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#guess who’s procrastinating
gabessquishytum · 3 years ago
The worst thing is when you actually look pretty darn cute for once but you can’t go out because you have to study lololol
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charliericc · 10 days ago
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just-aro · 10 months ago
found a picrew with an aro option, fucked around and made two to fit some different presentation/gender feels. both are of me. I'll reblog with the link since iirc tumblr kills posts with links.
Tumblr media
[id: a picrew of a skinny white person wearing a black half-binder, a rainbow fishnet shirt, and black cargo pants with neon green linings. his stomach and collarbones are exposed. he has a neutral expression, blue eyes, short blue hair, one visible black devil horn, and a crown. his middle finger is aimed off into the distance. the background is the aromantic flag, and has caution tapes around some of the borders. the bottom right has the picrew creator's signature: chemicataclysm]
Tumblr media
[id: a picrew of a skinny white person wearing a black hoodie with a sky blue hood, power button design on the left side of xyr chest, and circuit designs on the wrists and around the power button. Xe is also wearing white shorts and black fishnet pants. Xe has short blue hair and is wearing a black mask and a crown. Xe is holding a metal baseball bat over xyr shoulders and has a neutral to innocent expression. The background is a space-themed gradient of blues and purples, and has a wavy white border around the edges. there are white sparkles around the person. the picrew artist's signature is in the upper right corner: chemicataclysm]
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curechocolattymilk · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I need to draw more” I say as I churn out this bullshit
poorly edited text post/text memes to things i had saved for the sake of shiposty comics or w/e but never got around to actually drawing ft. Team Dragonborn heads
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shealwaysreads · 10 months ago
Life Goes Not Backward
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Life goes not backward 
A story of coming home, finding safe ground, and the wild courage of putting down roots.
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cobaltjellyfish · 6 months ago
Frankenstein au with Mairon as Victor, Melkor as the Creature and Celebrimbor as Henry Clerval.
Because Mairon as a college student with a god complex that commits crimes against nature seems about right, Celebrimbor would be the childhood friend that has Very Gay subtext with Victor which works with silvergifting, and Melkor fits the Creature's themes about rebelling against the creator but also fits the gay subtext the creature has with victor.
Also, Melkor as the creature would be mostly made of a dead Manwe. For Thematic purposes.
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echodrops · 7 months ago
This is just a salty personal rant, feel free to ignore. 
As a teacher, I feel like the thing I like least about tumblr is the anti-schooling attitude that crops up due to the platform’s younger user base.
Like, we get it, you hate doing homework. Trust me, your teachers hate grading it. If I could get away with never assigning any work, I sure as hell would so that I could enjoy my weekends instead of spending them slaving away over giving feedback to student essays. 
But the alternative to giving homework is typically not giving homework, which means the students’ grades will instead often be narrowed to just a few major assignments throughout the course of a semester or year, resulting in classes which are infinitely easier to fail and teachers who, as is mutually despised, “teach to the test” instead.
Having more homework in a course means the points you earn are diffused across a variety of assignments. This means that if you miss a few assignments, you can still pass, unlike in classes with only a few major pieces of work, where missing a single thing will crush your grade.
“So just give participation points for in-class work instead!” Yes, except according to tumblr, going to class shouldn’t be mandatory either, except what does it actually mean to base a grade on participation? What do we do with disadvantaged students whose attendance is impacted by familial or economic factors, like lack of reliable transportation, which are outside their control? Do we fail students with ADHD or anxiety for not participating regularly or contributing actively to group activities? How do you accurately measure something subjective like participation to tell if you’re improving the students’ knowledge intake or not?
Plus like... please, please, for a second put yourself in the shoes of your educator and think about the point of homework as a whole, the role it is supposed to play in a student’s education overall. Can anyone master a skill in an hour? Can you master a skill in a week? Can a high school English teacher teach students to flawlessly identify literary devices in a single class period? The curriculum requirements of most U.S. public high school classes are set by state education boards and are functionally outside the control of your individual teachers. They don’t get to choose what to teach you and they don’t get to choose how much you are supposed to learn every year. That’s decided by someone else. (Is this a inherent flaw of our education system as a whole? Yep. Can your high school teachers really do anything about it? In their dreams.)
What that means is that U.S. students are typically asked to master a very large number of skills in a very short amount of time in each class they take; in many cases, there is simply no way that the allotted number of hours a teacher sees their students in person (or... Zoom...) is enough for students to comprehensively master and apply all the skills they are expected to learn. 
Learning new things takes time and, more importantly, it takes practice. If you want to become a great artist, you put in hours upon hours of practice. If you want to become a great basketball player, you put in hours upon hours of practice. If you want to become a great writer, you... put in hours upon hours of practice.
