog clouding your mind, you simply stay put and focus on regulating your breathing. It doesn't do much for the panic rising up your oesophagus.
Renjun is the first to move and he pushes you off his warm embrace, sits up on the side of the bed, elbows on his knees, head on his hands as if the realisation was too heavy to carry.
It fees like light years until you regain control of your own body, sitting up behind Renjun, pulling his hoodie over your head for some modesty, before you tentatively try to set a hand on his shoulder. Before you can do so, however, his swallowed whisper echos eerily through the room.
"You're the spy."
Just like that, you hand falls limp.
"Renjun, just hear me out for a sec-"
"No, Y/n, you're the-" He snaps up onto his feet and, though you can't bring yourself to look at him in the eye, you can hear the sheer disbelief and panic as his voice raises. He lowers it back into a whisper, fearing the walls have ears. "You're the fucking spy."
He speaks again after a few seconds, hand still covering his mouth as if to stop the truth from pouring out; it doesn't. "You were the one that gave the anonymous tip about our location leak, you told them about it and about Haechan's infiltration and almost got him killed - it was all you."
Renjun has the overwhelming urge to tear his hair out right there and then, his mouth hangs open even though he's unable to get any other word out, and all you can do it fixate on the ground and allow for terror to swallow you whole.
After long, dragging minutes of nothingness, you finally manage to feel something other than trepidation. Its cold metal presses against the back of your neck, something that should have you panicking and begging for mercy on your knees, yet you're unmoving, not frozen just... Unmoving.
"Get out." He spits, and you can hear the pain behind each word. You dare not move, staring straight at the room's door directly in front of you as stray tears well up along your waterline.
"Please just listen to me - he said he'd kill you if I didn't-"
"Y/n get out!" He shouts in a burst before he can control himself. "Fuck, don't you get it? Mark will kill you, Y/n please..." The gun drops slightly from the nape of your neck, almost as if Renjun is starting to lose all the strength in his body, so much so that even his voice betrays him. His head is spinning once realisation hits, and in the blink of an eye he's back to pacing around the room, gun wavering around in one hand. "You need to go, you need to hide, they can't know about this, I'll say we argued and you were tired of this shit and wanted your normal life back so they won't go looking for y-"
Your limbs finally seem to cooperate, though your knees still wobble slightly and you trip as you reach for the boy, gripping onto his wrists and halting him in place, forcefully stopping him from tugging on his scalp even more. "Shh, Renjun shh, just look at me, look at me." Tears adorn his cheeks. It's a heartbreaking sight really, and you're not sure you look any less disheveled. "I'm not leaving you, okay? I'm not going anywhere, not when I just found you again, I'm not."
With the remaining specs of strength Renjun has, he shakes his head from side to side, begging, pleading.
"He'll kill you Y/n, this ruined him, there's no other way, please just... Please go." His words are slurred and muffled as the boy's head falls heavily against the crook of your neck, tears sliding down your skin and pooling at the collarbone. He shakes with sobs until you can no longer hold it together, your cries mixing together into the most pitiful tune. "Please please please, he'll kill you, please go."
"I'm sorry Renjun." There's something in your tone, past the teary raspiness and anxious fragility, that makes his stomach crunch in fear, yet before he can wrap his arms around your figure and refuse to ever let go, you have already snatched the handgun off of his loose hold. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, I can't- I-I'm not leaving you, I'm sorry Renjun please forgive-"
"Y/n what are you doing." Though his blurred vision, Renjun watches you take cautious steps backwards towards the door. Truth is he's not afraid for himself, he's not afraid that you have a gun poited at his chest or that your finger is on the trigger. He is afraid when your hand reaches for the door handle and, in a stumbled step, you're out into the hallway where the doors to the other members' rooms are on display.
"Fuck, come back in Y/n, stop please just come back, we can solve this together." All you can mutter in return are empty apologies and teary confessions and that must've been enough to spark some members' curiosities because, next thing you know, the door in front of Renjun's room creaks open and Mark Lee is peaking his head through the gap.
At the sight of your back turned to him and the gun in your hand pointing at one of his most valuable members, it doesn't take any longer than a second for Mark's instinct to act up, hand swiftly seizing hold of the weapon all while he pushes your body forward against the wall, the cold barrel firm against your temple.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" From his disheveled hair and reddened eyes, you can tell the commotion must've torn him from his sleep.
Behind him, Renjun's eyes are bloodshot and tired. There's a glassy layer that covers his cornea and pools along the bottom lash line. If he blinked, a trail of tears would blur the sight ahead and proceed to trail down the softness of his cheeks, but he doesn't blink. Perhaps it's fear, or disappointment or regret or the deafening knowledge that this might very well be the end of it all; he doesn't blink.
He never learns, does he? Huang Renjun always lets people in so easily, his efforts to shut them out, to drive them away, all of that is in vain; look at what happens when he lets his guard down, look at what happens when he feels love and warmth and all he's been deprived of. Maybe Renjun has always been meant for the cold and the side-looks and the taunting and the loneliness. He should've stayed in his lane, he should've continued to live a life full of envy because the moment he strays from that, everything falls apart, like a vicious cicle.
And despite all of that, it doesn't feel blameworthy in the slightest. This is the first time Huang Renjun has lived instead of just surviving.
"Mark, let go." In the swiftest motion, as if his body moved without command, Renjun reached into the gun tucked in Mark's belt and aimed it right at the crown of his head - his leader's head.
To say you, his fellow teammates, and Mark are taken aback by the action would be an understatement. Hell, even Renjun himself is surprised. Not only that, Mark is starting to see red; the knowledge that he doesn't know what the fuck is going on makes him feel powerless, the feeling he most despises.
Renjun knows that he's walking on a thin line, one wrong move and the both of you will be dead in seconds, yet he's starting to think that's not such a terrible way to go.
"Renjun, what the fuck is going on?" It's Jaemin who speaks up first, taking cautious steps forward as his fingers brush against barrel of his own gun, eyes set firmly on Renjun, trying to read his intentions.
There's a code in the mafia and the code is to protect the leader of the unit and heir to NEO at all costs, against anything, against anybody. Though Jaemin is painfully aware of the rules, he looks to Mark for reassurance, surprised to see him shaking his head in disapproval; a kind of hidden relief washes over him, shoulders relaxing yet his fingers still tempt the weapon in his back pocket in case things start going south.
He hopes they don't.
"It's just a misunderstanding, Mark. We were having a petty argument and things got more heated than they should've, you don't need to get involv-"
"You had a fucking gun pointed at your head!"
"Let me deal with this!" He shouts over his leader, the once quiet and reserved boy surprising everybody in the hallway. "Please, just leave us to work things out. I know how it might've looked but it's nothing that can't be solved, just..."
At some point, Renjun succeeds at making Mark feel like he's intruding, and you can feel his grip on your twisted arm start to lessen, the gun's cold kiss fading from the nape of your neck until you're fully free from the painful position. And somehow that flushes you with panic; Mark's falling for his tale.
"Just let us work it out, okay?" Desperation is still very much present in his tone, however hope starts to drown it out once Mark's arm drops to his side and you face him, unable to look away from his torn up stare. "Every couple has fights over insignificant shit, I said some things I shouldn't have and it built up from there, I'm sorry you had to get involved but we'll-"
"I'm the spy."
Everything just... stops.
It feels like light years until someone speaks up.
"What?" Jaemin says, perturbed.
You struggle to make eye contact with anyone, gaze stuck to the floor beneath your feet, the only thing that reassures you it's still there and you're not freefalling into damnation - at least physically.
Through the silence, Mark's breaths are heavy and trembling with a mix of rage, disappointment, betrayal. It was right under his nose all along.
In the blink of an eye, everything comes crumbling down. Mark raises his gun once again, pointing it almost perfectly at the middle of your forehead yet, for the bullet to pierce through your skull, it will have to go through Renjun's body first.
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you right now, both of you." The menace in his voice sends a shiver down your spine, the way his eyes bore into yours over Renjun's shoulder makes you wonder if looks can't really kill.
At the threat, Renjun's hand finds your waist and pulls you further away from view and against his back, acting as a human shield in the face of disaster.
Jaemin and Jeno are silent, simply watching the scene unfold before their eyes, knowing it is not their place to intervene. This is between you, Mark and Renjun, whatever way this issue is handled they shall have no say in it.
Renjun takes a shaky breath in. "You can't."
"Give me one good fucking reason, Renjun!" He shouts, looking at you with a kind of repugnance that makes you want to shrink into yourself.
Renjun is desperate, you feel the panic flowing through his body.
"Because you know what it's like to lose someone you love," And for the first time, Mark's tormented eyes meet Renjun's own trembling ones, both red, both filled with the sorrow of a lifetime. He sighs, shakily, "and you wouldn't do that to me."
Though Mark can be temperamental and hasty at times, there's a sort of deeply ingrained sense of morality within him, a desire to protect the people he cares about so that they'll never have to go through the same shit he did. Right now, Renjun knows exactly what strings he's tugging, he just hopes that'll be enough.
"Please, Mark."
And Renjun is right: he wouldn't do that to him.
"I'll act as a double agent." You can feel Renjun tremble as you blurt those words out. "I'll tell you all I know about them and only pass on the info that you want them to know about NEO. You'd have the upper hand. They trust me as long as they can use Renjun's safety to get me to talk so please just... Just keep Renjun safe and I'll do anything you want me to."
"No. Y/n." Renjun's head shakes until he looks back at the hopeless glint in your eyes, silently telling him that this was the only way. Something tells him you won't back down no matter how hard he tries.
By the way Mark is reacting, his jaw painfully clenched and eyes glassed with angry tears, you can only guess the destruction you've caused him. You see in him the shadow of a lost child, the conflict going on within; he knows all that Renjun says is true, he knows that Renjun deserves to have someone after all this time, yet he is also very aware that you put every single person from his unit in danger, that you'd been the root of failed missions and injuries and the chaos that took over the past couple of weeks. Even so, a small voice screamed at him to stop this mess. No more.
"I want you in the meeting room in 2 hours, you're going to tell me every single fucking thing about AKMA and how it got to this. I want you under supervision at all times and you're not seeing the sun rise until we know you're as trustworthy as Renjun thinks you are. One strike and you're out, understood?" You guess the word 'out' has a heavier meaning than it would in any other circumstance yet you nod frantically without giving it much thought.
Relief washes through you the moment Mark lowers his gun and tucks it away in his belt, swiftly turning his back and walking away before he regrets his decision.
"Oh and Renjun?" The leader calls out just before turning the corner, his eyes still fierce and cold. "Next time you point a gun at me I won't be as kind as I was today."
It goes without saying really but those words still make Renjun's stomach sink as he nods obediently, very aware of their deeper meaning; he doesn't blame him.
Only once Mark is out of sight and Jaemin and Jeno have given you a bit more space, still watching you carefully as per the leader's orders, does Renjun turn to you. Within him you see a mix of emotions you can't quite pinpoint, perhaps it's relief, maybe it's distress, disappointment. Either way, none of them deter him from pulling your into his chest where his erratic heart beat. His grip is so tight, so desperate, almost as if he's afraid you'll slip through his fingers once more. You won't. You swear you won't.
Upon a few moments of silence, the racing thoughts polluting your mind finally drive you to your breaking point, quiet sobs causing your whole body to shake in Renjun's hold. At this, the boy hugs you impossibly tighter.
"I-I'm sorry, Renjun." Your fragile voice makes his throat ache. He can't help but think that he should be wary of you, that's what anyone in his place would feel, yet it's so easy for him to just hold you and let these matters be passed over sobs and words of reassurance. It's so easy to forgive you for otherwise unforgivable actions. He didn't care that you sided with the enemy, much less that it was to keep him away from harm. He cared that you were here, in his arms, that you were safe, that they couldn't get to you now.
Renjun doesn't allow himself to imagine you meeting up with them, them threatening you, how scared you must've felt. You cry for forgiveness, yet so does Renjun, for he couldn't save you from the dangers the world has to offer even after promising to do so.
Renjun had always envied your naivety, and right now he's not sure if he should be happy that there's nothing to envy any longer.
It feels like hours until you manage to quiten your cries down to occasional sniffs. It takes you way too long to realise that some of the sniffs actually came from the boy in your grasp.
"I've never been so scared to lose something I never even had..."
It's quiet, so quiet you're not sure you are supposed to hear it, but you do, and the agony in his voice shatters you.
"You had me. You have me, you always have." You reassure, in hopes he'd still believe your words even after breaking his trust to pieces.
Renjun is very aware of the dangerous position he's put you in. That's why his heart aches, that's why he whispers a string of apologies even though you're the one who should be apologising.
"We'll get through this, okay?" Pulling away from his warmth just enough, you take his red stained face in your hands and wipe the sad trails in his cheeks, somehow managing out a reassuring smile. It is so easy to smile around him.
After a moment, the boy nods, bringing your face back into the crook of his neck, a heavy sigh staggeringly leaving him. "Okay."
And though this certainly wasn't the perfect life he'd always envied others for having, Renjun truly wouldn't have it any other way, for something - someone - came to him that finally felt worth the wait.
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1kook · 2 years ago
netflix & chill
Tumblr media
summary If you planned things right, you could rain down your raging displeasure on Jeon Jungkook right after the meal but before this proposed ‘Netflix and chilling,’ maybe dramatically throw your glass of wine at him, before storming out of his place and reporting him to the authorities (Namjoon) for his douchebag personality. warnings grinding, 2 seconds of sub kook, oral (f), cum eating, vanilla but [ passionate ], unprotected sex, dirty talk tags use of the oldest trick in the book (“your hands are sooo big”), shy oblivious AND gentleman jk? pick a struggle, brief ment of app developer kook, evil and conniving oc wc 10.2k !! wow!!
will I ever write a serious jk fic? NO. this entire thing was based off this pic of jungkook which i’ve said before that i would print out in sepia filter and crumple and stuff in a drawer n then tell my kids 35 years from now was a long lost lover i met on a cruise to the bahamas and never saw again ty to mia more @daechwlta​ for being there during my brief crisis over this fic 🥺
When Namjoon had first not so subtly mentioned the idea of setting you up on a date, it was with a faux air of disinterest that you had masterfully pried the details out of him. Namjoon has a friend, he said, a friend who was kinda sorta attached to his hip. And while Namjoon loved the kid, he also thought this friend could use some social interaction outside of Namjoon.
Now you and Namjoon weren’t exactly the most conventional of friends for him to be proposing blind dates to you at whim. He was your senior at school, your mentor in your scholarship program, an educated man studying for his masters. So when he’d first uttered the words you were immediately on the fence. Sure, the two of you knew each other well and probably got along better than most mentor-mentee pairings among your year, but you doubt Namjoon knew enough of your tastes to offer you up for a blind date.
According to Namjoon, his friend was a kid in the same year as you, making him not so much as a kid as he was your classmate. You brushed it off at first, spewing some bullshit excuse that you’d rather focus on your studies, and how dating was a distraction to your education, as if you hadn’t spent the weekend prior binge watching some Spanish novella while you dutifully ignored your essay.
The second time Namjoon mentions it you agree on the spot. Life on campus could only be interesting for so long, so you might as well make the best of it and go on as many stupid dates as possible.
Namjoon is over the moon.
He tells you he’ll pass your phone number on over to that friend of his—“Jeon Jungkook”—and promises you you won’t regret this because his friend was amazing, really. And for Namjoon to sing his praises for just any underclassmen was unheard of. In fact, besides you, you don’t think Namjoon knows many other students younger than him, and if he did, you hardly doubt he would regard them so highly.
So he gives his friend your number, and so ends your weekly meeting with your mentor. You only realize on the walk back to your dorm that you forgot to ask him about some club at school, the whole goal of this week’s meeting, but by then you don’t really care, the whole conversation fading into the background.
In fact, you forget about the whole ordeal until Friday night rolls around and you’re once again, binge watching another novella on your laptop, when your phone suddenly vibrates.
You were by no means a loser at school, a friendless nobody, but you were also not the outgoing, school-spirited student on the front page of your school’s website, and thus had nearly every app that could produce a notification on your phone muted, every text thread silenced. The only notifications and messages you allowed were from your email and from your roommate, and considering the fact Doyeon was face down in a puddle of her own mid-semester tears right across from you, it was probably your email.
Much to your surprises, it isn’t that “Monday’s Class is CANCELLED” email you were hoping for, but instead some unknown number in a text notification. You roll your eyes, click it open thinking it’s a reminder from some store or from some guy claiming to be from your bank, only to pause at the words written inside the little grey bubble.
hey its jungkook!!! joon gave me your number to I guess ask you on a date soo are you free tmrw night??
The excessive punctuation reminds you a little bit of your kid sister back home and the dorky emails she’ll send you from time to time. It’s with that memory and a smile on your face, that you’re suddenly reminded of what exactly this message is saying. “Oh shit,” you mumble, moving to sit up and reread the text. Doyeon complaining loudly in the background has you reading it twice more before you understand it, and by then there’s a fluttery feeling in your chest.
You were by no means easily swayed by people, but this guy had received praise from Kim Namjoon of all people, so he definitely had some prestige to his name. He doesn’t seem overbearing from this one text he’d sent, but he also didn’t seem completely disinterested.  
You try to match his nonchalant energy, letting him know you were in fact free and down to meet him, just to let you know more details.
You won’t lie, there’s a giddy feeling bubbling within you at the prospect of getting all dolled up, hitting the town, pawning a free meal off some unsuspecting college soul, and maybe even hitting it off. It’s been a while since you’ve dated, sue you.
Jeon Jungkook’s response crushes those dreams as well as hurdles you straight into a nightmare.
cool!! was thinking i could cook for us at my place, drink a little wine, maybe Netflix and chill a little bit??
You are blown away by the absolute gall of this man, to butter you up by painting a pretty picture only to reduce you to a mere booty call. The fact he had felt confident enough to say all that within the same sentence blows your mind.
Did this Jeon Jungkook, who you had no idea of what he looked like, who had no idea of what you looked like, seriously just invite you over for some quote unquote Netflix and chill?
Who, in the ever living hell, was this guy who so sleazily invited women over to fuck with no qualms about who they were?
You’re offended that Namjoon would set you up like this, pawn you off to such a greasy friend. But then again, you guess not everyone knows their friends thoroughly, because this Jeon Jungkook flirtatiously inviting your over for some sex sounds nothing like the golden boy Kim Namjoon had raved about earlier this week. You click your phone off, tapping the device against your lips as you ponder how to best rip this jerk to shreds via text.
It’s amidst Doyeon cursing out her statistics teacher that an idea hits you.
Tomorrow was Saturday night, and as far as you knew, you really didn’t have anything else going on for you anyway. You’d take Jeon Jungkook’s offer, let him cook you a free meal and drink some of his wine. He mentioned having his own place, and vaguely you remember Namjoon saying he lived alone, hence his introverted tendencies, so you could slip in and out without doing that walk of shame through a boy’s dorm hall.
Not that there would be anything to feel shameful about. In fact, if you planned things right, you could rain down your raging displeasure on Jeon Jungkook right after the meal but before this proposed ‘Netflix and chilling,’ maybe dramatically throw your glass of wine at him, before storming out of his place and reporting him to the authorities (Namjoon) for his douchebag personality.
Ha! That would certainly teach the asshole not to use his poor, unsuspecting friends to reel in nice girls like you into one night stands.
You could practically feel the devil horns begging to poke out of your skull, the forked tail wiggling behind you, as you click your phone back on and text Jeon Jungkook a great!! what’s your address :)
Saturday morning and afternoon are as boring as they usually are. You do a little homework, and spend thirty minutes filling Doyeon in on your master plan, which she eats up and even gives you some pointers—“and then you can be like, ‘you sick freak, as if I’d let you near this 5-star, Michelin reviewed, Gordon Ramsey approved coochie’ and throw the whole plate at his head!”—before getting ready for your little date at Jeon Jungkook’s.
You try hard to look good, harder than you would have if he hadn’t offended you by reducing you to a booty call, and Doyeon helps. She does your eyebrows all nice and natural, dusts the thinnest shin of liquid highlighter across the high points of your face, the whole shebang until you’re looking like a sexy, glowing goddess. You shimmy into a pretty dress, nothing too fancy nor too casual, and even pull on those strappy sandals you’d bought on sale last winter before blowing a kiss to Doyeon and meeting your Uber downstairs.
You don’t quite remember what the reason behind Jeon Jungkook living in such a swanky neighborhood a few minutes from campus was, if it was from a job you vaguely recall Namjoon mentioning, or if it was just purely hereditary, but his place is nice. It’s a connected townhouse, something you’d expect a newly wed couple to live in and not some douchebag third year.
Worse comes to worse, you get banned from this rich neighborhood after humiliating one of its residents in his own home, not that you’d ever make it big enough to live here anyway.
You’d texted Namjoon sometime that morning to let him know you were meeting his friend, an ominous text with an even more ominous smiley face attached to it. But it seems Namjoon is easily blinded by underclassmen he trusts, if Jeon Jungkook’s assholish feats and your own suspicious behavior is anything to go by, because he texts you back a polite have fun! he’s a little shy, so it might take a while for the ball to start rolling hahahaha.
Shy my ass, you think closing the door of your Uber behind you. You double check the address that had been texted to you, walking up to the neat townhouse and knocking against the polished door.
It’s a little chilly, and you hope finding an Uber is easier later tonight when you make your grand escape. It’s between these thoughts that the door swings open, revealing the most handsome man you’ve ever met.
He’s attractive, disgustingly so, with dark hair and light brown tips to contrast, tickling his cheekbones. His dark eyes are round and imploring as they meet yours, gaze almost innocent and doe like as he takes you in. He’s got this soft, blue turtleneck on, and it looks like it should be a seasonal sweater reserved for the holidays but he pulls it off nicely on this premature spring night. His pretty pink lips move, and it takes you a second to realize he’s talking.
“___?” He says, and his voice is deep, yet soft in its own unique way. You nod, like a stupid bobble head, because your throat constricted the moment this beautiful angel opened the door. “It’s cold outside, come in!” He urges you, out stretching his palm to make sure you don’t trip over the slight step up the door as he brings you into his home.
“Hi,” he exhales when you’re finally inside, standing a little too close to you in his small entryway.
“Hi,” you finally choke out, a little dazed by how handsome he is, and the sudden realization that you’re supposed to throw your glass of wine at him tonight because he’s a douchebag dawns on you. You blink yourself out of your stupor, taking a step back and gesturing towards your sandal clad feet.
“Oh!” Jeon Jungkook exclaims at the sudden realization. “I forgot to set out a pair of slippers for you,” he sheepishly admits, before he excuses himself to go get some. There’s a tiny ottoman pushed against the wall, beneath a long mirror, that you take a seat on it, carefully unstrapping your sandals.
All the while, you’re deep in thought.
It makes sense that someone like Jeon Jungkook was so forward in inviting you over for sex during your first interaction. Realistically speaking, the guy had it all. He lived alone in a swanky townhouse in a wealthy neighborhood (you finally remember Namjoon saying he did some app developing for major companies—yeah, still in college but already making it big because he was that good), and looked like the blueprint for the perfect man, someone who’d impress your parents. On top of that, the man was was a 21st century Adonis. You hadn’t missed the flash of ink on his knuckles, or the way his jeans had hugged his legs.
He’s making his way back now, inspecting the slippers in his hands, and you don’t miss the way the jeans are pulled taut around his thighs in particular.
Yeah, he definitely knew his way around a woman’s body, there was no way he couldn’t have.
You slip your feet into the slippers he places before you, wiggling your toes around, before glancing back at Jungkook. He smiles warmly, a little beauty mark beneath his lip making itself known. He takes your hand, pulls you up onto your feet, and begins guiding you down the hall and to what you assume is the kitchen.
“I didn’t know what you liked, and I figured asking you three hours before you came over would be too awkward,” he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. He glances at you again, and upon seeing your inquisitive stare, quickly turns away with flushed cheeks.
Oh this man knew the game, and he knew it well.
Jeon Jungkook still thinks he can play that cute campus boy being set up by his senior card now, after he’d shown you his true colors last night via text. But he has a big storm coming. As much as you could admit he was good to look at, you would not be fooled by some pretty face and tasty food. No, you came here with one goal and one goal only, and that was to give Jeon Jungkook a piece of his own two-faced medicine before running off to tattle to Namjoon.
You reach the kitchen and the heavenly smell of Alfredo sauce swarms your nostrils. “I… I’m still new to cooking, so I hope you don’t mind some Alfredo pasta,” he admits, shy smile adorning his features as he avoids your gaze once again to toy with the dish towel by the sink.
You creep closer to the counter, where two meticulously presented ceramic plates sit beside a wine bottle, and the glands in your mouth suddenly go into overdrive in their rush to make you salivate, and you choke out an overly eager, “it looks amazing!” before you know it.
Okay, you came here with two goals.
Jungkook carries the two bowls in his big hands to the dining room beside the kitchen, and you follow behind with the bottle of wine and two glasses as you set the table together. The utensils are already there, but Jungkook runs back into the kitchen anyway to return with some fancy cloth napkins for the two of you.
Just as you're tugging a chair out to sit, Jungkook beats you to it. “Ah, let me,” he smiles, and your heart thunders nervously in your chest as you return the expression, brushing your hands beneath you before sitting down and letting him push you in. Jungkook takes his own seat in front of you, and before you can dig in he calls out to seemingly nobody, “Alexa, dim the dining room lights.”
The overhead lights dim, and with their overbearing glow gone, you can finally appreciate the battery powered candles snuggled neatly into a little bowl on the table between you two. You ooh appreciatively, and Jungkook looks proud of himself.
Then, he says, “Alexa, play…Date Night Playlist.”
You blink, and a soft piano tune begins filtering through a speaker he’s hidden somewhere in the room. Even with the fake candles being your main source of light, the flush on Jungkook’s cheeks is evident as he gestures towards you to eat.
You won’t lie. Jeon Jungkook was extremely endearing.
This much becomes evident the further you get into the meal. As small talk devolves into full fledged conversations and story telling, his shy demeanor slipping away but still sticking to the edges of his personality, you begin to have a more difficult time connecting this Jungkook to the one who had less than 24 hours ago asked you to come over and “Netflix and chill” with him.
But the more you speak, the more distant that image begins to feel. For one, Jungkook does put on a fairly reserved aura for you, telling you about his job but refusing to brag about it even when you egg him on. He has no qualms gassing up his friends, Namjoon in particular, who Jungkook claims is his role model for some unknown reason, given the fact they are neither in the same major nor in any of the same clubs. They’re friends, point blank period, but Namjoon is very obviously a star in Jungkook’s eyes.
Additionally, he’s quite embarrassed to admit why Namjoon had been so set on getting Jungkook to date, but eventually tells you it’s because Jungkook’s last girlfriend had been during your freshman year—two whole years ago! It makes you wonder what he’d been doing since then, if he’d used the time to fully invest in his work or if he’d been mingling around, unbeknownst to his friends, which would explain the flirtatious offer that landed you here.
Still, a part of you refuses to believe last night’s Jungkook and tonight’s Jungkook were one in the same, and if they were, what had made this shy man so unabashedly invite you over for some sex. Was this act all a ploy? Or maybe, was he purposefully trying to ward you away by coming off as a gentleman now that he’d seen your face and wasn’t interested in you anymore?
Apparently it’s neither of the two, and you don’t realize this until you finish your meal and make your way into his living room to finally get down to the long awaited Netflix and chilling. It’s only when you sit down on the couch, smack dab in the middle, because at this point, you’re not gonna throw your wine at Jeon Jungkook like you planned, he was too nice. And if this niceness was an act to get in your panties, you didn’t care at this point. He was hot, achingly so, and at least you’d get a good fuck out of it.
But as you said, apparently not. Because Jeon Jungkook sees you purposefully take up the entire middle of the couch, sultry eyes staring him down, and decides to sit flush against the armrest, somehow leaving a good foot between the two of you, despite the fact you’re sitting next to each other.
Your brain can’t work fast enough to comprehend the situation, before he’s asking you what you want to watch. “Um,” you say, pointedly staring at him and not the screen. “Tr-Transformers?”
The way Jungkook’s eyes light up is insane, already round eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as he eagerly rushes to select it from whatever streaming service he has, probably not even Netflix, all the while chattering on about how much he loves that series, and is so glad you do too.
The whole time, you’re struck by the oddness of his casual tone, the way he’s overly invested in the 20th Century Fox opening, and how he’s very carefully avoiding intruding in on your personal space.
The last point in particular has you wanting to pull your hair out, because you want Jeon Jungkook intruding in on your personal space. You want him pressed so tightly against you you can’t breathe, you can’t move, until you’re drowning in him as he finally lives up to his promise of some Netflix and chill, because you want him, and you want him so. very. bad.
“Oh, I forgot the popcorn!” Jungkook exclaims, and you jump at the sudden volume of his voice, because he’d been pretty silent as he avidly watched the first few minutes of the movie. “Sorry,” he chuckles, and his leg brushes against yours as he shuffles between you and the coffee table on his way out. You vaguely hear the popping of the popcorn in the kitchen, but you’re too distracted by your suddenly overwhelming thoughts.
Okay, one thing was for sure, and that was that Jeon Jungkook definitely had no fucking idea what the phrase Netflix and chill meant, because the way he’d zeroed in on the movie and the popcorn, and not you, was unheard of on such invitations. You deduce he probably heard it somewhere, and, now understanding the true nature of Jungkook’s sweet and shy personality, made no such perverted connection to the phrase.
Which meant he most definitely did not demean you to a mere booty call, like you’d deluded yourself into believing, someone he could hump and dump with no regrets, before calling Namjoon up to thank him. Which meant he’d had no ulterior motives in meeting you tonight, just planning to get to know you at the suggestion of his friend, and had—unbeknownst to him—successfully wooed you thus far.
Which was great! If you turned a blind eye to the evil, conniving plans you’d made without even meeting the guy, and the subsequent flood of self-inflicted disapproval when you realized Jeon Jungkook was a sweetheart who definitely did not deserve having a glass of wine thrown at his face after making you a home cooked meal and giving you the full Olive Garden experience, with his dimmed lights and candlelit dinner and piano music on the background.
Yeah. Perfectly fine.
The only problem now was that you had become so dangerously smitten with the man that you wanted to sleep with him. You wanted that Netflix and chill, needed it like it was the last slot in a daycare class and you were a soccer mom of five wanting to get at least one kid out of the house for the summer for the sake of her own sanity. You were desperate.
No, you scold yourself. This was fine, this was good, this was perfectly okay. If anything, this just further made you enamored with Jungkook, because it proved how gentlemanly he was by not trying to sleep with you on the first date.
But that didn’t mean he didn’t want to, the devil on your shoulder crooned.
The microwave in the kitchen stops, and you hear the sound of cabinets opening as Jungkook pours the popcorn into a bowl. On screen, the main character is meeting a bunch of giant cars-turned-robots, you don’t fucking know.
But the devil was right.
Jungkook hadn’t offered to sleep with you, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to. Furthermore, that didn’t mean he couldn’t be seduced into wanting to, your evil brain suggested, and the hope that had slithered it’s way into your chest from the very moment Jungkook had opened the door, took that fact and ran with it.
“What’d I miss?” Jungkook says when he returns, popcorn bowl in hand.
“Oh, um, he was with the car,” you offer, trying to stop the nefarious smirk from slipping onto your features. Jungkook laughs, cute and airy as he shuffles past you.
He’s too absorbed in the screen, not looking as he sits down, closer than last time until his thigh brushes yours and he jerks back in embarrassment. “Oh, sorry,” he flounders, goes to move away but you act fast.
You grab onto his upper arm with both of yours like an octopus, keeping him flush to you as you gaze up at him with wide eyes. “No, it’s okay,” you rush to assure him, loosening your hold as he tentatively relaxes beside you. You glance down at the popcorn bowl in his hand, swiping a piece to pop between your lips. “It’s easier for us this way,” you say, and you’re pulling that straight out of your ass, because you hate popcorn and have literally zero desire for it and wouldn’t have reached for it anyway if you weren’t trying to convince him this was all for popcorn sharing purposes.
Jungkook’s eyes briefly flicker down to where you’re munching on that popcorn, your lips, before he’s quickly averting his gaze. “Ah, y-yeah,” he agrees, and though he tries to relax back into the couch, you can still feel the tension of his muscles as he settles beside you.
With his eyes no longer trained on you, you snuggle closer into his side resting your cheek against the soft material covering his shoulder, finally letting that devious smirk slip onto your face. You keep yourself close to Jungkook, loving the way his warmth permeates the thick sweater he’s wearing, even if he’s still overly into the movie. You know he’s seen it before, because he keeps telling you random tidbits like, “they use this in the next movie!” Or “he ends up becoming really important in the sixth movie,” and you want to listen to this endearing nerd’s commentary, you really do, but once your brain is stuck on horny, it is stuck on horny.
He doesn’t even eat a lot of popcorn, setting it down not ten minutes later onto the coffee table. You release him as he moves forward, but quickly latch onto him again when he sits back down.
Much to your surprise, Jungkook is way more relaxed then, shrugging you off to rest his hand on the couch behind you, and you inwardly squeal at the prospect of getting to cuddle up to his body, and not just his arm. You cuddle in close to him, leaving your slippers on the ground as you tuck your legs up onto the couch cushions.
Jungkook is so warm and firm, and you know it’s your horny brain speaking, but you swear you feel a tight set of abs underneath the palm you rest on his stomach, and you give an experimental brush over the area. His heart picks up, you hear it by where your head is leaning against his chest, and you tilt your head up to give him a curious glance. His cheeks are red, and he doesn’t look at you even though you know he sees you, so you decide to kick things up a notch.
You sigh loudly, peeling yourself away from him to properly level him with a pout. “Jungkook, aren’t you hot in this?” You ask, pinching the wooly material between two fingers and pulling it from his skin. Jungkook finally looks away from the screen, nibbling his lower lip as he takes in your quizzical expression.
“Um, only a little… but it’s fine!” He rushes to say, and you recall from your conversations over dinner that Jungkook doesn’t much like people fussing over him, so you quickly change gears.
You press a hand against your cheek, the same one that had been resting against his shoulder earlier. “Oh, well… it’s really itchy,” you announce, and his eyes widen, one hand absentmindedly reaching to clutch the material at his chest. “It’s making me really itchy,” you emphasize, and part of you feels bad for taking advantage of his caring nature, but this is all for the greater good, you convince yourself. “Do you mind taking it off?”
“I, uh, yeah,” he agrees, reaching for the hem of his sweater before carefully peeling it off. When he pulls it over his head, you can’t help the triumphant grin that overtakes your face, though you quickly mask it when he finally frees himself from the material. “Better?” He says once he’s clad in only a plain black shirt.
“Mm, much,” you sigh, and nearly soak your panties then and there when a tattooed sleeve comes into view. “Woah!” You exclaim, snatching his wrists up to examine his skin. “What’s this?” You marvel, tracing every inch of delicious skin with your predatory gaze. Jungkook huffs out a laugh, and you glance up to watch as he rubs the back of his neck in that same embarrassed way he’d done multiple times throughout your night together.
“My tattoos,” he says, and then seems to realize the simplicity of his statement and rushes to add to it, “I hope you don’t mind?”
You hum, shifting onto your knees to face him as you continue tracing over a huge tiger lily by his forearm. “Why would I? It’s your body,” you say, and watch the nervous glance melt off his face as he regards you with something new. Something akin to wonder as he lets you trace over more of his ink, nodding along to your words.
“Yeah… yeah!” He agrees, and you grin at his sudden zeal. He chuckles, physically relaxing beneath your touch, and it’s probably the most relaxed he’s been all night as you continue rubbing your hands over every tattoo on his skin, and then purposefully focusing on the ones near his bicep. “Sorry, ‘m just used to people pushing off their own opinions about them onto me,” he explains, and for a moment, the horniness that had been fueling you all night fades away, and you let your hands trail down, past his wrist, until you’re sandwiching his hand between yours.
“Fuck what anyone else thinks,” you tell him, eyes hard as you imagine anyone imposing their stupid thoughts on Jungkook, who was too good for this world. “If you think they’re cool, then they're the coolest thing in the world.”
He smiles at you, and you’ve seen this smile about a million times tonight—when you first came in, when you talked about yourself at dinner, when you mentioned this stupid movie—but it has something swelling in your chest. Something too intimate for a first date, so you quickly move to repress it.
Glancing down at his hand in yours, littered with smaller tattoos across his knuckles, your brain whirls into action. Bringing it up between the two of you, you turn his hand over to line your palms up. “Wow, your hands are so big,” you sigh, slowly reverting back to dirty thoughts as you twist yours and Jungkook’s hands this way and that. He snorts, bends the tips of his fingers over yours just to hear you ooooh again.
“Yeah, they’re pretty big,” he agrees, completely ignoring the film playing on the screen, which is a huge win in your eyes considering how deeply he’d been watching it earlier.
Finally, you see an opening and pounce.
“Well, that means something else is pretty big too,” you murmur, chancing a glance up at his face. His face is the perfect definition of composed, and you can tell when exactly he processes your words because those little pink lips part in surprise, red slowly filling the apples of his cheeks. You let go of his palm, letting it slide between your fingers until it falls limp beside him.
Jungkook watches you with wide eyes, as you raise yourself up onto your knees. “Jungkook?” You mumble, giving him no warning before you’re throwing a leg across his lap, knees pressed into the couch on either side of his thighs.
“Y-Yes?” He stutters, brown hair falling away from his face as he stares up at you. You flash him a sweet smile, and you can tell it relaxes him because his fists unclench beside him.
“You’re a really nice boy,” you sigh, and when you’ve scooted your knees a little closer to his ridiculously thin waist, you finally let yourself sit. You find yourself right before his crotch, which he desperately tries to hide as he shifts around, but can’t with you on top of him. You let your hands flutter to rest at his shoulders, and he gulps. “You’re so sweet and cute,” you add, relish in the flush that climbs up to his ears. “But I’m a little sad you invited me over to Netflix and chill, but won’t do just that,” you pout, a finger tangling itself in a soft strand at the back of his head.
“Huh?” He stutters, eyes nearly bulging out when you wiggle around again. “I-I’m sorry?” He huffs, and when you move too close to his crotch, where his jeans are slowly growing more and more strained, he panics and reaches a hand out to steady your waist.
You feign confusion, flashing him another pout as you duck closer until your noses bump against each other. “You know what it means, don’t you, Jungkook?” You inquire, eyes falling dangerously lidded as you swallow up every inch of his appearances.
He stutters, hands moving up and down as if he doesn’t know where to put them anymore. But you know exactly where Jungkook can put those hands, and you waste no time catching his wrists in your hands to guide him towards your hips. “No?” He breathes, fingers flexing against you, and you smile sweetly at him.
“It means,” you purr, shifting forward until you’re flush against where you need him most. You can barely contain the whimper that climbs out of your throat when you finally feel the rough material of his jeans against your panties. “It means you wanna fuck, Jungkook,” you exhale, tossing your head back as your body basks in the slight reprieve, the way Jungkook squirms beneath you aiding greatly in providing that sensation you craved.
“It’s nothing more than an excuse,” you huff, placing a hand on the back of his neck to steady yourself. At your touch, Jungkook jolts, thighs jumping beneath you and you stifle another groan when the zipper of his jeans prods against your core. “For you to fuck my brains out while some s-stupid movie plays in the background.”
You’re not sure when, but sometime during that last explanation your hands had fully delved into the thick tresses of Jungkook’s hair. You give an experimental tug, and poor Jungkook, so lost in all that you’re telling him, lolls his head back for you easily until the long expanse of his neck is available, soft creamy skin yours for the taking.
You pounce, kissing the skin gently at first, before sprinkling in a handful of nibbles. He’s sensitive, devastatingly so, as he gasps at a particular suck. You suction your lips on the spot below his ear, carefully biting down on the skin as he unravels beneath you. “Will you do it, Jungkookie?” You murmur against the shell of his ear,
He nods eagerly, and his fingers hurt where he’s pressed them deep into your waist, like he’s trying to brand you as his with his mere strength alone. “Y-Yes,” he exhales, hips jerking when you swipe your tongue over the pretty mark you’d left on his perfect skin.
You smother your smirk against his neck, grinding down on him once again. “Yes what?” You tease, and let his strong hands roll you against him afterwards.
“Yes, I-I’ll…” he stumbles, eyes dazed as he watches you through hooded lids. You raise a brow at him, shifting in his lap. It’s enough to kickstart him back up, and he’s biting down on his lip hard enough to draw blood. “I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you just like you want,” he rambles. He surprises you when he begins rutting up against you, so animalistic and uncontrolled, nothing like the sweet Jungkook that had indulged you over dinner. “I’ll make you come, p-promise,” he rasps.
You smirk down at him, hoping he doesn’t see the metaphorical horns sticking out of your head the further he falls into your trap. Before he can say anything else, you surge forward, slotting your mouths together for the first time that night.
It’s no surprise that Jungkook kisses just like he speaks, carefully like he’s afraid one hard press of his lips will ward you off. His lips are smooth, a fact you’d hyper-fixated on all night as he spoke, but before you can ponder on that any further, something hot and wet is prodding at your lower lip.
The gasp you barely manage to contain ends up escaping anyway when Jungkook’s hand comes up to cup the side of your face, tilting your head to the side as his tongue slithers into your mouth. You become obsessed with the way he touches you, every bit the gentlemen he’d been all night, fingers just barely pressing into your cheek like he doesn’t want to mess up your makeup. His other hand, snuggly wrapped around your waist, pulls you tighter against him until your chests are pressed together.
And that tongue. That tongue of his that leaves no room for argument, quickly shutting down any attempts of yours to overtake him. He’s graceful about it too, one nudge enough to convince you he’s got this, he’ll take care of you. You whimper, a sound Jungkook swallows before he’s biting down on your lower lip.
When he pulls away, his lips are red and glossy, and you wonder if yours are too. “Fuck, you’re so pretty,” he sighs, gazing at you like he can’t believe you’re there in front of him.
Before you can say anything else, he’s burying his face in the crook of your neck to brush kisses over your skin. “Let me eat you out,” he begs, but his voice is so silky and smooth that it doesn’t sound so much as a plea as much as it does a suggestion. He licks a stripe up your neck, and you jump in his hold.
It’s at this moment where the sudden realization hits you, the feeling of having the reins yanked out of your hands. You so vividly controlled every aspect of Jungkook just a few moments ago, when you’d had your own mouth on his neck, and carefully coaxed him into some sex.
But it seems Jeon Jungkook isn’t as soft or as pliable as you had dubbed him to be, and if the way he’s begun subtly rolling your hips into his crotch is any sign, he certainly wasn’t the submissive type either. Which leaves you wondering, exactly what type of person was Jungkook in bed?
Well, you had all night to figure that out.
“Hey,” he whines suddenly, ripping you out of your thoughts. You glance down at him, registering the bored set of his eyes and the unimpressed quirk of his lips. “Pay attention to me.”
You blink, lips twitching. You can barely muffle the giggle that tears itself from your throat, leaning your forehead on his shoulder as your body shakes at his suddenly childish words. Jungkook chuckles too, as if suddenly realizing how out of place his own statement was. “Sorry,” he smiles, cheeks pleasantly rosy and you can’t even stop yourself from kissing him silly.
Jungkook, bless his heart, let’s you rain down a good three kisses on him before he’s pushing you down on the couch beside him. There’s still a slight gleam in his eyes, but the rest of his face schools itself into a hungry expression as he drinks in your body laid out before him. “Let me eat you out?” He asks again, voice but a soft whisper.
You nod, heart beating loudly in your chest as he shuffles down until he can press a kiss to the tops of your thighs. He hasn’t even done anything that intense yet, but you already feel the muscles in your leg ready to spasm just from his proximity.
He’s mouthing at your skin, nudging your legs apart, and you, usually so confident in your sexuality, can’t find the courage to look at him as he so lovingly carries out his ministrations.
As if sensing your sudden bout of shyness (you! shy! Doyeon was gonna tease you about this for the rest of your life once you recapped this for her), he places a soft kiss just below where the hem of your dress begins, before pulling back and uttering, “this okay?”
You hum in response, face warm from just imagining how good he must look down there, peppering your skin with kisses. Your heart nearly rips itself out of your chest when a strong set of fingers wraps around your wrist suddenly, sliding over and around your hand until he’s tangled them with yours.
At this, you nearly break your neck trying to look at him, only to be met with an amused smile. Jungkook gives your hand a squeeze, and you barely get to appreciate the schoolgirl flood of emotions in your chest, when suddenly his free hand comes out of left field, cupping the back of your knee to push your legs further apart, before gliding across the expanse of your thigh to push your dress up.
If Jungkook holding your hand was enough to make your heart skip a beat, Jungkook pressing a chaste kiss to your panty-clad mound was enough to send you into cardiac arrest. Your leg twitches at the sudden touch, a gasp catching in your throat at the delicate path he kisses over your panties, until he’s flicking his tongue over your clit. “Oh,” you moan, and against your better judgment, your free hand is tangling itself in his silky strands.
Jungkook smirks, what sounds like a tiny chuckle muffled as he continues mouthing along your sex, until your panties are soaked both from your arousal and his saliva. Your little thong stares him in the face, and he groans at the sight, glancing up at you with those wide eyes of his like you’re his entire world. “Can I?”
Jungkook gives your clit one final kiss, before he lets go of your hand, and you can’t help the whine that leaves you upon the lost contact. Jungkook eats it up, pressing a kiss turned smile against your knee as he tugs your underwear down. It coils up as it goes, until he’s pulling a tightly twisted maroon thong off your ankles, and tossing it off somewhere behind him.
If his mouth felt good through your panties, it feels even better without. You mewl when he brushes his lips over your clit, plush lips working your sensitive bundle of nerves, sly tongue occasionally creeping out to toy with you further. “Jungkook,” you cry out, back arching. He licks and slurps likes he’s a starved man, and you're the first meal he’s ever had. You want to sob from how good it feels, his tongue flicking over your bud like he just can’t get enough.
He pulls away to catch your gaze, doesn’t let it go as he runs a lone finger over your slit, coating the digit in your own arousal, before carefully plunging it into your warm, wet heat. “Is this good?” He rasps out, watching your facial expressions carefully as he wiggles his finger deeper into your core, his other hand wrapped around your thigh to keep you still. You moan, feeling like a boneless heap of organs beneath this insanely handsome man who can’t keep his hands off your quivering pussy.
His fingers don’t let up, slowly pulling out before plunging back in. The room fills with disgustingly wet sounds, but that fact drifts to the back of your head the faster his fingers go. Your eyes roll into your head, your body twitching with each press of his fingers.
“Is it good, pretty?” He repeats, and since you’re not looking at him anymore, the sudden lick against your clit has your back arching and your thighs quivering with surprise. “Tell me it’s good, ___,” Jungkook croons, and you nod in a hurry.
“It’s good!” You cry, moaning loudly when he slips another finger into you, scissoring the two inside of you. “It’s so good, Jungkook—y-you’re so good,” you moan, and nearly cry actual tears when he curls his fingers inside of you, pressing down against the most sensitive spot within you.
Jungkook doesn’t let up, continues licking and slurping against your sensitive bud, even when your orgasm hits and you’re begging him to stop. He doesn’t let you go until he feels the warmth coat his fingers, feels the wetness begging to seep out of your plugged pussy. He lets you go then, only to move closer to your hole and replace his fingers with his mouth. There, he carefully catches and collects the cum that trickles out, mouth warm against your trembling body.
Your body quivers with each long drag of his tongue over your sensitive cunt, and you’re about to ask him to stop, when he finally pulls away and pushes himself over you, arms caging you in as he stares down at your withered form. “Kiss,” you manage to gasp out, and Jungkook raises an eyebrow in question. “Kiss me,” you repeat, and then, thoughtfully, “please.”
Jungkook complies, leans down to connect your mouths in a sweet kiss. You’re blinded by the delicacy of it all, that you in no way see coming the sudden substance that slides down your throat from his own. You choke at the sudden intrusion, belatedly realizing it’s your cum he’s pushing down your throat, the cum he didn’t swallow.
“That’s it, pretty,” Jungkook croons, licking up the residual come that hadn’t made it into your mouth. “See how you taste for me. Isn’t it sweet?” He murmurs, pushing his tongue into your mouth as if he regretted not saving any for himself. It’s the first time you’ve had your own pleasure in your mouth, so you’re not exactly sure how to feel. What you do feel is the overwhelming surge of arousal at seeing Jungkook rave about it and lap it up inside your own mouth.
He kisses you for a few moments, mouth moving languidly along yours. One hand reaches down to rub soothingly at your inner thigh, like he’s coaxing the feeling back into your body after lulling you into one of the most heavenly orgasms of your entire life. You whimper when he bites down on your lower lip, like you’re still too sensitive to reciprocate, but Jungkook doesn’t mind. He lets you go, licks over where he’d bitten like an apology.
After a few minutes of just this, of feeling like the most cherished girl in the entire world, Jungkook finally pulls away and levels you with a dashing smile. “All good?” He asks, hands still trailing up your waist until they’re framing the swell of your breasts, where he gently circles your nipple.
You nod, dazedly staring up at him and it’s at this exact moment that you realize there’s something stiff poking at your hip. You glance down, and Jungkook glances down with you, until you’re both staring at the hard on he’s hiding beneath his jeans. Jungkook chuckles, low and dark by your ear as he experimentally presses it against you.
Before you can stop yourself, your hand is untangling itself from around his shoulders and slithering down his front. You cup his erection, his shaky exhale giving you the courage to toy with his belt buckle until it’s undone and you're battling with the button on his jeans instead. You put up a good fight, but in the end the angle is too tight for you to properly undo it, and Jungkook brushes your hands away with a soft kiss to your lips.
He pushes himself off you, and you’re immediately craving the warm press of his body against yours the second he’s gone. “Get that dress off for me, pretty girl,” he says, pulling his shirt over his head, rendering you completely speechless as you gawk at his body. Jungkook glances down at you as he goes to undo his pants, a shapely brow raising in your direction and a soft quirk of his lips gesturing for you to do as you’re told.
You spur into action, wiggling the dress up and over your breasts until you’re pulling it over your head and letting it drop beside you on the floor. You’re just in time to see Jungkook push his jeans down his hips, a classic black Calvin Klein underwear band glaring back at you.
The chance to marvel at Jungkook’s thin waist framed by that tight underwear is gone as quickly as it came, and you’re greeted with an even more mouthwatering sight when he pushes the elastic band down, and that big cock you had alluded to springs out of its confines. You groan, subconsciously rolling your hips into the air as you take in the sight of his cock, mushroom tip swollen and flushed. There’s a thick vein that runs along the underside of it, one you only see when Jungkook grasps his dick in his hand and tugs upward like this isn’t his true form, and he can get bigger.
“Ready?” He asks, biting down on his lip as he continues to stroke himself. You nod, wiggling closer to him until the backs of your thighs rest on top of his, knees knocking against his waist. He grants you one more of those kind smiles, before he’s leaning down to press a hand beside your head, the other lining himself up with your soaked entrance.
Running his cock over your folds one last time, collecting as much of your cum as he can, he brushes a kiss against your cheekbone before he’s pushing in. You moan, throwing your hands around his neck as he pierces through the initial ring of muscle surrounding your warm heat. “Holy shit,” you choke, mouth dropped open as you pant like a dog against his shoulder. “J-Jungkook,” you cry, legs tightening around his waist the closer his body presses against yours.
Once he’s at the hilt, pelvis flush against you, you can’t help the series of whines and mewls that escape your lips from being so comfortably filled to the brim.
To your surprise, Jungkook is the first to speak. “Fuck,” he groans, breath hot against your ear. He sounds fucked out, once silky voice raspy with need as he grinds his hips against you tentatively. “This is what you wanted, isn't it?” He huffs, both hands coming down to wrap around your waist, your back arching under the wonderful hands that find themselves squeezing every inch of your back in an effort to pull you closer.
His mouth brushes against yours from this new position, and Jungkook puckers his lips, tongue coming out to lick at your bottom lip. You nearly cry when he finally pulls his hips away, relieves his cock from your tight heat before surging back in. “Wanted this from the moment you walked in, didn’t you, sweetheart?” Jungkook grunts, repeats the same motion until he’s picked up a steady pace of pushing and pulling, each roll of his hips sending a shock of ecstasy crawling up your spine.
You nod, eyes screwed shut as pleasure warms every inch of your body. It’s even worse to not see, because every sound and every touch is magnified tenfold, until you’re drowning in sensations. Jungkook’s choked groans, the slide of his hips, they all become too much too quickly and you’re choking back a sob.
“Fuck,” he groans, glancing down at your withered form like an animal as he picks up his pace. His hold on you tightens, never letting your body move away from him and he begins jack hammering in his thrusts, swallowing your cries with his lips. “Had me thinking you were a nice girl,” he huffs, and you wonder if he knows how tightly he’s holding you, how this grip will most likely leave you with fingerprint bruises tomorrow morning. But then again, you don’t care. All you care about is Jungkook’s voice and his body, guiding you toward completion. “But all you wanted was a quick fuck.”
You steel yourself to look at him again, and when your eyes finally open and focus, you’re wishing you hadn’t because Jungkook looks so hot over you. His pretty eyes, the ones that had led you into a false sense of comfort throughout the night and tricked you into believing he would be easy to bend to your every whim, are hard now. “Isn’t that right, doll?” He spits, and you whine when he punctuates this question with a particularly brutal thrust of his hips. His balls slap against your ass, and you squirm beneath him as you begin to feel the beginnings of an orgasm build in your core.
“I-I thought—“ you stammer, tone pitched from the way he jostles you with every thrust he gives. “Y-You wanted that,” you weekly defend, canting your hips down in a feeble attempt to progress this along.
He snorts, captures your lips in a rushed kiss where he wastes no time snaking his tongue inside your mouth. His saliva trickles into your mouth, and you whine as he purposefully lets it happen, pulls away just the slightest to pucker his lips and let a thick trail of spit fall straight into your open mouth. Satisfied with his little stunt, he rams his cock against you once more.
“If you wanted a quick fuck,” he says, nearly loses himself in your pussy, “you came to the wrong guy, sweetheart.”
You’re too caught up in the nice drag of his cock against your pussy, the tip of his cock stopping him from ever pulling out completely, that it takes you a second to process his words. “H-Huh?” You choke, teary eyes flickering across his face wildly as if the answer will be right in plain sight.
But all you’re met with is the soft pull of his lips as he flashes you a smirk, pearly white teeth tugging at the pink flesh, as he levels you with a glare of his own. Before you can question him further, he’s letting go of your waist to hike your knees into the crook of his elbows, his pouty lips growing further away as he leans back.
This shift has his cock nudging up, rubbing against the hood of your clit where a bundle of nerves he’d only briefly brushed before sits. You shriek in pleasure, writhing beneath him as the sudden sensation hits you full force. “Jungkook!” You sob, his hips slowing to a grind as he watches your face crumble beneath him.
“You like that?” He murmurs, rutting his hips against you shallowly. The change of pace, the rabid piston of his hips slowing to this, has your body melting into his touch. You barely manage a nod, eyes fluttering open and shut as his hips move sensually against you.
His cock brushes against that sensitive spot with each roll of his hips, and you’re a mewling, puddle of emotion by the third thrust. “Pretty girl,” he hums, letting go of one leg to place a hand above your mound, thumb circling your clit until you’re trembling beneath him. “Did you think I would fuck you and kick you out?” He husks, watching your body like he’s a lion and you’re his prey.
Your brain is far from comprehending anything at this point, reduced to a mere mass of nothingness as he continues moving against you, fingers rubbing your clit in all the right ways.
“Well, you were wrong about that, doll,” he huffs, and you’re blessed with the sight of his head lolling back as he loses himself in the tight grip of your pussy, skin glistening with sweat, trailing from behind his ear and over his neck, until you’re watching a pearl roll over his collarbones. “I don’t do that,” he informs you, and he pinches your clit between two fingers, hard enough that you almost miss his next words as you moan. “No, baby, I’ll fuck you and keep you forever,” he spits, and you whimper at his words. Finally, he lets go of your knees, right as you’re teetering on the edge of an orgasm and you moan out in protest as he ducks down to cage you between his arms again.
“Please,” you beg, voice hoarse as his hips slowly return to their pace from before. He’s still not pulling out as much, keeping his thrusts shallow as he kisses a trail up your neck and over your jaw.
“Gonna fuck you so good, you don’t ever want to leave, pretty,” he says, kisses the corner of your mouth as his hips pick up pace. You wanna cry, feeling so warm and cherished in his arms, his voice telling you how good you’re doing as the coil in your stomach tightens and tightens until you’re begging him for more. “Do you want that?”
“Yes! Yes!” You sob, rolling your hips against his like a madman as you chase your high.
Jungkook hums, smile smushed against your lips as he watches you desperately writhing beneath him. “Yeah? You want that?” You nod, mewls swallowed by his kisses. “Then cum for me, pretty girl.”
You whimper, just as he bucks into you once more, and suddenly you’re falling apart. It starts in your lower back, the ecstasy climbing it’s way through your body until you’re quivering and sobbing in his embrace, muffling your sounds against his shoulder. The muscles in your entire body tighten painfully, until suddenly a wave of contentment washes over you, and you’re too weak to even hold onto him anymore, arms flopping back onto the couch cushions beneath you.
The whole time, Jungkook mutters encouragement against your jaw, keeps his thrusts short but quick, guiding you through your orgasm. When you’re done, he presses an open mouthed kiss beneath your ear, pulling away to look at your boneless frame beneath him.
A few pistons of his hips later, and Jungkook is coming inside of you, cum coating your walls as he hammers his way through his orgasm. He pulls out when he’s done, and you instantly feel your mixed arousal drip out between your thighs.
Woozy from the wine and the two orgasms, you fall asleep soon after.
“Good morning,” you murmur, standing at the doorway leading into the kitchen, an area you’d only been able to find after stumbling around the upstairs of the house in confusion.
Jungkook whirls around, wide eyes taking in your appearance. You clutch at the hem of the big t-shirt you’d pulled on, the only article of clothing you saw that was thrown over a chair in a bedroom you didn’t dare snoop around. “Morning,” he exhales, calculating gaze never leaving you as you tiptoe over to him by the counter.
He doesn’t say more, spluttering into action when you peek over his shoulder to see what he’s up to. “What’re you making?” You inquire, and his hands begin fidgeting with the knife.
“Oh, um,” he stutters, and perhaps he’s overly aware of your presence so close beside him, because he suddenly doesn’t remember how he’s supposed to cut an avocado. Cute, you think. “Just, um, toast with avocado spread…”
You hum. After a moment, it seems Jungkook is able to quell his nerves, and he carefully slices the avocado open, spreading its innards across the toast. He hands you the first piece, which you take after masking your own surprise, and soon after he’s turning away from the counter as the two of you eat in silence.
After a few thoughtful munches of bread, you speak. “Thanks for carrying me to bed,” you say, refusing to look at him.
“You’re welcome,” he replies, almost a little too fast and you barely bite down a grin as he rambles on. “Wasn’t gonna leave you on the couch, especially not when you were so tired after… ah, yeah.”
It’s the reserved way he carries himself that gives you the balls to look at him. His ears are flushed adorably red, like when you were at dinner last night talking about his job, and all you wanna do is pinch his cheeks. “Yeah,” you agree, and then add with an air of faux shyness, “you were really cool last night.”
It’s the little devil in you begging to jump out, curious to see how far you can push Jungkook before he shifts into that suave version of himself from last night, and you would feel bad had the corner of his lips not tilted up in amusement.
He chokes out a laugh, mutters a “yeah?” and you don’t stop yourself when you jump into his arms and kiss that avocado spread right off his lips.
On Tuesday afternoon, Kim Namjoon is in the midst of delivering another sermon-like speech on the importance of utilizing your student ID when visiting any of the Starbucks within a two mile radius of your school, when you spot a chestnut head of hair from the corner of your eye.
“Sorry, Joon! My ride's here!” You yelp, shoving your notebook into your bag as you stumble over yourself in your haste to leave.
Namjoon blinks. “Huh? I thought you lived on campus?”
You nod, that giddy feeling starting up in your chest as he comes closer to where you and Namjoon have taken up residence on a table in the commons for your weekly meeting, and by the time he reaches the table Namjoon is still in the midst of questioning you.
“Jungkook,” You say, all dreamily and dazed, and you know this because Doyeon caught you with this same exact look on your face after he dropped you off at the dorms Sunday afternoon.
Namjoon startles. “What the f—“
“Hi,” Jungkook beams, leans down to brush a kiss against your cheek, which only serves to make you even more ditzy and dumb in the face of this handsome man. “Oh, hey, hyung.”
“What’re you doi—“
“All set?” Jungkook asks you, completely ignoring whatever his beloved senior was saying in favor of taking your bag off your shoulders. You nod, have to swallow a giggle down when he takes your hand in his. “Bye, hyung.”
“Bye, Joon!” You barely remember to throw over your shoulder, too busy wrapping yourself around Jungkook’s arm to hear Namjoon blabber in shock. 
“Kids these days,” he huffs.
[ part 2 ; hulu & woohoo ]
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songbirdsingingthings · 11 months ago
I Hear A Symphony - Shouto Todoroki x Reader
Tumblr media
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Kohei Horikoshi
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Requested by: @vdoesthings​ 
(Hii! Can I request a Shoto Todoroki fic with "I can hear a symphony" by Cody Fry? Also love your writing so muchh)
A/N: Thank you so much for your request as part of the Sing To Me event! I had a TON of fun writing this one as I kinda delved into something I hadn’t written a ton about before *cough* support course *cough* and I’m pretty happy with it! I hope you enjoy, and again, thank you for participating in the event!
Word Count: 1.6K
Shouto’s life was so simple, everything planned to a ‘t’. He would be forced to wake up at ungodly times by the person he hated most in the world and immediately put to work. An hour on the treadmill, an hour lifting, and an hour training his quirk. Then, he would be given a breakfast that was chock full of proteins and supplements - he was told it was good for him, but there was never any flavor to it. Then he would be off to school at UA. He guessed that his time spent there did add some variance in his life, but it was not enough to rock the boat he was currently sailing. He would have chats with Midoriya from time to time, but that was basically it. What he wanted in his life was something more than what it was. He couldn’t lead this tasteless life forever, because if he did, he was sure he might just go crazy. 
“Alright class, listen up. Today we are playing host to the support class. It is part of their curriculum to not only help patch up your hero costumes and support items, but to make suggestions and experiment on their own. Each of you has been given a student to partner up with - if I hear of one of you trying to switch your partner with someone else, I’m not afraid to assign an extra packet of homework,” a single groan from the class was heard, “to all of you.” The entire class contributed to the cacophony after that comment. “And please, do not give them much trouble. They are students, just like you, learning the ropes. Okay then, now that we’re done with that, please welcome the students of Class H-1.” The door of the classroom slid open to reveal 20 students, all dressed in the U.A. uniform with boxes and duffel bags hanging off their shoulders and arms. At the front of the group was Mei Hatsume.
“Alright! Time to get to work! Who’s this… uh Iida? Who’s Iida?” She shouts, causing Class 1A’s president to stand with a start.
“I am Tenya Iida! The guy who you used as a walking advertisement in the Sports Festival!” Mei looked to the side with a cheshire grin.
“Never heard of ya!” Then, a sweet voice graced the room.
“Mei, you’re holding up the rest of the group - mind if we come in the room too?”
“Oh! Sorry, Y/N/N, didn’t mean to hold you guys back!” Then, the floodgates opened and the students of class H-1 descended upon the room. Shouto looked around to see everyone pairing up, so he decided to just wait at his desk - it was probably easier that way anyway.
“Todoroki?” The same sweet voice he had heard before, the one that asked Mei to move out of the way earlier, called his name. Turning around, Shouto saw you. A heavy looking duffle bag was thrown over your right shoulder while a tape measure and several fabric swatches were draped over your left. In your hands were two boxes - one that looked like a tool box and the other that looked like a briefcase. Immediately, Shouto’s hands were grabbing onto the duffle bag as it began to slip from your shoulders. “Oh! Thank you, the stuff in there is pretty heavy though, so be careful,” your warning came a bit too late as the bag slid into his hands and then ended up on the floor, pulling his arms along with it. Shouto’s eyes widened a bit, wondering how on earth you could’ve carried it slung around your shoulder when it weighed that much.
“My apologies,” he said, somewhat sheepishly. He looked up to your face, expecting an expression of distraught, but instead there was a wide smile.
“No worries at all - I’ve done that way too many times. I’m just glad that the stuff in there is strong enough to not scratch easily!” You say cheerily, letting the duffle bag stay where it was and placing your boxes on Shouto’s desk. You let the fabric and the tape measure settle on top and then reach out your hand to Shouto’s. “I’m Y/N L/N, your new support item consultant and designer.” You say proudly. The red-and-white haired boy accepts your handshake and nods.
“My hero costume isn’t really that interesting and doesn’t call for many support items, so it might be a bit boring. I’m sorry for that.” Shouto admits, a little embarrassed to see you pulling out his hero costume. It was true, though. When the forms were sent out asking what kind of hero costume he wanted, all he put were the necessities. Something where the fabric was flexible enough to do hero work in and one that was comfortable. He left the colors, style, and little accoutrements up to the designers.
“I wouldn’t say it’s boring at all,” you say, scanning over Shouto’s costume. His eyes watch yours as they dutifully take in every detail - you looked like a professional at work. “I think it has incredible potential though. You’ve got all of the necessary stuff here - a good base, flexible but not easily breakable fabric, and sturdy looking combat boots. It just needs to be personalized.” Shouto cocks his head at your last word.
“Personalized?” He repeats, earning a nod from you.