Homework is practice. Your teacher teaches you a skill in class and then reinforces what is learned through practice later at home. That’s how learning works. Is putting in hours of practice on skills you don’t care about fun? Obviously, no. Is every skill that high school teaches you going to be important in the grand scheme of your life? Also obviously no. But is the process of taking the time to go back over the skills you learn in class important? Yeah. Is that process going to be central to how you acquire new knowledge and skills for the rest of your life? Unfortunately, yes, because humans are the greatest imitators, and we learn very rapidly through repetition and trial-and-erroring new things we encounter. 
Do schools assign too much homework? Inevitably, when there’s no functioning system for determining how much homework students are receiving from their other teachers on any given day. Is all homework perfectly designed and genuinely contributive to student learning? Absolutely not. Are there scientifically-proven best methods for creating assignments that can make them more enjoyable and effective for students, even though, in practice, tons of schools don’t apply them? You bet. But does that mean that your learning would magically improve if you never got another piece of homework in your life? Also absolutely not. 
I would like... pay money for tumblr to understand that the automatic answer to “Too much of this thing is terrible” is not “We should get rid of it entirely.” Or, better: “Perhaps I should not jump on a bandwagon regarding a subject I’ve never considered holistically.” But that line of thinking requires critical thinking skills that everyone who skipped their homework never learned. Okay, maybe that was too salty.
tl;dr: Instead of trying to overthrow the homework gods with a pitch fork like Gaston storming Beast’s castle, maybe you should advocate for better designed and more meaningful learning opportunities and/or assignments. Trust me, your teachers would cherish valid feedback.
tl;dr: Gettin’ real sick of tumblr’s habit of patting itself on the back for a hot take written by someone who doesn’t even know how to pre-heat the oven.
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fashionablyfailing12 · 7 months ago
Bungou Wonderland: part one
Tumblr media
▶six things before breakfast
Tumblr media
Type: headcanon
Warnings: none
Note: supposedly, I was planning to work on Sigma and Ango first (r.i.p. school) but my brain went KOUYOU so...this happened lmao, someone pls make a Yosano/Kouyou fic im dying for that content I beg you. Btw lemme just say somethin'...Kouyou move along. (this is so long wth i-) also sorry if there are mistakes, I proofread I but strongly feel like there's something/few things I missed.
Tumblr media
I↪ She's a morning person, and you never thought you'd lay eyes on a human being that's over the moon when the sun starts to hurt your eyes and make you hiss like a 300-year-old vampire. And whenever you feel her stirring up to go over to the curtains, you catch her hand in hopes of stopping her from opening them, but all you get is a gentle caress on the cheek with a small smile—then voila, total blindness.
It's a sort of ritual for her to bask in the sunlight, eyes closed and body relaxed. There's just something about the natural warmth that Kouyou deeply enjoys. And god does it make your heart skip a beat when the light shines onto her skin, her bare face and of course, her lovely pink hair disheveled beautifully.
Luckily, she's not one to tease and simply giggles at you when she catches you borderline gawking at her beauty (because who wouldn't?). She'll then sit beside you on the bed, cupping your cheek with her warm hands before asking you softly to enjoy the warmth with her.
So, when you've gotten enough sleep the previous night to get out of bed so early, you come join her and watch the city and nature mingle together behind the glass, holding each other while the sunlight still felt pleasant on the skin. She's a romantic, and her hat-enthusiast son™ takes after it proudly.
II↪This might come as a little surprise, but she's very fond of journaling. But, it's not that surprising when you consider what she goes through on a daily basis—a guy yelling elise-chan 24/7, and said elise-chan who yells "die rintarou" 24/7, and two homo-erotic and emotionally constipated teenagers who are just as homo-erotic and emotionally constipated as adults, if not worse. Not to mention planning what flavor of crepes to mysteriously send to the ada three times a day.
So in the morning, she relishes those few hours of peace with you while jotting down her thoughts in her journal—that, by the way, has a picture of both of you on the front page. And she always brushes her fingers across it before actually writing.
She usually slips into the covers with you again, sitting up with her journal on her lap, blanket all bunched up. One hand writing down her thoughts and the other carding through your hair, sometimes humming pleasant tunes when the previous day went well.
On some days, she'll make some tea for the both of you to have a warm drink as you sleepily lean your body beside her. If you're a coffee person, well, she'll still make one for you, but with obvious contempt on her face because of the smell—or stench, if you ask her. But for someone who despises coffee, she makes it quite well.
Only for you though, Mori sincerely regrets the mistake of asking her for one during a meeting, could be used as a torture method, he once said while choking back tears.