“Yeah! Like, let’s see… what’s your favorite color?” Your question made him pause and think. 
“I,” he begins, his eyes now just on the hero costume in your hands, “I don’t think I have one.” He can see the little frown sprout on your face which makes him immediately want to retract his previous sentence. For some reason, he just didn’t like seeing that frown on your face - it didn’t look like it belonged there.
“That’s okay, let’s just start off with something else then. I was watching a lot of footage of you competing at the festival and just training, and I noticed that whenever you use your fire side, that sleeve burns off.” This earns a nod from Shouto. “Well,” you say as you take the fabric that was the same color of the blue of his hero costume, “I’ve been experimenting a lot with different kinds of synthetic fabrics and developed this.” You hold it out in front of Shouto for him to touch. “This fabric has the same feel and flexibility as the one you’re currently using, but I modified it so that it can withstand the temperatures both your left and right side produce.” Shouto looked at the fabric warily and then back to you. This caused you to giggle a bit at his reaction. “Go ahead, try it out.” You say as Shouto’s left hand reached up to it. A small but concentrated flame burned at the fabric, but it left no scorch marks at all.
“That’s quite impressive,” he says, stunned at the fabric’s durability.
“Thanks!” You beam, meeting Shouto’s eyes. “It took me forever to get the formula right, but now that I’ve got it it’s become my new speciality!” You put the fabric back and then begin talking to him about the other points of his costume. The two of you talked about his boots and the possibility of adding ice picks to the bottom, the implementation of a thermal regulator, and even a device that lets Shouto know the exact temperature of his own body and what he was outputting. The conversation, really, was just you telling him about everything, but he quite liked it that way. Seeing you so excited, so marveled at your own creations and life just brought him joy. If he was just dull background music, you were a symphony. You were violins and cellos, french horns and flutes. You were brimming with an energy that Shouto has forever longed to have and experience. The more the conversation between the two of you continued, the more he felt himself leaving the out-of-tune bass he had once occupied and becoming drawn into your loveliness. And, as Aizawa called out to the class that there would only be five more minutes to this meeting, he realized he never wanted to leave it. 
“Well, I guess I should pack up and take off,” you say, your voice a little sad. “It’s been really fun to finally meet you and talk to you about your costume! Hopefully we’ll have another class like this to catch up soon!” You chime, slinging that heavy duffle bag over your shoulder with ease and gathering the fabrics and boxes into your arms. Shouto stood there with nothing coming from his mouth until you had almost walked out the classroom door.
“Ah, wait!” He said, drawing the attention of everyone, including you. “What if we could, maybe, talk about it more this weekend?” He asks you, earning gasps from a few of his classmates. Was Shouto Todoroki actually asking someone out?! The smile that is spread across your cheeks makes him forget all about the audience the two of you had attracted.
“Definitely! The card I left you?” You asked, causing Shouto to dig into his pocket to find it. “It has my number on it, in the hopes that you would ask me.” The red-and-white haired boy shook his head and smiled. “Maybe then you could tell me your favorite color? I have a feeling it’s white, but I like to be surprised. So let me know then, ‘kay?” With a nod and a wave from Shouto, you shoot him one last grin before you follow your classmates out of the door. He didn’t tune in any of the questions from his classmates he was being berated with, instead thinking about his favorite color. White, he decided, was quite a good color. If it’s what you suggested, he thought, then it’s perfect for him. That beautiful little melody that you wove through in around his heart had captured him completely. And he loved you for it.
Tumblr media
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13-reasons-ideas · a year ago
requests are still open yay! MontyxOc, Oc dated Monty a year ago.. things didn’t quite work out but her & Monty maintained a close friendship some say a little too close for ex’s. She stared dating (any one of the guys) but Monty continued to flirt with her she wasn’t stopping him either, She feels bad & tells Monty to stop flirting & trying to get with her... He doesn’t she starts to get fed up and on a class trip they argue over it.. the argument however ends much differently (smut)
A/N: This story contains SMUT. DNI if under 18. 18+ only. This is a long one you guys. Definitely bring a snack and a cup of tea to read it. I’m sorry if the spacing is weird. I can’t to hear what you have to say about it! Feedback is appreciated and much love as always. - Em
Friends Don’t 
I met Monty in the park. Things had been different between us recently. “Hey.”
“Hey.” He turned in my direction. I sat on a picnic table and watched him for a few minutes. He seemed like he wanted to say something but didn’t know how.
“What’s going on in that hot head of yours?”
“I don’t know. I don’t… I don’t want to mess everything up.”
“Well how will you know if you do, if you don’t take the chance?” I had a feeling I knew what was coming.
“I don’t know if I’m ready for this Reagan.” Even though I had a feeling, it still felt like a punch in the gut to hear him say it.
“For what?”
“Things to get serious.”
“Who said anything about serious? We are sixteen.”
“I don’t know. Do you want to pretend that I’m ready to date someone? That doesn’t seem very fair to you.”
I shrugged. He has a point. He’s not exactly in a great place right now. “I guess not.” Even though I didn’t want to, I felt tears starting to well up and the familiar prickle in my nose. I blinked a few times because I knew he was right. It just sucked to hear.
“I don’t want to not have you around though.”
“I know. I don’t want to not have you around either. You know me better than anyone. Best friends?”
“Best friends.”
“And if you ever need anything, I’m there. No matter what.”
“Day or night.”
Monty and I stayed close. We kept our promise to be best friends. After all, we knew each other better than anyone. We hung out after school and got coffee. He came over and we watched movies. It was almost like we didn’t break up. Almost. For a while after our breakup things were awkward. We hadn’t really figured out where our boundaries were. After some time, we got comfortable again. Some people would say we were a little too close. It didn’t really matter that much to us if we still flirted or finished each other’s sentences.
It didn’t matter, at least until I started spending time with a certain other jock. Zach Dempsey had caught my eye before senior year but there was something about him that was different that September. He was still kind of cruel, but he was trying. He meant well. He just didn’t always know how to go about things in the best way. I knew what being forced to spend extended time with Bryce walker could do to a person. Zach and I had a few classes together over the years. Our friendship started like a lot of friendships did in school. You got stuck sitting next to someone and so you had to decide if you wanted to ignore them for the rest of the semester, or if you wanted to make your semester not suck and play nice.
We decided on the latter that first day of world history. He was late to class and the only empty seat was next to mine. I had spent time around him when Montgomery and I were dating so we were able to at least talk to each other. Our interactions consisted mostly of homework and school stuff for about a month or so. Then, slowly, we started talking about our interests and other things on our way to lunch. On one such walk to lunch, he told me about his dream of becoming a marine biologist.
“Seriously?” I asked him.
“Yeah. It’s cool. Why?”
“I don’t know. I just guess I pegged you as a guy who would want to do the athlete thing and get a business degree in case you didn’t get drafted.”
“Nah. That… that isn’t really in the cards for me.” I nodded.
“I want to go into social work.”
“No way, really?”
“Yeah.” I didn’t elaborate on why I wanted to. That was not my story to share.
“Zachy!” Scott called across the room when we got to the cafeteria.
“I- I should probably get going.” He stammered.
“Yeah. My friends are waiting.” I waved over at Jess and Alex. Zach started to walk away but turned around again.
“Did you want to get a coffee or see a movie sometime?”
“Like, together?”
“I mean, yeah.” He shrugged, trying to play it cool.
“I think I’d like that. Oh, and can you tell Montgomery and Bryce Cheerios is not lunch?” I laughed.
“But they are.”
“I guess we can discuss it over coffee.” I smiled.
“Wednesday after school?”
I sat at a table with my friends. “So. I’m going on a date.” Jess and Alex looked at me with wide eyes.
“Shit. No way.” Jess smiled.
“Yeah. Zach Dempsey.” I explained, answering their unspoken question.
“Zach is nice.” Alex added.
“And he’s like… really good looking.”
“I know, right?”
“Very tall.”
“Doesn’t have an anger problem.” Jess muttered under her breath. My smile faltered. I looked up and Monty’s eyes were on me. My phone vibrated. Cheerios is lunch pretty girl. I rolled my eyes. Zach said he has a date. Wouldn’t happen to be a certain girl in his world history class, would it?
I’ll give you details after. And why do you care?
On Wednesday I got a ride with Justin and Clay to school. My car was in the shop for maintenance and my house was on the way from theirs. After school, Zach drove me to Monet’s. I got to ride shotgun in the Audi. The wind feels different. Maybe it’s because this car costs more than my education will. He was a safe driver, I noticed. Soon, we had parked outside the cozy little café. We didn’t hold hands on the way inside.
Inside, I ordered a hot chocolate, and he got a cup of tea. “You like pomegranate?” I asked when we sat down.
“Yeah. It’s tart.”
“It’s pretty good. One of my favourite tea flavours.” We made small talk for a while. I wasn’t sure when the last time he had been on a date was. I hadn’t been on a real date since Monty and I broke up last year.
“Your opinion on Cheerios is wrong.”
“Yeah. It’s lunch food. Or breakfast food. Hell, even dinner food.” I shook my head.
“I will never understand boys.” He laughed and picked up his spoon. “What are you doing?”
“Just watch.” He breathed on the spoon and tried to balance it on his nose. I giggled and it stuck for maybe three seconds before falling to the table. I burst out laughing.
“Can I try?” I picked up my own spoon.
“Go for it.”
“Okay, okay how do I do this?”
Zach reached over and took the spoon, holding it in front of my mouth. “Breath on it.” I did. “Now before it dries, take it, and place it on the end of your nose.” I did as he said. It fell instantly.
“Try again?” He waved. I tried again and it fell, yet again. “One more. I think I know the spot now.”
“Go on.” This time, I was able to get it to balance for four seconds. “Does this make me champion?”
“Sure. Until we have rematch.”
“A rematch you say?”
“I look forward to it. Mostly so I can win again.” I smirked slightly. We spent the next couple of hours just talking to each other about stuff. Mrs. Dempsey called him home around five.
“Yeah Mom. I’m just out with the guys going over some plays. I’ll be home soon.”
“I take it I’m getting my refill to go?”
“Yeah. It seems that way. I’ll drive you home.”
We went on like that for the next few weeks. We would meet for coffee or meet up to see a movie. Go for walks in the park or by the docks. It was nice. Different than what Montgomery and I had, but it was a welcome change. We went public at school before we decided to tell our parents. My parents weren’t exactly ecstatic about me dating in my senior year and I knew how his mom felt about girls in his life. I was still talking to Monty. All the while, we had kept up the flirty banter we had started a few weeks after our breakup. Zach didn’t seem to mind much. “Good morning Beautiful.” He said as he walked over to my locker that morning.
“Hey 85.” I smiled brightly at him.
“You look very cute.”
“Why thank you kind gentleman.” I grabbed my bag off the floor and shoved my geometry book in it. Zach threw his arm around my shoulders as he walked me to class. I rested my head against him and we chatted about our night.
“So, you guys are public now.” Monty said, walking up to us with Charlie in tow.
“That’s really cute.” Charlie said.
“Yes.” I smiled. I felt Monty’s eyes traveling my body and I couldn’t help the blush that crept up my neck.
“Yeah.” Zach said.
“That’s great.” Monty replied. When we walked away, he called out, “I’ll see you around Reagan.”
I turned and called back to him, “yes you will.”
In the following few days, Monty kept up with the flirting. I didn’t stop it. I found it kind of amusing. “Going to harp on my lunch choices again Rea?”
“No. You’re an adult. I trust you to make proper choices.”
“Now, Reagan. You should know I’ve never been good with proper.” I rolled my eyes. Oh, I know.
“Seems to have done you pretty well so far. How’s… uh… collarbone tattoo?”
“Sure.” He merely shrugged.
“How’s Zachy?”
“Zach is good.” Zach said, sitting down at the table. I swatted Monty’s hand away when he reached for a cookie.
“And you should know by now to not touch my food Montgomery.”
“Oh. She full named you. What’s it like to be called out by your ex like that, man?” Bryce asked.
“You don’t get a cookie either Bryce.”
“Reagan.” He held his hand up to his chest. “You wound me.”
“That’s sad for you.” I shrugged. Zach turned to me and shot me a megawatt smile.
“Do I get a cookie?” I thought for a moment.
“You can get half a cookie.”
“It’s half more than I had before.”
“I’m his best friend. Can I have the other half?” Justin asked when he sat down.
“No. My cookies.”
“I’ll trade you my Milky Way for that half.”
“No.” I laughed. “You’re sure you’re okay to come to my place later?” I asked Zach.
“Yeah. It’s just your parents. Parents like me.”
“Did he just say ‘just your parents’?” Monty looked at me with wide eyes. I shrugged. “Reagan.”
“Your dad threatened to shoot me.”
“My parents never really liked you though.”
“Gee, I wonder what gave you that impression?”
“What would have?” Charlie asked.
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe when her dad threatened to shoot me.”
“Parents don’t like you. They’ll love me.” Zach beamed.
“They don’t like you because you ruined their daughter.” Bryce laughed. Again, I shrugged. Can’t really argue with him there. Monty merely smirked, proudly. Ugh men.
“Anyway. You’re sure?”
“Okay. And can you remind me again why we sit here?”
“You get to see me.” Monty chuckled.
“No. No I don’t think that’s why.”
In the few months after Zach and I started dating, his mom had come around to the idea of me being in his life. I spent time at his house, mostly working on homework or helping May with hers. It was tense at first but she came around eventually. Once she realized I only wanted what was best for her son. My parents were getting more used to the idea of me dating again. They saw how we interacted and seemed to approve more than they did with Monty. I had a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t emptying the first aid kit my mom kept stocked every month or so.
Monty and I were still close. He had recently started seeing a girl named Kyla. I wasn’t sure how serious it was but figured it could be good for him. It didn’t stop him from flirting with me though.
“Good morning gorgeous.”
“Good morning Montgomery. Good night?” I laughed.
“Of course.”
“How was your date with Kyla?” I asked.
“It was good. She cooked for me.”
“That’s nice. Was it good?” Charlie asked, adjusting his bag on his shoulder.
“I mean, sure. Some kind of spinach something or other?”
“You hate spinach.” I said.
“Yes. And you hate tha-.” Monty started. I saw Zach walking towards us.
“Shhhh.” I cut him off. “Hey babe.”
“Hey beautiful.” Zach pulled me into a hug and placed a kiss on my head. “How was dinner at Alex’s last night?”
“It was good. His mom let me bring contraband in the house.”
“Contraband?” Bryce asked.
“He’s not allowed to have junk food.” Charlie explained.
“Something about healthy body healthy mind or something.”
“She’s not wrong Rea.” Zach said.
“I know but still. Let the kid have a candy bar once in a while. It won’t hurt him.”
“He prefers sour patch kids.”
“I know.” The bell rang and interrupted us. I sighed heavily and took Zach’s hand. He walked me to math and kissed me on the cheek as he left. I smiled brightly at his retreating form.
Monty texted me in math. As I was saying, you hate that you and Zach haven’t fucked yet. Have you even gotten to second base yet?
None of your god damn business.
I’ll take that as a no. Don’t worry. It’ll happen eventually. I could get Charlie to get Alex to talk to him. Or you could let me talk to him.
What? You don’t want me to tell him all your dirty little secrets?
I swear to God, De la Cruz. I will wring your neck in your sleep.
You’d be doing my dad a favour. You’d at least get past the front door.
I’d wring his first. Now stop texting me and learn some shit.
Zach sat with Alex, Jess, and I at lunch. Kyla was sitting with Monty. I got the impression that she didn’t really like me all that much. In order to avoid a catfight-as much as I think the boys would like to see it- I found it best not to sit with them when she was around. Plus, it gave me a bit of a break from all the sports talk I had to pretend to care about. I shared my granola with Jess. Alex ‘stole’ my gummy bears. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had the other bag in history. Zach kept my little secret. I felt him watching me out of the corner of his eye. He was talking to Alex about some video game. Jess and I rolled our eyes. “Boys.” We said in unison.
That weekend, Zach and I went for a walk along the docks. It was a beautiful day outside. We walked hand in hand just talking. When we felt like taking a break, we sat down on a bench overlooking the water and watched the waves. He put his arm around me and pulled me into his side. He was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. “Part of me wishes it was cold out, so I could offer you my sweater.”
“Me too.” I smiled.
“You look adorable in them.”
I giggled and hid my face in his shoulder. “I do not.”
“You do though.”
“Okay.” I blushed. He grinned at me as I peeked up at him.
We spent another hour walking and enjoying our time together. When it started to get dark, Zach walked me back to his car. He held the door open for me and kissed me before closing it. He is so sweet. The radio was playing softly. We sat in content silence for most of the drive. The purr of the engine lulled me into a peaceful sleep. “Reagan.” He whispered. I didn’t want to wake up. “Reagan. Baby, wake up for a second please.”
“Hmm?” My eyes stayed closed
“I just wanted to know if you want anything from Starbucks.”
“You can stay in the car and sleep if you want.”
“I’ll get you something.” He whispered and kissed my temple before getting out and locking the car. When I woke up, there was a cup of tea in the cup holder for me. So thoughtful.
I was in the middle of getting ready for a date with Zach when someone rang my doorbell. Running to answer it, my eyes widened when I saw Monty. His cheek was already starting to bruise and his knuckles were bloody. “Hey.”
“Uh. Hey there friend.” Blood was dripping onto my porch. “Just a sec.” I held up a finger and ran to grab a towel. He wrapped it around his hand before stepping inside. Thankfully there won’t be blood on the floor now. He stood in the entryway. “How’s the other guy?” I asked as I pulled out my phone to text Zach. Monty didn’t answer.
I’m so sorry. I have to cancel tonight. I think I’m coming down with a cold. I want to try to nip it in the bud and sleep it off.  
That’s okay. Do you want me to come over? I can bring you soup.
No, thanks though Zach. I’m just going to go get ready for bed and sleep so I can be better by Monday.
Okay. I’m just a text or call away if you need anything. <3
Thank you. <3
Now that my plans with Zach were taken care of, I was able to focus on the boy at my front door. “You know you don’t have to just stand there. You’ve been here before since we broke up.”
“I know. I just wanted to give you some space while you dealt with whatever plans you and Zach had.” He walked into the house further before adding, “which you didn’t have to do.”
“It’s not a big deal. I told you I would be here for you, whatever you need. Do you want some ice for your hand?” I dug around in the freezer for the tray. He tried to protest but I saw the thinly veiled wince when he flexed it. Sighing, I pulled out the freezer bags and filled one with ice. Monty accepted it begrudgingly.
“I didn’t need ice Reagan.”
“And I don’t need five million dollars Montgomery. If you don’t want it though, I’ll gladly take it back. I’m sure Kerba would love to hear about whatever bullshit reason you give for your hand being fucked again is.” He shut up and kept the ice.
“Think he would believe me if I said it was an exercise accident?”
“No.” I stated, shaking my head. Monty moved into the living room, settling in on the couch. Grabbing the remote with his good hand, he started scrolling through channels.
“You know if you hit the guide button, you can just pick a channel.”
“Yeah, but then you don’t complain about it and I can’t irritate you.”
“And I wasn’t done.” He didn’t respond, so I went into the closet for my mom’s first aid kit. She kept it stocked at all times. It was hard explaining why it was so depleted so frequently when Monty and I were together and even harder to explain why it was full after we broke up.
Walking over to the couch, I sat down and opened the kit. I grabbed some gauze and took his hand in mine. There was too much blood, so I had to go get a cloth. His lip curled when the wet cloth touched his cut knuckles. My brow rose but I didn’t say anything. Monty grimaced as I wrapped his hand. “Is your cheek okay?”
“It’s fine.”
“Okay. Have you eaten?”
“Yeah. You don’t need to feed me too Reagan.”
“Okay.” I let him continue flipping channels, knowing when to not push him. He never was very nice when I was patching him up. He finally settled on some old black and white film. Neither of us watched it. We just spent the night sitting in silence. It gave me plenty of time to think about the fact that I had lied straight through my teeth to my very nice, charming boyfriend.
A couple of weeks after I had patched Monty up, I noticed he wasn’t at school. I was walking to my locker with Alex that morning. Scott was talking to Charlie about something when we passed. “I don’t know where he is, man.”
“But we have a huge government midterm today.”
“It’s Monty. He probably just overslept or decided to cut first period.” I stopped walking unconsciously. Then where is he?
“You’re probably right.” Charlie said, as he adjusted his bag. He bumped into me when he passed. “Sorry Reagan. Guess I didn’t see you there.”
“Huh? No worries Charlie.” I smiled as he took Alex’s hand and nodded to them when they left me in the hall.
“He isn’t at school yet.” Scott said, behind me.
“Okay. I don’t know why you think I care but whatever.”
Scott looked at me seriously. “You care. Might want to look like you care less though. His replacement is coming this way.” I didn’t respond.
By lunch, I had started to worry. Charlie was right. We had a government midterm today. Monty couldn’t miss it. I scanned the cafeteria. There was no sign of him anywhere. He wasn’t in math this morning either. I couldn’t stop myself from texting him. I know you aren’t this self-destructive. Get your ass to school.
“Hey baby. Who’re you texting?”
“Just Bryce. I loaned him some of my government notes in first so he could cram. I just need them back.” Zach took my hand and we walked to the jocks table. Still no sign of Monty. I didn’t sit down. “Hey Bryce, did you get my text?”
“Uh. No?”
“About my government notes that you borrowed?”
“What-?” I gave him a look. “Oh. Yeah, I put them in my locker. Meant to bring them to lunch but it slipped my mind.”
“Can we go get them? I wanted to read over them during lunch.”
“Great.” I nodded towards the door. He stood and followed me out.
“So, what the hell was that?”
“Did Monty stay at your place last night?”
“No. It’s probably nothing. You know how he is. Disappears sometimes.” We stopped walking and stepped into an empty hall.
“Yeah. It’s just that he knows this is important. I worry is all. Unlike you, he actually needs to get a scholarship.”
“I need to too Reagan.”
“You don’t. But go ahead and think that if it helps you sleep.” I shook my head and pulled my history notes out of my bag. “We’ve been gone a while. Don’t want anyone getting suspicious.” I texted Monty again while we walked in silence back to the cafeteria. If you aren’t in government I will drive to your house and kick your unfairly shapely ass. You better have a damn good excuse for not being here.
When I got to government for fifth period, I sighed in relief. Monty was sitting in his seat next to mine. “Nice of you to finally show up.” I grumbled as I sat down.
“I was busy.”
“It’s a Wednesday during school. During midterm week no less. What was so important?”
“Kyla got a new piercing a few weeks ago.” He smirked.
“You’re disgusting.”
“What? Have you and Zach still not?” My silence spoke volumes. He snorted. “No wonder you’ve been so bitchy lately. Want me to talk to him? Explain that you have needs?”
“No. I want you to not skip school to fuck your,” I paused, “Kyla. Because you aren’t a dumbass.” Even though I was pissed at him, I still waited for him until he had finished his test. We stopped at his locker so he could drop off his books.
Zach was waiting for me at my locker. We had rescheduled our movie date to today under the guise of making sure my cold was for sure gone and until midterms were complete. “Hey Zachy.” I hugged him and kissed his chest.
“Hey beautiful. How was your midterm?”
“Not bad. I think I did okay.”
“That’s good. How was it actually Monty?”
“Could have been worse. No one cried, which kind of sucks.”
“Good to know.” I put my stuff in my locker, failing miserably at the organization I had at the beginning of the year.
“I’ll see you tomorrow Monty. At eight. When you’re supposed to be at school.”
“Okay. We can go with that. You kids have fun now.” I shook my head and rolled my eyes. A blush had started to creep up my neck though. Maybe tonight.
When we got to my place, I left Zach downstairs to go change. I threw on underwear that matched my bra. Just in case. I settled on a pair of yoga pants that framed my ass well and threw on a low-cut comfortable tank top. Back downstairs, Zach was taking a bag of popcorn out of the microwave. I felt his eyes go straight to my butt as he heard me come down. I smirked slightly. I hugged him tightly from behind at the counter. “You’re cute.”
“So are you.”
“I’m not cute.”
“You are. My giant teddy bear you. Oh, and there’s a box of Mike & Ike’s in the pantry for you.”
“Thanks.” He grinned.
We scrolled through Netflix for a few minutes. Nothing looked really interesting until we scrolled past Beautiful Creatures. It’s good to make out to. And I like it. Settling in for the night, I rest my head on his lap. I sighed happily as Zach stroked my hair. It was so nice to just have a quiet night in with him. He adjusted his position slightly a while into the movie and I sat up to change positions as well. Falling asleep was not in the plans for this evening. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer against his chest. Leaning back, I rested my head on his shoulder. I placed a few soft kisses on his neck and jaw.
Zach’s breathing picked up when my lips ghosted over a spot just under his chin. There it is. I smiled against it and kissed it again. He sighed and I pulled away to look at him. His pupils were slightly dilated. I leaned in to kiss him. He leaned in and our lips touched. It was soft and gentle at first, but quickly became deeper and more intense. This wasn’t the first time we made out at all. But this time felt different. More meaningful. Maybe it was the right choice to change my underwear. His tongue ran along my bottom lip, requesting entrance. I was more than happy to accommodate it. His hand made its way around to rest against the back of my neck. My body shifted into a kneeling position on the soft couch, so I had a better angle. One of my hands rested on his chest. The other wound its way around the back of his neck to play with the soft hairs at the top of it. So soft.
Our tongues playfully fought for dominance. Neither of us seemed too keen on winning. We were just enjoying the moment. The movie was still playing in the background, though neither of us cared. My hand traveled down his muscular body as our making out intensified. I played with the hem of his shirt. I wasn’t wanting to take it off. But I also wasn’t not wanting to take it off. My boyfriend has a very nice body. Zach took control and began leaning forward. He continued until my back hit the cushions. After some readjusting, I was laying comfortably with Zach’s large frame above me. I smirked slightly when I felt his pants beginning to tent. He only pulled away long enough to sit up and pull his shirt over his head. Ugh that is the hottest thing any man can do. The blue shirt dropped to the living room floor unceremoniously.
He kissed me once more before moving on to my neck. The initial kisses were light and teasing. He was still trying to draw a map of where all the sensitive spots were. I gasped when he brushed over my pulse point. Zach smiled softly against it. The kisses turned much less light and teasing after that. It was both sides under attack now. It felt so good. I couldn’t stop the quiet whimpers from escaping. I moaned his name and ran my fingers through his hair. Why do men get the super soft hair? God. This feels amazing. “I love you.” He breathed into my neck. My breath caught in my throat. What? It wasn’t like I had never thought I loved him. I did. I was just surprised that he said it first. When I didn’t say it back immediately, his kissing faltered. I didn’t mean to hesitate.
“I love you too.” I smiled, even though he couldn’t see it.
We continued making out for a while until it got too close to my parents getting home. It was a long weekend, so they didn’t care much if he was over late. We were both adults. On weekends, they trusted us to be alone later. Even if alone meant ‘my parents are in their room upstairs or down the hall so shhh’. On school nights, Zach was gone by ten thirty. Even though they trusted us, none of us needed to experience them walking into the house to see their daughter and her boyfriend getting hot and heavy on their couch. Instead, we cozied up on the couch under a blanket and watched a couple more movies. “It’s getting late Reagan. I should head home. Mom will probably send Deputy Standall to come get me soon.”
“Okay.” Zach and I walked to the door and hugged goodbye. I stood on my tip toes and kissed him gently. “I love you.” I whispered.
“I love you too.” He whispered back.
The next morning, I woke up with tiny purple marks on the sides of my neck. He doesn’t usually leave marks. I like it. I wore my hair down so my parents didn’t see them. I may be an adult, but they still preferred I didn’t go around sporting hickeys all the time. Probably part of why they hated Monty so much. My mom felt it was anti-feminist. It was letting a man mark their territory and property. I usually challenged that with her wedding set. Dad just preferred not to think of me as being in a physical relationship. He was aware of it of course. Just preferred not to acknowledge it. Which, I mean, fair.
At school, I couldn’t leave my hair down. It was too hot. I threw it in a high ponytail in history. Zach breathed in sharply when he saw my neck. I turned and smiled at him. “Thank you.” His eyes widened and he coughed to cover a groan. During lunch, I could feel the boys staring at me as they arrived at the table.
“Damn Zach. Didn’t think you had it in you.” Bryce sniggered. I rolled my eyes.
“I did. You finally corrupted him, Reagan?” Justin wiggled his brows at us. I blushed and hid my face in Zach’s chest. I was never this shy about marks with Monty. Maybe that was because no one made comments like that when he did it. Because it was expected. And they knew he would rip their tongues out. I expected Monty to comment. He surprised me when he only quirked a brow. I was less surprised when he pulled me aside before history.
“Don’t let your parents see those. You seem quite attached to him. Wouldn’t want your dad to actually kill him. Maybe you should leave your hair down for a while. Wouldn’t want anyone getting any ideas, would you?”
I was stunned at the unnecessary hostility in his tone. Why the fuck does he care? He didn’t say anything else. I turned as he walked away, leaving me alone in the hall. I still put my hair down though.
Zach and I continued to explore the more physical aspect of our relationship in the coming weeks. Nothing too serious, just some semi-clothed touching. Maybe the rare under clothes touches. Only enough to tease. Never enough to lead anywhere. I was both grateful and frustrated by it. He didn’t leave anymore marks on me either. He could tell I was uncomfortable with his friend’s comments and wanted to avoid it as much as possible. We had agreed to wait until we were both ready. Neither of us were virgins. But it was still new. It did leave me with plenty of time to wonder what it would be like though.
When I wasn’t thinking about all the dirty things Zach and I could get up to, or Zach in general, or Monty, I occupied my time with college applications. My top choice had been UNC Chapel Hill for many years. Even before I knew what I wanted to study. I worked hard in school because of it. There were other schools I would like to go to, but none compared to UNC in my mind. I remembered when Monty and I had talked about what we wanted to do after high school, and he looked amazed but slightly skeptical at my goal. I knew he didn’t mean anything bad by it. We both knew how big of a goal I was. Zach had a different look on his face. He looked at me with complete faith that it would happen. It wasn’t even a question to him. He didn’t verbalize the thought, but I could see it in his eyes. I just hoped he was right.
Admissions emails were due to go out any day now. I both couldn’t wait and absolutely dreaded it. I had applied to seven schools. Statistically speaking, I had to get into at least one of them. I just wasn’t sure which one. Zach tried his best to reassure me that everything would work out. Our friends agreed with him. Monty also tried to reassure me. And keep my mind off of it with his incessant flirting. It was nice. I had a constant I could focus on. Monty flirting with me, as strange as it sounded, was keeping me calm. Zach tried his best to keep my mind occupied. We talked about anything but schools unless we needed to. It was sweet.  I just wasn’t sure it was helping much.
The pring of an email notification on my phone pulled my attention away from the textbook I was reading. I quickly grabbed my laptop and logged on. Pulling up Gmail, I held my breath. It could be any email. An email titled University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Office of Registrar Admissions Decision sat at the top of my inbox in bold letters. This is it. Holy crap. I was shaking so hard I opened the wrong email first.
Back on my inbox page, I took a very deep breath and opened the email. Dear Miss Reagan Taylor, thank you for your application to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We regret to inform you that you have not been accepted for admission at this time. I couldn’t read any further. There was more information, I just couldn’t bring myself to read any of it. My eyes had begun to fill with tears. I didn’t get in. I worked so hard. And I still didn’t get in. Numbly, I moved the computer off my lap and grabbed my phone. Unconsciously, I selected a contact and put it to my ear as I felt myself beginning to dissociate.
“Hi. A-are you busy right now?”
“I don’t have to be. What’s wrong?”
“C-can you come here? Please?”
“I’ll be right there.”
I numbly walked out of my room and went to unlock the front door. In my room, I sat in the center of my bed and hugged my knees. Willing the tears to remain at bay, I screwed my eyes shut. That didn’t do much to help, because all I saw was a string of the words not been accepted running over and over again.
A knock on my bedroom door caused me to look up. I wasn’t aware of how much time had passed. He was standing in my doorway with his hands tucked in his pockets. “I didn’t get in.” I said softly. My voice cracked. His long stride had him at my bedside and sitting down within only a few steps. He pulled me close to him and I cried into his shoulder. He laid us back and he held me as I cried. I felt so vulnerable as we laid there silently.
It must have been at least an hour before we moved. It had started getting dark outside. “Thank you, Monty.”
“You needed me.”
“I know. I just,” I paused, “thank you.”
“I’ll see you at school tomorrow?”
“Yeah.” I walked him to the door and went to take a shower. When I got out, I saw that Zach had texted me. I love you and I hope you’re having a good day. I sighed to myself. I couldn’t bring myself to find the energy to text him back. Instead, I crawled into bed and fell into a fitful sleep.
The next day, I threw on a pair of sweatpants and one of Zach’s t-shirts. I was too upset about the email to really care about looking nice. I met Zach at his car in the parking lot. He had a cup of hot chocolate for me and had his adorable happy grin plastered across his face. “Morning beautiful.” I took the to go cup gratefully.
“Morning.” He put his arm around me as we walked, and I leaned against his large frame.
“How was your night?”
“It was okay. Yours?”
“It was alright. Anything exciting happen?” Exciting is not the word I would use.
“Uh, no. Not really.” We had reached my locker. I opened it and dug around for my stuff.
“Hey, Reagan.” Luke called from across the hall. I lifted my arm and waved at him without turning around.
“What’s up Luke?” I asked when he was at my locker. Some of the football team was with him, including Monty.
“You know, it goes. I heard back from UNC yesterday. Did you?”
“Uh.” I cleared my throat and tried to will away more tears. I didn’t miss the sharp intake of breath Monty made. “I uh… Yeah. I didn’t get in.” I muttered. There was confused murmuring all around me. The only one who didn’t say anything was Monty. I didn’t have to look up to see that Zach was glaring daggers at him.
“How did they not accept you?” Charlie asked.
“I don’t know Char. It was a long shot anyway. Their acceptance rate is twenty three percent total. It’s even less for out of state applicants. Applicants who aren’t being given sports scholarships anyway. No offence Luke.”
“None taken. I’m sorry Reagan.”
“It’s okay. I applied to other schools.” I cleared my throat again. “I have to get to class.
“I’ll walk you.” Zach said. I nodded and took his hand in mine.
We stopped on the way when he pulled me aside into an empty classroom. “You didn’t mention that you heard back from UNC.”
“I know. I just… I needed some time to process. Can we talk about this later? I have a reading due at the beginning of class.”
“Sure. I’ll see you at lunch?”
“Of course.” I kissed him on the cheek. I sat through my classes in an almost daze. Monty sent me a couple of texts that made me smile. Zach also sent a couple of goofy pictures to try and cheer me up. My smile didn’t quite meet my eyes as much. I attributed it to being upset about the admission decision.
I met Zach at the doors to the cafeteria and he hugged me. I smiled sadly into his chest. I picked at my lunch silently. I could feel Monty and Zach’s eyes on me. They were watching both me and each other. No one else picked up on the tension. “Did you want to come over after school Zach? My parents are at work.”
“That works. I’ll let my mom know we are studying after school.”
“Studying each other?” Justin smirked. I rolled my eyes. Zach threw a piece of cheese at him.
“Fuck off.”
“Why do you throw food at each other?”
“It’s fun.” They shrugged.
“Alright then. I have a free period so I’m going to finish a project. I’ll see you guys later.” I leaned over and kissed Zach.
A few minutes after I sat down and pulled up my assignment, someone sat next to me. “So. You didn’t tell Zach?”
“No Monty.” I didn’t look up from my computer.
“You didn’t tell him you called me either, did you?”
“No. But I’m sure it will come up tonight when we talk.”
“You’ll let me know if everything is okay?”
“Okay. I have class so I’ll text you hot stuff.”
“You better.” I smirked.
Zach and I met each other at my place. My parents were at work and I think both of us knew this was going to become a fight, so I wasn’t surprised when he agreed to come over at lunch without a thought.. We danced around each other in silence. Neither of us knew how to react to the tension between us. With Montgomery it was easy. He would be in a mood or I would be upset about something, we would yell at each other for a while, and then… then it was fixed. I had never fought with Zach before.
“Why didn’t you tell me about UNC?”
“I told you. I needed time to process. To think. That was my top choice Zach. My plans literally changed overnight. That takes time to think through.”
“But I’m your boyfriend. I’m supposed to help you with that stuff. To be there for you.”
“I know. But I need to take time to process before I can deal, okay?”
“Right. Time to process. That’s why Monty knew?”
“How do you know he knew?”
“His reaction this morning. Plus, I heard him talking to Scott and Luke about it in class.”
“Are you mad I didn’t tell you, or are you mad I told Monty?”
“I don’t know why I told him okay?”
“No Reagan. Not okay.”
“I didn’t do it intentionally Zach. I just… dialed. I wasn’t even looking at my phone.”
“Is that supposed to make this better? That your instinct was to call your ex-boyfriend and not me?”
“No. I’m saying that I wasn’t even thinking clearly. All I knew was that in an instant my entire future was fading before my eyes.”
“So, you called Monty.”
“Yes Zach. I called him. I called him and he came. He dropped everything and he came to me.”
“What happened?”
“What do you mean?”
“What. Happened. Reagan?”
“Nothing. I just cried. And cried. And then he left. I was upset.”
“Why couldn’t you call me?”
“Oh my god, Zach. I wasn’t thinking. I can’t explain to you why I called him and not you. I just picked a contact without looking and it was his.”
“Do you still love him?” His question caught me off guard. Do I?
“No.” My voice sounded sure. My brain and heart didn’t believe me. Hopefully Zach would.
“You don’t. Why do you still flirt with him?”
“I don’t love him. As for the flirting, that’s just how we talk to each other. We’ve always done it.”
“Well, I don’t like it.”
Zach scoffed. “You flirt with your ex in front of me.”
“I don’t mean anything by it.”
“That doesn’t matter. Do you not think it’s weird that you’re still super close to your ex?”
“Not really, no. He is my friend. You can be friends with an ex, you know.”
“Most people can’t, actually.”
“So what? You’re mad that I’m friends with Monty?”
“I’m not mad Reagan. It’s just a lot to deal with.”
“Do you know how it feels to learn stuff about you, because your ex is talking about it? Or because you two are joking about something?”
“No. I guess I never really thought about it like that. It’s not that weird to us. But it does make sense.” I sat down on my couch. My adrenaline was leveling out again and I felt like an asshole.
“It doesn’t feel good.” He sat down next to me.
“I’m sorry Zach. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything.”
“I know.”
“I’ll talk to Monty about it. Tell him we need to stop the flirting and stuff.” Zach took my hand gently.
“Okay.” I rested my head on his shoulder and he pulled me into his lap. I was shocked that a fight had been resolved that easily and cleanly.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Monty and I met at the docks to talk after Zach and I fought. “Hey.”
“Hey sweetheart.” I grimaced slightly.
“Zach and I talked.”
“Okay. How did it go?”
“He was pretty ticked off that you knew about UNC before he knew. And that you came over instead of him.”
“But I’m your friend.”
“And he is my boyfriend. Also, for the record, you aren’t just my friend Monty. You’re my ex.”
“So, you aren’t just my friend.”
“Why does it matter?”
“Because. The way you talk to me, it’s like we never broke up. You’re the one who said you wanted to break up. That you weren’t ready for a serious relationship. Or any relationship for that matter.”
“Is it you, or Zach that has a problem with it?” My silence spoke volumes. “I see. Well, you go tell your boyfriend that we talked.”
“Monty. I do feel bad about it. It’s not fair to Zach to have to deal with you flirting with me and making moves all the time.”
“You know, if I believed that you felt bad, or that you were honestly asking me to stop, I would. But I know you. I know this isn’t coming from you.”
“Montgomery. You need to stop. I’m asking you to stop.”
“Fine. I’ll cool it.”
“Thank you. That’s all I ask. Still friends?”
“Of course, Rea.” He hugged me tightly. I felt like I would let tight hugs slide because I liked them. We walked to our cars together quietly. I didn’t want to have to go or have things change, but I knew that if I wanted to stay with Zach, they would have to.
Monty was true to his word for all of three days. We were still friendly. The flirting had stopped though. There was still a buzz in the air when we interacted. It was easier to ignore now. At least, I thought it had stopped. I was painting my finger and toenails in the bathroom on Saturday night. It was my weekly self-care night. My phone rang before I could decide on a face mask to do while my nails dried. I smiled but rolled my eyes a bit when I saw who was calling. “Hi Monty.” I tried to sound annoyed but couldn’t keep the smile out of my voice.
“Hey Reagan.” He slurred slightly. I could hear the sound of boys falling and goofing off in the background. Bryce is having a thing, I guess.
“What’s up Buddy?”
“Jus’ guys night.”
“You don’t say.”
“You sound relaxed.”
“And you sound mighty drunk. It’s Saturday.”
“Right. Right. Girly night.” He chuckled.
“Yes. Is there a reason you called?”
“Wanted to say hi.”
“Oh.” I thought we had talked about this.
“I miss you.” He slurred. Oh boy.
“Uh. Miss you too.” I grimaced. He was drunk so I wasn’t going to just pretend I hadn’t heard him. Montgomery wouldn’t remember this in the morning.
“I’m an idiot.”
“No, you aren’t.”
“I am. I let you go.”
“I love you.” My eyes widened. No. I felt the corners of my eyes begin to fill with tears. Looking up, I blinked them away. I didn’t know what to say.
“I’m in love with you.”
“Monty.” I whispered. Why is this happening? We talked about this. At least he won’t remember this tomorrow. But I can’t just act like it didn’t happen.
“Buddy, get off the phone and come play.” Garrison called in the background.
“Gotta go.” Monty said before hanging up. What the actual fuck just happened?
I didn’t text Monty or Zach all day Sunday. I didn’t actually talk to or text anyone aside from my parents. I woke up on Monday dreading school. I just laid in bed and stared at my ceiling. I would see Zach and have to act like that phone call didn’t happen. And that Montgomery hadn’t said what he said. I would also see him. I don’t know if I can do that. He’s your friend. He was wasted when he called you. He won’t remember it. Taking a deep breath, I threw off the covers and got up. I stopped for a coffee on my way to school to try to calm my nerves, even though I was more of a tea person.
I walked into the school and as luck would have it, the first person I saw, was Montgomery freaking De la Cruz. Thank you, Universe. Instantly, I turned on my heel and walked out of the building before he could see me. Books weren’t important now. I had to avoid him. I power walked to the nearest exit and stopped by a large tree. Leaning against it, I took a deep breath and contemplated ditching school. That wasn’t going to be possible. Because the universe decided to say fuck Reagan today. Zach was walking towards me from the parking lot. He waved. I pretended I hadn’t seen it and ignored him. He stopped when he got to my tree. “Hey, are you okay?”
“Hey. Yeah. I’m okay.”
“You’re breathing kind of heavy. And leaning against a tree.”
“I’m fine Zach.”
“Okay.” He didn’t sound convinced. Before he could say anything more, I picked up my bag and brushed past him. I took the long way around to the back of the building to physics. I slumped in my seat and doodled through the whole class. I was doing well enough that the teacher wasn’t going to call on me.
I spent the next week avoiding Monty. I didn’t answer his texts. I took different routes to class. As far as I was concerned, he didn’t exist anymore. Except for the near constant string of text messages that I was getting from him. And his confession running over in my head any time I had a free moment to think. Why did he have to do that? I was getting on just fine. Zach and I were in a good place again. We agreed that we would just be friends. Fine. Fine. Fine.
I was also distant with Zach. I felt awful about it. You love him. He can say it to you sober. He loves you. If he saw me in the halls, he would come over and I would let him walk me to class. We would hold hands. My grip wasn’t as tight as usual. He would put his arm around me. I wouldn’t lean against him. I think he could tell something was off. Being Zach, he wouldn’t bring it up though. Since I was avoiding my two favourite jocks, I couldn’t exactly sit with Zach at lunch. I sat with Jess and Alex instead. Without Zach. They exchanged looks the first day but said nothing.
I went to the baseball game after school to support Zach. And to make it seem like nothing was wrong between him and I or Monty and I. I didn’t want people asking too many questions. Questions I didn’t want to answer. Monty’s drunken declaration had brought up feelings I had spent the better part of a year and a half, trying to bury. I was the one that wanted more from him. I was the one who needed more. When it was clear I wasn’t going to get more, I settled. And then when we broke up, I was comfortable in the fact that even though I loved him and I felt like he loved me, it would go unsaid and we could just be friends. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that was why we were so close and flirted with each other. While I wasn’t in love with him anymore, I still did love him. Even though I told Zach I wasn’t. Liar. You are still hopelessly in love with him. Maybe. But I can’t have him the way I want. And I love Zach. I just haven’t decided if I’m in love with him yet.
After the game, I waited to say bye to Zach and congratulate him on the win. “Congratulations 16. You won.” I smiled as he walked up to me. I was waiting at the bottom of the bleachers.
“Of course, we did. I had my biggest cheerleader in the stands.” He grinned. I couldn’t help but melt. Pushing away any and all thoughts of Montgomery’s phone call, I threw my arms around his neck and let him scoop me up into his arms as we kissed. My legs wrapped around his waist and his hands held my thighs.
“Get a room.” Bryce called out to us as he passed with some of the guys. The jocks cheered and whistled. I flipped them off and pulled away from the kiss.
“Two things. One, you don’t have girlfriends because you whistle at girls. We aren’t dogs. Two, fuck off.” I called back.
“I have a girlfriend.” Anders yelled.
“I know. She’s awesome. That’s two of twenty. Now shut up and leave us be assholes.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Zach let out a loud laugh when they walked away. “That was amazing.”
“Yeah. It kind of was. Sadly, I have to go work on a project. Walk me to my car?” I said as I jumped out down.
“Lead the way.”
I was working on my project when Monty called me. I sent it straight to voicemail. He called again. I let it ring out. He called back. This man just doesn’t quit. Again, I let it ring. He called a fourth time. Jesus. I answered it on the second to last ring. “What?”
“Woah. Who pissed in your tea today?”
“You called me four times in a row. What do you want Montgomery?”
“Well, I was calling to see why you have been ignoring me. But now I’m going to ask why you’re being such a bitch?”
“I’m busy. And you called me four times in a row.”
“Busy with what?”
“A project.”
“Okay. I’ll keep this quick then. Since a project is apparently more important than your best friend.” I didn’t respond. “Why have you been avoiding me, Reagan?”
“I haven’t been avoiding you.”
“Bull. I haven’t seen or heard from you in almost a week. Are you mad at me or something?”
“No. I’ve been busy.”
“With Zach?”
“No. With stuff. I have a life outside of Zach Dempsey and you, you know.”
“Stuff. Okay. What stuff?”
“School stuff. Trying to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Stuff.”
“Alright. I don’t believe you though. Did I do something wrong?” Yes. You did. Something very wrong. That you apparently can’t even remember. Meaning you didn’t have to just be drunk to say it. You had to be wasted.
“No. I’ve just been busy.” I sighed.
“We’re okay?”
“Yes Monty. We’re okay.”
“Okay good. Did you want to do lunch tomorrow?”
“Great. Rosie’s at one?”
“I’ll be there.” I threw my phone on my bed when I hung up. This man is infuriating. Why can’t I say no to him?
To no one’s surprise, Monty didn’t stop flirting with me. He made comments about my outfits or little things that he knew about me. It had finally driven Kyla away. I feared that Zach would be the next person he drove away. I didn’t fall into his trap anymore and let him bait me into flirting with him again. He tried hard. But I didn’t want to go back on my word to Zach. I couldn’t control what Monty did. But I could control how I reacted. So, any time Monty flirted with me, I ignored it. I pushed down the little flutter in my stomach and blush that threatened to creep up my neck. Zach would roll his eyes and smirk if he was around to watch the spectacle that had become Monty and my interactions. We both figured he would grow tired of not getting a response and quit eventually. I have no idea why. Montgomery De la Cruz never was one to back down from a challenge.
As the school year started heading towards its close, the big senior trip was coming up. Every year, the school sent the senior class on a trip. It was supposed to be educational and technically was fair game on any exams except our government finals when we got back. But really, it was to let us blow off some steam and get us into a different environment, so we were less likely to do a Senior Skip Day or senior prank. The only teachers who tested on it were the hard asses. This year we would be going to DC to “learn about the government and how our nation’s democracy runs.”
The senior class was abuzz with excitement about our trip to DC. It was fully paid for by the school due to it being a mandatory trip, aside from the few thousand we needed to fundraise for. It wasn’t cheer camp so people were more willing to donate for a bake sale, over Dollar Valentines. Typically, everyone shared rooms at the hotel. This year however, there was an uneven number of girls in the class. Meaning that one lucky girl, would get a whole room to herself for the week. To make it a fair draw, every grade twelve girl’s name was put into a raffle. A random teacher from the neighbouring school then pulled a name from the bunch, to keep it impartial. An email would be sent out to every girl, letting her know if she was picked.
I held my phone tightly all day on draw day. It was a week out from the day we were leaving. We weren’t told when the email would go out. Only that we would know by tonight. I hope it’s me. At dinner, my phone pringed. I shot up like I had been bitten.
“Reagan. You know the rules. No phones at dinner.” My mom scolded.
“But Mom. It’s draw day for the single room. I need to go check. Please? Thirty seconds. Promise.”
“Okay. Go check.” She waved me off. I ran to the counter and grabbed my phone. Opening the email, I read it intently. Reagan Taylor- Single room. I screeched in excitement.
“I got the single room! I got the single!”
“That’s wonderful honey. Now come finish your broccoli.” I quickly texted Zach. I got it. :) He replied while I was finishing dinner. That’s great. :)
I texted Monty after dinner as well. I got the single room. He replied while I was getting ready for bed.
Excellent. What better place for you and Dempsey to screw each other silly? Can’t wait to hear all the details.
You are such a creep.
You like it.
The Friday before we left, Zach came over after school to help me pack. My parents were having date night, so it was just the two of us for the foreseeable future. Ever the gentleman, he helped me carry my suitcase up from the storage room. The rose gold hard case set was laid out on my floor. I put Zach in charge of folding my clothes, since he was the self-proclaimed “master packer”. He pouted slightly when I said he couldn’t fold my underwear. I managed to sneak in a few more sexy sets as well. We would be gone for a week. A lot can happen in six nights.
“Do you like this shirt?” I asked him.
“It’s nice.”
“I could wear it to the Capital.”
“Yeah. Or dinner.”
“There’s going to be dinner, hmmm?”
He walked towards me and took the shirt from my hands. “There might be. There also might be a lot more than dinner.” Zach wrapped his arms around me.
“Oh really?”
“Mhmm. If you want more than dinner.”
“I do have a single room.”
“That you do. Bring the shirt.”
“Okay.” I felt a blush creeping all the way up to my ears.
After some more packing, we took a break. A very nice break. We were laying on my bed. The suitcase was still open in the corner of my room. Zach shifted so he was resting his head in his hand on his elbow. I looked up at him and grinned. He grinned back. “Hi.”
“Hi.” He leaned down and kissed me softly. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck. Zach smiled into the kiss and moved to climb on top of me. He straddled my waist so that I was on my back again. The more he kissed me, the more I wanted this to go further.
My hands left his neck and went to pull on his shirt. I was trying to pull it off without breaking our kiss. When it was halfway up his torso, he pulled away from the kiss and pulled the cotton over his head. I smiled demurely at him. He began kissing me again and our tongues did their playful dance. I moaned softly when he kissed my neck. He didn’t suck hard enough to leave any marks. I sat up to take off my shirt when he pulled it up my stomach. He kissed me once again and I carded my fingers through his hair. My breathing started to get heavier as his Zach’s hands explored my body. My hips bucked lightly. He unzipped my jeans and I wiggled them off. They were pushed to the end of the bed along with our shirts. I struggled with his belt a little. I wasn’t used to it yet. It still felt foreign under my fingers. Finally, I had removed it. I unzipped his jeans and Zach kicked them off. He moved his kisses down my chest, brushing over the top of my bra. I sighed. My hands moved to his to the front of his torso and I ran my fingers up and down his chest. The skin was smooth, but I felt goosebumps form where I touched. We were still in our underwear. This feel so… nice. Nice is good. So why does it feel like I have no clue what I’m doing?
We made out passionately. Our exploration of each other’s bodies continued. There was light teasing and nipping at spots. It felt good. Zach unhooked my bra and I pulled it off. It landed at the end of the bed with our other clothes. I gasped when he grew bolder and sucked a pebbling nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked it a few times and I moaned his name. He used his other hand to roll and tease my other nipple. My hips couldn’t be stopped from bucking. I wanted more. I reached for his boxers. I was only able to brush his V-line. He pulled away from me.
“Did you want something?” He asked cheekily.
“Mhmm.” I moaned and reached for him again. My eyes were trained on the bulge in his boxers. They widened as he pulled them off and his cock sprang out. Reaching out, I grasped it in my hand. It felt hot and heavy. He moaned softly when I began stroking.
To make things easier and more comfortable, he rolled over so he was on his back. I sat up some and watched his face. Zach’s eyes were closed, and his brow was furrowed. He looked relaxed. I leaned down and kissed him. His fingers tangled into my hair as he deepened the kiss. My strokes became more confident and picked up speed. The quiet moans and grunts he was emitting were very encouraging. Soon enough, his hips were bucking. He sat up to stop me. I looked at him with dark eyes. He smiled at me and sat up, pushing me down on the soft mattress. Zach was gazing at me with the most kind and loving expression I had ever seen. My heart swelled.
I couldn’t wait any longer and reached to pull down my underwear. Zach pulled them down my legs and threw them towards the end of my bed. I got comfortable as he reached out for me. His fingers quickly found my core, and then my clit. My breath hitched when he rubbed it. He was gentle. I silently thanked him for that. Gathering some lubrication, he spent a little while trying different gestures and patterns as he ran his fingers through my core. There was some back-and-forth movement, as well as some up and down. It felt good but it wasn’t quite it. He tried circles and I moaned his name loudly. “That’s it. Do that. Do more of that.” My hips twisted. He leaned down to kiss me again while he rubbed me. Zach continued to rub my clit softly in circular motions. I moaned lowly as a finger entered me. It was slow and calculated. He continued to stimulate me for a few minutes, varying the speed and intensity of both his rubbing and thrusting. My hips wiggled in an attempt to get more stimulation.
Deciding I was aroused enough, he pulled away and looked at me questioningly. “There is a new box of condoms in my sock drawer.” He nodded and stood to grab one. Once the condom was properly and securely in place, he climbed back on top of me. I felt dwarfed by his large frame. He rubbed my clit and fingered me a few more times, before I felt his cock brush against my folds. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for him to enter me. I was expecting something quick. Like ripping off the band aid. Instead, he slowly pushed his way into my body. I groaned and my head rolled to the side. His breath hitched when he bottomed out.
“Shit.” He cursed in my ear.
After a few beats, he began to slowly thrust. I tried to match his slow, sweet pace. It just felt so different. Nice. Good. But still different. Zach started kissing up and down my neck again. I smiled and eventually, was able to match his thrusts. They began speeding up slightly and he intertwined his fingers with mine. I squeezed his hands. I closed my eyes when he kissed me. It almost felt like there was something missing. While I was trying to focus on the sensations coursing through my body, I realized that we weren’t just having sex. We were making love. I froze slightly but covered it by tensing up a little. I could feel my orgasm approaching anyway. I could tell it would be different than normal. I was both excited and a little scared.
As though Zach could sense my thoughts, he kissed me deeply and murmured against my lips, “let go.” His thrusts picked up speed and my hips stilled. I felt the knot in my stomach start to tighten and I clutched his shoulders. I moaned loudly as I felt the knot snap. My orgasm was different than it had been in the past. It was good, but it was less intense. There was no convulsing or extreme contortion. He continued to thrust, pulling me through my orgasm. My muscles relaxed and I slumped for a second. I could tell Zach’s high was in his reach. I began whispering dirty nothings in his ear and telling him that I loved him to try to get him to finish. I kissed his neck and nibbled softly. His thrusting became sloppy and he groaned loudly as he peaked.
With a laboured grunt, Zach rolled off of me and pulled me close to him. I closed my eyes for a second. Then I remembered I had to go to the bathroom. I rolled over and sat up slowly. When I returned to bed, Zach had discarded the condom and put on his boxers. I pulled his shirt on, along with a clean pair of underwear. Curling up in his arms, I rested my eyes for a while. “I love you.” I whispered as I drifted off.
“I love you too.” We woke up an hour later and finished packing, sneaking coy glances at each other.
Tuesday morning started unfairly early. We had to be at the airport by eight for our flight at ten. My alarm went off at five thirty. I protested as I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Slowly, I made my way to the bathroom to shower. I didn’t need to look super cute, but I at least wanted to smell good. It was a five-hour flight. I double checked that I had everything packed while my hair towel dried. My dad knocked on my door and I grunted at him. The shower had done little to wake me up. “Morning Kiddo. I’m just going to take your suitcase downstairs.”
“K.” I muttered.
Downstairs after I got dressed, I poured myself a very large cup of coffee. I didn’t really like sleeping on planes. Plus, I could get a tea after we got through security. My mom had offered to drive Zach and I to the airport, so I called him to make sure he was up. “Good morning Baby.”
“Good morning babe.” He sighed on the other end of the line.
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah. Jut tired.”
“Me too. Mom just wanted to make sure you were up.”
“I am. Stuff is by the door and everything.”
“Oh good. See you in half an hour?”
“Okay. See you then. I love you.”
“I love you too.” I hung up and texted Monty to make sure he was up. Get up loser, we’re going to DC.
I’m up. And it’s too early for bending Mean Girls quotes.
It’s never too early. He replied with an eye roll emoji. I shook my head and didn’t answer.
“Reagan, are you ready to go?” My mom asked.
“Yeah.” I grabbed my backpack and rolled my suitcase out to the car. Dad lifted it into the back and checked that mom and I were securely buckled. Have to make sure my girls are safe. He had said when I asked him about doing that when I was younger. I still didn’t let him see the way I smiled about it.
Zach was waiting on his front steps for us. It was still early and May was still asleep. He waved and mom opened the back hatch for him. I looked in the rear view mirror and smirked at the way his muscles bulged when he lifted his suitcase into the car. He kissed me when he got in and greeted my mom. “Thanks for the ride Mrs. Taylor.”
“Of course, Zach.” She smiled at him from the driver’s seat. Once we got onto the highway, traffic was fairly light. It was still pretty early so we beat most of the commuters. It grew heavier as we got closer to the airport. None of us were surprised. Especially given that an entire high school senior class was descending upon it.
Mom parked in the drop off zone for the airline. Zach got out and walked around the car to open my door. He hugged me tightly as I stepped out. I breathed in the fresh scent of his cologne. “Hi.”
“Hi.” I looked up at him and grinned. Throwing on my backpack, I grabbed Zach’s while he got our suitcases. Inside, we met up with our friends. Clay was basically dragging Justin through the airport. Alex and Charlie both looked very awake for seven forty-five in the morning. Must be nice. I nodded at Monty and Scott from across the room. They were talking to Bryce and Luke.
Getting our tickets and going through security went shockingly well. Since we had so much time to kill, the teachers let us roam the gate freely. We had to swear left and right we would be on the plane. I abandoned Zach with Justin and Alex to go in search of a piping hot cup of tea. “Reagan.” Monty said as he approached me.
“Morning Monty. It’s tea time.”
“I need coffee. I’ll go with you.” We walked through the gate silently. I could feel his eyes on me. He was trying way too hard to seem like he wasn’t
staring at me.
“Can I help you?”
“There’s something different about you.”
“Oh? Like what?”
“You seem… less tense.”
“Yeah.” He stopped for a minute. “Wait. Did you two finally?” I blushed. “You did. Was it good?”
“Yeah.” I replied. It wasn’t a lie. It was good.
“Yeah? Better than us?” I turned to him, perplexed.
“Is that trick question? How do you want me to answer that?”
“Is that a no?” He smirked.
“No. It’s not an answer. Because it’s none of your business.”
“Alright, don’t tell me.”
Tea and coffee in hand, we walked back to the gate to sit until our plane boarded. The minutes ticked by. Zach was watching YouTube videos on his phone. I peeked over my book at him. He looked up and smiled. I felt eyes on us and turned to Monty. He was smirking at Zach. I rolled my eyes, mouthed piss off to him, and went back to my book. The flight to DC was pretty boring. I was able to sit with Zach and we watched a movie for the first half of it. Afterwards, I listened to some music and read while he slept.
We spent the first night in DC relaxing after a long flight. I enjoyed having a single room. It was quiet and I didn’t have to argue with anyone about what bed I would get. Jess came to do a face mask and have some girl time. It was nice. “So, tell me. What’s new with you and Zach.”
“There’s not much to tell.” I fibbed. She saw right through me.
“Oh, come on Reagan. There is totally something to spill.”
“We finally had sex.”
“No way!”
“How was it?” I hesitated. “Girl talk.” She smiled at me and I knew none of what I said would get back to Zach.
“It was nice.”
“Nice and good?”
“That’s the best you can come up with?”
“I don’t know Jessica. It was nice.”
“But it’s supposed to be more than nice.”
“I know. And it wasn’t bad. It was just….”
“No. Don’t even think that. We cleansed. Remember?”
“Okay Ryan Shaver.” I laughed.
“I know. It was just different is all.”
“I get that.” She sighed wistfully. I tried to scrub the mental image of Jessica and Justin going at it like jack rabbits. Ew. No no. Bad.
We toured the Smithsonian on Wednesday and went to the Capital on Thursday to see Congress. I stuck close to Zach the whole time. Monty continued his flirting. It was as though he really had no idea what he had said to me last month on the phone. I did my best to ignore it. But it was starting to get on my nerves. I could tell Zach was growing frustrated as well. While it got on my nerves, I was having a harder and harder time ignoring the butterflies in my stomach when Montgomery tried to charm his way to me. He could tell. I just hoped Zach couldn’t. Our interactions had been tense since last month.
Tensions between me and Monty come to a head in DC. It was Friday night, three days into our weeklong trip. I was coming back from an evening coffee run with Zach and Justin. Monty was milling about with Bryce and Luke outside. I tried to ignore the pang in my chest when I saw them. Monty caught my eye and subtly nodded at me. No one in either of our groups noticed. I pulled out my phone and texted him. My room. 10 mins. He waited until we were inside the hotel to read my message. There was no response. I assumed he got the message and made to excuse myself to my room. “That was really great guys. I’m actually pretty tired and I still have to fill in my trip journal for the day. I think I’m going to head up to my room.”
“Okay, night Reagan.” Justin nodded. He seemed slightly suspicious. I chalked it up to him having his own experience with bullshit excuses.
“Do you want me to walk you up?” Zach asked.
“No, don’t worry. You hang out with Justin. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Alright. Text me when you get upstairs. I love you.”
“I love you too.” I kissed him softly.
Upstairs, I threw my backpack on the unoccupied bed and threw my hair up. Since I would be getting ready for bed soon anyway, I brushed my teeth and changed into my pyjamas while I waited for Montgomery. I was putting my toiletries back in my suitcase when he knocked on my door sharply. He was standing on the other side of the door, his hands once again buried in his pockets when I opened it. “You rang.”
“Hi.” I moved out of the doorway and let him in.
“What did you want to talk about Reagan?”
“No one saw you come up here, did they?”
“No. they didn’t. Is that what you’re worried about? Someone knowing that I’m in your room?”
“Of course not. Its just….”
“Zach. You can say his name. I’m a big boy.”
“I told Zach that he didn’t have to worry about you and I.” Monty scoffed, bitterly.
“Yeah. Nothing to worry about with us. Sure.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“If I was in his place, I would worry too.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean Montgomery?”
“Last month, you told me that we aren’t just friends. And you weren’t wrong. Because people who are just friends don’t look for each other in crowds. Or stop when other people are talking about them. The thing you forgot to mention is how unfair you were being to both of us.”
“I don’t do that.”
“Bullshit. I’ve seen it. And if I’ve seen it, so has Zach. He isn’t that oblivious.”
“Zach has a problem with our friendship.”
“Oh, so now you admit it. Least I got that out of you. Only took a month.”
“It makes him uncomfortable that we are so close. And I feel bad about it. I told you that already.”
“If you expect me to believe you care so much about how our friendship affects your boyfriend, then why did you call me about UNC as soon as you found out and not him? Why did you lie and cancel plans with him to spend time with me? Why is it that until a month ago, you flirted with just as much intensity as I did? Why did-.” I opened my mouth to stop him. “No. You don’t get to talk right now Reagan. It’s my turn to talk.” I closed my mouth and looked down. I was stunned and a little bit scared. He had never yelled at me like that before. “Why did you ask me to come get you when you got too drunk at a party on a college visit and not him? Even after you told me things had to change? Because I would love to hear you explain that.”
I was silent. I knew I couldn’t deny any of what he had said. We weren’t just friends. We didn’t know how to be friends. Or we never wanted to be. “Well?”
“I… you weren’t being fair to me either Monty. I’m not the only one at fault here. I wouldn’t have had to cancel on Zach if you hadn’t shown up to my house unannounced needing first aid. Again. You’re the one who started it with the flirting. As soon as you saw that I was moving on and could be happy with someone else, you fucking start flirting with me and talking to me like you had never stopped. Like you hadn’t broken my heart that day. And maybe I let it go on too long. Maybe I shouldn’t have reciprocated the flirting. But it made me feel good. And it was fun. Until it started having an impact on my actual relationship. With someone who is able to admit that he loves me. You want to stand here and talk to me about looking for someone in a crowd or stopping when people talk about them? What about when you drunk dialed me telling me that you love me? What about how anytime we are alone together you waste time leaving just so you don’t have to go? I’m not the only one at fault here. I asked you to stop flirting with me and you didn’t.”