III↪ After all her daily agendas and thoughts are neatly jotted down in her journal, she heads straight to the bathroom to freshen up. On most occasions, she prefers to spend her time in the bathroom by herself, and give you some space as well. It’s a sort of personal time for her where she gets to peacefully perform all her routines, and since you two live together anyway, she thinks you might want to have some separate time for yourself in the morning. 
But if you haven’t seen each other in a long time due to her work schedule, she might leave the door slightly ajar to be able to have conversations with you.
is very meticulous about hygiene and organization, and Kouyou might not intrude on you in the bathroom but you’ll hear her remind you from across the room when you don’t put back the shampoo on the right shelf. It’s a BuzzFeed unsolved worthy of a mystery how she even knows you’re not putting it in its proper place when she can’t even see you. But she somehow knows, so just arrange everything okay? 
If you listen closely, you can hear her humming in the shower—which is kind of a habit of hers whenever getting lost in doing something—and it’s the sole thing she’ll ever be shy about even though she sounds heavenly, compliment it and you’ll get a very soft-spoken threat.
IV ↪ You don't know how she tolerates her yukata that is nowhere near simple to assemble. Yes, assemble, because there are a copious amount of layers and let's not forget the weapons as well—the main reason why she's very unhuggable during work hours, because hugging her is basically launching yourself onto a pit of knives, she just has them everywhere.
So once you finish getting dressed, you often help her out with her garments, and at this point, you're awfully familiar with the various classes of knives enough to unsettle anyone who asks you.
And while you help in wrapping the layers of fabric (+knives) around her, she asks you about work, or if she missed anything about your day--trivial or significant, she doesn’t care how stupid it is and just wants to know. Sometimes, she comes home absolutely trashed and with a migraine so you don’t really get to have long talks when it happens and automatically cuddle her, so she’ll ask you in the morning instead.
Once you’re done, she’ll gently grab your hand and plant a small kiss on the inside of your wrist to express her gratitude, and fix your sleeves or cuffs because you should look just as neat if not better. No room for complaints.
V ↪ In exchange for the whole ordeal of dressing her in her very deadly Yukata, Kouyou will always offer to do your hair, short or long she knows how to style it elegantly—even if you argue that you're just fetching groceries for today and do not need to look like you walked straight out of fashion week.
But you let her do it anyway because her touch is so relaxing and gentle you could almost fall asleep, which results to her having to tap you more than twice on the shoulders each time to kinda snap you back into reality.
As much as you want it to last a lifetime, she's very fast at fixing your hair, and simply pecks you at the tip of your nose every time you pout when it's over. If you'll allow her, she's thrilled to insert an accessory similar to hers into your hair, and will take a shit ton of pictures.
VI ↪Love isn't even a word deep enough to encapsulate everything she feels about you, but don't touch her limited edition kitchen set. You have your own pans she has hers and I'm very sorry but no one gets a pass, even you dear. But other than that she's a darling to have in the kitchen and cooking with her is enough to make your day.
If it's your turn, she'll go ahead and make your dining table look so pretty it looks like a lifestyle magazine cut-out. And while she's pacing back and forth around the house to grab the utensils and napkins, she'll make sure she passes by the kitchen to slightly brush against your hand or give you a kiss on the cheek.
But if she's the one cooking, she prefers to have you by her side to talk to, and occasionally asks you how much of a particular ingredient should she put in, or how you'd like a specific dish to be cooked. Hit her with a "as long as you make it, I don't care" and she'll sigh softly with warm cheeks as she reminds you that she has a reputation to uphold, please.
Kouyou likes having time for herself, but she's a sucker for fleeting touches and sweet conversations, she values how open you are in sharing personal things and events happening in your life, and tries her best to do the same despite being used to secrecy. She literally spites nearly everything, but Kouyou is a complete softie who melts under your touches and nervously averts her gaze when you catch her glancing at you with a smile as you stuff food in your mouth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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my-apollo-gies · 6 months ago
Why do I want Leo and Reyna to be friends so bad? I mean, seriously-
Reyna' a horse girl (that is a fact) and Leo takes the piss out of it all the time
I'm still obsessed with the idea of ace!Leo, and those two would be the exact people who would just randomly say '0 days since allosexual bullshit'
Can you imagine how well Leo would get on with Aurum and Argentum? He would so try to steal Reyna's dogs
They both have a lot of bottled up trauma that they need to let out to someone
All the other hunters lowkey hate Leo's guts but he just randomly shows up and there's not much they can do
Reyna's actually really good at telling ghost stories (she gets it from Hylla) and Leo's actually a bit of a coward so it's kinda payback for him pissing off the hunters in the first place (in a joking way)
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