“Is that phone call what did it?”
“I’m with someone who doesn’t have to be drunk to tell me that he loves me. And no. The call didn’t do anything. But it’s nice to know you remember it.”
“You want me to say it? I’m completely sober. You really want to hear me say it?”
“Yes.” I said loudly, exasperated.
“Easy. I love you.”
We were silent for a minute, finally aware of the tension in the air. I made the first move and kissed him. It was chaste at first. I was giving him a chance to take it back. When he didn’t pull away or stop it, I deepened the kiss. He wrapped his arms around me, picked me up, and placed me on the bed. His hands trailed down my body and played with the hem of my shirt. He sat on the bed beside me and pulled me on top of him. I straddled his waist and sat in his lap, slipping my hands under his t-shirt. When I traced his abs, he sucked in a breath. Everything with him felt so natural. So easy. I slipped my hands out from his shirt and pulled away from our kiss. He looked puzzled until I pulled off my shirt. I nodded at him and he pulled off his flannel. Next to go was his t-shirt. His pupils were blown. He was staring at me, not with hunger like I had expected, but in awe and admiration.
I kissed him again, but I quickly pulled away. I kissed down his neck, searching for the pulse point. We fell backwards in a mess of limbs and kisses on the plush hotel bed. His hands were on my hips instantly to steady me. I had found his pulse point and sucked at it harshly. There was sure to be a mark within the hour. I could feel him pulling at the waistband of my pyjama pants. “Yes.” I whispered in his ear. Monty pulled my bottoms down and off quickly. My underwear was still on and he snapped the waistband cheekily. “Bastard.” I said against his neck.
“You love it.” He moaned loudly when I bit his neck in response. I had to cover his mouth.
“Shhh. People could hear.”
“Screw people.”
With that, he flipped us over, so he was on top now. My hands went for his belt and I deftly undid it. My muscles still remembered the movements. The sound of the clinking metal as the hook hit the buckle. The way I had to tug a little harder to get it to come out of the loops because it stuck on the back one. Soon enough, his belt and jeans were strewn across the room along with the rest of our clothes. It was his turn to kiss me. He dragged his teeth against my bottom lip, pulling it slightly. I moaned lowly. His kisses traveled down my neck quickly. He always did prefer to leave marks on my collarbones and breasts. My neck was still fair game to him and he often left at least one mark on it at any given time. Just like he had so many times before so long ago, he left a clear bite mark on my décolleté. His attention was turned to my breasts then. He deftly unhooked my bra and pulled it off. It joined the ever-growing pile of clothes flung across the room.
The marks he left on my breasts were small in comparison to the one I had left on his neck. He is probably trying to hide them. I too, moaned loudly when he nipped my skin. He covered my mouth like I had done to him only moments before. The difference was that I grabbed his wrist in my hands like I was trying to hold onto him for dear life. I heard him chuckle and felt the stupid smirk against my chest. “Shhh. People could hear.” He mocked.
“Screw people.” He uncovered my mouth and pulled away for a moment. I gazed at him wantonly. I realized what he wanted a second later when he tried to both push and pull me further up the bed. Taking the hint, I shimmied my way up, so we had more room. Falling off the bed would certainly raise suspicion about what was happening in here.
Montgomery continued his journey down my body to my underwear. He stopped to place a gentle kiss to each of my hips. “Think you can keep quiet Kitten?” I melted at the nickname. I hadn’t heard it in so long.
“Okay.” He pulled at the waistband of my underwear and they landed on the floor beside the bed. I sighed as he placed kisses to my pubic mound and my upper and inner thighs. Reaching down, I placed my hand on his hair. It felt so soft. Suddenly, he placed a kiss to my clit and my hips bucked. My fingers curled in his hair slightly. I moaned again, quietly this time, when he began to lap at my folds. My fingers curled in his hair more still. I couldn’t stop myself from tugging slightly. When he focused on sucking my clit I pulled on his hair. He moaned against my core and my body shook. When he added a finger or two to the mix, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I had been secretly imagining this moment for the better part of a year. This felt so much better than I could have ever imagined. My orgasm began to build quickly. My walls started to flutter. Monty chuckled. He was well versed in my body’s reactions to stimuli. We both knew what was coming. His fingers thrust faster, and he stopped sucking my clit. Instead, he rubbed my clit harshly. I had to cover my mouth to keep from moaning too loudly. And then everything was bright and light for a second. I felt a, thankfully given our location, small trickle of liquid spill its way out of me. Monty gently slowed, and then stopped his thrusting and rubbing. I was panting and trying to catch my breath.
“Just give me a second.”
“Of course. Take your time.”
I looked down at him as he climbed up the bed. He settled beside me and reached down to palm at his hard dick. Once I had caught my breath, I shoved his hands out of the way and took over the palming. “You are so evil.” He grumbled.
“You love it.” I slipped my hand under the band of his boxer briefs. I hadn’t even touched his dick and he was bucking his hips already. He gasped when I brushed his dick with my fingertips lightly. I grasped it in my hand and stoked it. My movements were stilted by his underwear. After I took them off and dropped them next to my own underwear, there was much more real estate to work with. My hand was back to stroking right away. I was mostly just trying to bide time getting my energy back.
A little longer and my energy was back up to useful levels. So, I straddled his waist again and leaned in to kiss him. I wasn’t as conscious of my nakedness as I normally was. Our kiss was heated but I managed to pull away somehow. The trailing kisses down his chest made his breathing heavy. When I reached his cock, I licked a stripe from base to tip. I felt him tug at my ponytail holder. “I will never understand how this works.” I chuckled and reached up to pull my hair down. It fell in a cascade around my face. I tucked some behind my ear and repeated the same lick. The groan and hand that was winding its way in my hair told me all I needed to know. I smiled to myself before taking his cock in my mouth. I sucked slowly at first. I needed to take a few minutes to get used to the feeling. He removed his hand from my hair then, letting me do my thing. He put it back when I started to take more and more into my mouth and throat. I sighed softly when I managed to take it all. That last half inch was always iffy. His hand was wrapped up in my hair and holding it away from my face. I was surprised that he remembered not to tug when I started bobbing my head. Or maybe that wouldn’t be something a guy would forget. His hand traveled down to the base of my hair and rested against my skull. He started to buck his hips and I gagged slightly. Focusing on breathing through my nose, I kept my pace up. I knew he was holding back. I moaned around his cock and he cursed under his breath. I didn’t quite catch it. I stopped sucking to take a big breath of air.
Before I could resume my actions, Monty tugged on my hair. I looked up at him. There’s the hunger. He tugged on my hair again. He was trying to pull me up towards him without hurting me or being too demanding about it. I crawled forward towards the headboard. Kissing him again was the easiest choice I made this trip. I got lost in the feeling of his lips on mine and his tongue fighting mine for dominance. He took advantage of my distraction and rolled us over again. He always did like to be on top. “Do you have a condom anywhere?” he asked between kisses.
“I slipped one in the nightstand beside the Bible.” I breathed.
“You would put it beside the Bible.” He sat up and reached into the drawer, pulling out the blue foil packet. Once the condom was in place and the foil was discarded, he kissed me again. He was still kissing me when he adjusted our positions so he could enter me. My neck had always been a favourite spot to kiss. I gasped when I felt his cock enter me. It felt amazing. My body knew what to do instinctively as soon as he began thrusting. My hips were quickly able to match his pace. I gripped his biceps tightly, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t dreaming.
As his pace quickened, mine stilled. I was watching him. His brow was furrowed, focusing on this moment. I was pretty sure both of us weren’t sure if it would ever happen again. I reached up and brushed some hair that had fallen into his face away. Montgomery hit a particularly sensitive spot and my hand fell to his shoulder, squeezing and digging my nails into the skin. I moaned loudly and he kissed me to muffle it. “Shhh.” He cooed against my mouth. I whimpered. I felt my orgasm building again. It was coming on fast. My hips started to move on their own accord again. His thrusts started to falter, and I mewled. We were both on a rollercoaster that was speeding up to a stomach dropping fall. I covered my mouth so no one could hear the scream trying to jump from my throat. My eyes screwed shut tightly and my eyes rolled back in my head. The white light was so bright. As soon as my orgasm began to hit, so did Monty’s.
He pulled out of me quickly and discarded the used condom. All but falling over me, he rolled onto his back. We were both breathless. I was gasping for air. He was panting heavily. I rolled over onto my side, for some reason shy to cuddle up against him. It seemed silly to be concerned about that after what we had just done. But it felt like crossing a line. “Come here.” Monty pulled me closer to him.
“Are you sure we should be doing this? It doesn’t cross a line?”
“Reagan. We just had arguably the best sex of our lives and I told you I love you. I think we are way past being concerned about crossing lines.” I sighed, realizing he was probably right. Might as well get comfortable. “You need to go pee first.” I sighed again and excused myself. Back in bed, I curled up beside him again.
“We had to go and make everything complicated.”
“When has anything about us not been complicated?”
“I guess you’re right. Will you stay?” He checked his watch and thought for a minute.
“I can stay for a while if you want me to.”
“Yes please.”
I woke up the next morning alone with the blankets tucked around me tightly. There was a note on the pillow next to me written in Montgomery’s messy scrawl. I’ll be waiting. Remember that. I love you. I set the note in my lap and rubbed my face. I should check my phone. See if I missed anything important. Zach had texted me to say good night the night before, while I was… otherwise engaged. There was a text from Justin asking if I needed to talk. And Scott. He wanted to know if I knew where Monty was last night. Oh god. I forgot they were sharing a room. Oh shit. I need to face Zach now. Deciding it would be best to get it over with as soon as possible, I dragged my butt out of bed. I tucked Monty’s note in my suitcase while I got dressed.
When I looked in the mirror and saw the marks on my chest and neck, I rolled my eyes. I packed a heavy-duty concealer for my under eyes. I wasn’t planning on using it to cover hickeys that my ex-boyfriend left on me. Blending and layering took longer than expected but it was early enough that I was still done at a reasonable time. I had to leave my hair down though. Throwing on a pair of sneakers, I made my way to Zach and Justin’s room. I paused for a second when I passed Montgomery’s room. I shook my head. You can’t. Not while Zach is still a factor in the equation. I knocked on Zach’s door and he opened it shirtless. My eyes trailed down his body. I couldn’t stop the memories of last night from flooding back. “Good morning beautiful.”
“Morning Zachy. Can I come in?”
“Yeah. I’m just about ready.” I nodded and went to sit on his bed. Thankfully I wasn’t walking funny. When he was ready, we went downstairs hand in hand.
Monty was talking to Scott in the hotel lobby. I was shocked to see him awake and dressed at this time. The man likes his sleep. And we didn’t exactly get much last night. “Morning Scott. Monty.” Zach stopped to talk as we passed. I couldn’t look Monty in the eye.
“Morning lovebirds.” Scott replied.
“Zach. Reagan.”
“No tea yet?”
“I see. Long night?” I could hear the smirk in Monty’s voice. I hate you.
“I stayed up watching tv.” Zach began making small talk with the boys but I didn’t contribute anymore. I just wanted to get out of there and be alone with my boyfriend. Part of me hoped I could forget that last night ever happened. That didn’t stop me from thinking about it though. The longer they talked, the more I thought about it.
“Babe let’s go. Brunch is waiting.” I urged him to stop talking to Monty and Scott. Please don’t invite them.
“It’s not even eleven Rea. I don’t think it counts as brunch yet.” Scott laughed.
“Okay, then breakfast is waiting. Either way, I’m hungry and food that is far too calories dense to be considered a proper morning meal is waiting.”
“Did you guys want to come with?” My eyes widened. Did he just…? He did not just invite them with us.
“Uh.” Monty cleared his throat. “Are you sure you want to invite me?”
“Yeah. I mean, you and Reagan are friends. I’m going to have to get used to it somehow.”
“Why don’t we ask Reagan?” Monty turned and looked at me, raising an inquisitive brow.
“Um. I- uh.” I looked down, blushing. “I was kind of hoping we could go… just the two of us?” I asked Zach, raising my voice a couple of octaves.
“Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought…,” he paused and took my hand again, “of course we can go just us. I was just trying to be nice and make an effort.” He was looking at me so kindly that I had to look away. “Sorry guys.”
“Nah, no worries. Gotta get time with your girl.” Scott waved it off. He shot Monty a look that I didn’t like. It made me feel uneasy. Does he know? Before I could think too much into it, Zach was leading me outside.
Brunch was delicious. Zach was his usual slightly oblivious but in a cute way self. If he had any idea something was wrong, he didn’t let on. On our way back, we stopped to sit and look at the White House from a distance. “Why did you invite Monty and Scott to have brunch with us?”
“Well, I didn’t realize you wanted to go just the two of us.”
“That’s not what I meant. You don’t like Monty. So why invite him to hang out?”
“He’s your friend. As much as I don’t like it and I don’t like how he talks to you, he’s important to you. So, I’m willing to try to be nice to him.” Oh. Well now I feel like even more of an asshole.
“That… That’s really nice of you Zachy. Thank you.”
“No problem. What do you say we head back and watch a movie in your room?” He kissed my temple and stood, holding his hand out to me.
“My room? Could we maybe go back to yours? Mine is kind of messy. I had some trouble finding something to wear this morning.”
“Okay. I don’t think Justin is holing himself up in there today.”
Scott caught us when we got back to the hotel. “Hey! Can I steal Reagan for a few minutes? I need to ask her something about an assignment in Spanish.”
“Sure. We were just going to watch a movie.”
“O-okay.” I waved to Zach and trailed behind Scott to his and Monty’s shared room. “I’m hopeless at Spanish and you know it. What is this about?” Please tell me he doesn’t know.
“Are you going to tell Zach about last night?” Fuck.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“That’s crap. Are you going to tell him, or not? Because he deserves to know.”
“How do you know about it?”
“Monty didn’t come in until like two or three this morning. I hadn’t seen him for hours before that. When I saw him this morning, and the calling card you left on his neck, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. The concealer on your neck just confirmed my suspicions. Just be thankful Zach is too oblivious to notice it.” I sighed, knowing he was right.
“I will. Just… not while we are still here. I don’t want to ruin anything. More than it already is anyway. Plus no one wants to deal with anyone getting arrested on a school trip.”
“Is that all?” I turned to leave.
“Yeah. Actually, one more thing?” I stopped just short of the door. “Monty really does love you. And anyone with half a brain cell can see that you still love him. So, you deserve to be happy.”
“Thanks Scott.”
I spent the rest of the trip trying to avoid Montgomery and hold my tongue around Zach. I slept almost the whole flight back to California. School the next day dragged on. It continued to drag on for the next two weeks. Senioritis had set in hard now that we were done the D.C. trip. No one wanted to be there. We were graduating in a month. Most of us were going off to college. The last few weeks of school were basically pointless anyways. Even our teachers didn’t care as much. It was hard, but I managed to stay pretty cordial with Monty. I kept up appearances that everything was fine for most of the two weeks following the trip with Zach. On Friday I woke up and decided that it was time. I had to end things. I had to be fair to him. I had to take a chance and see if Monty and I could make things work this time. I texted Zach on my way to school. Meet me at the docks after school? The water is beautiful this time of year.
I sat in my car for ten minutes after I arrived, trying to talk myself out of talking myself out of doing this. Zach wasn’t here yet so I got out of the car and walked around, trying to find a secluded bench where we could talk in private. I found the perfect one under a tree in the shade. It had an amazing view of the water. I snapped a selfie and sent it to him. Come and find me.
Zach snuck up and slid into the spot next to me. I jumped slightly. “Hey beautiful.”
“I missed you today.”
“Yeah, I had some stuff to do. You know, last minute projects and final touches on assignments.”
“I know.” We sat quietly for a bit, just admiring the view. “You’re right. The water is beautiful this time of year.”
“Yeah.” I picked at my nails nervously. Just do it. “Listen, Zach….” I started.
“Yes?” He took my hand in his. I stared down at it.
“I- I think that…,” I paused. “I think that we need to break up.”
“What? Why?”
“I think it would be the best thing for us Zach.”
“Do you not love me anymore?”
“What? No, of course I do. It’s just… things are changing so fast.”
“Then why?”
“We are both going away to school next year and it will be too hard. I don’t want you to be tied down to someone on the other side or halfway across the country.”
“How do you know it will be too hard, Reagan?”
“Because. I’ve seen people try to make it work. We are eighteen Zach. We have our whole lives ahead of us. College is supposed to be the time where we experiment and make mistakes. To drink too many mixed drinks and wake up in someone else’s bed. I want you to experience that. And you can’t do that if you aren’t single.”
“We don’t leave for school for another two months at least though.”
“I don’t want us to wait until a week before we leave to decide that going into college single is the best choice.” Zach was silent for a while. I felt so bad. It needed to be done though.
“I guess you’re right.”  I smiled sadly at him. “You’ll always be special to me, you know that?”
“I know. You’ll always be special to me too.” I squeezed his hand and he kissed me softly for the last time. Knowing he would need time to sit and process, I was the one who stood and left him on the bench.
In my car before driving away from the docks and Zach, I sent a text message. Four words. Eleven letters. I hoped he would know what it meant. I love you too. The weight of hitting send was unimaginable. I had spent so long denying it, that I didn’t know how to feel about it. I guess I would just have to wait and see what the future held.
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softspideys · a year ago
Average (Frat!Tom Holland x reader)
summary: tom holland is the handsome, popular, and charismatic king of your campus. so why has he taken an interest in you?
warnings: none
word count: 3,000
pairings: frat!tom holland x reader
a/n: I personally prefer respectful frat boy tom to jerky frat boy tom. inspired by this glorious photo. I hope you you like it:) 
When Tom Holland first spoke to you, your immediate instinct was to assume it was a joke.
You’d just arrived at the party his frat was throwing and immediately made a beeline for the kitchen. You were never totally comfortable in situations like these, but after a couple drinks you tended to be more social and easygoing.
“Hey,” a voice said as you finished pouring yourself some of the suspicious-looking Jungle Juice. You turned around and almost did a double-take.
You knew who Tom was; his roommate Harrison was friends with your roommate Jess, but you’d never spoken to him. He was popular, but there were no rumors about him being a player or an asshole or a creep like there were with some of his frat brothers.
Now he was smiling at you, looking casual in jeans and a black t-shirt, a baseball cap pulled over his curly hair. “Hey,” you answered, once you were positive he was talking to you. There was no one else around you, but still.
“Can I get you something to drink?”
“Um, no thanks,” you said, gesturing to the cup in your hand. “I’m good.” You figured he was just being polite, but then he continued to speak to you.
“You’re Jess’s roommate, right?” he asked.
You nodded, a little surprised. You honestly didn’t even think he was aware you existed. But then it hit you—he must be looking for her and probably recognized you from one of her Instagram photos or something. “Yeah. I don’t know where she is, though. I just got here.”
“Cool,” he said. “I’ve only met her a couple times—she’s friends with my roommate Harrison—but she talked about you a lot. I’m Tom.” He held out his hand.
Slowly, you shook it. “Y/N.” This was weird. If he wasn’t being polite and he wasn’t looking for someone else, then why was he talking to you? You had to get out of there. “Um, I have to go now. It was nice meeting you.”
“Oh, okay,” he said. “See you around, maybe.” You smiled a little instead of answering before practically fleeing the kitchen and joining the party. The rest of the night passed uneventfully and you didn’t see Tom again.
You thought about him briefly afterwards, but decided not to dwell on it. Maybe he was just bored. Maybe he saw you by yourself and took pity on you.
A few days later, Jess ambushed you while you were doing homework in the library. “You talked to Tom Holland at the party on Saturday?” she whispered excitedly.
“Yeah, for like a minute. It was before I found you. Why?”
“Harrison told me he was asking about you. Want me to pass along your number?”
“No!” you said quickly, feeling your face get warm. “Wait. What do you mean, he was asking about me? Asking what?”
“You know, just like . . . what your deal is, and whatever.” She shrugged. “He probably wants to hang out with you.”
“Me? Why?” The thought made your heartbeat quicken.
Jess rolled her eyes. “Oh my God. Why wouldn’t he? You’re a total catch. I don’t know why you’re so surprised.”
The conversation was making you more and more uncomfortable. Tom was good-looking and popular and probably had tons of people lining up just to “hang out” with him. What was so special about you?
Despite your doubts, you found yourself giving in. “Okay,” you said finally. “I guess you can give him my number.”
Jess smiled, her eyes sparkling. “Awesome. I’ll tell Harrison.” She leaned closer, suddenly serious. “And look, I wouldn’t push this if I didn’t think it was a good idea, okay? You know I got your back. Tom is really nice.”
She had a point. “I know,” you said grudgingly. “We’ll see if he even texts me.”
~ ~ ~  
Tom texted you the day after Jess passed your number on.
hey it’s tom, we met at the party on saturday :) i got your number from jess. i was wondering if you wanna hang out sometime?
You spent almost an hour reading it over and over, trying to figure out if there was any hidden meaning in the short message. Finally you wrote back: sure.
You expected him to invite you to another frat party or something similar, but instead he asked if you wanted to grab coffee and do homework. Midterms were coming up, after all.
So you met him at a cafe on campus on a chilly Thursday afternoon. He was there when you arrived, sitting at a table in the back. He looked cozy, all bundled up in a hoodie and sweats. You bought yourself a hot chocolate and sat across from him. “Um, hi.”
“Hi.” He smiled at you. “How’s it going?”
“Good. How are you?”
“Pretty good.”
You looked around. He’d picked a two-person table, but that didn’t mean someone else couldn’t pull up a chair. “Is it just going to be us?”
His smile faded a little. “Uh, yeah. Is that okay? I thought—I mean, you can see if Jess is around or something, but—”
“No, no,” you interrupted, wanting to kick yourself. “No, this is fine. I was just asking. I don’t mind.”
“Oh, okay.” He relaxed. “I’m glad you came. I didn’t think you would.”
He shrugged. “You just didn’t seem very, uh . . . excited.”
You cringed inwardly, clearing your throat. “Oh, sorry. I’m not very good at texting. Ask Jess.” You smiled a little at the thought of your best friend. “She’s always mad at me because I take hours to respond and then it usually just ends up being one word.”
Tom laughed. “Oh man, my brother Sam is the same way. I have to send a message to him in all caps that says SOS EMERGENCY PLEASE ANSWER NOW if I want him to answer within the hour.”
“You have a brother?”
“Yeah, three actually. There’s me, then the twins Sam and Harry, and then my youngest brother Paddy.”
“Wow,” you said, raising your eyebrows. “Your house must’ve been pretty crazy growing up.”
“You could say that.”
Before you got to the cafe, you told yourself that you only had to stay for an hour. One hour, and then you could make up some excuse as to why you had to leave. But as time went on, you realized you were actually enjoying yourself. The conversation flowed naturally, and Tom was a good listener. He didn’t seem to mind when you eventually lapsed into silence to get some studying down, and the two of you worked quietly for a while. He even offered to refill your drink when he went to get another for himself.
“Got any plans for dinner?” he asked finally, breaking the comfortable silence you’d grown used to. You looked out the window and saw it was getting dark out.
At first you thought maybe he was going to ask if you wanted to get something to eat with him. But as quick as the idea occurred, you shot it down. That was silly; he’d already been here with you for a few hours now. Maybe he was meeting other people after this and wanted you to take a hint.
So you lied, “Yeah, I’m meeting Jess at a dining hall. I should probably get going, actually.”
“Oh, right,” he said, glancing down at his homework. “Uh, same here.” You both quickly packed up your stuff and left the cafe, pausing before you officially went your separate ways.
“That was fun,” Tom said. He hesitated, and you braced yourself to hear some excuse as to why he would never talk to you again.
You certainly weren’t expecting him to ask shyly, “Would you want to hang out again?” You blinked, certain you hadn’t heard him right. But he just looked at you, waiting for your response, and after a pause you nodded.
“Yeah. I would like that.”
Tom’s answering smile was practically blinding. You couldn’t help but return it. “Awesome,” he said. “Um, I’ll text you?”
“Okay,” you said. “See you later.” He smiled at you for a second longer before he turned and walked away, a happy sort of bounce in his step.
You couldn’t help it; you walked home with a dumb grin on your face.
~ ~ ~
True to his word, Tom texted you a few days later to ask if you wanted to hang out again. This time you accepted readily.
At first, the two of you just got together to have coffee and do homework. Then he somehow managed to figure out part of your schedule and would meet you on your way to class. Even if he had a lecture on the other side of campus, he insisted on walking you all the way to yours.
He started texting you more, sometimes sending you funny videos or memes, but also sharing random thoughts and asking questions. Now you checked your phone frequently, trying to get in the habit of responding quickly or initiating conversation with him first. You followed each other on social media and you noticed he’d liked all of your Instagram photos. Just to be funny, you liked a couple of his too, but then wondered if he would find it weird.
“We’re friends,” you told Jess when she noticed you smiling at your phone. “That’s it.”
“Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England. Are you kidding me?”
“I’m serious,” you said, because you knew what she was insinuating and there was just no way Tom Holland would be into you like that. Sometimes you saw him around campus, always surrounded by a laughing group of friends and admirers. He was like the sun, and you knew you were lucky to even be in his orbit.
“We’re having a party on Friday night,” Tom said to you one afternoon. The weather was nice, so you’d claimed a sunny spot out on the quad to do some homework.
“Cool.” You were more focused on the essay you were writing than the conversation.
“Are you gonna go?” he pressed.
“I don’t know. Maybe if Jess goes I’ll come too.”
“Well . . .” He trailed off, and you looked up to see he was fidgeting with the cuffs of his sleeves. “What if we went together?”
You stared at him. Of all the things you were expecting him to say, it certainly was not that. “Like . . . me and you? Like . . .  as your date?”
Tom was blushing now, steadily avoiding your eyes. “Um. Yes?”
Alarm bells were going off in your brain. If Jess were here she’d be throwing a parade, but you knew there had to be a catch. Out of all the people on campus, why was he asking you?
You opened your mouth to say no, but then he finally glanced up at you. His expression was so earnest and hopeful that you found yourself saying, “Sure.”
“Really? You want to?” he said, like he couldn’t believe it.
You nodded. “Yeah, it sounds fun.”
There was that goofy grin again, lighting up his entire face. “Okay,” he said. “Cool.”
You knew you should be excited, but there was a nervous pit in your stomach that just wouldn’t go away. It was still there when you arrived at Tom’s frat house that Friday. You didn’t recognize the brother at the door on security duty, but he took one look and waved you inside, no questions asked.
You were a little confused; you came by yourself last time too and had to say you knew Harrison. But the brother merely said, “Tom put you on the list.”
The boy in question was in the kitchen, talking to a few of his brothers. He noticed you walk in immediately and his eyes lit up. “Hey! You’re here!” To your surprise he gave you a hug, and you tried not to focus on how good his cologne smelled.
“You look nice,” he said when he pulled away. In an attempt to feel more confident, you’d worn your favorite pair of jeans and a cute top, even allowing Jess to do some hair and makeup magic on you.
“Thank you,” you said. “Um, so do you.” He was just in jeans and a purple flannel, a black baseball cap twisted backwards on his head, but he still managed to make it look effortlessly cool.
“Thanks.” He paused. “I’m, uh, really glad you came.”  
“Me too,” you said quietly. He smiled at you and the knot in your stomach tightened.
Tom barely left your side the entire night. He introduced you to some of his fraternity brothers, whose names you forgot as soon as they said them. A few of them had brought dates too, and while they were all friendly and welcoming, you couldn’t help but feel frumpy and plain standing next to them.
It didn’t help that there were some not-so-friendly girls coming over too. They gave Tom hugs and kisses on the cheek before eyeing you critically. You could practically see the invisible thought bubble forming over their heads each time they looked at you: why is he here with you? You wanted to tell them that you were wondering the same thing.
The longer you thought about it, the worse you felt. It just didn’t make sense. Tom had practically half the campus falling at his feet; why wasn’t he with someone more talented, better looking, charismatic? Why had he picked you? You were so . . . average.
Maybe it was some kind of prank, some kind of fucked-up tradition in his fraternity: find a shy girl, get her to fall in love with you, and then break her heart. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.
“Are you alright?” Tom asked, tearing you from your thoughts. You realized you hadn’t spoken in several minutes, just staring off into space.
You swallowed. “Could we, um, go somewhere quiet? Please?”
He studied your face for a second before he nodded. “Of course.” He put one hand on your back, gently guiding you out of the crowded room and up the stairs. You followed him down the hallway until he stopped at a door with a sign that said TOM & HARRISON.
Oh. This was his room. 
He ushered you in and you noticed he left the door slightly ajar, so you could easily leave if you wanted to. Still, you immediately took a seat at his desk, not wanting to even go near the bed. Tom didn’t seem to mind, falling onto it with a loud thud and a content sigh. Neither of you spoke for a minute. Finally you glanced over at him and saw he was already watching you, a tiny smile on his face.
You couldn’t take it any longer. “Is this, like, a prank or something?”
“This. Like,” you gestured vaguely between the two of you, “all of this. Is it a joke?”
Tom’s smile vanished. He scrambled to sit up, scooting towards the edge of the bed. “What are you talking about? Why would you even think that?”
You shrugged, avoiding his eyes. “I don’t know. I’ve just been trying to figure out why someone like you would be doing all of this with someone like me.”
He looked lost. “Doing what?”
“You know . . . hanging out with me, texting me, inviting me here . . .”
He stared at you for a second before he let out a short, disbelieving laugh. “I mean . . . I like you. I thought that was obvious.”
“But why?” You were frustrated to find you were near tears. “You could have your pick of anyone on this campus. There are so many girls in this house alone right now who are prettier and funnier and more interesting than me. So why . . . why me?”
Tom slowly stood up and came over to where you were sitting, kneeling in front of you. “Because I think you’re pretty and funny and interesting,” he said, looking at you unflinchingly. “None of those other people matter to me. I don’t know why you keep trying to convince yourself that you’re, like . . . not good enough or whatever, but it’s not true.”
You bit your lip as he took your hand. “I’m just . . . not used to this. Usually people tend not to notice me.” 
“I did,” he said simply. “And I really, really like you.”
“I really like you too,” you said quietly. “I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to be sorry,” Tom said gently. “Just trust me, okay? I would never hurt you like that.”
He was being honest. He always had been, but you believed him now. You took a deep breath. “Can I kiss you?”
Tom blinked in surprise before he nodded. You leaned in and kissed him softly; his lips were a little chapped and tasted sweet and sort of fruity, like the juice from his drink. His hands came up to carefully cup your jaw, holding you in place. It made your head dizzy and your knees weak; it was perfect.
It was like a dam broke. Suddenly you couldn’t get enough of him, couldn’t figure out what to do with the happy, fizzy feeling in your stomach. You pulled back a little, pressing kisses to his cheeks and his nose. Tom giggled like the touch made him ticklish and you thought to yourself, You were so silly to deny yourself for so long, to think you didn’t deserve this.
You knew better now. You knew you did.
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jayeeintheclouds-inactive · 10 months ago
160 follower crack special ?!?!?!!? idk how do you title shit
based off this thread 😩 @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst here's your food
Summary: Albedo and Kazuha fight over you, but something else happens.
Notes: albedo x reader x kazuha love triangle, keqing x reader, gn reader, crack?, short bullet point scenario because i wrote this in class, teyvat highschool au
a/n: keqing simps thank me via cash /j/j please reblog if you liked it!
Tumblr media
although it was not obvious, you could easily tell that your seatmate and best friend were both chasing after you.
albedo, your childhood friend, had shown a few signs that he was interested in you.
he'd carry your stuff, help you out with homework, have dinner with your family more frequently, brush his hand against yours, and let his hand rest on your head a liiiiittle too long.
unfortunately, your poetic and mysterious seatmate kazuha seemed to show the same thing. his poems would always surround you and your "beauty", smile more around you, answer for you when the teacher calls you, and lean too close to you during science lab lessons.
you found it more hilarious than anything honestly. the poor dudes didnt know you were dating the vice-president of the student council 🤡 aka keqing the hottest woman (next to mona but shhh its not about her now she'll have her time later) to exist in teyvat high aka your gf aka your whole world
obviously you aint gonna cheat on your wonderful gf but those dudes still confess to you n e way 😐😐
albedo confesses first when he sees kazuha making a move on you
you say no
his heart cracks
and you say "look albedo you're my b e ST fR i end and i love you so much but sorry lol"
you go whoosh afterwards
rip singlebedo i guess
then next is kazuha's turn !1!!1!!1!!11!!1 maybe in another life you'd be his girl you'd keep all your promises be yall against the world but haha too bad for him
so he gives you a poem yeah
plays music for you yeah uh huh
you almost say yes but keqing supremacy
n e way
🤠you say no of course because you're a loyal s/o to keqing so you friendzoned kakakaauzzhuha as well dhsakfsadfa
poor kazuha i think he spent like 2 weeks preparing his confession fr
but the two bros dont know youre dating keqing so one day they team up to stalk you to see why you rejected them
lets be real there's no way you could've rejected them because they're so pretti
no one can beat a hot ladee though so
yeah so and they see you walk into the student council office and they go ??!??!?! when did y/n get access to the student council office didn't they go to detention that one time for sending mr zhongli a nsfw smut art of him and childe 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
so they peek inside yeah
they see you tying keqing's hair
albedo to kazuha: friends do that right
kazuha to albedo: ye i think so
then keqing turns around to kith you on the cheek 🥺
kazuha to albedo: uh maybe super close friends do that too (smh homophobes /j/j/j)
albedo to kazuha: y e ah ma y be
then you grab keqing's cheeks and you two start making out <33
albedo to kazuha: OK 🚨🚨🚨 THATS 🚨 NOT 🚨 WHAT 🚨 NORMAL 🚨 FRIENDS 🚨 DO
but dumb dumb idiotbedo says that too loud
so obviously you and keqing hear it and you see kazuha and albedo 😳 i n t e n s e l y 😳 staring at the both of you making out jn
cue awkward silence
you get up and punch the both of them the end <333
JK yeah so you end up explaining that you and keqing are dating each other
next episode kazuha and albedo lose feelings for you and start kissing each other who knows 😳
wait actually kazubedo...?
n e way it's not about them so you and keqing just continue making out ig
you love your gf idk how to end this
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nights-legacy · a year ago
Spooked Teleportation-Todoroki
Tumblr media
Full Masterlist MHA Masterlist
+Y/N has a ghost quirk that she does not have complete control over yet. Y/N is a relatively quiet girl that has been able to get close to Todoroki from the beginning. One day, during training, Todoroki spooks her accidentally causing her quirk activate out of her control, teleporting them somewhere. This cause her to over use her quirk.
“Oi! Spectra! Do you have your part of the project on you?” Bakugo yelled across the room. I lifted my head up from Todoroki’s desk and thought for a second.
“Yeah I do.”
“Good. I need to check on something. Give ‘em to me.” He walked over to my desk with his hand out. I shared a look with Todoroki who rolled his eyes.
“Give me a second.” I turned around and dug into my bag before finding it. I handed it to him and he turned around, walking away. I chuckled before turning back to Todoroki. He was working on his homework and I just watched as he wrote stuff down.
“What?” He asked, darting his eyes up to look at me before looking back at his paper. I shool my head meaning nothing. He nodded before focusing on his work. I was naturally quiet so he accepted my answer. I was also really bored so I started to mess with my ‘ghost magic’ as Bakugo calls it, making a pen float around.
“Doot do-do.” I messed around. I made the pen do tricks in the air, not really paying attention to much else.
“L/N.” Todoroki called gently. I jumped with an eep and the pen dropped right on his paper, where he was writing. I covered my mouth as he immediately stopped writing. He looked up at me again through his eyelashes.
“Sorry.” I yelped. A smile broke out on his face before he chuckled setting down his pencil.
“Having fun?” He asked, leaning on his arms looking at me. I smiled, dropping my hands into my lap. I laughed, blushing and nodding. He shook his head before picking up the pen and holding it out to me. I nodded and he dropped his hand, the pen staying in midair. “There we go. It’s good practice.”
“Thanks.” I leant on his desk again and with both went back to what we were doing. I was lost in my playing until someone else spoke up.
“You know it’s sexy when you use your quirk.” Mineta popped up next to me. I yelped, sending the pen flying and looking down at him.
“Hey, who threw that?” Kaminari yelled.
“I mean it’s really, really attractive.” I looked at him appalled and embarrassed. He was staring at me intently. I looked between him and Todoroki before disappearing from the room completely. I teleported to the hallway, shaken and uncomfortable. I heard yelling in the room from Bakugo, Kirishima, and Todoroki before I heard Mineta scream in fear.
“Maybe you should chill for a minute or two.” I heard Todoroki saw and I covered my mouth to not burst out laughing.
“You can come back in, L/N.” I looked to my left and saw Aizawa-sensei stepping out of the doorway. I nodded and ghosted back in. I laughed when I saw Mineta ‘chilling’ in a block of ice. I looked at Todoroki but he was just casually sitting there doing his work again.
“Wow.” I whispered before turning towards Kami. “Sorry, Kaminari. I didn’t meant to chuck the pen at you.” His head popped up and whipped around towards me.
“It’s alright. I understand!” He said before tossing the pen back to me.
“Okay class. Go get changed and head out to the training fields.” Aizawa instructed. We all started putting away our things before getting up to leave. “Oh and Todoroki, you may want to thaw out Mineta so he can join us. Just a thought…a mild suggestion.”
“Alright.” A thud of his body hitting the floor made a wet plop. He groaned out before getting up himself.
The rest of our day was spent with one on one training or by ourselves. Back and forth really. I was just happy Mineta was leaving me alone. I spent most of time by myself since I still didn’t completely trust my quirk. I was standing messing with my energy beam, ray thingy. I was get frustrated and tired. I took a breath to try and calm myself. I was just about to try again when a hand was placed on my shoulder.
“L/N, do you need…”
“Ahh!” I got scared and accidentally teleported. As soon as I landed and was solid again, I felt the other person was still with me. I felt them stumble before gaining their balance just as I collapsed.
“Hey, hey.” Someone caught me before I hit the ground. My head was spinning and I couldn’t see straight but I could see red and white hair. Todoroki moved us both to the ground, setting my head in his lap. My vision and head cleared but exhaustion set in. “Are you alright?”
“I’m exhausted. I just…” I set my hands on my head. I couldn’t form words very easily right now. I looked up at him and saw worry in his eyes.
“Okay, sh. Just rest.” He said, looking around us. I did too to see that we were nowhere near the school.
“Shit, I’m sorry Todoroki.” I apologized, silently chiding myself.
“Stop.” He said. I looked up at him surprised and confused. “I know what you are thinking and you need to stop. This isn’t your fault and it’s not that bad.”
“Yes it is. I should have been able to control my quirk.” I said sitting up. I got up to my feet but my knees gave and my head spun again. I felt Todoroki grab me before I could even start to fall. He brought me down into his lap, setting my head on his shoulder.
“Stay down.” He said before checking me over entirely. “What has you so exhausted? I have never seen you act this way over your quirk like this.”
“I have never teleported more than myself. You with me took a lot out of me I guess.” I told him feeling my whole body grow heavier with the exhaustion. “Todoroki, I’m feeling really tired.”
“Rest.” That was all he said before he pulled out his phone. I didn’t completely listen but could tell he was calling Aizawa-sensei. I was half asleep when I heard someone walk up on us. I opened my eyes to see Aizawa kneeling next to us.
“Are you both alright?” He asked. Todoroki answered and explained what had happened. They both helped me sit up before standing. I held onto both of their arms as they walked me to a car. My exhaustion wasn’t getting any better and before I knew it I was passing out, falling into Todoroki.
I awoke some time later in my own bed in my dorm. I yawned as I sat up looking around. I noticed the night sky out my balcony doors. Another thing I noticed was that the balcony doors were open, curtains billowing in the breeze. I got up and took a few steps towards it to see the bi-colored haired boy leaning against the railing.
“Todoroki?” He looked over his shoulder at me.
“You’re awake.” He turned towards me as I came out. “How are you feeling?”
“I have a small headache but otherwise I’m okay.” I said, leaning on the railing myself. I took a big breath looking up into the stars. “Thank you for helping me. That was kind of scary.”
“It was my pleasure. You are my friend. I would never let anything come to hurt you.” He said. I smiled before jumping at the sound of Bakugo’s voice yelling.
“My god.” I looked at Todoroki with a chuckle. “He is on the other side of the building and two floors up yet we can still hear him. That’s hilarious.”
“Very much. I have to hear that all the time though.”
“Oh that’s right. Your room is above his.” I sucked in air and gave him an apologetic look. “Sorry.” He shrugged.
“I have learned to block him out quite easily.” He said before we fell into comfortable silence, listening to the sound of the city beyond the school gates. “You scared me today. I thought you were seriously hurt. I was…worried.” He reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer. His gaze was on my hand while he rubbed circles with his thumb.
“You were worried about me?” I said.
“Mm-hmm.” He nodded. He held my hand tighter. “I care very much for you.” He brought my hand up and kissed it. “So much.”
“Todoroki…” I whispered before smiling and blushing. I looked down before setting my head on his shoulder. I threaded my fingers threw his to intertwine our hands.
“I should get back to my room and let you rest some more. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” He said softly. I sighed.
“Alright but…can we stay like this for a little longer?” I looked up at him through my eyelashes. He smiled.
“Of course but only for a little longer.” He said wrapping his arm around me. “It’s a little cold out. I need to keep you warm.” He said as I tucked my head under his chin. I sighed and nodded, relaxing into his arms.todo
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fbfh · a year ago
I think you've horribly misread the situation [shitty roommate pt 2] - leo x reader
wc: 2.3k
genre: contemporary drama, you're definitly going to get second hand embarrassment, cozy fluff
pairing: leo x reader, attempted isabella x leo
reader: gender neutral, they/them
requested: hell yeah
warnings: mild swearing, roommate tries to steal your man once again, mentions of various mainstream vampire media (twilight, the vampire diaries etc.), brief mention of castlevania (even though i haven't seen it yet lol), breif mention of videogames and assassins creed, very mild delusion (roommate is secretly convinced leo is a vampire that's in love with her), attempted age gap relationship (she's 17 and leo's 19, he shuts that down real fast), very bad poetry
summary: You and Leo are both looking foward to spending a long weekend together, and Leo is determined not to let anything interrupt it, even if it means turning down your roommate's attempts to seduce him in the kitchen.
a/n: absolutley no hate or shade or judgement to anyone who has the same or similar traits as isabella!!!!!! at her core she's annoying because she's the antagonist, not bc of any isolated trait or traits
also she's shitty cause she keeps trying to steal your boyfriend?????
Edit: I forgot to mention before, but this is a college au where you're both still demigods, so you went to camp and on quests and stuff together
Tumblr media
This weekend is going to be all about recharging. Recharging from the ridiculous back to back closing and opening shifts at work, recharging from having to redo that stupid project twice because your professor couldn’t decide on a clear way to define the criteria, and recharging from Isabella having her townie friend Regan over almost non stop to “completely shake up her look” as she put it.
Between the constant presence of someone you’d barely consider an acquaintance and Big Time Rush’s self titled album blasting on repeat out of her giant airpod shaped speaker, it’s been harder than usual to get in some effective self care. You have no idea how many more times you can hear the phrase “I’m going for Jade West meets Elena Gilbert, with just a little Buffy Summers” before you lose your fucking mind.
Thankfully, the hard part is almost over. There’s some minor holiday tomorrow on friday, so you and Leo both have a three day weekend ahead of you, which you intend to spend entirely together. You planned ahead, frontloading homework, chores, errands, and everything you could think of to remove anything that isn’t cuddling or playing video games and watching netflix together from your horizon.
This includes going straight from work to the grocery store to stock the fridge and get any snacks you and Leo want. You had texted him a while ago asking for anything he was craving, and head into the store with a concrete list. After a while, you circle around some aisles, avoiding the check out.
“I feel like I’m forgetting something,” you muse, knowing it’s untrue, but hoping to trigger a memory anyway. You can’t put it off any longer, finally checking out and heading back to your apartment. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t avoiding Isabella just a little.
You know bringing in all these groceries would be way easier with Isabella and possibly Regan’s help, but you just don’t have the social energy to talk to anyone, much less her, right now. By some miracle, you bring everything in yourself, and hope to get it put away before you see Isabella.
You turn to the freezer, putting away the ice cream. When you turn back around, you’re suddenly met face to face with Isabella, who has opened one of the boxes and is picking at a pastry.
“Hey girlie,” she says, elongating the hey.
“Hey,” you reply lethargically, putting the last of the groceries away. She looks at the pastry in her hand like she’s just noticing it.
“Sorry, I can’t help it, I’m italian.” She smiles, endeared by her own behavior. You have no idea what being italian has to do with asking before you open a box of your roommate’s food, but this really isn’t out of character for her. She brings up the fact that she’s half italian more than Lele Pons blames her behavior on being latina.
She’s wearing sweatpants that say chaser on the leg in red and gold varsity font, and a tight tee shirt that says “it’s okay to love them both” with silhouettes of the male love interests from one of the vampire shows she always watches. You collect the plastic bags to put in recycling, and see a piece of paper on the counter.
It reads as follows:
Drowning in my mind
No one hears me cry
Who was I before society
Before society put me in a pink dress
And handed me blonde hair dye
And told me to lose ten pounds or be labeled a freak?
The happiest people cry the most
Let the lyrics be your story
But I’m not like the other skinny blonde pretty girls
-b.g. xox
You hold back a sigh.
“I think this is yours.” you say, handing it to her.
“Oh, it’s just some of my poetry I left lying around, that’s so embarrassing.”
I know, you think, you do that all the time.
“Did you read it?” She asks, hopefully.
“Thank god, that would have been so embarrassing. My poetry is something really… deep, and personal to me.”
“Uh huh. Hey, I’m going to be doing a lot of self care this weekend, so-”
“Oh!” she interjects, eerily similar to Phoebe Buffay - you guess she’s been watching friends again - “I wanted to ask… is Leo coming over later?��� Her voice is riddled with subtext, the expression on her face a little too invested in your answer.
“Uh, yeah. I told you the other day we’re spending the weekend together…”
She cuts you off again, a sudden, intense look on her face.
“When will he be here?”
You check your phone, scrolling through your recent texts.
“By 7 at the latest.” It’s around 6:40 now.
“Oh my god, I have to change,” she rushes back to her room, presumably digging through her recent additions to her closet.
You’re frozen for a minute after the interaction, left with a furrowed brow and the beginnings of a headache. You blink, then choose to reschedule processing why she feels the need to change for your boyfriend to a more convenient time. That’s enough of that for today. You don’t care what else happens, you’re not talking to anyone besides Leo for at least the rest of the day. You retreat to your room to finally shower and change into something comfy. As you pass by Isabella’s room, you hear her talking to Regan.
“...There’s something almost… supernatural about him.”
You bite back a laugh.
“Do you think he’s a…” Regan begins, ending the sentence with something too quiet to hear, but you’d bet almost any organ she said vampire.
So close. So, so close, and yet… here you are.
Not much later, Leo texts you to let you know he’s here. You read his text, and run out to hug him in the living room before even typing a reply. He picks you up, and spins you around. The embrace is warm and fulfilling and familiar, and you wish it would last forever.
“Hi, Sparky.” you murmur into his neck.
“Estrella…” he says, rocking you back and forth gently and pressing a kiss into your jawline, “I missed you so much.” He punctuates the sentence with another kiss, this one to your lips, and you smile more genuinely than you have all day. You’re about to agree when you remember the good news you’ve been saving to tell him in person.
“Guess what I got on sale for like, half off,” you start, excitedly, continuing at his invested expression, “the Assassin’s Creed bundle I showed you!”
“No way,” he starts, and you nod.
“I’ll go get everything set up, drinks are in the kitchen!” He watches you retreat into your room, disbelieving how he could possibly get someone as perfect as you to fall for him. He’s not going to question his luck. He grabs a couple caffeinated sparkling ices, and meets you in your room, setting down his bag and grabbing some comfy clothes to change into.
As you both get settled in, you fill each other in on all the ridiculous shit you’ve been through this week. You finally conclude the bizarre - yet somehow standard - Isabella escapades.
“So I will be avoiding all contact as much as possible,” you laugh.
“Yeah, no shit,” he agrees, “Consider me your human buffer.” You thank him, hugging him again and pressing a kiss to his lips.
The next couple hours are spent cuddling and finishing season 4 of Castlevania. Both reeling from the season finale, you agree this is a good place to take a break, get some food, and decide what game you should start with. It’s already 10pm, which most people would consider too late for dinner, but you have all weekend to fuck up your sleep schedules.
“Let’s review,” Isabella says, holding up two red lipsticks. She turns to Regan. “Which one?”
“That one,” Regan says, pointing to the one on the left, then turns to her list, and continues. “Here’s what we know; we’ve never seen him eat, and he never seems tired. He’s really smart-”
“Almost too smart,” Isabella adds, selecting black rose dangle earrings from her jewelry. Regan agrees, and continues.
“He’s almost hypnotically attractive, and his smile is a little too dazzling.”
“There’s something… supernatural about him. Like he’s not… all human.”
Regan writes this down.
“Plus he’s always wearing black and red, and those flowy button up shirts? It’s all adding up, Ree. That dream that someone was outside my window, the ring, everything…” She says, referencing the black and red cocktail ring she’d found with her stuff when she’d first moved, “I’m not saying it’s definite, just that… there’s a chance.”
“What about…” Regan says hesitantly, nodding toward your room.
“Please,” she scoffs, “he’s only with them to get close to me, like Damon and Caroline. Edward couldn’t have just approached Bella out of the blue, he had to infiltrate her friend group first, to seem less suspicious. Not to sound mean or anything, but they really don’t seem like the type someone… like him… would choose.” her voice gets dreamy when she mentions him.
In spite of having seen most mainstream vampire media almost as many times as Isabella, Regan still considers her the expert on these things, and decides not to point out that Edward didn’t infiltrate Bella’s friend group. Maybe it comes up in one of the retellings she hasn’t read yet.
“So, what now?”
Isabella sets down her lipstick, and turns to her friend.
“I tell him.”
Regan’s eyes widen.
“You’re going to tell him you know?”
“No… not yet. It’s too soon, we don’t have enough evidence. I’m going to tell him I know he’s in love with me, then once he’s secure in our relationship... we’ll see where it goes.”
She stands up, assessing herself in the mirror. She chose her outfit carefully; short red dress with black roses and black mesh collar, black rose bracelet to match her earrings, snug faux leather jacket, and black stiletto ankle booties with a very skinny heel, the zipper on the outside gold, not silver. She fluffs her wavy hair and turns towards the door. She looks back one more time, holding onto the doorway.
“Wish me luck.”
Leo enters the kitchen, seeing Isabella already there, leaning against the counter seductively. She’s wearing an outfit and jewelry this late at night that makes Leo wonder if she’s going to an emo tea party. He puts the takeout in the microwave. She’s still staring at him.
“Uh… hey.”
She lets out a dainty giggle, looking him up and down.
“... Hi.”
At a loss for words, and really wanting the awkward silence to be over, he continues, “Did you need something?”
“What I need,” she walks closer to him, tracing her finger over his collar, “is you.”
What the fuck?
His brain seems to stall for a moment, and she uses this opportunity to continue.
“I know why you’re here. I know that you’re only using them to get closer to me. I know-”
“That you’re in love with me.”
Okay, double what the fuck.
She takes his stunned silence as shyness, and steps closer, putting her arms around his shoulders.
“You don’t need to play so coy, I-”
This time she’s the one that gets cut off. He grabs her arms and gently steps away, trying to make it abundantly clear that he’s not into this.
“Woah, okay, slow down. First of all, you’re 17 and I’m turning 20 in a couple months, so that’s a hard no. Second, I don’t know where you got this idea, but I am not dating them to get closer to you. We’ve known each other since we were like, 15, and have been through everything together. I’ve only known you for a couple months. I love them. Probably more than I’ve loved anything ever. I thought that was pretty obvious.”
He doesn’t want to be mean, he really doesn’t, but he can tell from the look on her face that she still thinks this is all part of some game.
“So why don’t I ever see you eat? Why are you so smart, and always up at night? I know what you are.”
He has to physically hold back a laugh. He takes a step back, and places his hands on the counter.
“Isabella, I have adhd. And I’m literally an engineering student. Why wouldn’t I be smart and have a shitty sleep schedule?”
She starts to protest, and he pulls out the reheated take out from the microwave.
“And for the record, I do eat.”
Exiting the kitchen quickly and retreating back to your room, he hands you your food.
“I got the game set up!” you say excitedly.
You take one look at his face and can tell something happened. He sees this, and continues.
“I just had a very… interesting interaction with Isabella,” before he finishes the sentence, your head is already in your hands. You let out a groan.
“What did she do?” you mutter from behind your hands.
He pulls you into his lap, rubbing your back.
“I’m not totally sure,” you laugh, “but I think she thinks I’m secretly in love with her…” you’re both laughing before he can even finish the sentence.
“No…” you laugh, “no fucking way…”
“Believe me, I put an end to that as soon as it started.”
“Oh, I do.”
He runs his hand over your back, and you’re quiet for a moment.
“You know,” he continues, “I think getting our own place has definitely moved up the priority list.”
You couldn’t agree more.
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lyrical-panic · a year ago
Hi is it ok to make a enimes to lovers tenya iida?plzzz with a grung y/n???
Yes yes yes YES YES YES
So, as I’m typing this, I’ve got a Google tab with pictures of grunge fashion behind my Pages document because I had no idea what it was before and now I’m obsessed. I can totally see Iida falling for someone with this type of style, it’d be so cute! 
This ended up being really long skjfguanspdifhaosdi
Hope you like what I whipped up!!
Never Hated You
Tumblr media
Prompt List
. . . 
“(L/N)! Get your feet off of the desk this instant!”
You groaned loudly as the class rep marched up to your desk, a stormy look painted across his face.
“Iida, chill out.” You rolled your eyes and crossed your ankles on top of the desk. “I’m not hurting anyone.”
“Be that as it may, I will not stand for the disrespect of school property!” Iida blustered. “Do you have any idea how many great people have sat in your desk, learning to carry on the mantle of hero? How can you sit here and put your feet up on-”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, dude.” You rolled your eyes again, making a big show of putting your feet down. “There, happy?”
“Quite.” The bespectacled boy bristled, not looking happy at all.
You chuckled, waggling your fingers in farewell as Iida returned to his own desk. Kirishima, in the seat in front of you, leaned back. “You sure do like riling him up, huh?”
“Someone’s gotta teach him that not everything needs to be taken so seriously.” You shrugged. “Besides, he’s kinda hot when he’s angry.”
“Dude!” Kirishima laughed in surprise.
“Am I wrong?” You snorted, gesturing to the boy in question, who still looked very irritated, and very handsome. 
Did you find Tenya Iida wildly attractive? Yes, yes you did. You were very vocal about that and you found no shame in it. That being said, did you also find him a little annoying? Yes. So he was not saved from your constant teasing and pestering.
At the beginning of the year, you realized that you seemed to be the epitome of everything Iida detested. You were brash, not afraid to pick a fight, and always had some witty remark to make. You never wore the complete uniform, opting to leave your gray blazer at home, replacing it with your favorite leather jacket. The prescribed neat little shoes had been swapped out in favor of your old combat boots. Iida had just about had a conniption fit when he’d first met you.
Realizing that the overly serious boy was constantly up your ass, and that he was in point of fact very cute, you made it your personal mission to annoy him to the ends of the earth. 
It worked spectacularly. Sometimes a little too spectacularly.
On multiple occasions you pushed too much, resulting in boorish lectures from the much taller boy that you could’ve slept through, if not for the decibel at which he gave them. It never seemed to deter you though. The next day you’d come back with a self-satisfied grin on your face as you plunked your boots up onto your desk. He was too cute for you to stop.
Over time, you stopped teasing him just for the sake of being an asshole. Though you’d never admit it out loud, Tenya Iida was starting to grow on you. You lightened up on the torture, only to spend more time actually trying to get him to talk to you. He always seemed suspicious of you though, to no fault but your own, you figured. So you made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“Hey, Iida.” You leaned against his desk after class one day. “Think we could get together over the weekend and do homework? I’m having a little trouble understanding the math stuff.”
“You want me to help you with homework?” Both of the class reps eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. 
“Yeah, man,” You affirmed, chuckling. “Who else would I go to?”
Yaoyorozu. Midoriya. Todoroki. Iida listed in his mind. All of them are doing exceptionally well, and you don’t make yourself the bane of their existences.
“It’s just,” Iida pursed his lips, organizing his thoughts. “I certainly wouldn’t mind helping you if you really need it. I didn’t think you liked me very much, though.”
“And I didn’t think you liked me, but here you are, telling me you wouldn’t mind helping me out.” You chuckled, and smiled sadly. “I’ve never disliked you, Iida.”
. . .
To say you confused Iida would be the understatement of the century. You appeared to him as someone who didn’t care one bit about structure or rules. But as he sat next to you in a coffee shop, explaining quadratic functions, you seemed to really care. You poured over your homework, a pensive look on your face, turning to him every time you came across something you didn’t quite understand.
“I don’t get it.” He said quietly as you scribbled away at your worksheet.
“Really? Cause I’m just starting to.”
“No, not the homework.” Iida sighed, staring at you.
“Then what’s up?” You put your pencil down, matching his gaze.
“Why do you go out of your way to aggravate me so often if you don’t dislike me?”
The question caught you off guard. You glanced away, almost guiltily.
“At first, I did it just to get a rise out of you.” You admitted. “I guess I started getting fond of you though, and I realized that annoying you was the only way to get you to talk to me.”
Now Iida was the one to be caught off guard. “Y-you just wanted to talk to me?” He repeated.
“Yeah, and I thought I had ruined it.” You placed your head in your hand, and swirled your drink around in its cup with the other. “I thought I had provoked you too much by the time I realized I wanted to be your friend. I honestly thought you hated me.”
“Never!” Iida was shocked by the idea. He very rarely hated anyone. When his brother had been attacked, that was the first time that he had ever felt that boiling pit of rage in his stomach. “You irritated me to no end, yes, but I never hated you.”
“Hey, I’ll take it!” You conceded with a laugh.
Iida found himself laughing with you. He watched as smile lines etched themselves onto your face as your grin widened.
“(L/N), what say we start over?” He suggested. “I would like to be your friend, too.”
You gave the boy a disbelieving, yet giddy smile. “I would be more than happy to do that, Iida.”
. . . 
Something very peculiar was happening to Tenya, and it seemed to be your fault.
When you playfully teased him, he swore his heart rate accelerated to five times what was normal. Whenever he said something that made you laugh, he felt like he was on top of the world. He felt butterflies in the pit of his stomach when you’d put your hand on his arm.
None of these feelings were bad, per se. In fact, they actually felt quite good. It was like a calm washed over him whenever he was in your presence. He felt more relaxed than he’d ever been when he was around you.
So, there was no problem with what was happening, but that didn’t stop Tenya from still being wildly confused. 
The feeling also made him want to protect you.
This too was a mystifying thought. He wanted to keep all his classmates safe, of course, but somehow it was different when it came to you. But you were perfectly capable of protecting yourself, you being an excellent hero. You had great control over your quirk, and you knew your limits. Not to mention you “kicked ass” in combat training, to use your words.
Tenya knew all this well, in fact he reminded you of it regularly during training. So why, when villains dropped into the clearing of the training camp, was his first instinct to get in front of you? Why did he grab your hand and pull you closer to him as you ran with your classmates back to the main building? Why did his hand linger on your shoulder even when you were inside and out of the danger?
You asked yourself these questions, too, but you didn’t complain. It’s not like Tenya Iida grabbing you and holding you protectively was a bad thing, but he looked too pale for you to resign yourself to not questioning him.
“You okay, Bub?” You asked, glancing up at the bespectacled boy in concern. 
“What? Oh, y-yes, sorry.” Tenya separated himself from you, but you grabbed his hand before he could get too far, pulling him back to your side.
“This is scary,” You muttered as a way of explanation, your face heating up.
Heat rushed to his face as well, but he didn’t try pulling away again. He readjusted your grip so it was more comfortable. “Yes,” He murmured back in agreement.
You stood in silence for a moment, listening to the rest of your classmates chatter away in fear. You squeezed Tenya’s hand. He repeated the gesture. 
The sound of his given name pushing past your lips pleasantly surprised him, but he quickly shook off his confoundedness. “Yes?”
“I was going to tell you something tonight, but I’m afraid my plans have been ruined.” A wobbly smile crossed your face, but it fell almost immediately after. “Once this whole ordeal is over, and we’re all back at school safe, remind me to tell you then, okay?”
“Why can’t you just tell me now?”
You shook your head. “Now is defiantly not the time.”
“Well, alright then.” Tenya squeezed out hand again. “Although I’m afraid you’ve made me quite anxious to hear what you have to say, (Y/N).”
You smiled weakly again at hearing your own first name. “Now you know what it feels like when a teacher tells you to see them after class, Mr. Class Rep.”
. . . 
Tenya remembered your request as he was putting books on a shelf in his new dorm room. He stopped short, the conversation replaying in his mind. As much as he wanted to march himself over to your room that very instant, he resigned himself to waiting.
“I’m still not done settling in,” He muttered to himself, surveying the several boxes filled with personal belongings stacked neatly in a corner. “And (Y/N)’s probably still unpacking, too.”
A new-found vigor to his actions, Tenya found himself hurrying to complete his task. It had only taken the few days spent at home away from you and a quick conversation with his brother for him to realize that he had a crush on you. Reject the idea as he tried, it made a lot of sense. 
He chuckled humorously to himself. What had you done to him? He used to see you as nothing more than a misbehaving delinquent who constantly went out of their way to get on his nerves. So what happened? What did you do?
You befriended him. You had looked at him with that sad, sincere smile, and told him that you thought you’d ruined your only chance of being friends with him. You’d heard him out as he heard you out.
It wasn’t a question of what you had done, not anymore. It was all Tenya.
He had given you a second chance. And he never regretted it for one moment.
He still didn’t regret it, even when you grabbed his arm and tugged him along with the rest of the class to survey everyone’s rooms. He still didn’t regret it even when they got to his room, and you put on a pair of his glasses, flopping onto his bed as you teased him for the shelves full of matching frames.
He especially didn’t regret it when they got to your room, where you proudly stood next to a wall of printed out photos of your friends. Tenya’s eyes drifted to a shot of you and him at the fair, both of you holding ice cream cones.
“Pictures taken moments before disaster,” You remarked, following his eyes and tapping the wall next to the photo cheekily. He smiled, remembering how mere seconds after taking the picture, you had tripped over his foot and fallen flat on your face, taking out not only yourself and your ice cream, but Tenya’s as well.
Ask them, he urged himself as the class headed back to the ground floor. The question never seemed to escape him, though. In fact, when he rushed back inside after he, Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, and Kirishima had been pulled outside by Tsu and Uraraka, you had already gone up to bed.
That’s it. 
Tenya was a man of thought and intellect, not one of action. When the job called for it, he of course sprung to do his part, but not before carefully assessing the situation and weighing his options. So he surprised himself by going up to your room without a second thought, determined to get whatever it was you had hinted at out of you.
“Woah, didn’t I just see you?” You smiled coyly as you answered the door. “What’s up?”
“I wanted-” Tenya paused, eyes narrowing. “Wait, you still have my glasses.”
“Astutely observed.” You sighed, reluctantly handing them over. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I wanted to see how many days I could wear them before you realized they were yours.”
“You might’ve gotten away with it, if not for me being here now.” Tenya admitted, pocketing the spectacles. “I didn’t realize before.”
“So that’s not why you’re here?”
“No, during the training camp you said you wanted to tell me something, but that you wanted to wait until the… situation was over.”
You made a face. “I was hoping you had forgotten about that.”
“Why? Is it bad?” He asked nervously.
“No, just… weird. I only told you because I was scared we wouldn’t make it out of there alive, but now I’m regretting it.” You sighed. “Come on in, I may as well tell you.”
Tenya closed the door behind him, watching cautiously as you sat on your bed with a huff. “If you really don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.”
You considered for a moment. “How long have you been holding onto this?”
He blinked in surprise. “A few hours. I only remembered this afternoon.” 
“A few hours is all you need to get worked up about something. There’s no sense in me not telling you now,” You rubbed your eyes, looking both physically and mentally exhausted “especially if I promised you that I would.”
“Alright then, if you’re sure.” Tenya hesitantly sat himself next to you, now wishing he hadn’t bothered at all.
“Okay, so, uh, we’ve been friends for a while, and I’m really happy for that.” You started, rubbing your hands together thoughtfully. “And I don’t want to put that friendship in jeopardy, but recently my feelings towards you have changed, and I feel like you deserve to know.”
“Have they now?” Tenya’s heart pounded so loudly he worried you could hear it. He wondered if your feelings were anything like his.
“Yeah, they’ve gotten a little more… romantic.” You sighed heavily once again, seeming to resign yourself to your fate. “Okay, I’m gonna just say it: I really like you Tenya. More than as a friend. You’re stubborn, adorable, and always know just what to say, and every time I see you I just wanna kiss your stupid face all over and tell you that you deserve the whole damn world, because guess what? You do!”
Time seemed to tick to a stop. Tenya himself froze, his body stiff and his tongue limp in is mouth. Then his face exploded in color, and all at once, he gained control over his body again. His arm gestured frantically in his regular tic, and his words seemed to trip over each other in an effort to be heard.
“W-w-well thank you for your kind words! I greatly appreciate you telling me this. I have also recently c-come to the conclusion that I, uh, e-enjoy your company more than a friend should as well! I-I’m not sure what this means for us moving forward, b-but-“
You wrapped your fingers around the hand chopping the air wildly. You pressed your lips to his cheek, and rubbed your free hand up and down his arm in a soothing motion. You laughed lightly, but there was no mockery in it. “Thank you, Tenya.” You whispered. 
The boy stiffened once more, before naturally relaxing, leaning into your touch. He mirrored your soft, loving smile, placing his hand not being held by you on your knee gently. “Of course, (Y/N)."
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melo-yello · a year ago
📚School Struggles📚 w/ 💥🪨KiriBaku💥🪨 HeadCanons
Tumblr media
Pairings: KiriBaku X Black!Reader
Summary: College AU! Reader falls behind in course work, and won’t tell anybody. But Kirishima and Bakugou find out.
A/n: I’m an adult who went most of my life with undiagnosed learning disabilities so this would just be comforting to me. Lil angst! Lots of fluff. Implied ADHD and Dyslexia.
📕🖊 First tests are handed back in four of your eight classes.You’ve failed all but one which you barely passed. You are asked stay back as yet another professor suggests you find a tutor
📕🖊You’re lowkey offended. You’ve never needed a tutor before. Up until recently your performance in other areas compensated for your less than stellar academics. You were in gifted courses all your life. You would just hafta try harder
📕🖊 Kiri and Baku are saving a spot in line for you by the time you meet them at the cafe when you shove the thoughts of failure out of your brain and perk up to your usual self
📕🖊 Kiri’s face lights up as soon as he spots you. “Over here, Babe!” He beams flagging you down. Like it was hard to make out the giant red head in a crowd. Especially with the large lean, continuously pissed blonde scowling at everyone right by his side.
📕🖊 “Hey,Dumbass.” Baku smiles slightly and pulls a hand from his pocket to offer you a hug and a kiss on the temple
📕🖊 Kiri pulls you by your waist into his torso kissing your forehead “What took you so long?” He asks letting you free from the vice grip he had on your curvy hips
📕🖊 “I got a lil turned around again.” You lie pulling Bakugou’s free hand into yours then lean into his shoulder. There’s something very comforting about how warm he is all the time. You wanted to snuggle into his back but PDA really isn’t his thing and you are already pushing it
📕🖊 “It’s a big campus, Teddy, you just have to get used to it. You just transferred. Me and Eiji can take turns walking you from class to class until you get the hang of it, you know?” Baku says trying to read your eyes. He could just feel something is off. Your box braids and the angle itself saves you from any further scrutiny.
📕🖊“You guys, gotta be pretty sprung to do that for me, ya know.” You quip smirking up at him then over to Kiri. “Fuck you too, Teddy Bear.” Baku huffs smirking *maybe he was wrong, unlikely* “Yea basically, Pebs. Liking who you date is super manly.” Kirishima laughs grabbing his tray.
📕🖊 You three finally sit in a small wrap around booth. Bakugou taking the middle spot today. You do your best to not zone out and hyper fixate on your test scores by making sure to laugh at Kiri’s jokes and nod along with Baku’s venting
📕🖊 You slide your fork in and out of your picked over food as you strategize how to fix your current problem without alerting your boyfriends. Before you knew it your table is quiet with two crimson gazes fixed on you
📕🖊 “You’re quiet today, L/n.” Bakugou says fixing you with a deeply fierce gaze which was his way of looking concerned. Sharpness of your actual name drew you from your thoughts in a instant. “Hmmm I think Kats has a point, L/n Y/n.” Kirishima says in between slurps of his smoothie. His red eyes practically dripping with curious concern
📕🖊 You make a quick split decision between the truth and charm. “Wow, my government. I must be in real big trouble.” You pout trying to flirt your way out of a more serious conversation. You poke out your plush bottom at Kiri while slipping a hand onto Baku’s inner thigh and gently squeezing before hitting him with the same seductive pout
📕🖊 Big Mistake!😳 Bakugou’s vermillion eyes widen before becoming instantly stern as he grips your wrist tight enough to hurt. “The fuck are you doing?!! I was being serious, Y/n! And in public?!! You’re fucking priceless!” The ash blonde hisses with angry pink cheeks. Guilt washes over you when you snatch your wrist back. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to...talk about it.” You mumble. “Then use your fucking words!” 😤 Bakugou kisses his teeth and stands so Kiri lets him out. “He’s just a little embarrassed, Pebble. I needa talk him down. You can find your next class right?” He sighs watching Baku storm out
📕🖊 “Yea. I’m sorry. Tell him, Kiri. Please.” You squeak sheepishly grabbing your stuff. “He knows but I will. He’s mad about other stuff.” He nods following after Bakugou
📕🖊 It’s intimidating to compete with their history at times. You couldn’t bring yourself to just dump all your issues on them
📕🖊 You’ve only been dating since summer and Kiri and Baku have been dating since their senior year in high school year. You guys are starting your junior year and are still learning each other.
📕🖊 You get lost a couple times before finding the right building. The noise in your head going nearly at light speed to wrap all the problems you’re having. The professor passes the test you’d spent majority of last night and early morning studying for. You felt confident until it was in your hands.
📕🖊 You chew the pen top trying to finish up the last 7 short answer questions when then alarm for 5 minutes left is given. You panic not even having started the true false section on the last page. You scribble down answers just as time up is announced across the classroom
📕🖊 Defeat washes over while you shuffle out the door. You reach in your pocket to dig out the card for Student Accomidation Services your World Civ professor gave you. Maybe this was something simple as a “processing problem” as she had explained when you visited her during office hours
📕🖊 A throat clearing pulls you from your thoughts. You jump stuffing both hands into your jeans card and all. Bakugou stood unreadable propped up on a wall only a few steps away from you. “Eiji, thinks we need to talk about the cafe. Plus he doesn’t get out of lab til 3:45, so you’re kinda stuck with me.” Bakugou mumbles offering his palm as an olive branch.
📕🖊 “He’s probably right. I don’t mind just you, Tuff Guy. I really am sorry though, Katsuki.” You sigh interlocking your fingers with his. “I know, Teddy. I wasn’t really mad about that anyways.” Baku concedes as you two stroll down the hall. “I didn’t hurt your wrist earlier, did I?” Baku asks softly opening the door and meeting your eyes with gentle concern. “Nah, You didn’t, King Explosion Murder.” You laugh giving his hand a firm squeeze before kissing it
📕🖊 The walk to your dorm is quiet and peaceful. He lets you settle your school bag before speaking again “I just feel like you’re still trying to hide parts of yourself from us, especially me,” He says looking into your eyes now, “Like you’ve been pulling back. Eijirou thinks I’m looking too deep, but I doubt it. I know I can be a little rough and mean sometimes...well a lot of the times. I’m not easy to get along with. But you know you can talk to us when you’re upset or if something bothering you... if I’m bothering you. I don’t like you feeling like you have to pretend to be ok if you’re not.” Baku finishes crossing his arms tightly across your chest.
📕🖊 You dig your nails into your palms mercilessly. You open your mouth to reply and reassure him but the words won’t come. Baku notices what you’re doing to your hands and steps closer to take them into his. He rubs slow circles into the backs of them. Hot tears pool at the corners of your eyes as you try to find your voice. “Kats, I’m...I didn’t me...I...Of course you’re not what’s bothering me.” you croak out just as tears roll down your face and Baku pulls you to his chest.
📕🖊 Your breathing hitches and you just let yourself be disappointed, confused, frustrated, and upset about the last month and a half of struggling and wondering why you couldn’t tell anybody and why no one was even noticing. But He did. Baku had noticed. He rocks gently as you tremble in his arms rubbing firm circles in your lower back.
📕🖊 You two stay like that for what seems forever. Once your breathing evens out Baku’s hold relaxes. He kisses both your temples.You reluctantly let go , so you can pull wrinkled failing test pages from your backpack. “Please don’t laugh at me, Suki.” You peep placing the cause of your meltdown in his hands not attempting to have your puffy eyes met his red ones. Lifting your chin so you’re looking him in the eyes. “Come on, Teddy Bear. I wouldn’t dare.” He nods with the most serious face
📕🖊 Bakugou is quiet for a while as he leafs through the exam papers. “Why didn’t finish any of them?” He asks “Time. I’m a slow reader.” You mutter back. “I’ve seen you doing homework for two of these courses and passing those, what’s happening?” Baku says staring in disbelief at the scores at the top of each exam.
📕🖊 You swallow the lingering fear of judgement. You place a hand at your temple to remind yourself of Baku’s earlier tenderness. “I get anxious. It gets so much harder to read when I’m that worked up, and I can barely focus once I start forgetting answers...I know it’s just a test. I guess...That sounds dumb, doesn’t it?” You sigh shrug off your own explanation.
📕🖊 “Nope. Not dumb at all. Sounds like test anxiety to me. I struggled with that in high school . I didn’t know you were a slow reader, Teddy.” Baku says pulling your hand before you can dig your nails into it. “Yea. One of my professors thinks I have dyslexia and ADHD...but I’m not stupid sooo.” You hum rocking on your heels “That is not what either of those words mean, and I know you know that, L/n.” Bakugou growls he absolutely hates when you or Kirishima talk down on yourselves. “Yea but it feels like it though.” You sigh biting your lips
📕🖊 Before Baku can say a word, Kiri swings the door open. “Babes! Have you two hotties missed me?” The red head shouts coming through the door way smiling until he sees your puffy eyes and tense posture. “Bakugou Katsuki, I know you fucking didn’t?!!” Kiri questions suspiciously leaning down to rest his chin on your shoulder and wrapping a protective hold around your waist.
📕🖊 “The Absolute fuc-” Baku’s defensive rant is cut short as you kiss the hand holding yours to quiet him as you answer Kiri “No Eiji, he didn’t. I’m flunking like half my classes.” You huff meeting his eyes with quivering lips trying your best not to cry all over again
📕🖊 Kiri is stunted into complete silence. The only thing he can think to say is an apology to his boyfriend for jumping to conclusions. Last time he checked your GPA’s a lot more impressive that his. “How the fuck is that even possible? You transferred into the honor courses.” Kiri says completely baffled moving to where he could see your face.
📕🖊 You explain to your boyfriends all the things that have been tripping you up and confusing you. You detail how hard studying has been as far as staying focused and actually understanding lengthy test questions
📕🖊 Kiri has a million questions at first but stops half way through after Baku grabs your overnight bag and leads you out the door. “You’re gonna freak her out all over again, Shitty Hair, if you keep going at her like that.” He could tell you were getting overwhelmed, and might cry again “My bad, Pebs.” Kiri says kissing your cheek as he follows behind
📕🖊 Once you get back to their apartment and Baku askes for your help making dinner. He has you read the directions and ingredients to him. You stumble through most of it, but that doesn’t stop him from praising you as soon as you finish. He has since learned you and Kiri do best when told how well you’re doing vs his typical shouting method
📕🖊 The three of you set an assessment time with the Student Disability Services on campus that doesn’t conflict with the Boys’ schedules, because they insisted that they’d both be there to support their baby and wouldn’t take your bullshit excuses for an actual reason to miss it
📕🖊 Kiri helps you make flash cards for your next test. If he remembers nothing else from Baku’s tutoring sessions the importance of repetition is drilled into him...among other things. Each time you ask him how that went he’ll just shudder. “It was the most intensely terrifying experience of my high school career, and we fought villains pretty regularly.” Kiri deadpans before grinning like the Cheshire Cat and covering his head. “You’re full of fucking shit, Shark Week! I’m the best tutor you assholes could hope for.” Baku yells pushing Kiri’s face into his pages of notes.
📕🖊 The night before your disability assessment you find yourself tossing and turning at like 4:45 in the morning. Kiri repositions pinning you in place so you face Baku’s back. You trace soft shapes into him just before he flips meeting your eyes. “Lil early isn’t it, Babygirl?” He whispers brushing away a few stray box braids covering your face. You don’t bother answering and instead offer him your palm and he takes it without hesitation interlocking your fingers with his. “Nervous?” He hums when he feels the steady trembling of your hand.
📕🖊 “Katsuki, what if there’s nothing wrong with me? What if it’s just me? What if I’m just...” you trail off not sure if you want him to hear how much this subject shakes your confidence. Bakugou moves close enough for your foreheads to touch. “If you’re just not smart? Not even possible. Whatever it is me and Kiri will help you go beyond. I know this is scary, but every first usually is.” Bakugou smiles softly
📕🖊 “Bbbbbuuut maybe I’m just du-” You attempt to argue until a sharp nip on the side of your neck where Kiri was peacefully nuzzled quiets you. “Nope. Not a chance. Pebble, don’t talk shit about my girlfriend again.” He mumbles in a gravelly half sleep voice. He settles again and snakes an arm around hips as he tugs Baku into you with the other. You open mouth your more to defend yourself but KatSuki just bops your nose as he closes his eyes, “You heard, the sexy ass red mountain. You’re fucking smart. Go back to sleep, Kay?”
📕🖊 “Kay.” You sigh digging your face into the crook of Baku’s neck. You lay there out argued but feeling overwhelming loved, so you chose to let them win the debate. The boys hardly agree on most things so they were totally probably right about this one anyways.
📕🖊 You are on a very very short list of people who Bakugou Katsuki repeats himself for. Like boy lets you “huh?” the fuck out of him. He will often cup your face or hold your hands if he needs tell you something important b/c he understands you’re a tactical learner
📕🖊 Best believe that all your future successes in classes big and small will be celebrated you getting taken out for icecream and if it’s a graded paper they’ll put on the fridge like you’re in grade school. You find it a little embarrassing but it really makes you feel like you’re making progress
📕🖊 Kiri brings your favorite snacks for study sessions so he can reward you for right answers and staying on task. You call it “childish” at first until he shrugs “Oh my bad we can try something els-” about to put them away. “Noooooo no those are my favorites.” You nearly jump over the table. Kiri has a shit eating grin the rest of the study session
📕🖊 When giving directions from the passenger seat both Kiri and Baku typically do a good job of remembering you need them to point left and right
📕🖊 If you’ve had long day in tutoring and homework and you guys are watching anime Bakugou will read the subs to you. Sometimes if he’s in a particularly good mood he might even imitate a voice or two
📕🖊 Kiri would politely let you ramble about one of your niche interests and will help you get back to your point when you get lost in a tangent
📕🖊 Don’t let these two hear you call yourself “dumb” or “stupid” Kiri will just act like he can’t comprehend what you’re saying like deadass “Pebs, speak English please. Nope not catching that, Babygirl. Did you say you were a smarticle particle? An intelligent ass motherfucker?! Oh, of course you are!” While Baku is more like “Sorry what was that? I thought I heard a very accomplished and creative thinking ass bitch say something? A incredibly capable ass bitch say something?A smart ass bitch say something?” Your only response is yes and then you get a forehead kiss
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twst-bs · 10 months ago
TWST Vice Dorm Leaders and a Stressed-out MC
I couldn't leave out the Vice Dorm Leaders! I'm just used to working in chunks of seven because of my Obey Me! writing. I'll do a piece for all of the other characters as well!
Note: I wrote most of these to be ambiguous, but Ortho's in meant to be read as platonic. I just wanted to give the little dude some love.
Trey: "Do you not like it?"
They only just barely managed to catch their fork before it clattered against the plate. With everything going through their head at a mile a minute, they had completely forgotten what they were supposed to be doing.
“No! I mean, yes, I like it!” they stumbled over their words, pasting a hopefully-convincing grin on their face.
“Really?” Trey fixed them with a knowing look and they felt themselves wither beneath it. “Because you only took one bite before staring off into middle distance.”
“Oh,” their grin turned sheepishly. “Sorry.”
“Something on your mind?” he asked, taking a seat on the stool across from them. “You’re awfully quiet.”
Damn it, they had really hoped Trey wouldn’t figure them out. Or at least take more than ten minutes.
The pressure had been mounting lately. Trying to stay on top of impossible classes, watching over Grimm, the ever-looming problem of them not being able to go back to their own world and the moral dilemma of if they even wanted to go back...they had a lot of things on their mind, and they didn’t even know where to start.
This was supposed to be a light-hearted little night in. Trey had found a new recipe he wanted to try out, and they were always willing to be the taste-tester. But, of course, good old anxiety had decided to drop in and ruin the fun, and the cute date night had turned south before it had even really begun.
“Hey, easy,” Trey’s voice cut through the fog that was slowly descending over their brain. “I know that face. Will talking about it help or hurt?”
“...I don’t know,” they mumbled, setting their fork down. “I’m sorry, Trey, I -”
“Nope.” he reached across the kitchen island and gently slipped his hand beneath theirs. They squeezed it back, letting him run his thumb over their knuckles as they tried to fight down the panic that threatened to burst from within. “No apologies are necessary. Take your time.”
“But I ruined our date,” they sighed, shoulders slumping. “Just because I couldn’t get out of my own head for a few hours.”
“Riddle couldn’t get out of his own head for almost two decades, and I’m still friends with him.” Trey chuckled. “Your mental well-being is more important than a silly date night. You can talk to me about anything, any time, anywhere, and I won’t be angry with you, promise.”
“...Can I still have the cake?”
“Yes, you can still have the cake.”
Ruggie: It had been another long night.
Sleepless nights were a pretty common occurrence for the Ramshackle Prefect, unfortunately. Even if they were dead tired at the end of the day, they often tossed and turned the whole night, managing maybe a few hours of sleep at best. Which often led to days like this.
They could barely keep their eyes open, even as they walked to their next class. They were on autopilot, going through their daily motions. The books in their bag felt like they might as well be boulders, and the thought of climbing the stairs made them want to cry. Their legs felt like lead.
They definitely didn’t scream when a pair of lithe arms wrapped around their middle. No way, you have no proof.
“Sheesh, herbivore, you’re loud.” Ruggie snickered, hooking his chin over their shoulder. “You could wake the dead like that. Is that how you wake up the ghosts in your dorm?”
“Ruggie, you scared the hell out of me!”
“Your fault for not payin’ attention!” He gave them a fond squeeze around the middle before letting them go. “I’ve been walkin’ behind you since you left your class. You wouldn’t survive a day in the Savannah, walkin’ around with your head in the clouds like that.”
“Why didn’t you say anything, instead of stalking me like a creep?”
“Where’s the fun in that?” Ruggie cackled. However, his snarky grin dropped from his face when he got a good look at them. “Hey, you aren’t lookin’ so good.”
“Didn’t sleep very well,” they shrugged, readjusting the strap on their bag so it wasn’t digging into their shoulder. Ruggie scowled, eyes narrowing.
They stuck their tongue out at him. “It’s not like I do it on purpose.”
The hyena stared at them for a little bit longer before sighing. “I guess it can’t be helped. Come on.” he grabbed their wrist, tugging them in the opposite direction of their next class.
“Hey, where are we going?”
“Back to Ramshackle,” Ruggie said lightly.
“Oh, but you scold Leona when he skips?” they poked him in the side with their free hand, and he squirmed away.
“Leona doesn’t need three afternoon naps,” the hyena sniggered. “You look like you could use a coma.”
Jade: “Thank you again for helping out.”
Their arms felt like jelly. Their legs were about ready to fall off. Their face hurt from having to put on a fake smile for the past few hours.
“No problem!” they said brightly. The fake smile could last a few more minutes. “I guess Floyd can’t give you guys more notice when he decides to skip his shift, huh?”
“No, Floyd does what he wants, when he wants.” Jade chuckled lightly, wiping his hands on the towel draped over his arm. Friday nights at the lounge were always busy, so of course that was when Floyd decided he didn’t want to work. Mostro Lounge didn’t have that many options, so Jade had called and asked them if they would mind helping out.
Honestly, they should have said no. They were tired, they had a lot of homework to do, and they honestly just needed a night to themselves for once. But, the thought of letting someone down triggered a deep and primal fear in them, and before they even really knew what they were doing, they had agreed. And here they were.
“...would you like?”
They had to stop themselves from physically shaking themselves out of their trance. “What? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”
Jade raised an eyebrow, but politely decided not to comment. “One of the rules at the Lounge is that those who work that day get a free meal after their shift. I asked what you would like.”
“Oh! Um, I’m fine, really, I wouldn’t want to -” their stomach chose that moment to disagree, grumbling loudly in protest of not being fed. How long had it been since lunch? Had they even eaten lunch?
“Both I and your stomach insist, it seems.” Jade pulled out his waiter’s pad. “You’ve earned a meal for your hard work.”
“But -”
“You aren’t troubling anyone.” Jade cut in, seemingly more in tune with their thoughts than they were. “And I wouldn’t have been angry with you if you had turned down my request for help.”
“How did you -”
“Now, what would you like to eat?”
The two of them stood at an impasse for a moment.
“...the tomato basil bisque and grilled cheese sounded good.”
Jamil: “You’re going to chop your fingers off.”
They almost hit the ceiling when Jamil’s hand covered their own. They hadn’t even realized their hands had been shaking until his warm palm steadied theirs.Gently, carefully, he brought the knife down onto the vegetables they were chopping in a nice, clean cut.
“You don’t have to help if you aren’t feeling well.” Jamil took the knife from their hands, setting it down on the cutting board. Kalim had spontaneously announced another one of Scarabia’s famous parties, and of course that left most of the prep work to Jamil. Although Kalim was at least handling the decorations this time. Baby steps.
When they heard the news a few days prior, they had offered to help, and Jamil had practically deflated with relief. Every time Kalim held a party at the dorm, Jamil felt like a zombie for at least the next day and a half. They had personally seen him take a basketball to the face because he had been so tired. Although that might have been Floyd messing with him.
But, of course, when they woke up the day of the party, something had felt off. Nothing in particular had caused them to feel strange, but it could have been a bunch of little things. Regardless of the cause, it was a day best spent alone, dealing with the random anxiety. But, they had made a promise, and even though they wanted to back out, said anxiety also wouldn’t let them for fear of inconveniencing someone even a little bit.
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” they grinned, shaking their wrist out. “Just spent a bit too long working on Trein’s homework. I’m pretty sure you get better grades if you write long paragraphs.”
“The trick is to make them long and unnecessarily fancy,” Jamil’s lips quirked upwards as he hip-checked them out of the way. “And don’t think you can distract me.”
“Damn it.”
Jamil shook his head. “Don’t push yourself so hard.”
“Pot meet kettle, Jamil.”
“I’m serious.” he leveled them with a steely look that had them feeling like a child getting scolded. “Honestly, with all of the stuff you do for everyone, I’m surprised you haven’t cracked yet.”
“...Me too, honestly.”
“See? Give yourself a break every once in a while.”
“Only if you do, too, Mr. I-Don’t-Need-Any-Help.”
His stern look softened until he was smiling fondly at them, warmth in his eyes. “Deal.”
Rook: “Non, non, this is unacceptable.”
They had heard Rook’s footsteps as he approached, which meant he wanted them to notice him. Otherwise he would have been completely silent.
Hand still on the spine of the book they were attempting to ease out of the tightly-packed library shelves, they turned to look at him. “What’s unacceptable?”
“The hunch to your shoulders, mon bijou.” the hunter swept dramatically into the light. “The sallowness of your skin. The shadows beneath your eyes!”
“You look very tired, my dear.” Rook dropped his usual flamboyant act, approaching them with concern shining in his eyes. “Are you alright?”
“Just…” after a moment, they turned to him and rapped their knuckles lightly against their head. “A lot going on up here, you know?”
“I do,” Rook nodded. “You have many things to be worrying about, don’t you?.”
He stepped forward, grasping both of their hands in his. They were trembling lightly, since when had that started?
“You know I pride myself in being a protector of all things beautiful,” Rook gave their hands a squeeze. “And seeing your beautiful heart burdened so...it is my duty to ease it’s weight. So please, if there is anything I can do to help, tell me.”
Ortho: “Sorry for bothering you like this, Ortho.”
The little robot-boy smiled. “It’s no problem! I’m glad to help! Something as simple as a body scan is no trouble.”
The two of them were sat in the Ignihyde lounge. It was late enough that most of the dorm members had holed themselves up in their rooms - Ignihyde wasn’t known for its social butterflies, after all. But Ortho had still been up and about when the Ramshackle Prefect came knocking.
The infirmary closed around 5pm, although there was a nurse on-call for emergencies. So when something was wrong with a student, but not necessarily life threatening, they went to NRC’s resident robot. Ortho could scan for most problems in seconds, and more than once the nurses had asked to borrow him.
The little scanner on his chest opened up. The blue light swept over the Prefect’s body for a few seconds before Ortho beeped and the light disappeared.
“Heart rate: 102. No physical cause detected.” he reported. “It looks like you’re a little bit stressed.”
“...Yeah, that tracks.” they sighed. “I guess there’s nothing you can do for general anxiety, huh?”
“I don’t think so.” Ortho shrugged, looking sad. “I’m sorry, I wish I could help more.”
“It’s okay!” the Prefect smiled. “You did help! I was worried I was sick or something.”
Ortho still didn’t look satisfied. “But...ah!” he hit his fist against his palm. They could practically see the lightbulb go off in his head. Actually, they were a little surprised Idia had not installed that feature yet. “There is one thing I can do.”
“What’s that?”
The Prefect made a soft “oof” sound as Ortho darted forward and wrapped his arms around them. He was a little cold, being made of metal, but the thought was there.
“Internet research says that sometimes a hug can make people feel better. Does it work? I hope it works.”
They felt like they were going to cry. Or explode. Or both. “Yeah, I think it works.”
Lilia: “You don’t need to look so stressed, you know.”
Lilia laughed when the Ramshackle Prefect jumped, fangs poking out. “You’ve wound yourself so tightly, I wonder if you’ll break.”
To be fair, the Diasomnia lounge could be quite intimidating. It often took first years a few solid months to be comfortable in it. So Lilia wasn’t surprised that the human was ill at ease sitting there as Lilia served the two of them tea.
“That old story about being trapped in the Fae world if you eat their food isn’t true, you know.” Lilia sat down on the couch opposite of them, taking a sip of his tea. “At least, not that I’m aware of.”
The human squirmed slightly, and Lilia sighed. “Go on, drink. This is the type of tea I used to give to Malleus when he couldn’t sleep.”
The image of a baby Malleus being soothed by Lilia was so ridiculously cute that it brought a smile to their face. Lilia hummed happily in response.
“There’s the smile I was looking for.” he set his cup down. “Now, what brings you here so late? Nightmares again?”
“...Yeah…” they sighed, the tension in their body falling away like someone had cut the strings of a marionette. “I just wish they would stop so I could sleep.”
“Do you want to talk about them?” Lilia asked.
“It’s the same one, it’s always the same one.” they groaned, reaching for the tea cup. It smelled of chamomile and lavender, a perfect sleeping concoction. “I’m being chased, but I can’t tell by what, and every time I turn a corner the thing gets closer, and - and -”
“Hush, don’t work yourself up.” he moved from his spot on the couch to sit next to them. “Take a drink, there’s a good child.”
They took a sip of tea, focusing on the feeling of warmth down their throat as a way to ground themselves to the present. “I’m sorry.”
“You needn’t apologize,” Lilia murmured, reaching up to pet their hair. “Drink your tea, now, and I’ll make sure you get some sleep.”
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iamvegorott · 25 days ago
Okay okay okay….Vamp! Yancy meeting Vamp! Illinois when they were teens. They start secretly dating when they’re like 15 or something. Dark or Actor don’t know about anything (they’re already divorced) about them or Illy for that matter. Well they’re 16-17 now and they’re at that age when they wanna be freaky already. So vamp schools announce that they are having early dismissal and the night before, Dark had told Yancy that he would be out most of the day dealing with some stuff so he wouldn’t be back until MAYBE night. He left money on the counter for pizza and yadayada all that. But Dark specifically told him that after school to come back home immediately or else he would be in trouble if he found out he went somewhere else. Yancy was okay with that. He had no qualms about it. Cuz apparently he had already had planned on coming home with Illinois THATS WHY. So you know the schtick, they get home from school, do homework, hang out and then they start making out and all that. WELL GUESS WHO CAME EARLIER THAN THEY THOUGHT. Dark gets home, pretty content since he was able to have dinner with his son and they could have something prolly better than pizza. He comes in and it’s quiet, which is normal, Yancy was most likely in his bedroom. He notices the door is open and decides to announce himself while opening the door. “Yancy I’m hom-“ and just then he sees a boy that’s he’s never seen in his life, on top of his son, completely shirtless and sucking hickeys on his neck. “YANCY?!”
(I’m being yelled at please hold 😫😂)
So Dark yells out Yancy’s name. Both boys are scared shitless and jump off the bed. “MOM! what are you doing here?!” Yancy yells. Dark scoffs in disbelief, “what- what am I doing here? Are you seriously asking what am I doing here?! This is my house!” Illinois manages to put his shirt back on and Yancy his as well. “You! I don’t know who you are or where you came from but if you ever set foot in this house again, you’re done!” Illinois stares afraid. “Ma, please! We’ve been dating for more than a year now! You can’t kick him out like that!” And that’s where it goes quiet. “A year? You’ve been dating for a year?!” Dark was completely baffled. “Yes Ma, me and Illinois have been together since last year. We’ve known each other since beginning of highschool.” Yancy explains. “How come you never told me this? Instead l, you let me find out like this? An unknown vampire in my territory laying claim to my son?!” Illinois was about step in but a glare from the elder stopped him in his tracks. “Ma, don’t say it like that! Please, I’m sorry. I know I should have told you before but I was scared.” Yancy looked like he would burst in tears. “Why would you be scared? Do you not trust me enough to tell me these things?”, dark walked up his son and grabbed his face. “Because I was scared that you would act like this. That you would take me away from him. Make him go away or something.” Tears we’re falling down Yancys face as he finished. Illinois wanted to hug his boyfriend but he was still afraid of his probably-not-anymore-future-mother-in-law. Dark sighed and wiped away his tears. He turned to Illi and the other squeaked. “Go home. I will speak to you later when the time comes.” Yancy whined but Illi gave him a reassuring smile as he left. He didn’t want to make him worry. “Now, none of that. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that way, sweetheart. All my life I spent trying to make sure that you trusted me to tell me things. I think I may have overdone it.” The last part made Yancy giggle a little bit. “But that doesn’t mean that I’m still not mad about what happened. You brought someone here without my knowledge, especially another vampire at that.” Yancy pouted. “Am I grounded?” “Yes, you are. And I’m telling Dad too.” “Whyyyy? He doesn’t have to know!” “You know he does”. (Okay I stopped here. Cuz it was getting everywhere 😅)
Dark realizing he's been too protective
I love that they went back to normal parent-child vibes at the end, they'll be okay
but also just the; you don't have to tell dad XD
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peepeepotter · a year ago
Idea: enemies to lovers w Fred or George, with smut???
oh HELL yeah that’s what i’m talking ab!!! i’ll be writing that soon thank u <33
UPDATE: I wrote it. Here!!
Pride and Prejudice
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!Reader
Warnings: cursing, NSFW 18+ ONLY, smut (I’ll add a warning so you can skip it if you don’t want to read it): face fucking, oral (male and female receiving), grinding, unprotected sex (it’s not worth it irl pls use a condom <3)
Word Count: 4.2k
One could definitely say Y/N and Fred didn’t get along. It was always strange to both of them, considering that they were so similar, they got along with each other’s friends, but when it came to each other something just didn’t click. George figured they were too similar, Angelina thought they were just too competitive with each other, but neither Fred nor Y/N could really place why. They just didn’t like each other and did about anything they could to piss the other off.
It was always silly pranks, minor jokes, and constant bickering. The first time Fred had ever pranked Y/N was their first year at Hogwarts. Right as she was pulling a mandrake out of its pot, he slipped her earmuffs off, causing her to faint. Or, at least, this is how she remembered it. Little did he know, Y/N was just as fierce as he was and more than willing to get him back. He had successfully started a prank war. About a week after she had been embarrassed in front of her entire class, she decided revenge was a dish best served by house elves. She sweet-talked some of the house elves in the kitchens into charming his plate, so every time he tried to put food on it the food would disappear. The pranks went on, ranging from changing each other’s hair color, charming broomsticks to constantly knock them off, and stealing the other’s homework.
Although, it seemed to be getting a lot worse in their sixth year. The pranks were getting to be a lot, the lack of teamwork during quidditch, the bickering. All of it was starting to get old to their friends. Finally, one day, everything exploded.
Fred had a great idea that morning for how he was going to fuck with Y/N that day. He had gotten his hands on some veritaserum the year before, and although their friends typically used it during truth or dare, he had decided it might be fun to give it to Y/N right before potions. So, as she turned to talk to Angelina, Fred slipped some into her juice. About fifteen minutes later, Y/N answered every question asked to her truthfully, and she knew there was a problem.
“Hey, Y/N, what time did you go to sleep last night?” Fred asked, testing to see if it had kicked in yet. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows.
“I couldn’t fall asleep until like four because of Angelina’s snoring.” She quickly put a hand over her mouth, eyes wide.
“Y/N! That’s kind of rude.” Angelina lightly slapped Y/N’s arm.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” Y/N’s cheeks were flushed red. When they all sat down in potions, trouble started.
“Miss Y/L/N, what is the last ingredient meant to be added to liquid luck?”
“I’m sorry, professor, I don’t know the answer because I’m busy having a life.” The class, Snape included, fell entirely silent, Fred trying to hold back his laughter as to not give himself away.
“Twenty points from Gryffindor, Miss Y/L/N see me after class.”
“What, so you can mentally abuse me like you do your other students?”
“Fifty points, want to make it more?” Snape threatened, turning around. His cape flung across the front of the classroom, and before Y/N could make another comment about Snape, Angelina spoke.
“Y/N, what’s gotten into you today? That’s not funny.” Angelina whispered to Y/N.
“Angelina, it’s not meant to be funny, but even if it were, it would go over your head.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Aren’t you failing all of your classes right now? You spend so much time practicing quidditch, like sure we get it. You’re good, but maybe you’d be a little smarter if you paid attention in classes.” Once again, Y/N slammed her hand over her mouth. Fred started cackling, although neither Angelina nor George found it funny.
“What are you laughing about?” George asked, eyebrows furrowed.
“Hey, Y/N, are you sure that’s why she’s failing?” Fred snickered, ignoring George.
“Actually, Angelina, maybe if you spent less time ogling George you’d do better in this course. Or maybe it’s just because Snape actually is a terrible teacher, right professor? I mean, he doesn’t actually teach anything, all we do is read from the stupid text that’s older than Professor-I-don’t-wash-my-hair up there.” This time, Fred was laughing so hard that other people in the classroom started quietly laughing. Y/N and Angelina were both crying at this point. “I can’t stop, what’s wrong with me?” Snape, immediately understanding what was going on, sent both Fred and Y/N to their head of house.
“Mr. Weasley, do you understand that you drugged a student? This is a serious offense. We have a girl in tears in potions.” McGonagall lectured. Fred held back a smirk, trying to keep himself from laughing.
“It’s just veritaserum, she’s the one who said all of that mean stuff.”
“Yes, Mr. Weasley, but it’s also your fault. Frankly, the professors and I are quite tired of the pranking and joking between you two. We understand there’s some kind of rivalry here, but it’s gone too far this time. You humiliated a student and a professor during class. Both of you.” Y/N had tear tracks on her cheeks and almost started crying while being lectured.
“I think it’s time you two learn to get together. One month of detention. Immediately after classes, I want you both in my office. Every afternoon, weekends too. No more Hogsmeade trips this year.”
“I don’t want to hear it. We’ll see if you can attend the yule ball in December when we get there.” Now Y/N was crying, upset that she might miss out on something everyone else would be able to go to.
“I can’t believe you drugged me.”
“Shut up, it’s literally just veritaserum.”
“Whatever, you prick, no one will talk to me anymore. Angelina’s my best friend, and she won’t even look at me.”
“Well, George won’t talk to me, either. So, whatever. We’re in it together.”
“Because of you, do you ever even think before you act?”
“I’m sorry, you’re speaking to me about thinking before I act? Couldn’t you have just not spoken?”
“Do you even know how veritaserum works? You dipshit.”
The two argued on opposite sides of McGonagall’s classroom, having been ordered to literally just sit there, eat dinner, and go to bed when they’re done. 
“What kind of detention is this anyway? No lines, no trophy polishing.”
“They’re just trying to get us to deal with each other. And stop pranking each other, probably.” Y/N glared at Fred, narrowing her eyes. He rolled his.
The next day at their second detention, they sat in silence for the majority of their time together. Y/N was just glad they weren’t arguing this time.
“Has Angelina spoken to you, yet?” Fred broke the silence about a half-hour before detention was over, and they could return to their common room to do homework before bed.
“No, has George spoken to you?” Y/N asked politely.
“No.” Fred deadpanned.
“Do you feel bad yet?” She smirked, staring at her hands.
“Yes, but not for you.” Y/N rolled her eyes at his response.
“Whatever, prick.”
“Look, we wouldn’t be in this boat if you hadn’t dyed my hair green last year.”
“Actually, we wouldn’t be in this boat if you hadn’t made my broom knock me off in the middle of the quidditch pitch. I had a concussion, you fucker.”
“Oh my god, actually, I don’t care. Okay? Shut up.” Y/N snapped, finally turning to look at him. He looked over at her. Their eye contact was uncomfortable, challenging.
Finally, a week after their detentions started, Y/N decided to try civility.
“So...how was your day?” Y/N asked, picking at her nails.
“So we’re not arguing today? Are you playing a trick on me?”
“If you’re going to catch an attitude with me then forget it. I just haven’t spoken to anyone other than you for the past week. I figured we should at least have one positive conversation.” She rolled her eyes, turning in her chair to look over at him.
“My day was uneventful, thanks,” Fred answered, turning in his chair to look over at her. “...how was yours?”
“The same.”
“I mean, yeah, obviously.”
“What homework do you have?”
“Potions still. I suppose Professor Oily wasn’t too happy with the truth on my mind.” Fred smirked at this answer.
“You have to admit, what you said to him was hilarious.”
“Oh yeah, I don’t give a shit about bullying him, I’m just upset Angelina’s still upset.”
“That’s fair, I didn’t mean to cause that. I’m sorry. I guess.” Fred apologized. “Don’t let that go to your head.” He added quickly, seeing a smile form on Y/N’s face.
“Have you ever apologized in your life before now.”
“Countless times, I just didn’t ever care enough to apologize to you.” He chided.
“Oh, so we are arguing today, then?”
“No, sorry. I just,” He paused, looking for the right words.
“Don’t like me?” Y/N assumed.
“That’s not even it, I guess. I don’t have a reason to dislike you.” Fred shrugged. It was weird because he only disliked her because she disliked him. 
“I know!! I only dislike you because you started the pranks when we were eleven.” Y/N spoke up excitedly.
“Did I?” Fred scrunched his face, trying to remember.
“Yeah, you took my earmuffs off when we were pulling mandrakes in herbology first year.” Y/N shrugged, now seeing that it wasn’t worth being so upset about.
“Oh, no, that was an accident. I was trying to make it cover your ears better, but I accidentally pulled it off.” Y/N froze, her eyes closing.
“Oh, Godric.” She facepalmed.
“What?” Fred asked, eyebrows furrowed.
“You idiot!! If you had just told me that we wouldn’t be here.” She stood, stomping her foot.
“What does that mean?” Fred stood.
“I pranked you a week after that happened. I made all the food on your plate disappear.” Her hands were balled into fists at her side.
“See! I knew you started it.” He pointed accusingly at her.
“Only because you’re awful at communicating!” She pointed back.
“...So…this all started from a miscommunication?” He stared at the ground, realizing he had an enemy after all this time that could’ve been a friend.
“Okay, go home.” McGonagall flung the door open, excusing the two. The two grabbed their bags and left the classroom. On the walk back to the Gryffindor dorms, they spoke about how stupid they felt after all this time of hating each other for no reason. They worked on their homework together, having no one else to help them, and went to bed.
Saturday arrived, and the two arrived at the classroom together. After McGonagall left, they spoke of previous pranks that had actually been great ideas. They spoke about quidditch, classes, the Triwizard tournament. Eventually, they got back to talking about their lack of friends.
“I guess it’s probably worse for you, though, since George is your twin.” Y/N offered, a frown on her face.
“He’ll get over it. He always does, and I’ve tried apologizing a ton already. At this point, I think maybe they’re being a bit dramatic.”
“Or they’re planning something.”
“Like, revenge?”
“Maybe.” Y/N’s face scrunched in thought.
“Well, anyway, did you see McGonagall use Ron when she was teaching us how to dance.”
“Oh Godric, yeah I did. I was laughing so hard. Did you get to practice?”
“No, she told me to wait it out. You?”
“Same.” Y/N frowned, looking at her feet.
“Wanna practice together? In case we do get to go?”
“Who will even go with us? Even Slytherins won’t talk to me.”
“That’s a problem we’ll fix when we get there.” Fred stood up, getting closer to the sitting girl. She blushed when he held a hand out for her to grab. She grabbed it, standing up. She was able to fully realize how tall the twins were, never getting that close to either of them. Fred towered over her, making the dance a little awkward. They kept accidentally making eye contact, both just trying to peek at the other.
“Wait, no, I think you messed up that part.” Y/N stopped, staring at their feet.
“I thought it was right left left right?” He asked, looking at the top of her head until she looked up and made eye contact.
“I thought you’re supposed to switch off?” She furrowed her brow.
“Honestly, you probably paid more attention than I did.” He shrugged, his hands still holding hers.
“You’re right, I definitely pay more attention than you.” 
“Oh, shut up.” Fred laughed, gently pushing Y/N away.
“Aw, a little sensitive?” She asked, grabbing his hands and looking at the floor again.
“Never sensitive from you, darling.” He also stared at their feet, making sure the steps were right.
“Except for when I turned your hair green.�� She looked up at him, he shook his head.
“Oh Merlin, okay, yeah. That one time, I cried, yeah.” She squeezed his hand to make sure he knew she was joking, and he squeezed back.
The two practiced dancing every day for a week. The following Saturday, Y/N brought a muggle music player (“What’s that?” “It’s called a walkman.” “Oh, weird.”) so they had something to listen to while they practiced, but they pretty much knew the steps by heart by then. They swayed, dancing to the music much closer than they had been the previous Saturday. Y/N rested her head against Fred’s lower chest.
“What’s your family like?” She asked, bored.
“Big.” He laughed.
“Well, duh.” She laughed, trying to take her hand out of his to hit his chest, but he held it tighter. She looked up at him, chin against his chest. “I mean, like, what are they like? What do they do, what do they enjoy, what are they passionate about?” She bombarded. He looked down at her, his heart fluttering.
“Ginny is a killer quidditch player, and she’s just so kind. She befriended this girl who doesn’t have any other friends just so she can stick up for her when she gets bullied. Ron doesn’t have any common sense, but he’s pretty smart. He’s really good at Wizard’s chess, and quidditch, too. I think he feels like he’s second-best a lot because of Harry, but neither of them can really help it. George is just me,”
“That’s not true. You guys are very different.”
“Mum can’t always tell us apart.”
“His nose is more hooked than yours, and your voices are different. Besides, he’s more soft-spoken, and he probably feels like Ron does with Harry.”
“What do you mean?”
“Second best to you. You have this ability to make a spotlight on yourself in any room you walk into. But that’s not something either of you can control. I think you’re just more extroverted.” Y/N shrugged, placing her cheek against his chest again. Fred stopped moving his feet suddenly. Y/N looked up, pressing her chin against his chest again. “I’m sorry, did I overstep?”
“No, you just...nailed it. No one’s ever done that before. George and I used to get into little spats because of it. Also, I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed our differences before.” He once again felt a flutter in his heart.
“I think Angelina has noticed too.” Y/N shrugged, trying to make a lesser deal of the issue.
“Maybe.” He smiled down at her, she smiled back softly.
“You know, we only have like a week and a half left together. What should we do? I feel like we’re experts on this dance.” Despite her words, they continued swaying softly.
“I don’t know. What do you like to do other than pranks and quidditch?” He asked, leaning down to rest his chin on top of her head.
“Read.” She shrugged.
“Bring a book tomorrow, read to me.” This time her heart jumped into her throat. Something about reading aloud to someone seemed intimate.
“Okay.” She smiled. 
So Y/N brought a book the next day. Her favorite muggle book, pride and prejudice. It didn’t take long for them to finish, Fred’s head in her lap, sprawled across the floor together.
“Why’s it so...old-timey?”
“It was written in the late 1700s.”
“They kind of remind me of us.”
“Why? Because they used to hate each other?”
“I guess.” He shrugged. He was hoping for a love story like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.
“What do we do now?” Y/N raked her fingers through his hair, his eyes closed at the feeling.
“Wanna make out?” He grinned without opening his eyes. She laughed.
“Stop it!” Y/N stopped her movements, still smiling. He opened his eyes and sat up, smiling.
“Stop what?” He asked, starting to tickle her sides. She laughed loudly, throwing her head back. He continued until she was lying on the floor. He was on top of her, straddling her. Finally, he stopped, and she opened her eyes, still smiling.
“Do you...would you want to go to the Yule ball with me? If we can go.” He asked, not moving from the position. She sat up on her forearms.
“I don’t see why not. We already know how to dance together.” She shrugged, trying to play nonchalant by looking at her nails.
“Y/N?” She looked up. “Can I kiss you?” Fred asked, looking somewhat sheepish for the first time ever. She offered a soft smile, grabbing his cheek and pulling him down to her face.
(warning: smut starts here)
The kiss started soft, sweet. Y/N’s heart was beating out of her chest. Fred’s heart was in his throat. Eventually, she pulled on his bottom lip with her teeth softly, causing Fred to moan. At the sound, she felt wetness pool in her panties. “Y/N, I think I’m falling in love with you.” He whispered against her lips.
“Maybe I’m falling for you, too, Freddie.” She whispered, pushing their lips back together. She pulled his hair softly, causing the noise again. Smiling slightly into the kiss, she grabbed his arm, flipping them over so she was straddling his waist.
“Woah,” He paused, lips swollen. “That was kinda hot.” She laughed, leaning down to kiss him again. She felt his hard member against her clothed heat. She ground her hips down onto his, causing a much deeper moan to arise from Fred’s throat. He brought one hand to her waist, the other holding the side of her face. His hand on her waist traveled down to squeeze her ass underneath her skirt. This time, she moaned, making him harder. His hands traveled to the bottom of her t-shirt, tugging on it. She pulled away.
“Can I take this off?” He asked, his face slightly pink. She nodded wordlessly, helping him pull it off of her. He took his own shirt off, sitting up to kiss her. He grabbed one side of her face, kissing her hard once again. He slowly moved, leaving pecks from her face to her neck, where he latched and started sucking, causing soft moans to come out of her mouth.
“Freddie,” She panted, eyes closed. He moaned at the sound of her voice, his rough hand on her wait moving to grab her breast above her bra. She reached behind her and took it off, pulling his hand back to her bare breast. He kneaded it, paying extra attention to her nipple. He latched his mouth onto her other nipple, rolling his tongue over it. She moaned softly.
“Don’t hold back, darling, we’re here for a while.” He encouraged, whispering against her breast. She softly pushed his chest encouraging him to lay down. She kissed down his chest to where his pants started, looking up through hooded eyelids to ask if she could take off his pants.
“I want you to face fuck me.” She whispered, he moaned at the thought alone. He helped her take his jeans off, pulling her face quickly towards his to kiss her once more. “You don’t have to, you know. I didn’t say that because I wanted to fuck you.”
“I know, Freddie. I want to do this.” She smiled, sitting up on her knees. “Now stand up.” She encouraged. When he stood in front of her, she grabbed his cock, licking a stripe down the bottom of it. She wrapped her lips around his tip, causing a guttural groan to arise from Fred’s throat. He collected her hair into his hand, and she grabbed onto his thigh to steady herself. He was gentle, pulling her head towards him slowly. Each time she made it back to his tip, she circled her tongue around the head, causing a deep groan. She started pushing her head faster, encouraging him to take control of her. He did, pulling her far deeper onto his cock, until she could feel him on her throat. He set the pace faster, pulling her head quickly back and forth on him. When she could feel his cock twitched she pulled away gently.
“I don’t want you to cum yet. I want you inside of me.”
“Are you trying to commit a murder today? You’re killing me with the way you speak.” He moaned, pulling her up by her cheek to kiss her once again. He sat her on a desk without pulling away, unzipping her skirt. He kissed her neck and down her chest as he pulled her skirt off. He pulled her closer to the edge of the desk, his face inches away from her cunt. As he kissed the inside of her knee and thigh he asked if what he was doing was okay, and she nodded, moaning. He pulled her panties off, latching his lips onto her clit quickly. He flicked his tongue quickly against the small bundle of nerves.
“Finger me.” She moaned out, her hands tangled in his hair. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back. He started with one finger, curved up, keeping a steady pace. She whispered, asking for more, causing him to use two fingers to fuck her. Between his tongue and his fingers, she was unwinding quickly. He quickened his pace with both, causing her to moan his name. It wasn’t long before she had unwound completely, pulling his hair as she let out a string of curses. When she was finished, she pulled him up by his hair to her lips.
“Do you still want me to fuck you, baby?” She nodded in response, wrapping her legs around his hips. He teased her entrance, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. When she started whining, he pushed into her cunt slowly. They both breathed a sigh of relief after the build-up. Their foreheads rested together as he slowly fucked her. He moved his lips to her ear.
“You’re so beautiful when you cum for me, you know that?” He whispered, licking the shell of her ear, causing her to take a deep inhale. She grabbed the back of his neck pulling his lips back to her own.
“Freddie, I’m gonna need you to fuck me faster.” She said against his lips. He grinned into her kiss, fucking her faster. He reached down, using his thumb to rub her clit. She moaned, despite still being sensitive from the previous orgasm. The faster he rubbed her clit the faster she felt the build-up in her stomach. He was already well on his way to finishing, but at the rate he was going she would cum first. He latched onto her neck, gently sucking, pushing her over the edge quickly. “Freddie,” She moaned, throwing her head back, toes curling. He came soon after hearing her moan his name. He rested his head in the crook of her neck, both of their breathing starting to match again.
(smut ends)
“Well,” He spoke after a few minutes, leaving her body. “I can’t say this is what I expected out of detention.” He smirked, looking up at her. She smirked back, getting up to get dressed.
“I think detention just got a lot more fun, Darcy.” She referenced. He grinned.
“I like the way you think, Miss Bennett.”
About two weeks later, they arrived at the Yule ball together. When they showed up hand in hand, many were surprised, but George and Angelina smirked at each other.
“I told you if we just left them alone long enough they’d end up together,” George stated.
“Well, you were right,” McGonagall stated, approaching the two youngsters. “And now my classroom has a smell to it.” Causing Angelina and George to break down with laughter.
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fangirlovestuff · a year ago
Okay! I had this idea brewing in my mind (but that’s the most my mind is capable of I’ll leave the writing to the professionals). So Carly or Shana (you can decide) are planning on going away for a vacation with their partner but they’re sceptical of leaving the children alone. So they ask Chris if him and reader (who is Chris’ girlfriend and super close to his family) to babysit the kids over the weekend and they accept. Since Chris is busy with ASP reader mostly entertains the kids, helps them with homework and stuff and Chris sees the way she is with them and imagines their future! Please make it fluffy 🥺❤️❤️
A Tale Of Nephews And Princesses - Chris Evans x reader
Tumblr media
a/n - @tonystankschild surprise! i got my ask back somehow so i can properly post this!! thank you so much for this lovely ask, I had so much fun writing it! I chose Carly pretty randomly. her children’s names are online, so that was mostly why lol. in my head i imagined it so Miles is the firstborn, then Stella then Ethan but it doesn’t really matter. they’re all pretty small in the fic so like, the oldest is 10 years old? idk, i didn’t really wana do research because i wanted to respect their privacy lol, so i took creative liberty over most of it. also you calling me a professional?🥺 pls omg i am so far from it but tysm!! I hope you enjoy it!!<3
Word Count: 3k (!!! y’all are getting fed hehe)
Warnings: none! just fluffy fluff :)
"Hey babe?" Chris asked, coming into the living room. His hand was on the telephone, so whoever's on the other side was still on the call.
"Yeah?" you replied from your place on the couch.
"Is it okay if Carly's kids come sleep at ours next weekend? It's Carly's anniversary so they wanna go on a weekend away."
"Yeah, sure," you smiled, "watching them is gonna be no problem. Tell her I said congrats!"
"I will," he smiled. "And well, I have some stuff for A Starting Point I gotta do that weekend. I told you about the interview and –"
"It's okay, I don't mind watching them," you smiled and cut him off. "I'll have someone to keep ne company while you're busy."
"You're the best," he blew you a kiss and you smiled as he got back on the phone with his sister.
"You're sure it's okay?" Carly asked, ushering her kids through the door of your and Chris' house.
"Yes, we're sure," you smiled at her. "It's no problem at all."
"Besides, even if we weren't, I don't think you'd have any other options right now," Chris smiled at his sister as well. "Go, have fun, we'll all be here when you come back. If anything, you should worry about them not wanting to leave," he smirked.
"Sure," she drawled out with a smile. "Well, if you need anything at all just call me," she told the both of you.
"It's gonna be fine," you laid a hand on her shoulder, smiling. "I could understand why you'd be worried if you left them with this five-year-old," you nudged Chris with your elbow and he rolled his eyes, "but I'm here and I assure you we're gonna have a lot of fun, isn't that right kids?" you smiled at Chris' nephews and niece, who were still standing there with their bags, waiting to say goodbye to their mom.
"Alright," she laughed. "Well, have fun kids! Bye!" she hugged each one of them and went back to her car, where her husband was waiting to go on a weekend away. It was their anniversary, so you and Chris volunteered to watch Miles, Stella and Ethan while they were away for a couple of days.
Before you managed to say anything, you and Chris were bombarded with questions – "Uncle Chris, can we play Mario Kart?" "No! Can we have a princess tea party?" "Can you read me a story?" "Can we eat cookies?" "Where's Dodger?" "Can we play with the cap shield?"
Chris looked at you and you return his amused look with one of your own. "Okay," you said, effectively silencing them as they looked up at you with wide eyes. "We can do all of these things later, but for now we should put your bags up. Dodger's hiding, so maybe after we find him, we can play with him, alright? But bags first," you smiled at them as they immediately sprinted upstairs with their bags, as best as they could carry them.
"Be careful!" you yelled after them and laughed.
"Is Dodger hiding?" Chris frowned at you.
"Of course not. I got him out in the yard before they arrived so he wouldn't tackle them to the ground," you grinned.
"What would I do without you?" he smiled, wrapping his arms around you.
"My guess? Have more sweaters," you chuckled. "But hey, that's why I'm here!" you showed off the sweater you were currently wearing, which was indeed his, making him laugh.
"C'mon, let's go make sure they're not breaking anything," you pecked his lips.
Chris was the first one to go outside and play with them and Dodger, while you hung back for a while, cutting up some fruit and getting some juice boxes before stepping outside as well.
"You guys hungry?" you smiled at them when you got out, Dodger immediately running to you and the kids right behind him.
"Yes!" they yelled in unison as you put the plate down on the table before sitting down next to them and Chris.
"Oh, by the way it's 4:15, so you should probably go get ready," you told him. He had an interview for ASP in about 20 minutes, and as much as you'd love for him to stay outside with you, you knew he had to go back inside to his home office.
"Thanks honey," he smiled softly before patting Miles' head and scratching Dodger's ear. "Alright kids, be good while I'm working," he winked at them before disappearing inside.
"Princess auntie?" Stella asked once she finished eating. Your heart melted in your chest at the sound of it, not the princess part of course, since Stella was currently obsessed with Disney and had the habit of calling everyone princes and princesses. No, it was the auntie that tugged at your heartstrings.
You weren't officially a part of the Evans family, well, not yet, you hoped. But their tendency to embrace you as one of their own never failed to make you smile, because there's nothing you'd want to be more.
"Yes, princess Stella?" you smiled at her.
"Can we have a tea party now?"
You chuckled at her request. "Well, I think there's nothing better for a tea party than…" you paused for suspense, "cookies!" at the sound of that all three of them cheered and you laughed. "But you all have to come and help me make them!"
The happy bunch followed you to the kitchen and you let Dodger into the living room on your way so he could rest a little.
"Okay, first of all we all need to wash our hands," you instructed. After a few minutes and some stray drops of water later, you were ready to go.
"Okay, Miles, you can help me measure everything, and Stella can pour it in, and Ethan's gonna stir, sounds good?"
Surprisingly, the kids went with your suggestion without any argument, and you started making the batter.
"Ethan, mix slower, will you?" you contained your laughter once a bit of batter flew out of the bowl and onto Miles' face. "Are you okay Miles?"
You turned to the kid in question to wipe the batter from his face, but you found he already took it on his finger and tasted it. "It's really good," he nodded, and you and you couldn't contain your giggle now.
"I'm glad, but let's try not to eat the cookies until they're ready," you raised your eyebrows at him and he nodded in understanding, although a grin was still on his face so you weren't sure how much he was going to stick to that.
The rest went pretty smoothly, and just as you were dividing your batter and putting the cookies in the baking pan Chris walked in, having just finished his interview.
"Ooooo, what are you guys making?" he smiled.
"Cookies!" Ethan yelled.
"For the tea party!" Stella added.
"But I don't wike tea parties," Miles sulked.
"You don’t have to be in the tea party to eat the cookies," you calmed him down before they'd start fighting.
"Now come on, let's finish up these cookies and then we can go play."
You spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games, the smell of the cookies filling the air as the kids got more and more impatient to have them. Eventually, it was time to take them out, and you tried to slip away unnoticed but unfortunately they noticed and followed you to the kitchen.
"I'm taking out the cookies, but just remember they're very hot and we can't eat them yet, okay?"
You heard a chorus of okays before you opened the oven, the pleasant smell and warmth coming at you in a wave. You grinned and took the cookies out of the oven, warning the kids to stay away from it while you put them on the counter and went to shut off the oven.
After a few minutes you touched the cookies tentatively, and found they were cool enough to give to the kids to taste. They all took a bite and immediately smiled.
"Well? Did we succeed?" you asked with a smile, taking a cookie yourself.
"Yeah!" they all nodded, and ran to the living room, where Chris was still sitting. "Uncle Chris, you have to taste our cookies!" you heard Stella say and smiled, knowing they'd all walk in here in a couple of seconds.
You all ate dinner together, cookies for dessert obviously, and before long it was bedtime. Chris needed to get some more work done, so you were the one to put them to bed. The boys were sleeping in the same room and Stella in another one, but all four of you were currently snuggled together in the boys' room, as you read them all a story.
Stella was on one side of you, her eyelids slightly drooping already. Miles and Ethan were on the other side, and you were half sure Ethan was already asleep. Dodger was at the foot of the bed, seemingly listening as well. You were just reading the last page when Chris walked in, a grin stretching on his face at the sight in front of him.
You smiled back and softly finished the rest of the story, closing the book and putting it down on the bedside table. Carefully getting up, you kissed Miles and Ethan's foreheads goodnight before taking a sleepy Stella into your arms, smiling at Chris on your way out of the room as you carried her to her bed, laying her down and tucking her blanket around her.
"Goodnight princess auntie," she mumbled.
"Goodnight princess Stella," you whispered back and smiled, gently tucking her hair away from her face before getting up. Seeing Chris waiting for you at the doorway, you put your finger to your mouth signaling him to be quiet until you softly shut the door nearly all the way behind you, leaving a small crack so it wouldn't be completely dark and so you could hear her if she needed anything.
"Did you get your work done?" you whispered as you wrapped your arms around Chris' neck.
"Yeah," he whispered back. "You're really good with them, you know that?" he smiled, affection dancing in his eyes.
"They're great kids," you smiled back, pecking his lips softly before drawing away. "C'mon, let's go to bed."
The next morning you awoke to the sound of whispers and padding of feet coming from the hallway. You smiled to yourself before getting away from Chris, whose arms were wrapped tightly around your torso. He stirred when you sat up, mumbling a low "Where are you going?"
"They're awake, but try and get some more sleep, you have a long day today," you whispered back, kissing his cheek before getting out of bed and out of the room, shutting the door behind you.
When they noticed you got up they stopped talking and you smiled at them. "C'mon, let's go downstairs so we won't wake uncle Chris," you whispered.
When you were down you asked them in a low voice, "did you brush your teeth? What do you want for breakfast?"
After they all brushed their teeth, and so did you, you all gathered in the kitchen to make breakfast. You made them some chocolate milk and they drank it while you made something to eat, laying it out of the table and sitting down to eat with them, but not before you put some food aside for Chris.
"What do you wanna do today, huh?" you asked, taking a sip from your mug.
"I have homework," Miles admitted shyly. "Mommy said I was supposed to do them yesterday, but I forgot."
"That's alright, you can do them right now," you ruffled his hair affectionately.
After you were done with breakfast, Miles sat down to do his homework and Stella and Ethan helped you with the dishes. Well, they just handed you the dishes, which you then washed and put in their place, but it kept them occupied long enough.
You were nearly done with the dishes when you felt a tug on the hem of your shirt. "Can you help me?" Miles looked up at you.
"Of course," you smiled. "Stella and Ethan, wait a sec alright? And be careful!"
You walked back to the kitchen table with him, where he showed you the exercise he was struggling with. Just as you were helping him solve it, Chris walked into the kitchen. Thankfully, fully dressed in his everyday clothes, you eye rolled inwardly at your boyfriend's sleeping garments, or lack thereof.
"Hey guys! Did you have breakfast already?" he asked, going to hug Stella and Ethan.
"I left you some," you gestured at the plate on the counter with a smile.
"Thank you," he picked it up and started eating. "What'cha doing there bud?" he asked Miles.
"My homework," he said with a shy grin. "But I'm almost done!"
"Yeah," you smiled. You explained it for him, all the while ignoring Chris' eyes on you. You felt his gaze and smiled, not giving it any attention and helping Miles solve the problem.
"All done!" you high fived him and he cheered.
"Good job!" Chris smiled at the both of you. "I have to do some work, but after I'm done we can go play some more with Dodge, how about that?"
"Yay!" they cheered. He hugged them all and retreated into his office once more. You knew how much he hated not being able to be with them all day while they're here, but he cared about this project a lot, so you were going to make sure everyone had a great time regardless.
"Okay, how about…" you paused to think, "we build a blanket fort! As a surprise for uncle Chris," you smiled at their excited reaction. "But shhh! We have to be very quiet so he won't hear us, because it's a surprise!" knowing Chris needed his focus, you were glad when they nodded their heads. Ethan out a finger to his lips and shushed his siblings, which you giggled at.
"After you," you gestured for them to start walking towards the living room. "The blanket fort isn't going to build itself!"
They were quiet, whispering to each other as you draped the blankets you had brought from their bedrooms. The only loud sounds were their laughs, which you really couldn't bring yourself to get mad about.
After nearly an hour, the blanket fort was complete. You all cuddled inside, the kids bringing their dolls as well.
"Can we watch a princess movie?" Stella asked once you had suggested they watch a movie.
"No! I don't wike it!" Miles immediately objected.
"Yeah, no princess!" Ethan joined his brother.
"Okay, how about… Peter Pan?" you asked them. Then, you leaned closer to Stella and whispered in her ear, "Tinkerbell's a fairy! That's almost as good as a princess, right?"
She contemplated it for a moment before nodding her head. You kissed the top of her head and put on the movie. You all settle down, and you cuddled Stella close to you, smiling as Ethan and Miles soon joined.
That was how Chris found you, about an hour later, and his heart swelled in his chest at the sight. His niece and nephews all cuddled up with you, watching a Disney movie. He thought about the ring, safely stowed away deep in his bedside drawer, and smiled softly.
With any luck, soon these might be your own kids you'll cuddle with. The thought filled him with giddiness, but also nerves. He didn't really think you'd say no, but hell – you can never know with these things. All he knew was that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and he was going to ask you if you wanted the same. Soon.
The end of the day finally arrived, and Carly and her husband were coming to pick up the kids.
"You got everything?" you asked them. They all nodded their heads. "Great! Well, your mom's gonna be here in a few, so how about –"
"But I don't wanna go!" Miles complained.
"Yeah, I wanna stay here!" Ethan exclaimed.
"Princess auntie, pretty please can we stay?" Stella looked up at you.
"I'm sorry guys," you smiled, "But you have school tomorrow. Besides, your mom missed you very much, and I'm sure you missed her too. Don't you miss mommy and daddy?"
"Yes," they admitted.
"C'mon, don't be sad," you grinned at them, "you can always come visit us."
At that moment Dodger decided it was a good time to greet them goodbye, jumping up and trying to lick them. They giggled, and you and Chris exchanged a fond glance over their heads. You heard the car pulling up outside, so you caught onto Dodger and made him stop before Chris opened your door, knowing Carly would be coming to get them.
"Mommy!" they all yelled.
"Hey babies!" she greeted them and pulled them all into a big hug.
Dodger tried to escape your hold and join them, but you caught him before he could tackle them. "Don't be jealous," you playfully chastised him and scratched him behind his ear.
"Hello Dodger," Carly smiled and came to pet him as well. "Okay kids, say goodbye, daddy's waiting for us in the car."
"Bye bye!" said and hugged both you and Chris tightly.
"Bye!" you waved at them once they got out, closing the door gently behind them.
Chris came to wrap his arms around you. "You're amazing."
"So are you," you smiled into his neck.
"No, I'm serious. You were amazing with them," he smiled timidly. "And well, in the future, I…" he trailed off.
"Awwww, you were totally thinking about what if they were our kids, weren't you?" you grinned. "That's so cute!" you teased him.
"Whatever," his cheeks tinted slightly. "I guess you don't wanna hear what I think."
"No, I do!" you objected with a smile.
"I think," he started, "that you're gonna be the best mom ever someday. And I am so lucky to have you."
"And you're gonna be the best dad," you smiled before leaning it to kiss him.
When you broke apart, you smiled. You knew how true your words were, and you couldn't wait until that turned into a reality.
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